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  1. The unneeded sequel to Mark/iplier's growth. Even though he was already the biggest, I thought of more ways to grow the handsome stud further beyond his size. Part 2 is called Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Comment and Donate. There won't be anymore parts. I think this story already shows the maximum size anyone could ever grow. I have more stories planned. Also I would be down to talk about guys growing too so hit me up in the message board. Would love to talk about hyper growths such as these, as well as canon characters growing infinitely huge too! Mark had been sitting in deep space. With the vast knowledge and power he had, he could control everything ever. With his immense power and size, it was no joke to call him the Ultimate God. All because he received an unprecedented amount of likes on the new hit website, Castpha. No one on Earth knows the magic that causes men to grow, but more and more muscle growth and macro lovers use the site to watch other men grow bigger. Previously, the only way to grow someone is through liking a livestream of said user. But due to overwhelming popularity and support, a giant update had hit the wave. Not only to livestreams can grow men behind the screen, but videos make guys grow too. Castpha has also begun to implement features from Youtube. The subscribe, bell, comments and donations are now allowed on the site. But growths from each selection have different effects. 1 like would give a man a pound of muscle, or 10 likes for 1 inch of height. Subscribing now would add on 15 lbs per like and 1 foot every 10 likes. Ringing the Bell gives 100 lbs per bell and 2 feet every 10 bells. Commenting goes wilder as it adds 200 lbs per comment and 3 feet every 10 comments. Lastly donations. The most effect ever. Every US dollar grants a guy 500 lbs or 10 dollars grants a guy 5 feet of height. Due to the new implementations, some cheeky hackers have increased the subscribe, bell, comment and donate counts to the same number as the like count, a whopping 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) for each section. With the sudden increase in numbers, Mark is about to experience the growth of a lifetime. Mark had already predicted this, for his infinite knowledge has led to this moment. But he didn’t want to stop such a mega growth event. He wanted to experience it all. In a split second, Mark experience a huge burst of power, growth, and intense lust. He immediately came to the pleasure of his growth. Endless pools of cum began to burst free from his 10 cocks. His growth became more intense as the seconds passed. His already incomprehensible muscles were swelling at an astounding rate. His muscles multiplies too, adding layers and stacks of muscles above one another. Each muscles so profoundly huge and hyper, all the brutish art you see online could barely scrape the surface of how immense Mark has and is becoming. His body exploded in size, immediately dwarfing his previous size in no less than a split second. His cock and balls, his pecs, his roided gut, swelled even faster than the rest of his body. His soles, shoulders, ass, chin and hair, growing so abnormally large. His hair covering his entire body, leaving almost no skin seen to the eye. His head could not be seen anymore from the swelling body. His back and traps exploded in size, spreading, stretching and growing, creating an even bigger wall that what once was. His 4 nipples had become so gargantuan, he couldn’t even wrap a quarter of a nipple with both hands combined. It was so long it had grown to be almost as long as each cock. Soon even more extremes had occurred. His power as the Ultimate God had increased exponentially. A living creature could not comprehend this much power. Not even he could control the unfathomable power he was bestowed. Despite his sheer size, the power of a god is the ultimate power to control the omniverse and beyond. His increasing power would be too much for even he to handle. His body glowed in spectacular fashion as the power of infinites of Gods welled up inside him. His brain too was experience an extreme growth. Like his power, his intelligence had been increasing so much and so fast that he could barely even comprehend the knowledge that he had. Soon enough, his body had begun to undergo even more extreme changes. After every second, multiple pairs of cock and balls burst out from his body. Each cock, taking a whole different shape than that of a typical human being. Soon enough, hundreds of different types of cocks began to sprout all at once each second, no cock looking the same. The rest of his body began to undergo a similar change. Like an amalgamation of creatures, Mark’s body began to change as such. His back sprouted multiple types of wings. Tens of tails began to sprout from the top of his ass, all looking different. He developed even more arms and legs and pecs. Some arms looked human, others looking like animal arms. He had grown horns, claws, gills, you name it. His body was now not only wanting to become a massive god, but a combination of every single creation of god himself. Every single characteristics of every single living creature’s species in the whole Omniverse and Beyond had began to form onto mark’s body, creating the biggest fusion of living creatures there ever was. Now he looked and was the combination of God and All his creations. With him having the characteristics of every species ever in the Whole Omniverse and Beyond, he had developed all traits, attributes, skills, magic, benefits, you name it. There are about a million species alone on Earth. Imagine, the amount of species that Mark had developed from the Omniverse and Beyond. It was utterly incomprehensible. Even at the same height, due to the changes on his body, he had gained too much mass for the same height he stood at. His back was covered in wings, billions of them. He had billions of horns on his head. He had magical elements circling around his entire body. He had elements of fire, water, arcane magic, dream magic, ALL TYPES of magic or power surrounding him. He had an uncountable amount of arms and legs, all of different species. He now had all types of organs for all types of species. Basically he had everything on his body. But the true remarkable thing are his cocks. Infinites of cocks and balls forming the largest mushroom forest ever conceived. His body and height also exploded in size. What was once thought to be the biggest being ever now grew so much that Mark’s previous size practically didn’t even exist anymore. He couldn’t even pinpoint on comprehend his previous size he was just that big now. His mass also imploading. Though he had infinite density, he was barely close to looking like a black hole. Even more so, it appeared that even his density was far beyond infinite. It was due to the sheer power in his body, preventing him from collapsing. When all is said and done, his growth finally halted. He had finally became the True Ultimate God ever. His body, mind, power, mass, all truly at its peak. Mark was now finally, the most powerful living being alive. Nothing could ever outgrow him ever...
  2. Here is a new one shot story by me. Though I have not watched any of Mark/iplier's videos, I always found him hot. So what better way than to write a story where he grows into a hyper muscled god! You might have to read my other stories at "Morphs and Short Stories" to understand some of the plotlines here. Everyone knows how each youtube update makes the site get worse. From changing the UI to something less readable, to messing up Youtuber’s monetization, to even recommending random videos to people to have no interest in them. A lot of outrage has been said about Youtube for the past few years. But when there is no competitor video sharing platform, Youtube had no care in the world. Until a rising star emerges, videos will always be undated onto Youtube. Here’s where our story begins. Mark had just uploaded a video to his youtube account. He had been alone in his house for a few days and was getting kinda bored due to lack of human interaction. The only thing left on his list for today was planning his next few videos. He decided to laze around for a bit to browse some social media when an interesting email had been sent to his inbox. With an unknown email address and the subject labeled “new video website recommendation”, this peaked the Youtuber’s interests. He began to read the following… “Dear Mark As you may know, Youtube is seriously not in a good place right now, but I have found another website that sounds like a potential ‘Youtube 2’ if you will, except not as atrocious! It’s called ‘Castpha’ and here’s the link to get you started. It’s only in beta version but the UI and rules and regulations seems to be great. Hope you like your recommendation!” ‘A new website?’, thought Mark. Was there really a brand new beta site with potential? There had been many video websites through the years, but they don’t really capture the same vibe and Youtube. Either due to lack of community or bad UI. But after clicking the link, he was astounded! Castpha actually looks like a darn good website. The website was nicely design, with many videos to a dedicated topic. The UI was a pleasant sight to see. Mark wanted to try out this new fancy website. But he wanted to do a small test run. He wanted to see how many views he would get without announcing his new account to Castpha. He clicked on the Sign Up button and got started. It had all the standard stuff like Username, Real Name, password and everything. But the interesting thing to note was a selection. “Are you an uploader, watcher or both on this account?” Never before has an option like this been shown. Of course he clicked ‘uploader’ first, to test things out. Suddenly an onslaught of rules and regulations appeared. It had all the standard stuff. But there was a page dedicated to the ‘Uploaders Rights’, whatever that means. It listed things like monetization was guaranteed for all Castpha videos. NSFW videos would be under the protection of Castpha. Only non-minors would be able to access NSFW videos and will be able to be monetized by companies who allow ads on NSFW videos. Each video would be checked by a human employee to see if any rules were broken. And copyright abuse would not be tolerated at all. Mark was impressed. Things actually look amazing at Castpha. After accepting the rules and regulations, there was one more page. The recommended page. “Who recommended you to click on this website? List either the email address or username.” Mark thought for a bit, guessing this is how people can get paid to spread the news of Castpha. So looking back into his email, he quickly swiped the sender’s email and typed it down. But a strange thing happened. A new slew of questions emerged as well as a small description. “Congratulations, you were recommended by one of our top tier employees. Because of this, you are able to access special services not given to any other content creator. Please answer the questions below to see what perks would you like to obtain!” ‘Wow’ he thought. Special services for himself! How cool is that. So he began to read the questions. “Would you like to participate in our Growth Service. This service is to boost your Castpha account to more people than in general.” Yes, he clicked “Depending on the rank of who recommended you, you may have a few choices or all choices for the next few questions.” “Next question, for how long would you like this service?” 1 month 6 months 1 year 2 years 5 years Forever “I guess forever it is.” Mark said. It must have been a really high leveled employee for Mark to receive the 6th option “Next question, how potent would you like this service to be?” Show to 5% more people than usual Show to 10% more people than usual Show to 20% more people than usual Show to 30% more people than usual Show to 50% more people than usual Show to 100% more people than usual Mark clicked on the sixth option again. “Next question, are you planning to show your face to people?” Mark clicked yes. What an odd question but he guessed there would be no harm. Now his choice led to one last question. “Where would you like your service to be applied? You can pick as many as you want, depending on the rank of the employee who recommended to you.” Due to Mark knowing he would receive all perks, he decided to click all on finally create his Castpha channel! With that, he wanted to test out something. Apparently there was a livestream feature. Without telling any of his current fans, he wanted to test the livestream feature out first as he had no material to work with currently for a video. As he started to stream, 2 questions appeared. “Is this a NSFW stream?” and “Would you like to use the Growth Service?” Mark wanted as little attention as possible to prevent a fan from his Youtube account to see this. And wanting to try out his special service, he clicked Yes on both options. Now it was time to load up the stream. He saw a button on the bottom right corner with in built streaming features from Castpha themselves. He jokingly typed ‘Can we get 5000 likes’ and placed the text on the top middle section of the livestream. Soon a small crowd had formed. 10 people had joined in since he posted the text. Mark remembered that he didn’t want to be noticed. Knowing some people might recognize him, he begged his Castpha viewers to not spread the word. Surprisingly, they obliged with no questions. As the live stream continued, Mark continued to ramble on and on. What he hadn’t noticed was that he was at 100 views and 20 likes. He only realised that when a commenter pointed it out. Mark was surprised. Another surprised he found out was that other people can know that he is using the Growth Service too. A lot of commenters pointed out how excited they were about the Growth Service. Mark was confused, but he didn’t bother to ask. He was just feeling a little tight is all. No really, his shirt felt a bit tighter than usual. He began to stretch his body. He certainly couldn’t understand what was happening, but his viewers seem to know as they keep sending eye looking and blushing and wet emojis. They knew what was going on. It would be long until Mark would noticed, but the Growth Service he applied had a specific box he didn’t body to read. “Grow your body in accordance to likes received.” Mark was growing, literally! Each time he got 1 like in his stream, he would receive an additional pound of muscle, or inch of height to his body for every 10 likes Suddenly, 20 more likes were obtained. Mark was groaning in more pain. He felt his skin burn. His shirt and jeans were getting tighter around his body. He was getting a small headache and his vision blurred. He messaged his head, trying to focus on his computer screen. He felt hot and sweaty. He thought he was falling sick. He tried to tell his viewers he was ending the stream, but they all denied him too. Perplexed, he continued to stream a little while longer. After a minute of sitting, he noticed his likes jumped from 20 to 100. His viewer count had increased to 1000 as well. Very odd. But now, the pain was even worse. But somehow, he suddenly felt stronger. And stronger he was. He shot up to 6 feet tall and reached 250lbs of pure muscle. He felt his clothes tighten even further. He wanted to rip it off. His muscles were growing in size. His biceps tearing the seams of his sleeves. His growing pecs and abs causing his shirt to ride upwards. The tent in his jeans growing larger and larger. He was getting really pent up. He was burning up, he tried to find a comfortable position on his chair. Meanwhile, every watcher was cheering on, watching intently as the hunk of a Youtuber growing bigger for them, without even realising it. His like counter gained 100 likes. His body