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    21 years old working on turning from cub to muscle cub. 5'11" 220 lbs currently
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    role reversal, body hair, macro, muscle growth, size difference, hyper cocks, raunchy sex (musk, sweat, maybe piss), taboo sex, roleplays with some plot.

    Recently I've loved playing as a submissive bottom but I'm pretty open to anything.

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  1. Okay so in the last year I've had a bunch of crazy shit happen in real life and haven't really finished any writing. I'll get to it eventually, when things quiet down
  2. I've got the next few chapters roughly planned out, but I've had a lot of personal shit going on. I should have the next chapter out before June is over though
  3. Honestly, it's because I mostly write these stories for myself, and I get off on the verbal stuff.Story-wise the idea is that the powder causes aggression and lowered inhibitions. These men, especially Mike, weren't the best people to begin with and this is them without restraints. Gage hasn't grown yet partly because I really like size difference. In story though it's because although he does love muscle, he realized in part one he likes it on other people more than on himself, he's happy with how he looks.
  4. The sequel to http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4168-the-barfly/ Contains themes mostly of domination, massive cocks, and of course muscle growth. ---------------------------------------------------------- The barfly part 2: The barflies “Fuck yeah,” Gage groaned, writhing in pleasure, “fill my ass stud.” The massive man above him grunted as his balls slapped Gage's ass. “Yeah slut, you like that? You like my massive cock spreading your ass? I'm gonna ruin you for everyone else.” Mike moaned in pleasure, shooting all over his bed. “Fuck yeah Mike, fill me, make me yours.” Mike complied, pulling Gage's hips towards his and unloading deep inside Gage's bowels. He pulled out and rolled over, panting on the side of the bed. Gage looked over at the massive form next to him. If anyone had told him a little over a month ago that he would be being fucked by Mike and love it, he would have laughed in their face. But then again, if someone had told him that Mike would have changed from a 6'1” 300 pound shlub to a massive, muscular stud from some product Gage ordered online, he would never have believed him. Yet here he was, recovering from another night of amazing fucking from the man who was his best customer at the bar. Not that Mike was his best customer anymore. In fact, besides the random visits Mike had made to his house, he hadn't seen the man since that night. He smiled, loving this new development in his life. Gage didn't have long to reflect on his situation though. Whatever was in that formula that made Mike grow also made him insanely horny, and it showed. Mike roughly grabbed Gage's face and rubbed it into his pecs. “Taste me slut,” Mike moaned as Gage licked at his pecs. “Mmm yeah, fucking worship your god.” Gage licked lower and lower on Mike's body, down his washboard abs towards his thick pubes. He licked and suck the sweat off of his body, ready to taste Mike's massive cock for the second time that night. “Enough of this,” Mike said with a moan, and shoved Gage's head onto the head of his 14 incher. Gage began to lick and suck the thick cockhead, tasting sweat and cum from the night. He licked down the head, paying attention to the piss slit, and rubbed his mouth down the whole length. Then Gage took it deep, relaxing his jaw and taking all 14 inches down his throat. Mike didn't last long from the expert deepthroating, shooting another load into Gage. Gage swallowed all that he could, but some dribbled down onto Mike's cock. “Thank you sir,” Gage said with a smile after taking in all the cum he could. Mike rolled back over, and brought Gage to rest on him. “I have a surprise for you slut,” he said. “What is it sir?” Gage asked, eager to see what the dominant muscle man before him would do next. “It's not ready yet, but it'll be some time this week. When it comes you'll know what to do.” Mike answered. “Don't worry queer, you're going to love it.” He stood up and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt. “You can keep my jock,” he said gesturing to the dirty strap on the floor. “I'll see you soon.” Gage laid in bed as Mike let himself out, and quickly fell asleep. The excitement of the surprise, whatever Mike meant by that, kept Gage excited. Nothing happened on Saturday or Sunday however, but Gage was kept occupied by the crowd in his bar. Monday was a different story. It was a slow night, even for a Monday, leaving Gage with more time to imagine what the surprise was. He boned up a few times, remembering Mike's last episode of growth, and what might happen next time. By 12 PM, there was only three men left in the bar, Joey and Roy, and a man drinking alone in a booth. Joey, if Gage remembered correctly was around 55 years old, but the short man looked older with his poor skin and paunch. Gage would say he might have looked better back in the day, but from what he knew, that was simply untrue. He would have looked better if he had taken care of himself ever. There did seem to be a handsome face behind the saggy skin. The younger black man, Roy, Gage would say was maybe in his late 30s. He seemed to be Joey's opposite. He had dark skin, and at 6' tall, was much taller than Joey. Unlike Joey's fat build, Roy looked almost unhealthily skinny. If it weren't for how skinny he was, Gage thought, he would definitely sleep with him. He started to imagine what Roy would look like with more muscles, boning up again behind the bar when the man's question brought him back to reality. “What about you Gage?” Gage shook his head, trying to get his bearings. “Huh?” he asked. “We were just talking about how long it's been since we were laid. You're single so you know the struggle. How long has it been man?” Gage blushed, remembering his latest encounter with Mike. “Just a few days,” he admitted. “Damn,” Joey said, “My dry streak can be measured in months.” “Me too,” Roy said with a laugh. “Hey, speaking of months,” Joey said, looking down at his phone, “where's Mike. He texted me saying he'd be here. I haven't seen the bastard in over a month now.” “Hey he texted me the same thing,” Roy said. “And same here. I wonder what he's been up to.” “Well I guess we'll find out tonight,” Gage answered, hoping that this had something to do with his surprise. “If he shows up,” Joey said as he shook his head. As they spoke, the man at the booth grabbed his last beer and went to the bar to pay his tab. Joey watched him leave, waiting until the door closed behind him. He glanced around one more time and almost whispered, as though he was afraid of being caught. “Mike said something about a specialty beer you guys were brewing in the backroom.” Gage's cock began to tent his pants, starting to piece together what exactly this surprise might be. “I know you aren't supposed to be doing anything like this, so don't worry I'll keep it between the three of us,” Joey said with a smile, “but I'd love a glass, and I'm sure Roy would too.” Gage looked concerned. “Did Mike tell you anything about this specialty beer?” he asked. “Only that it tasted amazing,” Roy answered. “I'll... I'll check the back,” Gage stuttered. He was almost sure that these two didn't know what they were getting into. Hell, he wasn't entirely sure what he was getting into. He quickly walked to the back room. Gage opened the door, and turned on the light. Mike was sitting at a desk in the corner, pouring a bottle of cheap beer into a glass. “How'd you get in?” Gage asked. Mike shrugged and gestured to the broken window. “How do you think slut?” Gage shuddered slightly. “Are you going to drug your friends now?” Mike laughed. “No.” he poured a packet of powder into each of the glasses. “You are.” The beefy dad stood up, and unzipped his tight jeans. “But first, I'm horny and only your mouth will do.” Gage watched as the thick cock popped out, practically salivating at the sight. He quickly got on his knees, and began to deep throat the massive tool, feeling almost no resistance after all his practice. Mike didn't last long, and was soon unloading down Gage's throat. A few moments later, Gage returned to the bar carrying 2 glasses of beer. He wiped the remaining cum on his apron, and presented the drugged beer to the men. “Here,” he said presenting the men the glasses, hoping that the deception wasn't detected. Joey and Roy eagerly drank their tainted beers, with Joey finishing his quickly while Roy slowly sipped on his. “Not bad,” Joey said, “But it tastes really familiar.” “I'm not sure if I like it,” Roy said after he finally finished his glass, “it tastes cheap.” Gage's face turned bright red, but his story wasn't questioned. The three men discussed the finer points of craft beers while Gage watched in anticipation, waiting for the wondrous change that effected Mike to effect these two. The change hit Joey first. He mumbled something about not feeling good, then immediately passed out, face down on the bar. “What the fuck?” Roy asked, beginning to freak out. “Is he okay man? Fuck is the beer okay? I drank it too!” “Calm down,” Gage said, wondering how he'd justify this to Roy. In the end, however, the problem sorted itself out and Roy passed out as well. Joey soon came too and began groaning for water. Gage ran and got a few glasses, his dick snaking down his pants leg as he waited. Even when he came back with the water, the changes had already began. Joey looked healthier, his skin seemed to fit his body. As