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  1. Hmm. I’m really getting worried now! Poor Luke and, even, poor floundering Seb struggling with his insecurities. Oh gawd, it’s just a story so why am I getting so emotional invested in all this?! Because it’s so well written and so gripping! My brain is full of “what if’s” and “what might be’s”, and my emotions are just wanting the best for them both! Argh, @muscleaddict what is this spell that you have cast on us?!
  2. And it is a helluva long train journey from Bristol to Glasgow - six hours of awkwardness if it comes to that!
  3. Ooh - whatever gave you that idea?! Yay! A new chapter! It’s really good stuff @muscleaddict and although I’ll never have Woody’s pecs or Luke’s arse I can so relate to many of the emotions running around in the lads heads! You’ve captured feelings and thoughts and fears so well and your writing continues to make them and the characters so believable.
  4. At this rate one of us might barge in to the pub and make a pass at Luke - or Woody! Anyhow - it’s all such good stuff so far!
  5. Indeed - the author must adopt his own style, allowing of course for experimentation so as to hone his craft. And ooh, yes, how good was AJ & Noah? What is fascinating in this story, apart from the storyline being different, is seeing @muscleaddict developing a style that isn't predictable whilst at the same time obviously developing certain key aspects of his storytelling. As many have already noted the one to one dialogue in this story is more, hmm, realistic (not that it wasn't in AJ & Noah), the interplay between major characters is tighter and, to my mind, the feeling that you are "in" Woody's head is very well written. The fact that I can relate to his many feelings is a bonus.
  6. Hmm I think you'd need both arms around that brawny back - and what a distraction. Can either you or Noah type with your toes?
  7. Ha! I was thinking of AJ, Noah and you a few weeks ago - on a tram in Manchester when a very buff, muscled lad got on for a couple of stops and yes, he was wearing his Tesco uniform t-shirt and it was a marvellous sight! I was so, so tempted to think of an excuse to ask if I coudl take a pic of him but .... I don't have enough of the Gryffindor in me. Well, erm, you know what I mean!
  8. Well the anticipation is quite something! On the other hand if it works for you, as the author, then you’d best stick with it if that is what works for you. If only I had an AJ to hand to send round ‘to see you’ to chase you a long but hmm I don’t and ooh, you’d love every minute of it so it’s hardly a threat!
  9. My nails are now well chewed!
  10. OK @muscleaddict I know we keep saying this but you need to hear it - there’s some really good writing in this story and that IS a compliment after AJ & Noah! I have to say that this last chapter has some wonderfully crafted dialogue that really helps make the characterisations come alive and the lads personalities really believable. To draw your readers in this way is so awesome - you should be proud of your creativity and effort and thank you for continuing to share the story with us.
  11. Ooh the train to Glasgow! Many a Saturday night I’ve done that but ... I don’t think my evenings out will bear any slight resemblance to what will unfold in the next episode! Oh @muscleaddict you are a tease but we love it!
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