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  1. Back in Birmingham. The containment team get to the house. The J team they like to be called. James, a 36-year-old police sergeant and the leader of the two younger members of the team Jake and Jack. Jake is 22, and Jack is 23 years old. The J team is all gay; it was not planned that way just the shared a house as they did not have wives and kids and got talking and found out they like guys. James and Jack came up the front path to see a hole in the side of the house. They looked at each other thinking “What the hell did that!” James signalled on the radio “going in”. James and Jack entered the house in full body armour and a gas mask. Jake opened the back door and went into the house and checked the kitchen and bathroom. Then they have entered the living room with all broken furniture and plaster on the floor. All the J team shouted “Armed Police!” The room was empty the J – Team relaxed James clicked his radio “All clear in the house.” All of them lower their weapons, and Jake and Jack take off their gas masks. “Look at this place looks like a JCB has been in here,” Jake said, kicking some rubble and broken glass. “Yeah looks like someone took the guys before we got here” as Jack kick some timber and it lands on a box and smashes all the bottles of super flu poppers. James takes off his gas mask “well guys looks like we need to get out of here before this place comes down”. “Yes looks like it will not be long,” Jack said “what's that smell” added Jake. All three took a deep breath, “Humm smells like poppers” said Jake with a glint in his eye. The J teams cocks twitched as they remembered the first time they tried poppers in their shared house. Jake and Jack took another deep breath and filled their lungs with the poppers. James looked at Jake “looks like you are getting a bit hot under the collar Jakey boy!” as they all looked down at Jake’s body armour around his nut sack. It was moving like he was getting hard. James took a prolonged intake of air a poppers “breath it in boys, then let's get back to the police van.” Jake did as James did, but Jack could not his body armour was tight. Then a few seconds later, James and Jakes body armour was uncomfortable too. All three could not move as the armour was no too tight “what the FUCK is happening” Jack said breathlessly with some panic. “I don’t know,” said James trying to remove his ball armour as his nuts and cock were swelling. At the same time, he was trying to sound calm. “FUCKKK!” shouted Jake as the straps of his body armour on his legs snapped and his police issue trousers ripped open, and James and Jack watched as thick cords of thick muscle continued to rip apart his trousers. His quads pulsed with power his skin was covered in thick man fur as veins pop to the surface and feed the growing muscle. His calves swelled ripping open the lace of his high boot by lace. His thick growing bubble butt tore the trousers in two then his boxer shorts ripped on longer supported by any other material, and a huge cock flopped to the floor with two substantial rugby balls resting on his now thick bodybuilder's legs. Jake could not see how much his limbs had grown, his dense veiny pulsing muscle of a Greek god. As he was trying to open his Kevlar jacket, Jake started to unzip the jacket when his biceps and triceps started to bulk. They all where built guys in the J team but his thick vein down his bicep now was on a growing peak of dense muscle and his triceps are swelling to the size of a regular guys leg. Finally, his armour opens, and his thick mountains of muscle rip open his police shirt. But now even if he could open his Kevlar jacket, he would not be able to get it over his now monstrous delts and biceps his forearms are now as thick as his arms were. Boom went the fibres of the Kevlar jacket, and Jakes ballooning pecs and massive thick lats force open the Kevlar jacket. A few seconds later he heard two more booms as the other members of the J team break free from their Kevlar prison. Jake did not have time to check out the others as he ran a hand over his rock hard thick abs. “Fuck I am a muscle god” as his hand touched his rich man bush and he looked down. “Fuck look at my stuff” he shouted, as his thick cock came out of his man bush thick as a python running over the top of his colossal basketball sized nuts hung down to his knees. His bell end is touching the floor oozing pre-cum. He tried to turn around to show new his size to the other guys, but his thick thighs pushed open his legs. Making his balls hang lower. Jake felt pain in his feet as he moved then the sound of leather ripping could be heard as his feet bust open what was left of his