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  1. Cursory search didn't find it, but I'm pretty sure the title was Macroverse
  2. Really gonna miss this guys. That was fantastic.
  3. Aw hell yeah here we go. The question in my mind now is if he'll get taller to fit all that muscle. Will Chris get stuck in doors horizontally or vertically? Will big tall Victor be making eye contact with his neck? Is there a new trick like the cock growth? Much to consider.
  4. Pretty recent, and one of the hottest stories I've ever read that didn't involve gay sex.
  5. Ah hell yeah thanks so much for continuing this! If Patrick is going to get crazy big I'd love to see Aaron take the treatment just so he can survive. An extraordinary responder, but nothing like Patrick. A massive god among men and his boyfriend's little plaything at the same time.
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