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  1. Now I have Facebook and Instagram. And a lot of the time, maybe once or twice a week I post shots of myself showing my progress on Instagram. But for whatever reason I don't on Facebook (even though I kinda want to show off to certain friends sometimes), sometimes I feel like I'd be making a fool out of myself to family and friends on Facebook but I'm more comfortable posting those kinds of pics on Instagram where it's mostly complete strangers. What about you guys?
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    Looking for new recommendations My favourite stories are Eustace Conquers The World The Guinea Pig The Bully Magnet Dildo of the Demigods I love themes such as nerds getting massive without effort and then going on a domination rampage, love macro growth too, and just greedy lust for power too
  3. Looking outstanding 

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      Thanks mate! Means a lot coming from you 

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      It is a great set of pics! :)

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    A new Superman- Roger

    Hey. Just a quickie - Roger was a good looking guy in his mid forties, square jaw, nice blue eyes, dark brown hair. However the only thing was he was skinny as a rake and really lacked in confidence - something his two brattish step sons, Chad and Cody took advantage of. Roger felt sorry for them because their mother passed a few years back but they had really taken advantage of Rogers sympathy to be given money, clothes, anything they wanted while they lazed around the house watching tv and playing video games. This made Roger depressed. While on his lunch break Roger was walking through town when he saw the new fountain that had been installed in the square, and next to that fountain was a sign that read 'Wishing Fountain - donate £1 In the fountain and your deepest desire will come to fruition within 24 hours.' 'What the hell' Roger thought and tossed a pound into the fountain, although he wasn't really sure what his deepest desire was. He wasn't materialistic, didn't care for money, and had no deep dark sexual fantasies (he was aware of). Nothing happened immediately after Roger tossed in the coin so he thought no more of it. When Roger got home that evening, Cody and Chad started bossing him around as usual "did you pick up the new Resident Evil, Roger?" Cody barked! "Umm no sorry" Roger said, a tone of cowardice in his voice "What the fuck do you mean No!!" Cody shouted stomping over to his step dad. "Listen "pops" we'll always be bigger than you so really need to start doing EVERYTHING we FUCKING SAY!" yelled Cody looming over his meek stepdad before stomping off. Just then Roger noticed there was a package for him. He opened it up, having no idea what was inside to reveal a silky, spandex Superman costume, just like the one Christopher Reeves wore! Red trunks boots and cape to complete it! Roger was amazed and really drawn to the costume, he loved superman as a kid and secretly had a thing for the man of steel too. He quickly and sneakily took it up to his room before the boys could notice it. Once in his room with the door shut Roger wasted no time in stripping himself of his shirt tie and slacks, before peeling off his socks and briefs as his cock began to awaken and stiffen. He unravelled the superman suit and slipped in one leg than the other, and surprisingly the suit was just the right size for his weak body. He continued to pull the suit up on his chest pulling his arms through the sleeves, pulling the trunks up, throwing the cape on and putting on the boots. Roger took a look in his mirror and loved the look of himself as Superman. Just then Roger heard a voice in his head, "Hello Roger do you hear me?" "What the fuck who's this?" "This is Superman, Roger, I see you like the suit I sent You, I've been watching you for a long time, and when I saw you toss that coin into that fountain I knew deep down what you wanted." "A superman suit?" "Haha no Roger, to BE a new Superman, if you truly desire it, to be like me and help protect the earth as I see you're a good guy. You can have my powers, my abilities, my strength, speed, stamina and my godlike body if you wish it, as I've come to realise i can't protect this world by myself. So, do you wish it?" Did Roger wish it? Fuck yeah he thought! To be a god amongst men and teach his stepsons a lesson or two? Roger didn't give it a second thought. "I wish it Superman! GIVE ME POWER!!!!" The door suddenly burst open as Cody and Chad heard their stepdad shout. "What the fuck Roger? Why are you dressed like that? Haha you look pathetic!!" A deep chuckle came from Roger as he started to feel power flow through his body, "oh pathetic am I? We'll soon see about that!" And with that Roger began to flex in his costume as a bright light engulfed him and then the boys couldn't believe their eyes. Muscle upon muscle was being inflated into their stepdad, as his body went up from 130lbs, to 180lbs in a matter of seconds. "HAHAHAHA FINALLY I'M THE MAN OF THE HOUSE NOW BOYS" shouted Roger as his pecs jutted out in front of him, biceps exploded into the size of softballs, legs became as thick as tree trunks, all the while stretching and expanding the superman costume. Chad and Cody couldn't help but look at their step dad In awe, wonder and slight horror at the thought of what Roger would do to them. Roger just continued to grow and grow, becoming taller and taller too soon looming over his boys with shit eating grin, 180lbs became 240lbs, 240lbs became 300lbs! Roger was in ecstasy as he felt his body stretch, harden and grow even more as he became a demigod, he felt and acknowledged his powers and how to use them as he continued to flex and feel his body through the skintight suit, turning himself on even more. As the transformation was complete and the light faded, Roger moved at lightning speed grabbing Cody by the scruff of the neck and lifting him high with one arm like he was Nothing! "Check me out boys! Say hello to Superdad! HAHAHAHAHA!....Hey Cody, fancy a flying lesson?" And with that Roger bearhugged Cody then took off at lightning speed flying into the air making a hole in the roof with Chad looking on in amazement and getting quite hard at what he just saw... "TIME TO TEACH YOU A LESSON SOME yelled Roger as he continued to fly above skyscrapers and mountains with Cody in his arms, kicking and squirming and absolutely shitting himself. "Please dad I'm sorry I'll do anything I swear" 10 minutes later Chad was naked on Rogers bed jacking himself off at whar he just witnessed when there was a blur and standing there at the edge of the bed in all his red and blue glory, huge muscular arms folded across his chest was Roger. "Like what you see boy?" Said Roger and he flexed his pecs then his arms. "Wh-what did you do with Cody?" "Oh I just left him on a tiny deserted island for a while, teach that punk brother of yours a lesson. You, on the other hand, I can think of another form of punishment" And with that, Roger closed his eyes and wished the suit away, showcasing his naked muscular godlike glory. His monster cock starting to rise...
  5. BigBen

