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  1. "And you are sure that's a good idea Tyler? You know what this stuff can do!" Mike said eyeing the small flask with the slightly milky substance inside. Tyler just sighed. "We've been over this, who cares if we are gay afterwards? It's not like that is a big deal anymore! Besides, this is our opportunity to finally put that asshole in his place! Or do you want to hide your bruises from your family for the foreseeable future?" Mike winced, holding his arm and remembering for a short moment how Kai had come close to breaking it. Neither he nor Tyler knew what that guys deal was. Kai and his gang had just one day chosen both of them as their favorite target for their bullying, seemingly at random. Perhaps it had something to do with Mike being latino or Tyler being nerdy, who knew. Kai didn't even throw any explanatory slurs at them, he just beat them up (especially Mike, leaving Tyler for his buddies), ruined any homework they happened to take with them at that moment and threatened them to not tell their parents or he would make their lifes even more of a living hell. And since Kai's parents were the richest people in town, with considerable influence over the high school, Tyler and Mike didn't even feel safe telling their teachers. Tyler, having been bullied for much of his life until meeting and befriending the much more popular Mike was especially shaken by all of this. The memories were still too fresh and only the extremely close friendship that the two had developed over the years had slowly begun to heal those old wounds. That was, until now. They felt powerless, seeing as Kai, the star quarterback of the school, was also considerably bigger and stronger than both of them. At least until they heard about supersteroids. They were all over the news lately. The stuff spread like a wildfire and even quarantines didn't help much. Too many people were willing to ignore the side effects in favor of what the substance promised: Incredible virility, gigantic muscles and nearly inhuman endowment. Tyler and Mike mostly cared for the strength and power it would give both of them though. And it wasn't exactly hard getting a sample of it. Especially when, like in Mike's case, your father is a biologist trying to study it. Sure, the samples were tightly locked in his dads lab, but why would his father expect that a small visit by his son had ulterior motives? Now that they got it Mike felt unsure about the whole thing. "Of course not, but I also want them to recognize me afterwards! Who knows what exactly it will do to my body or my mind, they said the changes were always severe and sometimes random. And... quite frankly I don't know whether we are doing the right thing here..." Tyler took the flask in a swift motion, put it at his mouth and drank most of the contents in one go. "Suit yourself, I want this fucker to pay! Here, once you come to your senses you can drink the rest and join me." Mike was speechless, Tyler had always been the more care- and thoughtful one of them. Such impulsive actions were totally out of character for him... or perhaps he just had never noticed this side of his friend's personality before. He just looked on as Tyler first became very quiet, then began to moan and quiver. His clothes started to fit him better, then worse again as his muscles expanded inside of them. What had been a very thin neck seemingly barely capable of holding up his head filled with brawn, his nearly non-existant chest suddenly pulsing outward, ripping of most of his shirt, with his new cannonball-like deltoids undoing the rest. His back pushed his perfect new biceps to the side, widening his frame to thrice the width it had before. He constantly had to adjust his stance because of his massively developing wheels and the horse cock and melon-sized balls that were both slowly growing towards his knees. "Fuck, this is so good Mike, you have to try it!" Tyler exclaimed, not even surprised by his voice dropping by at least two octaves. His face shifted, his skin was clearing, his hair becoming shorter and his jaw stronger. A small alteration of his brows and forehead caused his glasses to fall off of him, and Tyler gladly crushed them beneath his still growing and already huge feet. He didn't need them anymore anyway. As the compound flooded his mind his whole demeanor changed, gone was the apparently shy and cowardly nerd, replaced not by something strange and alien, but by the Tyler that he had always wanted to be: Strong, in control, assertive. Dominant. He couldn't, he didn't want to hold back any longer. With a loud roar he came, shooting buckets of cum all around him. When it was finally over the new Tyler stood in a puddle of his own cum, broken glass and destroyed clothing, panting heavily. He took the previously prepared red bandana that had miraculously survived the torrent and put it on. Then he looked at his friend Mike, covered in his cum. He had clearly swallowed at least some of it by accident, his body already starting to tremble in preparation for his transformation. Tyler looked on with approval. Seemed like his friend didn't need to be convinced of taking the stuff after all. He watched Mike's body expanding while clenching his fist and palming it with his other hand. That fucker Kai would soon learn his lesson... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kai was sitting on his computer when he heard a loud noise coming from downstairs. Strange, he thought, no one should be here right now except for me... He wasn't even able to react before the door to his room was violently ripped open, revealing a fantastically handsome musclebound guy with a massive, barely concealed cock. Kai was so shocked that Tyler had no problem grabbing him by his throat, then sucker punching him into his (admittedly quite hard) stomach, before throwing him onto the ground. Kai tried to get up and flee, but a second, hooded figure appeared directly in front of him, even bigger than the first one and threw him back on the ground. Before he could even comprehend what he was seeing Tyler was already on top of him, punching him in his face, with the first strike breaking the previously immaculate nose of the quarterback, and the second breaking of a small piece of teeth. "Doesn't feel so good, being powerless, right?" Tyler asked, reveling in his testosterone-fueled rage and the feeling of his new body's incredible strength. Blood, snot and tears ran down Kais broken face, but he couldn't answer, Tyler's weight on top of him prohibited him from breathing. "Remember to bully someone your own size next time!" Tyler said, starting to throw the final punch... before being stopped mid-air by Mike. "Let me go. He deserves this!" Tyler