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  1. Wow, I'd love to see this continued
  2. Huge Thanks to @Muscleacefor providing me with yet another round of amazing inspiration Meteor Shower It wasn’t like a loner such as Darren had anything else to do on a Saturday evening than standing on some hill in the middle of nowhere and use a telescope to look at the starry sky. Sure the scenery was beautiful, with even the Milky Way being easily visible and all, but not having any parties or friends to spend the evening with was pretty sad. The loner had even asked the girl he had a crush on to spend the evening with him in this romantic setting, but considering how skinny and overall unsightly the loner was, she had done the expected and denied him with a laugh. As Darren stood there and thought about his situation, the event he had been waiting for happened. All of a sudden shooting star after shooting star started crossing the sky, the meteor shower had begun. Darren had been waiting for this for quite some time now, because legend had it that this meteor shower was no ordinary one. The loner clutched the stone in his pocket tightly, the citrine humming with anticipation of being used, infused with the power of the meteor shower. Anticipation rose within the loner and he uttered a wish under his breath. As he felt his facial structure rearrange and an itch spread over his new square jaw as stubble coated his new handsome features he knew that the legends had stated the truth. His wish to be more handsome and ooze sex appeal had been granted and he still could feel the citrine hum in his pocket, the essence of more and more shooting stars pouring into it. He quickly mumbled more wishes, each one altering his body and mind more and more until he was eventually totally unrecognizable from the skinny, ugly loser he had been before. His body was now so bloated with muscle that even guys, who practically lived in the gym, would have a hard time not looking puny to him. And yet despite his mass it looked insanely good on him, because his enormous height made it look proportionate. Everything about his body was massive, from his huge size 20 feet to his massive boulder like pecs that threatened to rip the skin tight grey shirt right off of him. While Darren hadn’t seen himself yet, the thought of his wishes alone was getting the gargantuan tool that bulged down his right leg hard. The coke can thick cock, nearly reaching down to his knee, was quickly getting as hard as a steel pipe, the apple sized head leaking an astonishing amount of pre. The titan of a man turned around, the 3 girls that had appeared nearby already throwing hungry stares at the outline of the tasty dick they would soon be filled with. Darren felt a smirk cross his handsome face and saw the girls swoon even more over the sheer sexiness of the expression. He quickly through one last glance through the telescope and saw the last of the shooting stars fly across the sky. He grabbed the stone in his pocket one last time and muttered another wish under his breath, “I wish I had unlimited wishes”. As he turned around and saw the horny girls sitting there he added another one. After all he really wanted the girls and himself to enjoy his first time. Spam Emails When Ethan opened his mail program he was immediately greeted with a new message, telling him about a new update that’d let him filter out spam mails even more effectively. Since the nerd had had to deal with tons of these lately he quickly decided to install the new function and within a few moments the new “Chronivac Spam Filter” had been downloaded and added to his mail program. Deciding to check the new function out, Ethan opened the spam folder and much to his surprise it had been categorized into “Topics you may find interesting” and “Topics that don’t interest you”. Being the frail computer nerd he was, Ethan expected to have offers for new computers and such stuff in the first category while new merch from the video games he was spending all day with would probably land in the latter one. But upon taking a closer look into the second category he was proven wrong. He had kind of thought the usual muscle pills and cock growth portions ads everybody gets and that looked really tempting to someone with Ethan’s pre-pubescent body (even though he was 22), but apparently today something else had come in. The first mail already sounded extremely fishy with its subject line reading “Tired of Looking like a Kid? Try our new testosterone cream today!” and Ethan could fully understand why the program had decided to move it to the uninteresting section. As he traced his magnificent lantern jaw and thick scruff, that he’d shaved only this morning and that was already dense as fuck he really didn’t need anything like a masculinity enhancing cream unless he wanted like a fucking wolfman. Without further ado he deleted it. The second and third mail weren’t much better either. “Feeling like a Stickfigure next to your friends? Use the newest research results to build muscle near instantly.” and “Do normal sized people make you look like a dwarf? Our new height boosting injections can help you drastically improve your height!” didn’t really sound like anything he’d ever need. After all having to duck through doors because his handsome face would otherwise hit the doorframe and looking like a gym regular despite never even setting foot into one always made sure that everyone he met felt like that. But since he didn’t need it, two new mails were added to his “Deleted” folder. The last one sounded a lot more interesting “Even porn stars are amazed by the results. Try out the miraculous Macrophallus Magic Pills now.” It wasn’t like Ethan needed anything like penis growth supplements or anything, his legendary 11 inch log having earned him the nickname Elephantine Ethan effortlessly, but it sure would be nice to finally pass the footlong mark when soft. But then again, his fucks already had trouble handling the massive tool as it was and it might be a little selfish to force an even bigger tool on them, so he quickly deleted the ad before he got tempted. Some of the interesting ones looked really good though. As Ethan felt his personal fucktoy of a roommate splutter on his tool he thought that maybe the “Cumdump Seminar” might be a nice little upgrade to his human fleshjack and maybe the “IQ Pills” would help the dumb, towering muscle giant to get better grades without having to fuck all of the professors, but the “Get your own Harem of obedient cock hungry twinks“ really sounded like a dream come true. Maybe his cumdump could use some competition for the huge, delicious loads from Ethan’s furry bull nuts to encourage him to get better. Bachelor Party Finally the big day was near. After 8 years Steven and the love of his life, Sarah, would step in front of an altar and get married. Nerdy little accountant Steven could barely believe his luck. He and Sarah had been together ever since falling in love in college and even after all these years he still loved her like the they met. The same however could not be said for his future wife. Of course she still loved her longtime boyfriend, but after this many years she couldn’t help but feel increasingly disappointed by her fiance’s body. Sure he was sweet and all, but being taller than your man despite only being 5’8 was kind of a letdown. And being able to beat him at an arm wrestling match certainly wasn’t the biggest turn-on either. Add to that the sexual frustration only a 3 inch cock could lead to and you had the perfect recipe for growing dissatisfaction. Luckily Steven’s best man and best friend since high school had noticed that (not that it was particularly hard to notice for anyone) and so he formed a plan to fix the relationship between the nerdy accountant and the bride to be. It was easy enough with the resources that were at his disposal. After all he came from a long line of magic users and so he was able to brew up a potion within a matter of days. Of course that wasn’t just any potion, but a similar one to the drink that had made a man out of his formerly runty form. The only difference would be that Steven’s potion would take it a step further. The night of Steven’s bachelor party came quicker than Steven would have liked and so he found himself out with his best friend and some other pals on the evening before the wedding. He had been nervous, his best man being infamous for his surprises, but after some drinks in one of the best bars around the feeling dissolved. It was just past 11PM when Steven’s best friend pulled out a little vial from his pocket and poured it into Steven’s new drink when nobody was watching. It took all of his willpower to not grin the widest grin his handsome face had to offer when Steven just took the glass and downed it in one go. Now it would only be a matter of time before his wimpy friend would get a new outlook on life. This time proved to have come be a few hours later. After more than a few drinks and a bill that was nearing four-digit territory Steven’s best friend found himself the soon to be husband home, the smaller man’s body barely proving a challenge to his muscular frame. It didn’t take him long to get his pal home and as if on command, upon entering the flat Steven started to groan like crazy, the transformation had begun.It wouldn’t take long, his mother describing it “like a sneeze, although a life-changing one”. And true to her word and his experience within the 30 seconds the best man had taken to get Steven a glass of water the nerdy accountant had disappeared and in his place laid a titan of a man. The best man certainly wasn’t a small man by any means, but he guessed that once the sleeping giant woke up, the formerly bigger man would look like a wimp next to his improved best friend. He also guessed that the suit he had gotten for his friend’s new body would look awfully tight, even though he’d gotten the biggest size they had. But there was no way Steven would ever wear anything that wouldn’t look tight on him, considering the massive brawn he now could proudly call his own. The even more difficult thing though would be to find anything that could contain his massive cock. There was just no way the XXXL Magnum condoms that the best man had bought beforehand could fit on the insanely huge cock Steven now owned. His wife certainly wouldn’t complain about satisfaction now. There was quite the uproar when then behemoth Steven now was walked through the church instead of the wimpy man everyone had expected. But after some explaining and verifications the ceremony proceeded and ended without any further complications. That is if you didn’t count the priest being constantly distracted by the outline of the fat cock and furry bull nuts in front of him. It was pretty likely that the wish for kids that Steve and his love had had for quite some time now was soon to be granted. The best man just made sure to tell Steven to send some videos and pictures from their honeymoon, he wanted to see how his studly best friend managed to settle in. Considering that among the various shoots of Steven flexing in public spaces and barely hiding his meaty bulge just flooded into his inbox was a good sign, though the clips of the new beast jackhammering his immense tool into his wife’s tight pussy was an even better one. Under Arrest Sam really didn't get why he had been put under arrest, for indecent exposure of all things too. Then again, maybe whipping out his dick to impress these hot babes at the park hadn't been the brightest idea. Especially since his built footballer body and manly handsome face probably would have been enough to get a nice quick fuck with the two bimbos. Showing off his massive 9 inch tool did go a bit overboard. Then again, the temptation to show the nearby group of guys just how inferior they were to a god like Sam was simply irresistible. As soon as the cop that was to keep Sam under guard walked in, the hunk knew that he wouldn't be under arrest for too much longer. He knew the type, a small, thin desk job kinda guy that had to watch over him. The jock had had to deal with those guys a lot and it always had ended the same. A quick flex, some sweet talking with his manly baritone and maybe a quick blowjob in the bathroom and Sam would be free again. Time to set the plan into motion. With a confident stride Sam went over to the bars of his cell. "Hey.", he started, his deep voice instantly getting the smaller man's attention, "How you doing little guy." It was like the lamest line he could think of, but casually running his meaty fingers through his hair and some light flexing of his football sized biceps should make sure that the small guy would give in quickly. But instead of the expected swooning or lusty looks of admiration from the thin cop, Sam just got a frown as response and the smaller man started mumbling something that the jock couldn't understand from this distance. The jock just defiantly ran a thick calloused hand though the long blonde locks that had earned him the nickname "Samson" since middle school. He sure had other methods at his disposal, he thought and a challenging smile crossed his boyish face. This time he was more aggressive. "Come on, short guy, don't tell me you wanna see all of this caged up?" Sam just gestured at his impressively muscular while sneering down at the shorter man. He even flexed his massive brawn right into the guards face through the cell door, only getting an even more annoyed look than before from the guards. This time whatever the cop was mumbling sounded angrier and more intricate than before. "It sure would be a shame to see a fine twink like you spending the night behind bars.", the massive policeman said in his deep sexy baritone voice. Sammy's cock, that outsized the dick's of his tops' on a regular basis instantly got hard at this compliment. Especially since it came from such a fine specimen of a man, with the massive height and even more massive muscles making him look like a god among men. "Let's make a deal, little man.", the bodybuilder sized cop proposed and flexed his huge biceps, "If you can manage to deepthroat my cock I'll set you free." Of course Sammy agreed, he prided himself on his cocksucking skills after all. And surprisingly enough the front of the man's pants looked rather flat. As Sammy took his position and the man slowly unzipped his fly, the big guy mumbled another short line. Instantly the zipper gave in and a massive apple sized cockhead slapped Sammy square over the face. The thing looked like it could take down castle doors and to top things off it was leaking pre-cum like crazy. Sammy had no doubt the furry orange sized nuts that the man was packing would be enough to satisfy even his bottomless throat too. Before the Sammy however got a chance to start sucking on the massive tool presented to him, the massive man asked something. "By the way, why did you get put under arrest?" "Expertly sucking someone off in public.", the twink just answered, before impaling his throat on the farm animal sized cock. Beach Bum I had to admit that during summer break I had become increasingly lazy. It had been barely a week since we had finished our last exam and so my bros and me had spent all the time we had at the nearest beach, tanning our toned bodies and looking for all the hot chicks passing by our perfect spot near the water. Today especially I felt rather adventurous and wanted to get a good fuck out of one of the hot beach babes. Just as I stood up from my beach chair to make my way towards the water, a busty girl walked by our camp, sporting these cute goth looks I found extremely hot and that threatened to make my anaconda of a cock harden. I walked up to her, making sure to subtly flex my hard earned athletic muscles and accentuate my heavy package when she looked at me. I also put on my best cocky, charming smile, which by itself was enough to make many girls drop their panties, but she was obviously not impressed by my body. It isn’t important at this point what pick-up line I used, it’s enough to say that it was incredible cheesy and after she denied me I didn’t stop trying to get into her pants. That of course caused more annoyance from her and eventually after what seemed like the 10th futile attempt of seduction she answered. “Hey, airhead, make sure you don’t get bitten by one of Twink Fish. It just might change your attitude.” I had never heard of that species, but before I could ask her any questions about the weird stuff she had said, she just pushed my bulky body back without effort, causing me to stumble and fall into the water. “Weird bitch.”, I just muttered as I got up and went for a swim. Weirdly enough after taking a few steps into the cool blue I stumbled, which thanks to my wide size 17 feet helping with my balance was a rare occurrence. Just as I fell down, chest forward into the water, I could see a colorful little fish swim away from my feet almost looking like it had bitten my massive foot. Immediately I felt weird. I hadn’t felt like this in years, small and weak, like someone had drained me of energy. Naturally I left the water right away, but much to my surprise I didn’t recognize the beach before me. I was sure that I hadn’t swam off and that I should still be in the same area as before, but instead of the normal beachgoers I had expected, the whole beach was full of nude people, I was at a nudist beach. I felt completely out of place and looked down at my body. If I hadn’t been so weirdly calm, I would have screamed. All of my hard earned muscles had faded away and i was left with nothing but some small, lithe physique that I did not recognize. Also my now far smaller feet looked to be a lot closer, indicating that I had also shrunken in height. My skin still had the beautiful light brown color I loved, but I still couldn’t make sense of what had happened. To my horror though I could feel the small cock that had replaced my huge dick get hard at the sight of all the naked males at the beach. One man in particular caught my eye. He was standing next to the water, his mountain range like back to me and his beautiful butt on display. He had just been on a swim, his ebony colored skin still glistening wetly. It wasn’t long before he noticed me, just a lone twink standing around, ogling at his massive body. A pleased smile crossed his handsome face as he turned around. My eyes nearly fell out when I saw the massive cock that was swinging between his muscular legs. It would have even put my old tool to shame and the orange sized bull nuts that swung beneath the fat dick promised that the hunk could also fulfill any promise the cock made. He lumbered over to me. “Hey there, little guy, are you lost?”, he asked, his deep voice making my knees feel like jelly. I just nodded weakly. “Alright then, I’ll keep you company.”, he said with an even wider smile and threw my petite body over his massive shoulders. Even from behind I could see his wrist fat cock get hard and swallowed at the tasty sight, though i was sure this wouldn’t be the last time i would swallow hard today.
