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  1. Damn, man, the stories you put up are all so damn hot
  2. Would you like to look like one of these guys? Do you want to be tall. handsome, build like a bull and be equally hung? Then try our new collection of special beauty products. These three guys you see in the picture haven’t looked like this for long. Actually, just this morning, they looked like your stereotypical Asian nerds. But then they decided to go the Springbreak party in their city. Of course our company ‘BodyChange Industries’, couldn’t let them embarrass themselves like that, so we got them their own free box of samples. You want to have a real nice build? Then use our ‘Workout Wax’. Do you want to look like Cho on the left, then use our new ‘Workout Wax - Jockboy’. Or do you prefer the build of the left guy, Hwang? Then use the ‘Workout Wax - Fitness Model’. Or do you want to have the big muscles of the beefy guy in the middle, Lee. Then we can fully recommend you our top seller, ‘Workout Wax - Bodybuilder’, to give your muscles a really good pump. Do you want to be one real handsome fucker? Then use our new line of ‘Model Moisturizers’. As you can see, they really work. The three hunks you see up there, previously looked like three trolls, that were pretty pale, due to only gaming and look at them now. Not only have their practically nonexistent jawlines been replaced by new lantern jaws, but as you can see, the Moisturizer has given them a really nice tan o their new perfect skin. By now three persons even offered them model jobs. And if they can’t impress they can’t get all the girls they want with just their bodies and looks, their musk certainly can, thanks to our new ‘Pheromone Perfume’. They now permanently emit a powerful manly odor, that makes all people around them, go wet or hard. Let’s jut say, they’ve had their fair share of sex by now. But of course you have to fulfill the expectations, the ‘Pheromone Perfume’ awakens. And thanks to us they can, or to be precise thanks to our ‘Footlong Lotion’. You see the bulges running down their legs? They aren’t just for show. Not only does the lotion give you the tool, you always dreamed of, but the knowledge how to use it too. So instead of going to the lame Springbreak party, they went to the beach to show off their new rocking bods and of course put them to good use. Let’s just say they didn’t leave the beach huts for a while that day and neither did the three top heavy bimbos, they had met on the beach. So if you want to make the same experiences as Cho, Hwang and Lee visit our website and we will send you your free set of samples right away.
  3. Tucker and John were an odd couple. Not only were they mixed raced, with Tucker being an Afro-American and John’s grandparents having come from China in the late 1960′s. But that wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about their relationship. They weren’t the stereotypical black and Asian guys. While Tucker was had graduated from college as the best of his year and even had a doctor, working for a big international medical company, John had dropped out of high school, which not even his status as the school’s star quarterback could prevent, since that couldn’t compensate for all the Fs he had. So while Tucker worked in a big laboratory and had just developed a new medicament against the flu, John worked as a personal trainer in one of the local gyms and sided as a fitness model. The couple didn’t even fulfill their respective stereotypes in the bedroom. While Tucker was a timid little bottom, who was hung like a gerbil, John was an aggressive top, who knew how to use the coke bottle thick shank of sexmeat, that hung between his legs. He would continuously tease Tucker’s keyhole tight asshole with his fist sized cockhead, which alone was enough to make the little guy spurt, before pushing in in one smooth motion, that would then become a constant jackhammering, that would change his blissful moans into orgasmic screams. And while Tucker had already shot numerous loads, it would take the horny Chinese another 30 minutes to dump his in comparison enormous load up the black doctor’s big booty. But then one day, a mysterious package arrived. Tucker found it in the hallway, when he came home form work, having packed up his things early, to surprise his husband, only to find their flat as messy as he had left it, even though he had asked John to tidy it up while he was gone. Tucker would have done it, but he was already late, after the Asian hulk had had another go at his ass this morning. “He probably isn’t even up yet.”, Tucker thought checking his watch. It was already past 2 pm but he forgave his husband, after all it was the big guy’s free day. Forgetting the package for the moment, Tucker silently entered their shared bedroom, finding John still asleep, the bed sheets stuck to the impressive tent his bull cock was making. Quietly, the little black guy approached his sleeping husband, slipping his under the sheets and going down on the impressive tool, the sleeping John stirring slightly as he did so. Slowly but steadily the Asian behemoth awoke, as his twinky husband blew him, even able to deepthroat the cock until he, now fully awake, forced the entire length down his lover’s throat and finally shot a humongous load. “Hey baby, finally awake?”, Tucker asked. “Yeah.”, came the reply from his husband, his voice so deep, that it made Tucker’s little cock hard again. A short time later, John had gotten dressed, meaning he now wore underwear, leaving his perfect torso on display, and set at the kitchen table, downing a coffee and reading the newspaper. Then Tucker came in with the package he had previously ignored. “We’ve got a package, baby. It’s addressed to both of us.”, he said, showing the brown box he held in his small hands. When the two of them opened the mysterious carton they found a small vase and a piece of paper in it, that read: “To set things straight in your relationship.” Curiously Tucker inspected the vase. The little piece of pottery was painted with what looked like a mix of Asian and African symbols. “That thing looks pretty strange.”, Tucker murmured to himself. “Show it to me.”, John asked him and Tucker handed him the vase. And in the exact moment, when both them touched the mysterious piece of pottery, a bronze light erupted from it, knocking the couple out. —————————————————————————————————- John laid on the bed, the sheets still sticky from cum. But of course it was less his cum than rather the one of Tucker, the big black bull. He had spent all night jackhammering his enormous black dick up John’s tight Asian ass and from the looks of it, he hadn’t stopped, when John had already passed out from both exhaustion and bliss. It looked like Tucker had shot over a gallon of cum all over the place. John’s little cock already got hard, just thinking about his husband. Despite having two doctor titles and having made a lot of money, when he had worked for that one chemical company, John had quit his job two years ago, when he had met Tucker. Before that, the Asian twink had been one of then leading experts in mathematics and chemics in the whole world. But then he had met the black behemoth called Tucker. The guy was just perfect, Incredibly big muscles under that perfect black skin and the most stereotypical black horse cock to ever be created. John had to quit his job, so he would be available for Tucker to fuck at all time, while the black titan did his brutal workouts. Speaking of the devil, a massive shadow appeared in the doorway. Tucker had to turn a little sideways to enter the room, his massive shoulders far to broad to pass through the doorway normally. As he approached the bed and the delicate figure lying in it. Undoing his belt, Tucker asked in deep bass voice: “Hey ,baby, ready for round 6?”
