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  1. Don't change how you write - whatever your secret is IT WORKS and it WORKS REAL FINE. I would much rather wait a little longer (and build the eager anticipation) for a perfect chapter than have one which is rushed - perfection takes time and your style is perfection itself.
  2. wow awesome - love to see Joker and Hercules in a lifting challenge - two musclemen at their limits
  3. just to be clear - is this how you perceive Deano to look like? he is hot. Love to see the inspiration for woody and Luke.
  4. OMG this story just gets better and better, hotter and hotter. I too have a thing for muslce guys in tight shiny posers, and the description of Luke's body and Woody's reaction is so real. Where is the cold shower - i need a long one to recover.
  6. Agree Agree Agree AWESOME story writing
  7. Ah man OUTSTANDING. Perfect muscle fiction. I know you probably have the story outlined already, but really into muscle and strength, so would be great if there was a gym session where the main players are pushed to their limits in a strength comp. Muscle guys who look like young Hercules should be strong as Hercules
  8. ah man yeah - should be EPIC THANKS
  9. i want pics of ALL of them and the Posing 101 coach
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