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    Foreskin Fascination

    Not really, I am uncut, and I can go on for at least an hour without cumming, if I would want it, I am sure I still can extend the time.
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      I see, but hey, now you start to get to know my personality too :P And you look super cute too, especially wearing your muscle suit.

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    why my Biceps looks so strange....

    Hmmm, I wouldn't mind right now, and see how they will look, when getting bigger. And your body isn't fully symmetrical, no ones body is. And it doesn't look that bad.
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    Muscle love story

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  8. Hi guys. I know it isn't May 8th in the US, but here in Europe it is and so I post my story before starting to work. I hope you like it. It may not be my first written work, and some things may sound not realistic, but hey that is what fantasy and stories are for. And like I said, I already wrote something before, but this is something different, cause it is not a continuation, of a continuous story. So here it starts. Muscle Love Story Two bodybuilders at gym. Watching each other from the distance, like they already did for a long time. And in their glance, you can see the desire for each other. After some time, Jack, a 32-year-old, 5’11’’ tall and 285 lbs. heavy guy, gets closer to Alex, who is 25 years old and 5’8’’ tall and 290 lbs. heavy and says, “Astonishing arms.” Alex is getting a bit nervous and answers “Thanks, but yours are great too. And your chest…” Afterwards he gets up from the bench and touches Jacks chest, groping his pecs really intense. During the whole procedure, they did not stop staring at each other. Their heads are getting closer, and suddenly they started kissing, and during their kiss, they enjoyed the kiss that much, that they closed their eyes, cause of the sensual feeling. After nearly one minute they separated again. The kiss made Alex really insatiable, so that he strips off Jacks tank-top, before he ripped off his own from his body. Now both with bare upper bodies, Jack is looking down Alex’ body and whispers in his ear, “Would you mind posing with me?” Afterwards he strips down his shorts and finally stands in his jockstrap in front of Alex. Alex himself stripped down his pants too standing there just in a slip in front of Jack. Both begin to oil up each other for the posing, and getting ready. If anyone had been there at the gym too, he could feel the sensuality between the two huge musclemen. And during the preparation for posing both start to look in each others eyes even more. But looks are not all that were exchanged, soon they stated to kiss again. And after they got ready, they started to pose for each other, and touch each others bodies. And of course, they kissed every time, they felt like it. If anyone had been at the gym at that time, it would have been obvious for everyone that the sensuality from the time before posing, had an effect on the two bodybuilders. Cause they had a slightly displeasing feeling in their last piece of clothing. And because they were alone, they decided to drop the last bit of fabric they wore, and release their already hard cocks. And so, the posing goes on totally nude with raging boners, until Jack goes down on his knees and starts sucking and licking on Alex’ cock. And a short time later Alex’ whole cock disappeared in Jacks mouth. From this sensation surprised Alex suddenly moaned, “Oh yes, please don’t stop Jack.” And Jack looked up to him, smiling as much as he could, with the big cock in his mouth. The blowjob went on for nearly 15 Minutes but suddenly Jack stopped. Alex protested, “Hey, don’t stop. You are mean. I am fucking horny.” But Jack just looked at him lovingly and said, “Wait a bit, I just need to go to my locker. I have a surprise for you.” After Jack returned from locker-room he had a condom and lube in his hand. Then he hands it over to Alex and whispers, “Fuck me, huge bull.” Alex cheerfully took the items, opened the condom and stripped it over his hard cock and lined up behind Jack. Afterwards he lubed up Jacks anus and got ready to penetrate him. He got closer, until his cock invaded Jack. And when it happened he started to moan, cause it was the first time ever, he fucked a guy. And even for Jack it was something special, though he already had sex, his cherry got popped by Alex. He never had been fucked by a guy. And while Alex fucked Jack, he pulled him closer and felt the big muscles of his bodybuilder-lover. After some time, the two changed position and Jack laid himself down on the weight-bench. And now he is waiting for Alex to penetrate him again. And like he desired, it happened. And now that they could look in each others face Alex bent down to Jack and kissed him, while he fucked his lover. After they stopped kissing, Jack suddenly started stroking his erect cock. And a short time later, he moaned loudly and started to tremble and shiver. And without any further signs, he started to cum real hard, cause of the cock in his ass, hitting his prostate. He came really hard and shot a huge load on his ripped and defined abs. After this orgasm of his partner, Alex pulled out his cock and stripped