growled, trying to free his thick arms from Mike's steel-like grip. "No. This isn't right Tyler. He's already down. Let. Him. Go." Mike's new voice was soothing and powerful at the same time, finally calming his friend down a bit. Tyler stood up, his hands still covered in blood. "This should be a lesson for..." He didn't continue, instead staring at Kai's computer, which was still clearly playing some kind of gay porn. Now that his anger was quenched a bit his enhanced libido took over again and he felt his cock getting harder at this sight. But that wasn't even what was primarily on his mind. "You are gay?" he asked Kai, who just whimpered a little, then nodded. Tyler felt his anger flare up again. "Don't fucking tell me that's the reason you were bullying us! I know how macho the football team is, if they knew that their star player was gay... so you just beat up random people weaker than you to put up a facade? Is that it? You are unbelievable!" "Not random... couldn't tell... my parents..." Kai mumbled, out of breath and not quite coherent. "I just wanted... what you guys have... my parents would disown me if they knew. My football friends... they would abandon me. I just felt so angry about all of this... and..." Even with his bloodied face it was clear that Kai was blushing. "... I... would never be able to tell you how I feel... about you Tyler..." For a short moment even the supersteroid induced changes couldn't stop the old and shy Tyler from resurfacing. Kai, the massive quarterback, who had bullied and threatened them... had feelings for little, unsure, nerdy Tyler? Trying to get through a haze of conflicting feelings Tyler asked: "W-Why did you attack us if you feel that way? It doesn't make sense!" "Because he thought we were together." Mike suddenly stated very matter-of-fact. "He saw us hanging out all the time and became so frustrated with his situation that he let out his anger on us. That's why he only beat me up, not you. He feared that his group would question him sparing you, so he let them beat you up. Am I right?" Kai teared up again and tried to look away ashamed, but nodded slightly. The sight of someone so obviously broken was enough to finally calm Tyler's fury. He looked at his blood-tainted hands, then to Mike, who just sighed, letting his massive pecs bounce slightly. "I told you that this didn't feel right. We wanted to take revenge on him by becoming stronger than him and then showing him how it feels like to be powerless and hurt. Seems to me that he was already in that situation. And seeing him beaten like that... doesn't feel as satisfactory as I imagined. Feels more like we just did to him what he did to us. I don't really feel great about that. He is an idiot, and needs a wake up call, but the real problem lies elsewhere. Isn't there any way we can use all of this...," he flexed his enormous pecs and arms, "to actually help all of us?" Tyler looked down at Kai, then slowly reached out to him with his thick hands. Kai at first shied away, but then noticed that Tyler was just trying to clean the blood from his face and let it happen. "You are right. It's hard for me to say that, but... I'm sorry Kai. You are definitely a moron for doing what you did... but so was I. Let's patch you up and then we'll help you get through your issues." Kai nodded as enthusiastically as he could in his condition and whispered "Thank you". "I think I already have an idea how we could do this actually!" Mike said, looking at the gay porn and feeling his cock stirring. He stepped towards Tyler and whispered something in his ear. Tyler began to grin, then nod. "Don't thank us yet!" Mike said with a mischievous grin. Both he and Tyler fished out their footlong cocks, pointing them at the flabbergasted Kai. "This will be a long night for you as well. But believe us: It will be worth going through everything before for this!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wow, what kind of stuff did that guy take?" "Must be one of these faggot supersteroid freaks, those degenerates are all over the news." "You shouldn't trust everything on the news. Definitely looks like one of those older queer gym bunnies though. Probably all puffed up muscle with nothing behind it." "Probably here to perv on some real men. We should probably teach him a lesson." "Not while coach is here. Perhaps after the training. Let's ignore him for now." "By the way, where is our QB? Probably wants in on that action later on as well!" "Haven't seen him in days, coach is threatening to replace him already. Probably just slacking off knowing that his parent's money will keep him in the team." The football players finished rehydrating and went back onto the field. Kai was mildly surprised that no one was recognizing him. Granted, the 200 pounds of pure muscle mass that had been added to his body and the extreme masculinisation of his face had definitely changed his appearance considerably. And he did look older now, for whatever reason. But all in all his broad face had remained the same. Perhaps it was the fact that he wore a suit today. Even with all his enhanced features he was nervous and excited at the same time, and somehow wearing a very form-fitting suit was calming his nerves considerably. Someone tapped his incredibly large shoulders. He looked up to Tyler's own huge body and immediately felt a pleasant jolt going through his cock. "Hey big guy. How is the plan going?" Tyler asked, grabbing his own expanding bulge. "Well, they all drank the water. They seemed to be so distracted by me sitting here that they probably didn't even notice anything strange." Kai grinned, looking at the players on the field. "Probably takes a few minutes for the effects to be noticeable. Mike is already at the water tower, and I'm pretty sure his balls looked even bigger than before. Let's see how long it takes until the whole town will feel a bit... different." "And what about your parents? I think we can't wait until that happens before you tell them, they are already organizing search partys for you!" "I must admit, I'm still a bit afraid to face them... I mean, look at me, now I'm a real muscle bull and I'm still too much of a chicken shit to tell my parents. I really am a moron." Tyler looked Kai deep in the eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be with you the whole time." Kai couldn't stop himself and gave Tyler a short kiss. "Thank you! For nearly everything!" he said smiling, scratching the small scar on his nose that the supersteroid-filled cum hadn't been able to repair. "Let's have some fun later on again, once Mike is back." "You mean like the fun we had for the last 48 hours?" Tyler laughed. Kai laughed too, hugging him and observing the football players slowly growing out of their clothes.