  3. With the "Go, Vikings!" story I have reposted my last story from the old blog to this new one (with some exceptions in which I couldn't do so because of the minimum age hindering AP stories a bit.) The requests and most of all the TF Touristics stories aren't here yet either, but I'll think of something In the meantime I'll try posting new stories here at the usual schedule (meaning highly irregularly and with huge time gaps inbetween ^^' )
  4. “Go Vikings!!” Nowadays you could read that sentence all around the building, posters and banners plastering every meter of the hallways and even mostly of the exteriors. And what for? Only because the college’s football team, the Orsonville Vikings, were about to win the national championship. Sure that was impressive, but it’s not like all the other students were total losers. The best example for that was Lugh, the Vikings’ water boy. But of course that wasn’t his whole identity. Being the smart little ginger guy he was, he excelled in his chemistry classes. In fact Lugh was so smart that he had participated in the International Chemistry Championship and even scored among the top 3. But Orsonville’s college was completely focused on their football team, ignoring all other accomplishments from students who didn’t have the skill to participate in the sport. Not like anyone could hold up with the team members. Every single one of them looked like someone had distilled the team name into human form, resulting in a roster of insanely tall, muscular men with golden blond hair and thick beards. And as the team’s waterboy Lugh knew that the team had another trait running for them, a trait that usually entered the room far before them. And no, that didn’t mean the insanely big pecs they all owned, giving them trouble to see their clown feet without having to bend over. It instead referred to the impressive set of genitals they all had. Big bloated bull nuts and cocks that would make true Viking’s hammers look tiny by comparison. Lugh had just accepted it long ago. Having huge Viking looking guys in your school was just a side effect of living in Minnesota, where basically everyone looked like a Norse god made flesh. Everyone except Lugh. Even though his parents had named him after the Celtic warrior god of oaths, truth and law, he had always been tiny compared to his Viking classmates. He was just the stereotypical ginger twink you’d find everywhere. He had really hoped to break the spell when hitting puberty, maybe growing tall and brawny. But even though he had gone to the gym religiously and tried out a myriad of methods to fasten his growth, puberty had just passed him by, leaving Lugh with a short, skinny body. It was just unfair. Lugh had gone to the gym far more than anyone on the football team and while he hadn’t gained any muscle at all, the Vikings were just gaining mass like crazy, even though they were rarely seen seriously training at the gym. Deciding he needed a break from all the hype over the upcoming football game, the skinny ginger made his way towards the city’s public pool. he normally didn’t like showing off his unimpressive body, but since it was so early he figured that he’d be pretty much alone there. It was only a short way away from his flat and so barely 5 minutes after Lugh had left his thick chemistry books behind, he walked into the locker room of the pool, a sportsbag with his new blue swimming trunks strapped over his pigeon chest. But when he opened the door his hopes of some nice time at the pool died. The changing room was filled with team members of the Orsonville Vikings, most of them butt naked at this point and proudly strutting around so everyone could see their amazing bodies and insanely fat cocks. Some of the men had already squeezed their horsedicks into obscenely tight speedos, that did nothing to conceal their farm animal sized sets of genitals. Suddenly the thought of spending time at the pool didn’t seem so good anymore. Lugh didn’t want to have to look at these Norse gods show off their gods and make him look even paler than he already way in comparison. He didn’t want to feel even more inadequate than he already did. And he definitely didn’t want to pop a boner over these amazingly hot guys in public for everyone to see. Lugh had never told anyone, but he was gay and he especially had a thing for the brawny viking kind of guys, which made being around the team members incredibly difficult for him. He wanted to turn around and leave, but given how some of the team members had already seen and greeted him it would look pretty weird if he left now, so Lugh chose the corner of the room that was the furthest away from the team members and started changing. He cursed his genes sometimes. Lugh had the feeling that since he was ginger he could never grow nearly as big as these guys with their viking heritage. Frustrated Lugh just uttered: “I wish I wouldn’t feel so inadequate next to these fucking Vikings.” and all of a sudden the world shifted as this wish became reality. Not just for Lugh and the team, but for the whole world. ———————————————————————————————————– Lugh had to bend his knees as he heaved his python of a dick into his new swimming trunks. With his bull nuts already taking up a lot of the space in there this was already a difficult task when his cock was completely soft, but stuffing his hammer in there when the tool was hardening was pretty nigh impossible. He tried to concentrate on fluffy kittens and over stuff to stop the thing from going completely steelpipe and after some more struggle to get the trunks to sit right he was ready to step out into the open. Getting changed had been insanely difficult given that the Orsonville Vikings had been there too, the whole team of sexy vikings. It had taken Lugh all of his willpower to not pop a boner right the moment he had walked into the changing room full of twinks. It wasn’t rare for the college’s gymnastics team to go to the pool together, but Lugh had hoped he could evade them at this time. The massive ginger just had a thing for these little vikings, from their long blond locks to their lithe, small muscles. And of course there were the balloon asses that were at the center of the viking stereotype. It was kinda funny how the clichees about Norse looking guys were all true. They all had amazing bubble butts, that felt awesome on Lugh’s fat elephant dick, all had plump lips and basically bottomless throats, that were essentially made to give amazing blowjobs to bigger men (meaning everyone) and of course they all had the perfect twink looks, that drove Lugh crazy. Then again the massive ginger was one to talk about stereotypes, being one himself. Like all Celt guys he was as tall as a tree and built like a brick wall. And of course he had the fat shank of fuck meat that was slowly hardening down his right leg, threatening to rip the trunks to shreds. That was also why he had to buy a new pair like every time he went to the pool, there was always some sexy twink there that made his monster harden. As his horsecock began to harden, the members of the Orsonville Vikings that were lounging around the pool got hungry looks in their eyes. All of them knew firsthand that Lugh could put his tool to good use and all of them wanted him to show them again. The Celt just sighed. He had wanted to visit to get some time off from fucking the gymnasts, which was his task as the team’s water boy. he had also wanted to escape the hype for the next competition of the gymnastics team. They were insanely successful and or the whole college these competitions were pretty much the most important thing. Nobody even cared if someone else had success in other fields. Lugh was the perfect example for that. He had just won against countless other guys in a weightlifting competition, earning himself a national champion title and was a pretty successful amateur bodybuilder. The massive ginger just picked up two of the nearest athletes and threw him over his meaty shoulders. They wanted “Fragarach” and they’d get it. Lugh just chuckled to himself. His numerous fucks had nicknamed his footlong cumcannon after the sword of Celtic god whose name he had and he had to admit he kinda liked it. With his powerful baritone he exclaimed “Go Vikings!”, before carrying the two eager twinks to a more secluded area. He just hoped an hour of hard jackhammer pounding would be enough to satisfy each of them.
  5. It was the first week and the two friends Jonas and Daniel wandered around the campus. There were a lot of people around, what considering it was club orientation day seemed only logical. Dozens of booths were set up all over the campus. Every club from the anime enthusiasts to the zoology enthusiasts were showcasing their activities and trying to attract new member. A few of them looked pretty fascinating to the two of them, for example the LARPing club, that fit in perfectly with both of their nerdy tendencies. It wasn’t like they were nerds, they just enjoyed some DnD and nerd stuff once in a while, as a change of pace to their biweekly gym sessions and financial classes. Most of the time Daniel and Jonas felt attracted to the same booths, but from time to time. For example Jonas, whose family owned a farm, felt pretty drawn to the Animal Rights Protectors, while the nerdier Jonas took great interest in the Comic Book booth. One weird thing kinda caught the guys’ attention though. The two of them had been the only out gay guys in their hometown, not like a couple, but more like best friends. Soon after coming out together, they realized they liked the same thing, namely huge, muscular, manly guys. And that was the weird thing about the campus. Wherever the two guys looked, they saw a man who met their likes exactly. There was a huge amount of muscular guys strolling around the area. Some looked more like the Viking or Celt stereotypes, with meaty brawn and an abundance of hair covering their built pecs, while other guys looked like they had just stepped out of a fitness shoot, with defined, cut physiques being flaunted by the shirtless studs. And they all gave the pair a grin and flex when they noticed the stares, leaving the two boys breathless. After about an hour of roaming around the numerous booths, the friends came across a rather large booth that had a big banner above it proudly displaying “Physique Building Club”, which as Jonas knew was just another name for a bunch of amateur bodybuilders. But still he felt intrigued, probably by the two exceptionally big twins that stood there, and stepped closer. Immediately one of the twins headed over and gave the surprised Jonas a small box, nicely wrapped up with a red band. “Hey there, buddy.”, the guy said with his deep melodic baritone, “I’m Stan, one of the presidents of the PBC. We thought it would get us a lot of new members if we hand out presents.” Stan just gave him a smile that seemed to stretch up to both of his ears, leaving the still baffled Jonas all the more without words. He didn’t know why, but when Jonas walked back to his friend, he hid the small box in his pocket, not wanting Daniel to see it. Apparently while Jonas had spoken to Stan, Daniel had decided to sign up for a tennis club, a sport which didn’t really peak Jonas’ interest. And so without having signed up for any club at all the nerdier of the two followed after his friend back to their shared flat. Jonas quickly went to his room and locked the door behind him. He pulled the box out of his pocket and almost ceremoniously opened the small package. He nearly burst out in laughter upon seeing the contents however. Inside the nice little box was a shiny, bright red piece of clothing that from his regular viewing of contests he immediately recognized as a posing strap and a high quality one at that. But then again, despite the ridiculousness of the thought, he dropped his pants, prepared to try the posing trunks on. Surely they would look totally out of place on his average body. Not like he was bony or anything, his regular gym sessions made sure of that, but he didn’t have the mass to look good with only this on. Yet he proceeded undressing, since he had always wondered deep within, what it would feel like wearing these things. Finally he had had undressed completely, his nude body on full display. Jonas wasn’t bad looking, kinda handsome in fact and with his proud 6 inches of cock he had made a good top for his previous sex partners, but somehow he had always wished to be bigger. With these thoughts in mind he pulled the posing trunks up his legs. Once they sat around his nice package and bubble butt, Jonas was surprised to see that nothing had happened. He didn’t know what he had expected, but the fact that nothing at all had changed with the posers had been kinda disappointing. Jonas stepped in front of his mirror and took his form in. He was surprised by how much the tiny piece of fabric concealed his cockbulge, but then again he didn’t have anything extraordinary down there, so that was kinda expected. After some minutes of looking at himself from pretty much all possible angles, Jonas decided he might as well try to flex and so he brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. But as soon as his arms were in position, the world around him began to crumble and barely able to remain standing, Jonas blacked out. ——————- With a shudder Jonas opened his eyes again. What had just happened? He looked around his room in confusion and saw the calming familiar stuff he was used to. Posters of excercise instructions and famous competitive bodybuilders were plastered all over the walls and several trophies decorated the room even more. With a pleased smile Jonas looked at his arms. The massive 20 inch guns he had been working so hard for were still there, showing off the incredible vascularity he was so proud off. He gave his massive biceps another quick flex and rolled his wide shoulders before standing up again. What had he been doing again? Absentmindedly he rubbed his impressively defined abs and plump pillow pecs, letting out a slight moan as he brushed over his quarter-sized nipple and walked over to his mirror. He looked at the beefy muscles he had built over the years. His legs, looking like they had been cut out of marble, and his diamond like calves really looked ready for the competition coming up next week, just like the rest of his masterpiece of a body, but he’d put in some more work on his lats. Even though they already complimented his cannonball shoulders well, he was really striving for that wing like look. As he inspected his body, all of a sudden he heard a knock coming from the door. It was his boyfriend Daniel. While Jonas was bigger than most guys on the campus, standing at roughly 6'6 and being built like a god, Daniel wasn’t unimpressive either, even though other than Jonas. He may have been pretty short compared to his boyfriend, being only 5'8 in height, but his gymnast training had given him tight lean muscles. The most outstanding feature about the smaller man however wasn’t his athletic build, or his amazing sapphire blue eyes and boyish features, but the plump yet incredibly tight bubble butt he had trained for since becoming a couple with Jonas. The two globes were currently fighting for space in Daniel’s favorite jockstrap, the twink being fully aware, that Jonas wouldn’t be able to resist. “Your poses are looking amazing, babe. And with your package being presented so fabulously I bet the judges won’t have a choice but giving you first place.”, Daniel cooed as he moved through the room, over to his bodybuilding top. Jonas just looked down, having a little trouble to see something past his pecs, and grabbed the humongous bulge that was barely held back by his farm animal sized genitals. Even though moat guys in the PBC were built and had some decent cock meat, Jonas knew that he was among the biggest members of his club, in all departments. The only guys bigger than him in dick size category were his best friend Stan and his twin brother, but even these two couldn’t compare to his brawn. “Maybe you should show me what that thing is capable of, babe. You haven’t showed me in a while.”, Daniel interrupted Jonas’ train of thought and wiggled his fat bubble butt. The bigger man just chuckled. Daniel knew full well that Jonas could put his 10 incher to good use, he had just showcased that this very morning.