Joey drank, the real changes began. Like with Mike, his arms were the first to grow. Gage watched in awe as Joey's flabby arms grew even bigger, soon becoming 25 or so inches around. Gage moaned involuntarily as Joey's body grew under his shirt. Unlike Mike, who just hardened and slimmed down, Joey seemed to be doing the opposite. Sure, it was obvious that he was adding muscle to his growing frame, but the muscle was in a different form. His pecs became absolutely massive, jutting away from his body, but his belly grew out too, hardening into a rock hard gut. His waistline grew, ripping his now tight jeans as his body expanded with this beefy muscle. Finally, dense gray hair sprouted over his whole body. He stood up, his shredded jeans falling to the floor beneath him. Joey looked as if he had tried to cram into a child's shirt and underwear as he stood before Gage. His hairy belly was showing under the shirt, and even soft, his now massive dick was making an obscene bulge in his briefs. Joey looked down at his body, surveying the changes. “What the fuck happened to me?” He finally asked. “Was this you?” Gage couldn't make eye contact, he felt so guilty. But his cock was reacting to the hot man before him, making a spot of precum in his jeans. The spot didn't escape Joey's notice. “Fuck man I'm so horny. And I see you are too.” Gage looked up at the beefy man. “y..yeah.” “And this is your doing right?” “Yeah,” Gage admitted. Joey rubbed his bulge with both of his meaty paws. “This is your problem then.” He said matter of factly. Gage just stared at the man before him. Joey peeled off his tight shirt, revealing the dense hair, soaked with sweat, causing Gage to practically drool. “Here, I'll help.” Joey said rather aggressively, and shoved Gage's face into his bulge. “Lick bitch.” Gage moaned as he tongued at the briefs, getting them wet with spit. The attention made Joey's thick cock harden, tenting his already obscenely stretched underwear as he grunted appreciatively. “You're a regular cockhound ain't cha?” Joey asked with a smile, as he began to lower his underwear, revealing the thick base of his cock. Gage was too preoccupied with the massive cock being slowly revealed to him to answer. Joey's thick tool had to be even wider than Mike's. Joey kept pulling his briefs down, exposing more and more of the gigantic cock. He was having trouble though getting his underwear past his hairy thighs. Frustrated, he grabbed at the front of his briefs, and with a loud rip, tore them into tattered pieces. This gave Gage his first real view of the cock he was servicing. Saying Joey's cock was thick was like saying the ocean was wet. It was thicker than a beer can for sure, maybe three and a half inches across at its widest point. The cock was at its widest just before the thick head, which jutted out probably another quarter inch thicker than the shaft. It was long too, although a bit shorter than Mike's huge member. Gage estimated it to be about 13 inches long, making it still one of the biggest cocks in the world. Hanging below the member where too massive nuts that would put bulls to shame. As he stared in awe, Joey frowned at him. “Why'd you stop slut?” He asked angrily, and forcefully shoved the thick tool into Gage's waiting mouth. Gage was thankful for his practice on Mike's huge tool because if it weren't for that, Joey's insanely thick cock would have torn him up. Instead, it was just moderately uncomfortable as Joey pistoned his huge cock in and out of his mouth. While Joey was occupying Gage, Roy began to go through his own changes. The skinny black man's height was the first to change, as Roy shot up from 5'11” to around 6'7”. Then he began to pack on weight. Unlike the other two men who became bigger and beefier however, Roy became tightly toned. He still looked massively muscular, but was much more lithe than the beefy form of Joey, or even the muscle-daddy body that Mike had. His skinny clothes strained against Roy's ripped muscles, causing the tall adonis to rip them off, revealing exactly what the powder had done to his body. Saying he was ripped was an understatement. His biceps, though smaller than the others, had to be around 22 inches around. His pecs, again smaller than the other two men, were nevertheless perfectly proportionate, with huge nipples topping them off. 8 tight, washboard abs led down to a well defined adonis belt, which pointed directly at his huge cock. Roy finally spoke up as he stared at the action before him. “I didn't know Gage was a cocksucker, and a good one at that. Hope you don't mind sharing, Joey.” Joey just grunted, and pulled his spit soaked dick out of Gage's mouth. Gage reached for the tool, wanting to taste it again, but Roy had other ideas. He grabbed Gage's hand and placed it on his own thick member. Gage turned to see the thick tool in front of him. Roy's monster cock put Joey's to shame. It was almost as thick as Joey's at a bit over three inches across. But thick wasn't the first word you'd use to describe this cock. Mainly because anyone who saw it would be too caught up on the length. Roy's massive cock had to be over 15 inches long, causing Gage to salivate again as he imagined sucking it. He didn't have to imagine long, as Roy wiped the cock across his face. Gage licked at the thick meat as it passed. “Hurry up and stick it in him,” Joey complained. “I want another go.” “Fuck dude, you're so impatient,” Roy said. “There's plenty of time for this slut to suck each of us.” With that Roy pushed Gage's head into his pubes. “Lick my cock, queer.” He said as he moaned in pleasure. Gage moaned too, as he licked up and down the massive length of cock. Then it was time for the main event. He opened his mouth as wide as he could in order to fit Roy's thick cock inside. As soon as he was accustomed to the massive cockhead filling his mouth, he doubled down on it, letting more and more of the thick tool down his throat. Roy was a much gentler fuck than Joey, letting Gage take his time to lazily suck on his massive cock. “You've had long enough,” Joey complained, pulling Gage's head back onto his own cock. Gage moaned as Joey began to fuck his face mercilessly. As his mouth is being used, Gage uses both hands to roughly jack off Roy's massive cock. “Fuck gonna cum,” Joey says with a moan. “Taste my seed you whore.” And with that, Joey's balls tighten, and he lets loose a thick cumshot down Gage's throat. Gage practically gags on the massive load, but manages to keep it all down, his belly full of cum. “This is too fucking hot,” Roy says with a moan, and begins to jack his cock even faster. With a grunt he shoots all over his smooth, washboard abs. He pulls Gage to his body. “Lick me clean slut, I want you to taste me.” Gage moans in appreciation, and gets on his knees to clean Roy's body. As he does that, Joey bends over behind Gage, grabbing at his tight ass. Without even pausing he tears Gage's jeans open, exposing Gage's toned ass. With a moan, Joey sticks his face in, his thick beard roughly feeling rough against Gage's ass cheeks. Gage lets out another moan, and doubles down on his servicing of Roy. Roy's cock grows hard again. “This time it's gonna go down your throat,” he says with a grunt, as he shoves the entire massive tool into Gage's willing mouth. At the same time, Joey begins fingering Gage's ass. “It's taking my fingers easily.” Joey exclaims. “You must be quite the whore.” Gage moans around Roy's thick cock. Joey chuckles. “I'll take that as conformation,” he says as he removes the fingers, and begins rubbing his cockhead against Gage's ass crack. Impatient as always, Joey shoves all 13 thick inches into Gage's ass at once, and immediately begins to fuck him hard. Gage lets out a gasp. He's never had anything even close to this thick in his ass before, and the pain seemed unbearable. But, as he remembered, that's what Mike's felt like the first time, and he learned to love that soon enough. He tries to focus on the tool in his ass. Soon enough the pain does fade, and Gage gets into the fucking, bucking his ass up to meet Joey's thrusts. The pleasure from being filled on both sides proves to be too much, and soon Gage shoots all over the floor of the bar. As he shoots, his ass tightens even more on Joey's cock. “Fuck slut, take my load,” he grunts, slamming his cock in and out of Gage even faster, before eventually, he dumps his second load of the night deep in Gage's bowels. He pulls his dripping cock out, letting the rest of the cum leak onto Gage's back. The sight proves to be too much for Roy, who roughly grabs Gage's head and shoves him down his cock until Gage's nose is nestled in Roy's thick pubes. Roy shoots another massive load. He pulls his spent cock out of Gage's mouth,holding it tantalizingly in front of the bottom. Not content for very long, Roy shoves his soft cock back in Gage's face. “I want some of that ass. Get me ready you fucking queer,” he says as he jacks his cock. Never needing to be told to work a cock twice, Gage begins to lick and kiss the massive tool in front of him. Even soft Roy's cock has to be 9 inches long, a few longer than Gage's own 7 incher. “That's a good cocksucker,” Roy moans as his cock reaches it's full length in Gage's throat. He pulls his spit soaked cock out of Gage's throat, then flips him around, exposing Gage's cum filled ass. Not needing any preparation, Roy shoves all 15 inches into Gage's hungry hole. “Fuck!” Gage exclaimed as his ass was penetrated by the second cock of the night. “Damn this ass is great,” Roy exclaimed, as he continued to thrust in and out of Gage. “We gotta make this a regular thing.” He said to Joey. “Yeah,” Joey replied, “the sluts made for it.” The men continued to talk about Gage as though