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  1. I also vaguely remember this story, but I couldn’t find it. I think at one point the teen/kid starts sounding the bodybuilder with his finger? Does that sound familiar?
  2. Sounds like the Old Man Stevens series by Londonboy. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/londonboy/old-man-stevens-01.html
  3. NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty. ------------------------------ He had started small, like everyone. Regular workouts at the gym, lifting heavy, sucking down protein shakes. Within a few weeks he learned two important things. First, his body had an uncanny knack for building lean mass. In this short time, he was already nearing the size of some of the bigger guys at the gym. Second, and most critically – he fucking loved it. He would spend hours in the mirror flexing, entranced by his full pecs, his burgeoning biceps, the sweep of his thighs, and most critically – the solid six-pack he’d gained. Lean, sculpted muscle ran down to the beginnings of an Adonis belt. He redoubled his efforts at the gym. He liifted heavier. He ate more calories. In the next few months he exploded with mass. He’d walked in looking like a physique competitor, and waddled out looking like the largest of heavyweight bodybuilders. His bull-neck was disappearing under mountainous traps. His quads bristled with mass. His vein-riddled eight-pack was his pride and joy. He would flex his abs for hours, vacuum-rolling them and crunching down on them hard, feeling an almost sexual pleasure as he watched them move with every breath. His cock was growing with the rest of him. He could fuck anyone he wanted – and did. Many of his lovers couldn’t tell if they preferred his huge, pumped, veiny abs, or his huge, pumped, veiny muscle cock. But it wasn’t enough. He needed more. His lifts down at the local gym began to attract crowds. He had far eclipsed everyone else in size and strength, but if anything his growth was accelerating. With every rep, he seemed to swell even larger, right in front of stupefied onlookers. He was monstrously thick by now. His pecs covered his chin and stretched several feet deep, with thick, long, suckable, ultra-sensitive nipples as long as some men’s dicks. His traps had fully eclipsed his neck, and with each breath they seemed to mount higher, threatening his ears. His thighs were pure slabs of mass. With each step he took, the floor shook. His entire body seemed to pulse, creak, groan, and grow with every breath. His abs had mutated into a twisted 16-pack, bulging with impossible muscle, heaving and undulating with every tiny movement. Veins encrusted their freakishly-ripped surface. His waist was far thicker than most men’s full torsos, yet looked tiny against the jaw-dropping spread of his lats and sweep of his thighs. He wasn’t nearly big enough. At a certain point he outgrew the weights at the gym. He moved on to lifting cars and construction equipment at junkyards, but these soon proved no match for his all-powerful, always-swelling musculature. But his body was beginning to betray him. His arms, thicker than barrels, had grown so massive that bending them was almost impossible. His thighs were so thick he had adopted a sort of shuffling gait: quads that massive could barely move. Front to back, he was thicker than he was tall. There was no fat on his body any longer – only titanic beef, covered in a frenzy of veins. Walking – shifting his weight – breathing – became a massive workout worthy of an Olympic champion. He felt his body constantly swelling to even more freakish, muscle-bound heights – a sensation far more pleasurable than fucking any lover. One evening he shambled over to the mirror, groaning as every step added inches to his thighs. He peeked out over the monolith of his pecs, to see his reflection. Hidden in his pecs’ shadow was his freakishly-ripped waist, with each individual abdominal muscle bigger than a human head. Veins thicker than a normal bodybuilder’s arms criss-crossed their surface. His serratus bulged freakishly, looking like abs of their own. He defied human biology. He was too much. And yet he still wasn’t enough. With herculean effort, he raised his gigantic arms over his head. His arms and shoulders swelled dangerously, and he moaned at the mind-blowing sensation of his unstoppable growth. He crunched down on his abs, hard. They swelled and shifted, gaining new definition. Before his eyes, his 16-pack swelled larger, and his impossible, beyond anatomy-chart musculature grew into a 32-pack. His abdominal mass ballooned outward crazily, and his muscles brushed the aching head of his swollen baseball-bat muscle dick with an almost comical delicacy. For days, his arms had been far too thick to touch his giant cock. His own sheer bulk, combined with the sensation of the stimulation, was too much for him. He almost came. He clenched down on the muscles of his dick, holding back on the brink of orgasm. With the impossible effort of holding back a bathtub’s worth of cum, his dick swelled thicker before his eyes. He released his flex, and admired the ungodly, freakish musculature of his ultra ripped abs. His giant dick pulsed, eager for another loving caress from his inhuman mass. He lowered his arms and leaned down, watching as his abs and shoulders grew even thicker. Time for the most aptly-named of all poses – the most muscular. He inhaled sharply, focused, and entered the pose. His abs flexed harder than they had in his life –