  6. “I didn’t think Fat Dan would look so good in a toga” “He looks a whole lot taller too. Like did I always have to look up?” “I know we mocked him for his fat tits…. but they aren’t really fat at all are they” “Dude they look the pecs of these guys on TV. And does he look like wider to you?” “Yea… and oddly commanding” “ And what is that thing that’s dangling down his leg? I saw him in the showers once. He definitely didn’t have it before!” “That’s got to be fake…. it’s like my forearm” * Fat Don gestures for the fratboy to kneel down before him * * fratboy falls to knees on instinct * “Dude, what the hell are you doing? I thought we wanted to visit the sorority house?” “I don’t know what’s happening” * Fat Don force the frat boy forward * * confusion on the boys face * * Fat Don shoves the Toga aside to reveal the full length of his tool * “Fuck it’s like a battering ram” “Dude, I think we’ll have to do the sorority house another day. I got bigger things to do now.” “Does it look bigger to you, bro?” “Yes…. are you sure those are the right size jeans.” “Yeah, I took my usual jeans out of the wardrobe, but they are so damn tight today.” “They look way too small.” “Weird. They have been like this ever since Janine caught me in bed with her sister.” “Ohhh yes…. that was rough, Janine tried talking to me about it… but your my bro.” “She didn’t even try to hear me out. I mean her sister is a 10 out of 10!” “I know bro… but she’s a 10 out of 10 too… you probably should of kept it in your pants, but I understand.” “Talking about that. I think it shrank somehow. Like my hand reached around when I was jerking off” “Wait what… that odd” * nervously pulls at the fabric bunching around my uncomfortably overstuffed crotch * “Dude I know you’re gay and all. Could you help me? My ass has not only been feeling bigger, but weird overall” “What do you mean” * again had to redo the zipper on his jeans after his manhood forces it down due to its increasing size * “Dude, it’s been feeling like empty. And I thought you may want to help me.” “How…. how do you mean” “Yeah I know you are a top and you are quite hung. I thought you may wanna help me. I just have the feeling you may be a perfect fit for my itch right now.” “Well…” * starts to pull open jeans * “Thanks bro you’re such a life saver." * pulls down bro’s underwear and his own jeans * “I gotta warn you… for some reason I’ve become super aggressive and rough in bed.. my normal fuck buddies can barely handle me now” "Dude, just start, I can’t take it anymore. And I’m sure this ass can handle your fucking.” * drops underwear revealing a gigantic donkey dick, bigger then the rumored monster he’d heard about * * black bro presents ass and looks over his shoulder * “Looks like a perfect fit, bro. You’re a lifesaver” “You welcome bro” * stuffs his dirty underwear into his mates mouth as he mounts and slams his over a footlong monster into his friends virgin ass * “Ummmm bro… did you forget a jockstrap” “Ugh, yeah, sorry man. Still not accustomed to that beast” “It’s ok….” “Sorry, bro. It’s only been a week since I read that spell online and I haven’t had a change to go shopping for new clothes” “And your brother stuff isn’t big enough?” “Even though I used his size for the spell it doesn’t really fit. His jockstraps arelike XL, but I guess I need XXL” “Must of taken a lot more then you meant too” “Yeah. My ‘big’ brother looks a whole lot smaller than I meant too." * Shrugs shoulders * "Too bad for him the results are irreversible.” “Yea sucks for him…. poor guy” * laughs * “Oh come on don’t be mean, bro. You know I hate it when you laugh at smaller guys. Well anyways, I think these girls over there might be willing to help me measure my jockstrap size." * gropes obscene outline of his cock, causing it to grow even bigger * "So dude, I found this insane program I wanted to show you. Like it can change all of reality and so on. Like here’s where I made my neighbours daughters super hot and horny twins” * chuckles dumbly * "Damn sweet, dude. What did you call me here for.” “No real reason” “Hahaha, that figure looks just like me, dude.” “Yea it does doesn’t it” “But bro, what’s this 'List of Change’ next to it?” “No don’t look at that…. give me back my laptop” “Dude, why did you write my IQ, weight and height in there. And what does unaware mean?” “Revert… changes???” “Dude, now there’s this guy who looks like you. And the program wants to know what I wanna do to it." "Look this model of you as a twink looks really cool. And I used that unaware thing for you too." * dumb chuckle * * his thick meaty finger hits enter, and suddenly his best friend is sitting on his lap, his face nuzzled into the cleavage of his insanely thick pecs * "Dude, this program is the real deal.” * feels massive dick harden in his shorts * “Please master….” * the little guy begs * “What’s the matter, little guy?” * the big guys picks the little one up, knowing what he wants * “Are you sure you are prepared for that little guy? Maybe you wanna try something smaller first?" * small guy nods energetically * * the big dude types something in and carried the little guy to his bedroom, neither of them hearing the little guys brother coming home from school *
  7. It had not been a good day for Jack. Of course he had days like that far too often, especially since his roommate Josh, the campus’ undisputed top jock, had found out that Jack was gay. Not only was Josh extremely homophobic but he also made sure his jock friends were just as cruel as he was. It wasn’t even like Josh and Jack had started off badly, but the second the jock had found out his roommate was gay he had gone into asshole-mode. The worst thing was that Jack gave Josh a lot of things to mock him with. The quiet guy was only 5′9 and more on the pudgy than muscular side. Add to that the fact that he had a nasally high pitched voice and a tiny 3 incher for a cock and you had a prime bullying target. Jack didn’t really have friends to help him and neither did he have the courage to stand up to the 6′5 All-American jock. A teacher had given him the hint that maybe writing a diary could help with his frustration and anxiety. So now Jack found himself looking for a good Diary style app for his laptop. After some browsing through Google he found an app that looked to be just what he had been looking for. the pictures showed all the functions he had wanted and it even was for free, so the pleasantly surprised Jack of course instantly downloaded “Chronivac Journal Service”, clueless to the fact he had just gotten his hands on one of the most powerful programs in existence. After the download had finished and he opened the nicely plain looking app, Jack prepared to start writing, making sure Josh would still be gone for quite some time (he hung his workout schedule to the fridge and apparently a session had just started), when a strange cartoonish symbol popped up. It kinda reminded Jack of the paperclip from Word, but this thing was a little genie lamp, with cute little eyes and all. Just like the paperclip it offered him help asking Jack whether he wanted to use the “Auto-correct” option. Since Jack had never been particularly good at grammar and such stuff he of course activated it and started writing. “Dear Diary, I started my day by showering and shaving the bit of stubble I had grown in a week. Afterwards I spent 5 minutes trying to get my to look at least decent.”, Jack wrote and paused for a moment. Immediately the letters shifted, changed and formed a different text. “I started the day by showering and trimming my beard to look good. Afterwards I combed my hair, made them into a man bun and found long hair really makes it easier to look handsome.” Of course he left out the part where he spent 5 minutes looking at his mirror image and admiring his own handsomeness, especially the strong jaw hidden underneath the dense beard he sported. After absentmindedly tracing his lantern jaw again, Jack resumed writing. “After the first class Josh got my bag and teased me for my short height by holding it over his head so I couldn’t reach it.” He paused for a moment and thought back to that embarrassing as hell moment and when he looked back at the screen the and noticed the words had changed yet again. Or had they? Jack decided to read the passage again. “I hit my head on the doorframe on my way out of class and Josh teased me for being so tall.” Jack rubbed his forehead and thought about why he had been so confused, the text was still the same as before. He tried getting more comfortable and sitting more upright and immediately Jack’s long legs bumped into the underside of his desk. He cursed, which made the windows shake from his deep voice. Jack just wriggled the long toes on his size 22 feet and resumed writing. Jack tried covering his crotch a bit as he wrote the next passage. “One of Josh’s friends pulled my pants down in the locker room and made everyone laugh at my tiny dick.” He blushed crimson red as he looked down to the flat front of his sweatpants and thought about that humiliation and yet again the words changed. Jack reread the lines. “One of Josh’s friends pulled down my shorts in the locker room to show a guy where my nickname comes from.” Proudly he wriggled the hefty sausage that was running down his right pant leg and thought about the name. For anyone who had ever seen Jack in the nude it was clear that the nickname ‘Jack and the Giants’ was referring to his insanely fat horsecock and the two legendary giant bull nuts that set underneath. It took quite some willpower to ignore the yet again hardening monster, but he wrote on. “Josh and his jocks mocked me for not even being able to lift their warm-up weight” He jokingly flexed his long arm and watched the pathetically small biceps not even bulging in the slightest, and started patting it. His hand just hit bone barely covered by some skin and tendon, but after a short blink the arm didn’t feel bony in the slightest. It felt insanely hard and meaty, like he had spent an incredible amount of time in the gym lifting. Jack had the feeling his last sentence had changed yet again and checked it to make sure. “Josh and his friends were in awe at me using their max weight as warm-up and asked for tips.” A pleased smirk crossed his handsome face. The text was just like he remembered. Jockboy Josh sure had been amazed when he found out he was gonna share a room with Jack, the undisputed BMOC and local gym record holder. Not much more did happen that day, so Jack wrote the last sentence. “After class I ate lunch and went home.” That was about the last he had done before starting to look for a diary app. Jack wanted to close the app, but the words had shifted again. “After class I gave Josh his lunch and went home.” Immediately after reading this a grunt escaped his lips and he felt an insanely large load being shot down his twink roommate’s gullet. The little guy even licked the last remains of cum off Jack’s still semi-hard giant and looked up into the handsome face of his top. “You satisfied for now, little guy?”, Jack rumbled and knew that even though Josh nodded, he’d be begging for a load 15 minutes from now again. “Okay then, little guy.”, Jack added, “I’m off to the gym.” As the door slammed shut behind the behemoth that was now Jack, Josh was getting uneasy again. He moved around the room, looking for something to keep him entertained until his top would come back and that would distract him from his empty feeling ass, when he noticed a blinking message on Jack’s computer, which the muscle mountain had forgot turning off. It was from an app called “Chronivac Journal Service” and it seemed to be advertising a new feature called “Add Changes”. Josh sure was getting curious.
