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    Bodybuilding, powerlifting, Crossfit, and BJJ. I've competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting in the past but now just train because it's what I love doing. I'm also into Crossfit and BJJ.
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    5'8", between 205 and 225 lbs generally depending on how lean I am at the time.
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    Training partners, chat buddies.
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    When I was younger I would have said as massive and shredded as possible. 300 lbs, 3% bodyfat. That still would be my dream but I've been up in the 270 range and know how it feels. Now I'm more focused on a sustainable more comfortable size, so 220 contest shape is my current goal.
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    Lee Priest, Markus Ruhl, Dorian Yates, Tom Platz, Branch Warren, Ronnie Coleman, Nassar El Sonbaty, Frank McGrath, Flex Lewis
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    Extreme, walking anatomy chart level, shredded to the bone, completely fatless and alien, disgusting, grotesque level conditioning. You can never be too shredded. Also massive muscle cocks that are just as muscular and ripped as the bodybuilder's body and leak pre and cum non-stop.

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  1. All! So many of you know I used to keep a Tumblr blog of ultra shredded guys, that is, until Tumblr went crazy and decided everything was porn. I'm trying again but this time on Twitter. We'll see how it goes. Twitter is more limiting but it seems a lot of folks are on it so. https://twitter.com/extrmcond

