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  1. There's one chapter in Jaypats the swimming hole where the skinny younger brother becomes a muscle monster right in front of his wrestler brother, that ones great. Then theres Spoiled (a brother body swap story) And also The Guinea Pig, and Simons Affirmation Redux, both really hot stories.
  2. BigBen

    m/m The God Orb

    [ ] I performed the ritual to the exact specifications as i could as it said in this dusty old book i had found in the archives of the school library. The spell was supposed to create an orb that would grant the owner godlike powers, which would definitely suit a hot stud like me! I already have a great body with muscly pecs, shoulders, legs and arms, with a 6 pack to match, I'm a musclegod and now I shall be an actual god! [ ] As i looked into the middle of the circle of sand where a bright light was only just about to fade away i saw the orb that was manifested. No more the size of a bonbon. Gold in colour, and shining full of power. I reached out to touch it when i was suddenly tackled from behind! I looked and it was my nerdy little brother George! Damn I really wish I had locked my bedroom door. [ ] "What the fuck do you think you're doing you skinny runt!" [ ] George quickly scrambled and snatched the orb then jumped on my bed. [ ] "Im about to become skinny no more big bro! No more pushing me around!" And with that George lifted the orb high, dropped it into his mouth, then eagerly swallowed the whole thing! [ ] Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuck [ ] "Ive been spying on you all along bro! You think you deserve godlike powers?! I don't think so! And you're abo-FUUUUUUUUCK!....OH YES....Youre about to see....the birth....of a real fucking god!" [ ] And i watched, as Georges eyes glew brighter and brighter and I suddenly found us both transported into the middle of the park! George had wished us here i guess [ ] "YES! That was a lot easier than i thought! And my powers have only just started manifesting! Fuuuck this is really getting me horned up!" Which was evident coming from the tent in Georges pants! [ ] "You can only try and imagine the power i now posess, as my mind expands, I'm already the most intelligent being on the planet and still i continue to grow more and more powerful. Thanks for the this power bro, but now I think its time that i became the bigger brother!" [ ] I watched as George concentrated and flexed and as he did his body expanded in all directions tearing out his clothes! His pecs jutted out, as his quads ballooned up, his arms totally inflated with muscle and he inched up...and up...and up...until he was a foot taller than me! I could only watch in fear and envy! No more was the skinny little brother, i now had a muscular cocky stud as a brother as he exploded out of all his clothes apart from his tighty whities which were struggling to contain a massive fucktool! [ ] "MMMMMM! FUCK YEAH! MAKE ME HUGE! GIVE ME A MONSTER COCK!" and his body opened and his cock fired out of his underwear as it shooted up and up and filled thicker and thicker as did his balls which ripped out his y fronts too. [ ] "YESSSS! HAHA. HEY! IVE GOT AN IDEA! REMEMBER HOW YOU USED TO WRESTLE ME AND THROW ME AROUND BRO?" [ ] Yeah, i used to toss around his skinny ass like it was nothing, i have a feeling im about to regret that now. My feet suddenly began to tremble as from the ground an entire wrestling ring rose up from beneath us! I stumbled and fell with my face smacking the canvas! I suddenly felt the cool air against my body and a tightness against my midsection, i looked down and realised i was kitted out in a lycra wrestling singlet! What the fuck! [ ] I then looked up. And up. And holy shit, there was George, in the other corner of the wrestling ring, wearing bright red wrestling boots, bright red knee pads, and a matching pair of super tight wrestling trunks hugging his crotch and ass! I boned up right then and there as George flexed a huge double bicep! [ ] "Scared yet bro? You should be!" And it wasnt long before George strided over to me and gorilla pressed me in the air like i was nothing! FUCKFUCKFUCK! my brother is a big wrestling stud! I was then slammed down hard before George put his large foot on my chest and counted 1....2.....3! [ ] "I WIN BRO! I FINALLY WIN! HAHA IM A FUCKING GOD AND I CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT TO BE!" George shouted as he continued to flex and worship his own body! [ ] "Speaking of which...hey bro. Remember when we used to watch all those superhero cartoons when we were younger. Guess what I'm gonna be now!" And as George snapped his fingers his knee pads faded away as blue lycra crawled up all over his muscles apart from his red trunks and boots. A bright red cape then unfurled behind him and a yellow G for George then sparked on his chest. "SAY HELLO TO SUPERGEORGE! HAHAHA" George shouted as he jumped up and was levitating in the air! "CMON LITTLE BRO! TIME TO TAKE FLIGHT " and with that George swooped and took me in his arms flew us both up in the air soaring above the trees...the buildings....the skyscrapers! I hugged Georges huge muscular body as tight as i could before we landed in the town square where lots of people had come to see the new superhero and admire his muscles. [ ] "Mmmm yeah bro, just living out my fantasies. But there's just one more fantasy i need to live out before..." [ ] "Before what George? This is getting ridiculous!" And just as i had finished my sentence i was suddenly sat in the audience of an arena filled with people facing a stage. Music started playing and out came an even more muscular version of George dressed in nothing but a pair of green posing trunks! He had made himself even taller and he looked more muscular than any bodybuilder alive! He had inflated his muscles beyond belief! FUCK! [ ] George just flexed and posed with a big shit eating grin on his face loving every moment. He was the most powerful thing on the planet and the audience cheered him on as he hit a double biceps, then a most muscular, side chest, then lat spread as his glutes ate up his trunks between them [ ] George turned around and simply ripped his trunks off exposing his mammoth cock! "BIGGER" George demanded as the audience started to get scared! Fuck i really wish that was me i thought as Georges meat began to grow...and grow. His cock inflated till it was the size of him! And still it grew and grew, it kept growing until it was 30 feet tall and touching the ceiling! "FUCK YEAH GONNA BUST OUT THIS PLACE! HOW ABOUT MY BODY MATCHES THIS MONSTER LITTLE BRO!" [ ] George had indeed redefined the word 'God'. You've never witnessed godliness until you've seen someone grow their already Herculean body to match their 30 foot tall mammoth godcock. He loved every minute of exploding out that building before flexing the biggest double biceps the world had ever seen. [ ] "AHHHHHH! MUCH BETTER! SORRY LITTLE BRO BUT IM A GOD NOW. THE MOST POWERFUL GOD TO HAVE EVER EXISTED AND ITS NOW TIME FOR ME TO TAKE MY RIGHTFUL PLACE." [ ] And George grew up...and up...50 feet. 200 feet. 600 feet. 2000 feet. 5000 feet. He was the ultimate giant. And then he finally stroked that godcock before willing his cock to feel the sensations of the most orgasmic giant blowjob from the heavens. The whole world could hear Georges moans. And then he came. And flooded all below. [ ] George was god now. He had willed himself to shrink back down to a more moderate 12 feet tall and walked around wearing nothing but a giant pair of silver posing trunks. He had dealt with all his school bullies and made them his sexslaves and had made himself basically the god of earth with everyone worshipping him if they knew what was good for them. [ ] I on the other hand, couldn't wait to create another orb.
  3. What? Haha. Check out 'I Want What I Want' by NCGazza
  4. That chapter was a mix of imagination, grossness, weirdness, and wtf. But i still wanna see what happens next Oli should be a macrophile
  5. Wow that was awesome. Any more stories from that guy?
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