  4. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- At the age of 85 Roger had lived his life to the fullest, but all good things had to come to an end. A week ago, he had collapsed in his house, with heavy headache and now his whole body ached. Luckily his wife Cecilia called an ambulance and now he laid in a hospital, surrounded by his 3 children, their partners and children. His condition had terribly worsened in the last three days and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. Then his daughter Naomi approached him: “Daddy, can you hear me? I have a present for you. I know, you don’t believe in such things, but the woman I bought it from told me it could help you get better. Do you want me to put it onto you?” Roger smiled weakly and nodded. Naomi had always had a thing for this esoteric stuff, he remembered. As the lock on the necklace closed, the dying figure of Roger Schmidt faded away, leaving his family behind, their memory of him slowly fading away, as his body dissolved. —————————————————————————————————- When Roger opened his eyes again, he found himself in a nice looking backyard in what looked like a quiet suburb. And much to his surprise, he stood on his own two legs, even though he had barely been able to lift his hand just a minute ago. And then he noticed, that it wasn’t even that hard to stand. To be exact, he felt like he could run and jump and do whatever he want. He felt better every second, more energetic, stronger and somehow … younger. Unbeknownst to him, it did not only feel like he was getting younger, but he really was. The years were melting away of him. 10, 20, 30 and ultimately a whole 60 years simply vanished from his life. He now even stood straight again, showing his complete height of 6′ even pretty good. Roger even had the same lean build, he had in college, as well as the same unruly mop of chestnut brown hair. But his hair was rapidly growing, refining itself into a bun of pitch black dreadlocks that reached halfway down his back. That wouldn’t be the case for too long, since Roger slowly inched higher, his back cracking loudly, as more and more inches were added to his height. The now 25-year old didn’t notice a thing as he scratched his dreadlock covered head. When the itching subsided, Roger stood at the now impressive height of 6′8″. And when the growth in height had stopped, the next transformation started. Starting from his new black mane a new skin color spread across his body, having it assume a chocolate brown tone. And with the process, the clothes he had gotten from the hospital dissolved and reformed into a pair of spandex pants with a grey, triangular pattern across it and some wristbands. A comfortable feeling spread from his chest, as his already lean build was replaced by a much beefier and much stronger set of muscles. His chest was expanded to form a pair of plate sized pecs, with the most perfect set of ab muscles you would ever find, laying underneath. His newly grown football sized biceps were connected to the now cannonball sized shoulders, with veins running all along his massive new arms. But the biggest fulfillment of the Afro-American stereotype grew between his newly transformed horse legs. His old 5″ prick got replaced, by a new 11″ schlong, that snaked down the leg of his spandex pants. Suddenly the backdoor of the house opened and a small blond boy, came out into the garden. “Roger, are you finished with your workout? Adam and me need you desperately.”, the twink said, in a soft, high pitched voice. “Go ahead upstairs and prepare your asses for getting pillaged. I’ll be following you as soon as I finish my protein shake.”, Roger replied all of his thoughts now directed on working out, fucking and spreading the glory of masculinity.
  5. Jerry had had a miserable day at work. His company had decided to remove jobs and so, being one of the few ones who didn’t get fired, the pissed of people blamed him for getting fired. So he had to hear insults all day and some of them even threw stuff after him. So when he came home into his small flat, he immediately grabbed a beer from his fridge and sat down at his desk. Because so many people had been dismissed, he had to take work back home. That’s why he was quite surprised when he found a strange gaming console laying on the table. Out of curiosity he switched it on and immediately an odd writing popped up: “Chronivac - The Game”. A figure appeared on the screen. It looked oddly like him. The same hanging shoulders and flabby gut, stacked on a relatively small frame. The character even wore the same blue suit and white shirt, hell even the same red tie. A window showed up, ordering him to enter a name. He chose to name his character ‘Jake Seid’, he always found the name Jake incredibly hot and his own surname was Seid. Experimentally he moved the guy around and knocked at a door. A message popped up: “ To enter this room, you must give something as a toll.” The inventory opened and Jake inspected the thing’s he currently had. Unlike normal roleplay games, the inventory did not only consist of the materials the character currently owned but apparently also some characteristics, like intelligence, ideals, character traits and so on. In order to enter the room, Jake chose to sacrifice the perfect eyesight of his character. As his figure entered the room, he adjusted his glasses, since he just couldn’t believe what he saw. The room he had entered looked like a mix between a strip club and a brothel. Getting hard at the sight of the shockingly realistic, sexy women in the room, he spotted a chest, whose old looks seemed incredibly displaced, in the corner of the room. When he opened it, he saw something getting added to his inventory. He was pretty shocked when he noticed that a penis had been the added thing, which automatically got equipped. “What the fuck.”, he chuckled to himself. The dick, that the character had equipped looked exactly like his. When he tapped on the screen to see the details about his new acquisition another chuckle escaped his mouth. “What a coincidence.”, he thought. The new dick of his character was 8″ soft and 11″ hard, just like his. Still a little confused by the coincidence he left the room. The next room he came across had a sign on his door, which somehow looked like barbell. He entered the room and once again he got surprised by how real the game looked. The room was filled with workout machines and posing mirrors. It looked like a gym. Curiously he approached one of the machines. A message popped up: “ Would you like to use the machines? As a result your character will become stronger but will lose his inhibitions in return? Do you still want to use the machines?” Without further