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  1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It means a lot.
  2. And now, the conclusion... Thirty-Six: Aron The day of Edmund’s bodybuilding competition had arrived. Aron walked beside him into the show venue, carrying a bag of snacks, Gatorade, spray tan, posing trunks, and, oddly, nonstick cooking spray. Aron was surprised when Edmund had asked him to pack it. “Do you plan on cooking in the hotel?” Aron had asked “No.” Edmund laughed. “Cooking spray is bodybuilder’s trick. Make’s you glisten and shine on stage like a polished bronze statue.” Edmund carried a bag, as well. It contained two 25 pound weights and some resistance bands. He had told Aron, they often didn’t have enough weights back stage for all the competitors to pump up with so he liked to bring his own. “But you can curl way more than 25’s,” Aron had said. “Light weight, and high reps is best for pumping up. I’ll probably do 50 reps on each arm. Couldn’t do that with 55’s,” Edmund replied. Aron was learning so much about this experience that he never knew. He thought you lifted weight, ate a lot, got big, then ate less, got lean, threw on a coat of spray tan and stepped on stage. In the crunch time leading up to the big day, however, Aron saw how much planning and detail went into it and how important timing was. After the club’s erotic encounter with Steven, Edmund went into very strict no carb diet. He wouldn’t even touch fruit. Everything Aron gave him had to be sugar free. His diet consisted of nothing but meat and vegetables. It was very easy food for Aron to prepare. Nothing like the intricate dishes he prepared for the rest of the club. Steam this. Grill that. Repeat. The fat fell off him. Aron didn’t think there was much fat to go after seeing how impressive he looked standing naked in Steven’s apartment, but his weight dropped and dropped. Around this time, Edmund also began eating more sodium. He told Aron it was to help fill his muscles with water, before depleting water later on. “You think I’m lean now. Wait three weeks,” Edmund had gloated. “You’ll see lean”. And Aron did see lean. After two weeks on the final, super low carb phase of his diet Edmund was completely shredded. Veins were visible all over his body, in places Aron didn’t even know veins could show. His abs! His Glutes! Aron could see muscle striations all over when he flexed. But Aron worried he was getting too small. At the peak of his bulk he was just over 240 pounds. Now he was just 215. “Don’t worry. I’ll actually gain weight before the competition.” Edmund reassured him. Aron also worried about the toll this diet was taking on him. His energy levels were very low, and he had frequent headaches. “No pain. No gain. That saying is not about bulking season. It’s about cutting,” Edmund had said after a grueling set of burpees. He collapsed on the couch, fatigued, and breathing heavy. His body fat was low single digits and with no carbs in his diet he just didn’t have it in him. Aron ran to get him food. Edmund pushed it away and demanded water. He was drinking a lot of water. A week and a half prior to the competition he stopped doing aggressive cardio, and a week before he stopped all weight training. Around this time, Edmund had told Aron to reduce his sodium content and he also began drinking less water, while upping his creatine consumption so the little water he was drinking would be forced into his muscles. Three days before the show Edmund told Aron to start feeding him carb’s again. A little bit, he specified. The last time Aron made love to Edmund before they traveled down state to their hotel just outside of the show’s venue Edmund’s skin felt thin in his hands as he rubbed them over his rock-solid muscles. All his subcutaneous fat was gone and his muscles were a little fuller than they had been. The night before the competition Edmund had given Aron some money and told him to go to the nearest takeout place. He wanted carbs and more water. “Are you sure?” Aron asked. “I’m sure. Last year I didn’t carb up enough. Not this year. And make sure they don’t put any salt on it.” Aron came back with French fries and pasta, and a gallon jug of water. “Remember I said that I would gain weight before the show. Well…” Edmund grabbed a handful of French fries and shoved them into his mouth. He hadn’t had French fries in months. “I though the cheat meal came after the show.” Aron joked. “My cheat meal will make this look like a light snack,” Edmund said with his mouth full. After Edmund finished his late-night feast Aron applied the first coat of spray tan to him and let it dry. Edmund sipped on the water for the rest of the night. The next morning, he weighed 220 pounds, right where he wanted to be. “You know I’m glad to have you,” Edmund said. “Bianca helped me last year. She was good, but your great.” Aron blushed As he walked beside Edmund into the venue, he played those words over in his head: ‘You’re great’. He had never felt so useful to anyone in his life, nor as complete as when he was with Edmund. He looked up at him and couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride. That physique was partly his doing. After they signed in and Edmund handed in his posing routine music, A young man directed them to the back-stage area. Aron had managed to get a quick glimpse of the audience. They filled the auditorium, a mix a men and women of all ages. He wondered how many were the family and friends of the competitors and how many were just muscle-obsessed fanboys like himself, there to take in the beautiful physiques soon to grace the stage. Each competitor was allowed one assistant. Aron was Edmund’s. Some bought their trainers or girlfriends. They made their way to the men’s side of the backstage area. Large dividers separated the men from the women. Aron thought his cock might poke a hole in his pants. It went so hard so fast at the sight of the room filled with muscle men. The teens had their corner. Boys younger than 18, yet so developed. Edmund was with the juniors. They were bigger than the teens but all still very young looking. There was also a section with older men, who were the largest most developed competitors. All around him men pumped up with weights and pushups, flexed for their trainers, applied tan and bronzer. Aron almost forgot he was there for Edmund until he saw a bottle of tanner flash before his eyes. Edmund dangled it in front of him. He had changed into a throw-away pair of trunks he used when applying tan so he wouldn’t stain his posers. “Time for the second coat,” Edmund said. Aron began to dab small dots of the brown, thick, cream all over him, being careful to not use too much and to apply it evenly, just as Edmund had instructed him. After he was done rubbing him down Edmund stood and let the tan dry. He looked like pure perfection to Aron, like he had been cast by an artist. The tan bought out his definition and made his muscles pop. As Edmund dried, he chatted with some of the other competitors. They complimented each other. It was apparent Edmund knew some of them from his last competition and others he was meeting for the first time. Aron caught some competitors staring. He wondered if they were jealous, sizing him up, or if they had somehow heard about the club and recognized Edmund and him. He quickly dismissed that idea, though. They were over a hundred miles from campus. The women competed first. When they were done, they called the teens first in the men’s division. A short, dark haired 16-year-old won with ease. He was miles beyond the other competitors, and that was