boots. “AHHH! Yess!” Exclaimed Jake, now he was naked he looked at his hand and flexed his forearms “Fuck I am still growing!” shouted Jake”. “Fuck, YESSS, we are still growing!!!” shouted James and Jack. Jake Looked up to see James and Jack naked also. James was thick with man fur, and his pecs were huge round mounds of muscle his shoulders had to be as wide as a bus. Both of the men or muscle beasts sported a thick V Jacks shoulders were not as wide as James’s. But Jack was taller 7 ft and still growing, his legs are thick and muscled like Jakes but looked more powerful. The J team grunted as their bones lengthened, and their bodies grew broader and thicker. The men's dicks started to fill with hardening as they looked at each other. Their voices grew deeper and thicker like there muscles. The J team did not notice that six huge muscle teens were watching then grow from the massive hole in the side of the house. All of us watching the “hot fuzz” grow as big as we are? Jordan spoke up “How do you like your new weapons officers” as all of the teens had been pumping their hard super cocks watching the policemen grow. James looked up, and Jack and Jake slowly turned around all sporting massive hard-ons. “Not bad” shouted James lifting his now superhuman arm and flexing it. James looked and the peak it was huge and was the size of a yoga ball. Then it happened Nick could not help it “Fuuuuccckkkk!” as a full torrent of cum flow from Nicks heavy cock. The J team watched as all our teen balls started to churn and raise to our huge fuck poles. Volley after volley of hot jizz hit the J team they where covered. Every inch of their now thick muscled bodies was covered in cum. To our surprise, the huge men did not move, and after the last drop of cum hit the ground in front of them. They started to lick the cum off there faces at first then off each other. We just looked on in amazement as James started licking Jakes pecs and arms and Jake licked the hot cum from Jacks' arms. James then said “OK boys lets show them what the Police can fire” then lined up jacking there huge cocks. We licked their lips as slowly the J teams huge nut sack raised. Jake was the first “Fucckk!” as the cum flowed again this time on to us. Then all three police guys covered us in cum. The Cum smelt sweet like honey, I could not help it I licked Dan’s huge arm and sweaty armpit “hmm sweat, and law men's cum tastes good” with that we charged up to the three policemen and started licking all the cum off each other like a troop of huge muscle monkeys. All the hot sexual pressure and huge muscles with huge balls; therefore, tons of testosterone our dick started to get hard again. James shouted “Stop; there will be another team sent soon as we have not reported in” everyone was quiet (apart from the odd sound of a colossal muscle beast licking the last bit of cum from their face). The radio could be heard “Sargent do you read”. Jack looked at the other eight massive muscle monsters thick and gleaming with sweat, cum and spit. “We need to hide, but look at us all,” he said, pointing to his large body then his growing cock. “We can hide in the wood in the park until we can work out what to do,” I said. Nick looked at me “what are we going to do until then?” he said as he flexed his pecs and then huffed is huge cock and balls. Jake leaned forward and felt Nicks thick muscles and kissed then sucked Nick nipple “I am sure we can find something,” Jake said with a wink.
  2. Though this needed an update adding let me know what you think. ========================================== Birmingham, UK. We had been hanging out in the town centre waiting for Ben to arrive. We all had been checking out socials when Ben rolled up. "Hey, you guys I have got a great way to earn you some cash! And you don't have to sell your soul to YouTube." " Yeah? Have you been wanking off for guys on Skype again? " said Dan. Ben looked at us "well yes! But this guy has sent me a load of poppers to try and to get some friends to try them with, and he gives us £1000 quid each." "Oh yeah!" said Jordan with a sarcastic tone. Ben showed off his new Nike trainers and a gold curb chain. "Wot do you think?" "Not bad," I said not wanting to show how good he looked and how much I needed new stuff. Ben looked at us knowing we all wanted new gear. "The guy sent some cash with the poppers to show he was the real deal." "OK, Ben is that all? Getting high on poppers and wank off on cam for some rich guy?" Asked Harry. "Only if you want to," Ben said looking at Nick and me. "Sure you two gay boys are up for that!" Nick and I looked at each other than Ben with a pissed off look. After much discussion £1000 for some cum was a good deal. "It's