  2. [Hey everyone, back from a stress-induced break, and brought back by the (in my opinion very unique and hot) hyper morphs by Massive Dick (here is his blog, if anyone is interested: http://gigantichugemeat.blogspot.com). I know hyper is not for everyone, but I just had to write at least one story utilizing these morphs. Hope everyone who also sometimes enjoys this kink does as well. :) ] Ernest looked down at the seeming mess on the floor of his small appartment. Amulets, trinkets and statues from many different virility and sexuality gods from different cultures, small capped bottles with different anabolic steroids, aphrodisiaca and other liquids promising muscular development and sexual prowess, sex toys, erotica in many forms, bodybuilding magazines, yeah even a few printed out stories about muscle growth and spam mail about penile enlargement were gathered seemingly at random, but in fact just in a highly complex order before him. He studied the exact order of all these things very carefully, even the slightest deviation might have unintended consequences. He also made sure that the wheather was as calm as it had been all morning. When he was absolutely sure that he had done everything right, Ernest began to chant. Magic wasn't easy. In fact, it didn't work. It needed belief to work, but was easily canceled out by interfering belief sets, a small insecurity stemming from the chanter or even just a small reminder of baseline reality (even a light breeze could cancel it out). Perhaps once, when there hadn't been as many humans and belief had stopped right at the hope that the sun would shine again in the morning, magic could have been plentiful. But nowadays... Ernest had been lucky to stumble on some really ancient texts describing a rather basic ritual for more plentiful crops during one of his projects as an anthropologist. As an anthropologist he had just tried it out one time for fun, with no one around and a world that seemed to hold its breath for a second to give someone the chance to rediscover Magic. And indeed the plants in his house had begun to grow, just for a moment, just a bit more than they would usually do, but noticeable. To say that Ernest was intrigued would be an understatement. The following ten years he began to search for everything he could about Magic, wading through tons and tons of bullshit for just a single grain of truth. And then he had used the next decade to study how to strengthen the effects, how to introduce the world to real Magic again. To be honest, he became obsessed. He had no love life to speak of (which guy would go out with a guy like him anyway, he wasn't a particularly great-looking fella) and only the fact that his search for magical truths garnered quite a few side discoveries kept his universities from revoking his tenure. And then, finally, he found the answer: People needed a rallying point, a nexus to focus belief again. It couldn't be the highly hypocritical and conflicting believes of the modern day, it had to be something pure and basic. It also needed some kind of godly figure to rally people behind it. Ernest suddenly felt heat flash through his body and into his loins as he figured it out: He'd have to undergo apotheosis by changing the entire world. The hardest magical ritual there was. And he already had an idea about what kind of god he wanted to become... The chant was immensely complex. In combination with all these different things representing different culture's ideas of masculinity and male sexuality (which in theory should cancel all differing ideals out while enhancing the one pure overlap between them) it should enable his climb to godhood. Ernest believed in it with all his heart and mind. His small and lithe body, already showing signs of aging he couldn't deny anymore, danced around the complex mystical array (or a heep of junk as other people would probably describe it), writing complex signs into the air. Hours went by like this and slowly but surely Ernests confidence was wavering. He was close to doubting himself and blowing the whole thing, when suddenly the array began to glow in an unearthly blue. He knew that was the sign and jumped into it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erik slowly opened his eyes. He wasn't quite sure what he was seeing or feeling. He felt enormously heavy, yet not heavy at all at the same time. In front of him seemed to be something that looked like a massive pole of flesh. Erik scratched his jaw with his massive hands. He remembered Ernest. Like a dream or adistant memory. But he distinctly remembered being him. He tried to look down, before reminding himself that a) he didn't need to, if he wanted to look down he'd just use a small spell to look through one of followers in front of his enormous feet and b) that was impossible anyway with pecs bigger than most cars. He looked to his side and watched his shoulders (formed like cannonballs, but multiple times bigger than those) rippling as he brought up one of his insanely huge arms. A single flex of his and everyone of the guys in this room, including him, would cum instantly. He knew that but... how? He snapped his fingers and a mirror appeared in front of him. Everything looked normal though: Massive bull neck, a youthful face with a squared jaw, a meticulously trimmed full beard, deep brows and warm, lustful eyes. The epitome of manliness, just like it should be. What was wrong with him today? Then he suddenly realized something: How the hell did he even think about being horny at some point? His entire being was based around being the personification of pure male lust. It was probably time for