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  1. holy hell read your profile and was like, Wait is this someone else or is this me. Great minds

  2. i love your work so much would you like my number

  3. so, yahoo messenger forced me to update to the most recent version, and it really sucks! why wouldn't it even show online statuses? guess i'm sticking to skype and kik...

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      *eyebrow waggle*

  4. yes we need 4 trillion more CC of pec, stat
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      jab it all straight into me pronto

  5. got a kik account, screen name is bughemoth. add me and we can chat about getting ridiculously huge ?

  6. this is super creative, kinda reminds me of another old x-files themed hyper story that was posted on the defunct freakin-huge site. love it!
  7. (this one's longer than the previous additions and has a bit more exposition and some more extreme muscle/hyper/macro growth, but i couldn't help myself. enjoy!) Portland, Oregon, 4/26/14 Tom sat in his living room, hunched forwards in anticipation as he quickly flipped through every local news channel he could find. He had heard much about this new virus spreading that made people turn into huge musclebound freaks, but it was too good to be true. It had to be, he thought, until he saw the photos and quickly snapped camera videos posted onto tons of popular websites, and especially the porn websites and muscle fanatic communities he followed. He especially followed the ones that were full of self-designated growth chasers, people who would travel to where cases of the virus were documented, either to show others or to possibly get infected themselves. Needless to say, he was bewitched by the thought of growing that big. Addicted, even. He heard so much flack against it, people saying that it is a threat to society as we know it, doctors saying that these people are “unhealthy” and “dangerous,” but he doubted those claims. He was too turned on by the whole thing to think about any repercussions, and he wanted a taste of it as soon as possible. His vigilant watch over the local news and radio stations had proved fruitless, unfortunately. There just didn't seem to be a really some sort of outbreak of the virus, or any really big results... the largest he had seen in the area was someone who grew to a measly (to him) 400 pounds, and they were taken into care (or was it quarantine?) by the government before he could get on the scene. But he knew, one day, he would get his chance to be infected. He was addicted to the thought. He HAD to. Little did he know, he would get his chance sooner than he thought. A rush of sirens outside his window pulled his attention away from the TV for a second. A mix of police cars and ambulances were going down his block and turning the corner. For a second, he hoped it was a response to an outbreak. Then he heard the woman on the TV come in with a special report. “We have some breaking news right now, local authorities and paramedics are rushing to the scene where there is apparently a case of the recent viral pandemic which causes extreme mutations in the bodies of males worldwide. We turn now to a live feed at the scene. Warning, some imagery may be graphic, and we apologize for any unplanned disturbances.” Tom watched the cameraman who was documenting the scene run up as close as he could to the police blockade, and saw, with his own eyes, that someone was indeed infected. The guy was rather large already, probably twice as heavy as a large bodybuilder, and almost completely in the nude, save for a pair of boxers just barely hanging on. The man was kneeling in the middle of the street and shouting. It wasn't a shout of pain, but the guy sounded... reluctant, like he didn't want this. “What a waste on someone who doesn't even appreciate it,” Tom mumbled to himself. He looked at the man and all his muscles, his body clearly glimmering with what was sweat, each muscle tensing and flexing with every little movement, every surge of growth... Tom was ready to blow his load right there in his pants. However, something else caught his eye. The place where the man was growing... Tom recognized that store. Was that... the corner store right around the block? No way. He looked out the window, and he heard the sirens loud and clear. They were near, and weren't moving. The scene was close. Tom's heart skipped a beat, and he was out the door without a second thought. He arrived at the scene within moments, practically sprinting. There were a lot of cars in the way, but he could see a clear break in between them that gave him an excellent view. He gasped at the beautiful sight in front of him. The infected man was growing steadily, but it didn't seem to be stopping. His boxers were packed to maximum, the man's balls coming out of the leg holes of the stretched underwear, his huge hard-on forced out through the fly, but its thickness was still tearing the seams. Tom watched as the boxers suddenly exploded off of him, letting his balls flop down to mid-thigh and his cock fly up and smack against his pecs with a wet thwap. The man roared; he hadn't even been touching his cock, but it jerked on its own and he came quite suddenly, his jism arching up into the air with a powerful shot. The police recoiled and most others fled, but Tom stood his