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    Huge guys with muscle to drool over, admire and worship
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  1. Can only agree about proportion being important in the overall aesthetic and sexiness of a guy! You may not be the biggest guy but you can blow all the other guys out the water! For example:
  2. Damn what a lucky boy you were seeing all that muscle up close so young! Gave you loads of inspiration and a few horny nights I bet!
  3. Think you covered it all there mate and with descriptions like those, I don't think I could choose either!
  4. Legs and biceps for me! Legs for the look and the feeling of power when wrapped around you and biceps for the sheer look of power.
  5. My first realisation was seeing Lee Priest on the cover of a magazine and thinking he was the most amazing being I'd ever seen! My first real life experience was on vacation in a rare English summer where the sun shone all day and we spent all our time at the beach. I met Ian who was 2 years older than me and his family were next to us on the sand. He was so handsome, looking so hot in pale blue shorts, I couldn't stop staring. After a day or so I plucked up the courage to speak to him and we spent the rest of the 2 weeks practically inseparable. We taught each other a lot that summer! This ain't him but oh so close with the body!
  6. More please xx
  7. OMG, what an idea! I may not have much technical skill but I may come up with ideas a plenty for consideration! I love the concept and can't wait to see how it develops.
  8. Thanks for the follow!

  9. Thanks for following me.

    1. Dentistclark


      No worries mate!  Look, I know you're straight but damn mate, you're HAWT!  Awesome shoulders buddy!

    2. Travis
  10. Damn mate, that back in your profile pic is awesome!  Always good to meet another guy who loves sexy legs!

    1. ZospenQomy


      Yeah man, if there was ever a case to be made for "bigger isn't always better," this shot's the first one I'd pull out. Great as the Mr. Olympia backs are, I know those genetics aren't within my reach even if I did decide to drug up, but what I can get going is a good balance of mass and conditioning, and in that regard, this dude's pretty much the ultimate "realistic" goal.

      And yep, gotta love the mega-legs. It's the proof of a true lifter vs a beach body, after all.

  11. Any muscle worship recently mate??? Still looking here!

  12. Sounds like you have a good thing going there mate! My only advice is to stop looking! My own experience is that when you stop trying, what you need will come to you. I came out late, whored myself around for a while and when I got bored with that and stopped trying too hard things became a lot simpler! Just have fun for now! You have the advantage that you recognise that this guy isn't Mr Forever but as long as you both understand that and no one is going to be hurt if either of you move on then have all the mutually satisfactory fun you can and see where the wind takes you. I wish you both all the happiness in the world xx
  13. A few more of Anthony Joshua
  14. Hey mate, glad you are a fan of Kyle too

    1. Vinny190


      He's got a great build. Not jealous at all!

    2. Dentistclark


      Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?  He's damn cute, but your stats ain't so bad mate!  Love muscle guys just your height and build xx

  15. OMG, how awesome do you look! Seriously huge man and your back looks so damn wide! Keep up the hard work, can't wait to see more vids xx