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    Hoping everything is to scale or bigger
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    Hey there - looking to write a story, but struggling for ideas, so came up with a fun thought. Story Prompts... If people leave a few prompts here will pick a few and use them as inspiration. So over to you my gentle beasts and not so gentle beasts
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    great story - looking forward to part2
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    New look board

    Just wanted to see love the new look - looks much crisper and finding easier to read (not that it was hard before, but easier now)
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    Muscle suit version 2

    Can't decide what to focus on - the chest, the arms, those thighs, that handsome face ... how about all of the hot stud Seriously dude - looking GREAT.
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    United Kingdom General Election 2017

    Basically Hialmar - its the culmination of two things 1) Project Fear and 2) The desire for Brexit / Little England.
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    Post. Man.

    another masterpiece What a way to wake up on a saturday morning
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    hidden agenda?

    I used to date a BIG guy who said he lifted so that people would look at him and want him - either sexually or to be big like him.
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    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Five

    LOVED that scene with Sean
  10. Sorry this has taken so long. Slight case of writers' block and real life kicking my ass. Hope to get next chapter out within a week or so. Jason looked at his flat, or more importantly, at the cum dump he had taken all over his mirror. He knew his body was different. The numbers he had taken earlier did not lie, nor did his eyes. His trim belly had been replaced with a set of abs that looked like a section from a cobbled street. It was also hard to ignore the improvements in his cock. His dick was had been average, 6” and slim, now it was 8x6… He normally jerked off once a day, twice if he was particularly horny.. But he had cum three times already and each time had resulted in more cum then he had managed in those golden early teen years when his balls seemed like they were a cum factory. Jason had always thought he was straight, or at least he had assumed he was. He had a few girlfriends, but work and life often got in the way. He had several gay and bi friends and never really thought about them in that way. Sure he had got drunk once and kissed a guy at college but who hadn’t? However, since he had seen Brad earlier, he had cum twice and both times the image of Brad’s body and cock popped into his mind. Grabbing a cloth, Jason wiped down his mirror, enjoying the smell of his own cum. Without thinking about it, he used his finger to put some in his mouth. The taste surprised him, it was a bit salty but he really enjoyed it. Moments later he was lapping up cum from his mirror. Doctor Weinberg watched this latest development with a degree of surprise and interest. His fingers danced across the keyboard “Subject seems to enjoy the taste of his own semen. His sexual appetite seems remarkably increased compared to our initial observations. . However, lab analysis suggests his semen is not an effective vector for transmission, but will result in children with enhanced musculature.” Jason sat down on his couch, having opened a few windows, the smell of cum started to lift from the apartment. He had lost his gym pump but he felt fantastic, he could not stop grinning at the gains he had made. Granted he did not understand how he had gained so much overnight, but he was enjoying the ride. He grabbed his enlarged cock as he caught his reflection in a mirror. “Fuck I’m pumped … I love it”. Jason knew he wanted to get laid and wanted to experiment, without possibly ruining his friendship. Reaching for his phone he quickly downloaded an app. He had often teased Brad for using Grindr, but he was horny and wanted to see how good a guy was. A quick dick pick (softish) later and he was up and running… Having shown a soft cock with a ruler at 6” he was rather popular and got several messages within the next 10 min. He got several messages, but picked on “HotASS23”. He was close and from the pic that he had sent Jason (Hard8) his ass was close to Brads. “Maybe close enough that I can imagine what it would be like with Brad..” About 20 min later, Jason was opening the door to HotASS23. He looked to be in his mid-20s and certainly had a decent body. Sadly he was nowhere near as built as Brad, but he was ripped and the same height as Brad, with an equally tight looking ass. Plus, Mr Ass23 was, as advertised English, and Jason loved the accent. “Hi I’m Chris” Mr Ass offered a handshake as he stepped into Jason’s rapidly cleaned apartment.. “I believe you’re expecting me Hard8” Jason grinned, flashing his perfect teeth and twin dimples; he nodded and closed the door behind Chris. Within seconds they were kissing.. Chris was clearly VERY excited by Jason’s body, as his hands explored the bulging muscles barely contained