him to spread his gift to his followers. And why did he think of his cock as a "giant pole of flesh"? Granted, an apt description of the biggest cock in the world, but still. It didn't quite do justice to it. Well, it wasn't extremely hard yet, so perhaps that was making it look smaller than it was. He should begin with the daily ceremony immediately. Erik flexed both of his insane biceps and felt his balls filling with his divine cum, thick and extremely potent. His followers kneeling before him, in awe as always of his display of raw power. He decided to give them even more than they'd usually get, he felt like truly celebrating for some reason. He let a bit more of his enormous divinity shine through, his balls and cock nearly doubling in size again, before he rocked his hips forth, roared with godly delight and shot the first of many loads over his devotees. Litres upon litres fell on them, coating them, entering them, reshaping them into his image, although not quite as endowed and not yet as enormous. The following orgy was always a sight to behold, and he would usually allow the ones who had grown the most to fuck him later on. Until then he would just enjoy the show. He snapped with his fingers again, conjuring a gigantic couch on which he lay down, letting the rest of his cum which was still fountaining out of his cock dribble down onto his inhumanly strong abs. The Church of Erik, God of Masculinity (and a few other domains) was the fastest spreading religion on Earth, perhaps rivaled only by a few older gods, who couldn't put up the magical strength necessary to beat the pure belief that Erik was getting from his followers though. Yet Erik was not interested in conquest, he just accepted everyone who wanted to worship him and let the results of his gifts speak for themselves instead of bloody conquest. That's what the others didn't quite get and it was also the reason for the purity in the belief of his followers. A small voice praying to his feet was interrupting his thought process. He knew that it was a recent convert who had missed the ceremony and was pleading to still be granted the gift. Sighing Erik put his cock in the general direction of the voice. Feeling generous he flooded the guy with an especially strong dose of his divine sperm. It was always fun to see their muscles explode out of their clothing (what little they still had) and their changing, yet delighted faces. Somehow Erik felt as if the world was finally exactly as it should be. Ernest at that point was little more than a distant and vanishing memory.
  3. Hypertrophie


    Nick was in heaven. It had taken him a while to finally find one. The search for yet another twink to satisfy his desires was getting complicated, but he had experience and abilities his competition lacked and ultimately each new semester meant a steady influx of guys who enrolled, so he figured it would take some time before he would get into trouble finding anyone. He moaned as his massive body was getting worshipped by the considerably more delicate guy on top of him. His enormous dick was already filling out even this very experienced bottom and he could feel his balls, two gigantic cum factories that 'd put elephants to shame swelling in preparation for the coming flood. And then a certain, intoxicating smell seemed to drift through the room. Nick looked up for a short moment to confirm that his pecs had gotten bigger and a clear liquid seemed to run out of his nipples. He didn't see much of that though before the other guy began to suck on them as if there was no tomorrow. For Nick it felt like three orgasms at once, an explosion of pleasure that just got stronger over time. He only came back to consciousness once he felt the twink stop sucking his nipples. He couldn't possibly say how much time had passed inbetween. The twink before him was beginning to moan, then growl, then tremble. Slowly but surely his face and his body began to restructure themselves. This was too much for Nick, he felt his cum gushing through his cock into the changing man before him, who couldn't help himself but scream as his stomach began to bloat because of it, then recede into a perfect eight-pack shortly after. The sound of stretching skin and growing bones filled the room as the now former twinks body seemingly tried to expand into many directions at once. Nick loved being the son of a fertility god. Like many divine children he had gotten control over a small subdomain of his fathers realm of influence, in his case masculinity. Not only had this caused him to be inhumanly beautiful, muscular and potent, it was also something that he was literally secreting. And he loved watching small, fat or just insecure guys being filled with pure masculinity and losing all these traits in a matter of minutes. His current conquest for example was coming along nicely, he was already sporting thick pecs, treetrunk-like legs and shoulders wider than most doors, not to mention the huge bullnuts lying on Nicks own pecs and the 10 inches flesh which were slowly stretching towards his face. Nick nodded, quite satisfied with the result. And then he used a fraction of his powers to make himself cum again and again into the growing body above him. Who cared about twinks getting rarer and rarer on the campus, being replaced by giant avatars of manliness? Certainly not Nick. He let his nipples secrete even more liquid masculinity and the massive guy on him sucked it up without hesitation. Nick smiled. He had always wanted to see what would happen to a guy full with a days worth of his divine cum. He needed a truly manly herold for his future followers after all...
