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  1. Seems as you follow Dickens with instalments anyhow I’d just go with the one line from Oliver Twist. ”Please sir, can I have some more ....?” it works on SO many levels
  2. You were correct about the massive incident! Although they haven't even made it to the competition yet!
  3. Wow! This gets better by the chapter - not just the story line but the characters and the quality of the writing as it is now simply gripping. Really so well done @muscleaddict ! Hmm I wondering give the time of year if you aren’t going to be giving us some Christmas crackers and even, possibly, a big Christmas finale to this amazing piece of writing?!
  4. Well, AJ was all for taking his posing trunks off and throwing them off the stage into the audience where hopefully Noah would catch them ... who knows what Woody has planned or what might happen?
  5. I think it’s Woody who has to be tight lipped - not just @muscleaddict - when Deano is around!
  6. Well, well, well .... I have to give it to you @muscleaddict you really do keep us on our toes with this story and its twists and turns! Another ace chapter - well done that man!
  7. I think our excellent author would possibly expire during the casting for a mini-series! Mind you I suspect half the folk on this thread would probably get a wee bit over excited at the prospect of auditioning wannabe actors for the roles!
  8. Aww chipmunks how cute! But Deano and velvet - hmm....
  9. Please don't mention that Metrolink trip to me..... sigh, what a missed opportunity matie .. And hmm, dare I say it - perhaps you need to get out more? Hmm, on second thought we all enjoy the fact that you're hunched over your keyboard writing such cracking stories for us to read so you'd best stay in!!
  10. Well I was in Glasgow last Saturday night and I looked high and low .... A couple of Deanos but no sign of the lads! As for mugs - mine has a huge Polish [email protected] on it - well, its a traditional Polish design with a fine strutting rooster on it .... I'm not describing this very well am I?.....
  11. A vile, cold wet day in the Pennines, a real reminder winter’s on the way and damn, the wretched clocks go back tonight - sigh. But I’m sitting here with a mug of tea and feeling all warmed up and mellow wrapped up in this lovely episode of Woody and Luke’s story . Cheers @muscleaddict!
  12. I was going to say "keep pumping it out" and of course I meant the rest of the story! But now, well....... Is this is what is known as 'bringing the story to life'?!
  13. Goodness - we've discovered your true identity!
  14. Hope in checking you've read this!
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