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  1. Absolutely love how Lewis’ attitude is changing as we go on. I don’t know what your plans are for him obviously, but I’d love to see him become a bit more imperious and superior toward everyone as he continues becoming more powerful, seeing himself like some kind of god among children.
  2. Hey guys! Not any story particularly in mind, just find this concept hot... any story where the guy grows really quickly, over the course of one workout, like from nerd to complete god on earth. Even hotter if he’s totally nonchalant about it, like “oh look I’m super powerful now” Thanks!
  3. Keep me posted, please! I'd love to read it again!
  4. Hey guys! So there's a story I remember reading over the summer, about two men in the military who were enhanced to huge strength and size, and as a side effect - of course- were now fuck buddies. However, to continue in the program, get to the next "level", they had to pass a test with a more senior officer who was levels above them in whatever was making them so godlike, this test essentially involved them having to resist the officer's attempts to make them cum. Sufficed to say, his level being much higher even looking at him could make you cum. The officer flirts with them, makes out with them, etc. eventually causing them to fail as they cum buckets, before the officer drowns them in his own cum without even touching himself. Whew! long winded, i know. If any of that rings a bell, let me know. I've had no luck finding it!
  5. He sounds super confident in himself now... Calling Jace "sweat heart" and swooping him off his feet with his now super powerful body, so hot!
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