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  1. There was one story about a test subject growing bigger and bigger, and then hears the professor dosing himself and the professors hand comes crashing through the wall. A recent story I think too
  2. BigBen

    The Test - Chapter Two: Chaos

    Love this story. Need more evil power hungry stories
  3. Happy new year my bull!!!!!!!!

  4. BigBen

    Make It Never Stop - Parts 1, 2, and 3

    Fuck keep going!
  5. Keeep comming big my bull!!!!! And merry christmas for you and your friends!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy birthday my bull!!!!!!!!!

  7. BigBen

    Stories featuring boxing, fighting, wrestling

    I wrote a short one called 'The Wrestler' on the old forums
  8. I love stories where it's usually a small skinny guy who usually becomes big and powerful, and usually quite evil and cocky and dominant too. I love their lust for power and more, I love giant macro growth too. More powerful the better and the cocker the better too. Your challenge is to find me something along those lines I haven't read before
  9. Ben, hope you have a nice day. You deserve this!!! Keep comming big my bull!

  10. BigBen

    If I were to compete...

    Hence why I said it was a concern, not that it was impossible.
  11. BigBen

    Looking for metabods story

    Just read Troys maggot! Great ending! Love the nerds change in attitude.
  12. BigBen

    If I were to compete...

    Thanks guys! Really helped reassure me. One of my concerns is the diet, I find it such a chore to eat so much sometimes. And I do like my junk food.
  13. Just wondering from the guys with the expertise on here, and if there's any PTs around - if I wanted to compete, what advice would you give me to get in good condition from how I am now? What areas of my body need work? And how long of a process would you say it would take. It's honestly been a secret ambition of mine, just to get on that stage, but all my life I've lacked confidence and self esteem, hopefully someday soon I'll fully commit myself to my goal.
  14. Damn you are a sexy man!!!


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