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    Muscle growth, clothes destruction, muscle worship, super strength, forced / rapid growth (serums / potions / clothing etc.), huge arms and ripped torsos.
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    Trying to lose weight
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    Mainly some stories and other things, but I'm open to doing RPs with people over PM
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    Toned and flexible
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    The hulk club, son of the hulk - there's so many
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Mainly teen bodybuilders from youtube (Nathan Lee, teenanimaljamie, justooraw, Sacha Huber) and some others I've stumbled across (Abel Albonetti, Anthony Green)
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Biceps, growing bodies, muscles busting out of clothes

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  1. samisback

    ...And Sometimes, I Get What I Want

    Love this story thanks for writing it
  2. First story finally completed :D

  3. samisback

    Camjerk 2

    Take your time, your stories are always worth the wait
  4. samisback

    A Growing Love

    Another amazing story - have more confidence in yourself
  5. samisback

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    Extremely hot, and a sweet ending as well
  6. Hey man, thanks for the follow!

    1. samisback


      No worries, I'm enjoying reading your stories :)

    2. pasidious


      Thank you!!  I appreciate the feedback, it's what keeps me writing more!

    3. pasidious


      and reading your profile, it seems we definitely like a lot of the same things!

  7. samisback

    Body To Match The Package

    Would love to see more
  8. samisback

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    Very hot guys, wouldn't mind getting filled up by one
  9. samisback


    Can't wait to read the next part
  10. samisback

    The Symbiote War Chps 9 & 10 (and eventually the rest)

    we need to know what happens next - new chapter?
  11. samisback

    Hyper-Active Imagination

    love this story, hope there's more to come
  12. samisback

    Blue Pill Part 11

    Another great installment - can't wait to see what happens now
  13. samisback

    Winter Break

    can't wait for part 2

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