say a lot considering they all looked good. The Juniors were to go next. Edmund began to pump up as late as they would allow before moving the competitors into position. He wanted the pump to be as fresh as possible. Aron watched as the veins on his arms popped out, as his muscles filled with blood. He seemed to grow before his eyes. When he was done, Edmund did a most muscular pose for Aron and shouted “I love that feeling! Being pumped!” Aron sprayed a little cooking spray on him and rubbed it in. Then Edmund went off the line up with the other competitors. A woman pinned a number nine onto Edmund’s black posers. Looking at Edmund and the other 11 competitors from the side Aron couldn’t say for sure if he had the biggest muscles in the group (he was too muscle drunk from looking at half naked men all morning), but he was certainly the best conditioned and best proportioned. Edmund also had the biggest bulge of any competitor. Come to think of it, Aron thought, that’s probably what some of the guys had been staring at. Aron heard the announcer speak and darted to take a seat in the audience. He wanted to see each competitor’s posing routine from the front. Each competitor was introduced, they did a posing routine and then exited the stage opposite the side they entered on. They were all smiles, waving at the crowd, and just exuded confidence all around. When Edmund’s name was called, he swaggered on to the stage. His held his arms slightly raised to accentuate his lats at all times. He bent down on one knee and lowered his head dramatically. Then the music he had selected began to play: Now We Are Free, from Gladiator. It was both epic and beautiful, and set his routine apart from his competitors. He moved with such flow and rythmn, holding each pose for a moment before moving on to the next. Many of the competitors made the mistake of moving too fast like they were rushing to get off stage. Their faster paced music reflected this. Not Edmund, though. He seemed at home on the stage, under the bright lights, a natural born showman, perhaps too much so. Aron noticed his bulge was growing. He was getting a full-blown erection on stage! Aron knew he often got sexually exited when he flexed, but didn’t think it would happen on stage. Aron slid down in his seat feeling embarrassed for Edmund, though the muscle god didn’t look embarrassed at all. How can those little posers contain that thing? Please get off the stage before that monster reaches its full size. And as if Edmund had heard Aron’s thought’s his posing routine was over. He waved at the crowd and walked off the stage. Aron rose in his seat again. Three more competitors performed their routines and then came the pose down. All the competitors came on stage and performed the mandatory posed when prompted by the judges. Now was the time to really compare their physiques. Edmund’s arms, and shoulder’s were clearly the best. Number 2 had the most perfect set of abs Aron had ever seen. Number 11 had the biggest legs. Number 5 had the most defined back. Number 7 had amazing pecs. Aron realized how hard it would be for the judges to pick a winner. To him they were all amazing. The judges then let the competitors have a little fun. They could all walk the stage, move in front of each other and flex however they liked. The audience started called out names and Aron joined in calling “Edmund! Go Edmund! Wooo!” as loud as his lungs would allow him. He wished The whole club could be here to root for Edmund, but Daniel was at his weightlifting meet 150 miles away. Brendon was his support, and Thomas was Brendon’s. Aron decided to scream loud enough for all of them. He watched as Edmund moved in front of number 11, blocking the audience’s view of him. Then number 7 did the same to Edmund. Edmund stepped from between them and looked at number 7’s pecs. He then did a side chest pose. Number 7 mirrored him. Then 1 and 8 stepped in front of them both and did a front double bicep and most muscular respectively. Edmund squeezed between them and did a rear lat spread. It was a flexing free for all. The announcer asked all of the competitors to line up in number order 1 to 6 on the left side of the stage,7 to 12 on the right. Between them a stand was moved into place with three level areas for the three top competitors. Three scantily clad women bounced on to stage each carrying a trophy for first, second and third place. The announcer walked on to the stage. His hair was gray, but be was clearly built like a brick house under his suit. The wonders of TRT. He appeared to be a retired bodybuilder. He thanked the audience and the competitors and asked for a round of applause for them. The announcer read from a card in his hand. “Third place goes to number 2, Jason Benoist!” A woman handed him his trophy. He took a bow, shook the announcer’s hand and stood on the lowest part of the platform. “Second place goes to number 7, Ezra Tyler!” Ezra jumped up and pumped his fist. He took his trophy and leaned in to the announcer’s microphone. “Thank you!” he shouted. The announcer seemed surprised by this, and pointed him in the direction of the winner’s stand with a smile. Ezra ran to it and took his spot on the second level. “And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. First place goes to…” He paused for dramatic effect. Aron leaned forward with anticipation. Edmund looked at the announcer, expectantly. “Number 9, Edmund Moreno!” Steven jumped up at the sound of his lover’s name. Edmund closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He stepped forward and took his trophy, the biggest one, and did a most muscular pose for the crowd. They cheered. He looked like he was smiling so hard his face would spit open. He shook the announcer’s hand and slowly ascended the stand to the highest position. He held the trophy above his head and the other competitors followed suit. Aron clapped so hard his hands began to hurt. He felt like a proud father. Suddenly a little man ran on stage and whispered in the announcer’s ear. The old bodybuilder’s eyes grew wide and he hit his forehead with his palm. The little man glanced briefly at the crowd before darting off stage. What’s going on? Aron wondered as the announcer raised his hands and asked the cheering crowd to be silent. “Please, please,” he said “I’m so sorry. I still may have the body of a young man, but these old eyes aren’t what they used to be.” The audience laughed. “I’ve made a mistake with score card,” He continued. Edmund’s smile disappeared. “It seems second place actually goes to number 9, Edmund Moreno. First place goes number seven, Ezra Tyler!” He motioned to the competitors as the show women guided Edmund and Tyler to trade places and exchange trophies. Aron’s heart sank. He had never seen Ed look so disappointed, but he quickly put on a fake smile for the crowd as he held up his second-place trophy. When Aron ran back stage he grabbed Edmund around the torso and squeezed. “You’re still the best!” Aron shouted. Edmund leaned down and kissed him square on the lips. “To bad you aren’t one of the judges,” Edmund said. “Here.” He handed the trophy to Aron. It was heavy. “They must have been blind.” Aron looked at the trophy in his hands. It had a silver colored bodybuilder doing a double biceps pose on top. “Nah,” Edmund said, “Ezra had a killer physique and I still beat out 9 other competitors. That’s still something to celebrate. Last year I came in third so I’m headed in the right direction. He performed a double biceps pose, emulating the trophy. “How do you want to celebrate?” Aron asked. “We’ll celebrate with the club