  4. Sadly no, I have searched for it but came up empty-handed as well ?
  5. They stood in front of each other, sweat glistening on their newly transformed bodies, panting heavily, disoriented by their unfamiliar power and mass. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to use supersteroids to escape their life as miserable dweebs. They just heard of all the pros, how it could turn even the smallest weakling into a hulking alpha whose scent alone would drive everyone in his vicinity into a sexual frenzy and they just couldn’t resist. Fortunately nowadays it wasn't too hard to get a sample, people were undermining all efforts of the government to contain the outbreaks left and right. Infected cum was everywhere in the so called "risk zones", and though the majority of people there (who hadn't turned or fled yet) carefully made their way around both the sex-crazed giants ripping out of their clothes in the middle of the street as well as the huge pools of pure infected cum they left behind, there were others who directly sought out the stuff, continuing the cycle. And some of them even sold it via the internet (after becoming living fabrication units for supersteroids themselves). The two friends decided to risk it and bought some of it, their hunger for becoming huge overriding any fears of potential risks they had. They gave each other a dose of the stuff wearing nothing but the widest tank-tops they could find on the market and their underwear. They felt silly, looking even wimpier than they usually did in the oversized clothes. But then the pain started. They screamed as their bodies began to shift and mutate, their testosterone changing into a compound at least twenty times as powerful as before, their negligible balls pumping out the rest of the small drops of their old sperm before filling up with new, extremely concentrated cum, growing bigger and bigger. Their faces shifted, weak jaws and chins becoming more pronounced, facial hair getting thicker and their necks swelling and forcing their voices to drop by the second. New lean muscle mass erupting on their bodies, their spindly arms changing into bulging guns, their formerly nonexistant chests replaced by massive pecs tearing through the suddenly much too small tanktops. Their pain-induced screams soon began to sound more like deeply sensual roars, as if they were celebrating being freed from their former pathetic selfs. Massive cocks, replacing their tiny dicks, tore through their underwear with precum splattering everywhere. Finally the transformation was completed, and they saw each other in the eyes. Two alphas, ready to dominate, ready to fuck. But behind these raw sexual feelings was something else, a much more subtle need that might have been present in their former selves as well, the need to be completed by the other. And now that need was fueling their sexual aggression even further. Admitting that this was what they had always wished for was their last rational thought for a very long time…
  6. Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoy them^^ I try to publish at least weekly, sometimes more often, but don't count me on that.
  7. Hypertrophie

    The Glow

    Jacob and Matt had been friends for a very long time. Both were gay, but Matt was lusting after muscular guys. Jacob with his small built could never have satisfied that desire. What Matt didn’t know was that Jacob had been in love with him for quite some time now and was getting desperate. He would have probably given up any hope of having a relationship with his friend if it wasn’t for the strange talisman his father brought back from one of his expeditions. He told Jacob that it had magical properties, but didn’t say what those could possibly be. Jacob tried everything he could think of to activate it, but nothing happened. Only when he fell into his bed, exhausted and defeated, thinking about his deepest wish, to give his friend all the muscle and power he lusted after, the coin began to glow. The next day Matt woke up and nearly screamed. A giant, massively muscular man stood before his bed, eyes strangely familiar, but with a face more handsome than Matt had ever seen in person. A thick neck tethered it to an extremely wide back and shoulders, and massive pecs with juicy nipples hang directly above a clearly defined eight-pack. Matt couldn’t help himself and his medium sized cock rose to full attention in no time. He just had to touch the stranger, feel all this unbelievable muscle mass… and then the person walked around the bed towards him and began to slowly stroke his dick. It was a wonderful feeling, as if he knew exactly how much of his massive strength he had to use to make it as pleasurable as possible. Matt didn’t even notice the glow spreading from his dick, until the tingling started. His body began to stretch, to fill with cut and defined muscle. He felt more powerful by the second. He became the stud he always wanted to be in no time, even his face felt like it restructured itself a little bit to achieve that goal. And then he saw his dick getting impossibly harder and stretching too. When the stranger stopped stroking him and the glow vanished, Matt had become a new man. He felt himself up, his new protuding chest and the deep tranches of his abs. He wanted to feel his new, more powerful tool as well, but the stranger stopped him. “Let me handle this.” “Jacob?” was all Matt was able to say before the other began to suck his dick and the glow returned tenfold…
  8. Dr. Denninger was happy when his experiments with neanderthal DNA and retroviri gave him the body of his dreams. To hell with all his colleagues who had told him that he was insane for believing that Homo sapiens neanderthalensis were much more physically powerful than our species and that only their more limited mental capacities had caused their extinction. He had decided to directly test this on himself. Now a less honest person would have told everyone that this was just a way to find cures for muscle dystrophy or similar diseases. Not so Denninger. He could admit that it was all for the hot body he had craved since high-school and had never been able to get himself. Well that and proving his hypothesis. Naturally. The process itself had been painful, which wasn't surprising, seeing as most of his DNA was being forcibly rewritten by the virus. It had been worth it though. He felt confident and powerful and enjoyed every second of it. He let his new, much more impressive pecs bounce a little