he wasn't there, all the while Roy was slowly fucking his ass. The men disregarded his screams of pleasure, as though this was the most natural thing in the world. Joey glanced over at Roy, just as he pulled his entire cock out of Gage's ass. “Fuck, the boy can sure take a cock,” he exclaimed. “Tell me about it,” Roy said between grunts as he shoved the entire length in roughly again. He grabbed Gage and flipped him around as if he weighed nothing, and, mid stroke, had him on his back. “This gives me an idea,” said Joey as he stood in front of Gage. “Don't you fucking shoot,” he yelled back to Roy, as he bent over Gage's face, his meaty, fur-covered ass hole directly over Gage's mouth and nose. Gage moaned at the sight in front of him. The sweaty cavern smelled amazing. “Don't just look at it bitch,” Joey snarled, “fucking eat my ass.” With that he sat down, resting some of his weight on Gage's face. Gage was in heaven, and began rimming Joey's ass as if his life depended on it. “Yeah slut,” Joey moaned, “fucking eat my ass.” Gage could barely make out Joey's cock growing to it's full length. “Was this your idea?” Roy called out, not letting up his assault on Gage's ass. “No dumbass,” Joey answered, “I just wanted him to get me hard again. He finally stood up, but not before rubbing his ass cheeks across Gage's face. Joey looked over at Roy. “I need you to get on your back, and put the slut on top of you.” Roy complied, laying down with a thud. He pulled Gage's down on top of him. Gage was so much shorter that he was staring at Roy's neck as they laid there. Then Joey knelt down behind the fucking pair, and began rubbing his finger along Roy's cock. “So you're queer now too?” Roy mocked. Joey shot Roy a look, but didn't respond. He began to work his finger into Gage's ass alongside the thick black cock. Gage yelped at the sudden intrusion of one of Joey's fat fingers, but was eager to see what would happen next. He bucked harder on Roy's cock, as Joey stuck two, then three fingers in alongside Roy. “I think our slut is ready.” Joey said with a smile as he removed the fingers. “For what?” Roy asked, still fucking with gusto. With that, Joey shoved the head of his cock into Gage's ass. “This.” Gage cried out as his already stretched ass expanded even farther to accommodate a second fat cock. “Damn I can't believe the queer is taking it!” Joey exclaimed, as he slowly worked more and more of his cock in along Roy's thrusting member. Soon enough, both massive cocks were entirely inside Gage's well fucked hole. “Here comes the main event, bitch.” Joey exclaimed as he began to thrust in time with Roy. Gage couldn't take it any more, crying out as he came all over himself, causing a chain reaction. The pressure along with the second cock rubbing against his own made Roy shoot too, flooding Gage's ass. Roy's softening cock made Joey just work harder, thrusting over and over into Gage's hole until he too unloaded. The two men pulled out, and all three laid in a sweaty, cum covered pile on the dirty bar floor. “Fuck this was hot.” Gage exclaimed as he slowly rubbed Joey's chest. “No kidding,” said Roy. “I'm hoping this isn't the only time we do this.” “Of course not,” Joey said with a sneer. “We're gonna make fucking this slut a regular occurrence.” As they lay panting, the door to the back room swung open, and Mike walked out. “Holy shit Mike, is that you?” Roy asked after the long silence. “You're so much bigger than you used to be.” Mike was bigger than before, even to Gage. He must have dosed himself again. Whereas before he was around 6'4” and maybe 330 lbs, the behemoth standing before them had to be at least 6'10” and maybe 600 lbs. Gargantuan didn't begin to describe him. His biceps were probably 30 inches around, and his pecs were the size of pillows. His abs were even more defined than before, if that was even possible, and his whole body was covered in thick hair. Below his abs hung a rock hard cock that was 20 inches long it was one, and nearly as thick as Mike's massive forearm. His waist was even slimmer than before, tapering down to around 33 inches. Mike flexed for them. “Yep. And I'm the reason you guys are huge too.” All three men popped wood again, as they stared in awe. Mike struck a double bicep pose, exposing the forest of hair in his armpits, and making the scent of testosterone fill the room. He stared down at Joey and Roy, dwarfing the two huge men. “Show me how thankful you are,” he bellowed. “Worship my armpits.” The men scrambled to stand up, and began to bathe the hair with their tongue. Gage was so turned on he was jacking off at the sight. “I see you've had a productive night, slut.” Mike growled in his deep baritone. “Maybe you can take the new me too.” Gage just moaned at the idea, and bent over, presenting his dripping asshole to the massive stud. With one thrust, Mike buried 10 inches of cock into Gage's hole, and began to wiggle it around. Sensing the resistance from Gage's innards leaving, he began to thrust more and more of his giant cock inside of Gage, leaving the bottom writhing in pleasure. Soon his massive tool was balls deep in the much smaller man. And then the true fucking began. Mike grabbed hold of Gage's smaller body for leverage, and began to thrust in and out as hard as he could. Joey began to complain. “Mike how are we supposed to worship you while you're fucking him like this. Mike just shrugged and answered, “the bitch has another hole. Use it and shut up.” With that, Joey and Roy moved in front of Gage, ending the night as they started it: taking turns being sucked off by the cock-hungry bartender. Mike laid on top of Gage, his massive weight nearly crushing the younger man, and his hairy chest rubbing against Gage's back as Gage moaned into Joey and Roy's cocks. Soon the stimulation was too much, and Gage again shot all over the ground beneath him. Joey was the next to shoot, a massive cumload that arced through the air, landing on Mike's chest as he leaned over Gage. Then Roy shot his fourth load of the night, painting Gage's face again. The men began rubbing Mike's powerful muscles as he thrust harder and harder into Gage's ruined ass. Finally, Mike was ready. He slapped his cock into Gage's ass hard,and bellowed as he came, so much that it was quickly spilling out the top. He pulled out his still shooting cock, and coated Gage's ass and back in his thick load. Mike rolled over, panting again, and kissed Gage deeply, as the pair drifted off to sleep. “Yeah,” Joey said out loud to no one in particular. “We definitely have to do this again.”
  5. gayboyswag

    The Barfly

    I'm finally working on a sequel to this story. Here's a little teaser to get you ready for the next part (no growth yet). The barfly part 2: “Fuck yeah,” Gage groaned, writhing in pleasure, “fill my ass stud.” The massive man above him grunted as his balls slapped Gage's ass. “Yeah slut, you like that? You like my massive cock spreading your ass? I'm gonna ruin you for everyone else.” Mike moaned in pleasure, shooting all over his bed. “Fuck yeah Mike, fill me, make me yours.” Mike complied, pulling Gage's hips towards his and unloading deep inside Gage's bowels. He pulled out and rolled over, panting on the side of the bed. Gage looked over at the massive form next to him. If anyone had told him a little over a month ago that he would be being fucked by Mike and love it, he would have laughed in their face. But then again, if someone had told him that Mike would have changed from a 6'1” 300 pound shlub to a massive, muscular stud from some product Gage ordered online, he would never have believed him. Yet here he was, recovering from another night of amazing fucking from the man who was his best customer at the bar. Not that Mike was his best customer anymore. In fact, besides the random visits Mike had made to his house, he hadn't seen the man since that night. He smiled, loving this new development in his life. Gage didn't have long to reflect on his situation though. Whatever was in that formula that made Mike grow also made him insanely horny, and it showed. Mike roughly grabbed Gage's face and rubbed it into his pecs. “Taste me slut,” Mike moaned as Gage licked at his pecs. “Mmm yeah, fucking worship your god.” Gage licked lower and lower on Mike's body, down his washboard abs towards his thick pubes. He licked and suck the sweat off of his body, ready to taste Mike's massive cock for the second time that night. “Enough of this,” Mike said with a moan, and shoved Gage's head onto the head of his 14 incher. Gage began to lick and suck the thick cockhead, tasting sweat and cum from the night. He licked down the head, paying attention to the piss slit, and rubbed his mouth down the whole length. Then Gage took it deep, relaxing his jaw and taking all 14 inches down his throat. Mike didn't last long from the expert deepthroating, shooting another load into Gage. Gage swallowed all that he could, but some dribbled down onto Mike's cock. “Thank you sir,” Gage said with a smile after taking in all the cum he could. Mike rolled back over, and brought Gage to rest on him. “I have a surprise for you slut,” he said. “What is it sir?” Gage asked, eager to see what the dominant muscle man before him would do next. “It's not ready yet, but it'll be some time this week. When it comes you'll know what to do.” Mike answered. “Don't worry queer, you're going to love it.” He stood up and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight black t-shirt. “You can keep my jock,” he said gesturing to the dirty strap on the floor. “I'll see you soon.” Gage laid in bed as Mike let himself out, and quickly fell asleep.
  6. gayboyswag

    The Barfly

    That's shockingly similar to what I have planned.
