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  1. Thanks a bunch, dude! Such a compliment. I’m working on a male muscle growth story as well. Involving two identical twin brothers. Should be posted soon!
  2. Mommy Muscle Growth Episode One - “Power Corrupts” Part 2 ***************************** Authors Note: Thanks for all the support on Part 1. It’s my first FMG story. Plus, I work 2 jobs. So thanks for your patience. ***************************** “Check it out, Braxton. I have muscle now!” I remember how, Mom, marched into the kitchen this morning. Right as I was eating breakfast. Flexing her arm and popping up this impressive little bicep. “Wow, Mom! I had no idea you were getting so buff.” I said dribbling some milk down my chin. Even though, Dad, was a heavyweight bodybuilder. And I was this pretty big college jock myself. It was always surprising to see a decent amount of muscle on a chic. Let alone my own mother. *RIIIPPPP* Fast forward to later that night. “Oh god, Mom... Your clothes...” I could only continue to weep in disbelief. Witnessing probably female muscle history. As that once tiny muscle arm was now this ultra-devastating hulking mass of female muscle power. A volcanic eruption of silky smooth super strength. Easily 21-inches and still growing. The biggest bicep and meat-packed tricep ever witnessed on a chic. Yet mom wielded around without any hesitation. Not even an ounce of remorse. “Oops!” In fact, Mom, could only devilishly giggle in response. With her clothes ripping apart like paper. “I’m surprised they lasted this long.“ She said flexing wildly. Causing her sleeves to blow away first. *SNAP*, *POP*. Followed by her skin tight muscle bulging gym-shorts. *RRIIPPPP* The sound of all those threads snapping away like power lines in a thunderstorm. “Ooooh yesss...” She moaned proudly. Flexing her legs just bigger and bigger. As if her growth was endless. Boundless. “The power...” And then she groaned. Already teetering on dad’s massive muscle size. Her thighs rumbling to an unbelievably carved 30-inches, maybe 31-inches of hulking female muscle strength. “I think my legs are bigger than your fathers!” She laughed. Looking down as her stance, her feet, were forcibly spread apart. Giving her quads this thundering flex. *POP*, *BANG* “Fuck, Mom!” I squealed like a kid. Watching her gym-shorts suddenly burst apart. An epic nuclear muscle meltdown of dinosaur proportions. With a thousand torn pieces falling to her feet. “Ooooh, yeahh! MORE!” Mom, could only groan with a size hungry lust. Bending over to feverishly explore, worship, her own super-pumped T-Rex sized muscle-quads. “You could just call me Quadzilla...” She, chuckled once more. Her size ravenous mom jokes. With even her calf-muscles looking so grossly huge and freaky. It was a level of muscle that I don’t even think most men could handle. And yet my mom was absolutely loving it. “I’ve honestly been dreaming about this for SO long!...” She even shockingly stated. Making me squirm in even more confusion. “You have!?” Wondering just how long my mom had this secret muscle lust. “I couldn’t just let you and your father do all the growing. I wanted some muscle too!!!” Mom, spouted more of her wild fantasies. Flexing just bigger and bigger. Gloriously quaking across the floor to the living room mirror. To no doubt feast upon her own godly reflection. “But even I couldn’t have imagined this...” Mom, giggled as she walked. Looking down in such smirking accomplishment. Witnessing her own increasing immobility. All that muscle bursting up between her monster marbled mommy legs. Giving her that classic bodybuilder wobble. “I FEEL so INCREDIBLE!” Mom, roared in absolute amazement. Feasting upon her freakishly muscular goddess physique for the first time. “I mean, they might as well just hand me the CROWN now!” She arrogantly chuckled. Hauling up her one of her mountainous skull-crushing peaks of bicep. Stuffing right up against her own petit grinning face. Looking to be 23.5...24-inches of super muscle mommy strength. Definitely bigger than