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    fantasy profile.
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    Not Telling
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    Love to read stories
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    5'9 190lbs muscle myself
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    Muscle reading and getting into muscle growth
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    6"11 300lbs
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    Guys that grow up weak but get big and strong in school
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    Love huge muscle guys that like showing off strength

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  1. Wesman123

    Tall people

    Man 6’5 guy how strong are you
  2. Wesman123

    Tall people

    Damm man same for me it’s a fetish that drives me crazy I’m 5 foot 9 Muscled here but I been around tall men that just made me weak looking especially these swimmers; there so tall and muscular I meet this swimmer in an elevator had to be 6 foot 9 damm he look so powerful
  3. I’m around what you into
  4. Wesman123

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Great story, how big was the guy he lifted
  5. Wesman123

    Better Off Ted - Part 1

    Who is this
  6. Wesman123


    Post more how tall how old is he
  7. Wow man how big was he and you he just lifted you and flexing that bicep at the same time. Damm I would of made a mess
  8. How is biceps look and feel
  9. Wesman123

    The Internet Stalker pt 2

    Oh man I’m this guy that loves to be lifted it’s a fetish and I love reading this
  10. How strong you now 

  11. Wesman123

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    Reminds me of a high school kid that turned me too. How big was this guys arms how strong was he. How big were you at 17
  12. Wesman123

    UK teens getting massive

    Who is the guy with the big bicep Damm who is this kid

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