reacting almost instantly to it, began to beef up even more. He felt a surge of pain building up in his body. He wanted to scream so bad. He wanted to end the stream so bad. But he couldn’t move. He had never felt so tight before. Mark had finally realised he was growing. His body began to explode in size. He wasn’t growing any taller, but his body began to bulk up further and further. His biceps swelled into the size of softballs. His pecs ballooned in size. His wings stretched outwards. His neck and shoulders thickened. He grunted and moaned. His eyes were shut and he gritted his teeth. More and more tears were appearing from his clothes. His thighs and calves grew bigger and thicker. The man had grown from a normal build to a full on bodybuilder. He now weighs about 350lbs of pure muscle. He was much bigger than most bodybuilders. With him still at 6’0 tall, Mark was looking super hefty. But it was clear that his growth showed no signs of stopping. With 300 likes in total, the Youtuber was growing even faster than before. More and more bulk began to pack into Mark’s body. He was starting to look like the muscle morphs you see online. His muscles grew so huge, it tore his shirt in an instant, revealing to the masses of the large hulk before them. Mark screamed in agony. His jeans were beginning to give way too. The lower region of his jeans had fully torn off from this legs, now looking like torn up shorts. Mark’s expanding muscles were beginning to lose space to grow. His pectorals swelled so much, it began to touch his arms. His back grew so wide, it was squeezing against the arm handles of his gaming chair. He could hear the creaking sounds of his chair about to collapse under his swelling body. He was unable to move as he was stuck in his chair, growing bigger and bigger. His body started to climb higher too, now he reached about 6’3 inches tall. The tent in his shorts, now growing so thicks and long, begin to press and beg to be released. Mark’s pain and anguish became lust. He reached for his cock with his right hand and began stroking it. It was hard to pull off. His giant bicep pressing against his giant pecs. He could barely move his arm. In fact, he couldn’t see past his mammoth pecs as well. His cock felt massive. It was probably about 8 inches, and it was barely chubbing. He felt his pre leaking out to his jeans. The discomfort began to settle in once again as his cock began to grow so huge, his jean shorts could not hold any longer. With one giant huff, the buttons holding against his pants flew off, hitting his computer screen causing a small crack. Soon the flyer of his short went immediately down and his whole shorts tore off, revealing a bright red and stretched underwear. Mark was utterly embarrassed. Everyone began to comment about Mark’s new body. 420 lbs of muscle packed onto Mark’s body. Everyone knew this was going to get better. 500 likes now displayed on the screen and the reaction was getting more potent. Mark’s muscles exploded in size. His chair was creaking more and more. Soon enough, the strength of Mark’s growth had snapped of the base and handles of the chair. He fell to the floor. A loud thud swept across the room. Mark’s cock rose higher and higher. As his pecs blocked his vision below, he couldn’t tell how big his cock was. But the stretching and snapping sound of his underwear revealed that it was growing faster than expected. He felt his legs getting heavier. He tried to feel his way through his legs, only to realise his balls were swelling and resting on his legs. His cock was rising higher as his balls swelled and spilled out of his legs. He was really pent up. He could feel his pre flowing from the slit of his head. He felt many drops of pre landing on his balls and legs. He could not take it anymore. He began to stroke his massive cock with his hands. He could barely wrap it around. He stroked as hard and as fast as he could. He panted and groaned. He begged for more growth. It felt so good. What once was pain in his growth was not pleasure. He begged his viewers to like the stream more. He wanted to reach his goal of 5000 likes. No, he wanted more. He begged everyone to try to get this live stream to as many people as possible. He wanted more likes, he needed more! Faster and faster he stroked. His body swelled more and more. Each muscle was pressing against one another. He looked like a massive muscle monster. His muscles were so disproportionately big, it even puts the Hulk to shame. His biceps rose above his head. His pecs were so fat they sagged nearly to his waist. His legs were so thick, redwood trees could barely be as thick. His back was almost as wide as his room. He was becoming a hyper monster. His cock was getting too big. It rose higher and higher, leaking more and more pre. Soon the whole floor was covered in pre. His massive muscle tits were leaking with milk. Soon enough, body hair began to grow too. In almost an instant, his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. His beard, now reach the mid point of his pecs. His pubic hair grew so long, it covered all the way to his knees. His pit hairs grew all the way down to his waist. His cock now swelled even more. His thick member now thicker than each of his legs. It rose to meet Mark’s own head. Mark was now 6’7” and growing. His cock had to be at least 4 feet. With both heads meeting each other, Mark pushed his cock into the cleavage of his pecs and began to suck on it. He could barely encapsulate his cock with his own arms. 1000 likes had been reached and now is where things start to get good. His growth was now growing exponentially. His massive and hairy body exploding bigger and bigger. His cock grew so much that it was as long as he was tall. His balls swelled big to meet with his pecs. As he grew taller and bigger, the room felt smaller. He was starting to outgrow his room. He reached 8’5” of height, but he weighed 1480 lbs of muscle. His stomach began to rumble, a familiar growing pain was felt there. His stomach swelled bigger and bigger. A muscular roid gut was forming. The gut swelled so much it started pushing his pecs higher and his cock away from his body. His whole massive body began to crush and move his furniture away. Everyone in the comments were in awe. The table holding the computer had been crushed by Mark’s massive cock. But his computer was still fine. Now most of the view was just his swelling, veiny cock. Mark now had barely any space in his room. His body was starting to crack the wall behind him. His cock rose to meet the ceiling, cracking it as well. His balls were pushing the walls in front of him. More hair was growing from his body. Everything felt tight again as the Youtuber grew bigger. His pre and milk mixture were now filling his room with 2 feet of liquid. Mark still wanted to grow. The amount of pleasure building up in his body was unbearable. He wanted to cum so badly. His cock was now taller than he was, and thicker than his own waist. He couldn’t stroke his cock anymore for his swelling muscle gut pushed his cock too far. Only one thing was left. Mark began to buck himself. He tried to get off by rubbing his cock against the walls of his room. He started to buck harder and harder. He could tell it was working. More and more pre was spilling from his head. You could barely see the head anymore. Mark groaned louder and louder. He could feel it coming soon. He clenched his fists and legs. He gritted his teeth. His eyes clenched. And with one last buck, the most powerful scream blasted through the house and then some. A huge torrent of cum came blasting from his cock. The first wave of cum broke the walls in front of him down, spilling backwards, hitting Mark’s whole body. 2000 likes and counting. Mark’s growth is accelerating faster. The amount of cum blasting out of his cock is insane. Mark’s swelling had begun to break down his house. His giant body outgrew his house, breaking and smashing every item there. Except for his computer. His massive cock still hasn’t stopped cumming as the streets, and nearby houses began to be drenched in the massive hyper man’s seed. As he stood up, he realised he was 12’10 inches tall, weighing at 2012lbs. The huge brute of a man still growing bigger and bigger. His muscles began to fill up the nearby houses. Everything fall apart against the mighty body. Layers and layers began to stack up and pile onto the hyper body. His cock rapidly swelling bigger and bigger. His balls swelling faster and faster. His body now sits on top of his balls. His roid gut swelling faster and faster, making it impossible for him to even reach the front of his gut. His pecs swelling and spilling over his gut. His nipples growing even longer and thicker. His palms couldn’t even encapsulate his nipples anymore. His face turning even more brutish and squarish. His ass swelling to form massive minivans. His back, stretching and spreading so far it took up 2 house plots. More and more did the massive youtuber cum. Each spurt getting longer and more intense. So much cum began to fill the streets. And it didn’t look to be slowing down. Cars, lamp posts, mailboxes and the like began to get swept away from the mighty white river that flows. It didn’t help that Mark’s swelling tits began to explode milk. He had never felt so much intensity and relieved at the same time. All of that cum and milk pouring like geysers from their individual holes. The constant churning of balls and tits, producing and releasing their liquids at enormous and unbelievably rates. It was a sight to behold. 5000 likes and increasing. More viewers began to pile up and the like counter surging his growth even further. It looks like people really wanted to see this happening. With the current rate of increasing likes, he would dominate the world in less than 10 minutes. His swelling now towering multiple buildings. Everyone nearby began to walk outside their houses to witness the giant man hulking beyond their believe. Multiple people began to try to get away. But the sheer amount of cum send people trapped and swept away. Everybody was defenceless against Mark’s sheer power. Mark felt absolutely bad for the poor citizens near him. He wished he would be able to save them all. But through the power of Castpha’s growth service. A wish came true. Every 5000 likes received, a new power shall be granted to the creator. And through that wish, he was given the power of teleportation. He noticed his brand new power in an instant. He was surprised. There were so many new things happening all at once. But no time to lose, he had to save everyone. Using his teleportation skills, he transported everyone to a safe location. And to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again, he tried to teleport himself to a location where he couldn’t do any harm. Unfortunately, his powers were still new, and thus, he teleported to the middle of a dense city, for all to see. But another problem had occurred. An intense pain in his groin region. A pain so intense, it faded away all previous lustful feelings he had before. Though he tried to ease the pain by holding it, his belly had made it impossible to reach for it. The pain grew more intense. Mark began to yell as loud as possible. The entire city began to shake from the boomburst that had came. Everyone began to scream and run. The glass on all buildings had shattered. Mark began to teleport everyone away from him. But the pain is getting worse. He could feel something was wrong. His cock began to start shifting around. The skin around the base of his cock warping and moving. It felt as though his cock was moving towards his right leg from the base. As it moved, he could no longer feel his cock touch his left leg but felt it entirely on his right leg. The pain to the left of his cock began to worsen. It wasn’t like anything he felt before. It felt like burning and tearing at the same time. Soon the skin of the painful area began to morph, to what looked to be a second cock forming. It began to protrude further and further from his body. Soon enough, his new cock grew as long as his first. Mark scream and was absolutely confused of the outcome. But things didn’t settle for now his balls felt a burning sensation. A lumps form within his scrotum as the lumps grew to two new testicles for the new cock. But things are getting weirder. 10,000 likes and Mark is as tall as a skyscraper. He began to feel lustful again. His muscles began to explode in size again. Nearby skyscrapers were destroyed in an instant. The city was in absolute ruins. His gut was swelling bigger and bigger. Unable to control his new size, he begins to destroy even more buildings. His gigantic muscles begin to prevent him from being able to move properly. As Mark grew even more horny, he needed to release his waterfalls again. The only things nearby were other skyscrapers. Unable to hold onto his pent up horniness, he began to pound the buildings nearby. Though he was barely able to move, the buildings were able to satisfy his needs a little. As he got more pent up, his building-fucking began to get more rapid. He pumps and pumps harder. He begins to scream as his two cock thrust and burst through the buildings. New amounts of pre and milk began to leak from their holes. He began to fuck harder and harder, as a new pain appears in his groin area. Another cock and 2 more balls begin to protrude to form a new cock. As the third cock increase the intensity of his pleasure, he pumped harder and harder, destroying more buildings. As he reached his second climax, he screamed and blasted river worths of cum and milk all over the city. As this happens, his body explodes in size, bigger and bigger... 100,000 likes and Mark towers even the tallest of mountains. It appeared that someone has created a new bot to increase the likes of the video. As people realise a bot has been increasing the likes, they too begin to join and try to download the bot to increase the intensity of the likes. As thousands of people being to get more bots, the like number increased way too quickly. As more likes were given, even more powers to Mark, making him a powerful god. But even after sending river torrents of cum and milk, he was getting horny again. His body swelled to the size of mountains, and he began to fuck the nearby mountains. With more fucking that happened, another cock and pair of balls begin to appear from his body. 1,000,000 likes and even planets dwarved around Mark. Mark had been fucking and growing for far too much. Soon he began to dwarf the countries, then the moon, then the earth and soon enough the Solar System was way smaller than Mark himself. Another cock and pair of balls had appear, giving Mark a total of 5 cocks and 10 balls. But more of his body grew. His muscles were now swelling so fast, his height couldn’t keep up. His muscles and body grew exponentially bigger than his height, causing Mark to be even more immobile. But due to his muscles constantly growing, the pressure from the growth constantly rubs his cock, causing him to constantly be in a lustful state and cumming a lot. Not only were his current muscles growing, but now more muscles were appearing in random areas of his body causing him to look bigger. His hair was now growing even faster, causing his body to be engulfed in his hair. His gut was now almost as big as his body. His cock and balls were now 5 times as big as his own body. His nipples now dropped all the wait to midway his belly. His ass swelled as big as each testicle... 