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  1. jrbinatx

    What build is your partner?

    My partner is a muscle bear type. Good size, a bit of padding. More fun in the long run
  2. jrbinatx

    Does your partner....

    After a few years of being together we started exploring each others fetishes without embarrassment, he's not into muscle and growth like i am. But he understands it and has no problem with even my most darkest muscle growth fantasies and even sometimes helps act them out now purely for my benefit.
  3. I might get some serious flak for posing this question due to the nature of the site. Just want some honest feedback as to whether is should be OK to morph or alter images that are posted in the "Before & After Transformations" section. I, just like most of the people on this forum, love muscle growth and fantasy. But i think that altering images in that particular section seems a bit dishonest. I definitely won't name names but it's very obvious to me and kind of off putting.
  4. jrbinatx

    Do you ever get questioned about your diet ?

    My PT says the same thing, i'm the only one that doesn't complain about the repetitiveness or the calorie amount. I have just found it really easy to follow once you get going. He actually continually asks if i'm getting tired of it, "nope, are you kidding? i'm engergized, dropping fat, and increasing strength. Why would i get tired of it?"
  5. jrbinatx

    Do you ever get questioned about your diet ?

    Every day, every time i open up my tupperware at least one person at the office has to have the run down on my entire diet. I do macros so they flip out when i talk about only 10 almonds. JUST 10!!! oh my god that's crazy!!!!
  6. jrbinatx

    Online Trainers

    Can anyone recommend an online trainer? I'm looking to kick it up a notch with training and diet, but would also like to save a bit of money. As is the theme of this my favorite site, i want to be BIGGER, stronger, leaner lol.
  7. jrbinatx

    Headaches when Squatting

    I used to get them in high school from lifting too hard and heavy too quickly without any warm up or extended cardio to get my blood flowing. At the time the doctor called them 'Vascular Headaches' i believe that term is outdated now as it is just a form of migraine. Aspirin before a workout helps, caffeine type supplements definitely make it worse. It took several years for them to stop happening, supposedly they are harmless but they did make me lose my lunch a few times in the middle of a workout.
  8. jrbinatx

    My Partner Moves On

    Great start
  9. Welcome, please take part in the bodybuilding sections of this forum! ;)


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