hesitation, Jake clicked the ‘Yes’, after all he always had a ting for huge muscle men. For a moment the screen went black and when it went on again the figure was no longer small and flabby, but rather consisted of nothing but rockhard, superstrong muscle. It was almost comically how he looked like he would burst out of his now super tight suit any moment. Thinking of this, Jake opened his own jacket and stripped out of it. It was just so uncomfortable sometimes, having to squeeze his giant muscles into this suit when he was at work. Luckily the management had accepted that he couldn’t wear a tie, his bull neck was just to massive. Suddenly there was an explosion of golden light on the screen. The words ‘LEVEL UP’ were written with golden letters in the middle of the screen. “With your first LEVEL UP you get a present and are furthermore allowed to upgrade on thing about your character”, read the small message underneath. When he clicked ‘Okay’, he was guided to the character menu. After brushing improvement options, such as ‘Intelligence’, ‘Body Hair’ and ‘Metabolism’ aside, Jake settled for the option ‘Height’. A message popped up: “Do you really want to improve your figure’s height by 1?” Of course he prove and slowly watched his character growing, until he stood a foot taller than his former height of 5′7″. “And now for the gift.”, 6′7″ titan Jake Seid thought as he opened the package. In it, he found an item called ‘Tattooed Body’, which he immediately equipped, since he was a big fan of tattoos. And to make things even better, they looked exactly like his. “This game is so full of coincidences.”, he thought as he thought of the wings on his beefy forearm, the triforce on his massive biceps and cannonball shoulders or the sun on his impressive pillow pecs. “This item gives you the unique effect ‘Sexual Prowess and Stamina’, which triggers the effect ‘Paradise Bliss’ in all sexual partners of this character”, showed another message, as he equipped ‘Tattooed Body’ As he exited the menu, his character suddenly stood before a door. “This room contains your last challenge! Are you sure you want to enter?”, asked the notification, when he tried to enter. Naturally he approved and his character entered the room. The inside of the room resembled a film set and yet again a message popped up. “This room enables you to acquire the skill ‘Porn Star’, but your value ‘IQ’ is too high. Do you want to reduce the value ‘IQ’ to 90 to acquire ‘Porn Star’.” “Being a porn star would be really nice.“, Jake thought and clicked the “Yes”-Button. “Thank you for playing ‘Chronivac - The Game’”, showed up on the screen, but Jake couldn’t read it anymore. “Hey Jake, you dumb stallion, lay that damn console aside and come here. Time for your next movie.”, came the call of Hugh, the director, from the door, “You’ll be playing the main character in ‘Office Orgy Party’, so put on the jacket and come here.”
  6. The first thing Peter noticed when he entered the coffee shop, was the beautiful red-haired barista, who stood behind the counter and winked at him, when she noticed him stepping into the room and sat down in a comfortable padded seat in the middle of the room. And the second once again came painfully to his mind as he saw his reflection in the window. A scarecrow stature, combined with a generally short frame, a spotty face and braces. Additionally he wore an ill fitting dark blue polo shirt and beige shorts, with a cheap looking black watch. Then finally the waitress/barista came to his table, casually throwing her long red hair over her shoulder and introducing herself with a sexy smile: “Hello, sir. My name is Veronica. What may I get you?” For a moment, Peter was speechless, simply amazed by the beauty of this woman, but then he replied stuttering: “A b-b-big coffee with m-m-m-milk and s-sugar, please.” A few minutes later, Veronica came back and placed his order before Peter, leaning so far forward, that it gave Peter a good sight of her bosom. In fact, the sight was so good, that his little 3″ prick got hard and swelled to its a than enormous 4″. So, yes, he wanted to talk to her, tell her that he was pretty (Though she obviously knew herself.), but he lacked both confidence and resolve. Frustrated by his inaction, Peter took a sip from his coffee. Sure, he had an humongous 10″ dick, but other than the bulge in his jeans, that she couldn’t see when he sat, there was nothing special about him. It’s not like he could get it out in the middle of the shop and make her speechless. He took another sip from the smoking hot light brown liquid. ‘Of course I am pretty tall. Maybe she noticed me because of that.’, 6′6″ beanstalk Pete thought. Sure, having a big dick and towering over most people was nice, but having an ugly face and the build of a stick figure turned most people off, so he mostly went home alone. Yet again angered by his perpetual failure concerning women he took a sip from his black coffee Yeah, he had gotten booked for this one modelling campaign an year ago, but that was only because of his handsome face. That’s why they only wanted close ups, only face, no body. It was pretty frustrating when you thought of it. Even when a woman was a attracted by his warm green eyes, pouty lips, narrow but nonetheless masculine or his glass cutting jaw, they always made a run for it when they saw his body. With one last sip, his cup of coffee was finished. Pete’s sculpted chest strained against his tight polo shirt as he sighed deeply. He just couldn’t get himself to talk to hot women. Even though he had a big dick, was taller than most people he came across, was a demanded model, had a master’s degree in molecular biology and even got a body that made most of the regulars in his gym green with envy, he just lacked resolve and was pretty shy. Noticing, that his cup was empty, Pete waved at Veronica, his powerful biceps straining at the sleeves of his polo. while he watched the sexy red-haired waitress approach, he scratched his deeply cut sixpack. Somehow he felt odd today, but he couldn’t lay his finger on the reason. He quickly passed it off. ‘Maybe the hose needs to be drained again.’, Pete thought, rolling his egg sized balls and sausage dick around between his humongous thighs. “Do you want something else? I will get you everything.”, Veronica asked, her smile implying, that she meant literally everything. “I would like to fuck you in the restroom, if you like.”, Pete replied, his voice deep and making Veronica obviously go wet. “Sure.”, she simply answered. Inside his mind, Pete rejoiced. Not only would he get to ram his insatiable fuckstick into Veronica again and again for the next hour but he had finally beaten his damn shyness for once.
