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    bodybuolding, powerlifting, muscle, muscle growth, muscle erotica, muscle art, nature, animals, videogames, reading, adventure, Harry Potter
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    6' 260 lb 20"a 52"c 392W 29"q
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    get bigger, get stronger
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    growth, male scents, hyper hirsutism,

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  1. Hey buddy... hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  2. EQQUS

    Muscle growth generator

    While getting felt up, Cesar surges steadily into a super heavyweight leviathan with a 60 inch dong, and flexes himself larger.
  3. my first and current opinion of the topic
  4. im glad you got over your gym panic. it has happened to all of us. andthen it happened again when i was studying judo
  5. EQQUS

    "Muscle Bull Semen"

    ill admit male lactation is pretty hot, doubly so when it involves muscle growth
  6. EQQUS

    Hypnosis - The Real Stuff - Not Rp

    alright then, im giving these a hurl. this better be good
  7. EQQUS

    Bodybuilders With Facial Hair

    this thread floats my boat
  8. heres a tip that worked wonders for me 1- be aware they are at the gym for the same exact reasons as you, to improve their bodies. 2- dont give yourself so much importance. people at gym HAVE better things to think and focus wheter you are smaller or not. if you catch them glancing at you, interpret it as as they are observing your form. if you ware WAY too off they will probably correct you. may be
  9. EQQUS

    $920 For Almost Instant Muscles

    tempting... but for that price i could probably get a a lifetime worth of supps and gym gear and build them real muscles.... i guess the gimmick here is that you get the muscles as fast as the shipping serivce is
  10. yes, everytime, everyday
  11. EQQUS

    Question for you larger blokes

    manliness usually turns me on. but not only in appearance, my last boyfriend was quite a wimp, but a full fledged Sir. and he smells great too

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