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  1. just say some good squeeze stuff and muscle can be found in the stories Jeff shows what he has been hiding for 6 years
  2. ribcrusher

    Story with Legs strength and/or headscissors

    Student and the Teacher has 48 just awesome chapters in it. There is well over 20 times a guy gets slow crushed out or to submission in both bodyscissors--headsicissors and even a few bearhugs. I do have a copy of it, but now that yahoo is down I do not know were to find others. I guess it could be re-posted here if there would not be a problem given I am not sure if u4huggs is still around and writing stuff. Anybody got any ideas or input?
  3. Welcome to the Superstrenth & Crushing Club.  Feel free to post pictures, messages, or stories that are topic specific and that you like!  Have fun!  Any questions, just let me know. 

  4. ribcrusher

    Peter Pan

    Thank you very much!!---was for sure the story I was looking for. And just comment if in your profile pic legs like that every got around some poor guys waist--Ouch!! Wicked buddy!
  5. ribcrusher

    Peter Pan

    There use to be a story that had Peter Pan all jacked up, cannot remember how he got that way. But also had him using a bodyscissors and having fun crushing some guy in his massive quads. Anybody remember name of the story?---Thanks
  6. ribcrusher

    Raised Boy

    Well I for one do hope in the story he does use them legs and shows off the the power of a bodyscissors has to just toy and control a guy-----Or just slow tighten and let the the guy struggle as the muscle slow take the breath and strength out of him!--
  7. I for sure like using bearhugs--I get tons of guys to give up in them. Lots of fun to just slow squeeze the breath and strength out of a guy while he struggles for that much needed air to feed his muscles


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    2. ribcrusher


      well more then welcome to look up my reviews on meetfight  I am under ribcrusher there.

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak


      is that meetfight.com or meetfighters.com?

    4. kurrt2005


      What can do more damage a bodyscissors or a frontal bearhug?


  8. You can find me on Skype if you'd like to chat or roleplay.  [email protected]

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    2. ribcrusher


      my self most of the time I will tap a guy with my bodyscissors, given I able to keep pressure up for so long and just flexing my quads till his abs give up there will to flex, is just a matter of time


    3. ribcrusher


      Do you like bearhugs or bodyscissors more?


    4. ribcrusher


      will share one of my stories----is nothing wild, just a mix of muscle and squeezing


  9. Hey man.  Great name!  Do you ever think about crushing a guy with your bare hands too?  As if superstrong!  Grab and push in...squeeze...compress?  Hot stuff, I think.  

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    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      i can..but i like to be crushed!!!   totally!

    3. ribcrusher


      cool---just love to close a wall of muscle in around a guys waist, let him struggle and the more he does the tighter you make it ---till he finds he cannot expand his ribs because the room has been taken up by muscle


    4. MuscleStrengthFreak


      I'd like to feel you crush my ribs between your hands...while you hold me up like a ragdoll.  OOOF!


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