off the condom. Then he bent down and started to lick the abs of his friend clean, afterwards he cleaned up Jacks cock with his mouth. Then Alex went to Jacks head and pushed his still hard cock in his face. Glad but exhausted Jack started to suck on Alex’ cock and lick it. Alex started to feel the grand finale approaching. Suddenly his tight and ripped legs get a bit weak and he starts to shiver. While moaning loudly he unloaded a huge load in the mouth and over the face of Jack. After Alex came too, Jack rose from the weight-bench. With a sparkle in the eyes they looked at each other and again a long and sensual kiss between the two happened. When the kiss ended, Jack looked Alex in the eyes and said, “I think I fell in love with you. And the next time I am going to fuck your pretty bubble butt.” Alex Answered, “Would love that.” Then both went to the shower, to get clean. But during getting clean, they worshipped their muscles again, and posing for each other again. After they got dressed, they left gym holding hands and looking at each other, heading to Jacks apartment, where the evening should continue in a special way. On the way to Jacks home, they stopped at a grocery store where Jack asked, “Would you mind stopping by and get some food, that I could cook a good meal for us?” Alex only replied, “Oh Jack it isn’t necessary.” But after a short discussion Jack carried his point and after a sensual kiss, both entered the store. Sometime later, they had everything they needed for dinner. And finally, they reached Jacks home. After they put the groceries in the kitchen, Jack showed Alex his huge five-room-apartment a bit closer. When they reached the living room Alex asked, “How can you afford that luxurious home?” Jack replied, that his parents own a pretty successful company, and that it is the reason he can afford the apartment and his living standard as a bodybuilder. Finally, Jack said to Alex, that Alex should comfort himself, during he is cooking dinner. And before leaving he kissed Alex again and squeezed his right bicep. “Wow, what a hard workout I had today”, Alex though. And then he started to undress. After he got naked, he sat in the couch in the living room. But when Jack suddenly came back from kitchen, Alex shot up, a bit embarrassed stumbling, “Huh, I am sorry. But I am used, to release my pumped muscles from every clothing after a hard workout.” But instead of a dilemma, Jack comforted him and said, “Don’t worry. I don’t mind. No, it turns me on.” After he ended the sentence, he undressed himself, leaving to kitchen in just an apron. When he came back from kitchen he was completely nude again and had just a tray with dinner for both in his hands. And while he served dinner Alex can’t hold back and said, “Hmmmm, smells great. If it tastes great too, you aren’t just a great bodybuilder, you are a good cook too.” After the finished their meal and cleaned the table, they both sat on the couch. But Jack made a serious face, so Alex asked, “What happened? I haven’t seen you so serious before.” Before answering, Jack inhaled deeply, then he said, “Alex, before I ask you, what I want to ask, I need to confess something. I … am a father. I have a eighteen-year-old daughter.” Alex interrupted a bit astonished, “Wait, that would mean, that you were…” “Fifteen, yes, but I was fifteen when she was born. I was fourteen, when it happened with her mother. She was a girl at my former gym I had a crush on. But our relationship shouldn’t have been and we broke up a short time after Lisa was born. I was lucky, that her mother never prevented me from seeing my daughter. And now Lisa lives in a shared apartment, cause he had a conflict with her mother too. But she sleeps here on a regular basis too, in the room I didn’t show you. I hope you can forgive me, that I kept it as a secret.” But Alex just smiled soft and gave Jack a kiss. Then he answered, “Of course I forgive you, you hadn’t have to keep that as a secret. So what do you want to ask me?” “Okay, now there is no going back. Alex, we already know us for a longer time, when we see each other at gym, though we didn’t talk that much until today, but I already feel that you are the right one, so I want to ask you, if you would want to move in my flat, and live together with me? And more important for me, do you want to marry me?”, Jack asked pretty nervous. After he ended, Alex answered with tears of joy in his eyes, “Oh yes, Jack I would love to marry you and be your husband.” Full of joy, they embraced each other and gave each other a long and loving kiss. Then they both sat on the couch again. And cause of the romance during the preceding situation, both got a bit horny. When they both sat on the couch, Alex bent to Jack, took his cock and started to stroke Jack. “That feels great”, Jack moaned. When Alex bent down to Jacks cock and took it in his mouth, Jack can’t hold in and moaned even louder. After Alex stopped the blowjob five minutes later, Jack took him by the hand and went to bedroom with him. In bedroom Jack took a condom and lube from his bedside table. Then he opened the condom and put it on his cock. Afterwards he lubed up his cock and Alex anus. When it all happened, Jack lined up behind Alex and started to penetrate his partner. The feeling of being the active partner isn’t unknown to Jack, he even had sex with