when we get back, but right now…” Edmund leaned in to Aron’s ear. “A blowjob would be nice.” Aron looked down at Edmund’s posers and smiled. He could see his cock was still semi-hard. “With pleasure,” Aron said. As they walked toward the restroom, a middle-aged blonde man in grey slacks and a white shirt, called out to them, “Mr. Moreno.” Aron and Ed turned. The gentleman jogged up to them and introduced himself as Darren Beaumont, one of the judges. “I just want to say you were spectacular out there. You won in every judges’ eyes.” Edmund raised an eyebrow at that. “Then why didn’t he get first place?” Aron asked, in an irritated tone. “You’re name.” Darren said. “What about it?” Edmund looked at him confused. Aron, too, had a confused look on his face. “One of the judges has a daughter that goes to your University. He heard about your, uh, club, on parent’s day and recognized your name the second you were called out. He didn’t agree with it. He said such a person would be a bad ambassador for the sport and would get no high score from him. Most of the judges rated you first and Ezra second but his low score bought your average down just enough that Ezra won.” “I haven’t seen the official score card yet,” Edmund said. “How far behind was I?” “One point behind,” Said the judge. “I’m telling you just so you don’t lose faith. Your loss had nothing to do with your physique, which is exceptional. Bodybuilding is a subjective sport and sometimes a competitor fails because of someone’s poor opinion. Not all judges are like that. Most of us, like myself, believe it should be all about the physique. You do have a future in this sport young man and I know you’ll go on to win many competitions. Don’t give up.” Edmund smiled. “I’m not. My goal is to be the biggest and the best bodybuilder in the world and I’m going to do it.” Darren nodded his head. “Lofty goal. I like it.” He and Edmund shook hands and parted ways. Aron had thought the club was done with the consequences of Steven’s actions, but some people make waves that keep on going long after they, themselves, have stopped. Thirty-Seven: Brendon He put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder and squeezed. “You got this,” he said. “I got this.” Daniel repeated the words, slowly, in a low tone. Brendon wasn’t sure his friend believed them. Daniel held his head low. His eyes were closed. Was he praying or just mentally preparing himself? It was the day of the powerlifting meet. The day Brendon had prepared to walk into The Carson Weightlifting Center a competitor, side by side with Daniel. Instead he entered as Daniel’s trainer and moral support. Brendon had missed two months of training after his back injury. When he started to feel better, he had hopes of putting his name back in the lineup and going on an aggressive training regimen to make up for lost time. He realized that was a pipe-dream however. He was too far behind in his training and the signup deadline had passed. He had lost so much strength during his recovery that he was sure Daniel was nearly as strong as him. He decided it wasn’t worth competing if he couldn’t bring his A-game. Thomas had voiced his disapproval of the idea as well, saying Brendon should take it easy and come back next year to ‘obliterate the competition.’ Brendon had decided if he couldn’t win, then it was Daniel’s job to win for the both of them, but he didn’t tell Daniel this directly for fear of putting too much pressure on his shoulders. Instead he pushed his friend to the limits, every training session. When Daniel said he couldn’t lift any more weight Brendon added ten pounds. When he said, he couldn’t do another rep he told him to go for two. Daniel kept up his eating as well and grew to an impressive 250 powerful pounds. In the weeks leading up to the meet Brendon was Daniel’s coach, physical therapist, dietician, and cheerleader. All the work he had put into himself he began to throw at Daniel. He made him test his one rep maxes with regularity and decided they needed to stop their old practice of doing it all in one day. That was skewing the results. Each day was devoted to a different lift. One week out from the meet put Daniel on a deload to insure his muscles were fully recovered before the competition. During that weak they did foam rolling, mobility work, core exercises, and bodyweight exercises. Daniel’s squat went up to 520. His bench was 475. His deadlift was 650, and his clean and jerk was 325. Was it enough? Brendon hoped so, but he knew Daniel would be competing against some of the best college-aged lifters in the state. He hoped Daniel would find some hidden strength deep inside of him when the time came. Daniel entered the Carson center first, followed by Brendon and Thomas. They each carried a bag. Daniel’s was the largest since it contained his clothing and equipment. All three carried an assortment of snacks, sandwiches, and beverages. The meet would take all day and no one wanted to leave the center to get a meal. Danel signed in at a table setup in the main lobby. He was competing in the Junior Men’s, age 20-23, 264 lb (120 Kg) weight class, raw division (raw meaning no use of a squat suit or bench shirt). Brendon had voiced some concern about his weight class early on. Since Daniel was between the 231 and 264 weight classes Brendon suggested that he try to shed as much water weight and fat as possible before the weigh in so he might make it into the 231 pound weight class. “What if I fall just short of 231?” Daniel had asked. “If I’m just one pound over 231 they’ll put me in the 264-weight class anyway, then I would have put myself through the stress of cutting weight for nothing.” “I’m sure I can get you down,” Brendon replied. But Daniel was adamant. He didn’t want to risk it. “I feel stronger when I weigh more, anyway,” he had said, and that was the end of that. After signing in Daniel went to the men’s room and changed into his lifting clothes: Black Converse All Stars with high socks to protect his shins, and a black singlet, or as Brendon liked to call them, a wedgie suit. They were uncomfortable, but required for all competitors. Daniel kept his gear (a weightlifting belt, wrist straps, and knee sleeves} in his bag. He would put those on when needed. Thomas pointed to the list of events. “I don’t see clean and jerk up there.” “That’s ’cus it’s not one of the events,” Brendon replied. “Only squat, bench, and deadlift.” “Then why do you two practice it?” “It’s a full body workout, and it’s hella fun.” Brendon laughed. “Besides it’s an impressive lift to do so I don’t feel right ignoring it.” “I’m going to eat a little something them start warming up. First event’s in 1 hour and 15 minutes,” Daniel said. Brendon and Thomas joined him, eating one of their sandwiches, while Daniel ate a power bar with a Gatorade. Then it was off to the warm up section. The event planners had setup a large open area with stations for stretching, squatting, bench press, and deadlifting. Despite the size of the room it still felt cramped with all of the big, burly men and their teams jostling for space at the different stations. Some of the men in the highest weigh classes, must have weighed over 300 pounds. They made even Brendon feel small. It wasn’t often that Brendon got to be around so many men on his level or greater. Brendon looked at Thomas and could see his eyes had grown wide at the sight of this many powerlifters in one spot. The clanking of massive weight interspersed with the sound of aggressive grunting. The thick, wide bodies, with their muscle guts and hairy chests. Thomas must be in heaven. Brendon saw