  4. NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty. ------------------------------ She awoke on her bed, in a pile of drywall pieces, covered in plaster dust. Every inch of her was sore. Her pussy thrummed occasionally in her post-orgasmic glow, and every little twitch felt like a miniature orgasm all over again. Marissa closed her eyes and thought back. Her boyfriend Kai, inhumanly muscular, continuing to grow, pounding her overstretched cunt with a cock over a meter long. It shouldn’t have been possible... She opened her eyes, sat up, and stared blankly as she tried to process some new information: First: a huge pool of sexual juices had poured from her pussy while she slept, leaving her bed sopping wet. The room reeked of sex. She imagined what she’d missed: Kai, as big as a truck, letting out a low bestial roar as he came. Jet after jet of superpowered cum fired out of his throbbing, cannon-like cock with a force that should have ripped her in half... She found herself fingering herself at the thought. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She shivered, hungry for that impossible dick. But she blinked away her lust and refocused: Second: despite everything, the room was still mostly intact. His shoulders, swelling larger with more and more beef, had begun to press into the room’s opposite walls when she finally passed out. The walls were cracked, the ceiling nearly fully sundered... but the room was whole. Curiously, all doors and windows were intact. Yet her boyfriend Kai was nowhere to be seen. Third, and the thing that took her most by surprise... She was bigger. Definitely. She’d grown at least a few inches taller, and far heavier: her body felt heavier, but not uncomfortably so. Her thighs were heavy with the luscious curves of muscle. Her delts were capped, and her six-pack abs rippled with every breath. Her physique was that of a fitness model – but her full breasts, riding high on her budding pecs, belonged on a porn star. She touched the juices puddled below her, and brought them to her nose – then her lips, to taste. Not quite cum, she thought... A warmth seemed to blossom in her chest. She felt her body creak larger, thicker, heavier, taller. She took a full handful of the juices, and licked it off of her hands – and she watched as her quadriceps flared larger, thickening with imposing muscle. She smeared the rest of it onto her creamy, full breasts and shivered as they approached the size of her head. Her pussy grew slick at the pleasure of her growth. She had no logical explanation for how any of this could have happened, but she knew why it NEEDED to happen: something in her boyfriend’s jizz made her grow, so she could take more cock and survive the fucking of a lifetime. And a new thought occurred to her: if this little bit of growth felt this good... then how had Kai’s dramatic, impossible growth felt? She was getting flustered all over again. She’d never known she had such a hunger for muscle and dick, but with a super-stud like Kai fucking her, how could she resist? She wanted more growth – but the puddle wasn’t going anywhere, and she had something else to worry about right now. She had to find him. She had to get fucked half to death, all over again. She was insatiable; it might kill her; she didn’t care. “Kai?” she called. “K-Kai?” She waited, and she felt the floor of her apartment tremble. “Babe?” Kai called from the next room. His voice was different – a full octave lower than his usual. She saw him round the corner and come down the hall toward her bedroom, gloriously nude. A moan escaped her; one hand slipped between her legs to rub desperately at her swollen clit, while the other brushed at her hard nipple. He had shrunk down to a more reasonable size. But reasonable was relative: he was an overmuscled monster, bigger than any bodybuilder. He was barely pushing fitting down the hallway. Her lust-addled mind grasped futilely at numbers: seven and a half feet tall, maybe. Four hundred pounds? She had no concept of what weight or size meant, at this kind of scale. His pecs were so massive and swollen they had long-since eclipsed his chin. He had no neck, only giant rippling traps. His abs were as big and as hard as cinderblocks, and the crevices between them were inches deep. His massive, winglike lats pushed out arms thicker than telephone poles. Barrel-sized thighs pulsed with power. His calves were as thick around as a normal man’s waist. His cock, semi-flaccid, began to harden at the sight of her. Here, too, she grasped at numbers: eighteen inches, maybe? Thicker than a man’s arm, to be sure. That dick belonged on a horse, not a human. His balls were heavy, huge, and no doubt loaded with growth-inducing cum. She fell to her knees and whimpered, overwhelmed with desire. “Marissa,” Kai rumbled. His face was boyishly handsome still, and his smile was teasing. He bent over slightly and brought his arms down hard, into a most muscular pose. His traps threatened to swallow his ears. His throbbing pecs thickened to the point where they rivaled Marissa’s rack. His brutally peaked biceps were the size of bowling balls. His cock was dribbling that magic pre-cum non-stop. He was a monster, a wall of pure muscle mass that a Mr. Olympia contestant could only dream of. He towered over her where she knelt, and she rubbed her clit furiously, gaping at him. “Holy shit,” she