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  1. Quite an image you conjure--certifiably hot stuff. Thanks for posting!
  2. Looking forward to the BIG reveal! I hardly ever check this forum anymore. I guess that break is over!
  3. One can only hope! Props for this major work, for bringing us these characters and this brilliant muscle Hogwarts setting. Already feeling nostalgic for how the whole story started with Woody miserable and taking it out on poor Luke. I look forward, eagerly, to reading anything and everything you write after this--you've definitely built a following and a brand and I'm excited to watch the MuscleAddict Universe expand and continue! Congrats on the accomplishment and thanks again for sharing this here.
  4. Great chapter ending with a great twist! Looking forward to the final wrap-up! And you someday giving us the hard-waged, sweaty and shiny, grunting and greased-up, muscle-popping, meat-trembling, shred-on-shred ultimate pose-down scene between Deano and Woody that we all missed! (not soon, of course. You've clearly earned a semester off from MU at this point). Thanks, again, for writing & sharing this epic. #justice4deano #secondyearhijinks #montgomeryuniversitygaysunited
  5. Poor Deano. He has to learn, it's perfectly okay to look like a twat-face as long as you don't behave like one, even if your body IS an adults-only playground, your physique a veritable smorgasbord of muscly delights. In his defense, he IS in dire need of a swole encounter with a suitably beefed up partner. And that has to skew a guy's thinking. If only he and Shaun hadn't spent the whole term hiding their own urges behind homophobic comments and putdowns. He could've been getting the release he needed without even have to leave his room.
  6. Okay, so in the tradition of all great British series, you're still planning to do a special Christmas episode, right?
  7. Well that was rather tasty. Would it be impolite to ask for another helping?
  8. Hoping the weekend brings another MU meat feast. Feeling a little peckish!
  9. Oh, shit!! Sure hope Luke is understanding about this because no way can he expect Woody to resist this twat-faced, pocket-sized, wonky ab'd, big arsed, velvet-strapped lust engine when they're nearly naked on a bed together, mouth on mouth. There's just too much heat here, simply too much combustible material, and the laws of attraction (not to mention thermodynamics) are called laws for a reason! They must be obeyed!
  10. You're doing very important work, CJ. Never forget it!
  11. Oh really, pal? You don't say! I can promise you, no more than 20k of those were me.
  12. Found a typo. I believe that was supposed to say "Fuck yeah!"
  13. Oi oi oi! Did not see THIS coming! Certainly raises the stakes on the competition. And I'm looking forward to seeing Deano get fleshed out, so to speak (and what flesh!). Woody and Deano forced to spend time together is a great twist and the next chapter seriously can't come too soon!
  14. Two days later, Deano is leaving the gym in Prince Hall feeling pumped AF from smashing chest with a couple of third years when he gets a notification from Uber asking if he wants to pick up a curry and deliver it to a dorm on the MU campus. Seriously, though, congrats muscleaddict on posting these VERY intense chapters. And congrats to Woody and Luke for finally getting it done! I'm sure it's all smoooooth sailing from here!
  15. Figures Luke would beat him to it. Some couples, straight or gay, come across like twins in a way--matching sets. I like that these two come at it from such different places--they'll have a lot to teach each other and that'll be fun to watch.
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