1,000,000,000,000,000 likes and galaxies surround Mark. He was absolutely enormous. More muscles packed onto his body. His cock and balls swelled even faster. His gut causing him to look even more bloated than ever. He was getting even hairier. All of the galaxies nearby were being ripped apart from the sheer density of Mark. Mark’s body was getting denser than ever. All his atoms crushed each other forming a particle denser than infinity. Soon his whole body was no longer made of atoms, but a nuclear pasta so dense that no space was unoccupied by any particles. Though his body was one giant nuclear pasta, the properties of his body remained the same to still make him human. As he cums around the universe, he creates more galaxies from his body. Soon afterwards, a 6th cock and 2 more balls soon appeared from his body. Infinite likes. It looks like the universe is beyond his comprehension. He begins to crush the universe and then some. Mark was growing past multiple universes. Soon enough, he begins to burst past multiple Multiverses too. With so much dominating power, he was filled with a lot of godly power. He was now truly a god. A God with immeasurable power. But as he grew bigger and more powerful, his body begins to morph even more. A 7th cock and 2 more balls appeared from his body. But not only that, his upper torso begins to lurch and have sudden sharp pains. Mark soon realised that his pecs were moving away from his gut. What surprised him was that now 2 more pectorals has appeared right below the first pair. And quickly after, new elongated nipples had grown to immediately spill milk all over the universe. With a new set of pecs, new arms begin to protrude out of the side of his pectorals. He now has 4 arms. He was now even more powerful than ever. Infinite and Beyond. The numbers keep increasing, and so does he. In fact, a few familiar faces would soon come to pass. The Hyper Gods have witnessed a new god awaken from the emptiness. However, the body built of this new god proves to be unknowable to the Gods. The new Deity proved to be too big. And bigger he grew. As the new God swelled bigger and taller before their very eyes, they could feel the vast power that such a God held. The New God had powers and size they couldn’t even imagine. The new god swelled, expelling such great amounts of dominance and male musk that it triggered to inner lust of each previous Hyper god. The amount of size and power was to die for. In an instant, as the New God grew past each Hyper God, an instant orgasm began to spill all over the New God from the previous Hyper Gods. With the scent of the New God wafting across the Hyper Gods, they too felt a new sensation of power. A new growth awaits them. Though their growths were much smaller than the New God, it was no laughing matter as the omniverse grew smaller around the men. However their growths stopped quite rapidly. But the New God seemed to be accelerating in size. In fact, it appeared that another cock had rapidly sprung out from his body, along with another pair of balls to join them too. Pavel could see Mark growing past him. The Ultimate God was now grazed with the New God. Pavel was utterly amazed. Only one person had grown bigger than Pavel, but this was much different. The amount of bulk on the New God was too much to handle, and the rate of growth was too fast to track. In a split moment, Pavel had been outclassed by the New God. The New God heaved even more as his muscles bulking even faster into the heavens. He could feel the space around him grow colder and yet warmer still. Mark was about to meet the biggest guy he had ever seen. Will he outgrow him? Of course! There was just too much Mark to not stop growing. As he reached higher into the cosmos, he felt a hand hold his lower body. He must be close. When Mark was finally the same size as the Biggest One, they both stared at each other, and knew in an instant that Mark was to outgrow him. With another cock and pair of balls exploding from nowhere, he began to feel new power to dethrone the Biggest One... J likes? What does J mean? It could be assumed that it’s a universal constant. But what surprised Mark was another human on the J scale. But Mark seemed to still be growing. Due to Mark’s ever increasing body, he would barely acknowledge the man he passed by. All he understood from the man was that he was named Jeremy. Must be that the J stand for. It looked that Jeremy was the absolute biggest entity until Mark came around. But even if Mark was as tall as Jeremy, Mark would still outcompete Jeremy. Due to Mark’s absolute hyper body with billions of muscles stacked upon each other, Jeremy would look like an ant right beside a god. Coupled with the amount of hair on Mark’s body, the size of each billion muscles being ten thousand times larger than 1 of Jeremy’s 650 muscles, his nipples reaching towards his knees, the sheer size of his gut compared to his body, his additional pair of pectoral muscles and arms, as well as his 9 cocks and 18 balls. But it didn’t stop there as another pair of balls and a cock began to sprout from his body. A loud scream echoed from the chambers of nothingness as the last pair of cock and balls emerge from the incomprehensible hyper brutish body of Mark. As the numbers keep on increasing from the bots, so does Mark. With that, Mark had to sad farewell to the biggest man Jeremy to replace his throne. Expanding larger and larger, Mark is almost at his end. 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) was what was displayed on the video. It appeared that he the number could not increase anymore. Even though the 11 was meant to be a 10. Mark’s growth had finally stopped. J was a Omniversal and Beyond constant that meant the biggest. The largest number in a single unit of J. No one knows where J came from But there might be a man as big as the constant J inches tall. But Mark was way bigger than that. He truly was the biggest man alive. He could barely move around the space he occupied. The Ultimate God now sat in an area he could barely move in. Mark knew this was the ultimatum, the biggest and most powerful anyone could get. His body was truly the definition of Hyper. His head could not be seen for ages. His muscles were so utterly massive, you could not tell which muscle was if you pointed at it. Piles and piles of muscles stacked on the massive body. No matter how many images of hyper muscle dudes or artwork on any website you can look, no matter how imaginative your brain may seem, his muscles were too incomprehensibly big, too incomprehensibly hyper. His muscle gut was about 5 times as big as the rest of his body. His 10 cocks and 20 balls were about 100 times his own body size, each! His 4 pecs were squishing against each other, pressing and constantly squeezing his milk out. His 4 giant arms were constantly in a flexing position as the rest of his muscles could not give them any space. His entire body was so incredibly brutish, there was no way to tell which muscle was what. Not to mention his hairs. So densely packed and grew so much, no one could find the origin of each hair strain. He now knows all that the Onmiverse and Beyond had to offer. Though the vessel may look utterly uncomfortable, Mark was in absolute peace. His intelligence is now as at its absolute highest. He was after all the most muscular, powerful, biggest, smartest and strongest man alive...
  3. The final two chapters, thus ending the story. More to come soon! Chapter 5 The results We were in absolute loss. To think all of these were happening right under our noses. It just surprised us to say the least. Right as he ended his story, the results from the machine finally arrived. Dr. Strong read all of it carefully. And he was shocked. “Another source…” “You found another source?” I said. “A revelation!” He yelled. “This must be recorded!” “Bro can you tell us what it is?” Skye said, nervously. “Oh that’s right. It’s another branch of genetic mutation. In simplistic terms, you are experiencing a second puberty in a way. Your genetic makeup has mutated and the effects are similar to another puberty. But these puberty like effects are more potent than a regular puberty. There are even new side effects as well. To start. Your body now reacts differently to food. Each intake of food you consume. The body will use 100 percent of its nutrients to build up the body as much as possible. Along with that, the body now demands more of it. The more the body builds itself, the more it will demand for food. A non ending cycle if you will. Like puberty, you will feel hungrier than usual, to build the body more. Your height will increase drastically, testosterone is produced more frequently. More hair is being produced. And the body changes more to grow bigger muscles. And when I say an increased muscle mass, I mean a lot. Your body is using up proteins and creating muscle at an abnormally fast rate. With the increase in demand of food, your body will keep on growing and growing. It seems that the body now knows how to build properly to look stronger and more powerful. Your body will continue to grow bigger and stronger until the second puberty fully stops. It also says here that your body is so strong, you could carry 1500lbs of weight. This is why your body is a like a hulking titan. Your stomach has another explanation. Due to all the food you consume, the excess fats need to be stored somewhere. Usually it goes to the stomach and the rest of the body. But your body is different. It seems that all of your fats go to your stomach, in a way, to not burden the rest of your body. The stomach seems to not need to carry anything heavy like your arms and since it’s a perfect storage system, you stomach is storing all the fats, making you have the enormous gut.” “So what should I do, and how big am I gonna get” Skye said worrisomely. “Unfortunately, you have to comply to your hunger and eat. If no you would die. But on the other hand, there is no limit on how big you are gonna get. You will keep on growing the more you eat. I have no definite answer to how big you will grow. As puberty lasts about 5 years. It’s safe to assume your puberty won’t end until 5 years time. Coupled with your increasing eating habits… You will end up growing to a giant. The kind of 1000 feet tall giant.” Skye looked in horror. He was saddened at how his life is going to turn out. He turned to me sadly, and began to hug me tightly. I could feel the warmth of his body, his giant muscles wrapping me. His fat stomach, consuming my body. “Is there anyway to end the puberty early?” “Unfortunately no.” “What about to speed up the process. I don’t want to be hungry all day.” “There is one way, but it really isn’t the best solution” “I’ll take it. No matter the cause…” Chapter 6 Growth Beyond the Sky “If you say so. I will now show you an invention of mine. I call this ray gun, The Fast Forward Growing Nutrient Machine. Or TFFGNM. I’m bad with names okay. Instead I’ll give you an explanation. Basically, this machine will take whatever timespan of muscle growth effects on a person and basically crush it to the time span of 1 hour. But the downside, all of the effects of the growth will exist in its entirety. So to simplify. Instead of spending 5 years eating and growing, you will receive the needed proteins and nutrients during the 5 years and grow all of it in 1 hour. So it’s not the best solution because you won’t live a normal life anymore.” “Are you sure there is nothing else you can do?” I asked. “I don’t I’m sorry. But when I can find the idea, I will work on it as fast as possible. It would be terrible to lose your entire life just because of the growth. The question is, do you want to grow all of it now.” “I… I will do it” “Skye what! What are you thinking!” “It doesn’t matter if I grow slower, in the end, after a year, living life would already be almost impossible. Why not end it now. And stop the hunger as well,” he said. “I guess if it’s your decision. I just wanted to spend more time with you is all.” Wait. Did I really just say that. Oh no i’m so embarrassed. I’m blushing am I? Realising this, I covered my face in horror. Dr. Strong left us alone to settle the decision. Then, everything went black and warm. Skye was hugging me tightly. I then hugged him back as well. “It’s okay friend, I love you lots. You have given me so much joy these past few months.” I blushed even harder. I hugged his giant gut harder. I loved his body and I loved him! Without realising it, I had a massive boner. “Getting hard I see. Guess I was right. You do like seeing me big. Bet you want me to grow bigger huh?” I looked up at him. It was true, but to see him gone. I could not bear it. I nodded. But he fully understood what I meant. He carried me up, and placed me sitting down on his massive gut. It felt like resting on a beanbag. “Before I grow. How about we spend some time together. Maybe, you can enjoy my growing body as well?” I nodded excitedly. We called upon Dr. Strong for our final decision. We went to the Island itself. A peaceful and clean, utterly mesmerising. I had never seen such a heavenly place on Earth before. Dr. Strong went on his way back to his house, leaving me with a spare teleporter to travel back with when we were done. Me and Skye went to the most private and quiet location within the island. It was a small grotto, hidden from plain sight. But the lighting was still bright enough to see everything. Skye held the ray gun to his gut and shot it. He dropped it. He began to groan and moan. He was sweating all over. His face was cringing while he clenched his hands. His body was shaking and vibrating a lot. He told me not to worry. And i got closer. I approached his rumbling belly and hugged it. I rubbed and rubbed the belly. I could feel the belly swelling on my hands. And with that, his growth was beginning. His body swelled really quickly. Every inch of muscle blew up immensely. His body heaving and growing. He looked powerful. He was growing bigger than the biggest bodybuilder known to men. By now he’s about 7 feet tall, weighing in more than 600lbs. His arms swelled up like balloons. The bicep peaks reach as high as the top of his head. His back extended about 30 feet wide. His pecs ballooned into large bowling balls. His gut, growing the fastest, was now like a beachball. His legs, were as thick as tree trunks. His body continued to swell. I was burying my face into his gut. All his clothes torn off in an instant. He was instantly naked. The growth slowed down a bit. Maybe to catch up before growing again. Skye calmed down a little. His giant flaccid cock, about 15 inches long and as wide as a huge water bottle. He was leaking precum all over the floor. I took this opportunity to grab his cock and sucking the tip of it. In an instant, large waves of pre began to flow out from his cock. Skye tensed up. He moaned louder than ever. He begged me to suck his cock harder. And so I did. As his cock erect upwards, I was carried along as well. Our eyes met. And we went in for a deep, passionate kiss. As we kissed, I striped myself down, and began to take in his massive cock. His massive cock, pushing my ass apart easily. I began to moan hard. And so did Skye. Soon enough, he was fucking me hard. Each thrust was so painful, yet so wonderful. I was not used to having such a huge cock in my ass but boy do I want more. He began to fuck me harder and harder. As he fucked me, I saw his delicious nips. I grabbed onto them and began to twist. Skye moaned even louder. I could even hear a roar. His voice deepened and bellowed as I played with his nips and as he fucked me. He was getting harder and hornier. His body was heating up greatly and sweat was producing at a rapid speed. His fucking got faster and rougher. And I played with his nips harder. Soon enough, we were kissing each other again. I felt wet on my ass as I realised huge amounts of pre were leaking all over me. Everything got more intense. Now Skye was starting to dominate me more. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass while simultaneously shoving his tongue deeper into my mouth, choking me. I could feel rumbling from his body. He was starting to grow again. Skye, knowing that this growth to kill me, immediately removed every organ from my body and prepared for the best time of his life. In an instant, his body exploded in size. Every single muscle swelling and bursting with new life. New muscles stacked on one another. His height shot up past 30 feet, then 40, then 100, then 1000! Skye was cumming at rapid rates as well. He wasn’t just shooting massive amounts of spunk. No. It was like a huge continuous river of cum was spilling out from his cock. After a while, his growth began to decline. But he was still getting hornier. Each time his muscles grew, he got hornier. I could barely see his head. His traps and pecs now dominate the top half of his body, almost dwarfing his head. His biceps were so huge, the peak was about half his height. His pecs heaved in every corner. Stretching out about 500 feet in every direction. Basically pushing each pec as well. His nips were spraying enormous amounts of milk too. His giant monstrous belly, now so huge, it rested on the very floor. The diameter of his belly was half his height. His back was about 4000 feet wide. His cock stretched out about 800 feet high, spewing cum all over his body. His ball were so massive it sat on the ground too. It was so huge, he could basically lie down on them. His giant thighs exploded in size, basically thicker than his waist. He had also grown way too much hair. Every part of his body was coated with a huge dense hairy black forest. As his growth slowed down to a halt. So did his, cum and milk spraying. He fell down, and lay directly on the floor to rest. I was right below his mouth. I ran straight for his eyes. I guess it was time to say goodbye. It was a horny yet sad moment for the two of us. As we said our goodbyes, A group of giant men, as big as Skye approached him. “Ah, you must be the one the God predict would come. We welcome you. Don’t worry, there is always a spot for giants like us.” As the giants walked away, Skye looked back at me once again and left. I then teleported back to Dr. Strong’s Lab. “Looks like you settled everything huh?” “Yep…” “Hey don’t mind me asking but… Your into giant and muscular guys right?” “Yes?” “Would you like to help me find some more and save them?” “Of course I said! Looks like I may be able to enjoy my time around here then. Can’t wait to see men hulk right before my eyes and maybe able to fuck them too!” The End