whispered. “Holy shit.” His cock stood, huge and purple and angry, and the puddle of pre-cum it was producing was enough you could slip and fall on it. “You look... you look incredible, babe.” He released the flex, and a massive hand went to rub at his erection, but even he couldn’t wrap one hand all the way around its girth. “Jesus, you’re stacked as hell.” “I need you to fuck me, Kai,” Marissa whimpered. “I need you to cum inside me again.” Her hand left her pussy just long enough to help her lie back on the floor – legs spread, presenting herself to him like an animal in heat. “I didn’t cum that time, babe,” he groaned. Every muscle in his body was tense, his lust barely restrained. “You didn’t...” Marissa’s eyes widened. She sighed, laughed, whined, all at once. She felt like she was going mad; it was all too much for her. Those gallons of growth-inducing liquid on her bed – that was just his pre-cum. From his battering ram of a cock. Leaking out of her overfucked pussy. Yes. Of course. She scrambled to her knees and crawled toward her muscle god boyfriend. She reached out and touched his dick with both hands. She couldn’t get her hands around even half its circumference. Marissa let out another fluttering, terrified, delighted laugh, and she started to rub his iron-hard length, lubing him up with the residual pussy juice on her hands. As her natural lubricant made contact with his skin, he moaned as his pectorals creaked even larger, threatening to hide his mouth. He widened his stance as his thickening thighs pressed even further apart. Kai’s mighty, power-packed back widened, inch by inch. If he grew much more like this, he’d get stuck in this hallway – or, more likely, he’d completely destroy it. Marissa’s eyes were brimming with tears as she watched him grow, right before his eyes. “I need you... I need you bigger. Bigger than before. Never stop growing. Please. Fuck me again...” “I almost destroyed your apartment, babe,” Kai rumbled. “Outside,” she whimpered. “Please.” He moved to touch his palms to the hallway, but couldn’t. He was simply too broad to lift his arms. “We’ll get arrested –” “Nobody’s gonna arrest you when you’re ten tons of muscle,” Marissa whispered. “I might break you.” “I don’t care. Grow as big as you want. I’m yours.” He looked down at her hungrily, lips parted, and in a split-second he made his decision. “Let’s go,” Kai said.
  5. NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty. ------------------------------ He’d been having trouble reaching orgasm, he’d said. Something about his new medication – something experimental. But he could still get hard, and he’d still get horny. That sounded great to her. Sure, she’d said. Come on over. They’d snuggled in bed, and he’d run kisses up her neck. She moaned, and reclined on the bed, arching her back. He slid down between her legs, and was expertly eating her pussy – and after a while, his rock-hard cock was inside her. He hadn’t cum in – how long did he say it was? A week? Her breath came in shallow gasps. This wasn’t like anything she’d felt before. He was fucking her not just with an intensity, but with a depth and a force she’d never felt from any lover. He was averagely-sized, she thought, but he was stretching her in ways he didn’t normally. It felt incredible. Her eyes widened; her lips parted, and she looked up at him admiringly. He was bigger, she thought. She doubted it at first, but the surety came: his shoulders were broader. His abs, deeper-cut. His pecs, fuller and rounder. He fucked her like a machine, never seeming to tire, his cock hitting her G-spot just right. She came, hard and rough, crying out her delight. When she opened her eyes, he was still fucking her with the same fierce rhythm. It felt heavenly. She opened her eyes, expecting the fantasy to have faded – He was giant. It was as though her orgasm had somehow transformed him even further. The cleft between his pecs was inches deep. His peaked biceps were nearing the size of her head. As she watched, massive individually-sliced delts, the size of pumpkins, swelled even larger. She opened her mouth to say something, but all that came out was an incoherent moan, as his huge dick struck her cervix again and again with every thrust. His head was tilted back with his pleasure, showcasing the traps that were creeping their way up his bull neck. She came again, squirting hard. He let out a basso-profundo roar as her juices fueled his growth, adding a hundred pounds of pure beef to a frame that could already go toe-to-toe with the biggest mass monsters. He rose to stand, and began to pump her up and down his massive, punishing cock lke she was a masturbation aid. Her eyes fluttered, and she brought all of her focus to whisper one word: “M-more...” She came, again and again, shaking, weeping, squirting. With each orgasm, he surged even bigger, with a mighty roar. She thought his hyper-cock might break her – it beggared belief – and yet her body somehow found a way. Her orgasm became one continuous one. She thought she was dying. Before she passed out, she caught one last glimpse of him: still fucking her like a beast, holding her like a doll. The building’s foundations shook with every thrust. His traps, approaching the ceiling. His shoulders, so wide they were cracking the walls. His head had been long-since hidden from her, by his massive, surging pectorals. His cock was feet long. And he was still growing. She smiled...