guys, but he never fucked a bodybuilder before. So it was awesome for him, to feel the muscles of another guy when he fucks him. It was awesome for Alex too, he had popped Jacks cherry first, when they fucked at gym. And now his cherry is popped by his future husband. And though it was painful at the beginning he soon starts to enjoy the feeling of the cock in his ass, and the weight and muscles on top of him. He moaned, “Oh yes, deeper, take me harder.” And Jack followed his wishes and fucked him harder. At the same time, they both collapsed on the bed, and continued the act lying on bed. Suddenly Jack groped Alex’ cock while he fucked him, and started to jerk him off. Alex, totally randy from the cock, penetrating him, and now jerked off, by the strong hand of his beloved muscle man, can’t hold it back and starts to rock his hips. While rocking his hips, his cock leaked copious amounts of precum. And while he moaned his body shook, and suddenly Alex started to cum pretty hard in the bed. While he fucked Alex, Jack got randy too, cause the orgasm of his partner got him closer to the edge too. Suddenly Jack roared loud, and his muscles pulsated, when he pumped a huge load in the condom, while he still was in his future husband. After both had mind-blowing orgasms, Jack pulled his cock out of Alex’ ass and pulled off the condom. Then Alex turned around, put his hand on the huge slab of meat, called Jacks pec, looked deep him in the eyes and said, “I hope you have more condoms. I want more. And tomorrow, we get my belongings and take them here, so I really move in. And then we try to get appointments at our doctors for a checkup. And if we both are tested negative on any STDs and STIs we start having bareback sex, okay?” “Okay honey”, Jack replied exhausted. The whole night they had sex in different positions and rubbed their muscular bodies at each other. Anyway, they got up early in the morning and put all of Alex’ belongings in their new shared apartment. And on the same afternoon they had appointments for a checkup at their doctors’ offices. And a week later they both got a negative result, none of them had any STDs or STIs. And the results were celebrated. Jack and Alex had sex on the couch, this time, the first time bare. And Jack shot his load in Alex ass, cause Alex wished that Jack should do it. In the meantime, Alex got to know Lisa. And the girl immediately accepted him as her stepfather. And she made them think of getting a kid together, though both had no idea how to do it. Two months later Alex and Jack have married. And now they are a family. Even Lisa, though being an adult, decided to get adopted by Alex, just to have him official as her second father. And to complete their new luck, Lisa decided to move in at her fathers’ apartment, cause she now feels more comfortable, than she ever felt at her shared apartment, and she enjoys the love of both her fathers. Shortly after the marriage, Alex had an idea, how to get a kid. But he didn’t think of a kid literally. “Think about following. We ask a young, but adult, ongoing bodybuilder at our gym, if he would want to move at our apartment, and we would take care of him and his growth and act like he is our son. With just one exception, cause we would have sex with him, if he wants to. You could imagine it as a loose love triangle. What do you think about it?” Alex asked Jack. And Jack, who didn’t want to experience raising a baby or a teen going through puberty again, was happy about that idea. The following day, both guys looked for a young guy they could make their offer. And after three days of search they finally met Dylan. A nineteen-year-old boy, with marvelous black skin. When they asked him, if he would like to live with them and get trained to be a bodybuilder. Of course with some nice sex, Dylan shyly answered, “Sounds good, I am in.” And the next day Dylan moved in the last empty room of their flat. To get a good picture of their “son” Dylan had to take off all his cloths. And for the short time he worked out, he had a pretty good body. Wide shoulders, slightly rounded pecs and a well-defined six-pack. Something special on his body was, that he nearly had no body hair. He just had pubes, hairs in his pits and on his head, and some facial hair. But the biggest surprise was, what was hidden in his pants, cause when he dropped them he showed his new “dads” that he is built pretty huge, with a 5.5’’ flacid cock. And his huge balls brought his big cock out even more. Alex and Jack looking big eyed, at their boy. And Jack whispered to Alex, “We really made the right decision.” A few days later Alex took Dylan to gym, while Jack started to work in the company of his parents. Just to offer Dylan a good life and a good possibility to grow huge. And at gym Alex did everything to get Dylan exhausted and pumped. And he also made a new plan for Dylans new nutrition and even he explained him his first roid cycle. And even start the first cycle. During the workout, Dylan felt the first results, if it were real results or just his feelings isn’t possible to clearly state. Afterwards Alex asked Dylan, “Hey boy, we are alone at gym, would you like to try nude bench-presses, just for fun?” And Dylan answered, “Oh hell yeah, that would be hot.” And soon both men stripped off their cloths and went to the weight bench. During the exercises with