  7. gayboyswag

    The Barfly

    The Barfly Okay this starts slow but I promise it will pick up speed quickly. Contains themes of Muscle Growth, massive cocks, and dom/sub. If you just want growth and sex you can skip the whole first section and only will miss backstory. edit: Part two is posted: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4703-the-barfly-part-2-the-barflies/ ------------------------------------- Gage Waters hated his job. When he got his bartending license he assumed he'd be working a gay bar, some sort of night club, or hell, even some college town dive bar. Then again he'd assumed he'd be able to use this as a side job while his music career took off. Either way, Gage was now wasting his days away at a dirty sports bar whose only clients seemed to be middle aged dads. And not even hot dads, he thought to himself, and went back to daydreaming while cleaning the same glass. He looked up, and saw the only man there was looking up at him while sipping on his third pint of Guinness. The man had finally stopped talking. “Damn man that sucks,” he said to the man at the counter, without actually hearing anything, not that he needed to. Mike Hammer was probably complaining about his ex-wife. The balding 45 year old was always complaining about his ex-wife. As far as Gage had gathered, she had left him and took the kids over ten years ago, and had the audacity of asking him to at least call his sons occasionally. “Tell me about it,” Mike complained again. “If she wants custody it means that they're totally hers. I don't need to give him a call, so what if he was asking about me, I have my own life to worry about. And don't even get me started about what she asked me to do for his birthday...” Mike droned on and Gage tuned him out again, watching the clock, praying for Mike to leave early. “Last call Mike,” Gage called out the second the clock hit 2:00, smiling at the half drunk pint in front of the man. “Alright,” Mike said, starting to drink his beer faster. “No way you'd serve me another?” he asked. “Not today,” Gage joked. “But there's always tomorrow.” “Well you know I'll be here,” Mike said with a weak smile. He quickly gulped down the rest of his glass. “I'll get out of your hair. Got work tomorrow morning at 9 and don't want to be too tired.” “Night Mike,” Gage called, waiting till Mike left for the fake smile to fall off his face. His bar had plenty of regulars but Mike was by far the worst. The morbidly obese ex-high school football player came in every day, and rarely shut up. But at least he tips well, Gage thought to himself as he pocketed the 10. He quickly cleaned up and locked up, heading to his apartment down the street. Gage settled into bed himself, a bit drunk off of a few mixed drink of his own around 3, and opened up his laptop, navigating to his favorite porn site. He pulled off his briefs and started to work his sizable 7 inch meat. The video he was watching had some huge muscular stud banging the hell out of a tiny guy. But when Gage looked closer, he realized that the smaller guy wasn't actually tiny, the top was just insanely big. “Fuck he's gotta be 7 feet tall,” Gage moaned as he jacked off even harder. The man finally pulled out of the bottoms ass, showing off a cock that seemed almost oversized even on a man as big as he was. The video ended and Gage looked at the description, hoping for another video staring that massive man. The only thing in the description was “body by Ubermen,” and a link. Gage clicked the link hoping for more videos. The link opened onto some sketchy, web2.0 styled site showing obviously fake before and after pictures. Every single before guy was an unattractive man, either built like a twig, or almost as fat as Mike. The afters didn't look like the same person. Each after looked different, but they all had one thing in common, they were absolutely massive. Gage continued jacking off, looking at the hot after pictures, especially focusing on the one front and center. The massive man in this picture was supposedly 8'4” tall and 900 lbs, and it showed. His biceps were much larger than the man next to him's head, and his pecs were as big as melons. Gage looked down, his eyes focused on the man's abs, like bricks. He jacked off even harder, his cock dripping precum, as he scrolled down, exposing this god of a man's massive cock. “Fuck that thing's gotta be 2 ft tall,” he moaned, and shot all over his own chest. A popup came up on his screen, “Rod's body is the result of our Ubermen muscle powder ™. Click here to order your own treatment program, for 3 easy payments of 19.99.” Gage's cock hardened again at the thought. The gears turned in his drunken mind. “I could look like that,” he moaned and started jacking off again. He quickly entered his credit card information, praying he didn't end up funding some foreign ponzi scheme, and ordered the powder. Gage came again, jacking off to thoughts of him and other huge muscle studs fucking all day long, and fell asleep, spent. He didn't see the warning written at the bottom of the order form “may cause a decrease in inhibitions.” ------------------------------------------------ Gage woke up and went through his day as normal, forgetting about his drunken purchase until it arrived in the mail a few weeks later. He looked at the package and immediately blushed, remembering his dumb, drunken decision. Gage looked down at his body. Now that he wasn't drunk and horny, he realized how happy he was with his body. Sure at 5'9” and 175 lbs, he wasn't a muscle god, but his lithe body was more his own style. He sighed and unpacked the box. All the packaging concealed what was eventually a small baggie with a strange white powder. “this isn't sketchy at all,” Gage said to himself, while he figured out what to do with it. Sighing, he realized he had to get ready for work. He slipped the baggie into his coat pocket and left for the bar. The bar was as slow as usual, and by 11, it was down to Gage and Mike. Mike was rambling on again about his other favorite topic, his high school football glory days. “You don't get it Gage, before the wife and I got together, back when I played, I was hot. None of this fat, just pure muscle. Man I'd love to get back to that...” Gage remembered the powder in his pocket, but he had in his pocket. He briefly considered drugging Mike's drink with it when the man wasn't paying attention, but decided against it, worried that something bad might happen to Mike if he did, or that he'd get fired if he noticed. He sighed and made his decision. “Hey Mike, how desperate are you to get back into that kind of shape again?” Mike laughed. “Pretty desperate, but I just can't do the workouts anymore, you know? I don't have it in me. But god I'd kill to have that body.” Gage smiled. “Well when I was drunk I ordered this protein powder that is supposed to make you way more muscular, but I decided I didn't want it. You want to try it?” Mike looked Gage dead in the eyes. “Absolutely,” he answered without hesitation. “Are you sure?” Gage asked, “it's from this sketchy website, and I have no idea what's even in it. “Without a doubt,” he answered, “you have it here?” Gage walked to his coat and took out the packet. He took a deep breath, hoping he didn't inadvertently kill the man, and handed over the powder to Mike. “I don't have any idea how it works, either, besides the fact that you dissolve it in liquid, so be careful.” “Got any water?” Mike asked, feeling the powder through its bag. Gage's arm was shaking as he handed a glass full to Mike, who quickly opened the bag and stirred in the entire package. The water eventually turned clear again, and the two men stared at the concoction. “Well, down the hatch,” Mike said, before taking a huge gulp. He smiled. “It doesn't even have any taste.” The fat man continued chugging the laced water. After he finished, Mike sat there in silence for a few minutes. “I wonder when I'll know if it worked.” “No idea,” Gage answered, honestly, while Mike looked around the bar. “In that case, might as while have another beer.” Gage frowned, realizing that he'll have to hear even more complaining, but at least it would be about this bust powder, instead of football glory days and ex wives. Mike continued his ranting while Gage nodded sympathetically, and added his usual uh-huhs. Soon though, he fell quiet. Gage looked up, and saw that Mike was sweating even more than usual, instead of looking like he had just ran to the bar, Mike looked as though he had been stuck out in the rain. Worried, he asked. “You okay dude?” At that moment, Mike fell out of his chair. “Oh fuck, I'm fucked,” Gage yelled in desperation as he ran from behind the counter to try and help. He felt Mike's forhead, and realized he was burning up. “I killed him!” Gage screamed, and reached for his cell phone, dialing 9-1-1. As he was about to hit send, Mike reached up, and grabbed at the phone. “Fine. Need water.” he croaked out. Gage ran to get more, not yet noticing the change going on in Mike's body. The years of neglect were being undone. Decades worth of fat melted away, and in it's place formed powerful muscles. His biceps slowly formed until they were 24 inch guns at their peak, and stretched the hems of his t-shirt. His former man boobs hardened into defined, yet still massive, pecs jutting out from his chest. As he groaned his former gut shrunk and hardened into an eight pack with each individual ab standing out from the deep groove between them. His shirt draped over his lower body like a tent as his waist shrank to 35 inches. The only place his clothes still seemed as tight as they were were his thick thighs, but now instead of seeming forced into his jeans, they defined them. Fat melted off his face, leaving him with a defined jawline, although it didn't stay visible for long. An increase in testosterone from his now massive bull balls forced what looked like a week's worth of beard growth out of his formerly smooth face, making him look even more intimidating. Mike gasped more as his body stretched taller, taking his formerly 6 foot frame up to 6'4” Gage returned with a large jug of water, and almost dropped it in shock. Mike looked amazing. No, he was more than amazing, he was hot as hell. His eyes lingered on the abs now exposed from the gap in his oversized shirt, and then looked into Mike's handsome face, suddenly remembering what he was doing. He brought the gallon jug to Mike's lips. The now muscular man greedily drank the entire jug, and requested another. After he had finished half of that one, he sat up, leaning against