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  1. Thank you Herald, that’s the one! And thank you everyone, these other stories are awesome too!
  2. I’m looking for a short story, all I can remember is that it happened in a locker room. And the victim was drained so small that he was impaled on the growing muscle mans penis in the air. While he was fucking/draining him in front of a mirror. Sound familiar to any one
  3. thank you for your responses, but they're not the one I'm looking for
  4. Looking for a story where the main character grows whenever someone comments on his body... height muscles ect. Can’t remember the title ?
  5. I’m searching for an old story where the little brother discovers on his birthday that he can grow other people by letting him have sex with him. His older brother finds out contraption in the basement and uses him to grow into a mass monster. Anyone remember the title?
  6. Looking for a story about a guy who reconnects with an old ex. And while they're having sex, the ex takes growth pills to "make him love him" and he takes more then either of them expected.
  7. I'm looking for a story that has a scene in a gym where the one busy looses control of his growth, trashes the gym trying to get off to stop his growth and grabs his gym buddy to use as a fuck toy to stop his out of control growth. I think their names were Zack and Ben???
  8. I can't remember the title but it's about: a dumb older bother and his buddy that forcibly inject his younger wimpy brother with a muscle growth formula to test its safety. It works! But then the younger brother tricks them and takes the rest of the formula and goes muscle crazy. Anyone out there remember the title and where to find it?
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