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    Cincinnati, OH
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    real profile.
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    I WANT TO BE A HUGE, JACKED, ALPHA MALE. I want to create a fraternity of men who are bonded by an obsession with muscle—both become Muscle Gods themselves and growing their fellow brothers. I want to build an empire.
  • What are your stats?
    5'7" 149 lbs.
  • What are you seeking?
    I want to be groomed into a muscle freak or groom someone else. I want to be a bigger, more dominant man's trophy boy. I want to be forced to grow bigger for my Alpha. At the same time, I want brothers to lift heavy, inject steroids, and enjoy each other's growth. Establishing a Muscle Growth House or Muscle Dungeon in Cincinnati, OH, would be the dream.
  • What are your dream stats?
    5'7" 245 lbs.
  • Favorite Stories
    "Logan's Turn to Alpha" by TannerBradley
    "Dad, The Homewrecker" by AdonisObsessed
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Joshua Birinyi (Body Goals), Hunter Labrada, and Colby Treadway just to name a few.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Besides the obvious, I love the psychological aspect of muscle growth. I love drawing out the Alpha potential in other men and experiencing the changes in their personality as they realize their inherent Godhood. The cockier and more narcissistic, the better.

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  1. This story hits all of my buttons. There's elements of this that reminds me of my former boss who transformed into an Alpha stud. At the time, he had just broken up with his then girlfriend of 6 years and I convinced him to become an Alpha. Fast forward a few months later and my boss is sending me shirtless pics after the gym, injecting steroids, bought himself a firearm, and upgraded to a big ass truck. It was the wildest time of my life.
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