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    exploring muscle, traps down to calves.
    favorite bodybuilding pose is a cut-up back double-biceps. dig my fingers into the muscle cuts.

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  1. You truly are assembling a SUPERIOR collection of written works. C'mon all of you guys here who are fans, there must be some way to help our friend muscleaddict monitize all his hard work. Who knows or has connections that could help him put some money in his pockets for this? His talent merits a reward.
  2. Lefty, you read my mind. A bodybuilding contest, Woody and A.J. on stage competing in the same weight class, four lives intersect, maybe a couple other characters show up. Imagine where muscleaddict's imagination could take those possibilities. (muscleaddict, don't you just love how we dissect you behind your back? LOL.)
  3. This really is a super, super, super idea. So much of what muscleaddict has written, I have "heard in my head" and could truly be on television. Trouble is, I have no idea how to "shop" a written work around to producers. Shawn1978's suggestion is a good one. Please, muscleaddict, as to the "how to" of things, seriously consider contacting Logo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logo_TV. All they would need to do is check our feedback here in the Forum to gauge how positively we view your work. We would all be behind you 110%. And we will be happy to sit in on the casting calls.
  4. I've been checking in here over the last couple days. Waiting. Expecting. Hoping. Then I looked today and "muscleaddict" showed up under the notifications bell. And I thought – "ALL RIIIIIIGHT . . . it's the next chapter." But then I realized – "Oh NOOOOO . . . it's the last chapter." I am truly going to miss Luke and Woody. Just like I miss A.J. and Noah. But I'm also going to miss the guy who wrote about them. You see, muscleaddict, not only have you told us some wonderful stories with characters any of us would love to meet, but through your writing you have also shown us something of yourself. Writing can be a window, I think, looking out onto the world and inward into the author. What you have shown through that window, in both directions, is something special. We would love to meet *YOU* as well. Especially if you have Luke and Woody and A.J. and Noah tagging along with you. Thank you for all of this, our unmet friend.
  5. WONDERFUL. I loved the A. J. Jones reference. And who, oh who, might those two video camera guys possibly be??
  6. "Marley's ghost" materializes through the door of Deano's dorm room, clattering and clanking with barbell plates and dumbbells chained to his no-longer-muscular body.
  7. The same thing here. I could hear them, I could see them, I could feel their pain and panic. Their anguish and fear. This is astonishingly good writing. I was so caught up by it that I found my eyes racing ahead, zipping through the words too fast, so fast that I actually had to tell myself, no, stop, go back, really read it, really experience it. muscleaddict, you have overwhelmed us.
  8. I agree. Some sort of massive incident must be on the horizon, some sort of crisis which will – let's hope – lock the relationship between Luke and Woody in cement. But what? Is there some way Deano can "out" Luke and Woody without implicating himself? Will Deano be so enraged at Woody's rejection that he slugs him on stage? Or put two and two together and slug Luke? – The possibilities are endless. And we have to hold our breath. Thanks, muscleaddict. You so totally RULE.
  9. . . . "A week into being with Luke " . . . OMG, I would never have thought all this has been collapsed into a single week! (Unless I missed something.) That's astonishing, considering how much emotion and personal change has been packed into just seven days. Wow.
  10. We can only hope there are about 722 chapters remaining.
  11. You hit the nail right on the head. That's what puts muscleaddict's writing head and shoulders above the norm.
  12. Please don't worry. I tried Google Translate just for the fun of it and Google is never perfect! Please continue to participate here.
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