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    Growing huge muscle, and just growing. I lift and like to RP
    Have just got into audio muscle growth.
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    Huge muscle! LOL
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    The hulk pill.
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    Aaron Clark, Daz Ball

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  1. Looking good there mate, I guess you are pumping both meat and veg? Love it.
  2. I love to pump all the muscles that count.
  3. hello dron

    1. Dron


      Hello would love to continue our rp

      But my board band is not working well

  4. Lol. Brits make the best villains!!
  5. Hey. To add to muscledhorses good advice, if you are over weight diet is key. Have good whole foods that slowly releases the energy in to your blood stream. As muscledhorse said brown rice etc. but mix it up so your body gets used to the same old food. Hope that helps?
  6. Yeah I can't walk after and sit in the bath that day. But love how pumped my legs get!! Dron
  7. I need food!

  8. I think Beastmode should be letting us know how to develop cobra lats. Looking good man, I bet a suit looks hot on you. Dron
  9. Same here loving the leg day.
  10. One of the my gym buddies is 5'8" he's a tank but still feels small with the other 4 of us taller than 6 ft. But I will always say if you want to grow some muscle find someone who wants the same. As you can motivate each other. And if you can find someone the same body type as your self even better. As it is hard to do a good quad squat if you think the next one the weights will land on you. Lift hard, Dron
  11. I go very heavy on the barbell shrugs and that's all. As the trap muscle is a large muscle group and quickly pumps up faster that the smaller muscle groups. As I get a bull neck in no time. But if you like that go at it lol
  12. But the one thing is with carrying more body mass, legs are easy to train and look bigger than some of the short guys in my gym. As there upper body is pumped and bulging but with chicken legs.
  13. Yeah cool as tall guys need to put on so much bulk before some even tells you " hey do you workout". As you can tell I am not short. Lol