  7. Damn genie. When I found this ancient book (Yes, it is not a lamp.) and when I opened it, a green skinned boy escaped.But calling him a boy is somewhat an insult, since he is more of a man than I am…I mean was. I was pretty average when I found this book. Just a normal, Asian boy in high school. Average build, average height, average grades. The thing was I had a thing for sports. Football, baseball, basketball, you get what I mean. But since I was totally average, I couldn’t hope to get a place on a any of the teams. It isn’t like I got bulled or so, but I was pretty unnoticeable. So what was the first thing I wished of the small, muscular incredibly hung green skinned man? The thing every guy would wish for,a giant dick. The genie snapped his fingers and *BANG* my dick was no longer the 5″ it had before, but a coke bottle thick 13″ monster, whose hunger I could already feel. But I didn’t want to jack off in front of the genie. So the second wish I had was also a logical consequence. I wished to get to sleep with every person I wanted. When the genie snapped his fingers this time, it wasn’t a *BANG*, but more like a feeling of confidence, that spread form my groin. I knew, that every person I desired would now be more than willing to become a willing orifice for my new monster. So now my sexual fantasies were fulfilled and I turned to my passion. “I wish I would excel at sport.” With a slight sneer the genie snapped his fingers a third time and told me with a deep voice: “Since you wished to excel at sport and not sports, I twisted your wish a little. You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see, runt.” And with this words, without even letting me say my objections or complaints, he dissolved into smoke, retracted into the book and simply vanished as if he never had been there. Still a little confused, I sat down on my bed. And then my brother Evan came in. You know, we shared the same room and it was mostly okay, but that day I had come home from school earlier than expected. So when my brother entered the room, wanting to relieve some pressure (If you know what I mean.), he looked as surprised. But the worst thing was the object he had under his arm: a bodybuilding magazine. In this moment the words of the genie echoed through my mind: “ You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see.” And then there was the *BANG*. —————————————————————————————————- “Sorry, Dave, I didn’t want to interrupt your posing routine”, he said, holding the magazine in front of his tented shorts. That’s when I saw myself in the mirror. I only wore a pair of tiny posers to hold back my manhood, muscles bulging all over my body. Enormous traps, that swallowed my entire neck, shoulder wider than most wardrobes, giant arms, easily bigger than my or Evan’s head, and… I think you get what I mean. Then I saw the second greatest surprise: The person on the cover of Evan’s magazine was no other than me. “I guess you must be busy, having that big competition this weekend, right?”, Evan joked, laughing embarrassed and blushing bright red. “Yeah.”, I answered, my mind now entirely blown by my foghorn like voice. And then the biggest embarrassment this day happened. A wet spot spread from my brother’s groin. He had just shot a load. Now almost crying with shame, Evan ran out of the room, locking himself up in the bathroom. —————————————————————————————————- About a week later I’ve worked out how this world works. It seems like I am the number one in the worldwide bodybuilding community at an age of only 18, just like genie had promised. I had been thrown out of school, since my humongous muscles distracted the other students to much and my voice in addition with it made everyone spew a load right away. Competitions aren’t fun either, since I always win them, thanks to my stupid wish. Though I have to say genie took my second wish pretty literally. For example, when I watched “Ted” on Friday and thought how hot Mila Kunis was, there was a ring at the door and much to my surprise I found Mila Kunis standing outside when I opened the door. Needless to say we fuck like rabbits all night and she is now pretty much far too stretched to ever receive pleasure, getting fucked by someone else than me. But the best thing is, that I make tons of money now. Not only through the price money from the bodybuilding competitions but through a you could say side job as well. Porn industry pays me well for the videos of me fucking all the celebs I get. The video with Jennifer Lawrence was a hit, but my most successful film features me and Liam Hemsworth.
  8. “Here goes nothing.”, Paul murmured to himself, taking his position. His sculpted chest rose as he took a deep breath. stepping onto the block in front of him. He wasn’t entirely sure how this would go, it was his first time at such a competition and of course she had had to choose the national championship as his debut. She just couldn’t resist testing the reality changing qualities of her magic at one of the biggest possible events. You see the old woman in the back of the photo. She is a witch. And to top things, she is Paul’s mother and now trainer. But first things first. —————————————————————————————————- It all started on a normal Saturday evening. Paul and his mother sat in the living room together and watched the tryouts for the upcoming national swimming competition. You may ask why a young man in his mid-twenties is at home on a Saturday instead of partying and to make things worse even hangs out with his mother. You see, even at school Paul was always an outsider. Being a small, effeminate guy, who had a lisp and was even to nerdy for the chess club, it was only natural for the other students to avoid him and even beat him up. At that time Paul didn’t know about his mother’s magic powers and so he carelessly said out loud: “Man, I wonder what it was like to be a swimmer. To swim along these great athletes and have millions of fans cheering for you.” An so an hour later, when Paul had already gone to bed, for lack of alternatives, his mother began her magic and finally in the early morning hours she finished the ritual. —————————————————————————————————- The alarm clock on the luxurious night stand rang, waking the giant of a man from his sleep. Still half dreaming, the man hits the snooze button, unaware of the fact, that the clock showed only 6 o’clock. But it wasn’t unusual for the man to wake up this early, after all he had a strict training regimen to keep up. The guy moves towards the broad windows of his apartment, one hand rubbing sleep from his eyes and the other casually scratching his bulging abs, before shifting lower to give the enormous horse cock the man called his own a few waking tugs. Looking down past his firm chest, at his diamond calves and clown feet, the man named Paul slowly realized, that something had changed and that he wasn’t in his old room in his mother’s house anymore, but in an expensive looking apartment with view over a foreign city’s skyline. Walking to the bathroom, he only just realized a giant picture of him holding three Olympic gold medals for swimming or the twink and the blond woman, passed out comatose on his king sized bed. Somewhere in a deep corner of his mind, he remembered that he had a competition to attend and that he had to get ready, so he hastily finished his morning routine, got dressed and left the flat, leaving the twink and the woman sleeping. He had the strange thought, that they had deserved and that they should rest a bit and recover from last night’s action. Paul drove to the swimming hall (which he had never been to before, but could strangely find just perfect) with an expensive looking car, speeding past people who gave him admiring looks and even cat called after him. When he arrived at the swimming hall, an old woman in trainers awaited him, wearing a basecap with the word “COACH” written on it, who Paul recognized as his own mother when he approached her. Eagerly his mother approached the young athlete, only to ask: “So, what do you think?” A little surprised by the question and still a little confused by what his morning had looked like, Paul replied a little suspiciously: “Of what?” Now it was his mother’s turn to be surprised. “Your new life of course.”, she answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Only now Paul fully realized the strange even that had occurred that morning. “That was you?”, he asked a little bewildered. “Of course, who else.”, his mother retorted and than she slapped her forehead with a wrinkly hand, “I forgot to activate your new memory.” with this she reached out and touched Paul’s forehead slightly. Immediately the newly created stud was flooded with a multitude of new memories. His childhood, which he almost completely spent in the local swimming hall, participating in regional swimming competitions form a young age and always being one of the most popular guys in school. Not to forget his mother had given him knowledge of her magic. —————————————————————————————————- So several hours later he stood on the starting block, sure that he would win this championship, just like he had ruled the last Olympic Games. With a deep breath he sighed: “Here goes nothing.”