his lover adjust his cock and immediately knew he was. The first event was going to be the Squat, so that is what Daniel warmed up with. After putting on his knee sleeves, he stretched and, starting with a very low 200 pounds, performed 12 reps. When the blood was flowing Brendon helped him up the weight to 400. Daniel performed 5 reps at that weight. “Want to make it 450?” Brendon asked. “Yeah,” Daniel replied. He performed three reps at that weight. “Ok, that’s it,” Brendon said. “Now you rest until they call you.” A half an hour after warm-up the Squat event was called. Competitors and their teams filed into gymnasium one. There were six gymnasiums and two auditoriums in the center, as well as 4 stations setup outside to accommodate every weight class, age group, sex, and division competing that day. Brendon and Daniel got their first good look at the competition as they all gathered around the squat rack. There were seven competitors in Daniel’s weight. A few were his height, but most were shorter. Brendon worried the shorter competitors might have an advantage over Dan with their thicker bodies and shorter limbs. One by one competitors made their first squat attempts. The crowd cheered after each attempt. “So how does this work?” Thomas asked, clearly confused. “It doesn’t seem like their struggling.” “This is just the first try,” Brendon said. “They have two more. Everybody starts out low and works their way up.” “And those lights.” Thomas pointed to an array of lights on the other side of the room. “Those represent the judges scores for each lift,” Brendon replied. “Red means it was a bad lift. White means a good lift. There are three judges so you need at least two white lights for the lift to pass. I though you heard them explain all this.” “I guess I was too busy ogling the competitors.” Thomas snickered. When Daniel’s name was called sixth, Brendon whispered in his ear, “40 lbs less than your last max.” Then he patted him on the back. “Go Dan!” Daniel performed one squat with 480 pounds. “That was easy,” He said as he walked back. It was easy as well as on the lighter side. Most of the competitors first attempts were closer to 500. After 20 minutes, it was time for the second attempts. Most competitors added 20 to 30 pounds for this lift, but Daniel added 40 bringing his second attempt to 520 pounds. That number put him in the middle of the pack. Another 20 minutes passed and the third attempts were called. “This is where you really push yourself,” Brendon said. “How high do you think I should go?” Daniel asked “Depends on how you’re feeling.” “I’m feeling strong.” “Then aim high,” Brendon said. “but remember don’t get hurt.” Daniel went for 550. He crouched down under the bar and rested it on his shoulders. He rose and walked forward with slow steady steps. His body swayed slightly. Brendon looked him dead in the eyes and nodded. Then Daniel lowered himself and the weight down with perfect form. As he rose, however, Brendon could see his knees quake. Oh God, don’t fall. Daniel seemed to pause half way up. Brendon glanced at the judges. Their faces were stern, their stares were intense. It looked as if Daniel might tip to one side but with a quick jerk he locked out the lift and re-racked the weight. His face was red from exertion. “Yeah!” Brendon shouted. “Go Dan!” Thomas exclaimed. After the third attempts were completed it and the final competitor failed to squat an impressive weight it was clear which competitors were going to be Daniels main competition. There was an Asian guy with huge legs who squatted 585, the highest number. Brendon took to calling him ‘Tree Trunks’. There was a tall red head who managed 560. Brendon called him ‘Red’. Then there was black guy with a huge gut, but ripped arms who managed 575. Brendon called him ‘Tubs’. There was one and half hours before the next event, bench press, so the three club members ate again. This time it was Daniel who had a sandwich (he had worked up an appetite), While Thomas and Brendon ate a power bar. As they ate, they discussed the competition, and the next event. “I think the Asian guy is your hardest competition,” Thomas said “Definitely on the squat,” Brendon said. “Possibly on the deadlift due to how short he is, but not on the bench. His upper body is not that impressive. He looks like he carries most of his weight in his legs. For the bench it’s Red you gotta worry about. His chest is very developed. I can tell he benches a lot.” “What about the black guy?” Daniel said. “Did you see his arms. Benching is almost as much about arms as it is chest.” “Tubs is definitely second after Red,” Brendon said. When they finished eating Daniel warmed up and then they heard the announcement for the Bench press. The competitors filed into gymnasium three and took their seats off to the side. Brendon had been right about Tree Trunks. He was all lower body and only managed 460 on the bench press, making for one of the less impressive weights. He walked away from the bench shaking his head, clearly embarrassed that he had performed so poorly after such an impressive squat. Red managed an impressive 490, and Tubs pushed 485. On Dan’s first attempt he pushed 440. On his second attempt, he did 475, and for his final attempt he managed 495. Daniel had managed the highest Bench! Brendon grabbed him and shook him with excitement. If he didn’t win the overall, then at least he would walk away with the award for benching. “I think I could have got 500,” Daniel said. “Maybe, but 495 is 20 more than you’ve ever done,” Brendon said, reassuringly. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” The final event was the deadlift and that was the event where most lifters carried their most weight. It was still anybody’s game to win. Brendon took out his phone and did some quick calculations, adding the highest bench and squat for each competitor. Dan was tied with Tree Trunks at 1045. Red had 1050, and Tubs had 1060. Brandon was impressed how close the top four competitors were. After another 1 and a half hours, a third snack, and the final warmup it was time for the last event. The most Daniel had ever Dead lifted was 650 pounds. That would get him the top prize if the other competitors all did 20 pounds less than that, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. Daniel was going to have to go much higher than 650 to win this. The Deadlift was held in Gymnasium Four. The competitors gathered around the deadlifting platform. Brendon caught Tree Trunks staring at Daniel. He must know they are tied. Most competitors pulled 600 or less on their first attempts, except for Tree Trunks, who managed 630. For the second attempts, they began to show their true strength. Tubs pulled 630. Red managed 640, and Tree Trunks pulled 670. Daniel pulled 650. “I told you the Asian guy was going to be your toughest competition,” Thomas said. “Yeah,” Brendon said. “What he lacks on the bench he makes up for with his deadlift. I was expecting you to top out at 680, but now that won’t be enough. If his second attempt was 670 he should be able to pull 690 on his third attempt.” “690. Damn!” Daniel exclaimed. Daniel paused and shook his head, then he looked Brendon dead in the eyes. “Whatever he pulls, I’m pulling more, that’s it.” “That’s the spirit,” Brendon said. On his third attempt Tree Trunks pulled 695. That was a full 45 pounds more than Daniel had ever done. Tubs did 660 and Red pulled 685. “695,” Brendon said. “Five more than I thought.” “I’m putting 700,” Daniel said as he walked to the bar. Brendon and Thomas looked at each other. Thomas mouthed out: 700 pounds. Brendon nodded slowly. 