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    Force fuelling, domination. Big into underarmour. Like size difference, being the bigger guy. Love big bro, coach/jock or daddy/son.
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    6'2 240
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    Muscle chat. Workout chat
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    6'2 300
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    London Boy, FanTCman
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    Big guys. McGrath, Molnar, Centopani, lots.

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  1. I sent you a skype message, big guy.  

  2. Sup Bro , MASSMANN here , you can find me on yahoo messenger as massmuscle1, I'm lookinn for huge muscle growth RP text & love voice chats  !  I love BB contest scenes 2 big guys being arrogant & cocky with each other ,.. Flexing and wrestling pumping up muscle & Cock & balls to FREAKISH proportions , getting in each other's face with proving who's the champ as they FLEXXX they start to grow bigger & BIGGER !!!

  3. Saw it on NCMC... First chapter was a high calibre personal trainer meeting a guy and giving him a workout regime. Implication was that trainee was gonna become huge and submissive.
  4. Looking for stories with good verbal domination. Themes of muscle worship, bitch making, forced enslavement etc all good. Any suggestions from here or Nifty? Nifty has some gems, but a lot of not so good stuff. I like good dialogue that I can bring into practice Thanks
  5. Yes, especially through unwanted growth or force fuelling.
  6. Thanks, Opera worked. Taking Pride is a good story, love more like this. O's blog doesn't work as it just links to pridesites, with same problem. MM
  7. It goes to a website tap gay dot com. No sign of desktop site.
  8. Did O have a Dropbox equivalent of his site? Can't open pridesites on iPad.
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