only the same as when we all watch porn together" added Luke. We all headed back to Ben's apartment, sure enough on the coffee table was a big box of poppers marked BIG flu. His huge HD TV with a webcam on the top was on one wall and the sofa facing the tv. Jordan looked at the massive box of poppers "Fuck! Guys we are going to be gooned out for a week!" "Ben, you got some beer?" I asked. Ben handed out the tips of Fosters we sat down talking about the new Nike gear we are going to get. "Let's open the box and try some," said Dan starting to open the package. "No!" Ben quickly replied "the guy wants to see how it works. I think he has made it and wants to try it on some young men?" At that point, Ben's phone rang "yes, I have got them all here. Yes, I have got the package. Yes, I will". He put down the phone and turned on the TV and fiddled with the webcam on the top. The TV showed all of us in the room, "Hi guys" came the voice from the TV. We all stood up and looked at our self on the TV. "Hey have all you guys just got in from the gym, bet you are fit going guys?" Came the voice from the TV again. We looked at each other, as we have never been to the gym only at school. Then we all grinned as we all dressed in trackie bottoms and yes shorts and Nike trainers. "We all go to the nick-it-n-run gym!" Nick laughed, and I spit out some beer. " OK, guys! You look fit to me, and you never will go the gym. " the voice from the TV said with cheer in his voice. "Has Ben told you what we need you todo? You know how to huff poppers, guys?" " We," I ask as Dan and Nick are into the package and handing out bottles of BIG flu to everyone. "OK, so on three hot back on the poppers and then just do what comes naturally to you six studs," the voice said. "1. 2. 3. Huff!" We stuffed two bottles under our noses and breathed in and again. "That's it guys; show me what you are made of!" our heads buzzed as the poppers hit us, "more" commanded the voice. We all slumped back on to the sofa and chairs and took three more hits of poppers. The room was full of moans as we all could feel out cocks straining to be free. Ben was the first to push his trackies bottoms down, and his cock sprang out. He was huge, Ben looked surprised at his huge cock but soon forgot that as he started to wank his meat. "Come on guys don't let Ben fly solo" came the voice from the TV. We all grabbed out cocks, a chorus of "oh fuck" filled the room. My cock was a lot bigger, not just longer but thicker, I felt my balls buzzing and feel bigger too. I heft my balls with my other hand "Fuck!" I shout as I feel my nuts swelling with size. I look up to see if anyone else had noticed their manhood was bigger. Harry's tee shirt was just about containing his bulking frame. Harry was gooning out on poppers and busy stroking his swelling dick. "Harry! You look jacked man!" I shouted excitedly. Harry looked down at his expanding pecs and slid a hand over his thick chest with the tee shirt starting to rip. Harry looked up at me "I am Fucking amazing and feel so jacked" he paused "Fuck! Will you look jacked too!" I look down at my forearm pumping my hard cock. Thick cords of muscle bubble under the skin, thick veins thicken and feed the growing muscle with more energy. Ripp! as my bicep peak rips open my tee shirt sleeve and solid horseshoe muscle forms on my triceps as the thick bicep swells and divides with thick veins pulsing on the bulging peak. The room starts to smell of pre-cum sweat and testosterone, each one of us checking out our growth. Nick 's looks down at his huge quads thick ripping his trackie bottoms into ribbons pushing his legs open as the thick muscle mass grows. "This is sick!" Nick shouts as veins swell and his calves expand with size. "I could push start a truck with these fuckers!" Jordan was on the sofa wanking his meat, with both hands his body now looks like a fitness model. His Cock head is almost the size of his head, and he could almost lick his piss slit. It was as thick as a Pringles can and twice as long. His ball sack was swinging low with two melon-sized balls in there. He was gooned out with pleasure, and a slick of pre-cum was flowing. Dan's shirt was ribbons to like Harry and me his pecs are fighting for room on his now thick frame. But Dan's back was rippling with hard lean muscle and hard cobblestone abs that he could not keep his hands off. He flexed in a most muscular and you could hear the blood rush into his muscles as his lats thickened and his neck and traps swelled almost losing his face sporting a shit-eating grin. Like joined all four of us in the middle of the room flexing and watching others muscles grow. Luke growled as he flexed his biceps we watched as his forearms