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    Huge guys with muscle to drool over, admire and worship
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    6'1", 160lb, gym fit
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    Fun with massive muscles
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    Stay as I am, looking lean
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  1. Who are the guys flexing their quads?


    1. Dentistclark


      No idea mate, but just love the picture!

  2. Noticed it was your birthday.  Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good one.

  3. Great taste in muscle porn man, I had a blast scrolling through your links

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. muscletop88


      Thanks man, it's really a chore and I wish I was more motivated to body build but getting there

    3. Dentistclark


      Well you’re doing pretty good with the motivation level you have at the moment!  Who’s your favourite bodybuilder?  Me?  Peter Molnar is definitely in the top five!


    4. Dentistclark


      Others include Roman Fritz, Dani Kaganovich, Nathan de Asha  and Adolf Berghardt 





  4. OMG, what an idea! I may not have much technical skill but I may come up with ideas a plenty for consideration! I love the concept and can't wait to see how it develops.
  5. Thanks for the follow!

  6. Thanks for following me.

    1. Dentistclark


      No worries mate!  Look, I know you're straight but damn mate, you're HAWT!  Awesome shoulders buddy!

    2. Travis
  7. Damn mate, that back in your profile pic is awesome!  Always good to meet another guy who loves sexy legs!

    1. ZospenQomy


      Yeah man, if there was ever a case to be made for "bigger isn't always better," this shot's the first one I'd pull out. Great as the Mr. Olympia backs are, I know those genetics aren't within my reach even if I did decide to drug up, but what I can get going is a good balance of mass and conditioning, and in that regard, this dude's pretty much the ultimate "realistic" goal.

      And yep, gotta love the mega-legs. It's the proof of a true lifter vs a beach body, after all.

  8. The first of the two you so kindly selected. It's not just the muscle and the physical beauty, but the sheer confidence that is so bloody appealing! If I were there I'd make him feel so good about himself!

  9. Damn mate, I love that leg pic!  Your legs are so sexy (just like the rest of you)!

  10. Damn mate, I just read your message on my feed and got so turned on reading it!  I've had such similar fantasies about the perfect one.  My hands exploring his body as he flexes his huge muscles, kissing my way over his rock hard body, seeing his cock swell and stretch the fabric of his posers as he gets more and more aroused by my very close attention!  We spend hours together finding new ways to screw each other, sharing load after load of each other's cum!

    you could almost call it love!

  11. You means Molnar!

    Yes we have excellent and similar tastes! I just find Molnar overwhelming. The other morning I started the day with him having found "The best of Peter Molnar" on you tube. Instant hard-on, nipples on fire, balls tingling, I just had to beat off to those glorious images. I proved my love plentifully! I try to imagine what it would be like to have my hands and lips all over and in him. To pull his posers off and eat his cock.Then when he is really aroused to have him stretch my hole and unmercifully bang me balls deep and feel him go off inside me while he roars lust and relief. I'd lick the sweat off him and beg for more coz you could never have enough of Molnar!

  12. Hey Clark.  I see that you're in England.  I'm such an Anglophile, you wouldn't believe it.  And I'm jealous because you're probably uncircumcised.  In America they like to mutilate infant boys' genitalia.  The horror! 

    1. Dentistclark


      You're right mate, I'm intact!

    2. Muscleinatl



      Hey, what does it mean when it says that your "rank" is "extreme" in your profile summary?  Does it mean that your pits have a flavourful bouquet?

    3. DeputyDawg


      Hey there

      Came across your profile.  Nice to meet fellow MUSCLE lovers, especially local Muscle.  Atlanta here.  My pics are in the member progress section.

      Where in ATl are you? I"m midtown/bhead area.


  13. So want to see how this plays out mate x
  14. Oh I want to hear more! Your description of this guy is awesome! Don't be too long with the next instalment please xx
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