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  1. Another great story muscleaddict. Thanks for resurrecting it.
  2. Thanks so much for your hard work writing this sexy love story. The writing and pacing is brilliant. I’ll miss Woody and Luke, but I suspect you will sneak one or both of them into a future story. Can’t wait for your next masterpiece.
  3. I have to admit that I agree. Believe me, I am a big fan of Woody and Luke living happily ever after, but I REALLY would have loved to read your description of two jacked-up, horny-for-muscle studs going at it.
  4. You would be, indeed. But don’t let that stop you!
  5. Despite your reservations, it was beautifully written. Although written from Woody’s perspective, you brilliantly portray what’s going on in Luke’s mind as well.
  6. Absolutely appreciate your approach with this chapter. The buildup was fantastic and I, for one, was never expecting Luke to initiate the first kiss! Thanks for keeping me guessing.
  7. If it’s up for a vote, I definitely vote YES!
  8. I agree completely. Couldn’t have said it any better. Another great chapter.
  9. Please, please, please don’t make us wait until the bodybuilding competition for their first kiss!
  10. I had the same experience. Thanks for the new chapter, just in time to make my day.
  11. Pecman9

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Looking forward to it. And, yes, that’s my bicep in my profile pic. Thanks for the compliment.
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