  4. Is this lore??? I'm introducing lore to all my stories now. All of my stories may or may not connect to one another in some way. That's for you to piece it yourselves. Again. Please do not reply to any of my stories. Much appreciate! Just read and enjoy. Chapter 3 The Growing Gut It was a Saturday on the same week. We went to a private clinic as Skye was too embarrassed to go out to where many people would see him. As we entered the doctor’s room, we saw the most surprised look on his face. We tried to not look mortified by the reaction and sat down. We tried to explain the problem at hand. To our dismay, the doctor could not seem to find a reason why. The next day, we went to a specialist, who could take some tests on his body. Again, no proper results. Every kind of test he took regarding his body, nothing can be found. Tumours, Diabetes, maybe sudden mutations of his genes. Nothing of valued information was given to us. We felt like we just had hit a dead end. It was extremely disappointing. Skye wanted to give up. But I really wanted to find the problem. Secretly, He too wanted to find out the problem. So we tried out luck one last time. It was next saturday. Not knowing what to do, we went to a biomedical laboratory. We were running out of options. We thought this was the best way left to probably get something, at least something regarding Skye’s changes. As we entered the lab, we were just lost. We had no idea where to go. This was one of the most well known labs in our country. The building was separated into many sections, each focused on different types of biology fields. We were in awe at how massive the building was. But we had no idea where to begin. We thought we were out of luck. Come to find out, we arrived at the perfect time. To our right, we hear some sort of argument. It went something like ‘un-appreciating my work’ blah blah blah ‘never take me seriously’ and all that and ‘in leaving the company’ and what not and ‘will test out my rapid muscle and body growth theory myself’ nonsense and- wait… We looked at each other in surprise. Could someone actually have a theory about this. It may not be exact to what Skye is experiencing, but it was well worth a shot. We went towards the source of the argument. The person was already on their way to leave the building. As we got closer we got to see who this person really was. And I was amazed on how he looked. It was a huge, hulking, scientist. He looked like a full time bodybuilder who does part time in a laboratory. I’m talking, 6 feet tall, 300lbs of pure muscle packed into this guy. A beefy guy like him could surely partake in Mr. Olympia. He was definitely a sight to behold. We finally caught up to him. He was sitting down on a bench, looking utterly defeated and angry. I finally said my greetings, which shook him to the core. It looked like he was about to beat me senseless, but held back. He then went back to looking down, hands on his face. “What do you want kid? Can’t you see I’m busy!” “I-I’m sorry, we were by the laboratory to find a solution to a problem we had for months. Then we heard what you said and we may think you have the answer!” “We? And I’m sorry, I don’t think I could help you… Now leave me alone...” “Now wait just a minute, we have been searching for so long, please, we really think you could help us. At least give us a chance!” “Ugh, fine! What’s your problem!” “My friend here. For the past month or so, his appetite and body have grown significantly, like a lot!” “So? What the problem” “Why don’t you look up. We are both college students. But Skye here… He eats about 8 meals a day. Each meal he eats like 5 people were there on the table! He doesn’t even work out but he had grown from 5’10 to 6’2. Raised from 200lbs to 400lbs. Grew so much muscles around his entire body and stored every amount of fat on his stomach. Please you must have some explanation for this!” Afterwards, the whole atmosphere became soft. It felt like forever but it may lasted about 30 seconds. Then he looked up at me and Skye, smiled and laughed. We were scared. He stood up and held my hands. Now I’m creeped out. “Finally, I have found proof!” He yelled. “I will definitely help you both. This is what I’ve spent my whole life training for! Come to this address the next day and we can start talking!” He then ran away in happiness. We were skeptical, but that was the most genuine expression of joy I’ve ever seen in my life. So we rolled with it. I wonder what we were gonna find out. Chapter 4 Meeting Dr. Strong It was the next day. We had arrived in a very shady street. It was a dark corridor situated far from the main roads of the city. It was so hard to even navigate. There was barely any signs of human life to be found. We contemplated on leaving. But we decided to tread forward, but carefully. We arrived at the very edge of the road. A small building catches our eyes. It was a small rectangular building, with one door and 1 window. It looked to be made out of concrete entirely rather than built with layers of bricks like the rest of the buildings. It was the house we were suppose to go to. We knocked on the door and waited. After about 20 seconds, out came the hulking scientist. He was pleased to see us. He excitedly invited us in. We entered the building, utterly bewildered with what greeted us. Many machines and tools, some from this era and some that look like they were from the future. Like those sci-fi movies. I had no idea such machines were even capable of existing in our current year. The scientist finally sat us down and introduced himself. “Oh how rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is Dr. Strong.” How comically coincidental. “Now not many people know of my existence. I shall not tell you all of my past. But when I was young I had a… fascination, you could, about muscles. From a young age I thought guys with muscles were interesting. That interest developed into my love for human biology. This was my main focus and field. I have been studying how muscle growth works for my whole life. In addition to that, I have an extremely brilliant mind, not to brag about anything. All these machines were built by yours truly, with technology far superior to our current tech. I only hid myself in here to not be abused by large corporations or governments for my brilliant mind and machines. The few who do know of me always wanted to hire me to benefit society in the grander scheme of things. But me only focused on muscle growth, many people have found a distaste in me. Calling me selfish and what not. But i don’t care. Those people don’t care about improving society, they are all about the money. And now for what you are probably here for. Now during my research, I had found things that I didn’t know I could find. Things about the human body, specifically, in males only. Now this is when people call me crazy, due to my obsession and lack of proof. But in all these years, I have found that certain men have been prone to experiencing various forms of rapid muscle and body growth! But the causes of this are everywhere. Some are related to genes. Others, mutation in genes. I have also found that certain experiments can also grant men these growth capability. And for the more mystical causes, I have kept certain artifacts from long ago which also causes growth. I have even discovered the existence of magic! Magic, which scientists thought were impossible and mere fantasy were real. I’m not sure how many types of magic there are, but there are certain growth spells, growth incantations, and maybe even growth potions exists within our Earth. And with that, I've opened up a whole new reality to our current understanding of the universe. Now all these causes are only umbrella terms. Each form of biological, or magical form of growths have even more specific causes to them. But now people think I’m crazy. But to hear your experiences. I would like to experiment, safely mind you, on Skye right here to see the causes of his growing problem.” And with that we agreed wholeheartedly. It was a bit strange to hear everything. But after seeing Skye, I really do think he isn’t crazy and maybe, his theories were true. While Skye was being tested on with one of Dr. Strong’s machines, I decided to have a look around. I was very careful trying not to meddle with anything. But underneath some rubble, I found a stack of photos. I was stunned. They were pictures of men. With with bodies unrealistically huge. Each man, was way bigger than a typical bodybuilder. Some were built like bodybuilders but bigger, some built like powerlifters, others with huge guts, like Skye. Other men seemed to be just fat, but way fatter than reality cause exist. They looked insanely real but I couldn’t fathom how. Looking at the background of some of these, the men seem to be in heights ranging from 6 feet tall, to 6000 feet tall! I had to find out what this meant. While waiting for Skye’s results to arrive, I confronted Dr. Strong. “Ah, those pictures…” He said with such sorrow. “Who are these people?” I asked. “In the past, I’ve traveled all over the world. Seeing different people and all. But everywhere I go, I always see men, men who were bigger. Despite the tallest person in the world in our records show that he was 8’11”. The guys I've met were way taller. I’ve met and talked to guys who were 10 feet tall. They were built like giant, hyper muscled humans. With muscle to body ratios way bigger than typical bodybuilders. They were impossibly huge and yet they weren’t immobile. Another thing to not is that I have a rare condition that makes me unable to forget anything. No matter the circumstance. Each giant men I found and talked to. They always said the same thing. That there were scared. That the government or aliens would come and take them away to kill them. I always had no idea what they meant. To me it meant that the government, or aliens have accidentally created these growths in men as a mistake and trying to remove it before making it into the mainstream media. But as I researched, these hyper muscles men have existed since the dawn of humans and from the earliest of humans. Almost each hyper muscled men existed from different sources. Like magic or genetics or experimentation. So I always wondered why try to get rid of them? After days of talking to random guys, I realised they disappeared over time. And when I asked the locals what happened to them, they didn’t even know these men even existed. Like they were wiped from their memories too. Eventually I was found out by the people who were trying to eliminate them and was captured. I was taken into a remote place. I never saw who those people are. But they allowed me to ask questions. Like why do all this I asked. They said to prevent destruction of humanity. Apparently these people knew about the giant men and know a lot more about them than I do. They said that the current rate of which giant men exist are increasing rapidly. And some of which have grown to skyscraper levels. The reason why the mainstream media has never caught up to it is that they have gotten rid of the men the instant they become 100 foot giants using advanced technologies, and repaired everything they destroyed by accident, within an hour. They told me to stop trying to solve their problems for the mysterious people have got the problems on their hands. I knew they meant well, prevent as much casualties as possible. But to kill the giants who have no say in the matter to grow, isn’t that just as awful. While in the facilities, using my wits, I’ve managed to learn everything about what they know about these giants. Someday, I will save them all. But to think these giants have been cropping up consistently, and disappeared without a trace. How many giants have grown and died within the past week worldwide. I needed to know. Despite that there are still a lot of info we don’t know. The reason why the mysterious people let me question them was to allow me to relish in the knowledge, before wiping my memory with a ray gun. They were so confident, they let me ask all the questions. But little did they know, I can never lose memory. With that, in this laboratory, I’m trying my absolute best, to prevent giants from being killed. All those pictures were from men I was unable to save as a reminder to strive harder. I think I’m getting closer to achieving my goals but who knows. There are still so many mysteries about giant men but i’m getting close. Recently, I made a teleporter, with a built in scanner to detect men with giant growth properties, in order to locate as get as much information as possible. I was teleported to a remote island, an island where all its inhabitants were giant men, roughly 10 feet and taller. Strange this was, it was not on any place on earth. Questioning the men, they say they are on Earth, but the god they worshiped had placed this island in a pocket dimension. Only accessible to those who the god they worshiped deemed worthy of entering. They even said the dimension was infinite, and the island grows the more inhabitants exists. With that, I had a revelation. To save the giants, I could teleport them to the island, where they would be protected. And since this discovery, I have saved over 50,000 men from being murdered. But I still needed to know their sources. If I know of every source possible, I could instantly create an algorithmic machine, to detect every guy who could grow, and send them to the island before they do grow, thus preventing them from being detected in the first place...