    The Dildo of the Demigods - II

    My new favourite story. Love the back and forth and the first initial growth scene
  6. BigBen


    I wrote a short story called 'The Wrestler', should be on the old site
  7. BigBen

    Homoerotic Wrestling

    Try meetfighters.com if you want to get into it yourself and meet other like minded guys And yeah I'm more into pro style too
  8. BigBen

    Where to find Muscle worship

    This. I love being worshipped and had so many offers once I put on my profile that I'm into it, had a lot of guys inquiring what it was and introducing them to it.
  9. BigBen

    Worship me bigger

    Hot! Hope he greedily abuses this power
  10. Anyone know this one? I remember the guy showed the genie the image of what he wanted to look like from a magazine then put on some posing trunks for the transformation. The genie then totally lusts over him
  11. BigBen

    The Ascension of Morty - Part 2

    It was then that Coach Parker came rushing out to see what the hell was going on to see the towering monster of muscle that was formerly Morty looming over the jocks "what the hell! Morty is that you?" "Haha! Why yes coach! What do you think? Am I doing well in gym?" Morty said as he flexed an explosive double bi making the coach get hard immediately! "HAHAHA OK ENOUGH MESSING AROUND BOYS! TIME TO REACH SOME REAL GROWTH! And with that being said Morty flexed every fibre of his being and grew grew grew and exploded out the roof of the gym "AHHHH YES CAN'T CONTAIN A GOD! HAHAHAHA!" Fuck. Morty was all fucking muscle. And still growing. He walked out the gym wall like it was nothing and brought his foot down on Chads prize car below! "WHOOPS! SORRY CHAD! TOO BAD YOU'RE NOT MY SIZE! GODS DON'T NEED PUNY CARS TO GET AROUND WHEN WE HAVE LEGS LIKE THESE!" Shouted Morty down to Chad as he flexed the giant pillars of muscle with veins the size of anacondas bulging out. "WHY DON'T WE COMPARE BODIES NOW CHAD!" Morty shouted as his fist came down and opened up. Chad tried to run but it was futile. Morty scooped him up with ease and brought him up to his face looking down at him with an evil cocky smirk. "STRIP, MAGGOT!" And so Chad nervously stripped down to the buff in the palm of the now giant Morty. All the while Morty slowly continued to grow to 50ft and beyond now. "NOW FLEX!" Morty demanded as Chad flexed a double bi which was now looking rather weak compared to the giant god Morty had become. "HAHAHA PATHETIC MAGGOT! YOU SHALL NEVER COMPARE TO ME NOW! HOWEVER I SHALL GIVE YOU THE HONOUR OF BECOMING MY FIRST SNACK AS A GOD!" "What?! Noooooo!' "SHOULD NEVER HAVE PICKED ON ME, CHAD!" And with that Morty stuck out his tongue and snaked it's way around Chad bringing him into his mouth, then with one big GULP, Chad was swallowed and Morty patted his stomach. "MMM TASTY JOCK! GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN!" Morty turned round back to the coach and the rest of the jocks.."Spread the word boys! I have BIG plans ready! You'll all see!" Morty said as he flexed one last double bicep as his mammoth cock rose and spurted out precum raining down into the gym, before Morty smirked, heaved his pecs, turned around and sauntered out of school grounds toward the city. And grew. And grew....
  12. BigBen