  2. Hey all! It's me, newish account, same obscene, disgusting, conditioning obsessed dude (computer complications, long story). I am getting around back to continuing this now, I had to get the right inspiration and wait for the muse. To that end, I want to investigate some other aspects to this story and would like your thoughts. I want to continue following him as he preps, but I also was thinking of exploring his real day to day life. My main character is, essentially, me. He's an introverted engineer and geek who also happens to be obsessed with muscle and bodybuilding. There's a lot of stories around that have cocky alpha males as leads (or shy guys who become cocky alpha males, or get revenge on cocky alpha males). And I love that. @Newmassaddict 's stories are some of my all time favorites and I get off on brutal alpha male power as much as anyone. That being said, I would really like to continue his story as an introvert. Not shy, but not overly cocky and loud. Very disciplined and focused. Like a soldier training for war. I want to write about what he experiences, in his day to day life, as he gets leaner and more muscular and his cock becomes more and more obscene. What it's like to actually be a walking anatomy chart shredded freak, and not in the hyperbolic muscle growth story way. This may sound dry, but I don't think it is, or at least, I think I can make it not be. Detailing all the freaky ass shit and random stuff that happens in his life. What it's like walking around with a fucking full on skelator face everyday. Meeting new clients with completely shredded, alien looking hands and a skinless body. His growing cock pushing against his work pants a bit more everyday, slowing starting to develop a mind of it's own and drool. Someone who has a real profession by day and what it's like being that lean and freaky at work. Sitting at lunch eating your prepacked food by yourself everyday your jaw striating as you chew, veins pulsing all around your shaved head with each byte. Having to deal with dressing a body that has a 50 inch chest and a 28 inch waist with a 12 inch fireplug thick cock and 30 inch quads. He has to deal with leaking all the time at work and while working out. Never satisfied with how lean he is, pushing it harder and harder, counting the veins and striations covering his feet and hands. The entire ordeal a scientific effort to him, an experiment to see how far he can push what is humanly possible. He approaches it like an engineer, a problem to be solved, a system to optimize. How to become the leanest, most grotesquely shredded, human to ever exist. Nothing left out, no body part allowed to escape his regimen. Training his jaw to become more striated and muscular he develops special chewing gum made to strengthen his jaw, like super strong silly putty. He builds a special toe curl rig and trains his feet to be just as freaky as the rest of him, giant bulges of muscle erupting from skinless bones and tendons. Needing special made shoes to fit his jagged and fatless feet with special padding added in to replace the cushioning fat pads that normal men have. Building up incredible strength and toughness, the skin on his soles paper thin yet harder than steel. Going to school to watch his kids' sports and all the parents stare in disgust, the coaches all think he's a freak, except for the wrestling coach who thinks it's incredible and he helps train the team. Getting to describe him in a wrestling singlet, fuck, every vein and muscle fiber obscenely visible. His glutes completely striated and sucking the fabric in. Not even an 8 pack but a completely mutated and alien 10 pack of inch deep cut abs clearly etched in the fabric. His growing member snaking down one leg, a perennial wet spot forming at the head. He has to get a specially made singlet with an insane waist drop to fit him, anything normal is baggy around the waist and glutes. The cuts under his pecs so sharp and deep the fabric gets sucked up under them. When he hits a vacuum the entire front disappears up under his ribs, the gap so massive guys on the team can stick their entire head in. He's a fucking god to all the real athletes, training them to get bigger and leaner every season. The entire team fucking shredded thanks to him, no where near as lean as he is, but by any normal teenage comparison, ripped to the bone. Other teams are fucking terrified of them. Sitting on the side during matches in sweatsuit, his skelator face staring out, other coaches puking when they see him. It only drives his guys even harder, knowing their trainer is an abomination. Hiding his face under a hoody and then pushing it back to reveal his vein covered and striated skull. Learning that he always has to bring a cushion with him to sit on, metal chairs too painful for his increasingly utterly fat-less and padding free glutes. Day to day things like that your don't think of. Coaches who don't know him slap him on the back and recoil in terror at what they feel. They to shake his hand and look down to see this desiccated, obscene, claw of muscle and bone reaching back, striations of muscle involuntarily flexing over the surface. Walking around barefoot on the mats his feet don't leave the normal human foot shape indentations but jagged stabs in the mats instead. His razor sharp muscles almost cutting into the material, leaving lines of muscle fibers and bone ridges. Day to day he has to learn to live with the skinless monster he's becoming. Discovering new and freaky things he can do with his body, cock, and muscle control. Explaining to his kids why he looks different than the other dads. Children and adults afraid of him as he walks around in public. Getting banned from the "nice, uppity" gyms in town for being too big, too freaky, too serious. Wearing thick Carhartt watch caps even in summer since he no longer has any form of insulation. Every ounce of heat trapping fat burned from his body. Even his hands so shredded they leave muscle fiber indentations in anything he picks up, like a fingerprint. Men pull away in shock when he shakes their hands. like shaking iron hard cables of muscle sliding under skin. Finding out he can flex and striated his fingers at will, freaking the fuck out of the other guy. He looks down and sees your desiccated hands erupting with waves of muscle and veins, the muscle bellies literally hanging of the bones. So defined they fucking have splits like your biceps. Freaky never before seen peaks of finger and palm muscles like tiny mountain ranges will massive chasms and peaks. Veins even covering his palms, the only smooth part his finger nails. Watching his cock grow and respond to it's training day by day. Thicker and thicker, longer and harder. First just leaking when hard, small thin streams, and then slowing leaking when soft, thicker and thicker drools of pre. Trailing massive ropes of precum around the bathroom and locker room. He builds a special thigh rig to wear under his pants to capture the now constant flow of precum, for storage and latter mixing into his workout shakes. All of this eventually making him give up on public gyms, his massive drooling meat and utterly disgusting skinless physique too much for even "hardcore" bodybuilding gyms. Opening his own ultra hardcore garage gym where you can train naked and nothing is too obscene or extreme. Inviting other men he knows and trusts who want to push the boundaries of what it is to be a bodybuilder. Leaking pre constantly and cumming multiple times during a workout now common place. He builds special weighted cock training machines to train his shaft, keeggle like machines to train is cum force and orgasm control, and special sounding probes to stretch his massive slit larger and capable of larger and larger cum shots. Eventually all of this leading up to his actual competition (and beyond)? So.... that got more carried away then I thought, but ya. Thoughts?
  3. FYI: To guys I chat with on Discord. I had to create a new Discord account, I am now Sannong#8203

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