the counter. “Damn this feels great.” Mike finally said after a long silence. He looked down at himself, flexing his biceps lightly. Gage turned away in order to hide his growing boner. “Gonna need new clothes though, huh?” he said with a laugh, as he grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pulled up almost 10 inches from his actual waist. Gage mistakenly looked over, and caught a glimpse of the giant cock, still completely soft. Realizing he was staring, he laughed nervously and looked away. Mike turned towards Gage, “See something you like?” he asked with a smirk. Gage blushed, looking mortified. “no sir, just still amazed by the changes.” Mike laughed. “Sir? I like that. Could get used to it. Gage's cock got rock hard, making him really wish he had worn baggier jeans today. This didn't escape Mike's notice. Mike grabbed roughly at the bulge growing in Gage's jeans. “Looks like this is amazed by the changes too huh?” Stuttering, Gage tried to form an excuse, but Mike cut him off. “It's ok. I figured you were queer a while ago. Didn't bother me much.” He continued roughly fondling Gage's erection. “Now though for some reason the idea of you being hot for me turns me on.” “So, boy.” Mike said, standing up and showing how much he toward over Gage, “Are you hot for me?” “Ye.. yes,” Gage practically moaned. “Good.” Mike said, removing his baggy shirt and flexing in front of the bartender. “Show me.” Gage moaned as the hair covered muscles were on display. “You like my muscles, huh?” Mike smiled, not needing an answer. He pushed Gage into his sweaty bicep, and let him do the rest. The much smaller bartender licked and sucked on the hard muscle, giving it a workover with his tongue. He licked and sucked from the bicep down to Mike's hairy armpit. Moaning, Gage buried his face into it, tasting the musk as he licked. Mike smiled and moved Gage to his other armpit, shoving his face in as the smaller man tasted him. Gage's moans were turning him on too. He let the younger stud off him, as his cock strained against even the extra ten inches in the front of his jeans. Not wanting to end this too soon, Mike let Gage stand on his own for a second. “So boy,” Mike grinned. “You really are a slut for muscle daddies, huh?” “Yes sir,” Gage responded, feeling more turned on than he ever had before in his life. “Well then, slut, why don't you show me what you'll do with these?” At that, Mike flexed his chest, making his massive, hairy pecs bounce up and down, driving the smaller man crazy. Gage moaned again, watching Mike put on the show. The newly minted hunk kept flexing and posing, showing off for his admirer. Mike bounced each pec individually a few times before standing with his hands on his hips. “I'm waiting.” Mike announced. Gage smiled, and walked towards the muscled daddy in front of him. He bent down slightly and started to lick one of Mike's massive pecs. Swirling his tongue around the huge slab in front of him, he made his way closer and closer to Mike's protruding nipple. All the while, his hands were twisting and tugging on the other nipple, making Mike groan in pleasure. Finally, Gage's tongue made contact, and he began to lick and suck as hard as he could. Mike moaned and shuddered, his cock growing quickly to full mast. He pushed Gage away and ripped his shirt off, exposing the smaller man's own taught chest. While Gage continued licking and sucking on Mike's massive chest, Mike started to roughly tweak Gage's nipples, making the smaller man moan into his pecs. Mike continued working his hands onto Gage's chest, pushing the smaller man lower and lower until he was on his knees in front of him. He smiled while he unzipped his jeans, exposing a 14inch cock, as thick as a beer can. Gage gasped at the size of the cock in front of him, hesitant to try fitting the thing in his mouth. “It ain't gonna suck itself,” Mike practically sneered, as he bounced the tool in Gage's face. Gage tentatively tried to suck at the tip. He was going to have a hard time fitting that into his mouth. Not wanting to look like he was stalling, he started to work his mouth and tongue over the long rod, licking from the cock head to the point where it disappeared into Mike's thick pubes. The entire time, Mike was moaning and talking dirty, Gage heard “Yeah slut, take that cock, lick my manly tool like the whore you are.” before he returned his focus to the task at hand. When he made it to the head, he managed to taste what had to be the most delicious pre-cum he'd ever had. He attempted to fit the huge tool into his mouth, but succeeded in only fitting most of the meaty head before his jaw hurt too bad to continue. He swirled his tongue around the meat before sadly letting it fall out of his mouth, and returned to servicing the shaft. Licking down to Mike's huge bush, Gage was surprised when a powerful hand held him in place. “I want my pubes wet with your spit, and my balls sucked, slut.” Mike called out. Gage groaned at the thought, and began to spit and kiss at the thick bush before him. When he had succeeded in making the fur soaked, he kissed down lower to Mike's gigantic balls. The low hanging bull balls seemed huge, even in comparison to the massive cock hanging in front of them. Not to be discouraged though, he began to lap at the sack, tasting the sweat coating them. He sucks and bites on the loose skin, causing Mike to shudder in pleasure. Eventually Mike moans, and pulls Gage away forcefully. “Gonna shoot,” he calls out, shoving his cock way deeper into Gage's throat than it went before. Gage moans as his stomach fills with Mike's thick load. “Fuck yeah, you're a way better cocksucker than that bitch I used to be with.” Mike grunted out as he continued fucking Gage's face, letting more cum drip down his throat. He finally pulled out his spent cock, and squeezed the remaining drops of his seed onto Gage's face and chest. Gage panted as he caught his breath. “Fuck that was hot,” he moaned. Mike raised an eyebrow. “Was? It's not over yet slut. You think you're getting out of here without this cock going up your whore ass?” Gage looked worried, but then remembered how he'd taken most of it in his mouth already, and relaxed slightly. “Here,” Mike said, “use that hot mouth of yours to get it hard again. Gage smiled and started sucking on the massive member. As he got gradually used to its increasing size, he found that he could get the entire 14 incher down his throat. Not without gagging, though. Yet at least, he thought to himself. But before he could perfect his technique, the thick meat was taken away from him. Mike slapped the hard cock against his own massive thigh a few times, before growling his latest command. “Take those jeans off and bend over, slut.” Gage complied, his jeans were ruined by all the precum he was producing anyways, and took off his jeans and boxer briefs, throwing them into a pile. His cock was leaking so much that it threatened to puddle on the floor. He bent over, exposing his slightly hairy ass to Mike. Gage wiggled his ass, enticing the muscle daddy to have his way, well saying “fuck me sir, use my ass however you want.” Not having to be asked twice, Mike began rubbing the head of his massive cock up and down Gage's ass, causing both men to moan in pleasure. He continuously spit on both the ass and his own cock, supplying a bit of lube for the deed ahead.“This'll hurt at first, boy.” Mike called out, and forced the thick head into Gage's tight asshole. “OH FUCK!” Gage screamed out in pain. Mike was right, it did hurt. But, he was shocked at how quickly the pain dulled, fading into nothingness. Then Mike shoved more of the gigantic tool into his ass. Again, the spark of pain, again, the dull nothingness, but still no pleasure. The third thrust did the trick, finding Gage's prostate. “Oh god that feels so good, Sir. Fuck me!” He cried out. Mike smiled, and began to thrust more and more of the beer can thick cock into Gage's hungry hole. The prostate massage proved quickly to be too much. “Mike, I'm about to cum!” Gage moaned. Wasting no time, Mike shoved the remaining 3 inches into Gage's ass, covering the smaller man's cock with his hand. Gage moaned in pleasure, clenching his ass as he shot the biggest load he'd ever made in his life into Mike's open hand. As soon as the cum shots died down, Mike brought his hand up to his mouth, and gave it a lick. “Not bad,” he said before smearing the rest on his chest. The giant of a man continued slowly fucking Gage's ass in long strokes, making his whole dick disappear into the bartender's ass. “Now it's time for me to really fuck you,” he said with the same sneer as earlier. Gage moaned in pleasure as Mike pulled him up. He could feel his load in Mike's hairy chest as the muscles rubbed against his back. With the leverage he gave himself, Mike went to town on Gage's ass, thrusting over and over with powerful thrusts, their balls knocking together. He pulls Gage's head towards him and meets his lips for a kiss almost as rough as the fucking he was giving. But soon it's back to business, Mike slows down on his fuck and eventually pulls Gage close again, pulling Gage back into his body so he could shoot his load as deep as possible into Gage's ass. He shot over and over again, massaging Gage's prostate with each spurt. As the cum filled Gage's ass, he grabbed for Gage's cock, and roughly jerked him off until Gage too shot his second load of the night. The two men quickly fell asleep spent on the floor. ---------------------------------- Gage woke up on the floor of the bar. His ass was sore just remembering the events of last night, and he was covered in cum, but still, that was without a doubt the hottest thing that had ever happened to him. He turned over, seeing Mike's new body in the flesh. In the daylight, he seemed even bigger. He looked up towards the handsome man's face, realizing Mike too was awake, and looking at him too. “I'm so sorry,” Gage tried to apologize, “I shouldn't have let that happen last night, it was so wrong.” “Shut up.” Mike said forcefully. Gage gulped and cringed, preparing for the onslaught. But instead Mike grabbed his head, and kissed him roughly, his beard rubbing against Gage's face. They stayed together for what felt like hours, neither wanting to break the kiss. Eventually, Mike pulled away, and lay back down on the floor. “So what happens now?” Gage asked, looking over to the hulking brute of a man laying next to him. “Well boy, for now we order some more of this powder.” Mike answered, hugging Gage tightly. "Yes sir," Gage smiled, imagining the possibilities.
