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    fantasy profile.
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    Love to read stories
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    5'9 190lbs muscle myself
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    Muscle reading and getting into muscle growth
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    6"11 300lbs
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    Guys that grow up weak but get big and strong in school
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    Love huge muscle guys that like showing off strength

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  1. Wow what kind of lift can you do with Guys. I’m 188lbs can you pick me up show off to me
  2. Tell us more how does your strength turn you on like do you lift guys for fun
  3. Oh man exactly what I like, seeing that power in person drives me nuts
  4. Tell us more man move big guys with huge biceps and are strong
  5. Man love to meet up see you’re biceps Praha In person. Love to see you’re reaction of what those biceps can do to me. What strength stuff can you do with me
  6. Well what turns me on is seeing big biceps up close see how they look and feel. See how strong you are and show me in person
  7. You guys have any experience with tall guys before
  8. Man 6’5 guy how strong are you
  9. Damm man same for me it’s a fetish that drives me crazy I’m 5 foot 9 Muscled here but I been around tall men that just made me weak looking especially these swimmers; there so tall and muscular I meet this swimmer in an elevator had to be 6 foot 9 damm he look so powerful
  10. Great story, how big was the guy he lifted
  11. Wesman123


    Post more how tall how old is he
  12. Wow man how big was he and you he just lifted you and flexing that bicep at the same time. Damm I would of made a mess
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