dumbbells, the constant movement caused Dylans limp 5.5’’ cock to get erect and raise up to steel hard 8’’. Leaving every rational thought go away, Alex’ sexual instincts kicked in and he started to lick Dylans cock, and making him even harder. When Dylan was totally hard and horny, Alex started to suck and give the boy a blowjob. But he didn’t want the young one to get off so fast, so he stopped sucking. And he even didn’t want the boy to be top, so Alex took a condom out of his sports bag, put it on his cock and starts to penetrate Dylan. Getting overwhelmed by the feelings of a cock in his ass, besides the pain in the beginning, Dylan couldn’t hold himself back and moaned out loud. Then Alex started ty gyrate his hips sensually to fuck his boy pretty good. And to raise the level of stimulation, he grabbed Dylans 8-inch cock and stroked it. With every stroke, Dylan got even more horny and started to move his hips up and down, like he would fuck someone too. After some minutes the boy can’t hold it back anymore and started to pump out huge loads of cum out of his huge balls. After Dylans cumshot, Alex pulled out his cock, stripped off the condom and jerked off. Then he unloaded his load on the trim body of his boy. And when he came, his whole muscular body shuddered and tensed like he would flex all his muscles at once. After their orgasms subsided Dylan kissed Alex, and said, “Thanks Alex, that you and Jack take care of me like fathers and turn me into a man.” Afterwards both went to shower with a satisfied smile to get cleaned up. Fresh out of the shower and dressed in fresh cloths, Alex and Dylan left gym and went home. When they arrived at home they were welcomed by Lisa. She hugged Alex and kissed his cheek, then she said, “Hi Alex, great you are at home.” Then she turned to Dylan, embraced him, gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear, “I have waited the whole day, for you to come home, my black stallion. Tonight, we finally will be more than just good friends.” Dylan, a little bit frightened by the public display of Lisas plans just answered, “Okay.” Unlike his “fathers” Dylan is still too shy to undress when getting home from workout. And Lisa already asked him sometimes, if he finally would take her, but today was the first day, he said yes. And like he had promised, later that evening he left his room with a pckage of condoms in his hands and entered Lisas room, as silent as possible. Though it wasn’t necessary to be so silent, cause his 8’’ cock made Lisa moan out loud, when he took her virginity. The next morning, still in Lisas bed, he suddenly bolted up, out of his dreams, when Jack said to him, “Good morning, sleepy head.” Then he bent down and took one of the used condoms, and examined it. And while looking at the well used and filled condom his huge arms bulged. He then noted, “Wow, pretty full. You definitely are a stallion, my boy.” Dylan got really nervous, and pulled the blanket over his defined and ripped body, to cover up his nudity and stammered, “I… uhm, I am sorry, I did not know, why I did, what I did last night.” But Jack smiled soft and said, “It sounded like Lisa and you enjoyed the act, so I am okay, as long as you use condoms, and other things to prevent a pregnancy. And both of you are of full age, so I can’t say anything against it.” After that morning, the day went on pretty quiet. Lisa would be on university most of the day and Alex had to work. So Jack and Dylan made themselves a nice day and went to gym after a good lunch. After they arrived at gym and changed cloths, Jack told Dylan, “Alex already told me, that you started your first cycle yesterday, so today, I monitor your workout and your next roid-dose. And though I said when you moved in at our place, that we would have sex on an occasional basis, I know, that you fell in love with my daughter, and want a serious relationship. And I respect that, so I would hold myself back.” “Oh I wouldn’t mind to jerk off with and I wouldn’t be offended giving or getting a blowjob”, answered Dylan. After the workout the hormones started to kick in and after they made sure there is no on other at the gym, they stripped off their cloths and let their erect cocks spring free. Then Dylan laid himself down on the weight bench and Jack groped Dylans cock and stroked it with both hands. After some time, the boy moaned and released his seed in huge bursts covering his ripped sixpack. After Dylans orgasm subsided, Jack bent over his boy and started to lich the cum from the abs. Then he smiled and said to Dylan, “I just have to know, how my boy tastes.” Then he starts to stroke his own cock. Cause of the satisfying experience he had earlier Jack didn’t take long and had an earth shattering cumshot too, where his body trembled and he flexed is abs extremely. But before he shot his load, Dylan put his mouth on Jacks dick and caught every burst the older guy shot. Then he said, “And I have to know how you taste, and especially it would give me an extra load of protein.” Then both headed to shower, cleaned themselves up and dressed themselves to get home. When they arrived at home, they still were alone, cause Alex had to work overtime and Lisa still was at university, so they had time to prepare everything for a nice evening with the ones they love. And this evening it happened again, Dylan and Lisa