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  1. Destiny, ps4 u: ychrisny
  2. I'll admit my bias right out of the gate, I like defined bodybuilder style muscular guys. One thing that has driven me besides attraction is the amount of dedication and drive it takes to consistently train and have a good diet. I see some guys on here say they are 300lbs, or 280... but when you look at pictures they are likely 25%+ bodyfat. They feel great, and love it, so good for them. I could eat pizza everyday... and if I did that would give me 25 extra pounds, and I'd be 225lbs... but to me that is nowhere close to being 225lbs of muscle. So far, that's infinitely harder to get to.. I went up to 205 while bulking, but quickly shed the fat and water, with all my lifts staying the same or increasing, and I feel just as muscular as I did at 205 as I do at 185. Am I alone here, and I"m just going to get accused of being judgmental?
  3. Probably not. We focus on the muscle and skeletal system but you need all the other systems to be enhanced to handle that kind of size as well. Just think about how strong your heart would need to be (and bigger is not necessary better there..) to efficiently pump blood through your body at that size.. I think a few guys have the ability to do it... but the vast majority of us don't.
  4. It can be hard, bulking people treat me like a circus animal and with cutting people assume I'm on the same diet as a girl trying to emaciate myself.. For me, being able to control my diet and tweak it to see real effects is more important than their comments. It's taken me a long time to learn how to train properly and have a good diet, and I finally feel like I am there and in control... so F*ck em
  5. well, I am just starting to have this problem.. Arms and shoulders are the biggest issue for me. Most european designers are going to run slim on the shoulders and arms. Italian designers seem to better (for me) on the pants. They usually have a wide leg pant.
  6. I don't think it is that easy. There is no magic formula to make a guy a masculine alpha person. I think muscle can enable it.. but if its not there in the first place, its just no there. When I was 20 (and newly out), I was really submissive, gentle and just assumed I should be a bottom. It didn't take long for some natural kind of aggression and desire to come out. It just ended up being who I am, and muscle just enabled it to a big degree.. But I can also bottom and be submissive when I feel like it.. I'd rather be free to chose then stuck in a role just because someone expects me to be a certain way.
  7. Do any of you guys have a private trainer, or maybe one that is really good? I definitely want to get one, but I've never really met a trainer in a commercial gym that I think is worth the money.. I want someone who can do the full package.. nutrition, training, and "supplements." I can afford their rates, I just don't know where to start.
  8. gympuma


    What are you eating now? Do you know how many calories?
  9. I have been doing deadlifts for a while.. I love them, and its by far the best or my back.. but I've always wanted something to hit lats a littler harder. Lat pulls work to some extent, but nothing comes close to deadlifts
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