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    Admiring huge muscle. Oh, you mean other stuff besides that..
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    Erotic muscle stories with tons of admiration, feats of strength, showing off and sex.

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  1. BBadmirer


    My two cents: the metric system - I need heights and weights of the muscled characters to be in feet/inches and pounds (or lbs.). Centimeters and stones are tougher to grasp. I think both systems should be used when describing stats though, really. And now that I think about it, you probably already do include both or use feet/inches, etc. I love reading stories with characters that will speak with what ever accent or dialect they grew up with. Can be very sexy and add another dimension.
  2. Howdy! This one is titled "Weights". Multi-part, and you can find it in the 'Archive before 2007'.
  3. BBadmirer


    Howdy! His stories were my earliest exposure to muscle fiction too. Try this link, or look for the link to the old archive of the muscle-growth forum. (hope this works) http://silicondog.buffmuscles.com/authors.html#MY
  4. It's a short clip to download. You'll need a media player to open it. Use Quicktime. If it still won't work, PM me.
  5. I put the clip up at my youtube channel. Same channel as 'Vintage Muscleman' post. Howdy! Here is a scene from an old TV show, 'The Rockford Files'. If you notice, the Bully in the Superman diner scene is also in this scene. The man wearing the jacket over the red t shirt. Pepper Martin is the actor's name.
  6. Have you ever seen this scene? It's been one of my favorites for years. SUPERMAN DINER FIGHT IN THE END - YouTube
  7. I agree. They also treat viewers like me like criminals. They hijack your money. My experience goes like this: I wanted to see a model do a particular thing (that did not involve nudity). I wanted the model to show his handsome face while bouncing his pecs (unreasonable request I know!) He would not. That's ok, No harm done really. So I did not go private with the model. I genuinely have no problem with any of the models. Nothing at all against any of them. The particular action I wanted to see is performed by many of the men at this site, complete with face in the frame. I had funds in my account there. I had just added more so I could take this particular model private. We chatted a bit. His reviews are good. He's done commercials. But since my request could not be fulfilled, I left the chat room. So, not getting upset at all, I put in a request for a refund. I filled out the form on the site. Never heard back from any one there. I went to CCBill's website and did the same. Got the usual response. So I took a screen grab of my account page showing the balance in my account. A month later my account had not changed. Took another screen grab. Emailed these to CCBill to prove I had not spent the money. Within two days I had the charges back on my cc. Funny thing happened after that. LMS's site suddenly had banned me. My account is still there, but can not log on. I really haven't even tried since then. Just my two cents.
  8. Yes! Please much, much more!! With hefty doses of showing off size and strength!
  9. I for one am eagerly awaiting parts 2 through infinity!!
  10. Do you already know about www.coiledfist.org ? I've found many great stories there. Free to join and a good search feature at the site.
  11. Yeeeess!!! Most definitely continue this amazing story! Christmas arrives extra early at the Muscle Growth Forums!!!
  12. Definitely sign me up. I've seen that link. Good explanation and a great pic of Ruhl. Too bad a google search is dominated by fbbs. And most of the sources at the bottom are the same. But still great to know a little more about this unique fetish.
  13. Triple YES!!! My favorite cartoon reference!! I have that on a loop and get off to it all the time!! Thanks so much BBMikeNJ!!
  14. Thank you amauiguy for posting this story here. I loved your other stories too at bearhugger. I would love to see more plausible size difference fiction here at the new forum. Wrestling themes are hot but would also love pure admiration, comparisons, humiliation and dominance - but all in good fun.
  15. Yes Yes Yes!!! A huge THANK YOU from me as well. Hate to see the old site go. Too much drama. Hope this will last just as long or longer.
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