  8. Damn this is hot. Can't wait to see what'll happen next
  9. Part two to Trey's growth, like last time I'm gonna warn you that This story will contain a bunch of my fetishes. I'm not sure exactly where it will go yet though. I do know that it will include incest, macro, muscle growth, straight to gay, and musk. If any of those offend you, this won't be the story for you. After the wonderful sex with James, Trey sat worried on his couch. In his efforts to grow big fast, he didn't even begin to think about how the rest of the world would see him. But James's comments about work brought him back to reality. His dad would be home from his own job shortly, and would be expecting to see the short shrimpy boy that Trey formerly was, not the grown, muscular man that he had turned into. Trey began to walk to the bathroom, his now large soft cock flopping as he walked. He examined himself in the full body mirror. Now standing approximately six feet tall, Trey looked nothing like his former self. His body was strong and defined, and covered in hair, a sharp contrast from his twig like frame. On top of that, his face looked different too. Well, he thought to himself, not exactly different, just more... mature. He still had the large brown eyes and Roman nose, along with his larger than average lips, but the face itself was different. No longer round and boyish, he now had a strong jawline, and had lost any remnants of baby fat on his angular, chiseled face. He stared at his body again, realizing that he was exactly the type of guy he would have gone for. If anything, maybe a little small. His cock started to harden, from a soft 4 inches to its full, nine inch mast. I can't believe I'm getting hard at my own reflection, Trey thought to himself. But he couldn't stop. He was so damn horny. Trey grabbed his large cock in his meaty paws, and began to jack off. For the first time in his life, Trey used two hands, instead of his earlier two finger technique. His hands stroked up and down his thick tool, and played with his big bull balls, as he slowly stroked to erection. On a whim, Trey pinched his own nipples. A jolt shot through his body as his cock jumped. Damn that feels good he moaned, and continued to stroke. Trey felt an orgasm building as he rubbed his hairy chest with one hand and frantically jerked his cock with the other. His cock was leaking precum like a faucet. Finally, he couldn't hold it any longer. With a loud moan, Trey shot all over the mirror. Eight strong spurts of cum ran down the mirror, as the final shot trickled down over his inflamed cock head. Suddenly feeling self conscious, Trey cleaned up the mess with a towel the best he could, and headed to his room in order to find something to wear. Unsurprisingly, nothing fit. Trey tried to cram his body into the small clothes, but everything either looked ridiculous, tight on his body and unable to close up, or it just ripped from the strain of being put on. With that, he headed to his father's room. Trey's father had been the polar opposite of Trey. Standing at 6'2” and 210 lbs, the beefy construction worker was all man. The only thing that they had shared was a name, Trey being actually Raymond Warren III. Ray, the former football player had kept in great shape as the years went by, and only a slight gut and graying hair belied his true age, 39. Trey threw open his father's closet and began to look for clothes that would suit him. Giving up on finding anything in his style after a quick glance, he finally settled for an old college t shirt, slightly too small for his father, and a pair of jeans. With that, he heard the garage door open. Trey panicked and began to throw on the clothes. The jeans were slightly baggy on his muscled frame, but he couldn't find a belt. He began to slip on the shirt as he heard his father enter the house. “Trey, I'm home. You there?” the bear of a man called in through the door. “Yeah dad, I'm just in my room,” Trey yelled back, not remembering his deeper voice for a second. He quickly ran through the hallway into his room, shirt still half on. “You sound funny, boy. Are you getting sick or something?” His father asked from the kitchen. “Yeah I think so,” Trey finally answered, thankful that his dad had given him an out. “Anything I can do to help?” Ray asked. “No I'm good.” Trey responded, feeling guilty. Even though he and his father weren't alike in either size or in interests, his dad was great. After Mrs. Warren ran off when Trey was a baby, the two of them had been together, with his dad, who while encouraging Trey to play sports and be active, never seemed upset that Trey had been more of a band and chess club kind of kid. He also took the news of Trey being gay shockingly well, even if he did follow up Trey coming out with saying that he had thought Trey might be “a homo or something.” But he had immediately redeemed himself by hugging his son and saying he'd love him no matter what. Trey sat back in his bed and thought about what to do. He couldn't avoid everyone he knew forever, but with his new body, he'd barely pass as the old Trey. He sat on his bed and realized he was still sweating, massive stains beginning to show on the pits of his father's t shirt. There was a knock on his door. “I brought you some soup, sport,” his father said, as the doorknob began to turn. Trey shuddered, there was no avoiding what was going to happen. At that moment the door opened, his father took one look at the stud on the bed that had been Trey, and gasped, dropping the bowl to the ground. “Trey... Is that... you?” His father finally asked after a period of uncomfortable eye contact. “Yeah dad,” Trey responded. “I'm finally a big guy, huh?” Ray just looked at his son. “This is insane. You're all grown up.” He stared at the bulging muscles under the t shirt. “And you look so strong too.” “Like I said,” Trey answered, “something weird happened.” “Should I call a doctor?” “No I think I'm fine. Just sweaty,” Trey answered. “And I don't have anything to wear.” Ray looked at his son, wearing his baggy clothes. He admitted to himself that his son would look much better in something less baggy, that showed off his new definition, then wondered quickly where that thought had come from. “Well in that case, why don't we clean up this soup and then I'll make you a real meal. You must be starving. We can head to town tomorrow to get something new for you to wear.” “Sounds great dad.” Trey answered, and then climbed out of bed. His dad and him together began to mop up the soup, and sweep up the broken glass. As he stood in close quarters to his dad, the pheromones began to do their work, not that Trey noticed. But he did notice their effects. His dad seemed to have a raging erection. Trey pretended he didn't notice. After they finished cleaning up, he told his dad he needed to take a shower. Ray agreed, and said that he'd make them dinner while Trey washed up. In the shower, Trey soaped up his body. He wondered to himself if all the sweat was a side effect of the pills, or just his body growing. Either way though, he was covered in it. As he cleaned himself off, his cock began to get hard again. He thought of his father's erection at his body, as he began to jerk off. Trey sat in bliss, jerking his meaty tool until he was brought back to reality by a call from the kitchen. “Dinner's ready son,” his dad's deep voice yelled out. Trey groaned and painted the shower wall in his thick cum. “I'll be down in a minute,” he responded. After washing off the cum, Trey came out of the shower. He toweled his body dry when he realized his mistake. The only clothes he had near him that fit were covered in sweat. Wearing just the towel, he walked over to his father in the kitchen. “Hey dad?” he asked. “Can I borrow something else to wear? Nothing of mine fits anymore, remember?” Ray stopped what he was doing and stared at his sons body. Out of his clothes Trey was even more impressive. With his massive, hair covered pecs leading down to a treasure trail lined six pack, and the large biceps on display, his son was a true man. His eyes shot down, seeing the prominent bulge in front of his sons towel. His own 9 incher began to make his pants tent out. He must have been staring for quite some time because his son asked again, “Dad can I borrow something to wear?” Ray shook his head and came to. “Sure son, just pick anything from my drawers and set the table. I need to go to the bathroom.” Trey went up to get dressed as his father made a bee line to the bathroom. The room smelled like musk and cum, no doubt from Trey's previous actions in the room. He sat down on the toilet and took his own thick cock in his hand, and, for the first time in his life, jacked off to the images of a man. His own son, no less. Trey came down and set the table, wearing a pair of jeans from the back of his dad's closet and another old t shirt, he had finally found something that almost fit him, if it was hilariously out of style. But clothes were clothes at this point he thought to himself. His father came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, seeming flustered and a bit embarrassed. Trey didn't notice, however, being more concerned with stuffing his face with the burgers his dad had made. “These are great.” Trey commented, his mouth still full of food. “Glad you like em, sport,” Ray answered, stealing glances at his son as he ate his own burger. “I knew you'd be hungry after all that growing.” Four burgers, countless fries, and a salad later, Trey stopped eating. Ray sat at the table with his son, as they began to talk about their respective days. Ray related a story about his manager at work, while Trey talked about his day at the mall, and what happened when he grew, sparing his dad the details of the store front and the sex with James. His father looked intrigued. “What exactly sparked this random growth spurt?” he asked his son. Trey decided to come clean. “Well, I found these pills, and they made this happen.” Ray looked shocked. “Steroids? Even those don't work this fast.” Trey shrugged. I don't know dad. All I know is I took more than I was supposed to, and then this happened.” Ray still sat there, his mouth open. “I could show you if you don't believe me,” Trey said after a long pause. Ray was torn, part of him knew that this was a bad idea, that his son had already grown so much so fast, and any more could cause some real problems. Another part of him, a newly awakened part, would