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    real profile.
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    art, writing, man-gazing
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    no limits rp
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    too tall to measure, too heavy to weigh, too buff to fathom, too hung to stay soft. infinite infinities in my grasp and still wanting more
  • Favorite Stories
    mass hose, infinite muscle, muscle pumping: massium, mega-muscle master chief, muscle builder ap, new kind of power source, ad man, the massive growth of dwight, above average, skeeter's cleaners
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    alexey lesukov, eduardo correa, fouad abiad, roelly winklaar, big ramy, maor zaradez, brad hollibaugh, con demetriou, tristen escolastico, sean allan, tarek elsetouhi
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    hyper/uber muscle, uberfat/weight gain, hyper cock and balls, extreme/no limits growth, gods/ascension, macro, size/body difference, muscleguts, immobility, unrealistic insertions, furries, lactation, growth by cum, cum inflation, exhibitionism, alpha males

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