  8. There once was a woman called Sarah Dawson. She and her husband David were very happy together, living in a small house with their five sons. They didn’t have much money, with David working as a janitor and Sarah cleaning bathrooms for the people on the better half of town. They normally were okay even though they lived from pay check to pay check, but Christmas was always hard for them. At a young age all of their sons had accepted that because of their low pay Sarah and David couldn’t afford any big presents, but the woman still hated seeing her sons so frustrated. It was the 24th and the couple was out searching for a tree. They had wanted to get one earlier, but they always had to work so much it was quickly forgotten. So they found himself there on this small yard, looking at the last remaining trees, all far from perfect but at least cheap. Sarah wandered around the area, she always left the choice of tree to her husband just being there to help transport it, when she found an odd machine. It looked like one of these old ones on fairs, with a mechanical fortune teller inside. This machine though was a little different from those. Instead of a fortune teller the mechanical figure inside was a pretty realistic looking Santa Clause. Beneath the glass window showing the mechanical man was written “State your Christmas wish and throw in 25 cents”. Sarah just chuckled. Money was tight again after they had decided to get all of their sons something for Christmas and she had nothing to waste on a silly machine like that, but she pulled out a quarter and threw it into the machine while muttering “I wish we had a better life.” She waited for the obligatory card to come out of the machine, but instead she felt a sense of vertigo hit her. When she closed her eyes to make it go away she felt the world around her shift and opened them again. Gone was the mechanical Santa and the machine, gone was the back yard full of trees, replaced by a wide area full of beautifully grown ones, all looking taller and nicer than Sarah and David could ever hope to afford. And then her eyes fell on the massive man standing before her. He was balancing a tree that looked close to 8 feet in height on one of his mighty biceps, while throwing her a gleaming smile and flexing his free arm to make his impressive muscle look like something he’d need a weapon’s license for. He was only dressed in a white tank top and some loose fitting shorts that left his massive thighs room to breath as well as a hat draped over his handsome face. The tanktop hinted a massive pair of chest muscles and immensely wide shoulders, gained from years of working out. The man bounced the tree a bit to gain a better grip on it and steadied his size 20 feet. Then he looked Sarah in the eyes with his own deep brown ones and said in a knee-shaking rumbling bass voice “So, baby, I got the tree. I think we can go home now.” For a second Sarah was unsure if the hunk was really talking to her, but then a realization hit her. The 6′6 man before her looked just like her husband David. That is if you transplanted David’s head on the body of a professional bodybuilder and hyper-masculinisated it in the progress. Even his voice sounded similar to David’s, only 2 octaves deeper. Then a wave of dizziness hit Sarah and new memories flooded her head, making the old ones seem like a dream. Immediately Sarah smiled even wider than the man and ran into him, wrapping her slender arms around his massive torso and nuzzling into his pec cleavage. Her husband tried hugging back, but the tree he was carrying began losing balance and so he just caressed her hair until she stopped hugging him and said “The tree is perfect, David, just like you.” She then tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek, making the man blush a little. The two of them walked back towards the parking lot, Sarah walking a bit behind her husband, since she only had a fuzzy memory on where it was. After a short walk they reached the parking lot and she started looking for their crappy old Camero, when David pulled a key out of his pocket and made the Land Rover beside him beep. Sarah just shook her head, the memory of her old car vanishing and the new one settling in as David tied the tree to the car roof. On their way home they didn’t talk much. David was focused on driving and Sarah was simply entranced by her new husband. The way his pecs bounced when he breathed or how his massive biceps twitched when he turned the steering wheel. Or the massive farm animal sized fuck meat that made a sizable bulge between his monstrous thighs. She was so entranced by his muscles that she didn’t even notice the neighborhood they were driving through wasn’t on their usual way home, it was nicer than even the one she used to clean bathrooms in. Finally they stopped in front of a massive mansion. Sarah grabbed her forehead as a sudden headache hit her. She remembered living in a small dirty apartment in the worst part of the town, but this mansion quickly replaced this memory. They had been living here ever since David had made his first million with his line of gyms. He was an amazing advertising character on one side, but an amazing entrepreneur too, managing the huge number of gyms with ease. Of course Sarah helped her husband whereever she could, but he rarely needed her help. David once again carried the tree with a single arm and as soon as they entered the giant foyer, he boomed “Yo, boys, come down and help me with the tree” As if they had been waiting for it, a storm of heavy footfalls could be heard from upstairs and 5 massive hunks came thundering down the stairs. As they lined up before Sarah, ready to help David, she recognized them. These hunks, ranging in age from 23 to 27, were her sons. Her not so little bundles of joy were like their father, tall ripped and from their own sizable bulges hung like bulls. They had decided to all wear matching outfits, just consisting of red socks, a silky red Santa head and matching shorts. Through these shorts Sarah could see that her sons weren’t soft right now, probably they had hastily pulled out of some poor girl they had been jackhammering their enormous tools into. She’d have to check if the boys had cleaned up afterwards later, but for now she was happy her sons were so quick to listen to their father’s orders. It didn’t take long wit the combined efforts of the six musclemen to erect the Christmas tree and thanks to Sarah’s excellent taste soon later the tree was even nicely decorated and glittered with silver and blue baubles, a lot of lights and a bright big star on top. All of a sudden David pulled an envelope out of his loose fitting workout shorts and gave it to his wife. “The man who sold us the tree gave it to me and told me it’s for you.”, he explained and curiously Sarah opened it. In the bright red envelope was just a picture of her and her hunky husband David in front of the huge mansion with their 5 fitness model sons. She turned the picture around and on the backside was only one word: “Granted."
  9. Danny really loved his boyfriend Brandon, but the guy wasn’t exactly the most manly fella. Even though his boyfriend tried putting on a tough guy act and play the top for exclusive bottom Danny, the twink could see through it all down to the deep insecurities of his man. Admittedly being below average in height and size didn’t really give his confidence a boost and the mere 4 inches of cock and the fact that he had been born into a family of otherwise big and burly guys didn’t help either, but Brandon always tried his best to not show how much it bothered him being so small. This afternoon was especially frustrating for the small guy. His uncle, a police officer with a thick barreled out chest, had forced Brandon to hang out with his cousins, a pair of identical twins, who looked like someone had copied the picture book definition of Viking and modeled two really massive men out of it. At the age of 21 Ben and Sven were far bigger than Brandon and made sure the little guy did not forget it, always making remarks on how awesome it was being co-captains of the football team or how many cheerleaders they could bed in one night. It was especially hard for Brandon since Danny, who had decided to come over too and help his boyfriend be a bit more relaxed, knew that Brandon was neither really good at holding his load nor at shooting multiple times. And so the twink found himself listening to Ben and Sven bragging about how much of a beast each of them was, while his boyfriend tried holding up his fake smile, when suddenly his phone beeped. It was some cheesy looking advertisement from a weirdly named company and so he ignored it for the moment. Some minuted later, Brandon and his cousins had moved to Danny’s room, while Danny had just settled for some TV and games on his phone. He could hear the three guys arguing, Brandon’s tenor in stark contrast to his cousins’ deep baritones. Then he heard a loud “Fuck off” from Ben and Sven and suddenly his boyfriend came thundering down the stairs. Not that he made much noise, even with all the force he had thrown behind his steps there was not exactly much mass. Before Danny could even ask what had happened, Brandon rushed past him towards the bathroom. Danny knew better than rushing after his boyfriend when he was in this kind of mood, so he turned back to his phone. The strange ad had popped up again. This time Danny gave it a closer look. It was pretty flashy and even on second look it looked incredibly cheesy. It was from some company called Chronivac Industries and the text was “Got something you’d like to change? Visit our website and do it.” followed by a link, that Danny clicked after some hesitation. It led to a pretty bland website, which contained only a field that read “Type what you’d like to change.” Danny wasn’t sure what to type. He was pretty content with his life, he was pretty fit and had a nice body, a caring boyfriend and even a job he loved. But as he heard Brandon sob in the bathroom, a thought crossed his mind. “Brandon is taller than his cousins.”, the twink texted and immediately the world seemed to shiver for a moment. He still heard the sobbing from the bathroom but then he looked at the picture standing next to the couch he was sitting on. It was a pic of Brandon and his parents after his high school graduation ceremony and it had changed a lot from before. Whereas before his dad had towered over Brandon, the still painfully skinny man stood head and shoulders above the burly older man. The Brandon in the pic looked to be around 6′8, but when the door opened and his real life self ducked through the door, Danny was sure the by now the guy had to be more like 7 feet in height. “You okay, babe?”, Danny asked, admiring the size 20 feet that had come with the body. Brandon just put up a brave smile and nodded, while moving back upstairs. Some moments later Danny heard the same yell as before from Ben and Sven and Brandon came down again, this time his steps far louder than before. He walked past Danny, his longer legs far faster than his old ones running and made some excuse about having to use the bathroom again. Danny was heartbroken to see his boyfriend like that, even though he seemed to be unaware of his massive increase in height. The amazingly fishy advert seemed to have been a real thing. Danny was pretty amazed and immediately typed the next thing “Brandon has been working out longer and harder than his cousins and is bigger than them.” The sobbing promptly stopped, as Danny felt another shiver run through the world. He looked at the picture again. This time the impossibly tall teenager’s clothing looked practically painted on what looked like seriously heavy muscles, built from hundreds of hours in the gym. The door to the bathroom opened and the mountain of a man that stepped out of it did not only have to duck under the doorframe, but also turn sideways so his insanely wide shoulders didn’t hit the sides. “Hey babe, everything alright?”, Danny asked. In a deep baritone the massive hunk replied “Yeah, just had to take a leak. Well then I’ll go up again, listening to the twins joking about my baby dick.” with a fake smile again. Danny grimaced and started typing again. “Brandon’s genitals are big even for his new body size.” The familiar shiver returned and Danny turned around to see his boyfriend. Immediately he had to make a remark. “Uhm, babe, maybe you wanna wear real pants. That underwear doesn’t really conceal your private zones.” Brandon just gave his twinky partner a cocky grin and replied: “Really What makes you think that?” Now it was the twink’s turn to roll his eyes. “Well maybe because I can see every vein running along the length of the baby arm you call dick and practically count the hairs on your bull nuts through the fabric.” Brandon just grinned and scratched his dense beard. “Okay, bae, but only because you’re the one asking.” Danny felt the butterflies in his stomach flaying, like after their first date, but then a more malicious feeling spread. Revenge. He wanted to take revenge on the twins for ridiculing Brandon, though he wouldn’t do anything too harsh. “Ben and Sven are far younger than Brandon.” Immediately after the shiver he heard the defiant whiny yells of two boys and the deep baritone of his boyfriend telling them to go to bed. Moments later his boyfriend came sneaking down the stairs, even his sneaked steps making more noise than his old body, and sat down besides his boyfriend. “So the twins are in bed. Time for a nice evening with my boyfriend. Though my uncle come’s to pick up the twins in an hour. We might have to hurry up a little.” He underlined his last words with a palm of his overstuffed pants and a massive smile spread on Danny’s face.
  10. Casey wasn’t exactly looking forward to PE this day. Actually he was never too eager to go to this class. PE was by far not his favorite class, he was more comfortable sitting in a lab in chemistry or biology. That was a place where he could actually impress with his expansive scientific knowledge. In PE however he was the laughing stock of the class, his frail body and short height making him a natural born loser at each and every sport he tried. He even deliberately came too late, so no one else would be in the locker room and mock him for his weak body. Though that wouldn’t be the main reason for the mockery. That had to be his nigh empty briefs, pathetically flat in the front for an 18-year-old about to head off to college. He blushed, remembering how Jake, the top jock, had pulled down his pants one day and revealed Casey’s tiny three-incher to the whole class. The nerd quickly got changed, so he wouldn’t come too late and covered up his unimpressive body with some ill fitting sports shirt. Casey sneaked into the gym, just when their teacher Coach Middens was explaining what they’d be doing today. “So, boys, I wanna see a clean game of dodgeball now. Jake and Johnny will be choosing teams. Get in line.” Casey sighed, he was horribly bad at throwing and catching balls. The only thing he was at least decent at was dodging balls. Since the top jock was one of the guys choosing teams and the other guy, a minor jock, was too afraid to pick any of the athletic guys away from Jake, the game was pretty much jocks against the rest, meaning Casey, who had been chosen last (of course), and his team had nearly zero chance of winning. As they took their places, Casey didn’t even notice the ball Coach was holding briefly taking on a reddish shimmer. It was a pretty fast game, the jocks hitting the other guys with the balls hard and laughing even harder when one of the other team got hit in the face or the balls. The number’s of the non-jock team dwindled quickly and before long only Casey was left, thanks to his good dodging skill, his 5′8 120 pound frame making it easy for him. He even caught a ball, everyone including Casey surprised about him doing so. He tried passing the ball to a teammate standing outside, but his hand slipped and he hit the back of one of Jake’s jocks. Casey’s 5′11 body trembled as the jock left the field and Jake threw him a glance that meant something like “You’re dead after this game, fuckhead.” the ball rolled over into Casey’s half of the field and the 18-year-old picked it up. He was pretty average when it came to such things as throwing and catching, but he could move his 150 pound body pretty well. He was also pretty agile for someone as average as him and so he hit another jock with a surprise attack. Casey had taken the opportunity of hitting Michael, he one out gay jock, when he had flirted with one of the other guys, giving his above average biceps a flex. This time Jake picked up the ball and threw it hard in the direction of the 6′2 guy who had just eliminated to of his team members. Casey quickly shifted his 190 pound frame a little and watched the ball bounce off the wall in the back, before catching it with one of his large hands. His other hand quickly arranged the 6 inches of cock in his briefs, Casey didn’t want it to flop around. He used the confusion and disgust of the jocks to hit another guy, making sure to put a little more force behind his throw, to show them who’s boss. Jake was in awe as the towering 6′5 240 pound picked up the ball with one massive hand and threw it t him, the force from his throw knocking the inferior jock back when the ball hit him. Casey bounced his pecs and flexed one of his mighty 20 inch biceps. He’d have to be careful to not hit them too hard, might actually injure someone. His team broke into cheers, as Casey picked up the ball, as expected they had won. Being the 6′8 colossus he was, Casey stood head and shoulders above most of his classmates. No wonder he was going to college on a sports scholarship, his 270 pound frame demanded it. The mountain of a teen broke out into a massive smile and ignored how some of his classmates “subtly” felt up his biceps, abs and ass in the midst of cheering. When the crowd dispersed a bit, Casey walked over to Michael, leaned down and whispered in his ear “I’ve got something for you to take care of.”, while palming his impressive bulge. The windows shook from his deep rumbling bass and it also made sure everyone had heard what the behemoth had just said, they wouldn’t be going into the showers for a while. Michael rushed off, his cute bubble butt swaying seductively. Slowly Casey walked after him, constantly pulling at his bulge. Another jockstrap destroyed by the footlong cock and bull balls it had to contain. He’d just have to get another one. But for now Casey was sure nobody would mind if he went commando for the rest of the day. When the giant passed by a mirror in the hallway, he snapped a pic of himself, making sure to send it to his girlfriend, the game had given him a nice pump. It would get her just in the right mood for later, after he had dumped a load into Michael’s throat. “Damn, I love PE.”, Casey rumbled and ripped his tanktop off his massive torso.
