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  1. I’m glad to hear that. It’s good to know that bastard is facing consequences
  2. MrAlice

    m/m The Interview

    Good to see another story from you, dude! This one was hot!
  3. Your stories always make me think of this post in the best way
  4. MrAlice

    m/m Happy Father's Day

    Yeah, I was able to get that. The vagueness was a very good choice on your part!
  5. MrAlice

    m/m Happy Father's Day

    Enjoyable! It’s a fun twist on your usual formula! I definitely like the place switching element!
  6. That’s the thing. The very nature of this forum is a full steam ahead mentality. We aren’t going to take the option that moves away from that. Right now, the choices you present are “yes, let’s proceed” or “no let’s delay.” But the vast majority of this forum is of a “yes let’s proceed” mindset by default. These choices are essentially a false dichotomy. Consider, instead, options that present different “full steam ahead” options. Like, the choice between sharing the power with Mitch or focusing all the power on Mitch. Both choice clearly lead to more muscle growth, just with different dynamics as a result. That is a more compelling choice.
  7. Dude, I’m digging this story, but your choices are pretty weak. They essentially amount to “Yes continue the story” or “no, don’t continue the story.” There’s not much choice to these
  8. Alright kids, daddy found this story and compiled it for y’all. It’s still available on the forum, but here’s everything all together. Now cut ploder some slack. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wbianzmnc80jste/Troys Maggot.rtf?dl=0
  9. Man dude, I’m working through this story a little bit at a time! It’s just too hot to read all at once!!
  10. And yeah, of the two I prefer Dwarfed by Dad. I hope it gets finished someday
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