swelled and pulsed with each heartbeat then his huge arms exploded with size. I touched his arm and felt the power as my hand could not hold it back. We all stopped as we heard screams of pain! It was Ben he looked beefed up but not thick muscle or a huge cock like Jordan that was still gooned out with his monster. "What the fuck Ben!" Harry shouted. Ben was about 8 feet tall with his tee shirt like a crop top. And his trackie bottoms look like shorts. His hands are like shovels he was trying to get to his trainers and fell on the floor. "Hey! Get them off! Get them the fuck off!" He shouted. Too late his new Nike trainers ripped open and ten huge toes bust out. "Ahhhh!" Ben sighed "Fuck they where new!" " Hmmm, they all seem to be reacting to the virus in different ways? " said another voice from the TV. "What was the dose, sergeant?" " 6 - 8 hits" replied the original voice. "OK send in the containment team to administer the anti-virus. Sergeant. Otherwise, it will be only a matter of time before they are huge muscle chavs. All these chavs are no more than lab rats." " Doc. They heard you" replied the voice. As we all stopped and listened, "Fuck Ben what have you got us into?" Ben's huge hands grabbed the packages of poppers and smashed the bottles. "No!" Came the second voice from the TV. "They will get the full dose and be carriers of the super soldier virus weapon." "Contentment Team go!" Said the voice into a radio. "Come on guys breath it in! I want muscle like you guys!" Ben said between long-breathed in. Jordan stopped playing with his monster dick to breathe in the poppers. Our heads buzzed, and we started to drool as we took hit after hit. "Yes, Fuck YES!" Ben about in excitement as his long thin arms flexed and bubbled. His shoulders grew thicker and broader apart as his pecs swelled with power and size. Ripppp! As his tee shirt opened and huge pecs sprung forward and lay grew like wings on his back. His sweat pants and briefs shredded as his body changed from an 8 foot Golam to a huge pro bodybuilder. Thick cords of muscle flex and grow on his thighs fighting for on if his balls at are almost the size of Jordans. Ben Cock thickens and grows over and down his now huge man ball sack. I head more moans and sounds of expanding bodies came from behind me. Nick's upper body was catching up with his tree trunk legs. A solid wall of muscle abs thick and gleaming with sweat stretched up to thick pecs that grew each breath he took. Thick shoulders are getting broader each second. As Nick's legs yes longer but just as thick, as his manhood grew long then pushed out by thick thighs and huge balls. Ben's apartment was getting full of swelling muscle chavs. The smell of poppers mixed in with a gym poker room. I felt powerful and the weight of my thick Cock and huge balls tugging on my skin around my hard abs. And rubbing up with other guys growing thick hard muscle with thick veins was making me horny. I was not the only one as I soon felt a huge wet Cock head on my back. Furniture was getting crushed as we rubbed up against each other and our head is up against the roof. Jordan pushed the roof is gave way I covered my head from all the debris and ended up face to face with Luke's Cock head. I couldn't help it. I clamped my lips around his leaking foreskin and pushed my tongue into his piss slit. Jordan moaned with pleasure; I grabbed his thick calves they flex as he moved his weight around. I was sure I could still feel his body growing. I was sure I was still growing as I felt my glutes flex as I thrust my Cock. "Trust you, Will!" Shouted Dan. " we need to break out of here first. " I unclamped my mouth from Jordan's monster cock. And looked up at Dan trying not to think about his swinging semi. When six chav muscle mountains are wanting out of a building, nothing is going to stop them. Dan and Ben charge at the front wall, and we all follow as Jordan is the last to leave all that was Ben's apartment is now rubble. We can see no sign of the containment team. ========================================== Should I keep growing?