  9. Li actually let a pretty nice life. He had a nice job, working for a big international pharmaceutical company at their lab developing new medication, a nice house and of course the best wife ever, Anna. He had met his beautiful bombshell of a wife pretty soon after he had gotten hold of his lucrative job. He didn’t think it was odd, that the blonde model had fallen for him. Despite being a 5′8″ Asian twig, he was pretty pretty intelligent and in his opinion quite charming. So he thought of no evil when he came home earlier on their wedding anniversary, wanting to surprise his wife with a romantic gesture. He wasn’t suspicious when the gardener’s lawn mower stood on the grass unused and the gardener was nowhere to be seen. His first doubts arose when he entered the house and heard strange noises coming from upstairs. But his world broke apart when Li entered the master bedroom. There she was. The love of his life in bed with their gardener Martin, a young black guy from the neighborhood, who wanted to earn some money. As the young stud jackhammered his black cock into Anna’s tight pussy, Li suddenly realized why she had been so eager to employ this demigod. But he had been ignorant of the fact, just like Martin was unaware of the fact that his employer was watching him fuck his wife into sexual ecstasy. Though Li was shocked and watched the whole scene in horror, his 4″ pecker got hard at the raw display of raw masculinity and sexiness he was witnessing. Then his wife saw her husband standing in the doorframe.“Um, honey, it’s not what it looks like.”, Anna stammered. But Li didn’t hear her, he had fled out of the house and drove away in his car, tears in his eyes. When he had driven for about ten minutes he felt like he had driven far enough and he drove at the roadside. And then started crying, hitting the steering wheel and all the while screaming: “WHY? WHY DID SHE DO THIS? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?” Half an hour later he had finally calmed down a bit and said: “I wish I would be someone she wouldn’t have cheated on.” —————————————————————————————————- Suddenly there was a ringing and L was brought back to reality in his car. He had parked on the roadside so he could knock out a quick load. He had had some time until his next appointment and just felt so unbelievably horny, that he had to take stop. Looking at his phone he saw the reminder that had just rung. ‘Anna’ it read. “Oh shit, only half an hour. No time to clean up.” L said looking around the cum coated car. His chest was still glistening with sweat as he spanned the seat belt across the enormous mass of muscle. Looking down he just had to take a moment to admire the sheer size and vascularity of the giant mass he called his pecs. The whole muscle was so erotic, that his cock got hard yet again. “No not now, I’ve got an appointment.”, L told himself and started driving. Then another thought came to his mind. ‘I need to buy condoms.’ The 100 condoms he had bought last week were almost empty. He just had had so many appointments this past week, that this was no surprise. It wasn’t like Anna was his first appointment either, she was his 5th today. He had had twinks and bitches alike, all lusting after his ‘Boa’, the footlong tool he was proud to call his own. Soon after he pulled into the parking lot of the drugstore and got out of the car. When he entered the drugstore everyone inside looked at him. It wasn’t like he looked unnormal for an Asian, big and built as he was, but it was always a show, when people saw a shirtless Asian-American. They just oozed raw masculinity and sexiness. As L approached the counter, every gaze followed him. They followed the twitching of his massive bowling ball sized biceps, the heaving of his massive pecs as he breathed, the light playing on the bumps of his deeply cut eightpack, the pants, stretched out by his tree trunk legs and of course the obscene bulge in his jeans, that seemed to be slowly growing. L was getting turned on by the attention he was getting. A cocky smirk spread across his handsome face. And what a face it was, it would be displayed in a dictionary above the word ‘masculinity’. A sharp, angular jaw, coated in thick stubble, deep brown bedroom eyes, that could make a woman go wet with only one look, a wave of black hair on his head and the most perfect nose and mouth one could ever find. “Hello? Hello? Mr. Thompson?”, L rumbled in his deep as fuck voice, clapping his plate sized hands to get the seller out of his trance. The little black guy had totally lost himself in watching the pure glory of L’s giant muscles. Every black guy was like that. Horny, little twinks, who were always so eager to worship the big Asian men or take a massive Asian cock up their ass. “Uhm yeah. What do you want, sir?”, the black twink squeaked. “Give me a pack with 100 condoms. Asian size, please.”, L said and couldn’t suppress a chuckle for two reasons. First, he could clearly see, that the clerk had just shot a load, just from the sound of the Asian hunk’s voice. And the second thing was, that it was just quite funny that there was a separate ‘Asian’ size. Though