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    Me and the old man<br />
    Vinny and the Mighty Beast
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    Greg Kovacs
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    a huge old gorilla like powerlifter wrestling down a too cocky and proud lightweight smooth bber

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  1. tuffty

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    love it more and more ... keep going
  2. tuffty

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    What about the part 3 ?
  3. tuffty

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    great ... want to read more
  4. tuffty

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    wonderful start ... love it
  5. tuffty

    Big Tyler

    good start :-)
  6. Thanks for the follow mate.

  7. tuffty

    From Dork to Beast

    Wonderful beginning. As usual, it gets all my attention and I can't wait for the next part. Good job
  8. tuffty

    Sumo Muscle

    Can't wait for the next part
  9. tuffty

    Muscle Cousin Eddie, Pt 3

    So great story ... it keeps getting better and hotter. A big thank to you Mike
  10. tuffty

    Vinny Vs The Mighty Beast

    Surely, one of the best story I ever read. Not surprise knowing the author's quality. Surely need to hear more about this astounded Beast man

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