for his own amusement, flexed his arms and groped the new, highly enlarged bulge in his pants. He hadn't expected that last part, but didn't mind it at all. After jerking off furiously and covering himself and his bed in his spunk, he fell asleep. He had strange dreams: He saw snow-covered mountains and tundras, wide grass plains and at least once the ocean. All of these terrains felt strangely familiar now, even though Denninger had never even been to the ocean before. His muscles felt huge in these dreams, much bigger than even the improvement he had already gotten. They still felt like a light weight while he was hunting mammoths and running through the wilds of paleolithic europe. He groaned in his sleep. Slowly but surely his actual body began to stretch and grow even further without him noticing it... Not that he minded the additional muscle mass and power when he woke up the next day. Ok, there was a certain dizziness that he couldn't shake of, as if his thoughts were somehow different than before, a bit slower and more foggy. But nevermind that, he was getting even bigger than predicted! And he felt insanely horny. Absentmindedly he scratched the growing hair on his chest. Perhaps he should postpone his triumphant meeting with his colleagues for a day or so and instead spend the rest of the day masturbating and feeling his new body... That’s him a week later. His libido was still growing, as was his mass and his body hair. The meeting with his colleagues never happened, in fact he quit his job at the university a few days ago. The only thing he cared for now was giving his new adoring fans on the internet a show by stroking his thick shaft as often as possible. A week ago he had made sure to not get into sexual contact until the virus was out of his system,but those measures had been implemented by his old, frail self. And Dr. Denninger was slowly but surely becoming nothing more than a distant memory Den here was very willing to forget... That’s him now. His body has become too big for his old house, but fortunately his cam shows and a horde of worshippers are giving him all the money he needs for his new appartement. His gigantic chest is getting in the way of the camera soon and he actually looks forward to that. He doesn't really care for anything but food and satisfying his sexual needs anymore, both of which are constantly increasing proportionally to the size of his body. Every worshipper leaving his house does so with a stomach full with his potent cum and a hefty dose of the virus. And they don't mind that either...
  9. He didn’t know how he got here. Fading memories told him that he had been shy, lanky, white Tyler Mason just a couple minutes ago, with no sex life to speak of. Then he had gotten into contact with this nice, handsome and rich investment broker called Peter. His needs had overwritten any kind of doubts he had about the other guys' motivations and Tyler agreed to meet Peter at his flat. Their date had been off to a great start, Peter seemed to be nice and eloquent and actually interested in all the nerdy hobbies Tyler liked so much. The food though had tasted kind of iffy, but Tyler didn't really mind. Peter had excused himself halfway through the dinner when one of his clients called him and Tyler, naturally curious as he was, had explored the rest of the house, especially the huge library in the back. Peter had told him that he was an avid reader, but the dust layer covering nearly every book told another story. Only a few seemed to be dust-free and Tyler randomly grabbed one of them. A loud clicking and whirring noise echoed through the hall and a small hidden door between the bookshelfs opened. Tyler suddenly felt a bit unsure about himself, perhaps he had gone too far... then again, if he just put back the book after taking a peak into the open room it couldn't hurt, right? And then he found them: rows upon rows of bottles full with a transparent, slightly viscous substance lined the walls of the secret room. He took one of them and looked at the label: Supersteroids. Tyler gasped. Of course he had heard of the substance and its effects, but always dismissed it as some kind of urban myth. A laptop at the far side of the room suddenly came to life, revealing folders upon folders with videos of Peters' former dates hulking out and a short list of Grindr profiles of equally nondescript people in a folder called "Potential". Tyler felt a shiver going down his spine. His own profile was in there as well, under the subfolder "Acquired". Looking at the rest of the poorly secured system, Tyler began to put two and two together: Peter was getting off on watching others mutate into those muscular freaks, feeling them up, having a little fun, but always careful to knock them out and releasing them somewhere far away before he was infected himself. Then he sold the videos or some of the tamer new muscle giants to other rich dudes for their shared amusement. It wasn't that he needed the money, just the thrill of using less fortunate people than him like this seemed to be enough for the asshole. He didn't even care about the potential of spreading the supersteroid like an infection this way. And he was obviously arrogant enough to think that none of his "dates" would be curious or smart enough to find this room. Anger flared up in Tyler, white-hot and fueled by the rising amounts of testosterone in his system. He was already feeling the heat in his balls rising, his clothes getting smaller, his muscles thicker, his cock expanding and filling his jeans to the breaking point. With slight irritation Tyler also noticed his skin getting darker by the second. The food had been spiked, that much was obvious. Tyler thought desperately about a way to make Peter pay for what he had done. With the last ounce of willpower he had left in himself he took as many bottles of the supersteroids he could find, opened them and poured the substance down his throat. Then he dashed back to the kitchen, already ripping out of his clothes. He felt as if his entire body was under enormous pressure from within. Cum was rushing into his expanding balls, his entire body seemed to prime itself for the biggest orgasm of his life. His jeans couldn't handle his new, arm-long cock any longer, and soon he was moaning and pumping it with both of his thickening hands. A few minutes later a deep roar and the splattering sound of what had to be decilitres of thick cum against the wall marked the end of Tyler and the start of the new muscle