700 pounds. Daniel stood behind the bar. He stared down at it with a look of pure determination. He clapped his hands together and a cloud of chalk formed in front of him. Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. He took several deep breaths which Brendon felt like he was sharing with him. Daniel bent down and grasped the bar in the standard reverse grip, one hand over the bar and the other under the bar. His back was level. His legs shoulder width. His arms straight. Perfect form. Daniel pulled the weight up, but it was no good. He was struggling to pull himself straight and lockout to finish the movement. Thomas erroneously began to celebrate, thinking Daniel had succeeded, because he lifted the weight. “No!” Brendon shouted. “He has to do the complete movement and he has to do it right.” Thomas immediately stopped clapping. “Come on Dan!” Brendon said. “You can do this!” Daniel’s entire body shook, veins and tendon’s in his neck popped out. His skin was beet red. Then his legs began to straighten and he pulled his back up into a completely upright position. Daniel had locked it out! “Yes!” Brendon jumped up. He felt like he was out there on the mat. Now don’t drop it. Lower it. Daniel lowered the weigh back down to the mat keeping his hands on the bar until it was completely down. “That’s it!” Brendon shouted. He grabbed Thomas and kissed him. Daniel collapsed to his knees and threw his hands up victoriously. The crowd erupted into cheers. Tree Trunks had a frown on his face but the other competitors looked impressed. That lift gave Daniel an overall number of 1745 pounds, to Tree Trunks’ 1740. Daniel ran to Brendon and Thomas. They embraced him. There was one more lifter to go but he didn’t matter. Daniel had won overall in his weight class by 5 pounds. He received two trophies at the Awards ceremony, one for bench press, and one for highest total. As they left the Carson Center all of their phones vibrated at the same time. “It’s a text from Edmund,” Daniel said. “He came in second out of 11.” “Not bad,” Thomas said, looking at his phone. “He was third last year. That’s a win for him as far as I’m concerned.” “The Muscle Gut Club is unstoppable,” Brendon said with pride. He threw one arm around Daniel and the other around Thomas. Together, they walked to the train station, excited, and ready to celebrate with Edmund and Aron. Thirty-Eight: Aron He sat in his dorm room, phone in hand. His father was on the other end. “Can you put mom on.” “I’m sorry son, she’s still upset. She still can’t get over what she saw online.” Aron felt like he should be crying. He could. He was absolutely alone in his dorm room. If he wanted to burst into tears no one would see, but he didn’t. Aron wasn’t sad enough to cry. He was angry. The last time he spoke to his mother was that windy April day when she visited for Parent’s Day. He couldn’t believe a mother would reject her son the way she did, though he had heard the coming out horror stories of others. His father, while unapproving, was nice enough to at least try to have a normal relationship with his son. “Did you try talking to her,” Aron asked. “I did. You know I did. I told her we could go to family counseling,” Mr. Ocampo said. “She said no amount of counseling would-” Aron heard silence. “Would what, dad?” “Would take the devil out of her son.” Aron heard his father’s voice crack. Was he about to cry? Aron wanted to throw his phone to the ground right then and there. She thinks I’m the devil. “And there’s one more thing son. She doesn’t want you living here anymore. But don’t worry. I put my foot down to that. I told her at the end of the school year I was going to pick you up, alone, and drive you home-” “No!” Aron said. “I’m not living with her if she doesn’t want me there.” “But this is your home.” Mr. Ocampo pleaded “Home is with people who love you. I have a home here at school.” Aron hoped he had a home at school. He wasn’t sure what would happen to the club house when the school year ended, but hoped he could live in it over the summer. He would ask the club at that evening’s celebration cheat meal. “Son-” “Goodbye. Please don’t come to pick me up. I love you, and if you want to, tell her that I love her too.” He put his phone down. After he said the words, he wasn’t sure if he loved her or not, but it felt good to say them. Aron arrived at the club house at 5:30pm that evening. The sun high on the horizon and though it was still spring, summer was in the air. It was 85 degrees F and not expected to dip below 70 that night. He opened the door with his key and entered the living room. He found the club seated, having a casual chat. They were dressed nicely in their standard going out fair, Dark jeans, and tight shirts. Their hair was perfectly combed and groomed. They looked good. Very good. Aron couldn’t help but notice how much bigger they all were compared to the first day he met them. It seemed like years ago. They had been through so much together, but it had only been 10 months! “Are we walking?” Aron asked. “Nah,” Said Brendon. “We called a cab. We’re going all the way across town.” “What place did you guys decide on?” “Miss Ling’s, that new Chinese buffet,” Edmund said. “It’s supposed to be amazing, and the selection, well Brendon could eat 12 plates and not try everything.” “Then I’ll just have to go for 13.” Brendon laughed, but he clasped his hands together in such a way that Aron knew he was 100% serious. “We got something for you,” Edmund said. “You’ll need it tonight.” He held out his hand. In it was a card. Aron took it and looked it over. It was a fake id. “We going to a bar?” Aron asked. “Hell, yeah, I haven’t had alcohol in four months,” Edmund replied. The club laughed. The cab came and picked them up and in 20 minutes they were being seated at Miss Ling’s. They requested a spacious private booth in the back and were readily accommodated. Miss Ling’s was like no Chinese buffet Aron had ever been in. It was fancy enough in décor to rival a five-star restaurant and the food selection could rival a Las Vegas casino. Thomas raised his shirt revealing his chiseled six-pack. “Hey Ed let’s say good bye to them right now,” He said with a grin. Edmund raised his shirt as well and they ran their hands up and down their washboards. “Good bye guys.” The club wasted no time filling their plates at the buffet. Aron worried their shirt’s might be too tight. He imagined them hulking out of their clothes at the table as they ate more and more. Then his cock became hard at the thought of how sexy that would be. The club used their usual method of getting two plates at a time. Aron found he was eating more now than the first time he went to a buffet with the club. He was no longer a skeletal 100 pounds, and his new 120-pound body could take in more calories. The club made little time for talking as they ate. The only sounds coming from the booth were the sounds of chewing, forks and knives on ceramic, mm mms, and the occasional seat creaking. Finally, when they were done feasting and they sat, rubbing their distended bellies it was time for conversation. Aron was first to speak. “Guys. I have an announcement.” All club member eyes were on him. “I won’t be going home at the end of the semester.” The club members looked at each other. “Oh,” Edmund said, adjusting himself straight in the booth. It looked like he wanted to speak, but he rested his hand on his belly instead and groaned. “Looks like someone’s stomach shrunk during their cut,” Brendon said. “Where will you be staying?” said Daniel. “Well, that’s why I’m bringing it up,” Aron said. “I was