  6. Novice lifter in Manhattan. Go to NYSC too.
  7. NOTE: I am NOT the author! All credit goes to powerfulbodies.tumblr.com, who has given me permission to post this story here. The title was my choice; the original story didn't have a title and I didn't want to leave it empty. ------------------------------ “Bigger,” he groaned, as he pulled the several-ton weight to his chest in a bentover row. Muscles far bigger than his head fought for room on his back, swelling even larger. Fifty-inch biceps creaked as they added on pounds of pure beef, fed pure testosterone by veins thicker and meatier than a normal man’s cock. He lowered the massive, punishing weight with agonizing slowness, then pulled it up again. His back, as broad as the front of a semi, flared even wider. Front to back, he was as thick as a normal man was tall – and yet he was nowhere near satisfied. “M-more …” His own dick hung limp, thick as a man’s thigh, with the head approaching his ankles. With bent-over rows, it was a real liability: the minute it got even semi-chubbed, it would get in the way of the titanic weight. He had spewed gallons of his own cum into the gym’s showers not even ten minutes ago – but as the pleasure of his unstoppable growth overwhelmed him, it was beginning to harden again. Finally he dropped the weight with a terrifying crash. He straightened up, turned, and lumbered to the cable machine to do pec flys – his stance spectacularly wide, to accommodate his hulking, barrel-thick thighs. He set the machine to maximum weight on each side – the weight of a small car. He had surpassed the bench press about half an hour ago; his heaving, massive chest had grown large enough that pressing the weight brought it a very short distance indeed. He took hold of the machine’s reinforced grips – and caught a look at himself in the mirror, about seven feet away. Pulsing traps wreathed his boyishly handsome face, and those massive pecs obscured his view of his chin. Giant, writhing, armor-plated abs could stop a train. Those thighs could lift one. His enormous dick began to rise, harden, and grow at the thought. It leaked precum like a hose. “More mass,” he moaned, obsessed. He began to pull the cables across his body, blasting his mutant pecs – but he struggled. The machine creaked. His pecs began to thicken visibly before his widening eyes, bursting with power, approaching the size of beanbag chairs. His whole body followed suit, broadening, thickening, hulking out as he watched. He groaned with pleasure as the weight began to move with incremental slowness. He grit his teeth and brought his hands a mere inch closer together; fifty more pounds of solid muscle appeared on his frame. Sweat ran between foot-deep crevices between his abs. His cock stretched another foot larger, pulsing thicker and fuller than he’d ever seen it before. It pointed directly at the mirror now, like a cannon. His body grew and grew and GREW as his cock lurched toward the mirror. The feet-wide head brushed the cool surface, and his mammoth body shuddered with pleasure – suddenly and dramatically gaining feet of width and breadth. He roared, and the weights submitted to his power: he brought his hands together with a groan of triumph, then pulled them apart with delectable slowness. His cock grew and grew, pressing against the mirror like a battering ram. He brought his hips forward and its precum-slicked head slid against the mirror’s slick surface, climbing higher. He stared at his own reflection and lusted after its inhuman size as he moaned and grunted and performed another rep, with comparative ease this time. “God yeah. F-fuck. So BIG …” His dick’s head climbed further up the mirror, pulsing and shuddering, and the precum left a lubricating trail. He humped his reflection madly, making frenzied love to an image of muscle and size and power, as he executed rep after rep with machine-like precision. He was a monster – a freak – a beast – a god – always growing – no limits – He roared, and came hard. The first volley of superpowered jizz shattered the mirror on impact. He groaned and pounded out rep after rep as he came and came and came – squeezing out every last pound, every last inch of growth from the machine. He finished, and released the weights with a clang that shook the building to its foundations. His cock, still hard, obscured much of his vision – but he knew he’d put on at least another ton of mass. He lifted redwood-thick arms in a flex, and his split biceps surged far higher than his fists. “M-MORE …”
  8. Many of the stories by QuoteTheRaven. My favorite is probably Adam Ponyboy. It's in the archives.
  9. Adam Ponyboy by QuoteTheRaven, but it's only mentioned twice or three times through the series (6 parts).
  10. It sounds like "And Scott Grew Huge" by QuoteTheRaven, but I'm not sure. It's in the archives.
  11. Does anyone have a link to the story? Sounds hot.
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