bull Tyrone. Peter came back into the kitchen. Shit, he had missed nearly everything! Damn that irritating client. Oh well, he could always watch the video footage later on. Now he just had to get rid of the brute in front of him. He had to admit, that boring nerd had grown into quite the impressive specimen. All the more important to get him out of there quickly before the added sedatives wore off completely. Usually the dose was enough to leave even supersteroid users in a heavy stupor once they had gone through the transformation, making it easy to handle them for a while. This didn't account for extreme overdoses though. Peter suddenly found himself being tackled against the desk and then stripped of his clothes, the new gigantic python of Tyrone finding and then mercilessly pounding his hole. He screamed with pain and pleasure, trying to free himself, but Tyrones' new strength was too much for him. Peter was flipped onto his back as if he weighed nothing, and with pure unadulterated horror he recognized the muscle beasts need to make him watch what was happening next. Tyrones' thrusts got harder and stronger, his melon-sized balls seemed to pulse in anticipation and Peter saw and felt him growing yet again. It did take much more screaming and the sound of a body being filled to the breaking point with supersteroid infected cum before the thrusts finally stopped for a few seconds... then they started again, getting louder and more powerful each time. And this repeated the whole night long. This is Pete now. Pete loves his new body. He loves that he is much more capable of handling Tyrone's regular floods of cum than before. He loves how much he craves his new masters' cock and insane muscles now. He is pretty much the only one who can handle that monster anyway and that makes him proud. Not many people can say for themselves that they are the favorite fucktoy of the biggest, most virile man in the world. Pete doesn't need anything else and quite frankly, he isn't capable of doing much else either. And that's just fine by him.
  10. Hypertrophie

    The Wish

    “And for my last wish I would like to have balls the size of melons and a two foot long penis, ok Djinn?” The Djinn sighed and waved his arm. That wasn’t the first master who had uttered such a wish. It wasn’t a bad wish per se, just so… crude. He was happy to give his masters the body of a god, and all the riches they could think of (although he often tweaked those wishes to not cause his masters to become literal metaphysical and transcendental beings or to instantly cause worldwide economic breakdowns), but this kind of wish was hard to set right and it always ended the same way. Surprise and awe struck the face of the formerly unremarkable student before him as his testicles began to fill his newly huge hands and lust overcame him once his dick started to grow as well. He rubbed it through his pants, moaning, not even caring about the huge wet spot appearing on them. He obviously didn’t care for the Djinn anymore, that was for sure. He winced once his cock burst through his trousers, a massive pipe leaking cupious amounts of pre, only to resume pumping his shaft with both of his muscular hands. His thick muscles spasmed when he finally came, every single load larger than the last, coating his entire bedroom in his spunk. At first he seemed relieved… and then lust overcame him once again. Slight confusion set in, but the feeling of power surging through him washed all thoughts away and he once again jerked of until he came even more powerfully. The same happened again and again, the student losing all rational thought to the enormous amounts of hormones generated by his mutated balls. The Djinn meanwhile left the premise thinking to himself that perhabs next time he might have a better idea than just tweaking the wish in such a way that the one who made the wish wouldn’t dehydrate or become undernourished because of the massive amounts of cum. “Sadly I can’t do much about willpower.” the Djinn said, disappearing to his next job.
  11. Day 4. I have studied the effect of the chemical for quite some time now. It is definitely the work of a genius. Aside from everything else, the muscles, the beauty and the… other advantages, it changes the body of its user into a production facility for itself. Traces of it are present in the saliva and the aspirations of its users, but it is mostly concentrated in the seminal fluids. This might be an indicator for the reason why it doesn’t seem to affect women in any way, but I am not certain about it at the moment. My test subject Alpha was injected 72 hours ago with 1 microgramm of the hormone and rapidly changed over the course of two hours (see test file C). His growth has mostly stopped since then, although the growing production of semen and stength of his libido hasn’t... - Day 7. Something is not right. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to get the test subject Alpha out of my head for a while now. The only thing he does is eat, working out in the small gym I have allowed him to have in his cell and masturbating which he does all the time by now. He says he loves it, but wished I could join him… whatever that means. I’m tightening security today. Just to be sure. - Day 9. I have made a shocking discovery: Not only does the steroid affect the users muscles and hormonal glands, it also actively changes the composition of his pheromone output. Whoever breaths these in seems to become more and more sexually focussed on Subject Alpha until... well I can’t sleep anymore, I can only think about him. I must be affected, but I don’t know how, the cell is airtight. He’s just looking at me with hungry eyes now… and I have to really concentrate not to give in to my lust for him. - Day 10. He used his new strength to break a small hole into the ventilation shaft with his finger. Why didn’t I figure this out sooner? The steroid changes the brain chemistry as well… I guess I should abort the research… if I still can. - Day… whatever: I gave in. Why didn’t I do that sooner? I was in heaven when I drank his cum hungrily, feeling my muscles swell to obscene sizes , feeling my chest getting bigger and groping it with my thickening hands. My face burned while my jaw became more square and my neck thickened. I don’t know why I was afraid of this. Directly afterwards I gave Alpha another dosage of the pure steroid directly into his balls. I can still here him moaning and growing. Have to get back to him now. Have to feed.