  5. Here is another story for all of you. A short one. This will be a short 5 to 6 or 7 chapter story as a distraction from my main story. Will finish this before posting the next chapter of my main story. Also another note. Please, I would really appreciate if none of you were to reply on my stories for anything at all, if you could try. Thank you! Chapter 1 Lonely in School It was a new day of a new year of college. The week was fine. The lessons were fine. All the current topics were fine. Kind of an underwhelming first week if I was being honest. Had a few normal chats with my close friends. A bit of laughs and gossips. But nothing too interesting. I just needed something exciting to happen soon. At around Thursday, I had just finished school. School that day ended at 12pm which was lunch period. Last year I did have similar school days. Usually I would just go straight home and eat lunch that my mom made before working. But certain circumstances led to me having to eat lunch today. So I went to one of the canteen rooms. It had been a while since I had eaten Subway, so I queued up in the line. The line was quite long, so I just scrolled through my phone. But from the corner of my eye I saw someone. He seemed familiar, but I paid no mind. But then he looked at me. I looked back at him. He seemed to wave at me. I waved back naturally and he walked off. And then it hit me. Was that Skye? Back in secondary school, I was in the same school as Skye. He was never in the same class as me. We don’t even know each other that well. But he had friends in my class class and would sometimes come into the classroom when the periods changed. The fact that he recognized me at all was interesting. I had short hair back then as guys could never have long hair, and now I do. And I didn’t even look too interesting at all. I was just an average guy. I thought I was no different than any other short skinny guy. I only knew of his existence because of how he looked. Skye looks the same between the years we were apart. A slight difference was that now he has slightly unkempt hair, slightly taller and bigger. Skye was a big guy. He never worked out, so he was a chubby guy to say the least. He now stood at 5’10”, probably weighed at about 200lbs. He had fair skin, brownish eyes and black hair. He also had a chubby face. He was never muscular to begin with, just slightly fat. But he was capable of carrying people for quite a long while. To say the least, he was one of my secondary school crushes. I was just really into huge guys. There is no limit to that. The bigger the guy, the better. Any way they grew bigger I don’t mind. I thought that today would be great to finally socialize with him. But after grabbing my order, I didn’t see him at all. He probably took away the food to eat at home. A bit disappointing. But at least I could probably see him again next Thursday. All I had to do was wait. Next Thursday, I finally managed to strike up a conversation with him. I ordered the same food stall as he did. We managed to break the ice and talked about secondary school things to catch up. It was a wild ride. I asked him if we could eat together but he promised his mom that he would come home as soon as possible. But he did promise to eat with me next week. Great, I thought, I’m finally talking to one of my crushes. Another week passed by. We finally sat together and ate the same food. We had another great chat about being in secondary school. After a while, we talked about life in college and our interests as well. But realising our food was getting cold, we had to eat our food fast. A was a nice and pleasant lunch. No loud gossip of a group of 10 friends. And no fell silence of being alone. Just the two of us. And watching my crush eat in front of me. Oh what a wonderful experience it was. Then I saw him eat. The way he ate his food. Him rubbing his large soft belly after swallowing. Ooo I just wanted to hug and kiss him. Oh how I wish the more he ate, the bigger he gets. In the end, I never know how my wish ended up as a premonition... Chapter 2 Meal time It had been a few weeks since we ate together every Thursday. We began to go out a lot as well. We became good friends since that day. And since then, my crush hasn’t gone away either. In fact, my crush for him only grew more and more. But another thing I noticed was that he was growing bigger too. He was also eating more lately. His hunger seemed to be increasing lately too. I thought he may be stress eating. I was getting a bit worried about his eating habits. It got worse and worse. When we went out during the whole day, he would have 5 whole meals from 10am to 8pm. Each meal he would have servings that maybe 3 people would eat. And about an hour after eating, he would complain about being hungry. I had no idea what came of him. Did he suffer some sort of illness or something? But the weirdest part was how this all affected him. You would think that eating so much food would cause him to be the fattest person alive. However the effects were, unexpected and unpredictable to say the least. While he was getting fatter, he was also getting bigger and muscular. Over the past 2 months, he reached 6’3” and weighs about 375lbs. His body was certainly built like a powerlifter. Huge broad shoulders. A large back. Biceps the size of soft balls. Huge heaving pecs protruded from his body. Thick legs to support his giant body. And my goodness, he had hair growing at rapid speeds. But the biggest thing of all was his giant gut. I swear it looked like a beachball. While his whole body was all giant muscles, his stomach boasted muscle and fats. That belly protruded a whole foot and a half away from his body. It was like from all the food he had, all the nutrients and proteins went all over his body, but all the excess fats went straight to the stomach. I do not know how he wasn’t fat all over, let alone have any muscle at all. He still has never worked out in his life! I wanted to know what was happening to his body. It was hot as heck to look at not gonna lie. But such a rapid growing appetite is proven worrisome. We needed to talk about this. I had always been nervous to talk about this. Thinking it would be rude to call him fat for having such a massive belly. But I cannot hold on longer anymore. I needed a perfect occasion to ask him. A lunch with him. I thought. The usual Thursday lunch would be the perfect time to ask him. It was another Thursday. I spent the whole day thinking on how I would phrase my question. I was always the nervous type. I must think of every possibility and phrase the least offensive sentence ever. After all, I could be beaten up by his hulking body. But worse of all, we would probably not be friends after all. So we went over the usual food stall. I ordered a simple meatball spaghetti bolognaise. While Skye ordered 5 whole burgers, a bucket of fried chicken, 5 boxes of fries, 3 slices of cake, 3 apples, 2 oranges, 10 salads and 15 large bottles of pure water. The fact that he didn’t spill any food or water while heading to our table was so surprising. But the look of people’s faces made me so embarrassed. We sat down. We didn’t talk. I looked down the whole time. I ate as softly as possible, contemplating on what to say. Skye on the other hand. He ate as quickly as possible. I sometimes saw people looking towards our table. Skye was eating like a pig. I had told him before to eat slowly. And I think he did remember it when he saw me and started to eat slower. But I keep hearing stomach grumbles, which led him to eat faster. He really tried to slow down. But the louder the grumbles, the faster he ate. He looked like he was in pain to not eat quickly. I finished my food, still looking down. I tried to muster a word. To my surprise, Skye was the one who spoke first. “Friend… You seemed sad… I know, you told me to slow down, but I’m just so hungry.” “I’m worried Skye. What is happening to your body!” I said, without trying to attract attention. “What do you mean?” he said, trying to avert the question. He seemed fearful and sad himself. “You know what I mean. Your appetite. Your growth. Your giant belly.” He sighed and nodded. “I know you are rich and can afford the food. But don’t you think eating this much is healthy both bodily and monetarily” I said. I think I offended him slightly because he looked angry. Not sure at me or himself. But I kept quiet the rest of the meal. Right as we were about to leave, he held my shoulder. With such sorrow in his eyes, he spoke, “Friend… I’m just scared… I wanted to go to the doctor for a long time to get this checked out, but I’m scared of this condition. And I didn’t want to scare my family either. To scare you would be even more devastating.” I blushed. Did he really say that? He seemed to pretend that he didn’t say the last part and I paid no mind to him. “But since you worry so much of me… I’ll go to the doctors. But could you come with me?” “sure…”
  6. Day 2 The Growing Berries The following morning was a bit of a surprise. I woke up feeling weird. My whole body was arching downwards for some reason. The bed felt extremely warm too. Like really hot. I got up to see that the bed was extremely crooked. Like a whole boulder was slammed onto the bed. Some of the wooden floor bedding was broken, the rest slightly cracked. I was in shock. There was only one bed so me and Jon were sharing the bed. That means! I towards the kitchen and I witness the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. A huge, muscular figure was towering over me in the kitchen, with his back facing towards me. I must have been so small that he didn’t notice me at all. It looked like Jon from the back. I was amazed. He was about 8 feet plus, with head nearly touching the ceiling. His muscular back stretching as far as half of my height. His rippling muscles pulsed with life with each movement. I could not see past his back as he was standing right infront of a counter. I tried to examine closer. It was pretty easy to do so as i could stand right behind him and he would not notice at all. He was completely naked. And oh boy is standing right behind him really testing my patience. His giant ass nearly engulfed my own head. His cock stretched all the way to his ankles. It was so thick that my own two hands would barely hold it together. It was leaking precum everywhere on the floor. His huge meaty nuts sagged all the way to his to his knees and slightly lower. His legs was lined with many veins. Each leg was so massive, it’s like a huge tree trunk. Each bicep is about the size of my own head. Arms slightly bigger than my body. His already huge stomach turned gigantic. It jutted so far away from his body he could rest it on the counter and topple anything in his way. It looked extremely hard to the touch. His pecs also jutted out far, but rested on top of his stomach. His trap reached halfway to his head. I tried my absolute hardest not to cum on that spot right there. I was literally about to faint. I wanted his body so badly now. He was way bigger than Fajar could ever be. Needlessly, he was extremely massive. I wanted to give him a light tap on the leg to get his attention. But his sudden movements accidentally led me to touching his massive cock instead. In an instant, he moaned in the deepest voice I've ever heard, followed by a spraying geyser of precum shooting out of his cock. Each spurt shot out litres of ropes onto the tables and floor. I had never seen so much liquid pouring out in my whole life. Litres and litres kept pouring out from his mammoth cock. His cock and balls kept on convulsing with each spurt of precum. The whole process took about 20 seconds to complete. The entire kitchen was scorching and it pungent with the smell of precum. Everything was soaked in precum but me. Not a single object in the kitchen was free from the new coat of manhood paint. Needless to say, I was wet. Jon took many deep breaths before calming down. He sat on the floor with one hand on his head and the other to support his beefy body. His eyes were still closed as he kept on breathing. I kept saying sorry. He kept shaking his head while trying to stabilize himself. Smaller spurts of precum leaked out from his cock. I did not know what to do. I was paralysed from shock. On one hand, I was extremely desperate to try to cling onto him and give him a passionate kiss. But on the other hand, I was scared and surprised. How did this even happen to him? I was scared that he could crush and kill me if he weren’t careful. After Jon finally relaxed a little bit, he got up acting all as if nothing had ever happened. I was still in shock, and he still acted like nothing had occurred. He even looked at me confused, like I was the crazy one. I asked him what the heck just happened with the most confused expression ever. He was very reluctant to at first. But he admitted it after a while. Apparently, after wanting to grow as huge as possible, he kept on working out until about midnight using Fajar methods. He still felt the energy from the native berry juice Fajar gave him, so he wanted to make use of it all. The effects wore off around midnight. After all the training he noticed how much he grew. But while working out, he just never noticed that he was growing all this time. It was jarring to him when he looked at the mirror. He thought a giant intruder had invaded the house. Looking back to see no one he fell to the floor amazed. He took a good look at his newfound body and stood proud. Afterwards he took a shower and went to bed. But he felt bad for breaking it. While listening to him I just admired his gigantic body. I just wanted to hug and lick his enormous belly and have his cock shoved up my butt. But I have to control myself. It was hard trying not to. But I had to. He told me he had cooked breakfast and that I can eat some. He was about to do a bit of working out before Fajar would call us for our daily activities. But looking at the kitchen, I’d rather starve. It seemed strange to me that Jon remained oblivious to the fact that I wanted him so badly. I needed to tell him that. But Fajar too was another eyecandy. I wanted both of them to be mine. Oh what to do in this trying time. After some time, Jon told me he was going to shower. He walked off in a strut to the