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    Admiring huge muscle. Oh, you mean other stuff besides that..
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    Erotic muscle stories with tons of admiration, feats of strength, showing off and sex.

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  1. Howdy! This one is titled "Weights". Multi-part, and you can find it in the 'Archive before 2007'.
  2. BBadmirer


    Howdy! His stories were my earliest exposure to muscle fiction too. Try this link, or look for the link to the old archive of the muscle-growth forum. (hope this works) http://silicondog.buffmuscles.com/authors.html#MY
  3. Yes! Please much, much more!! With hefty doses of showing off size and strength!
  4. I for one am eagerly awaiting parts 2 through infinity!!
  5. Do you already know about www.coiledfist.org ? I've found many great stories there. Free to join and a good search feature at the site.
  6. Yeeeess!!! Most definitely continue this amazing story! Christmas arrives extra early at the Muscle Growth Forums!!!
  7. Triple YES!!! My favorite cartoon reference!! I have that on a loop and get off to it all the time!! Thanks so much BBMikeNJ!!
  8. Thank you amauiguy for posting this story here. I loved your other stories too at bearhugger. I would love to see more plausible size difference fiction here at the new forum. Wrestling themes are hot but would also love pure admiration, comparisons, humiliation and dominance - but all in good fun.
  9. Yes Yes Yes!!! A huge THANK YOU from me as well. Hate to see the old site go. Too much drama. Hope this will last just as long or longer.
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