    The Ascension of Morty

    Short macro story..not the best but straight to the point. --------- Morty was a geek. A nerd. Picked on through childhood, through high school and now college. For his awkward ways, for his intelligence and for his short skinny weak frame. Morty was sick of it all. The misery of being bullied and picked on turned his mind and attention to focus on something else - Vengeance. Being a natural born genius in science - namely chemistry, Morty had been working for months and months on developing the ultimate growth serum. Morty didn't want to just grow a bit of muscle to help defend himself. No. He wanted to be huge. Ginormous. Gargantuan. A literal walking muscle god. Exacting revenge on his bullies and the world. And he planned on carrying out this plan of revenge very soon. Setting his plan into motion at school, Morty waited inside the school gym for the jocks to finish changing and start practice. Morty trembled with excitement and nervousness at the thought of transforming in front of the bullies, at seeing the looks on their faces as he ascends into a gargantuan muscle god. He felt his cock straining against his briefs, rock hard. Chad, the main jock bully entered the gym in his tight vest and shorts, showing off his muscular physique and smirked when he saw Morty, "hey dweeb, what you doing here? The girls changing room is that way!" Chad scoffed "or maybe you just wanna get changed...right here!" Chad grinned evily as he grabbed Mortys polo and ripped it in two exposing his pathetic body. "Ha! Look at you pipsqueak! You'll never have a real man's body like mine!" Shouted Chad as he pulled a most muscular making his muscles bulge even more! As Morty felt the rage in him building up.... "Now let's compare legs, dork!" And with that Chad quickly pulled down Mortys slacks revealing his sticklegs and Chad lifted up his shorts and posed his monster quads next to Mortys showing who was the bigger man..."Fuck yeah! I'm the alpha"...'not for long' Morty thought as he kicked off his slacks and shoes so he was just in his black briefs then pulled out the vial from the slacks pocket as Chad was too busy pulling a double bicep admiring himself some more. "So Morty, you gonna get changed or what?" Chad asked, not noticing Morty was downing all of the God serum. "Why yes Chad.....and by the way I'm feeling....I'M ABOUT TO CHANGE....RIGHT........NOW! UGGGHHHH!!" Bones snapping. Skin stretching. Muscle popping as every fibre of Mortys being demanded and willed growth as Chad turned round to see what was happening...."what the fuck?!" "HAHAHA FINALLY!" Shouted Morty as he rapidly inched taller and taller while his limbs stretched, shoulders ballooned out, back broadened wider and wider! Pecs inflated to bowling balls! Then beach balls! Biceps inflated too! "YESSS HAHAH MAKE ME A GODDD!!" Screamed Morty as calves and quads grew and grew, he was becoming a real muscle freak! "WHO'S THE ALPHA NOW, CHAD? HAHAHA!" All the ruckus drew the attention of the rest of the jocks who came rushing into the gym to see Morty becoming a real monster! Half of them tenting their shorts as soon as they saw him! "WELCOME TO THE SHOW, BOYS!" yelled Morty as he continued to grow, reaching 10 foot and flexing a monstrous double bi! "AHHH BRAD!" Shouted Morty motioning to one of the jocks and stomping over THUD! THUD! THUD! "REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU MADE ME SUCK YOUR DICK IN THE LOCKER ROOM?" yelled Morty as Brad suddenly noticed the straining huge bulge in Mortys briefs coming up to Brads eye level..."WELL I THINK IT'S TIME.....YOU....REPAID THE FAVOUR!" as Morty concentrated and flexed his now monstrous cock destroying his briefs to tatters exposing his growing body completely nude and forcing the tip of his now 3 foot long cock in Brads mouth making him gag immediately! "HA! PATHETIC!" And with that Morty began stroking his monster dick as his body continued to grow to godhood! "MMMM FUCK YEAH" Morty was stroking with one hand and flexing a gargantuan bicep with the other as he continued to inch up..and up...and up...teaching 15 foot now toward the ceiling as the jocks couldn't help but look on...
  13. BigBen

    The locker room loser

    Love this! Hot and simple. Best story in ages
  14. Who prefers to wear speedos than boardshorts here? I prefer them, they dry quicker, easier to swim in them, and I look bloody good in a pair too. But growing up I never had much confidence in wearing one until lately, for fear that people will think I love myself too much, or for fear they'll stare at my junk. But you only live once, so f*** it. Was in my blue pair in the changing room at the spa bit at the gym the other day, manager walked in showing a young lad the facilities and they came across me. Manager didn't care, but I felt the young lads eyes on me, and I felt good afterwards.
  15. BigBen

    Strong teen with scientist guardian

    'With great power comes a huge body count'