  12. Yes boy, you might not believe what you are holding there, but those massive guns are real. Go on, lick them, I know you want to… need to. Oh yeah, that’s right, keep doing that. It’s too late to refuse the call of all these muscles. You will soon reach my broad and thick pecs, followed by my extremely cut abs and once you reach my cock, I will blow the biggest load into you that you have ever seen. Don’t be frightened. Once that happens you will swell out of these clothes in no time. And then the real fun starts once your new hormones kick in. We’ll fuck each others brains out then, believe me… --- He was right you know? Once I was able to catch my breath again I began to lick every last drop of cum that was left on me, it was some kind of sudden obsession. And then my clothes began to feel too small for me, This huge chest? It just burst through my shirt while he was laughing and playing with these new, huge nips. My shoulders and arms did the rest. My enormous legs went through my jeans as if they were made of wet tissue paper. And I could feel how his cum changing me from within as well, making me more cocky, less shy, an alpha through and through. And now look at you: I didn’t tell you before you already had gulped down every last drop of my juice, but you are already filling out nicely. How do you feel? --- ... like a fucking god!
  13. Wow, that coming from you is a huge compliment, thank you^^ I really love your blog as well, actually you and ABSQRST are the reason why I finally decided to start mine. So glad that you are enjoying my stories so much!
  14. I had planned this for quite some time now: I invited my lanky and shy friend Thomas over for a fun evening watching The Expanse or some other sci-fi series. Then I excused myself halfway through for a moment and activated a specific machine I had build inside my TV. Without knowing it, Thomas was subjected to multiple specific electromagnetic pulses directly interacting with his neural activity. It only worked for him and boy, it was hard gathering enough information about the specifics of his nervous system to make that happen, I can tell you that. The changes these pulses generated were small, but cumulative. It enhanced his libido, his aggression and slowly turned him into much more of an extrovert. Using my secret camera I could watch the transformation, how his whole demeanor changed in a few minutes, his posture got better and his face went from nice and friendly to a much more assertive and somehow hungry look. Then I activated Phase 2, which released an odorless gas into the room. I won’t say the specifics of the substances used for it, let’s just say that the effect on him was observable nearly instantaneous: His back suddenly started getting wide and thick with muscle, I could hear him groan from the pain (though the EM pulses rendered him unable to process what was happening to him). Then his shirt just burst of him because of his widening shoulders and thickening pecs. He shuddered and his flat abs began to rearrange and grow themselves into a perfect sixpack. His legs began to fill out his loose jeans so much that afterwards it seemed like he put on skinny ones. A prominent bulge grew under them, signs of his enlargening endowments. Finally it stopped and I filtered the gas out of the room and stepped into it. He immediately stood up and looked at me with the strange hunger in his eyes I had already noticed. He undid his belt and said: “Ok, whatever you did to me, I want more of it. And just to be clear here,” and with these words he flexed his right arm, showing of his beautiful bicep peaks, “from now on we will do as I say.” He stripped of his jeans, then gave me a disapproving look. “Now you look like you could really use a taste of your own medicine. But we can get to that later.” He took of his undies and now I could finally see his inhumanly big dick (why exactly did I make it so huge? I didn’t even remember, not that it mattered). “Let’s see what I can do with you and this horse cock you gave me first.”
  15. When young nerd Alexander found the disregarded tank top after another disappointing workout session in his locker, he first thought that it was some kind of prank by the three jocks that always harassed him during his training. Still, the shirt looked nice and what could be the harm in wearing it for a short while? He looked down… - - - When massive bodybuilder Alex looked up he began to flex his pecs just to remind himself of the pump he had received today. He had destroyed the weights once again and his chest felt thick and powerful. His giant cock nearly shredded his shorts at the seams, but that was no wonder with nuts as big as melons like his. He looked at one of his three adoring himbos, already naked and willing just like he ordered them to be. He smirked and thought about the massive loads he would pump into them and the strange satisfaction it gave him everytime he flexed his thick arms into one of their faces, nearly suffocating them with his extreme muscles… and them loving every second of it…
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