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    Desert Southwest USA
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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Female Preference)
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    International travel, college football, time outdoors, naps, weight lifting, walking
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    6' 190 32"w - slowly growing through kettlebell workouts
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    Nice people with interesting ideas...fun chat.
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    bigger...more lean and defined
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    Huge cock, big muscle, FBB's, almost any kind of transformation, new interesting ideas

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  1. Thanks for continuing to run your site!

  2. Um, you ready? Sorry. This seems creepy I bet... I wasn't stalking you, I swear. 

    1. Publackstar


      I don't understand.....?   and, feel free to stalk anytime :)

    2. Meow


      Lol sure...I guess. 

  3. Publackstar

    Seems like PornHub is infected with malware

    I use script block with Firefox for my browsing...it seems to keep the unpleasant ads and viruses down.
  4. Unreasonable...no. I have the same problem. Anymore, I'd just settle for talking to someone with new ideas and a creative mind.
  5. Publackstar

    Love Muscles, But Living In Wrong Place?

    Living in China now...I will see one muscular guy per month...maybe. None of the expats are fit in the least...and the locals are disinterested in being big....but the local girls love a flexed bicep...LOVE a flexed bicep. However...there was a mid-twenties American in the lobby yesterday...very fit and muscular. Guess that is my monthly quota.

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