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  1. Loving the world expansion. Getting more character in. The time gap between Gabriel and John meeting again has me excited. So much possibility there. Keep up the good work. Cant wait for the next chapter
  2. Loved the story so far. The slow build up and the multiple perspectives, great work. Keep going. Cant wait for the next.
  3. Loved how you take it slow...cant wait for the next chapter.
  4. Promising start. Im excited to read the next parts. Keep going.
  5. You got me laughing my head off with this line. But, seriously, you cliffhangers are making me relate to Tyler. Keep them 'cummin.
  6. For Gus, I like that he is able to distance himself from his past and his urges. I see him as a natural intellectual. Goos job on the consistency. For Tyler, I'd like to know more about him. Im sure he is more than a dumb vain shallow jock. The interaction of the 2: so far expected from 2 complete strangers getting to know each other. The sexual tension from Gus has yet to be shown to Tyler. We know Gus is attracted. But Tyler does not. We already know Tyler's sexual need for Gus. Making the connection between the two without Gus surrendering to lust or Tyler becoming bullied would be nice. Personally, I like both to grow into muscle beasts. Keep going. No pressure. Take your story where you want to take it. Will be waiting for the next part.
  7. Just carry on with your character development of both Gus and Tyler. Curious to where you are taking them both...hopefully somewhere "hot".
  8. Wow. Gus has a dark side and not just driven by mindless vengence. He skillfully drives each of Tyler's crimes home. Interesting direction for the story. Let see where this rabbit hole goes...
  9. Great work on building the anticipation...but damn that cliffhanger.
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