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    roleplaying, drawing massive art, hyper muscle growth+weight gain
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    casual chat and roleplay about muscle and other fetish stuff
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    too tall to measure, too heavy to weigh, too buff to fathom, too hung to stay soft. infinite infinities in my grasp and still wanting more
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    mass hose, infinite muscle, muscle pumping: massium, mega-muscle master chief, muscle builder ap, new kind of power source, ad man, the massive growth of dwight, above average, skeeter's cleaners
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    alexey lesukov, eduardo correa, fouad abiad, roelly winklaar, big ramy, maor zaradez, brad hollibaugh, con demetriou, tristen escolastico, sean allan, tarek elsetouhi
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    hyper/uber muscle, uberfat/weight gain, hyper cock and balls, extreme/no limits growth, gods/ascension, macro, size/body difference, muscleguts, immobility, unrealistic insertions, furries, lactation, growth by cum, cum inflation, gym/locker room/shower settings, exhibitionism, alpha males

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  1. holy hell read your profile and was like, Wait is this someone else or is this me. Great minds

  2. i love your work so much would you like my number

  3. so, yahoo messenger forced me to update to the most recent version, and it really sucks! why wouldn't it even show online statuses? guess i'm sticking to skype and kik...

  4. yes we need 4 trillion more CC of pec, stat
    V important

    1. UsernameInvalid


      jab it all straight into me pronto

  5. got a kik account, screen name is bughemoth. add me and we can chat about getting ridiculously huge ?

  6. UsernameInvalid

    Muscle Beach Contest

    There was a Snapchat story about this, the first thing you're greeted with when you open it is Jeremy Williams' package.
  7. UsernameInvalid

    The V Files: Busted Behemoth

    this is super creative, kinda reminds me of another old x-files themed hyper story that was posted on the defunct freakin-huge site. love it!
  8. UsernameInvalid

    Muscle growth generator

    http://en.shindanmaker.com/a/553421 this is a generator i made on a site called shindanmaker. basically you put a name in and it fits it into a generated sentence with pre-determined variables to make a nice little scenario. there are lots of different ones on this site, but i decided to make one specifically for hyper muscle/hyper cock growth scenarios because, well, i'm a perv here are some other ones: http://en.shindanmaker.com/461314 one focused only on height/macro growth http://en.shindanmaker.com/a/538364 an anthro-only one that describes you witnessing other large dudes in different scenarios http://en.shindanmaker.com/a/476973 another anthro-only shindan, featuring hook-up situations with all around large men anyone else know of any other things similar to this?
  9. weight gain actually, size difference is fun but a huge fat guy compared to a huge muscular guy is even more fun. or he's gaining muscle AND weight, making him all musclegut and whatnot