it was necessary, since nearly every Asian’s dick was about a foot long and as thick as a beer can. “It’s on the house, sir.”, the seller said, handing L a giant box of condoms with a lustful look in his eyes. “I’ll come back next week. Don’t want even more bastard children roam the country, right.”, L mused, remembering the roughly 15 children he had already fathered when he was younger. —————————————————————————————————- 15 minutes later, he drove up the driveway of the giant mansion. Anna was a slightly odd contract. Some black guy called Martin had called L to make an appointment, asking him to fuck his trophy wife for their anniversary, since he just couldn’t satisfy her needs. When he had parked in front of the house and rang the doorbell, a short black guy opened the door. “You’re L?”, the twink asked, obviously having trouble staying focused. “Yeah. You must be Martin. I am here to fuck your wife, dude.”, L replied. “Follow me, please, sir.” When they entered the master bedroom, Anna already laid on the bed, her nudity only slightly covered by a thin, almost transparent cloth. “I can work with that.”, L said unbuckling his jeans. “What does L stand for, sexy?”, Anna asked curiously, as she lustfully watched the behemoth undress. “You can choose. Either for my full name Li or for Long.”, he answered, dropping his pants with the last word, unveiling his delicious, beer-can-thick 12″ monstrosity, which made Anna gasp by just looking at it. As the Asian sex god approached his next conquest he suddenly saw a picture in his mind. He had come into this bedroom as a skinny guy and had found Anna getting fucked by a black stud. He also distinctly remembered, wishing that she wouldn’t have cheated on him. But that was ridiculous, you can’t cheat on someone you don’t have a relationship with.
  10. I have to admit that I hated my roommate Greg. He was your typical cocky jerk of a footballer and always bragged about how much pussy he scored. Not that I wouldn’t notice, after all I got thrown out of my room at least 3 times a day so that Grag could pound his newest girlfriend. My only peaceful hours were when he hit the gym with his football buddies or when he went to a party. And damn did the many hours of work show. His body would have made most amateur bodybuilders blush with envy. So it was no surprise that the women in town practically begged him to fuck them and all men wanted him to do the same thing to them. But of course he wouldn’t. The mountain of a man with a permanently stubbled jaw was the biggest homophobe I had ever seen. He constantly yelled at me, when I looked at him with only a hint of lust in my eyes and frequently beat me up when I looked at his naked body and massive cock when he left the bathroom after showering. But being a gay twinky nerd I just couldn’t help. I was the complete opposite of Greg. While he was a 270lbs 6′8″ prime example of a man, I was 5′7″ and weighed 120 pounds soaking wet. Though I was like an expert when it came to myths and magic. And that’s how I discovered the briefs. After weeks of thorough research I discovered a pair of items that would help me with my problem. It cost me over a thousand bucks and a lot of nerves, but I could finally persuade a guy on the web to send me pair of the underwear. After Greg had gone to the gym I placed the purple boxer briefs on top of his other underwear, knowing that he always grabbed the uppermost boxers without looking. After that I put the boxers I had ordered for myself on and waited. Greg wouldn’t even have to wear the far too small briefs, one touch would be enough to set my plan into motion. —————————————————————————————————- Two hours later my roommate came back from his training. I couldn’t help but stare at his shining sweaty muscles playing under his skin, when he began to undress. “You like that, faggot?”, Greg asked, noticing my lustful stares, “I’ll go showering and then I’ll beat you to a pulp.” And with these words he went to the bathroom. Coming back he reached into his drawer and then he touched the briefs and I could clearly see a shock going through his body and hear a deep whisper: “What the fuck was that?” Good thing he didn’t notice the shimmer of his briefs or my boxers. The magic had begun it’s work. —————————————————————————————————- Over the course of the next weeks everyone could witness to transformations. Greg got smaller and somewhat gayer every day and lost his place in the football team. On the other hand, I was taller, beefier and more confident every time I looked in the mirror. I banged a new twink every night and even slept with a few girls. A few weeks later I had become the big man on campus with a height of 6′9″ at a weight of 300 pounds of solid muscle and had banged almost every person around (even a few of the footballers, though they would never admit it). On the other hand, Greg now practically was the football team’s cumdump and practically a breathing fleshjack for myself and my hungry footlong monster. Greg now even wore the purple briefs, that had set the whole transformation in motion and I have to say they accentuate his bubble butt just fine.