  11. Low Battery Dylan was just on his way home, just a few miles away from home, when his engine sputtered and died down. He hit the steering wheel in frustration and jumped out of the car. He opened the hood. White smoke was coming out of the engine, he wouldn’t be driving anywhere anytime soon. He wanted to call the AAA, but as he pulled out his phone a blinking red message popped up: “Low Battery. Please recharge.” With a groan Dylan threw the phone into his car and walked up to the next house. He had been lucky to have taken the route through a nice neighborhood today and not the longer drive over the highway. The house had a large garden and looked like your typical American suburb family house, but something seemed off. The roses were too perfect, the grass almost looked like someone had sut it with a ruler and it was also unnaturally green. But in his anger about the car trouble, Dylan didn’t really care. Even if weird people lived there, he was a pretty big guy from playing football in college and regular gym sessions after college. Not to forget he was well above 6 feet in height. There were few people who could be a threat to him. He knocked at the door and immediately, as if he had been awaiting someone, a large man without a shirt opened the door. Dylan explained his situation and that he needed to use the phone, occasionally stuttering because he was so impressed by the man’s size. The man was a couple of inches taller than Dylan and even beefier than the former football player, though Dylan could see that the man was still pretty cut and had a nice pelt of hair. Dylan just rubbed his head. Why was he thinking this? Maybe the car trouble had him thinking weird things, or the weird garden or maybe it was the steady mumbling of the man, not loud enough for Dylan to understand, but still bothering. With a wide gesture the man invited Dylan into the house and gave him a phone. Quickly Dylan called the number on his membership card and waited for someone to help him, but even after 5 minutes there was noone on the phone. Frustratedly he hung up the phone and looked around for the man, but then a realization hit him. He wasn’t in the hallway with the phone anymore, he was in a bedroom and weirdly everything looked far bigger than he was used to. Then he caught an image of something. It was a young man, probably in his mid-twenties. He had a tightly built body, like a track runner or a swimmer, athletic but not beefy. The most outstanding feature was the amazingly round and juicy bubble butt that the young man had. It was accentuated by the light blue jockstrap he was wearing and his fat pillowy lips. And then there was the fat cock shaped plastic he had in his hands. Dylan knew what that was, a dildo. And then another shock hit him, what he was looking at wasn’t a picture, but a mirror. And then everything fell into place. He was Dylan, a twink for the muscular man that had opened the door. Without further ado he flipped a switch on the black plastic and it started humming. Dylan had nearly put the dildo up his ass when it stopped humming and much to Dylan’s disappointment a message showed up on the small display on the bottom end: “Low battery. Please recharge.” Hot Cocoa Be careful what you wish for. That’s the lesson I’ve learned for on a cold winter da last week. You may think that you know what I mean, but hear me out. My name is, or better was, Eugene Smith. I was a retired train conductor and on this aforementioned cold winter day I was playing with my grandchildren. Tina and Peter are twins and both 6 years old and I had agreed to do a snowball fight with them. The little rascals are just too adorable to say no to, so I was kinda forced to. My son Mark was really so lucky to have met his wife and get two children at such young age, even more so since she is pregnant again. But I’m telling too much nonsense here. As I said I was having a snowball fight with my grandchildren and the two of them really beat me there. My aging body just couldn’t keep up with them, though I doubt that even in my prime I could have beaten them. I was never athletic or tall. Thank God my son takes more after my wife’s part of the family, he is athletic and strong, having been a champion wrestler back in his days and his children are just like him. Always active in some sport and excelling at it. So I found myself spectacularly losing to two six-year-olds. When the snowball fight finally came to an end, I found myself being drenched in snow and ice from head to toe and said the words that changed my life: “I wish I had some hot cocoa.” I don’t know what happened then, but when i blinked I felt a strange pulling sensation all over my body and the air around me change from cold and dry to a moist heat. I opened my eyes and saw that I was not longer on the field next to my house but rather in what looked like a sauna. The walls were made of wood and the whole room was taken up by rows and rows of wooden benches. The middle of the room was dominated by a pile of hot stones, that radiated a warmth that was in stark contrast to the former cold of the outside. I was sweating heavily, so i wiped the sweat from my forehead with a hand, but when I looked at it, I saw that not only my surroundings were different. The hand that had just wiped my forehead wasn’t the same old white one I was used to. Instead it was a massive, plate sized, meaty mitt that was coated in a nice warm tone of brown, like … cocoa. In shock I looked down at my body and saw what I had become. My bony frame was gone and I looked like someone had attached a air pump to my body and inflated it. Massive muscles were piled upon each other, making me look like I had been doing sports and workouts all my life. My chest was so thick it would have made probably every woman I encountered jealous and my arms were so thick i could without a doubt curl my old body weight. Thinking about this I saw something move further down my body. From the small white towel that was wrapped around my waist, a cock rose that was bigger than anything I had ever seen. It must have been at least a foot long and as thick as a beer can. When I moved my massive hand towards it and tried to grab it, a smaller hand grabbed my thick wrist. I looked at the origin of the hand and saw a small Asian guy, that was so cute my massive cock stirred even more. “Please, Hot Cocoa, let me have a shot of your cream.”, he said, a begging look in his deep brown eyes. Without waiting for my answer he started sucking on my cock, in a way that my wife hadn’t done in decades of marriage. After shooting a load down the Asian guy’s throat I asked him a few things. He thought it was weird I was asking him so much about me, but after some more loads into his mouth and ass he was more than willing to answer. I was Jeremiah “Hot Cocoa” Jones, resident stallion of the local spa, personal trainer who made more private assignments with his clients regularly and overall black stud. Well I have to say that wasn’t what I thought about when I wished for some hot cocoa, but it definitely isn’t too bad. I also got a call from my old family when I had some free time and as it turns out the real Jeremiah Jones wished for a real family the exact same time I made my wish, which is why he was swapped into my body. We agreed we are happy with our new lives and don’t want to change back, but I still learned my lesson. Be careful what you wish for. Undercover Cop Rumor had been spreading around the office that Captain Banks was planning some new undercover initiative at the local high school. Seemingly there was some kind of new drug spreading among the popular students, especially the jocks, since it was said to increase the physical prowess of the consumer. Theodore was glad he wouldn’t have to worry about that. He was about as far from a jock as a person could be. He had joined the police as soon as he had finished college, which would make him suitable in age, but he had always been more among nerds than jocks, which had lead him to have one of the most unimpressive bodies imaginable. Add to that a barely existent puberty and the total disinterest in working out or doing any kind of sport and you had all the ingredients for Theodore’s body. A weird mix of the dictionary definition of nerd and an anatomy class skeleton, no muscle or fat, just skin and bones. He was just lucky to have gone into forensics and not actual police work. But then Cpt Banks called Theodore into his office to talk to the young man. The nerd had never been so nervous in his life before. The captain was an imposing man, standing at about 6’6, far taller than Theodore could have ever dreamed of being and he also had the mass to not look like a scarecrow. He more looked like he was about to step onto stage for Mr Olympia. Softly Theodore knocked on the door and was answered by the captain’s booming bass calling: “Come on in.” When Theodore tried to walk in as quietly as possible, Banks sat behind his desk and was typing something on a little computer he held in his massive hands. “Don’t just stand there in the door, son. I said come on in.”, he boomed and gestured for Theo to come in. Theo blushed, he always hated it when his father spoke about their blood relationship, it made him feel like he had cheated his way into this job. “What did you want, dad?”, Theo just asked, wanting to escape this awkward scene as soon as possible, but his father just kept typing away at his computer. “Theo, I want you to go undercover at the local high school and find out more about the drug incidents.”, the captain said and left Theo baffled. He had only just joined the police force, having gone through the police training in just a year and finishing as best of his year, but still he was feeling uncomfortable. He had next to no experience and this job seemed pretty hard. It would be pretty difficult for him to pass as a high schooler. Okay, admittedly he was only 19 years old, but he had been training in the gym with his father for as long as he could think, which made him look far older because of his large muscular frame. The stubble that practically coated his jaw right after shaving and the fact that he was nearly as tall as his father didn’t make it easier too. “Don’t worry about seeming too big, son. I have made arrangements for that. You’ll be a new student from a school with a bodybuilding club to explain your brawn.”, his father said. Theo just nodded and grinned, he’d love this job, getting to be in high school again, partying and fucking like the stallion he was. He was about to head out, when his father said something. “And Theo, remember to wear condoms when you have to fuck the cheer squad. I don’t want as many pregnancies as after the Sherwood High Job.” Theo just palmed his massive jeans clad bulge and grinned at his old man’s remark. As if he’d be able to find ones that fit. Family Heirloom There was a knock at the door, followed by Kyle’s mother speaking: “Kyle, am I allowed to come in or are you … busy.” Kyle just blushed, hastily packed his dick back into his boxers and closed his browser. His mother shouldn’t see the hay porn he was watching, not again. “Come in.”, Kyle just said and slowly his mother opened the door. There had been an awkward incident last week where his mother had walked in on him working off to a gay porn scene, which is why upon walking in she only looked at her son after he said “What’s up, mom?” His mother sighed and looked straight at him, her green eyes as puzzling as his own. Kyle and his mother had the same eyes, wild green, which with the circle like patterns around the pupils looked like they were a whirlpool that drew you in. She seemed to have something heavy on her mind. “Kyle, you know how Aunt Ida and I have that shop for occult things?”, his mom asked an obvious question. The shop was well known in the city, most people thought the whole thing was a fraud, but the people who bought stuff there actually confirmed that whatever they bought helped them get pregnant, ace an important test or interview and such stuff. Kyle was about to answer, but before he could his mother held an old leather bound book out to him. “That’s the secret to our success Kyle. This is the magical spell book of the family, and since you’re now 18 it’s yours. I don’t know what spells you’ll find, but one rule is for sure, you can’t use it on a member of our family. Please use it responsibly.” Kyle took the book, but before he could ask any questions like “Magic?” or “Why can’t you tell me the spells?” or simply “What the hell are you talking about?” his mother had already stormed out and slammed the door shut behind her. Kyle looked at his family heirloom and sighed. He was hard as a pipe and horny as a teenager, but his curiosity was stronger than his libido. He opened the book and found … empty pages. He sighed, his mother must have been playing some prank on him. But just as he was about to throw that book into a corner he saw words starting to appear. Fast and faster the words started inking themselves onto the old pages. Kyle looked at them totally amazed. That at least explained why his mother couldn’t tell him about the spells. He started looking at some of them and was a little surprised about their contents. “Let Them Become a Celebrity” or “Change the Scenario”, the spells were titled, with detailed descriptions on what needed and how to cast the spells underneath. But one caught his eyes especially. “Let Them Become Their Dream.” It looked simple enough, just some ashes and a twig from an oak tree would be enough to create a wand that would give everyone it was pointed at their dream body. Kyle quickly broke a twig off the oak tree in front of his window, burned a few pieces of paper on which he had written the spell’s words and rubbed the ashes onto the twig. It started glowing for a second and Kyle knew it was finished. Eager to see what his new wand was capable of, Kyle went to his window and looked down the street. He quickly spotted his neighbor, a young man who had just moved in with his wife and without hesitation pointed the stick at him. All of a sudden the man started to groan louder and louder, worrying Kyle if something may have gone wrong. But when the man’s had grown so loud Kyle was sure the man would just die, there was a flash and his neighbor was gone, well at least the version Kyle knew. In his stead stood a god of a man, well over 6 feet in height and well over 200 pounds of muscle. He had thick arms, veins criss-crossing under his pale skin, so big that Kyle could even see them from several yards away and an impressive pec shelf pushed the chest area of the shirt close to bursting. The man though had retained his ginger hair, which was now styled into a trendy fauxhawk, which was accentuated by a dense red beard, that made Kyle question if his neighbor could ever go clean shaven. The biggest surprise though was that the outline of what looked like a deli quality salami was plainly visible against one leg of the sweatpants his neighbor was wearing, stretching about halfway down to his knee, the apple sized head thoroughly outlined. Kyle was amazed, the wand was real and not only that but he now had a total stud as neighbor. Later that night Kyle went through some more porn and much to his surprise