wondering what do you guys do with the club house. Do you stop paying rent and move out-”? “Let me stop you there,” Brendon said. “If you want to stay at the club house over the summer that will be fine. You can keep me company.” “You stay there over the summer?” Aron said, surprised. “Yeah, and the rest of the club comes by and visits from time to time.” “Is this about your parents?” Edmund forced out. Aron nodded in reply. Edmund nodded back. “In a way, you’re part of the club,” Brendon said. “Our house is your house.” The club member’s all patted Aron on the shoulder and shook him, playfully. He felt like he had a new family. “Well!” Edmund exclaimed. “Sitting here is no good. I’ll fall asleep. Let’s go for a walk before heading to the bar and let this food settle. They left Miss Ling’s at 8 and walked into the crisp night air. After walking through the downtown area for two hours, talking, and horsing around they decided it was time to drink. Aron hadn’t done much drinking this past school year, but he imagined he’d be getting drunk that night. Brendon suggested The Phoenix Nightclub, citing their extensive bar, and the rest of the club agreed. They lined up at the door, were carded by a fat, bald man in leather who hardly looked at the IDs. Inside the music was blasting. “Bar’s upstairs. It’s a little quieter up there,” Brendon said in a raised voice. As the club reached the stairs a black woman appeared from behind the curtain. She embraced Brendon in a hug. “Guys this is Jada,” Brendon said. “And Jada, this is-” “They need no introduction honey!” Jada exclaimed. “This is the rest of The Muscle Gut Club.” She offered her hand to each of the club members and Aron. “I have seen some of your videos and they are smokin’.” She fanned herself with her hand in an exaggerated manner. “And might I say you all are as fine in clothes as out of them. Even you, cutie.” She poked Aron on the nose. “I like this chick,” Edmund said. Jada did a slight curtsy. “So, what brings you celebrities to my establishment?” “Celebrating.” “Alright, now. I have ecstasy, weed, women, men.” “That sounds great but we’re here to drink-” Edmund began. “What kind of women?” Daniel asked. “Oh yeah, you’re the straight one. I’ll hook you up later, but first let’s go up and get some drinks.” Jada sat the club at the end of the bar and told the bar tender to start pouring. She placed a full shot glass in front of each club member. “So what are we celebrating?” Jada asked. “Weight lifting victory,” Said Daniel. “Bodybuilding win, kind of.” Edmund flexed his arms. “My back is finally back to normal,” Brendon said. “A sponsorship,” Thomas said. “Coming out and finding a place I belong,” Said Aron. They all raised their glasses and clanked them together before downing them in one gulp. Aron didn’t know what he was drinking, but it burned. For the next hour or so the club drank and chatted with Jada. They went into detail about Steven. How he revealed them to the campus and then how they got him to admit his homosexuality. Jada seemed to really enjoy that part. They each discussed their personal struggles and accomplishments as well, in bodybuilding, weightlifting, coming out and more. Jada was a great listener, and master conversationalist. By midnight the club was quite tipsy, but not drunk. Jada had moved on to schmoozing with her other clients, but not before sending up two girls to make-out with Daniel and give him a hand job. Jada did it free of charge, because Daniel was Brendon’s friend and she felt sorry for him losing his girlfriend the way he had. Edmund even got in on the action as well, making out with one of the girls. Aron didn’t care. He accepted his lover’s bisexuality, and besides, after his competition he deserved a little extra-curricular fun. After Daniel and Edmund had their fun the club left The Phoenix. Aron was light headed, and thought they were heading home, but Brendon said “The night’s still young, where to now boys?” Then Aron had an idea. Something he had always wanted to do, but never had the nerve to. He figured with the club as company, now would be as good a time as any. Might as well make this night one I’ll never forget. “Are there any Gay clubs around?” Aron asked. “I know a good one,” Thomas said, looking around at the other club members. “Hell, I’m game,” Brendon said. “Me too,” Edmund chimed in. “I’ve never been to a gay club before.” Daniel looked at the other club members, nervously. Brendon placed his arm around Daniel and said “Well, buddy, there’s a first time for everything.” Thomas lead them to an inconspicuous looking club not far from The Phoenix. A sign on the front said “The Peacock”. The only clue to the club’s true nature was a double Mars symbol on the bottom left corner of the sign. Inside, there was nothing inconspicuous about the place. It was colorful, it was bright. It was loud, and it was packed. Men in cages wearing nothing but boots and briefs danced in cages. Men in costumes lined the catwalks overhead sipping colorful drinks and chatting. Shirtless men with beautiful physiques and flawless skin served drinks behind the bar. The dance floor was filled with men fully clothed or half-naked of all shapes, sizes, and ages. They gyrated. The kissed. They seemed to be having a ball. “Well, what do you think?” Thomas said. “I think I’m in heaven,” Aron replied. The club laughed. They made their way to the bar and ordered a round of drinks. “Do I know you?” The bartender, a short well-proportioned Latino, asked Edmund. “I don’t think so.” “You all look familiar.” The bartender continued. “You come here often?” Edmund smiled. “Maybe you’ve seen our videos, online.” “Videos?” “Yeah, we’re The Muscle Gut Club,” Edmund said proudly. The bartender’s mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide. He turned around and tapped his co-worker firmly on his bare back. The co-worker spun around. “Whaaaat?”. Then he caught site of the club. He paused for a moment then blurted out “Holy shit! I masturbated to you guys last night.” “My name’s Juan,” Said the first bartender, as he extended a hand. “And I’m Sammy,” Said the second, also offering his hand. “Aren’t you guys hot in those shirts,” Juan said. The club members looked at each other and immediately took off their shirts, revealing their thick muscular bodies. Their bellies were bloated from a night of eating and drinking, but it only served to accentuate their powerful frames. The club drank and schmoozed with revelers who came by to meet them. They were invited to dance, but were very popular, and hardly got to dance with one guy for a minute before being pulled in the direction of another. Even Aron found himself the center of much attention when four burly daddy types began dancing around him all at once. Then Aron heard Edmund say “Holy shit!” He turned to face him. Edmund pulled Aron close and pointed to the other side of the bar. “Look who it is!” “Aron peered through the crowd of sweaty, pulsating bodies and saw Steven on the other side of the room. He was shirtless, kissing a muscular guy with dark features, much like his own, on a couch. He seemed oblivious to the world around him. They called Brendon, Daniel, and Thomas over to watch. “Well, someone’s certainly enjoying himself,” Brendon said. “Let’s go surprise him.” “Nah, he looks like he’s got his hands full,” Edmund said. “And mouth full,” Daniel japed. “You guys know Steven?” Juan seemed to appear out of nowhere. “We’ve hung out,” Edmund said, sharing a knowing look with the club. “He’s been a regular here for a few weeks. Hey, Steven!” Juan darted over to him, and pulled him over to the