toilet. Loud thumps can be heard with each step that he took. His dick swayed into the wind. Each step felt like a miniature earthquake. I could even see some of the smaller props jumping with each step. I wondered how much he weighs. The thought quickly got interrupted my stomach growls. I was still hungry. I needed to eat due to our next activities. I tried to find salvageable food from the kitchen. There was some bread and an apple in the cupboard. None of which had any ounce of precum on them. This was good enough. I took 2 slices of bread and the apple and treaded carefully in the cum stained kitchen back to the living room. While eating, I had been thinking a lot. About how big Jon was becoming. Fajar said that Jon was capable of growing a lot. But how much. It would seem that he wants to test that out. I’m not complaining. The bigger he gets, the better honestly. After finishing up my food, I headed into the room to try to prepare a new set of clothes for the day. While packing, I remembered that I needed to ask Jon to clean the kitchen. I’m not cleaning the mess that he made! It would take me years! And I didn’t even cause that. Well maybe I did considering I touched his cock by accident. As I approached the toilet, I heard small grunts and moans. Immediately I was disgusted and horny. Is he masturbating? Good grief, he just came like an hour ago. Then again it was only precum. But with that much pre with one touch, how much proper cum will burst out with rapid masturbation. Looking down, I saw a familiar liquid oozing out from beneath the toilet door. It was precum, slowly inching towards me. Bruh, I ain’t gonna let you destroy this house with your cum! Imagine the lawsuits… I knocked on the door and called for him. He was surprised and I heard a loud thump inside. He probably fell down. I felt sorry for a bit but I needed to stop this nonsense. “Yo Jon, I know what you’re doing.” I said. Flustered, he stuttered, “B-bro, stop it, having this b-big body is constantly making me h-horny. It’s embarrassing”. And with me being stupid as heck, I replied “Want me to help you with that?” I immediately realised my mistake and covered my mouth in horror. I could have said just kidding, but my want to stroke his cock in the bathroom led me to not say anything else. Needless to say, I heard a small ‘what’ before 10 seconds of silence, until I heard Jon stand up and open the door. I couldn’t see him, but he told me to come in. I took off my clothes, leaving me with my underwear on and just went in the bathroom. My jaw fell to the floor. I was in awe. He looked much bigger than before. Mind you, the toilets were very big. The entrance led to a large walkway. To the right was a shower, with glass walls around it. To the top left, A large hexagonal bath tub/jacuzzi was places. To the bottom left was a toilet bowl. It was a slightly long walk from the entrance to the other end of the toilet. And I saw the giant behemoth of a human being. Jon took up about 30% of the entire room. His muscles got bigger, he was taller and fatter. He had a giant roided belly. The amount of mass and size probably doubled from the morning. His traps spread far, reaching about half his head. His shoulders bulged intensely. His entire back spread as wide as I was tall, maybe slighter longer. His giant hefty pecs, as huge as beach balls, sagging downwards, only held up with his giant roid belly. His roid belly was as big as both pecs combined. His huge mammoth biceps was almost as big as his pecs. It was unbelievably huge. He was trying to hold the ceiling with his right hand. He wasn’t able to flex his arm properly. His bicep was so huge it fought for space with the rest of his giant arms, as well as his thick pecs and shoulders. His huge thick cock, erected upright reaching towards his head, twice as thick as my whole body, looked like it could engulf me instantly. His balls was so huge it fell on the floor. It took up so much space it his his legs as well. His thick legs was as thick as his back, to try to carry his giant body. He was also extremely hairy. Almost every surface of his skin was layered with thick black hair. His jaw, chest, armpits and pubic was the hairiest among them all. Large spurts of precum went spraying out of his cock. It created a pool of pre on the floor. Jon looked at me with an embarrassed expression. I told him it was absolutely fine. I immediately climbed up on his legs. It felt like climbing a huge wall. I grabbed onto his hairs to climb easier. Jon was wet and warm as well, from his pre and the hot shower water. It felt like an eternity to climb his giant body. I sat between his hefty stomach and gigantic cock. I rested on top of his furry pubic hairs. It was so long that tufts of his pubic hair that weren’t wet reached as high as my own height. I turned myself around, and started to climb his throbbing cock. Jon started to grunt a lot. His cock felt much warmer. More pre was spraying out of his cock. Climbing up, I held onto to the veins that were protruding from his cock. It felt like rock climbing, but hotter and wetter. I felt slight rumbling. Jon was groaning and moaning a lot. His hot sexy deep voice got me very hard. I kept on climbing higher. I saw more precum flowing from the hole. It looked like an active volcano that was ready to erupt. As I climbed higher, his moans grew louder and louder. Lots of pre flowed touch and touched me. My whole hand was covered by pre. As I finally reach to the cock head, my eyes reached to meet Jon’s eyes. His panting only grew stronger. I laid down onto his cock facing him. I began to rub his cock as fast as possible. As I continuously rubbed his pulsing cock, I kept wondering. Even though I was horny and wanted him to grow as big as possible. It is really worth it to make him grow. I mean, I’ve seen and probably caused other guys to grow too but this huge? Unbelievable! I also wanted to admit my feelings towards him. But like, I’m already jerking him off. Does this count? I’ve never done this before. Oh lordy am I dumb? I still tried to ask him though. Took me a while to repeat my questions cause his moanings were so loud. He eventually heard me. With as much as he could muster, “Y-you… thought I-I’d n-never knew… *gasp* I-It was very o-obvious… *pant* You d-didn’t hide i-it well”. I blushed like mad. “B-but it’s okay *groan*, I-I thought you were cute t-too *moan*. So what d-do you say, b-b-boyfriend… Wanna… *moan* m-make me cum?” And with that I knew exactly what to do. With as much force that I could gather, I began violently rubbing his massive cock as hard as I could. I rubbed, and rubbed while Jon moaned and groaned. The entire atmosphere was full of pure horny energy. He kept telling me to keep on rubbing, and it motivated me to rub harder. The room got way hotter than before. So much precum flowed onto my body. I was practically drenched in pre. The pre was about 2 feet deep. And the depth kept on increasing. As I felt the eruption coming soon, I began licking his massive cock. It was hard to due to the ever flowing precum. But i managed anyways. Afterwards, his body began to rumble a lot. The toilet was also starting to creak, like the whole room was cracking. He moaned and groaned louder, his voice deepening with each second. The rumbling from his moans rippled through the air. His body was beginning to grow more and more. His body was getting hotter and hotter. His muscles were getting thicker and thicker. Large amount of sweat being to pour from his body. I was starting to get buried by his growing hair. Huge amounts of muscle stacked and grew on him. His body grew violently, at a rate I didn’t knew could exist. His traps were growing higher and higher, reaching higher than his head. His back grew wider and wider, making his shoulders hit the walls of the toilet, cracking the walls like it was nothing. His body rested onto the back wall, crushing and breaking it too. His pecs heaved and swelled. It was growing faster than the rest of the body. I hear liquid sloshing from inside. His nipples were now slightly bigger than me. It leaked of milk. His roided gut kept on filling up with mass. Muscles and fats fighting to see which took up more mass in the stomach, causing his stomach to grow the fastest. His stomach and cock grew and fought each other as well to occupy the most space. Both parts, pushing each other as the swelled. He was sitting down by now. The floor creaking and breaking apart from the growing muscle monster. His giant balls swelled bigger and faster to keep up with his cock, resting on top of his massive legs. His legs, growing and smacked into one another. Both his legs were against both walls. As there was no space left to grow wider, they grew higher. I was utterly amazed at how much he was growing. The room was starting to get really hot. The smell of pre choked me. My vision began to blur as the lack of oxygen was getting to me. The room got darker as Jon almost outgrew the toilet. His back was crushing the walls apart. He was bending his legs as his feet was already resting on the front wall. His back arched as his head and traps rested on the ceiling. I began to panic. The room was collapsing. His entire body was beginning to engulf me. I thought I was going to die. The panicking did not help, as I kept on moving, triggering his growth more and more. His cock grew to meet his head. His head alone was as big as me. I could see he was in pain as he grew, but he was also enjoying it as well. He clenched his teeth and eyes as he kept on growing. He felt his precum splashing on his face. He opened his eyes to see me. He smiled, although he looked in pain and horny too. I was holding on to his massive cock head as a waterfall of precum was falling onto my body, completely drenching me in precum. Jon pushed his cock towards himself. I was so close to him. To surprised him, I immediately kissed his mouth. He was shocked, but completely fell to the kiss. We kiss harder and harder. The romantic tension heating up with body, causing his body to grow more and more. We got so distracted that we didn’t realise the building was breaking apart. The ceiling started to rupture. As that happened, we stopped kissing and Jon let out the biggest and deepest scream as he violently starts cumming. The sudden vibrations shocked me. It felt like an earthquake just occurred. I held on as gallons and gallons of cum rushed out like a geyser from his pulsing, tree sized cock. The force of the cum immediately flew me onto Jon’s face. I landed on his nose. I could not see anything. The amount of cum was too much. I was drowning in cum. The destruction of the house was even more obvious. Suddenly, I was knocked out. Everything felt like a blur. There was so much ringing in my ears. Did I die? Am I in heaven? I opened my eyes slowly, to see Fajar, carrying me and running somewhere. My peripheral vision was in such a blur. All I could see was his rippling pecs, his handsome face, looking distraught and scared, and my body, covered in rubble and cum. I tried to say something, but fainted after a while. I awoken again in some sort of infirmary. I saw fajar to my right, sitting down on a chair, looking down and worried. He looked up to see me awake. Shocked, he rushed up towards me. I asked where I was and he said that I was in the infirmary in the campsite. Apparently, Jon grew so huge he outgrew the whole house. I was damage from the destruction of the house and rushed here. Due to the house breaking down, Fajar sense danger and got the other students from my group to be sent to different groups for the rest of the trip. Jon was left in the area to stay there until Fajar can try to settle the problem. I was confused by what he meant, but I needed to see Jon. What happened to him? I told Fajar that I’m coming along with him. Surprisingly, he said yes instantly. I thought we would have at least some conflict. I barely recovered from my wounds. But whatever. We exited the infirmary, and wow was it quiet. We were still in our area of the camp, but no one was there. Guess that they already had moved to the different camp sites of the forest. I followed behind Fajar. I had a small limp and he was walking kinda fast. I could not see his face, but I could tell from his body language that something was off. I was kinda worried. Did Jon die? Was what we did together in the house cause a huge catastrophe. We headed to the direction of our house. As we headed closer, I could feel a really bad aura. I felt kinda uncomfortable. The air smelled like bad, and pungent. The ground felt wet, and sticky. It felt as though the area of forest was covered in… Cum… As we headed through, my suspicions came true. The musky smell intensified. The floor became sticker. There were a lot of broken rubble of the house around us. The fact that they were out this far while we still were a distance from the house means the force from the damage was extremely strong. I wanted to speak to Fajar. I wanted to ask him about what happened. But I just kept quiet. I couldn’t even mutter a single word. As we walked closer and closer, the road and grass was visibly stained with cum. I was disgusted, walking and trying to avoid any of it. But what caught my eyes were clusters of red berry looking fruits emerging from the ground. They weren’t here when we first arrived or the following day. In fact, the denser the cum in the field, the more fruits were being produced. And the bigger and redder the fruits become. “There must be something wrong here,'' I thought. When we arrived at the site, I was bewildered. I had seen big people in my life. Some of them I would even consider giants. But they do not match the grand appearance of what I had just witnessed. It was Jon. But he was gigantic. Truly he looked like a god. He was as big as the whole house that once stood there. He was resting on the ground, completely asleep. I could see him breathing so I knew he was dead. Fajar was staring at Jon with a blank expression. He then turned to me, still with the same expression. I was scared out of my life. I thought he was going to kill me for destroying the building. He saw my scaredness and smiled. Then he laughed. I quickly became confused. He patted my back with his left hand and extended his right arm out towards Jon. “Wow, I knew