  11. It was always so easy. Tina created a profile at a random dating website and stated that she was totally into nerds. Sooner or later a nerd would take the bait and they would arrange a date. Like countless times before, the trick had worked with Hugh and there she sat, waiting for her twiggy casanova in the middle of a nice restaurant. Finally Hugh entered the room and looked like he would faint when he saw, that the blond bombshell he had chatted with was really who she claimed to be. ‘Perfect prey.’, Tina thought and pressed the large sapphire on her ring. She now had a full hour to get to work. “H-H-Hello, my n-n-name is Hugh. You m-m-must be T-T-Tina.”, he stuttered, obviously nervous, being so close to a beautiful woman like herself. “I like it when men are confident.”, Tina replied and immediately Hugh’s posture shifted from an anxious crouch to a confident, relaxed position, “Though maybe you should have worn clothes.” As she whispered this across the table, all of Hugh’s clothes dissolved, leaving him utterly naked, but still in a confident pose. Not that he had much to be confident about. His 5′8″ frame was kind of skinny but with some flab around his midsection. The dirty blond greasy that topped his chubby freckled baby face looked like it was supposed to cover a receding hairline and the thick wiry glasses only emphasized this impression. But the most embarrassing detail about Hugh’s nerd body was the shriveled 2″ pencil dick that were his genitalia. No surprise so, that Hugh got surprised and disgusted looks as his clothes dissolved, showing off his body. That was the problem with the ring, it only made the affected unaware for the changes, but didn’t change reality. “Won’t you let me inside your apartment?”, asked Tina and the scenery changed to a dilapidated hallway with a nude Hugh standing in a splintery doorframe. She couldn’t need to many spectators when she had her fun. “Oh yeah, come in, baby.”, Hugh replied stepping into his shady looking residence. “You’ve got such a nice big, modern, luxurious, bright apartment.”, Tina said and immediately the shabby flat was replaced by a wonderful condo in what looked like a skyscraper in the middle of the town. Every window showed a beautiful view all over their town and the furniture was mostly white or made of glass with the exception of a few wooden dressers and closets. “Yeah, I have absolutely no idea how I could afford it.”, Hugh replied giggling. A luxurious looking dinner stood on the table, in whose direction he walked. She decided to follow him closing and locking the door behind her. “I see that your quite a good cook”, the bombshell commented, surprised, that she didn’t have to change that. “Yeah, my grandma taught me.” Nevertheless, she had to get to work, her time was running.. “Wow, your arms are so big, Hugh.”, she said and his arms blew up to immense dimensions, until it looked like he could throw cars around with ease. Thick veins were running along his melon sized upper arms and monstrous forearms. The whole artwork he called arms was completed by a pair of dinner plate sized hands, that were calloused from what looked like serious lifting. “And so beautiful square shoulders to go with them.” Instantly his shoulders doubled in width and became round and hard like a pair of cannonballs. Simultaneously his traps swelled and changed into a nice bull neck for this bull in the making. “They fit your height well.”, Tina continued and soon after a cracking sound could be heard, as his spine slowly got longer and longer until his body had grown to a towering 7′2″. “I was always the biggest one in school.”, Hugh commented, still in a high voice, that sounded damn comical, coming from this body. “Oh, Hugh, your pecs, they are enormous.”, she cooed massaging Hugh’s saggy moobs until they were two perfect cushions. But they weren’t made of feathers and textile, they consisted of flesh and steelhard muscle. He just couldn’t resist bouncing them a little bit, making Tina giggle at the display of power she cupped with her hands. “You like that?”, Hugh asked rhetorically, knowing full well that it turned her on. “I like your perfect eightpack far better.”, Tina replied and watched as the mentioned washboard abs appeared from the formerly flabby midsection. When her gaze had reached his tiny nub, his belly had become a perfectly cut cobblestone road of brawny manliness. ‘I’ll come to that later.’, Tina thought with a meaningful look towards Hugh’s groin. “Dammit, Hugh, did you steel that legs from a horse?”, the blonde said and his legs blew up right away. His thighs became big to touch each other and by the end of the process, Hugh wasn’t able to walk normally anymore. He would at best be able to waddle from now on. His calves not only only looked like a pair of diamonds under his skin, but were just as hard, connected to a pair of size 20 feet. A nice side-effect of the transformations was revealed when Hugh turned around. His back looked simply massive, especially since his wide shoulders and narrow hips gave Hugh’s upper body a perfect V-shape. This only made his broad lats seem all the more wing-like. He now even had a muscular, juicy ass, that Tina just wanted to slap. “I like your red buzzcut, it suits you well. By the way, are you a model, you should be with a face like this.”, Tina told him and when Hugh turned around again to face her, she was taken aback. His high cheekbones and copper red hair harmonized perfectly with his bright blue eyes, that seemed to pierce right through her soul and dive to the very bottom of her being. His nose, despite being broken, what looked like at least 2 times, was slim and seemed like it was made to gave let his face look even more rugged and handsome. His slim lips completed the man’s modelesque, but still manly looking appearance. “Yeah. How did you know.”, he laughed, even turning a little red, “So, shall we take this to the bedroom?” “Yeah, with pleasure. To be honest, your voice makes me kind of go wet.”, Tina admitted. “Yo’re not the first one to tell me.”, Hugh rumbled, with a deep bass bedroom voice, watching her moving her thighs closer together. “Wow, that’s some impressive cock you got there. What length has it? 13 inches? And your balls. Hmmm, so big.”, the blonde bombshell enthused, watching her date’s genitals swell to godlike proportions, so that she just wanted to have a taste of them or have them tear her pussy apart. “It’s such an honor, to finally get to sleep with the pornstar Hugh Grand.” “Prepare to get fucked, baby.”, Hugh boomed and then he thrust in. “You’re such a passionate, gentle, experienced lover.”, she said and his strokes became longer and stronger, giving her even more pleasure. Yeah, he was fit to be pornstar. But then Tina had an idea. Hugh had been such a nice guy, even without her alterations. “I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend.”, she nearly screamed. —————————————————————————————————- Nearly two hours later Tina decided to give her employers a call. “The target is ready and will come around tomorrow. But … I think I will quit my job, I found someone.”, she said and was glad that her superiors approved. “Ready for round two?”, Hugh asked, his horse dick already hardening
  12. I don't know to be honest. I wrote 5 Amulets (@muscleace wrote one too) stories and then the series was pretty much over. I thought about doing a crossover of sorts between the stories, but then abandoned it, finding that the six hunks don't really have to meet at all.