he saw a familiar face. Right there on this exclusively gay porn website was a clip that showed his neighbor, though be it a slightly younger version of him, fuck a guy who was screaming in ecstasy. Neighborhood just got a whole lot more interesting, Kyle thought, the wand in one hand and his still hard dick in the other. Secret Agents It had been suspicious when Farmer Sam’s bulls had won the local cattle show. He had never been among the top contenders, his meager meadows and overall poor quality food didn’t help him grow strong cows like the other farmers. That’s why everyone had been so surprised when he had turned up with an animal that was 200 pounds heavier than its rivals. The bull had just been a walking mountain of meat, looking like one of the myostatin cows if anything. Even more amazing however was when he bragged about how much the cows the bull had already impregnated, having barely reached the age where it was possible for him to breed. Of course the other farmers started bargain what he wanted from them to get his prime bull to also get their cattle to bear his brethren, to which Sam just smirked. “Prime Bull? That one isn’t even my strongest one.” The other farmer’s jaws hit the floor as he swaggered off, taking his amazing bull with him. On his way out Sam just chuckled to himself, he had really shown them what bulls should look like after the humiliation of the last years, where they had teased him for his weak cattle. Unbeknownst to them Sam had put them special chemicals into the water the animals got. He had gotten them from a friend in the military, who had promised him that his so called “Super Serum” would really pump his cattle up. The only downside was that the bulls were now constantly so horny, that they were starting to cause problems. He’d have to call his friend for some kind of antidote later. There was a problem Sam hadn’t realized yet though. There was a small whole in the pipes, which lead the contaminated water to the animals. This had cause some of the chemical polluted liquid to sink into the ground and seep into the ground water. The next morning the young farmer took a shower, still drunk from the victory he had had the day before. He barely even noticed that the water smelled a little old, like solubles and laboratory, or that it looked a little more glittering than usual. He also didn’t notice how a tingling sensation spread were the water came into contact with his smooth skin. Neither did he notice, that his hands covered more of his body, or that he had trouble reaching certain areas of his body and that the flesh felt hard and trained under his touch. He just closed his eyes and thought about the victory from yesterday. But when Sam climbed out of the shower, prepared to brush his teeth and looked into a mirror he came to realize what had caused the weird sensations he had experienced while under the water. He flexed a mighty peak of a biceps, let his pecs dance to a melody from some ad and rubbed his rockhard sixpack. The body part that had changed the most though was the insanely long cock that hung from his pelvis and the fat cum heavy balls that swung beneath it. A sudden surge of horniness washed over him. He understood why the bulls had been acting up, he would too, with such raging hormones rushing through his system. He let a hand run through his dense beard and smirked, while flexing his free arm again. He had the feeling the bulls wouldn’t act up so much anymore after he had shown up in the barn and shown them who’s boss. Pledging the Frat J-Dawg was lounging on the beach, looking at the racks and asses of bypassing girls, giving the occasional wolf whistle, or if they were close enough even a slap on the firm booties. The girls just giggled when he did that. They all loved his attention, they craved it. J-Dawg was your typical all-American jock and fratboy. A fit toned body, with special attention given to his firm sixpack and bulging pecs. He only wore loose board shorts too, but they showcased the size of his legs too. J-Dawg just smirk to himself, he never skipped leg day unlike some other frat brothers. The biggest reason why the girls gave him these longing looks was probably between his legs. Even the loose shorts showed off the fat bulge he had perfectly, it looked like he was trying to smuggle a salami in his pants, with two heavy bull nuts foring it forward. J-Dawg grinned, at the end of the day he’d probably grab a girl and fuck her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to walk straight for some days. But his plans changed as soon as he saw Eugene. The guy was a picture book nerd, thick rimmed black glasses, terrible acne and a crooked composure, that made his 5’9 frame look even shorter. Add to that the skeleton like build and nasal voice and you could be sure the only pussy this guy was gonna see was in one of the books he was carrying around. Like who the hell takes books to a beach and wears a loose white shirt to cover up too. J-Dawg shook his head. “I’ll have to do something there.”, he muttered to himself and activated the glittering pendant caught between his pecs. He walked over to Eugene, the nerd’s eyes fixed on J-Dawg’s washboard abs and bouncing bulge. “Hey Eugene, nice to see you decided to come without a shirt for once.”, the jock exclaimed and immediately Eugene felt a cold breeze pass by his exposed pigeon chest, why the hell had he decided to show off his pathetic body. The jock quickly closed the distance between the two and patted the nerd’s shoulder. “Damn man I swear you’re taller everytime I see you. You’re like what now, 6’6?”, he said and suddenly he had to reach a little upwards to actually touch Eugene’s shoulder. The beanstalk like nerd just rubbed his head. “Yeah, something like that.” “The time at the gym really shows. You look like you went to the gym for ages, instead of just 4 months.”, J-Dawg continued and Eugene’s form filled out with strong hard muscle. There was so much beef piled onto the hulking nerd that he had to be around 220 pounds by now. “Thanks man, just genetics I guess.”, Eugene answered, his immense biceps bulging as he kept scratching his head. “Damn, man. You should at least try to conceal your fat horsecock a bit. I don’t want you to get arrested for indecent exposure with that fat piece of meat flopping around.”, the jock said and gestured towards the outline of Eugene’s dick that was running down one leg of his peach colored board shorts. The hulking horsehung nerd blushed and tried to cover it with his massive hands. J-Dawg grinned devilishly as he spoke the next sentence.”So you pledged to Alpha Alpha Alpha I heard. You’ll fit in perfectly with your sexual activity and cocky attitude, E-Man.” Immediately a backwards dragged cap and sunglasses materialized on the former nerd’s head. “Hopefully your walls are prepared for my fuck sessions, don’t wanna crack them again.”, E-Man chuckled and walked over to two busty brunettes, also gesturing towards J-Dawg. They just moved their thighs closer together at the sound of Eugene’s voice and the sight of the two hunks’ bulges. J-Dawg smirked, they’d have a lot of fun tonight.
  12. It was the night of Halloween and Alan was getting ready for a party. His bro Rick had invited him over to his house, where he was having costume party for all the college’s athlete’s, swimmers, wrestlers, footballers and the like. But probably best of all was that Rick had also invited their cheerleading squad as well as the teams from two other campuses, meaning there’d be an abundance of pussies to plow. Just thinking about it, Alan could feel his sizable tool getting hard. He’d show these cheerleaders why he was called “The Piledriver”. Rick hadn’t been very specific as to what the costumes should be like, just shrugging and saying they should wear whatever they wanted. Though when Alan had asked him if he was kidding, Rick just smirked and said he had planned “a special surprise” for the party. Knowing Rick Alan thought that meant his bro would probably turn up in some awkward fairy outfit or something. Rick was always pulling pranks like that. For example he turned up as a flamenco dancer, red dress, high heels and everything. Miraculously he still went home with the captain of the cheer squad and Sarah didn’t even look that drunk. Alan chuckled as he thought of that. Rick was really the master of pick-up lines. But this year Alan would steal the show. His costume consisted of a loincloth with leopard print, a necklace with fake animal teeth and a hollow mace filled to the brim with condoms. His caveman costume left all of his hard earned muscles on display, really showing off why he deserved to be the captain of the wrestling team. He wasn’t as stocky as most of his teammates, but rather on the cut side. Though he was just as big as the rest of the team, if not bigger. Finally after having styled his mop of brown hair to look especially wild and unruly and making sure his loincloth accentuated the size of his dick enough he was on his way to the house next door. Luckily he wouldn’t have to walk far to get to the party, or get back to his room with a girl later. On his way out he looked into his little brother’s room. While Alan was a total jock, who had been blessed by puberty, it had pretty much passed by his brother. Matty was nerdy and the only real change puberty had given him was a growth spurt of about half a foot, making him a little over 5′8 and thin as a stick. The little guy was facing his computer, probably writing another superman fan fiction or wanking off to some weird Hentai. Alan just sighed, but his fists clenched. He really didn’t want to be angry, but every time he saw Matty, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the nerd that was his brother. Luckily only a few of his best friends knew of their kinship and even those were too much. “I’m off to Rick’s party. Don’t do anything weird, I’ll be back later.”, Alan said plainly and left the room, not even waiting for Matty’s response. He knocked at the door of his best bro’s house and was surprised by Rick’s costume. The almost equally big guy was dressed in a rather cheap looking lion onesie and was smiling like a madman. The costume was loose fitting and didn’t show anything of his strong body. “What the fuck are you wearing, bro. You look like a weirdo.”, Alan said and gave his bro a friendly punch to the chest. “Well I wanted to feel like a real animal for once.”, came the chuckled reply from Rick. Alan just rolled his eyes and stepped inside. Immediately he jumped back. Right in the middle of the hall, on a little table at the bottom of the stairs sat a weird Jack O'Lantern. The pumpkin had a wide, toothless smile and wide eyes, but the creepy thing about were the signs that covered the rest of the orange globe, kinda like runes and satanic symbols Alan had seen when looking for material on a presentation. Also it had a big black candle on top, which seemed to absorb the light from around it. “Told you I had a surprise planned for tonight.”, Rick said and patted his bigger friend’s shoulder, “It is imbued with magic and ass long as the candle burns everyone will be transformed into their costumes.” Alan just rolled his eyes. Rick was into such stuff from time to time, but Alan never took him seriously. “Yeah whatever dude.”, Alan said and shrugged his wide shoulders and grabbed a beer from a nearby cooling box. “To a legendary evening.”, he said and downed the beer in one go. Within the next hour the guests came, every single one freaked out by the jack O'Lantern. There were so many different costumes. The wrestlers came as cavemen, similar to Alan, and gladiators, the football team seemed to have made a pact and all came as toddlers in oversized diapers, leaving their impressive impressive torsos on display. The cheerleader had come as nurses, cops and the like, of course everything in the slutty version to attract a strong athlete and fuck them good. Finally when everyone was there Rick lit the black candle and that’s where Alan’s memories stopped. He awoke the next morning with a massive headache, just some pictures left of the last evening. He barely remembered the band of toddlers that had been crawling around the house or how he had smashed his wooden club on the head of a mustached cop, that had been flirting with a busty hippy girl. He walked into the kitchen downstairs and grabbed to grab a mineral water but as soon as he entered the room his jaw hit the ground. There at the kitchen table sat an impossibly big man in a tight superman suit. Even though he was sitting Alan guessed the man had to be at least 6′6 and over 270 pounds of pure muscle, which was barely concealed by the tight textile he was wearing. “Who the hell are you?”, asked Alan the stranger. “Are you kiddin’, bro?”, said the stranger in an incredibly deep voice, “It’s me Matt.” Alan was sure he would have fainted had he not grabbed a wall. This giant of a man was supposed to be his nerdy little brother? He couldn’t believe that, yet the face of the man looked familiar, like someone had sent Matty’s face through a kind puberty twice. He had the same light blue eyes, though they now had a piercing look and the same nose, though it was now accentuated by the angular form of his lantern jaw. Matt stood up from the table and Alan gulped. Standing he was even more imposing than sitting, though that was hardly possible. Calmly the big guy walked over to his older brother. Only then Alan noticed that the costumed man wasn’t walking, he was floating over. “You can fly?”, asked the dumbstruck jock. “Yep. I have all the powers of Superman. Flight, super strength, super speed. I ran to France this morning and stemmed a truck over my head single-handedly.”, Matt answered and thought back, ignoring the fact that his brother had just fainted and fallen onto the floor. Some time later when Alan reawoke he found a letter next to his head. “Hello Alan, I hope you’re feeling better. I carried you to your bed, when you fainted. Currently in Europe to do some sightseeing. Will be back tomorrow. Matt.” This had to have something to do with that weird stuff Rick was talking about the last night, so Alan decided to pay his bro a visit. After some debate and threats Rick admitted that he had found that spell online and it had actually worked last night and transformed everyone into their costumes. However the spell seemed to have reacted with Matty’s Superman pajama and have made him into a superhero, like his idol. However he couldn’t explain why it was still active despite the candle having burned down. A quick visit of the magic website confirmed Rick’s worries. Since Matty had only been barely 18 at the moment of the casting, his transformation was permanent. And as if that wouldn’t have been bad enough, Alan had found a small white puddle of cum in the garden. It wasn’t difficult to find out the puddle was cum and that it had come through the hole in the roof. So not only was Alan now stuck with a musclebound superhero as a younger brother, the superpowered teenager was also dealing with an increased libido right. And if the costume hadn’t been stuffed than Alan would have to get used to a little brother with an immense tool too. That sure as hell was scary enough for this years Halloween.