Jon could grow big, but I’d never knew he would be this big!” Yelled Fajar. “Why is that the only thing you're talking about? “What do you mean friend?” “Mate you blind??? Look what happened to him! He’s a giant, a hyper muscled giant! And we destroyed everything” “Oh I don’t mind. I actually have a lot of disposable income, I can get it fixed for y’all. I’m just glad to see my theory unfold!” “Oh word?” “Yeah word. But I was just worried that you died from the destruction. Jon must have been really horny today to grow that big.” “Huh?” “Yes?” “How did you know that being horny makes him grow?” “Well aside from the cum spilling all over the floor. It’s mostly due to the inscriptions of the past civilisation. But it is interesting to see the similarities between him and the ancestors, despite not being a descendent. I also need to ask you, where were you when this happened?” Suddenly I tensed up. I cannot let him know that I literally was the catalyst for this. Not outing myself out for any reason! “Well, I can’t seem to remember, must have gotten a minor concussion… Sorry Fajar” “Oh it’s alright. I’m sure I can solve the mysteries soon. All I need is time… I just want to understand my history you know. To be born not knowing where you come from. That your whole ancestry line just disappears from sight. That your bloodline is supposedly the prime of humanity and yet disappeared without many traces. I just needed to know…” The sudden change in mood was utterly surprising. But I could understand where he was coming from. I don’t really know my family tree either. But this is more drastic. Despite everything that happened. And all that happened was super weird, I wanted to help Fajar out. But we must address the main issue. What the heck are we supposed to do with Jon. How is he going to live a normal life now. I brought this issue up with Fajar. He said he could explain everything to Jon when he later wakes up. Which would take a while. Fast forward to about 5pm. Jon had finally woken up from his long sleep. While waiting for him, I took a massive shower to cleanse my body of every ounce of cum. Fajar called the forest rangers to clear up the mess, while bribing them to keep quiet. Seemed to work as there was no sudden news about this. We also brought native food for Jon to fill up his belly. Fajar told me he’d explain to me the purpose for these foods later. But nothing in these food would make him grow any bigger than he was. It was an utterly awkward dinner that happened. Me and Fajar was just eating regularly, and yet, the massive beast that sat across us, ate portions of food as big as us. It was also awkward as his mammoth cock was right in front of us. Jon had tried to use some piles of leaves from trees to cover it. A bit messy but that would do for now. I had no idea why Jon was so unfazed from everything that happened. Me and Fajar already accepted that this happened. The meal was awkward because we were eating with a giant. But it seemed that Jon was more awkward with the meal than boast, or be embarrassed or tried to hide his new enormous size. After eating we just sat down awkwardly. There was no conversation to be had, not a single noise was spoken. It was quiet. Even the forest fell silent seeing this. We all looked in different directions. I looked down to see the same berries that seem to grow with Jon’s cum. At least I thought it was. I asked Fajar what it was, you know, to strike a conversation. “Oh these berries. Well they were the ones that caused Jon to grow huge. But these berries have different effects depending on who eats them. Those with the aura of the ancestors are able to fully utilise the growth effects of the berries. Men without the aura might be able to grow from the berries, maybe not. But women are absolutely unable to grow from them. It might even poisonous to them. But I wanted to try to see how much Jon grows, due to his aura being way stronger than the actual ancestors. I discovered this quite a while ago. These berries barely appear. But my theory is that these berries were the reasons that they grow so huge. While my theory is correct. It still doesn’t answer everything. Like where does these berries come from? How did they get their properties? And what are the auras actually?” Me and Jon were intrigued. Especially me. This was the kind of adventure and mystery that I wanted to solve from this forest. I immediately gave my help to Fajar. “What?” “I want to help you solve this mystery” I replied. “I’m really flattered but we should carry on with our camp” “What camp, everyone is gone? I can still help you during the remaining of the camp days. I’ve always been interested in the forest anyways. We can also help Jon find a way to live a normal life. Somehow.” “Well if you insist, I guess I don’t mind a little bit of help.” And with that, our adventure to solve the mysteries of the Paradise Forest begins!
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post here in this site. And its also my first ever proper story written so please don't get your hopes up too high. This is part 1 or a 8 part story, maybe more is I have more planned. I also planned to write other growth stories that may link with this one. Currently only Muscle Growth will be in this chapter. But in the next few chapters, expect Hyper Muscle and Hyper Cock, Giant Belly, and maybe a bit of Multiversal Destruction from growing too big... Enjoy! Day 1 Campsite of Paradise Forest A frantic morning pumped adrenaline into my body. I woke up an hour late at 7am. I swore and immediately took a shower. I was late for a camp. I was supposed to arrive in school at 8am. Luckily it only took 30 minutes to reach school. But having some things left unpacked from the previous night made the morning a little stressful. But I managed to get it all worked out, albeit made me super tired. This was supposed to be an outdoor camp to help train students to become leaders for the new freshmen coming to school the next year. It was called Camp Paradise, located in the Paradise Forest. Paradise forest is about 3 hours away from school. It’s roughly 50 thousand square miles, mostly untouched due to preservation reasons. Not much is known about this forest, and yet, many legends surrounds this forest. A lot of sightings of mysterious creatures and giants can be heard. Yet not a single human seems to live there. No whatsoever society or village is found there. The only type of man-made creation is the campsite there. I was always interested in the legends surrounding this forest, but all the information i gathered were all super vague. So you bet your ass I was super eager to go on this camping trip. I arrived in school, excited. I saw a few of my friends who were also attending this same camp. We had a lovely chat and talked about which group we were in. I was the only person in my friend circle in group 7 while my other friends were in group 6. A bit disappointing to say the least. I thought I would have fun with my friends. But we had no choice in this. As more and more people began crowding the school hall, I came to the conclusion that this was a big camp. There were about 200 students here. A lot of them were recognisable as we all went to a different school camp a few months ago for the same purpose of training us to be leaders to our freshmen. 18 year old me was delighted to see all these people again. And excited to have another adventure with all of them in the new camp. The busses had finally arrived to pick all of us up. Luckily, group 6, 7 and 8 were on the same bus, my friends and I were able to chit chat a little bit more. As we journey to the camp, we did a little bit of research on the campsite. The site was something to behold. It’s extremely huge with many, very high quality furnished dorms, high quality amenities and lots of activities to behold. But due to the sheer size, different groups would be situated in different corners of the camp. So unfortunately, I was to be situated my with own group at one site of the camp. We were devastated. We thought the whole squad was going together but nope. Even worse, the guys and girls would be split up. So that would mean the adventure was going to be very lonely. This changed my perspective on the trip in an instant. But still with such a marvelous looking campsite with a forest full of legend, I guess being in a camp with about 10 guys couldn’t be all that bad. As we arrived at the camp, we got off the bus as experienced the scenery. And man was it a sight to behold. A luxurious campsite situated far from the towns. With beautiful forestry as far as the eye can see. A huge waterfall can be seen from afar. Mountains stretched across the landscape. Many camp buildings were scattered throughout the forest. From afar I saw some rock climbing walls, a river for kayaking or canoeing and a zipline that stretches far. I was also sure that there are more activities we could do here. All 200 campers gathered for a huge briefing in the mess hall and afterwards we were dismissed. I said my goodbyes to my friends and we all went off doing our activities. It was going to be a long camp for sure. An 8 day 7 night camp is going to be exhausting for sure. But at least there was something that could keep me company for a while. There was a group 7 camper there who also went to the previous camp. However we weren’t grouped together back then, so I barely noticed him at all. But during this camp, I managed to be able to analyse his figure. Man was I eyeing on him for a long while. His name was Jon. He is from a different course from me but our courses intermingle when it comes to our modules. So I sometimes see him. He is the same age as me at 18 years old and is a year 2 student like me. He was tall about 6'2”, which compared to my height of 5'8”, he was tall. Now I live in a country where tall and buff guys are not common at all. And while I would LOVE one, I grew to be more open to different types of men. So even tho Jon wasn't the buffest guy around, he was huge. He had an adorable tummy that looked hard yet soft to the touch. He has a wide back that was almost twice the length of my own back. He had huge arms that covered the entire sleeve hole. He had huge and hairy legs that looked strong. Now that description may not sound impressive at all and it really isn’t. He was just a big and tall guy with a soft meaty body, but a bit of training would make him a bodybuilder to behold. I bet y'all would have wanted massive bodies that triumph bodybuilders. But where I am from, he was considered huge and i'll take what I can get! Jon had slightly curly and messy black hair. It was slightly long. He had a roundish yet rectangular face. He was Chinese which meant small brown eyes. He was paler in the spectrum of chinese skin colour. He was quite the handsome individual but im getting sidetrack. So onward with the story. I was in Group 7 with Jon along with some other guys. Including us there were about 10 guys in total. Now the groups were scattered very far from each other to allow each group to have a 'unique experience’. While that sounds interesting, it feels very lonely to be with only 10 people. Now the entire camp spreaded far! So the other campers were about a kilometer away from each other. A camp instructor was given to each group to lead the activities. Our instructor was very nice. He told us that he wanted us to treat him like a friend rather than a teacher to make the camp a little more fun. He also told us that we got the best campsite among the rest. In his words, “It's the biggest site with the most amount of available activities.” That sounded interesting. Now our instructor was also very handsome. He had short black spiky hair, his face was rectangular and sharp. He was dark skinned, a brownish colour. He had a small moustache that connected to his slightly thick beard. He had beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled and had a very warm smile. He stood at an impressive 7’2” inches tall. He had a build of a bodybuilder. Strong impressive arms that pulled the seams of his sleeves. Huge pecs that sagged downwards each bigger than my head. He had a wide back that stretched his shirt to no end. His lats were huge too. He had a roided gut that heaved. It was huge and round, like a boulder. Despite the gut, he boasted a huge V-shape body. He had huge shoulders and traps that only accentuate his V-shape stature. He had huge powerful legs as thick as small tree trunks. His whole body was full of thick luscious black hair. He had a huge ass that stretched his jeans. He also had a very noticeable bulge that always caught my guard. It looked to be 8” soft. He was extraordinarily massive. His muscles were so huge it looked bigger than the biggest muscles on any bodybuilder. It was a sight to behold. And a massive one at that. It seemed that he wore XXXL clothing which could barely contain his massive body. While we were walking, the instructor was at the front, talking to Jon. Now while I thought Jon was huge, seeing the instructor right beside him was such a shock. But seeing the two of them together had me hard. Two of the biggest people i know right beside each other. The other 8 guys were behind me, but very far behind me. They were all in their own cliques and were distracted to even notice me or the instructor and Jon. This was my chance, I had to talk to them. So with every ounce of courage I had in me, I braved forward. “H-hi”, i say meekly, like the idiot I was. But even with my soft voice, I managed to catch the attention of the instructor. And with the deepest most sexiest voice I've ever heard, he responded with a “hey”. My entire body shivered and my face turned red. I hope the guys hadn’t noticed. But I had to continue the conversation. I introduced myself and said basic information about myself. He then introduced himself as well. “Well my name is Fajar. Nice to meet ya. So an art student I see. Well you would think from my body that I would be a huge jerkish dude. But I'm actually a nice guy, so don't worry about me biting your head off, “he said in a calm tone. I smiled, embarrassed. “Sorry I'm just a normally anxious person, so I'm a very socially awkward person,'' I replied. “That's okay,'' he said in a warm voice. As he said that he patted my back. “I'll