by Jason’s t-shirt and shorts. (Well it was summer) The writhing mass of hands exploring each other’s bodies moved from the door to the couch. Jason fell onto the couch and Chris was on top of him, straddling him. Chris ripped Jason’s shirt off his body, clearly eager to explore the mass of muscle before him. “Damn you’re a big one” Chris squirmed against Jason’s crotch “and getting bigger by the second” Jason lay there, partly in shock at how aggressive Chris was, but also loving it. His body seemed hyper sensitive as Chris ground against him and licked his pecs. “Oh god that feels good” He could not believe was he was doing as he pulled Chris’ face towards his and kissed him. It was like something went off deep inside Jason as his tongue explored the inside of Chris mouth. His body responded… Chris was clearly loving his experience and his hands moved over Jason’s hard muscular body. He twisted Jason’s left nip as his right hand ran over the washboard abs, down towards the waistband of the shorts. For his part Jason was lost in kissing his Chris and grabbing onto his tight ass… “Fuck me hard with that 8” cock of yours” Chris’ voice was low, almost a whisper in Jason’s ear. The request was honest and earnest and one that Jason was more than willing to oblige. Jason moved slowly, letting Chris enjoy every moment. He slowly proceeded to slide Chris’ trousers down, caressing his legs as he went. But something was building within Jason, a burning desire to fuck. He was hornier then a rhino in mating season and becoming more so every moment. His dick swelled to full mast, but little did Jason realise it had grown again. It was no longer 8x6, instead he had a pornstar worthy 9x6.5. “Ok…” Jason grabbed his dick, and at that moment he knew it was bigger. He flashed his best shit eating grin “ you asked for it Chris” There was no way that what followed would be described as making love. It was most definitely fucking. And the state of the room afterwards meant it clearly it had been “highly energetic fucking”. It looked like a tornado had gone through the living room. Things had been knocked over, moved and even the wall had a small crack in it. The whole place stank of sex. Lots and lots of sex. Jason’s balls had gone into overdrive. He had fucked Chris and then seconds after he came his dick went soft for a moment before getting hard once more. Chris, the eager size queen had sucked him off, impressively swallowing nearly every drop of the massive cum dump. Jason had got hard again at the sight a few drops of cum escaping Chris’ mouth. Chris noticing the re-hardening and begged Jason to fuck him again, not wanting to be a bad host, and marvelling at what was happening Jason had been more than happy to comply. Jason had pounded Chris’ ass like a jackhammer and cum heavy a third time. Totally exhausted, Chris had fallen asleep moments later. As he pulled out, Jason’s dick softened for a moment or two. As he looked at the sleeping form of his fuckbuddy, Jason grinned as his felt his cock grow steel hard again for the fourth time. Jason grinning had proceeded to jerk off and covered most of Chris’ hot torso with warm cum. Finally Jason’s dick returned to a limp state, Jason caught his reflection out of the corner of his eye. Yes the mirror had been knocked in the vigour of his fuck session, granted it had cracked but as he looked at his body he could help but notice, he had grown a little bigger… Everywhere. “Fuck me, that was intense.” Jason looked at the room and laughed. “I fucking loved that, it was better than any woman I have ever been with.” He flexed his double bi, noticing he had grown a little taller as well. He took his cock in hand, enjoying the heavier heft he felt. “Man I wanna men 24/7 if this is what it feels like and does to me. “ BUZZ He looked at his phone “Jason you got a Grindr profile!?” The message was from Brad.. “want me to cum over?” Jason looked at the state of the room. And replied. “Give me an hour, I’m cumming to you.”
  11. Sorry Chapter 3 took a while - slight case of real world intrusion. Hope you all enjoy. if anyone has any comments or suggestions please feel free to PM or post here.
  12. Jason looked at Brad, the image of Brad bent over and his firm bubble butt was firmly imprinted on his mind, but he was equally enjoying the sight of Brad with his cum dripping from his chest. “Er… think I’ll use the cubicles buddy..” Jason’s dick should have been going down but instead it remained hard. If anything, it felt harder then before.. Brad winked at Jason “Shame – but now having seen what you are packing… guess you don’t want to embarrass the rest of the guys.” Jason looked at the 8” hard cock he had in his hands and had the good grace to blush. Jason knew something was up. This morning he did not have abs and his cock seemed to have grown at least a couple of inches since he woke up. Something was definitely up, but damn if he was not enjoying the ride. “We ok buddy?” Jason’s question hung in the air for a moment, the fear of rejection from his friend almost palpable. Brad, ever the joker winked “Sure thing… Just warn me next time you feel like using me as a cum rag, I’ll bring an extra towel.” Jason had a big sigh of relief.. “But if you want to head out, feel free. I may need to take care of some business