  13. The day was finally there. Beatrice and her classmates would finally get their high school diplomas. They would get the certificate of all their hard years of working through school, leave this lame small town and conquer the world. And her future looked bright, after all she was the second best student in her year. The only student, who was smarter than her was the Chinese genius Chang Lee. She had to admit, that she was jealous of him. The little nerd came from a rich family and was captain of the chess and debate teams. Rumor had it, that he got accepted into the MIT an Harvard and even had an offer to study abroad in Oxford. “Beatrice LaDorre.”, the principal said. Finally it was her turn to get the diploma. As she stepped on the stage and looked at the audience, all she could see were happy faces. Even her mom smiled, though it looked slightly wicked. They’d had a quarrel the other day. Her mom had gotten furious after Bea had told her that she was the second best student in her year. The argument had ended with her mom yelling after her: “I will make you the best student.” Oddly enough she didn’t take photos of her own daughter, maybe she was still angry with Bea. Then she left the stage and it was time for the real star to appear. “It’s an honor to me to hand a diploma over to the best student this year, Chang Lee.”, the headmaster announced and Chang entered the stage. Surprised she saw her mother draw an odd old polaroid cam and then there was a blinding flash as she took the photo. ‘He will do just fine.’, Angela LaDorre thought, ‘But he definitely won’t be an honor student anymore.’ —————————————————————————————————- When the flash had subsided, Chang felt odd. Heavy, big and somehow at ease. When he looked down to find the origin of the feeling, all he could whisper was: ”Fuck.” He was a fucking stud. His arms were easily the size of softballs and he felt like he could effortlessly lift trucks with one hand. Unfortunately his pecs were so big, that he could not see what laid underneath. But he sensed, that the rest of his body was just as powerful and muscular as his beefy arms. All that he could see beneath his monster pecs was the prominent bulge in a pair of shiny red posers. “And here is our next participant. Nr. 476, Chang Lee.”, a voice announced and somehow Chang felt compelled to enter the stage. When he, still in awe, stepped in front of the audience he noticed that he couldn’t remember anything from his old life. He couldn’t even remember how to add up simple numbers. His head felt so empty, but it was okay. He knew that he would win this contest and then he would fuck a few twinks backstage, just like he always did.
  14. Sophie was a total fan of Justin Bieber. His texts spoke directly from the bottom of her heart, his small, toned body was perfect and his face was like an angel’s. He was her ideal man. Unfortunately she was just a normal fan and a superstar like Justin would never even stop to look at her, it was such a tragedy. One day she helped her grandma cleaning and found a strange amulet, a thick golden chain with a ruby pendant. When she asked her grandmother if she could keep the necklace, the old lady smirked scarily and approved it. This very evening she sat in her bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror. The necklace really accentuated her red hair, she should wear it at her the next concert, maybe Justin would then notice her. Suddenly the gem began to emit a bright red light and Sophie’s world blurred for a moment. —————————————————————————————————- Seconds later, Justin Bieber’s tour truck stopped in front of his girlfriend’s house. The mountain of a man, who was the superstar, left the truck. Together with him his roadie left the car and told the singer: “This way Mr. Bieber. Your girlfriend lives just here.” “Huhu, yeah. Gotta empty my nuts into her.”, the dumb star replied with a deep voice, that was the main reason he was so popular with the girls, it made them go wet in an instant. Though himself standing at 7′8″ and weighing around 350 pounds of solid muscle wasn’t a hindrance either, especially if his muscled torso was permanently on display, since no shirt had fit him since he had been 16. “We’re gonna leave tomorrow Mr. Bieber, so please hurry with your… task.”, the man reminded him and knocked at Sophie’s door. As she opened the door, the giant popstar ducked into her hallway, his head grazing the ceiling. “I hope you’re ready, baby,”, Justin Bieber said to his girlfriend dropping his pants as soon as the door was closed, revealing his 14″ monstrosity, that was already leaking pre.
  15. Charles was on his way home from a long holiday. It had been a real fun trip, especially with the new program on his phone. It was called “Chronivac: Desire Version” and had a very interesting function. After scanning for a certain amount of time, the user could transform into the ideal partner for the scanned person. Charles had had lots fun with the app, scoring with every chick he could find, it had really been an intense week. So he was all to happy to find out that his seat neighbor in the plane was a beautiful 20-something girl, with long brown locks and a perfect hourglass figure. “Hello.”, he greeted her, for the moment in his old body, that of a skinny pimple faced nerd. He sat next to her and decided to start the app, maybe he would get to fuck her on the toilet later. Suddenly his other seat neighbor, a pretty well built middleaged guy in business clothes appeared and sat next to him. “Hello.”, the businessman said in a deep voice. —————————————————————————————————- 10 minutes later the plane had taken off and Charles felt his phone vibrate, indicating hat the scanning process was finished. He excused himself and went to the board toilet. He opened the app and without looking over the stats in the app again, he hit the ‘Enter’ button. There was a blinding flash and gone was the nerdy old Charles. In his place now stood Chad, a male fitness model who had been in this land for a photo shoot. Or at least everyone remembered it like this now, except for Charles, who was well aware of the changes that happened. He checked his new body out and was pleased with the results. He lifted his shirt and admired the cut sixpack and firm pecs that laid underneath. He took a photo of himself and continued to check himself out. His muscular arms and broad shoulders threatened to rip the plain black t-shirt any second. His thighs were hidden by a pair of short sweatpants, but a short flex confirmed that his legs were just as built as his upper body. Chad also noticed that his pants were stretched at the back by a big, bouncy bubblebutt. He looked at his face in the mirror and was taken aback by his face, that oozed masculinity despite his pretty boy looks. It was accentuated by a mop of unruly brown hair, that he now remembered spending half an hour each morning styling. The only thing that bothered him a bit was that he couldn’t feel the weight of a big set of genitals dragging the front of his pants down. ‘Maybe she isn’t so keen on bull dicks.’, Chad thought, remembering the perfect results, the app had brought forth in the past week. “Let’s reap the fruits of my labor.”, Chad said and left the toilet. —————————————————————————————————- As he sat down again, followed by the gazes of every woman on board, he was greeted by the voice of the businessman saying: “Hey, babe.” ‘Wait? Babe?’, Chad thought and new memories of being a bottom for his horsehung manager and husband. “I think I need you baby.”, Chad whispered into the ear of Luke, feeling an emptiness in his ass and groping the man’s prominent bulge to underline his point.
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