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  1. I regularly dream of feeling some muscle guy flexing as I explore his body. Not always bodybuilders but always seriously muscular. And having experienced the real thing I can say that dreams can come true!
  2. Noticed it was your birthday.  Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good one.

  3. Never tried anything like this but reading the above has made me so damn hard and horny!
  4. Sounds like you had a great time and an obvious word to the wise, it pays to know what you want and tell the guy before so you both get something out of it!
  5. What a awesome way to celebrate your birthday buddy! Sure you’re gonna have an incredible time and when you recover can’t wait to hear all about it!
  6. You can nearly always tell when a guy is genetically gifted in one area, there was a guy I knew at school who was also gifted with awesome calves, size and shape were perfect. If you get the chance to sneak a pic I would love to see!
  7. Damn Pedro, 5’8” and 270lbs! You’re a seriously huge beast and I love big muscles on shorter guys! Those biceps look huge and those pecs are incredible! How big are your arms and chest?
  8. Ha ha ha mate, you just told my exact same story! There was Lee Priest on the cover and I couldn’t take my eyes off him, mesmerised by the most beautiful man I’d ever seen and I did shoplift that mag from the shop (my one and only criminal act in an otherwise lawful existence)!
  9. Thanks for the follow mate.

  10. Totally agree mate! As much as admiring a gay guy is a turn on due to the possibility of something more than just feeling some prime muscle, there is something deeply attractive about a straight guy, totally secure in who he is who will flex and show off for another guy regardless. One of my regular muscle buddies is totally straight, totally unappreciated by his girlfriend, loves showing off for me and letting me worship him flexing but it never does or will go further (despite the fact he knows I’d willing let him have his way with me if he ever changes his mind - coz I’ve told him!)!
  11. Some of the best muscles I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on have belonged to straight guys. Guys only too willing to flex for me and let me explore, not the least bit bothered if my pants give away my instinctual reaction. I know exactly what you meant buddy.
  12. If you’re ever in the UK, give me a shout, wouldn’t mind seeing how much fun we might have together!
  13. So wish I was in LA coz I would so take you up on that offer. If u ever come to the UK then let me know coz I’ll travel to worship at that temple you’ve built!
  14. Damn you look awesome mate. What a way to start your day! If you ever want an unbiased opinion on your progress then I’m all yours
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