very much like to see his son grow huge and grow fast. The new part won out. “Go ahead Trey, he said, “Let's see this thing work.” Trey smiled and grabbed the jar of pills from the corner of the kitchen. Grabbing two pills and popping them in his mouth, he washed it down with a glass of water. “Last time it worked pretty fast,” he said, “so if you don't mind I'm gonna take off these clothes.” Trey's father more than didn't mind, the mere idea of seeing his son naked was very exciting to him all of a sudden. “Go ahead sport.” Trey stripped off his clothes, and stood naked in front of the man who had raised him. His soft cock sitting nestled in his prominent bush, hanging over his big balls. Ray's own cock was throbbing in his pants, and the show was yet to begin. First, Trey's frame began to stretch out, growing about four more inches, surpassing his father's own height of 6'2”. Then his body began to fill out. First his biceps, expanding from merely 15 inches around to an impressive 18 inches. He was beginning to look more like a lineman than a linebacker, as his pecs also expanded, growing hard and powerful. His nipples truly pointed down now. His six pack hardened further, becoming like defined bricks on his tight stomach, as his quads and calves expanded to become those of a hardened weightlifter more than a soccer player. His body hair grew thicker and more defined as well, becoming like a carpet across his pecs, and coating his abs, but not to the extent that they hid the definition. Then the last muscles in his body expanded. Trey's balls stretched to the size of tangerines and hung low in his sack and his cock began to stretch even farther. Soft now it had to hang six inches. As a final touch, his jaw became even more square, and grew from stubble to a short beard, maybe two days' growth. His body was covered in sweat by the time his growth slowed to a stop. “It went kind of like that, dad,” he said to his shocked father. Ray wasn't hearing a word of that. But the deeper voice sent him over the edge. He came hard in his pants, leaving a large wet stain. “Trey...” he moaned. “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.” Ray smiled as he said it but still seemed embarrassed by the fact hat he was so turned on by his son. Filled with lust and remembering the effect that he had had on his friend, Trey smiled. “You haven't even seen the best part yet,” Trey said, as he began to flex. Striking the double bicep pose from earlier, his thick armpits became exposed. His father felt the effects immediately and began to get hard again. The pheromones filled the air, and Ray became overcome with lust for his stud of a son. He stood up and walked over to Trey, before asking, “May I?” Trey smiled, knowing exactly what his dad wanted. “Yeah dad, but let me see you first.” His dad grinned at the idea, and stripped down himself. Ray wasn't bad looking either. His small gut from drinking too much beer was covered in the same salt and pepper black hair that lay thick on his head, and his visible pecs had the same coating. His own biceps were large, but not as big or defined as his son's had become, and as he stripped off his pants it became apparent just how turned on Ray was by all of this. His own, nine inch cock was throbbing, with the slightly upward curve causing precum to run down the underside. Below that hung a nice pair of testicles, almost as big as his own sons had become, which sat atop thick thighs and strong legs, more those of a man who worked for a living than gym-built muscles. Trey was insanely turned on by his bear of a father, and his cock throbbed to its new length of 12 inches long and as thick as a beer can. Seeing this caused Ray to be pushed over the edge. His cock gave one final throb, and then he shot his load, coating his sons furry abs in his cum without even touching his cock. “I'm sorry,” Ray said. “Let me clean that up.” Ray leaned forwards, and began to lick his own load from the hairy muscleman's sweaty abs. He still didn't know why he was doing this, knew it was wrong to be doing to his son, but too turned on to care. He began to lick and suck on his sons chest, going up and chewing on the nipple and licking at his thick armpits. Then he began to lick down Trey's body. All Trey could do is groan as his father had his way with him. He stood there as his father's tongue gave his body immense pleasures. His cock, too, was throbbing without being touched. “Hey dad,” he said, feeling cocky. “You're missing my best muscle.” With that Trey jacked his cock a few times in his hand, before letting his dad take over. His father took over immediately, giving Trey's cock the same lavish attention that he had given the rest of his jacked body. He'd take the cockhead in his mouth, and play with it with his tongue, before removing it and licking up and down the sides of the hot dick. He'd occasionally take a break from the cock entirely to start to lick and suck on the huge balls and play with Trey's muscular ass. But he'd always return to the cock. “Oh shit,” Trey moaned, “I can't take much more of this.” Ray smiled, and grabbed Trey's ass, pushing as much as the cock down his throat as he could. About six inches were down Ray's mouth when he decided to put his son over the edge. He stuck a single finger in Trey's muscular ass, feeling his son's prostate. With that Trey shot his massive load. Ray moaned as he tried to suck down the whole thing. Although mouth of his son's load made it down his throat, it was too thick and came out too fast, and he drooled cum down his chin and onto his own pecs. He stood up, and looked up at his son. “Fuck that was great” he said, his rock hard cock straining as it brushed Trey's leg. Ray looked down at himself, and wiped off some of the cum. He licked it up. “Let's keep going in my room,” Ray said to his son, clearly not feeling uncomfortable any more. Trey couldn't agree more, and followed behind his father, watching his hot ass as they walked, thinking of the pounding he was going to give it. Little did they know, the drugs coursing through Trey's body caused a powerful effect on men when they are consumed, especially in the form of semen. ******************************* So I've decided to write a bunch more parts, because honestly writing this story made me horny as hell, and it got a great response last time. I'm not sure how much yet, but I can assure you you haven't seen the last of Trey's growth.
  10. This is my first story ever, so I'll accept any criticism you give me. Note: This story will contain a bunch of my fetishes. I'm not sure exactly where it will go yet though. I do know that it will include incest, macro, muscle growth, straight to gay, and musk. If any of those offend you, this won't be the story for you. ************************************************************************************************************************* “I hate how small I am,” Trey complained to his friend after he stepped out of the car. The small teen had just been accused of having a fake ID by a police officer, pulled over because he looked way too young to drive a car. “You're not THAT small,” James, his much larger friend answered. “You're a really bad liar James,” Trey said, pushing his long brown hair out of his dark eyes. James really was lying. At 5'3 and 85 pounds, Trey was the smallest senior at his high school. And it had always been this way. He was the smallest kindergartener, the smallest freshman, and now the smallest adult. Trey constantly prayed for a growth spurt that would make him as big as his dad, an absolutely massive man. Heck, at this point he would settle for average height, maybe 5'7”. But according to every doctor, he was done growing, and Trey would have to settle with being small. James patted him on the back. “It doesn't matter man,” he said. “You've got a lot to be proud of.” Trey frowned. It was easy for James to say that. At 5'11 and 190 lbs his muscular, football playing friend had never been confused for being small. He looked up into his friends icy blue eyes. “Whatever dude,” Trey said. “Lets just look for clothes.” The boys walked into the mall to find summer clothes. As they looked around, they saw a strange looking shop that neither had remembered seeing before, in all their trips to the mall. The small, partially hidden shop's sign claimed that it sold “Chinese curios, knick-knacks and traditional medicine.” “Lets check this out,” James said, pulling on his smaller friend. “Maybe they'll have cool stuff.” The boys split up and looked around. James seemed drawn to the strange decorations, while Trey was eying the swords and weapons. The large Chinese man behind the counter smiled at Trey, before going back to inventory as Trey admired his wares. A butterfly knife caught his eye. “Excuse me,” Trey asked, “How much for this knife?” The Chinese man grabbed it and looked at it in his hands. “This is well crafted. It would cost you at least 100 dollars.” He smiled down at Trey. “However, I cannot sell a weapon such as this to someone younger than 18 without a parent or guardian, so you will either need to wait a few years, or bring your parents with you, young man.” Trey's face fell. “I am 18.” he pulled out his ID, a common enough occurrence when one looks five years younger than they are. The older man looked Trey up and down and then smiled. “Ah” he said. Then went into a back room. The man walked out holding a large pill bottle, covered in Chinese characters. “This is what you need then.” Trey frowned. “What is it?” “The solution to your problems. These are Chinese growth pills. If you take one a day, you will soon become a much larger man. You won't be mistaken for a child any longer.” James walked over to the counter. “That's impossible,” he said. “Oh no,” the shopkeeper answered. “I can promise you they work. When I was twenty, I was only slightly larger than your friend here. As time went on, I became the man I am today.” “I call bullshit,” James said, “Trey lets get away from this snakeoil salesman.” Trey however, looked enthralled. “How much is it?” he asked. “How much do you have on you?” Asked the shopkeeper. A look of disgust fell on James's face. “You're gonna buy this shit?” he asked. “Worth a shot,” Trey answered, “nothing else has ever worked.” He turned to the shopkeeper. “I've got 45 dollars and some change.” The shopkeeper smiled. “Sold!” he said, accepting Trey's money. Trey emptied his wallet on the counter, and