club. “You never told me you were friends with The Muscle Gut Club.” Steven smiled and averted his eyes from the club. “I don’t like to brag, Juan.” “How’s it going, buddy?” Brendon said, with a sly grin. “Great.” Steven said, and Aron believed him. He looked genuinely satisfied with life. The muscular guy he had been kissing stepped up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Are these the guys you told me about, babe?” He said. “Yes,” Steven said. “Guys this is my boyfriend, Jesse.” “Boyfriend, Good for you?” Edmund said. “You look happy.” “I am,” Steven said. “We are,” Jesse said, “and I hear we have you to thank for that, all of you.” “He told you what went on between us?” Brendon questioned, apprehensively. “Well he didn’t go into much detail,” Jesse looked at Steven, lovingly, “and I didn’t press him, but he did say that the Muscle Gut Club bought him out of his shell, and made him confront who he really was. If he never accepted who he was I wouldn’t have him now.” “Aww, how sweet,” Juan said. “Why don’t you all come over to the bar. Rounds on me.” Steven and his boyfriend sat and drank with the club. Then they all danced into the night. Before they left Aron offered up a final toast for the evening. “To new and old friends, to love and being true to yourself, to continued growth, both of body and spirit, and most of all to The Muscle Gut Club!” They clanked their glasses and drank. The End (Or maybe not. I have an idea for a sequel, but I have some ideas for fantasy stories I want to work on first)
  3. Thirty-Five: Steven He had watched the club give their talk to the Gay Student Union through a small window in the back of the room. They laughed, they joked, they flexed, of course. They didn’t seem bothered by what had happened at all, but how could that be? The muscle gut club were never showy or flamboyant. They kept to themselves and never seemed to want their activities known. They were happy to go through college as normal, inconspicuous students, so it seemed. Now they seemed to be enjoying the attention they were getting, both the good and the bad. How did I miscalculate so badly? Steven thought. They should be hating life right now. They should be ready to pack their bags and run! Then a thought crept into Steven’s mind as he sat down to eat his lunch, a baloney and cheese sandwich. No one posts videos of themselves online unless they like attention. The club had been satisfied with the distant, impersonal, online attention they received until I gave them a new source of attention: the campus. The idea made Steven sick. He hadn’t thought it through. Giving them more attention wouldn’t scare them away it would only feed their massive egos. Steven had helped to make the club more popular. Whatever hate they did receive as a result of his plan, they brushed off. Steven hit the dining table with his fist. A woman, who sat across the diner, looked at him, startled. He lowered his eyes and stared at his sandwich. He had only taken one bite of it, now he pushed it away. You’re so stupid, faggot. The voice filled his head. You thought you could defeat the club. “You told me to do it,” Steven whispered to himself. What kind of crazy person listens to strange voices in their head? Steven bolted up from his seat and left the Diner, leaving his sandwich behind. He needed to clear his head and thought a walk was in order. It was a beautiful sunny day. The weather was warm and people were coming out of their long sleeves and jackets. Steven caught sight of a tall lean man in a tank top. He had the look of someone who worked out and a body that Steven envied. The man turned to him and Steven quickly averted his eyes. It seemed everywhere he went Steven noticed good looking guys with bodies he desired. He was finding it harder to resist his urges. He caught himself staring and fantasizing, their bodies grew larger, bulkier, and more striated in his mind and their faces morphed into those of the club. They stared at him with sexy piercing eyes. Dammit, I need to get home. Steven speed-walked to his knew apartment on the outskirts of town. As he approached his front door, he saw a short person with a hoodie on, obscuring his face. Steven darted up to the entrance. The person stood in front of the door. “Excuse me,” Steven said. “You’re excused,” said a familiar voice. The figure removed their hood. It was Aron! He smiled. Steven frowned. If Aron was there that could only mean one thing: the club had found him. “What are you doing here?” Steven said after a brief moment of silence. “I’m here with a message from the club.” “What message?” Steven scoffed. “Thank you.” Steven was confused for a moment. ‘Thank you’. “Thank you for what?” “Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you put them through. Thank you for making them stronger and more successful as a club,” Aron said. “Oh please. If they wanted to thank me, they could do it in person. Now go away.” “You don’t have to hate yourself,” Aron said. “You can be who you truly are.” “I am…who I am. I don’t hate myself.” Steven’s voice quivered as he tried to push out the lie. “Now go away!” “The club wants to give you a gift.” “I don’t want their gift!” Steven shot back. I want them. Steven opened the door, stepped inside and slammed it in Aron’s face. He stormed up the flight of stairs and ran into his apartment. When he turned on the lights, Steven couldn’t believe his eyes. There, sitting on his sofa, was Edmund, Brendon, Daniel, and Thomas. “Did you know there are videos online that teach you how to pick locks,” Edmund said with a smile. “You’ve really gotta start picking places with better security.” Daniel laughed. The last time Steven saw Edmund and Daniel they had threatened him, but sitting there, relaxed, they didn’t seem threatening at all, even with the rest of their club. They sat in his place like old friends come to visit. “The fuck!?” was all Steven managed to say. Edmund leaned forward and raised a notebook that had been resting beside him, Steven’s notebook. He opened it and began to read: “I wish I could have the club, any one of them. I wish one of them could be mine to hold, to worship, to pleasure. I wish I didn’t have to fight them, to fight my desires…so forth and so on.” Edmund shut the book. “We’re here to give you your wish,” Edmund said. “That’s your ‘Thank you’” “I’m good,” Steven said. The club members rose. Daniel opened the apartment door, letting Aron in. Thomas went into the kitchenette and returned with a chair, which he placed right next to Steven. “Have a seat.” Thomas demanded. Steven stood still, not sure what to do. Brendon forced him into the seat with ease. Then he felt Thomas grab his hands as Brendon pushed down on his shoulders. Daniel grabbed his feet. Aron produced a coil of rope from within his hoodie and before Steven could fully realize what was happening, he was tied to the chair. “What are you going to do to me?” Steven asked. “Just enjoy the show,” Aron said as he stripped down to his underwear. What the…, Steven thought. Then he saw the club members follow suit, but instead of stopping at their underwear they went all the way, completely butt naked. Steven let out a slightly audible moan at the sight of their thick meaty cocks hanging between their muscular thighs. He turned his head away, but quickly looked back. There was no resisting this. They were too close. He could smell their masculinity, their raw sexuality, and if his hands weren’t bound, he could literally reach out and touch them. Oh, how he wanted to touch them, to put his hands on their perfection. Yes. Yes. Look at them faggot. Take it