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  1. Wow that was awesome. Any more stories from that guy?
  2. 'I Want What i Want' by NCGazza and any of his other stories too
  3. This is now one of my favourite stories. Love it!
  4. Cant wait for the second part!
  5. BigBen

    My Dad Gets Power

    Absolutely. I know it's very short and not the best written either but it was very early this morning and I was very tired. If anything I hope this inspires other writers or gives them more ideas.
  6. BigBen

    My Dad Gets Power

    What's that smell? I wonder as I enter the seemingly deserted house. "Dad? Hello?" The weird mixed smell of burning grew stronger as I headed toward the door leading to the basement. I was worried. Dad's certainly not been the same since mom left a year ago. He's not been eating properly, lost heaps of confidence and just lately he's been secluded and quiet, keeping himself to himself. As I opened the door I could hear what sounded like....chanting? What the hell? I slowly headed down the flight of stairs and as I did I saw my dad come in to view, sat cross legged on the floor, dressed in his pyjamas, surrounded by lit candles and staring deeply at his reflection in a large mirror while he finished chanting some kind of ancient language. What the hell was going on? My dad then stood up and turned toward me, he didn't even look surprised or embarrassed that I saw him just doing some weird chant. - ah son, great timing! You should say goodbye to the father you thought you knew - What do you mean Dad?! What the hells going on? Just then a sharp wind powered up outside and smashed the small basement window and whirled inside engulfing my dad. My Dad though seemed to welcome this mini tornado engulfing him. It felt...hot! I could feel the heat radiating from it. It had some kind of red hue to it as well. My dad lifted his arms to his side, opened his mouth and the mini red tornado dove inside him! What the hell was going on? What did he mean by the father I thought I knew? - AHHHH YES! I CAN FEEL IT SON! - What Dad? What can you feel? - power, son!...ultimate power! And as I saw something changing...My dad inching taller and taller....surpassing me, heading toward 7 feet tall...I knew exactly what was happening now...and I was glad to have a front row seat. - hahahaha YES, everyone will have to look up to me now son. FUCK!! My dad then started filling out his pyjamas with obscene amounts of muscle piling on by the second! His body weight must have increased from his average 170lbs....to 200lbs....to 250lbs.....to 300lbs! As his pyjamas gave way to mountain like shoulders and pecs, monstrous veiny arms, tree trunk like legs and a cobble stone like 8 pack! The only piece of clothing that still remained and what my dad kept hidden was a bright red pair of posing trunks sporting a huge package! - AHHHHH YES! What do you think to your old man now son? I'm a god damn bodybuilder! Always wanted to get away with a pair of these on! Hahaha My dad was in fucking heaven as he continued to grow and grow, and flex in his trunks! Piling on more muscle and inching up higher and higher toward the ceiling! - Holy shit Dad! When are you gonna stop! - stop! Nah son this feels too fucking good! Bet you wish you were this big! Do I wish I was that big? Obscenely muscular and the biggest man on earth! HELL YEAH! - of course I wish I was that big Dad! You're a fucking god! - then let's be gods together! Open wide! And with that my dad opened his mouth and the red tornado came flying out heading straight for me! Forcing my mouth open and down my gullet! - FUCCCCCK! I CAN FEEL IT! - Time to grow, boy! It was like an explosion inside me, a sensational explosion as I grew taller and taller and wider, bones snapping and cracking and rebuilding themselves to accommodate all my new mass! My will made my growth faster as I burst out my clothes and caught up with my dad in mere moments flexing a godlike double biceps! We must have both been 12 feet tall and weighed about 1000lbs each! My dad was still in his posing trunks that were struggling to contain his package and there was me, completely naked, my cock completely hard and stood to attention at 15 inches! Not that I cared! I was a freakin behemoth! - wow son! Looks like you have me beat in the cock department! Let's see if we can fix that! And with that my dad concentrated with his hands on his hips and actually willed his cock to grow! The thing bulged inside the posing trunks, then completely burst out like a torpedo being fired completely destroying the trunks, the cock shot up to 1 foot.....2 foot. And thick as an anaconda! - OOHHHH YEAH! THAT'S A REAL MANS COCK BOY! - Fuck Dad! Let me catch up! I found that I was able to will my cock to grow too! I matched my dad's and we both began stroking our monstrous dicks, flexing and worshipping each other. - No more ordinary life left for us at this size boy! Might as well keep going! C'mon! Concentrate with me! Becoming a giant with my Dad? FUCK YEAH! And we concentrated!....and we grew! Bursting out from our house in mere seconds ready to show the world their new gods! Higher and higher we grew! Our muscles and cocks growing in proportion. We flattened cars. Then we grew even bigger. Then we flattened houses. Then we grew even bigger! Then we fucked skyscrapers! People ran in terror. Then the military attacked. Their bullets and rocket launchers bounced off our skin like nothing as we laughed! We had a fun time disposing off them. Me and my dad winked at each other before stroking our huge cannons and firing load after load back at our attackers! Me and dad were gods on earth thanks to his little spell. Being worshipped in all our glory. Our power was limitless. I sometimes willed myself to grow an extra cock, or extra arms, just to heighten my pleasures. My Dad was just happy willing himself a new pair of blue posing trunks to accommodate his gargantuan size and cock. Life was good.
  7. Mmmmm just like that guy I demand MORE! Seriously this is some of the best writing there's been in a while
  8. BigBen

    Simply Winning

    Love your stories! Please keep writing you're one of my favourites.
  9. I love stories where the grower makes themselves super intelligent. Not sure about the metallic skin and robot voice but different strokes for different folks I guess. Great story
  10. Remember the story Tank the Bouncer? One of my favourite parts is at the end when Tank no longer needs injections and just makes himself grow by concentrating? And same with Simons Affirmation too. Any other stories where the character just simply makes himself grow?
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