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  1. MrAlice

    Derrick and Me

    My pleasure! I would definitely recommend something a little less out of the blue. Ideally something that had been established as a common thing for the two of them to do
  2. MrAlice

    Derrick and Me

    Looking forward to seeing more of this! However, I have a small critique. You use the phrase “butting my nose into things” a couple times, but both times you use them in a somewhat contextually inappropriate capacity. Both of the phrases that your combined to make the phrase, ie “butting in” and “sticking my nose into things,” carry the implication of being far more intrusive than simply looking at someone. They indicate that one party is actively inserting themself into the business of another party, typically by actively engaging with them, which neither cases of your usage carry. In both cases, the active party is simply glancing over at something briefly. Also, I feel like this story would benefit hugely from having a more detailed prologue. The focus of this story definitely seems to be on the relationship between the main character and Derrick, and as such it would be really engaging to frame their newly rekindled relationship in the context of how they had interacted as teenagers. For example, when they start playfully taunting each other, it would have been even more satisfying if we had known if they did that back in high school. If they had been playful shit talkers, that scene would show them rekindling their relationship. If they hadn’t been, then the scene would show how they have changed, gaining confidence with age. I’m not quite sure what to make of the whole thing with the pressure point. It came out of nowhere. I feel like Derrick knowing how to squeeze a pressure point should have been established earlier, because right now , super excited to see more!
  3. Welcome to Superstrength and Crushing Forum!

    1. MrAlice


      Thanks! Enjoying it already!

  4. MrAlice


    Okay, this is probably the most clever story I’ve seen on this site ever. Like, legitimately REALLY clever!!
  5. MrAlice

    Feelgood BBC news

    He’s cute.
  6. MrAlice

    Eating to grow/gluttonous growth

    Gonna be honest, my vote is for you to write one!
  7. MrAlice

    Young Tony Stories

    Seriously! We all wanna see!
  8. MrAlice

    Young Tony Stories

    Oh man I LOVE these stories! I was hoping that these were what you meant! If anyone knows where the others are or who wrote the originals, PLEASE speak up!
  9. MrAlice

    Young Tony Stories

    Can you tell us more about these stories so we know what we're looking for?
  10. MrAlice

    Chuck the Size Thief

    Seriously, dude, I am a sucker for the one man apocalypse! FANTASTIC story! I can't wait to see what's next!
  11. MrAlice

    Chuck the Size Thief

    I can't think of a more deserving guy than Chuck to become mega huge
  12. MrAlice

    Chuck the Size Thief

    Dude, I am in LOVE with Chuck
  13. MrAlice

    Turnin Tricks

    Do tell!