Dads! “I’m going to make the other FEMALES look like ANTS!!!” Mom, roared wildly. Looking totally horned up, if I’m honest. Surging suddenly pounds bigger. Taking a few gross whiffs of her own infant-crushing shaven armpits. Kiss and lick her own Everest-sized peaks of man-crushing biceps. “You’re telling me, Mom!” And yet I could only seem to hopelessly feed back into it. “It looks like you’re even BIGGER than DAD!” I just had to say it. Out loud in the open. With a jaw-dropped drool. Feeling a slight mental hysteria, if I’m honest. Watching my mom still grow and grow. Pounds of muscle by the minute. “Hope your father doesn’t mind if I just keep GROWING!” And then, Mom, said it. The unthinkable. Chuckling with this sinister laugh. “BIGGER!? B-But, Mom!” I could only squeal in response. Helplessly watching as even her pink silky briefs began to tear away. *RRIIIIPPPPP* Snapping free from the depths her ape-sized hairless bodybuilding butt. Unveiling from the front, this equally growing muscle-puss. “Oh F-Fuck...” I weeped in utter disbelief. “How much of those pills did you actually take!?” I just had to ask. Knowing there must have been some freaky side effects happening. Her cunt was just so grossly rippled and bulging with muscle. A fucking cock-coffin. Reserved for only the biggest of men. “Just the WHOLE bottle!” Mom, gladly revealed. “And yet I would honestly take ANOTHER!” She powerfully chuckled. “W-WHAT!?” I squealed. Watching my mom brush her hands down her magnificent muscle chest. “And ANOTHER!!” She continued to roar. Seeming insatiable in her muscle hunger. Rubbing her tank-strong silky smooth 12-pack. Down to her perfect v-line. Not stopping until she could even lavishly palm her cock crushing muscle-cunt. Right in front of me! “GROW until I could SQUAT my own HONDA!” Mom, roared insanely. Pleasuring herself. With her musclebound-pussy beginning to gush. A fucking torrent of cunt-juice across her own musclebound reflection. Right before flexing into this earth-shattering most muscular pose. “MORE and MORE until I DWARF even the biggest of MALE bodybuilders!” Mom, continued hysterically. Her words just making my jaw drop. Flexing herself just bigger and bigger. Rumbling pounds more. As if she commanded it. Willed it to happen. The new muscle Queen of the Universe! Pumping herself to the size of the biggest bodybuilders. Hauling up these huge super smooth and shaven 25-inch muscle mommy arms. Flexing and almost immobilized by her 36-inch legs. Spreading her feet just miles apart across the floor. “I WANT to make your FATHER look like a TODDLER!” Mom, shockingly stated. Right as she began to moan uncontrollably. Pant like this big dog. Worshipping her own over-pumped musclebound chest. The two watermelon-huge sculpted power-breast. Laughing as they squeezed against the bottom of her own chin. “JESUS Christ, Mom! How big do you actually want to GROW!?” I screamed a bit. In the most manly way possible. But I just had to know. “I..I...UNNGHHHH” And yet, Mom, couldn’t even form words. As if the size she wanted to achieve was almost indescribable. Unfathomable. Finally tipping her fantasies overboard. As I watched my own goddess huge muscle mom began to cum. “UNNGHHH” Mom, roared. This big growing beast. Finally reaching down and piercing her chiseled strengthening cunt-hole. Gushing so much muscle-juice, she almost flooded the floor. All while worshipping and licking her ungodly huge 26-inch peaks of hulking female arm-strength. “OH MY GOD!” And then... That’s when, Dad, walked in... “SARAH! What have you DONE!?”... ********************************** Hope you enjoyed.
  3. Many thanks, dude! Awesome to hear I’m making you a little FMG-curious... Love male muscle growth too. Definitely want to give it a shot someday. Once I find a good story inspiration. Always been a fan little brother muscle growth.
  4. Hahaha, too real! I typically work 50-60 hours a week, so writing can be a bit slow. But Part 2 is coming along real nice! A lot more growth. A little more measuring. Some freaky side effects. Should be good!