make sure your experience is great here.” His hand felt huge against my back. It literally consumed it. He felt very warm and I was at ease. I then asked why he chose to be a camp instructor. “I always thought that nature is beautiful, and I wanted others to see it too. And what better way to do so than to be a camp instructor. Ever since I was 11 which was about 8 years ag-” “HUH??!” I yelled, “you're 19??!!” He chuckled with one hand on his back. His face turned red. “Yeah I get a lot of reactions from that. But yeah im 19 years old. A lot of people thought I was 30 due to my hulking size which is understandable. But what about ur friend over there” he points towards Jon. “Just look at this hulking beast.” Jon immediately turned red and rebutted “hey i'm not that big at all, i'm just fat and tall, I don't even work out. I mean I wanted to be bigger but school just got in the way is all. I only got tall cause I play basketball is all”. Me and Fajar chuckled at his reaction. “Hey I could give you some pointers. During this whole week I can help you get started. And you don't really need a lot of help, just look at yourself! Hey friend help me convince your dude over here that he can be a huge bodybuilder in no time.” He then proceeded to poke Jon's arm. “Your arms are quite big.” He then proceeded to squeeze his left pec. Your pecs are already quite developed. And your stomach could look like mine with a few techniques of mine.” Fajar said as he poked Jon's stomach. Jon was embarrassed, but he felt proud to be huge. It seemed weird how he’d let Fajar just touch him like that, he didn’t even stop him. God I wish i could touch the both of them, if only- “Come on friend, feel Jon’ body it's great.” We were both in shock. Was he asking me to do something that I have always wanted to do and yet couldn’t. “Aww come on Jon just let him, he needs to know how big you are. You both can feel my muscles too if you want.” I was so shocked. Am i dreaming. Jon sigh and let me at them. I felt his body for a moment. He felt really big and warm. I was in heaven just feeling his body. Fajar's words made Jon motivated about his body. With that, Jon began to flex his flabby muscles all around like the huge jock that he was. I began touching more and more. I noticed that his bulge began to grow slightly, but I must be imagining things. “Yeah! That's more like it Jon. Show the world who is a big guy. Thanks friend for helping me convince him too. I smiled back at him. Jon looked at me with an embarrassed smile. We began to bond with each other for the rest of the walk to the campsite. I knew this camp was going to be great from then on. As we head to the campsite, everyone gasped in awe. It was the most mesmerising thing I've ever seen. To the front was the river which curved away from us with a waterfall to the left of us. Right beside the waterfall was a huge field of flowers. To the northeast of us was a dense forest with mountains are the far back. Surrounding us were the dorms and loads of activities around us. Right in front of us was the camp fire with benches surrounding it. Fajar told us to each pick a dorm as a pair and to meet back at the benches. As he said that he placed his hands onto mine and Jon's shoulders. We immediately knew we were going to be together in the same dorm. I was excited. Now the dorms were placed quite far from each other and far from the campfire. As we headed out to search for a dorm, Fajar pulled us, “Wanna see the best dorm from here?” He said as we moved towards it. It was the farthest from the central part, but it was a nice looking dorm, situated far from the waterfall. It was a quiet looking building. Surrounding it was the forest and some fields of flowers. There was a mountain wall close to our dorm to the left. Fajar told us his dorm was to the right of our dorm. So if we needed his help we should let him know. As we entered our dorm we were in awe. It was bigger on the inside than the outside. It was a nice white house with brick patterns inside. It had a nice wooden flooring. To the left was the kitchen with large cabinets with marble surfaces. To the right was the living room. 2 large red sofas were placed evenly with nicely decorated pillows that said “welcome”. Many paintings were hung around the walls. Large windows showcased the beautiful natured outside. The windows were accompanied with large red curtains. Facing the sofas was a fireplace with a large television hanging above it. Directly in front of us was another door. We entered it to find the master bedroom. It had a huge king size bed to the left. A large closet was right beside it. A huge window with curtains was opposite the door. There was a balcony outside which had nice chairs and stairs that led to a jacuzzi? And a playground? With barbeque pits and really fancy gym equipment? The scenery of the waterfall and mountains were breathtaking. This felt more like a holiday rather than a camp. To the right of the room was a massive toilet. We were in awe and began to unpack our things and headed back to the main campfire. As we assembled, Fajar told us of our plans and set up some ground rules. It was about 10am. There was kayaking across the river till 12pm. Afterwards we would shower till 1pm and have our lunch. Afterwards was a minigame mania till 3pm. Then an amazing race challenge till 6pm. Then dinner till 7pm and the rest of the night we were free to pick random activities to do solo or as a group till whenever. Fajar even said we don't have to sleep if we don't want to. So after the briefing, we headed straight towards the river for the first activity. The first activity was kayaking. As the arrived, we saw a bunch 2 large wooden boats with 5 seats inside. Basically for this activity, it was a kayaking race across the river. The river route was simple. Row across the river. About 5 minutes after rowing, there is a turning point with 2 cross sections, keep turning to the right as it loops back to the direction towards the camp, just keep rowing until we reach the starting point. First kayak to come back wins. I teamed up with Jon immediately with 3 other guys we sat on the kayak. With a blow of a whistle from Fajar, we set off and began racing. Everyone began yelling at the top of their lungs, screaming to row fast and strong. The sound of the waters crashing against the kayak also added to the noise pollution. But other than that the kayaking was such a refreshing experience. The cooling waters splashing on our faces. The chilling breeze. Everything felt nice. I was very motivated to win. Along with Jon’s huge body right behind me, I just felt at ease. This was the best experience of my life. As we arrived at the intersection, many water drops appeared. Slightly jagged rocks appeared as well. We were all afraid, but ready to push on. The breeze also began to pick up. Right in front of us was the huge mountains. Me and Jon saw our dorm to our left. Apparently we saw a cave entrance nearby it. We were intrigued. Moreover, we saw a huge purplish light escaping from the entrance of the cave. Now we were curious. No one else saw because they were still focused. But now we wanted to ask Fajar about this. We finally reached the end of the race and we won! Our team screamed with glee. And afterwards we went to wash up. After that, we had our lunch. There was a lunchroom situated near the central area of our camp. We were in awe with the interior design. It looked like a fancy restaurant setting rather than a beaten up camp lunchroom. Albeit it still looked like a regular lunchroom. It just looked very cleaned and well decorated. Everyone sat on one long table lined with plates and utensils neatly arranged. The kitchen was loud with sounds of pots and pans banging and sounds of sizzling foods. The aroma of gourmet food wafted across the lunchroom. I sat next to Jon and the entire group began to start chatting with one another. All the while waiting for out food to arrive. As we waited, Fajar came by. He stood between me and Jon, one hand on each of our shoulders. He began to whisper into our ears. He said something about meeting him at our dorm later after our activities are over for Jon to start his first workout with him. Now I would like to talk about all the activities we did, but that would take too long. I just can’t wait to talk about the interesting stuff. So it was around 6pm. Fajar announced that we will be having a special dinner today. A campfire dinner! Everyone was stocked. We all sat around the campfire. There were plates of sausages, beef, mutton, all ready to be cook. There were even marshmallows too! We could even make some smores. It was a wonderful meal. We all had great laughs, told a bunch of scary stories and just had a wonderful time there. Right after dinner, Fajar told everyone that we can all go on to do our own activities. But me and Jon stayed with Fajar cause Jon had the bodybuilding training with Fajar. As everyone left, Fajar put out most of the fire and just sat on a bench beside us. I was in the middle of the two guys, enjoying the small fire. But it was really quiet. I asked Fajar why we were sitting here. He had a story to share with us about Paradise Forest. Finally my reason for coming here was being fulfilled. I was all ears. “This place has a very interesting backstory. A past unlike any other. Only known by a few people, and its history was recorded through inscriptions throughout the area. This area was once called the Growing Paradise to those who lived here.. Legend has it its natives were not known by the outside world. The mere name change to Paradise Forest was only a coincidence. They managed to hide themselves very well. We only knew about them through their inscriptions. The inscriptions, only found many centuries later. These inscriptions told us of a tribe of natives of only men. These men were so called the peak of humanity, as they apparently were extremely intelligent, even more so than us, yet only use simplistic tools for reasons unknown to us. The native tribe consisted of about 30,000 men. Their ways of reproduction are unknown. What's really fascinating was how they appeared. They were giants. As the inscriptions says. They are men who grew up till 15 feet tall! It's also said that their bodies were enormous. If you think i'm huge, hear this. Their muscles were so enormous that their pecs were the size of boulders. Their biceps, 3 times the size of their heads. Their stomachs, so roided that they could not even hug their own bellies. Their legs the size of redwood trees. And their cock, so long that the tip reached all the way to their own heads. That's all the description says. All we know is that they are giants with disproportionately gigantic muscle sizes. It was unknown how they disappeared. But those living near the Paradise Forest are said to be the descendents of the forest. But that much I can’t say.” I found it very interesting to say the least. Me and Jon were so intrigued about all of these. What didn’t surprised me was that Fajar here is a local and a descendent of these giants too. He mentioned that he had multiple books that have records of the past by these original beasts. And he has also written new books about the current state of these giants. Fajar began to mentioned how only about a few thousand descendents remained. And most of them don’t even realise that they are the descendents. That was one of Fajar’s quests, to research and find out more of his dying history and to hopefully find anymore descendents. That’s why he was so invested in Jon. Jon appeared to be another descendent. But he needed more proof. He said there is one way, without using genetics, to prove that one was a descendent. Sort of like a magical aura that can be detected if one to be a descendent. Honestly I found it interesting, but Jon seemed scared. What would this all mean for him. Jon asked for more information. Fajar mentions that the only way to determined is that Jon works out. A secret aura must be released from Jon in order to determine that he is a descendent too. Since it was so simple, we decided to try it out too. As we arrived at our cabin, Jon began to drink a special formula Fajar prepared for his workout. He said it was made with native berries grown from here. It was somewhat like a protein shake, but it absolutely does wonders for muscle growth. Jon prepared to do some bicep curls. He was also following Fajar’s method of bodybuilding too. As he did some curls, I noticed Fajar’s face turn from happy to confused. As Jon moved on to different workouts, more of that confused expression came out of him. As Jon stood up, I noticed that something was off with him. He seemed bigger. He began to flex. There was actual muscle definition. He went from a large chubby guy to a chubby guy with at least a month of working out. His arms looked slightly bigger with some muscle definition. So were his legs. His back seemed to widened quite a big too. A V-shaped body was almost visible. He pecs seemed to have jutted more. And his legs widened too. His shirt and pants seemed tighter too and he was much taller as well. While no fats were lost somehow, he appeared more dominating with his added size. But what was off was that his stomach was noticeably bigger, despite him not doing any abdominal workouts. Fajar began to talk, “Jon… You do not exert the aura that the descendents do. However, your muscle growth should have not even began at all.” We were all confused. “Jon, it appears that you have a much different body type than I imagined. You even exert a different aura. It appears that Jon is capable of growing far more than what I thought. Jon, your body is capable of growing to sizes we cannot even imagine. I’m not even sure that there is even a limit to your growth with workouts. It would be even more disastrous if you find the Infini- Oops, don’t mind that-t. Anyways-s I will go first see ya later bye!” And just like that, he dashed off. We didn’t even get to question anything. And what was the infi-something that he mentioned anyways? And what of Jon? What sizes is he capable of. Despite that, Jon began to work out some more. He wanted to see how big he could get. I was getting sleepy at that point so I went off to bed...
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