shared a bed again, still with condoms, and this time Dylan hadn’t been too shy, cause he knows, Jack is okay with it. And so, he asked Lisa if she wants. As time went on Dylan transformed, cause of his workouts, nutrition and steroids. After two years he totally changed, and the sporty but shy boy, transformed into a huge and swoll mahagony-god. When his growth started Jack and Alex had fun, watching Dylan grow out of his cloths and buy new cloths for him, cause they knew soon he would grow out of them too. They made a game, every time, Dylan needed new cloths, he had to show them, by flexing his grown muscles to make the fabric burst. In those two years, Dylans shoulders got twice as wide as they were, when he started. And his arms got so thick that he beat the 20’’ mark, and they were ripped as hell, so you could see even some muscle-fibers. His chest got so huge and thick, that he could hold a pen between his pecs, when he flexed them. His back got so wide, that he looked like a cobra, when he spread his lats. And it was a totally ripped landscape full of hills and valleys. His traps got so huge, that it looked like he wouldn’t have a neck, and to complete his upper body, his six-pack got visible, even without flexing. And the growth hormones he took, caused them to distend in a slight roid gut. But his growth wasn’t just above the waist-line, below his legs grew huge too. His calves are perfectly separated and ripped. And his quads and hamstings got huge and ripped too. So huge, that between his legs was no space anymore, that it pushed is cock and balls even more in front, making them look more prominent. And though his genitals didn’t grow from all the workout, they now look a bit less impressive, but they still feel as great as before. And to make him even more impressive his huge body is vascular as hell, and there is nearly no muscle, where no vein pops out. Even his face changed cause of the use of the steroids and hormones. It still has his youthful charm, but it got a bit more rugged, and Dylan decided that he would look better, with a beard. Even his behavior changed a bit, cause of his new muscles. He is much more confident now, and like is “fathers” he doesn’t mind being naked. So he is undressing himself as soon as he gets home and the door got closed. Then he takes Lisa in his arms, while being nude and kisses her. His newfound confidence wasn’t the only thing he got through his muscles. His libido went through the roof too. So he started to sleep in one bed with Lisa and have sex with her every night. But his grown libido made him to forget a condom more often. And so the unavoidable happened. One day Lisa and Dylan approached Jack and Alex hand in hand, and Lisa started nervously, “Dad, Alex, there is something we need to tell you.” Dylan continued, “You know, that Lisa and I share a bed for a pretty long time now. And we both don’t know, when exactly it did happen, because we did not use condoms and other pregnancy preventing items as regular as we should, and now Lisa is pregnant by me.” Jack and Alex, first totally surprised looked at the two. Then they calmed down a bit and Jack said, “To be honest, we both asked each other, when it will happen, that you two will come to us and confess, that you are going to get a baby. And to be honest, I am really happy for you two, and can’t really wait to be a grandfather. How do you think about it Alex?” And Alex answered, “I can’t wait to see our family grow too. And yes, it was a pun, cause if the kid will be a boy, he surely will grow, with his father as a huge bodybuilder and his grandfathers as less huge, but still impressive bodybuilders.” And to celebrate the happy event, the four decided to go out and enjoy a big meal at a restaurant that evening.
  9. raphi0508

    Does this sound true?

    To be honest, it may happened once, but I can't imagine, that he could make every women wet her pants. Especially not every women craves for a buff and muscular guy.
  10. raphi0508

    Three Years And Counting

    I knew the old Foum just for two years, and was so sad, when it closed down. So I was really happy when you opened the new one. Though I think we are more a family in the new one, than we have been in the old one, cause in the old one, I wouldn't have had the courage to join forum staff, and now I am an Admin. By the way, thanks for the trust again. And may the new forum will be here forever.
  11. Great story. I knew it was worth to wait for.
  12. raphi0508

    Additional Hobbies or Talents

    Thanks. But I am totally shy so I think I would stumble, like I am the biggest idiot on this planet.
  13. raphi0508

    Additional Hobbies or Talents

    My special hobby and talent is, that I am a walking and talking city map. I only need to look on city maps, once or twice and I know which city it is, even if I just see only small parts of the maps. During the Soccer world championship, there was a facebook group that presented the capitals of the countries that qualified. And they presented the cities as a quiz first, just by posting a map of their Underground or subway system, but just the lines, no station names or anything that could give a hint. And I fucking knew everyone of them. I thought I was a freak, but I know, that it is a gift and I know how to use it.
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