ground. But he almost didn't see it coming. Right before the man blew his load, he had turned and was facing right at Tom, and that very first cumshot had fallen as quickly as it came out. It hit Tom square in the chest. He staggered back, in brief shock of being hit. His mind blanked for a second as he didn't know how to react, and he looked up at the people around him who were staring at him. One of the paramedics on the scene began to rush forwards, an arm extended as to help Tom, but Tom knew exactly how he could help himself. He was slightly disgusted at the thought, but he raised his arm and scooped up a gob of the cum from his shirt, and put it right into his mouth. The crowd around him made gasped and made disgusted noises, and two or three officers rushed up and grabbed Tom. They knew he had ingested the virus directly, but what they didn't expect was for it to react so quickly. Tom had turned red in the face immediately, his body heat rising and making him sweat all over. He wasn't even near the vehicle the cops were pulling him towards, and he had already began growing. It was incredible, Tom's mind was filled with endorphins and hormones and clouded with the fever he had, but he could feel the change happening to him. His muscles swelled, his clothes pulled tight, his dick oozed as it stretched down his pant leg, his skeleton ached as it adjusted. It was all a blur at first, because it was happening so fast. He could hear the police around him on their radios, shouting in a panic. “We have another case happening here!” “Evacuate the area, block off the roads!” “Everyone, back away!” Tom jerked his arms away from the police holding him with his newfound strength. He stood upright, feeling his now too short pants ride up his ankles. He held his arms out in front of him, his shirt pulling across his back and cutting into his shoulders. He grinned and began joyously laughing in an almost insane manner. “Yes! Yes! It's happening! Finally, i'm infected! I'M INFECTED!” He pulled his arms back and puffed out his chest, making his shirt split apart and fall, tattered by just a simple movement. He was massive, and growing faster than man who had infected him. He reached down and ripped off his own pants, too impatient to grow out of them, even though his thighs would have done the job soon enough. His large member bobbed up into the air, level with his chest, copious pre running down the length and dripping onto his pecs. He flexed his arms and posed to the best he could, grunting and laughing all the while. He stretched taller, rising above the vehicles and becoming a giant among the men. His muscles were enormous, even at his tall proportions his muscles looked massive on him, slightly restricting his movement. His quads exploded out and made him widen his stance, his lats flared and made his arms bow out, his chest rose up to his chin and shoved out feet in front of him, covering his upper abs with their own mass. He could bend his arms just enough to grasp his fat cock, which was rising skywards, passing even the traps that were threatening to swallow his head. His massive wrecking balls churned as they rested on his quads, large enough on their own to reach his knees. He stroked himself off, his biceps flexing and chest bounding up into his chin with each thrust of his larger hands. Waves of pleasure shot through his body, seeming to fuel his growth. News and government helicopters were buzzing above him as the crowd below him dispersed, unsure of what to do and how to contain such an extreme case of the virus. The first infected man had stopped growing before him, not even hitting the ten foot mark like Tom already had. Tom was in pure bliss. In the back of his mind, he knew he was passing the size of so many others that were infected by this virus, becoming one of the largest infected men ever. Inches turned to yards, pounds into tons, liters into gallons. His muscles were immeasurable, his growth was amazing and increasing exponentially, even his manly scent was powerful. He shouted as he rose over roofs and cracked the pavement underneath him. The surrounding town houses and apartment buildings were quickly out-sized by the growing behemoth. He was even in danger of crushing something with his massive balls, which were swelling with cum and almost reaching the floor. His toes curled and he could feel his pelvic muscle clench. His cock, bent at an angle because of his leviathan pecs, began to quiver. He clenched his cock in his mighty hands, letting out an orgasmic roar as he orgasmed, his olympic pool-filling load gushing out and splattering loudly onto the floor and buildings in front of him. He wasn't conscious of the world around him, just of his own body and his own pleasure. In a feat of power, he raised his arms and flexed his biceps hard, the peaks forcing aside his forearms and rising past his clenched fists. Lats spread and shoulders rose, the incredible display visible to thousands around him. When his orgasm cooled down after what felt like an eternity, he felt his growth slow to a stop at somewhere between 200 and 250 feet. He had finally gotten the infection he desired, and he had absolutely no regrets. He briefly wondered who would be next to join him because of his actions, before returning to explore his own body some more...
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