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  1. fernandozu

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    fathet -son love and transformation

    YOUR SKYPE?????????

    1. kadan


      unfortunately أ don't have this app but we can talk by messenger or whatsapp 

      This is my number 


      Email : [email protected]

      We can    communion   some fantasy ideas about pollination story

      (Musle growth,  giant ,super power ,challenge, wrestling and fighting , fiction, wild and savage, muscle worship)

    2. kadan


      I want to write and draw a new chapter of this hot comic pollination

      can u give me some wild fantasy ideas?

  3. gua su arte es genial cuando veremos las continuaciones de sus historias .hay una historia que ha quedado pendiente    sobre un cristal y deseo saber que seguira o quien se transformara ahora .saludos

    1. salvador503


      Hola fernando y muchas gracias por el cumplido me alegra ver alguien que hable español y que le guste mi historia de sam y matt y el diamante, quisiera continuarla pero llevaria bastante tiempo pero cuando tenga tiempo libre espero continuarla.


    Hi, you have skype, email some way to contact you. I would like to have you as a friend    my skype is fernandozu3

  5. fernandozu

    Spell for muscle growth

    Spell for muscle growth Art created by omelissokomos George is a common man, aged between 40 and 50 years old Bored with his life, he feels that the time that life has happened in the monotony He was owner and also the manager of a gas station. When George was orphaned at an early age his uncle took care of him, George's uncle was like a father to the And when George left home to try his luck his uncle was very sad, he did not want to leave his adopted son but he knew it was for his own good. George hardly visited his uncle only occasionally on holidays or Christmas, cause this to be able to show that someone could be an outstanding achiever, but all that George achievement was to be manager of a gas station. he was dissatisfied with this wanted something more at this time A few days ago he was told of the death of his uncle turn left to George as sole heir of his property And their books were prized for Uncle hills George saddened by the news moved to their new home It took a vacation in his work to order your new home He began to see the huge number of books that had her uncle George began to see some very strange covers I had ever seen, books of different languages different sizes. But a book from the multitude of books caught his attention was a book of old which magic according to the descriptions of your pages ensured that could fulfill any desire described in its pages d without a ritual or something strange to be fulfilled only the only thing he asked was .a faith George seemed somewhat fanciful impossible but did not want him to read a fascination felt strange a need to continue reading each spell that recounted so strange that hard to believe. Leave your reading went to buy something to eat at night and continued reading and found a spell that could transform the body of a human in a powerful being. George fantasize imagined strong with big muscles I excited the idea that I mentioned the book a reality, it was possible that reading his body trasformara.George already prepared to sleep but continued reading undressed leaving only one boxer shorts were hot nights and did not need to cover both. George began reading the spell put all faith that a man could have before he could continue reading fell asleep with magic book at his side. He slept hoping the book would be able to meet your body to change something in a powerful being Already in late at night, George was in a deep sleep in the crotch opening of George in his boxers he showed himself an erection and while George's body began to change his body underwent a transformation. Erection continued to grow muscles and George, her arms around his chest began to become more and bigger and more muscular penis and blew his boxers to break free from his prison fabric. Without awakening what was happening His muscles continued to grow these reached their final point of the transformation and his penis finally spat a huge spurt of cum well being understood that the transformation was ready. Without he realized that just happened model of the transformation in your body and even more exhausted by the sexual energy used is deeply fell asleep .as if nothing had happened Already in the morning George was now awakened with his new body. He did the same routine that by waking up all .se days rose dela bed he went to the bathroom to wash her face and even sleepy and when splashing your face with cold water in the morning up his face and almost sole cry of fright and the surprise was surprised to see the mirror I could not believe what he saw, what he was seeing His surprise was enrome and immediately realized that the book had cast spell effect on your body. The spell worked. Under the eyes to see what had changed and more between opened the boxer and was surprised that his lump had grown Now everything in change It was literally a new man full of a new renewed energy. After holidays George continued with the management of the station posing as a relative and as it was very lonely not have to give explanations to almost anyone impersonated his twin brother with people who had contact but now interspersed his time free to attend the gym. more sociable.se turned proposed to enjoy your life, I think this happened as a second chance.
  6. fernandozu

    Police Hulk

    una historia genial

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