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  1. 19 chapters already written on the Deano spin-off? Can you start posting them, then? The anticipation is killing me!
  2. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    I wonder what will happen when Rudy and Deborah find out about their relationship?
  3. I agree- especially if anyone knows anyone in the film industry who would purchase the rights to his stories. AJ and Noah and/or Muscle University would make great Netflix series!
  4. Lefty

    Wee Jock

    This is great. You write so vividly. And great pointers on how to give better blow jobs!
  5. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Hotter than I imagined it would be. Would love to see Seth brought to life! Who would play him??
  6. ManOManOMan! Although you sure know how to use words to vividly describe what is going on, this would make such a great muscle worship porno film! This is what I look for and I haven’t seen anything like this yet! Yes please post link to more!
  7. Fuuuuckkk ! I feel like I’m right there! I can tell it’s going to get even more intense!
  8. WOW!!! Is this based on a true experience you’ve had or simply a fantasy? Amazing skills at describing the feelings, sensations and reactions. And the descriptions of God-like muscle! Really created a picture!
  9. Thanks for posting this. Your first story? Really shows the writing skills you have!
  10. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Well worth the wait! Eric may not have gotten his release, but I bet a few of your readers did! (Don’t think I’m alone!). One of the hottest scenes I’ve read and I’ve got the feeling the best is yet to come
  11. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    I hope things work out and that you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year. Thanks for responding.
  12. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Missing Seth and Eric. Is everything OK? It’s been a long time since the last chapter.
  13. Thank you for bringing Luke and Woody to life. This was another great story from you with real characters showing real, believable and complex emotions. Since in the epilogue, Luke has clearly added some muscle mass, sounds like there could be a sequel? Sure hope so! How about Luke and Woody meet AJ and Noah? That would be a treat!
  14. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Can I suggest that you not worry so much about the wrestling match and get to the posing/muscle worship scene between Eric and Seth? Let Seth pin him in a few minutes after showing his strength and skills and receive the adulation of the other students. That leads to Eric feeling even more lust for him. IMHO.
  15. Lefty

    m/m Eric and Seth

    A pin does end the match. There are three rounds I think and points are given for things like takedowns, escape from holds, near pins, etc. If there is no pin, the guy with the most points wins. That’s about all I can tell you. Watch Olympic wrestling matches. There may be some college matches on YouTube as well. I love the way you are pacing the story and building the sexual energy between Seth and Eric - as well as between Amy and Rudy!
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