myself.” Brad grabbed his hardening cock, leaving Jason in no doubt what business Brad had. He stared at the thickening shaft, admiring it’s girth and the size of the veins running along it. “Offer is still open if you want to break the habit of a lifetime and join me in the showers..” Jason laughed. “No thanks bro, I’ve got some jobs I need to get done. “ Brad laughed. “Me to” and with a quick tug on his cock turned left heading for the communal men’s showers. Jason shok his head, wondering what was getting into him. For a moment, he paused, tempted to turn left but he did not want to push things further with Brad so he turned right and found solace the privacy of the cubicles. Doctor Weinberg collapsed backwards into his chair. The results he was reading were far greater then he had dreamed off. From the video survailance it was clear that Jason’s libido was higher then it was, as indeed was the strength of his orgasm. But the results from his semen tests were off the chart. “My god, he is reacting better then I dared dream… “The Doctors fingers flew over the keyboard, typing up his thoughts. “The Serum should have produced a slow but steady increase in muscle mass and strength. Projections suggested between 5 to 10lbs of mass within month. In light of the samples taken we now predict Jason will have gained that within the next 24 hours. The DNA splicing has worked beyond anything we could have anticipated. Surveillance on Jason must be increased, both electronic and hum int.” He sent the report to the General. It was clear the serum was a success, but the question was why now? The previous 13 test subjects, all military volunteers, had shown no signs of improvement. The formula was no different; clearly the variable was Jason Armstrong. The question was how to ensure further successes. And that was a riddle Doctor Weinberg would need to solve. Jason showered and dressed in record him. He was in such a hurry to get out of the gym and back home he did not notice while his clothes were tighter on him. And not just tighter, in some cases they were TGHT. His t-shirt while not baggy before now hugged his biceps. The abs that he did not have that morning were now visible through the thin fabric of his Captain America T-shirt. His chest jutted out, forming a shelf. However, the greatest change was ‘concealed’ in his jeans. They hugged his larger calves and quads like a lover would. His crotch had a decent bulge and his ass was lovingly cupped by the denim. As he headed out of the gym the girl on reception could not help but stare at the width of his back and the straining of his seams. Jason sped home, keen to explore his new and improved body in the privacy of his own apartment. As he got to his floor, he heard the sounds of strange music coming from Xavier’s room. It had a strange eerie high pitched quality to it, like something from a classic 1960s sci-fi movie. Paying it no head, Jason unlocked the door to his apartment. The stink of his cum filled the flat, and got stronger the closer he got to his bedroom. Jason laughed “Shoulda opened a window.” Quickly he opened the windows in the bedroom and living room, trying to get some air in to disguise the smell. “Smells good though, although not something I’d expect to see in a Yankee Candle” Jason grinned as his stomach growled, demanding food. Ignoring the demands of his body for a moment, Jason headed to his bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror. Slowly, almost sensually he stripped, enjoying the show he was putting on, even if he was the only member of the audience. His cock got the message and quickly inflated hitting his abs with a solid thwack… Jason resisted the urge to jack off. He needed to know how much he had changed. He grabbed his measure tape and started to examine his new body. “SHIT!” Jason stared at the page. He knew his body but the thing in the mirror was not the body he was used to. He had gained 14lbs of weight, 1” on his arms, 1.5” on the chest and just under an inch on both his quads and calves. His waist had shrunk by 2” and his cock.. He cupped the 8” x 6” monster with a shit eating grin on his face. His cock had grown by 2” in length and girth. Despite his best intentions, a thick wad of cum shot out from his cock, hitting the mirror. Jason let out a low moan as he could no longer restrain himself and gave into his desires. He pumped his cock hard, firing 5 thick ropey lines of cum, covering a large section of the mirror before starting to drip onto the carpet. “FUCK YEAH” Jason roared. At his desk, General Daniels read the report and examined the video footage of Jason’s afternoon masturbation session. His own cock hardening at the sight of Jason’s cock cannon firing volleys of cum over the mirror. The General unzipped his dress trousers and reached in grabbing his cock. “Damn son you are just what I needed…” Before attending to the business at hand Daniels clicked on a button “Greater surveillance authorised”
  13. Sorry for the delay in Chapter 3 - real life has kinda smacked me in the face. Hoping to get it out in the next week or so
  14. 818 views and 27 likes - really touched guys. If any of you want to give feedback or have any specific requests, please feel free to PM

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