  3. Birmingham,England UK. I returned from the MuscleMania Expo with my gym buddies and Nick had been on the GymShark stand and was talking to a huge guy that said only 2 weeks ago he was just a skinny guy. Nick told him that’s bullshit and there is no way you could of got that big in 2 weeks! After a day of going around all of the stands and getting some new muscle tees and samples of the latest supplements. We all got on the train home, and that's when Nick pulled out a sealed plastic bag. “Look what I have” as he showed us the bag what looks like a bag that someone sneezed and gobed in. “What is the fuck is that?” We all said in a chorus. Nick waved off our gaffs “this is that muscle growth virus” “I though you told us you think it was bullshit?” I said tying to stop my self throwing up looking at the contents of the bag. “I know but it will not harm you to try? Anyway you need a bit more bulk” Nick flexed his arms in front of me. His bicep bulged as he flexed them on the train, also putting on a bit of a show for the other guys on the train.” “Ok ok!, what do we have to do” I knew Nick had the biggest arms of all of us. “Just mix it in with our protein shakes, if we all call back at mine I will mx it up for us” said Nick with a grin. We all got back to Nick’s house and he mixed up some protein shake with all the samples and some of his own Stash. “Here goes” as he pours in the bag, then pours it out and all five of us drink up. Trying not the think of what the bag looked like. We all downed the shakes! We all looked at each other expecting something! Nick broke the silence “see bullshit!”. With that we all made our way home. Next day I woke feeling ok grabbed my lunch bag (or bucket as the guys at work call it), and headed off to work. At work I felt ok gave one of the guys from the workshop a muscle tee he asked me to get, we where talking about the Expo. Then I sneezed it came from nowhere. I had no time to cover my mouth and sneezed in his face. I was so sorry, and he said “it's ok mate, hey maybe you have that muscle virus” he joked. I laughed nervously and quickly when back to my desk. I sat eating my lunch thinking maybe I am coming down with something. Later after work I met up with the guys at the gym, all of us sniffing and coughing a little. We looked at each other and all though nah it can’t be. We got changed as normal in the locker room and headed into the gym. Dave when first on the quad squat and pumped out 25 reps in no time “load me up” he said. We added another 50kgs each side. Dave took the weight with me and Simon ready to take it. Dave grunted as he squatted then slowly came back up then again in no time he had knocked out 25 reps. Simon and I helped put the bar back. “Fuck Dave that was amazing” as we looked down at his legs veins pumped to the max. Dave looked at his quads “do my quads look bigger?” Pointing to the small rip in the side of Dave’s gym shorts. All 4 of us turned and looked at Nick, he grinned then said “I think we are infected with the muscle flu”. Next thing Dan was squatting rep after rep and the same thing veins popping under his skin then gaining a huge pump. Only this time it was not only maintaining his legs where growing thicker and his gym shorts started rip down the side seams. “I'm next!” Said Nick with the same results. After Nick’s sets he flexed his quads and pointed to his ripped shorts. “Also most as big as you now Daz” Nick said to me (as I had the thickest legs of our group). “We will see, fill the bar up” I said as the guys put all the weights on they could find. I looked at the full bar with 500kg at each end dam that's a lot of weight I thought. Also our grunts and cheers in the gym started to attract some attention from the other people in the gym. I took the weight of the bar and started to squat I could feel the blood rushing into my legs and veins running like snakes under my skin. I started to lift I could not move the bar I tried again. This time I need to cough next I could feel my legs pumping up filling with power. The bar started to move as I stood up I coughed and sneezed again and went to squat again. Some skinny new members moved to stand in front of me(they must of guested we had been infected with the muscle flu). At the bottom of the squat a forced the bar up again it started to move as I heard a loud ripping sound. I knew my gym shorts had ripped off as the guy in front of me mouthed “holy fuck” as their eyes moved down as the tattered remains of my shorts hit the ground. I did more reps as felt my under armour trunks getting tighter, I finished the set and then sneezed a few times all over the skinny guys. I have never seen guys being so pleased to be covered in snot. Next up was Simon he took some of the weight off and started his set. We all finished our sets and all hit PB s for reps and weight then hit showers. In the locker room the other guys have to just rip there gym shorts off, I just had to peel my undies off my bubble butt. We all just about got our tracky bottoms on over our pumped thighs and asses. We sat in the small sort of a café next to the gym as normal for leg day. Only this night we had pushed each other but still feel we can still walk or drive home. “I think this muscle flu is for real but not sure if we are going to grow huge?” I said to the others. “Daz that guy at the Expo