  5. Haha, same here man . Its so hot when the character is practically insatiable. Part two in the works already. Trying to decide just how much clothing rips off in front of her son . Thoughts? But I think it’s off the a good start. Thanks for all the comments and likes so far. Really appreciate the support. Been kind of lurking here a while...
  6. So happy to hear, dude! I re-read a bunch of his work in preparation. Even for a guy who’s mostly straight, geektofreek’s description and detail of muscle was banana popping.
  7. Mommy Muscle Growth Episode One - “Power Corrupts” Part 1 ***************************** Authors Note: for all the “geektofreek” fans out there. an attempt at a FMG version. ***************************** My best friend, Brian, called me before the big game. “Getting stoned with everyone... Where you at, bud?” He asked repeatedly. But even I couldn’t tell him what was going on that night. “Yeah, dude. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” I lied with a small gulp. Because you see the real truth was, I had already made much bigger plans that night... “Oh god, Mom... it’s 18 inches!” Weeping with utter amazement as I feasted upon, what must have been, one of the worlds biggest female biceps. “Ohh yeah!” Mom, groaned with excitement. With a cute giggle I might add. Pumping up and down this entirely massive bowling ball of womanly strength. Right up against the measuring tape. Right up against my own shrinking two hands. “It feels like I’m still growing too!” She exclaimed. Having curiously consumed over half of Dads muscle growth pills last night. Making us both take pause to watch her peaking arm muscle rumble even bigger with each flex. “18.1... 18.2... 18.3...” Mom, announced out loud. Pumping both her arms over and over and over. Not stopping until they reached 18.5 inces! “Jesus, Mom! Pretty soon you’ll be just as big as, Dad!” I just had to say it. Making a lightbulb go off in her head from the look of things. “Oh god, could you just imagine it...” Mom, said lustfully. Looking down at her already massive mommy physique with a smirk. The idea was crazy, unthinkable. I mean, Dad, really was this big muscle guy. With these colossal 23-inch arms. 30-inch thighs. The biggest door wide backside you could ever conceive on a man. Yet that still didn’t want to seem to stop her. “The growth would have to be tremendous...” As, Mom, giggled a bit. Shamelessly fantasizing. Almost as if I wasn’t even there. “More muscle then ever before achieved by another woman...” She continued. Feeling up her two blimp-sized power breast. The fat diamond cut muscle-nips. Playfully lifting up her shirt up. Making my drop my jaw drop to the floor. As she rubbed her pretty pink painted nails all over these silky smooth monster looking abs. A full fucking 12-pack! With this deep cut v-line. “Not just bigger then all the woman, but MOST of the MEN too!” She still continued. So unbelievably power drunk. “I had no idea you wanted to be SO BIG, Mom!” The whole situation made me gasp for breath. “Well of course...” Mom giggled a bit. “What girl doesn’t want to be Queen!?” She, said with a lustful groan. Eventually reaching down to the bottom of her ready-to-burst gym shorts. Peeling them up chiseled layers of strength like some slow strip tease. Devilishly chuckling as she revealed the most massive mommy muscle thighs on the planet. “A muscle queen?” I weeped under my breath. Making my knees just tremble and shake. *RIIPPP* *RIIIPPPPPPPP* And then that’s when the unthinkable began to happen. “Oh god, Mom... Your clothes...” ****************************** LMK what you guys think of Part 1 by commenting below. Hope you enjoyed.
  8. Damn, yeah. I think I’ve read this one. But doesn’t hurt for re-read. Maybe I’ll have to take a crack at writing my own...
  9. I’m a huge fan of geektofreek’s stories. The muscle growth description is amazing. His characters are always so power hungry too. Recently I re-read “Dwarfed by Dad”. Which, don’t get me wrong, is amazing story. But the problem is, I’m mostly straight. I know there’s plenty of female muscle growth stories / artwork. But is there anything like geektofreeks stories with a mom / sister twist? I’m having a hard time finding the similar vibe of his writing but - - hetero version. Ritualist did a great female muscle growth comic featuring two mothers competing (image attached). So freakin hot! Maybe I should just attempt to write my own story? Any help would be much appreciated!
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