  13. Dr. Steve Harrison had stayed at his office long this evening. After some years of research and several expeditions he had finally found what he had been looking for. Deep within the South American Amazon jungle he and his colleagues had at last found the legendary trunks, which he had been researching for all of his work life. He had spent nearly 20 years trying to find this peace of clothing, got divorced from his wife, because she thought he spent too much time at his office and even got laughed at by colleagues. And yet, despite all odds, he finally held the relic in his hands, which had among others inspired the story of Tarzan, the Trunks of the Wild. Though admittedly for such little clothing the word trunks was a bit stretched, it was just two pieces of cloth, connected by two thin strips of fabric. And yet he could almost feel the magic emanating from it. He stood there and inspected the trunks, searching for any trace of hormones, minerals or the like. Simply anything that would prove this thing was special in some way. But for now his test had only shown one thing on the clothing: Lots of old cum, something he was able to tell from simply the musky smell of the clothing. He sighed in frustration. The tests all simply showed, that he had an average piece of clothing before him. But he knew it was special. All of a sudden he heard a whisper in his head: “Put us on.” The voice was deep and melodic, like someone who embodied masculinity itself was whispering into his ear. Steve hesitated. Did he really wanna do this? After all this small piece of clothing would look ridiculous on his old nerdy body. “Put us on.”, the voice whispered again, more insistent and even deeper than the last time. He didn’t have a doubt now, the voice had pushed everything out of his mind, leaving just the need to try the trunks on. He quickly stripped off his shirt and pants, grimacing slightly when he gazed down his unsightly body. But he had to do as the voice said, so he pulled off his tight white briefs and gave his small dick a sad look. “That will change soon enough.”, the voice assured him and he quickly stepped into the Trunks. As he pulled the relic up his skinny legs, he felt the power resonating from it. Like the voice he had heard, the aura of the pants on his legs, felt like the presence of masculinity incarnate. Finally he pulled the trunks all the way up and closed his eyes. Immediately he felt the power of the relic flow through his body and resonate with his every cell. He felt like his whole being had been set on fire, from his head, which seemed to burst, to his body, which felt like someone was trying to burn him, and even his mind, which felt like he was being pulled apart. And then he saw what was happening to him. At first he thought his skin was being burned for real, but then he realized his skin was darkening by the second. He had been white as a ghost before, just some light tan had remained from his latest expedition, but now he was nearing ebony black territory. At the same time, he felt his shoulders being pulled apart, becoming far wider and at the same time rounding out and gaining mass, until they had a shape most guys had to work years for. While he was occupied with his shoulders, he barely noticed his waist becoming smaller, giving him an insane V-shape. To compensate for his wider shoulder, his lats and pecs grew as well, making his back look like a pair of wings and his chest like two pillows had been attached to it, the only difference being, they were hard as granite. His stomach rumbled as the individual abdominal muscles hardened and grew bigger, slowly forming a cobblestone road of abs, which somewhere in the back of his head he was sure he could have washed clothes on. His legs transformed into two beautifully muscled, ebony tree trunks, the individual strings of brawn clearly divided from each other and powerful veins pumping blood into them. The calves, which had by now blossomed on his lower legs, looked like diamonds attached to the back of his legs and were at the very least just as hard. The biggest change however happened between his legs. While his giant legs forced his package forward, his formerly small balls ballooned with probably the most potent cum any human had ever carried, and dropping lower than Steve’s balls ever had and rounding out to about baseball size. As the deep brown color spread to his 3 inch cock, it lengthened, hardened and widened. Veins began delivering hormone heavy blood to the growing tool, forming a net on the professors’s dick. Not that Steve saw the changes happening between his legs, the Trunks barely concealed them. As Dr. Harrison began massaging his cock through the clothing, he could feel the fabric twist and change under his grab. While the original form of the relic would only have covered about a third of the magnificent new weapon of ass destruction, the shorts shifted to become closed at the bottom, giving the heavy weight at least some support and even concealing it and it’s two low hanging companions. Steve was still enjoying the afterglow of his transformation, he heard the same voice as before begin a chant “Fuck, Lift, Repeat”. Over and over again the deep bass repeated the three words and they replaced the majority of Steve’s over thought’s Before long the new black stud noticed, that the voice was no longer saying the words in his mind, but that the words were flowing out of his own mouth. The same deep, commanding, confidence oozing voice he had heard before was now his own. Suddenly S knew his mission. He’d have to go to a gym, start by breaking every record in the gym, proceed by showing everyone his superior masculine body and then take one or two guys there and show them the temple of the wild, his incredible build, with which the Trunks had gifted him. As he closed the door of his office, the name on the door began to change into that of his former colleague, erasing the presence of Dr. Steve Harrison. Now there was only S and he’d spread the message the trunks had given him and show the others the blessing of the wild.
  14. Help Wanted Did he really want to use this? He had tried anything to get more customers to visit his store, but nothing had worked. It wasn’t like it was that unusual of a shop, just some clothes. But it seemed like he, an overweight balding middle-aged guy wasn’t exactly the best guy to own a workout gear store. After all he had never even set foot in a gym and boy did it show. This whole situation left him with no other choice but to finally use the gifts he had inherited from his family. He took the pen to hand and wrote a little sign just stating “Help Wanted” and placed in the store’s window. He sighed. The next poor soul to enter the store would not be interested in any of the gear he sold, but simply drawn in by the sign. And speaking of it, just that second a young guy walked in. He looked about 20 and like a typical stoner, a beanie on his shaggy hair and some baggy clothes barely hiding his unimpressive body from view. He carefully approached the counter, like he didn’t really know why he had entered the small store. “I saw the sign and wanted to apply for the job.”, the stoner said and gave the store owner an irritated look. The older man just said, “Don’t worry, kid, it will be over soon.” and sighed, giving him a look of sadness and also curiosity. Before the stoner could even ask what that meant he felt like he had been thrown into hot water. His skin was burning as well as his insides and he doubled over in pain. He wanted to call for help, but instead only a deep moan escaped his lips. While the stoner felt his body grow and change, the store owner just watched from behind the counter. He sighed again. The guy’s shoulders filled out and started to broaden, his arms blew up like air balloons and his pecs practically blew the tightening shirt right off his chest. WIth the shirt gone he saw an unbelievably defined set of abs push their way through the light pudge the stoner had been carrying and his legs bursting through the cargo shorts he had been wearing. This left the former stoner now only in a pair of unbelievably tight boxer briefs, which quickly pulled up into a jockstrap. The shop owner threw the man who now looked like he lived in a gym a pair of workout shorts and pointed to the shop’s front door. The eager man quickly jogged outside, his heavy pecs bouncing with each steps and soon began praising the incredible quality of the shop’s clothing. The shop owner just left out another sigh. He really hoped he wouldn’t have to use the gifts yet another time. Hard Liquor Gabe and Matt sat at home at Matt’s parents’ place and downed yet another beer. Since Matt’s parents weren’t home for the weekend, their son had to do some housesitting and had decided to invite one of his best friends over to spend the night. Of course they had both drunken their fair share of beers already (A game of “Never Have I Ever” was responsible for a good bit of them.) The downside though, was that the two beers they were just drinking were the two last ones Tyler had brought along, which meant they now had to stop drinking. “Dude, I don’t wanna stop now.”, Gabe slurred and shook his half empty beer can, before downing the rest in one go. Matt followed his followed his example and emptied his beer too, before realizing his error. With a groan the two of them rose from the couch they had been sitting on and looked around the room, also letting there gaze wander across each other’s bodies. It’s not like they were gay, of course. Though they had had this one gay experiment when they had shared a room, there was nothing between them. It wasn’t like they were bad looking though, just a few beers less and a bit of healthy eating and working out would probably give them the bodies of average jocks, but they were both far too lazy for that. “Dude, I think I have an idea.”, Matt said all of a sudden, “My dad has this liquor cabinet who he thinks is secret.” That sounded like a good enough idea for the two, so they went to Matt’s father’s room and quickly found the cabinet. It had a fat lock in front of it, but since Gabe had some talent for lockpicking (He had wanted to become a stage magician when he was younger.) it was quickly disposed of. Inside was a wide array of liquor bottles, about a dozen Gabe guessed. While Matt grabbed a Tequila bottle which was labeled “Twinkila”, his friend settled for a Vodka bottle, whose label simply read “Dad Bodka”. Without further ado the two took a big slug out of their respective bottles. All of a sudden Gabe felt weird, completely dozy and relaxed. It was probably just the alcohol. Just like it was responsible for is lack of some memories. Like why was he only in his briefs and why could he not remember the time he and Matt had shared a room. It also made his body feel weird, like it was being pull into every direction and was pretty heavy. He just scratched his Bare chest as he felt a weird itch spread over it. Wait, chest? He looked down and was greeted by the familiar sight of his heavy pecs, coated by a dense pelt of hair. As he rubbed his abs, he remembered the hours of working out in the gym, which had built this bod. Suddenly he felt someone pull at the waistband of his briefs. It was Matt, the little twink he had been fucking for a few weeks. The little guy was hungry for his fat cock again. With a soft high pitched voice Matty said: “I need again, daddy.” He underlined his words by rubbing his fat bubble butt. “Sure thing, boi.”, Gabe just answered and ripped away his underwear, before flipping around the twink and secretly hoping hs parents would still be gone for a while. Traffic Stop Helen was left with no choice. She had tried getting her husband to work out or visit a workshop about sexual energy and this stuff, but he just didn’t want to. Even though Jim was only 44 years old he behaved like a retiree. He woke up at 5AM and ate dinner at 5PM, before she was even home. She really had had enough of his complaining all the time how everything had been better when he was younger. And worst of all his libido had practically neared 0. They hadn’t fucked in like a year, a fact which probably let her to find the other things even more annoying. It wasn’t like she wanted to leave him though. Helen was still in love with her husband, but things needed a change. Or simply a fresh start. Carefully she sprayed the concoction into the AC of Jim’s car. It was pretty hot so, he was bound to eventually use it. Even more so since he was quick to try and adjust the temperature in the car to his optimum. Suddenly Helen heard steps behind her. As she turned around, she saw it was her husband. He just gave her a confused look, but didn’t ask what she was dong in his car. He just gave her a kiss, climbed into the car and drove off. Helen just hoped the concoction wouldn’t cause any problems for him. As Jim drove off, he had a weird feeling. Call it premonition, but he felt like something would happen today. He just shrugged it off. After all as long as he was home at 5PM, just in time for dinner, he was content. Though it was pretty hot today, so he decided to turn on the air conditioning. As soon as he turned the dial, he smelled something unfamiliar. The fragrance reminded him of the locker rooms in high school and the gym he had visited when he was in college. As Jim breathed in more and more of the concoction, getting kind of drunk from the smell, the years melted from his body. The slight wrinkles that had appeared in the last years smoothened, the bit of pudge he had formed since college melted and revealed the tight physique he had had in his younger days. Then the smell changed. From iron and sweat to the smell of … maybe dried cum? He definitely knew the smell, but he wasn’t 100% sure. As he tried identifying the second smell for sure, his dick hardened. But it wasn’t only hardening, it got longer by the second as well, and fatter too, until it looked like he was smuggling a deli quality salami in his tight pants. As he stopped at a traffic light, he also noticed he had to push seat further back and that his car seemed smaller than he remembered. And also that he was crazy horny. He started massaging his enlarged dick through his pants and that’s when he noticed. His arms were just incredibly muscular and that his pecs were so big he could barely see the sizable silhouette of his dick in his pants.Finally the tool broke free from it’s fabric prison and Jim started furiously jerking it, ignoring the honking cars behind him. WIth his free hand he grabbed the roof of his car through the open roof, given everyone behind him a perfect view of the powerful cannons. He quickly shot a load, started his car again and did a u-Turn. He had to get home immediately. He had this raging horniness and knew only one woman could sate it. Grand Slam “And the winner is David Fedderson.”, the referee announced the very obvious result. The match hadn’t even been close. It was basically like shooting cannonballs at a fish in a bowl, or at least that’s how Roger had felt. He had scored once, and that was only because David had been distracted by a hot woman in the audience, who was surely on her way to get her pussy split by David’s enormous cock. On the other hand Roger would be coming home to an empty home, with only some jerking off as substitute for the action David would get. He wondered for a moment how it had come to this. He had been pretty big in the junior tennis league, but as soon as he moved to the professionals he found himself at the bottom of the ladder. It didn’t matter how much he trained, he simply couldn’t come close to guys like David. Lost in these dark thoughts he went to the shower. It had always been his big dream to manage a Grand Slam, but as things were going now he’d only get it if everyone else would vanish. Depressed he came back from the shower and found his locker open. “Perfect.”, Roger just said annoyed, a theft would make this day simply complete, completely garbage. He looked if something had been stolen, but the opposite was the case. Hidden just beneath his underwear was a little bottle of pills with a note attached. “Dear Roger, I was in a similar situation to yours, but these pills helped me. I hope they help you achieving a Grand Slam.”, the not read, with only an X as signature. Warily Roger eyed up the bottle and the pills. They looked just like normal medicine, but the way the note described them, they had to be steroids or something like this. But a little voice in Roger’s mind told him “What do you have to lose.” and so he swallowed 3 of the little yellow tablets. Immediately he felt weird, like he had to puke, but instead he just felt his body tighten and grow, his already pretty athletic build shifting into something bigger, more manly, muscular and wild. Little hair started to sprout all over his body, as his tight chest became more beefy and his lean arms grew more powerful and he became taller as well. Roger was so caught up in his own transformation, that he barely noticed his surroundings shift and the locker room being replaced by a forest with a hut in it. Or the tennis bat being morphed an axe and the tennis gear becoming clothes that looked like they belonged to a lumberjack. “But they do. They belong to you after all.”, the voice from before said. And it was right. As if he had done it thousands of times before, Roger put on the clothes before him, taking some extra time to bring his dick in the right position in the tight briefs and took the axe. He went to the nearest trees and with one mighty swing of the axe with his powerful arms brought down the tree in one go. “That’s what I call a Grand Slam.”, he chuckled and wondered why he felt like this had meant something different to him earlier. Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum Charles was pretty happy in that moment. After several decades of working in the company he could finally go into retirement. He had dedicated nearly 50 years to the insurance company and thus was well respected among his colleagues. Had he wanted to, he could have easily been promoted, but he never felt the need to. It wasn’t like he could attract anyone with his looks, being more on the ugly side. Not like he ever wanted to, he just didn’t have any kind of sex drive at all and he never felt anything like love towards another person either. He wasn’t an asshole, it was just so that whatever feeling he had towards them could not compare to what was described in movies and the like. That’s what bothered him though. He had never been in a relationship with someone, let alone having sex. He always had wondered what his life would have been like if he was more on the emotional side, if he had ever fallen in love with someone or if he at least had ever had sex with someone. So when his colleagues presented him a cake with a big bright red candle on it (which somehow looked a little like a penis) he closed his eyes and did as he was told, he made a wish. “I wish I was younger again, so I could live my life another way.” Unbeknownst to him his colleagues had all given a little money to get a special candle, one which would really turn his life around. Right after Charles had made the wish he felt a pressure inside of him. It was like someone was pushing something up his ass and it felt so good. Carefully he opened his eyes and found himself face to cest with one of the most muscular men he had ever seen. The man was carrying him and judging from the motions of the man and the shifting of the feeling in his ass, he was balls deep inside the poor Charles’ ass. He just couldn’t contain himself anymore and so the young man shot a load on the large man’s equally large chest. Wait, young man? Yeah, he was only barely 23, that went as young, he reminded himself. Soon after the Hercules before couldn’t hold it any longer too and shot his load too, even though it was much bigger, at least from the feeling Charlie had. “You satisfied, lil’ guy?”, the behemoth asked. Charlie just giggled. He adored Jamal so much, not just because of the amazing sex and his even more amazing body. The man with 21-inch-arms and the eight pack abs cared for him to. And boy was it necessary. Charlie simply wasn’t the brightest guy around, he just liked fucking too much to focus on anything else. Which perfectly matched with Jamal, the ebony stallion had a libido almost as big as Charlie’s and an enormous cock, which perfectly fit the twink’s bottomless ass. Jamal pulled his fat cock out of the little guy and put him down on the bed. The big guy walked into the kitchen to prepare some lunch, they really had been fucking intensely for 3 hours straight now and the black man was getting really hungry. He prepared some scrambled eggs, enjoying the flexing of his own biceps while doing so. When he turned around to get a plate, he saw Charlie again, presenting his perfect bubble butt. “Really again?”, the black man just chuckled, earning him an excited nod from the twink. Community Service Ryan really didn’t want to do this, but he had to. After being caught driving to fast multiple times, he was forced into community service. It was his job to pick up garbage around downtown. Suddenly he got a message from a guy he barely knew from the gym. The guy was one of the regulars, probably the biggest one of them and as far as Ryan knew that guy even stepped on the professional stage sometimes, seemingly to large success too. Anyways, the guy had sent him a message containing a link and something about it being the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and the reason for his success. “Probably roids or some shit.”, Ryan mused to himself. He couldn’t help but be curious though and ultimately clicked the link, causing his phone to go black for a second. “Great! A virus!”, Ryan groaned to himself, only to find a new program added to his phone’s main menu. It was titled with some shit like Reality Alteration and such stuff, but Ryan didn’t really believe it. With a groan he handed his phone to one of the homeless people nearby. “Hey you, you wanna have this phone? It has a virus on it and I don’t wanna risk invading my smart home with this stuff.”, the wealthy manager said, knowing he could just walk into the next shop to get a better phone. He didn’t have any real personal data on it either, after all he had bought it only some weeks ago. The homeless guy didn’t know what to say, he just looked at Ryan with tears in his eyes from this act of kindness. Ryan just scratched his head. “View it as part of my community service.”, he just said and went back to picking up trash, only occasionally throwing glances at the happy homeless. His face was totally amazed, like he had discovered something that could change the world. And then he started typing. This went on several minutes, with every time Ryan looking at him more joy on the man’s face. Finally he looked like he was checking something and then he tapped the screen with a confident smile. For a moment Ryan was hit by dizziness and his vision blurred. When it refocused he was still looking at Jake, who had the tiny looking phone (at least in his massive mitts) tightly in his grasp. He looked like he was amazed by his body, like he hadn’t always been that awe-inspiring towering mountain of a man he was. He even pulled at his favorite tanktop like he didn’t know it. When Jake spotted Ryan, he flashed him a smile and gestured for him to come over. Obediently the smaller man walked over. “What’s up, big guy?”, Ryan asked his bigger friend. “Oh nothing, man, just wanted to thank you again for the phone.”, Jake replied and looked a little weird saying this. Uncertain somehow and nervous, like he waited for a reaction from Ryan. “Oh, I know what’s going on here.”, the manager just said with a knowing smile, “Someone’s horny again, right?” This caused the larger man to laugh loudly and pull Ryan in, closer to massive chest and eventually a little lower. Like he had done dozens of times before, he freed the monster Jake was hiding in his pants and started sucking. Well sucking off the most build (technically) homeless man in town was an unusual way of community service, but who was Ryan to complain. After all Jake would crash at his place tonight and that meant no sleep later. The Mark Tim had a horrible day. Not only had he embarrassed himself in PE, not being able to do a single pullup, he also got beaten up by the school’s bully later on. And now he came home and found his older brother Sean fucking the girl he had had a crush on since middle school. Well not that he would have had any chance of ever hooking up with her, considering his skinny stature, especially to the all-american jock he called his brother. Sean had simply inherited everything that had made their father a linebacker in the NFL. It wasn’t like Tim hadn’t tried to build some muscle or get into shape, but whenever he tried doing sports, he simply didn’t manage to put on any mass. Naturally he sat in front of his computer now and wrote everything that had made his day a disaster down to his internet friend Gene. While the mysterious guy on the web tried to comfort his friend, Tim didn’t really calm down. Understandably the high schooler was agitated and furious at his brother. All the time he was angry at himself for not being able to do the tiniest thing about it. And so he eventually wrote “I wish I wouldn’t get shoved around that much.” earning him a simple “Granted”. That night Time had strange dreams, about someone who bound him to a table and applied some weird pen to his face. The next morning he woke up and checked his face in the mirror. Everything looked like always, except for one little detail, a new mole below his right eye. “What the fuck.”, Tim just whispered, and touched it. While it didn’t feel any weird normally, when his fingers touched the mole, it was almost like an electrical hum was emanating from it. “What the fuck.”, Tim repeated and kept touching the new feature of his face. While the feeling was weird, it wasn’t particularly bad. Suddenly his brother burst into his room, stark naked. “Bro, I know you always have some condoms lying around. I need to borrow one, or a few.”, he boasted. “Fuck off, Sean, I won’t help you fuck Heather.”, the little brother just replied, earning him an enraged look from the older sibling. As Sean prepared to put Tim in a headlock, he brushed against the mole and there was a bright flash of light. When Tim regained his vision, his brother was nowhere to be seen, but his room seemed smaller all of a sudden. And he felt heavier too. He brought up an arm and flexed, enjoying the feeling of the mighty peak rise and harden. As he looked down to inspect if anything else but his arms had changed, he saw his brother hadn’t disappeared, he was now only about 1.5 feet smaller than Tim, and far skinnier judging from the meaty chest Tim could see looking down. And looking past his mountainous pecs he also so something else which had grown. Sticking away from his body by around a foot was the thickest cock Tim had ever seen. And it was as hard as a steel pipe. Tim grabbed his low-hanging, cum heavy, kiwi-sized balls and threw his smaller, still baffled brother a smirk. “I think I’m gonna go over and greet Heather.”, Tim said and grabbed a dozen condoms from his nightstand, “We need to do some catching up.”
  15. Jack Smith had whatever he could wish for. Be it money, fame or chicks, the world famous model had more than enough of everything. What most people didn’t know was that about a week ago Jack Smith had been Irving Fitzgerald, just another nerd at another rural high school. But then he had gotten his hands on the Chronivac and everything changed. Now he lived in a big penthouse in New York and had at least one girl over every night to fuck. On top of that his toned body and handsome face also got him every modelling job he wanted. And if he found something he could still use the Chronivac on his computer. Though maybe he with all his fame he should have been more cautious with securing his PC. ———————————————————————————————————– Jim had been planning this for a while now. Jake Smith seemed like such a good target for hacking, he was a jerk so any information Jim could get would be worth a ton of money. Even if he could only get a couple of shots from the camera, it would be worth. He could sell them to a magazine or if the rumors about the famous model were true, to a porn website. Looking through Jack’s data Jim only found the usual stuff, schedules, photos from past shoots and a lot of messages from horny girls. One thing though really caught his eye. Between all the flashy stuff was a little program that was titled “Chronivac Reality Alterations”. Curiously Jim brought it up. It looked like a simple Sim like game, currently only showing a model of Jack. Scrolling closer Jim could see that the avatar was nude and apparently the rumors really were true, Jack had a fat sausage between his legs. Jim clicked on the model and a variety of possibilties popped up. Curiously Jim clicked on the option “Sexuality” and clicked the field to alter it. Of course it had been set to “straight” but of course Jim set it to “gay”. A window popped up, telling that the change would take a little while. Simultaneously Jim hacked into the camera and microphone to see if the change would really happen. The model just happened to be talking to a friend on the phone, bragging about how much pussy he got. “And that Pauline girl really knew how to suck dick, man. She didn’t even gag at my meat rod. And Jessica really had some fat tits to play with.” Then a message popped up: “Change completed.” and immediately the bragging changed. “You should have seen Tony’s ass. It was so peachy and tight, really such a good bottom. And the cute guy I picked up at the bar last week, I think his name was Dennis, really managed to keep from spurting for so long. I was so impressed I fucked him another time right afterwards.”, Jack said and cupped his already rehardening dick. With a wicked smile Jim realized that the program was no fake. now he was gonna have some fun. “First I am gonna do something about that face.”, Jim thought and started typing. Meanwhile Jake was taking a photo for his Instagram, knowing that thousands of followers already waited for new fantasy material. Finally he had gotten the perfect shot and was about to post it, when Jim hit Enter. The model barely noticed the photo shifting to fit his new facial features better. His face now sported a more pretty boy like look, making him look more like a frat boy, than the successful person he was. With a smirk, that would have probably made women swoon, had he not been alone, he remembered that this boyish look was his trademark feature and the main reason most people fell for him on first sight. After he posted the photo, Jack sat down on his designer couch and picked up a magazine from the table. Of course he featured as the cover model, but he really found that one article fascinating. It told men how they could improve their sex techniques and even though he was pretty sure he was already an expert, Jack wanted to see to see if he could get any better. Somewhere else Jim was pleased with the results of the facial change as he scrolled through the model’s Instagram account, but he really wanted to see jack with a bit more meat on his bones. And so he brought up the muscle section of the reality altering program. Jack flipped the page of the magazine. The article was really interesting, though there was barely any new information for Jack, as expected. But suddenly the pages of the magazine blurred and Jack felt uncomfortable. When his gaze refocused on the page, it was almost completely dominated by a photo of him. It was only natural though, after all this edition had a big interview with him as cover story. Though they overdid it with the title a bit. “Young, hung and built like a brick wall. An interview with the All American Fitness Stallion.” Absently minded jack scratched his meaty pec and chuckled as he read the article. They focused a ittle too much on his love life, but otherwise it was well written. “Then again, it may because of these bad boys.”, the fitness model said and gave his mighty arms a flex. With a devilish smirk, Jim hit the Enter button once more and Jake got lifted off the couch from his ballooning ass. And with that an empty, itching feeling spread through the fitness model’s bottom. He brought up his phone and dialed a familiar number. “Uhm, Jumbo Jim, I think I need you here right now.”, Jack texted. Jim just smirked and texted back. “I’m on my way. Wait for me, just like I like it.” Eager to please the hacker, Jack ran to the bedroom and undressed down to his black briefs and waited for the arrival of the big dicked top.
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