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    5'9 180lbs
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    To grow more and more (but naturally). Also to learn more about the muscle growth community and get some sponsors to help me grow!
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    7'9 600 lbs
    But being more realistic want to get to 225 - 230 lbs with low body fat (Like Chul Soon)
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    To grow while having sex (and having the other person grow too, just not as much as me :-))

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  1. Hi all, Anyone know of a good meal prep service where you can pick up the meals somewhere in midtown instead of having them delivered? Most of the sites are only delivery and packages routinely can't get into my building and go back to the sender. Thank you!
  2. Anyone here ever wish they weren't planning on taking a small trip since it will mess up their workout routine? Going to visit family for the 4th (which I rarely see since we all live far away now so it will be good to see everyone - not complaining about that part) but I'm also not looking forward to missing the gym! At least I'll be able to run and do some bodyweight exercises but it still won't be my normal routine  and I won't have my protein, etc. with me so it feels like missed growth days!

  3. I love these chats I'm getting - great self esteem boosters and good motivators to get huge. I wasn't paying attention and some of the chats had me end up with a wet spot in my pants (wore light colors today) - at least I'm home though and can change before heading out if it doesn't dry in time!

    I realize that's a bit odd to post something like that but it's great having a place to say stuff like no matter how "odd" it is lol - thank you guys for being awesome. I hope being open here will have me more open in IRL to talk to my GF about stuff like this (finally told her a few weeks ago that I want to get huge and she seemed like she was into it so we'll see). 

    1. Jormund


      Go for it man! Get huge! Hope you post some progress pics soon so you can motivate all of us to grow too

  4. Hi Guys, Anyone know of any good gyms to get huge at in midtown east with a good training staff? My place is OK but I've had 4 trainers in 1 year as the place has a hard time trying to hold on to people and if they change trainers on me again I want to look into other options. (also I think part of the problem is I go to the gym from 6 - 7 AM and some of the trainers hate getting to the gym at 5:45). I was looking on Google and found a few places but looking for something closer to the Kips Bay / Murray Hill area if anything exists. Thanks all!
  5. Hi All, 

    I'm really loving this community and it's really inspiring me to achieve my dream of being a bodybuilder (or at least having the body of a bodybuilder). This place is awesome!

    Just got back from the gym more pumped up than ever and can't wait until the next time I go! Got to keep growing!!!

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