was HUGE!” Nick said. “I feel pumped that's all and like I have got a bad cold” said Simon. “Yeah I feel shit and great all at the same time” Dave added before we got up and left the gym. The next day I felt the flu was taking hold but not bad enough to have a day off work. When I got to my desk there was the guy from the workshop I sneezed on yesterday morning. “ You have been infected with that muscle flu? It looks like it was legs day last night to.” As he looked at my very tight fitting suit trousers. “How do you know that?”as I tried to sit down as fast as I can. “As you know I go to the gym in the morning and I trained my arms and chest and look”. As he bought his arms round they packed the sleeves of his overalls, then tried to button the overalls up. His pecs had grown thick with his nipples can been seen under his tee pointing downwards. “But your not showing signs of the flu?” As I pointed to my red blocked nose. “This is only the start you are going to get HUGE!” He added. “Nah that's just bullshit” as I sniffed and coughed again. “Go better go home while you can, I have already given the flu to my girl friend and not sure who else here is infected” he whispered to me. With that the my phone rang it was Nick, I let the answer phone get it. I carried on working with the coughing getting worse. I had a engineering meeting at 11 am, just before I went to the meeting room I had a text from Simon. It said “have you grown yet!”. Time for the meeting my suit trousers where getting tighter and my shirt button were opening up. The guys in the meeting at sat down and looked at me “Darren are you OK you don't look well” I sneezed and coughed a few times “I will be ok, I think I will go home after this” after I said that I felt hot. I loosened my tie as I did my pecs started flexing and swelling as the buttons on my shirt gave in. Then I felt the my arm rip open my shirt sleeves and I watched as a huge vein on the peak of my growing biceps flexed it's way out of my shirt. Then my shoulders and lats growing and flexing put an end to my shirt. Only the cuffs are left around my flexing veiny growing forearms, the sinew flexing and pulsing. As the muscles in my arm bulge and thicken. My traps grew up to my ears adding to my bull neck and delta wing back. My abs bunched as they grew into thick cobble stones of hard muscle. I looked at the other guys in the room as I could hear a chorus of “ holy fucks” and “he must have that muscle flu”. There was a loud rip as my suit trousers just exploded as my quads, hams and calves just swelled with size and power. My G-Star underwear stretched to the max with my glutes growing into thick globes of muscle. And my quads bunching around my package that feels fuller as the waist band is pulled down and away from my abs. The growth stops as I look down at my now pro-bodybuilder super heavy body. I cough and sneeze a few more times. “Dam I feel good” as I flex my huge slabs of meat called my pecs. “You look amazing” one of the guys in the room said. As he reaches out and rubs my flexing pecs as another checks out my right arm. I start to flex a most muscular and look at my hands they are growing longer and wider. This was not lost on the guys in the room, as they watch my shoulders rib cage grow wider and thicker. I could hear creaking then bang as my toes broke free for my dress shoes. I looked at my feet “you know what this means” as I got on to all fours. As my legs grew longer and my underwear could not contain my hulking body anymore. And a 15” horse dick flopped out and hanging below that a nut sack with with balls the size of grape fruit. So that from the back with my thick muscled thighs and glutes and package I looked like the biggest shire horse ever! The growth stopped! As sudden as it had begun, I still looked like a pro-bodybuilder but 8-9 ft tall and 5ft wide across my barn door shoulders. My body was thick and hard with super sized muscle and thick veins like Anacondas feeding blood to my mega muscle. I felt amazing as I rubbed my pecs down my hard 6 pack down to my huge muscle dick. As I touched my cock I could feel it filling with blood and my huge balls churned with cum. Then my mind turned to the guys they all must be huge too? Also how am I going to get out of here. I stood up as my monster muscled back took out some celling tiles, “move out of the way guys, I'm going out of that wall!” As the guys in the meeting moved out of the way I charged at the wall. My thick shoulders pushed out the brick like it was paper. I had to get back home and see the guys from the gym, and check on Adam from the workshop and his girl friend as I feel responsible for them.
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