grabbed the large jar. “Take one a day, until you reach the size you want,” said the shopkeeper. “Make sure to never take any more than that, or there will be consequences.” “Sounds good!” Trey said, and then walked out with his purchase. “You got scammed hard,” James said once they got away from the store, “but hey, if being tricked by old Chinese guys makes you happy, who am I to judge.” The boys eventually arrived at Trey's house. “I wish I could read Chinese,” Trey said as he studied the bottle. “But I'll just settle for doing what the shopkeeper said.” He opened the bottle and popped a pill into his mouth. James looked down at his smaller friend and laughed. “Not any bigger yet huh. Told you you were scammed.” “Maybe they take time,” Trey answered, willing to believe anything. “Yeah and maybe I'm the queen of England.” James shot back. He started walking into the living room. “Whatever, forget about that lets play Madden. I'll set it up, you grab us some pops.” Trey watched his friend disappear, admiring his taught muscles in his tight shorts, and how his blonde hair fell almost to his muscular back. If only James was gay, he'd be exactly Trey's type. He'd settle for James being the best friend he could ask for though. As he grabbed the pops, a he saw the pill container sitting on the corner of the counter. “One more couldn't hurt,” he said, as he popped a second pill into his mouth, before heading out to join his friend on the couch. Trey and his friend sat down and played video games for a few hours, so enthralled with their games that they failed to notice the miraculous changes hitting the smaller of the two men. As they played, Trey's body swelled, his pecs and abs starting to gain some definition, and his arms gaining the smallest hint of muscle. Under his shirt, which no longer covered his abs entirely, a small, wispy trail of hair snaked down to the beginnings of a bush of pubes. His armpits, too gained hair for the first time in his life. Trey's short legs began to expand, leaving his ankles, and eventually a bit of his calf visible under the now tighter jeans which seemed much too small for the frame he had expanded to. The one change Trey did feel, however was the heat. He was sweating profusely, starting to soak through the shirt. “Is it hot in here?” a deeper voice called out. “Woah,” both boys said in unison. Then they both turned their attention to Trey's body. “Oh my god it actually worked!” James said, looking over his friend. “I mean, you're still small, but you're like, average sized now. All of this was one pill?” Trey blushed. “Well, actually, two, but hey I'm not gonna argue with these results.” He wiped the sweat from his still boyish face with the bottom of his tshirt. Revealing the beginning of abs, and the light body hair. James looked on in shock, “you sure don't look 13 anymore, I'd say more like 16.” Trey grinned. “Hey, let's just get me to 18, and then we'll call it a day.” “Are you sure that's a good idea,” James said, looking a bit worried, “I mean, the shopkeeper said-” Trey frowned. “Man forget what he said, I've got a chance of being average for the first time in my life. I'm gonna take a few more.” James shook his head. “If you think it's a good idea, whatever, it's your body. Just know that I am 100% against this. Trey flexed his small arms. “You're just against this because you're afraid I'll get bigger than you,” he joked. “But I promise I won't overdo it.” “Knock yourself out shortstuff.” “Not for much longer,” he answered. Trey went back to the kitchen and grabbed two more pills, popping them into his mouth and then drinking a glass of water to take them down better. He looked at his ill fitting clothing, and took off his shirt and jeans just in case anything bad happened. He didn't want to get stuck in them, and besides, he was sweating buckets. James walked in after him, “I'll watch over you just to make sure you don't die or anything,” he said, patting his friend on the back, seemingly unfazed by seeing his best friend, who had just grown about 4 inches, in just a pair of tight underwear. This time, the growth hit faster, and this time he could feel it. He groaned as his body slowly expanded. First came his arms, which widened from 10 inches to a pair of nice 15 inch biceps. As his body slowly grew upwards, his pecs and abs hardened, gaining definition that looked like it came from years of working out lightly, his abs hardening into a six pack, and his pecs beginning to take on a shape that could only come from lifting weights regularly, as his nipples began to point downwards. His legs expanded and shot outwards, with his quads hardening and becoming defined, like a soccer players. In the front of his shorts, his package expanded to match his growing body, with his formerly three inch long dick hardening and lengthening into a nice 9 inch tool. His balls expanded until they were the size of small eggs. Trey's new body strained against his underwear, as the last phase of his transformation went underway. His body exploded with hair. His large bush became visible over his tented boxers, and the treasure trail on his six pack pushed upwards and outwards until it merged with the patch of hair that had formed over his now large pecs. His armpits became even bushier as hair grew on his forearms, and expanded down his lower body, from his ass down to his feet. As a final touch, stubble grew on Trey's manly jaw. Trey was panting and sweating as he looked eye to eye with his friend. He smiled as he made eye contact. “I'm definitely not a little kid anymore, huh James?” His deep voice called out as he laughed. “Definitely not,” James said in awe. “Lets stop here though Trey, any more and you won't pass for yourself at all.” Trey walked into the bathroom, and stepped on the scale. “193 lbs.” He said with a smile. “How much do you weigh, James?” “190! Damn you're big now!” James said. “Damn right,” Trey said, flexing. As he hit the double bicep pose, exposing his sweaty, hairy pit, the first side effect, the reason for not taking more than one a day became apparent. Trey's body was now producing a strange pheromone, one that made him irresistible to men. The smell drifted over to his now smaller friend, who was beginning to tent in his shorts, his own sizable erection straining. “Trey you smell...” James said looking confusedly at his friend, and eying the body, focusing especially on the straining cock in too small of briefs. “You smell so hot.” Trey looked puzzled. He knew his friend was straight. “What was that James?” he asked, hoping to understand what was going through his friends mind. “Your body,” James said, almost drooling, “It's so sexy, and muscular, and you smell so good.” “I thought you were straight,” Trey asked, confused. “I am, but how could I turn you down,” James said, approaching his friend, and lifting his arm up. James began to inhale his friends armpit sweat, before looking at Trey with hunger in his eyes. “Trey” he said, “I really want you to fuck me.” Trey looked on at James, his confusion showing on his face. He realized that it must be from the pills. “You want me to fuck you?” “Yes, more than anything.” James said, pulling down Trey's underwear, and began to suck on his large cock. Trey moaned loudly. “Oh god James,” he gasped, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this. James didn't answer, and continued sucking on the dick in front of him. It was clear, from the way that he struggled against the cock in his mouth that it was his first time ever, but he made up for it in how eager he was. “Fuck,” Trey moaned as James took the head in his mouth and swirled the tip around with his tongue, before licking up and down the sides. “If you keep that up I'm gonna shoot,” Trey groaned. James pulled off Trey's cock. “Good, stud,” he said. “Shoot, but not in my mouth.” James stood up and pulled off his basketball shorts. He turned around and bent over in front of Trey, before exposing his virgin ass covered in a light layer of hair. “Fuck me Trey.” He called out. Trey didn't need to be told twice, as he began to push the head of his cock against his formerly straight friend's asshole. “You sure about this James?” He asked, as he teased the hole with his tool. “More than anything,” James moaned, “Fuck me hard stud.” Trey pushed the head into his friends ass, causing him to gasp and moan. Slowly but surely, he stuck all 9 inches of meat into James's virgin hole. James was moaning in pleasure. “Now fuck me stud” he called out. Trey began to fuck, and fuck hard. He pounded his cock in and out of his friend's ass, his balls slapping against James's as he pushed in and out. There was no way he was gonna last long. James moans became louder and louder, and soon, without warning, he came, shooting all over the bathroom wall, clenching his ass as his cock shot out. That proved too much for Trey, who came deep into his friends ass. Panting, he pulled his soft cock out of his friends ass. James seemed to be in bliss. “That was the best sex of my life,” he moaned, “who knew what I was missing out on.” Trey smiled at his friend. “It was great for me too. Now lets get dressed and cleaned up.” James frowned. “No dude, he said, lets just enjoy each other for a while. Just not in the bathroom. I'm too spent for more sex, but I'd love to just feel you." Trey flexed once more. "Still 100% against this?" James stood up and kissed his friend on the lips. "You know the answer to that, sexy." They walked back to the living room. James laid on top of Trey on the couch, as the friends felt up eachother's bodies. James seemed especially concerned with licking up his friends sweat, from wherever it was, paying close attention to the armpits. Trey was in heaven, wishing this moment would never end. Soon however, James noticed the clock. “Fuck man it's almost five. I've got work in like 20 minutes. I've gotta go. Trey watched as his friend hurridly put on his clothes, and ran out the door. “See you tomorrow?” He called as his friend left. “Of course, stud.” James called out. “We hung out every day before you got hot as hell, why would I stop now?” Trey waved at his friend as he left, and closed the door. Then he realized his problem. He was 8 inches taller than he was in the morning, and bigger and stronger too. He hardly looked like the same person, and his dad would be home any minute. So what do you guys think of my first attempt?
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