in. The voice in his head taunted him. Steven licked his lips as he eye-fucked the muscle gods standing before him. He had never been so close to a naked man before, outside of his dreams, and now he was this close to four of them. “Let’s pump up!” Edmund said. He darted into Steven’s room and returned with Steven’s pair of 30lb dumbbells which he hadn’t used in months. He handed one to Daniel and they began to curl. Steven watched as their biceps stretched and contracted. The veins on Edmund’s arms popped like the veins coiled around his massive manhood. Brendon grabbed the twink, Aron, and began to press him overhead with deep, manly grunts. Thomas performed pushups on the floor. He must have done 50 in one minute. When they were done, they looked at each other, admiring each other’s size. Steven’s cock grew hard in his pants. It pressed painfully against his jeans. He wished he could adjust it but he didn’t have use of his hands. He wiggled in his seat trying to find comfort. Aron picked up a bottle of baby oil. He began to rub each of the club member’s down, caressing each and every muscle with his small hands as they flexed. The club’s cocks grew stiff and erect. Steven wished it was him in Aron’s place, then immediately hated himself for it. No! I’m not a little faggot like the Twink…but…why am I so hard. Why am I enjoying this so much? “Are you enjoying yourself?” Edmund asked as he did a most muscular pose. His pecs glistened. Steven could see every striation in his chest. Then he turned his gaze to Brendon, the beefy, hulking stud, so thick and powerful, and hairy. His arms looked like they could be the size of Steven’s head. Then he stared at Daniel, the perfect cross between Edmund and Brendon. Last, he examined Thomas, incredibly proportioned and symmetrical. He was like a carved statue, a paragon of male beauty. Steven could feel his underwear grow wet as his manhood leaked precum. His erection was painfully throbbing. He had to relieve it. If only he could. The club began to masturbate. They rubbed their cocks using the baby oil as lubrication. Aron continued to worship their bodies as they did so, moving from one muscle god to the next. Sometimes he would kiss them, sometimes he would take over stroking their cocks while they flexed. “I can’t take it anymore,” Steven said. “Please undo my hands so I can relieve myself. Please!” Edmund motioned to Steven with his head. Aron ran over and undid the ropes on his hands. Steven quickly undid the zipper on his pants, releasing his rock-hard member. He spat on his hand and began to furiously masturbate. As he stroked the club moved closer to him. All, except Edmund, continued to pleasure themselves with faster and faster strokes. Then the cum began to flow. Thomas was the first to release his load. It hit Steven’s shirt. Daniel and Brendon were next, and both of their massive cum shots hit Steven in the face. Warm cum trickled down his face, thick and sticky, salty and strong. Steven blew his load. It landed just shy of Edmund’s bare feet. The muscle god stepped over it and stood before Steven. Steven was eye level with Edmund’s massive 9-inch cock. It made him feel inadequate about his own modestly sized member, which he stuffed back into his jeans. “What is it you want?” Edmund said, as his cock bobbed up and down before Steven’s eyes like a serpent ready to strike. Steven looked up to his face. He could feel cum ooze down his chin. Edmund raised Steven’s notebook into the air and repeated himself. “What is it you want?” Edmund dropped the book. It landed in Seven’s own cum with a splat. Steven could feel tears forming in his eyes. What kind of tears they were, he wasn’t sure. Sadness? Humiliation? Joy? All three? “You know what I want,” he said. “Say it!” Edmund demanded. Go ahead, say it. The voice in his head spoke. He was too close now, too close to deny himself. Edmund’s cock was so close he could almost taste the skin. “I want you.” Edmund flexed his arms and bent down. Steven reached out to squeeze them. They were like hard melons in his hands. He was lustful. Then he looked at the other club members beside him and it was as if his hands had a mind of their own. He grabbed at Daniel’s pecs as he bounced them. He squeezed Brendon’s colossal thighs. He ran his fingers up and down Thomas’ chiseled abs. They were like a stone wall. Edmund smiled and began to tease Steven with his cock. He rubbed it around Stevens lips, before grabbing Steven by the hair. Steven opened his mouth and began to suck. It was his first time giving a blowjob, but he hoped he was doing well. He wanted nothing more than to pleasure the muscle god before him, to finally live out the fantasies he had written down. Edmund threw his head back in pleasure. Steven sucked until he felt Edmund was about to blow his load, then he began to pull away. “Oh, no.” Edmund said and pushed his cock deeper into Steven’s mouth, filling his mouth with his creamy seed. Steven didn’t think he would like it, but he did. He squeezed the base of Edmund’s cock sucking down every last drop of muscle god seed. Then Edmund let him go. Aron bent down and untied Steven’s feet. Steven didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t believe what had happened. It was as if the pages of his notebook jumped to life. In that moment, his life took a 180 degree turn. He felt all his self-loathing washed away in a baptism in cum. For the first time in his life he accepted who he was. “Why?” Steven asked. “You were our enemy,” Brendon said shaking his head. “God knows you were, and we thought about all kinds of things we could do to you, but then we thought about your notebook.” “Yep,” Edmund chimed in. “We realized you tortured yourself worse than we ever could so instead we decided to help you. To give you what you wanted, what you really wanted. It wasn’t to get rid of us. It was to be as free as us. Tonight, we gave you a taste of The Muscle Gut Club.” Steven lowered his head and thought for a moment before speaking. “Thank you.” The club members simply nodded their heads. They turned their hulking frames around and went back to their clothes. After they dressed and left, Steven sat in silence for a moment before picking up his notebook. He tossed it into the garbage. I don’t need that anymore. I experienced it.
  4. Chapter Thirty-Three: Brendon He stood in the living room of the club house. Thomas leaned against the wall beside him. Edmund and Daniel sat on the couch while Aron watched from the kitchen doorway. Edmund held a letter in his hand. It had appeared that evening at the Club’s door long after the mail had already been delivered. A letter from Steven. Edmund began to read: “You know who this is. I held up my end of the bargain. I left you alone. Sadly, you could not. I guess it’s a side effect of the steroid use shrinking your brains along with your nuts. You drugged me. Stripped me. Tied me to a lamp post. Humiliated me. Well now it’s your turn to be humiliated.” “By now you have probably seen the flyers around campus exposing your Website and debaucherous acts. You may not know, though, that I also sent links to most of the professors. Everyone knows about you. They know what you look like. They know what you do. Have a wonderful rest of the semester. I know I will. Oh! And by the way. I’m still upholding my end of the bargain. I won’t bother you. The rest of the campus will do that. Sincerely, Your better.” Edmund balled up the letter when he was done. Brendon couldn’t help but think this was all his fault. Perhaps he should have just left well enough alone. He didn’t need to get revenge. But still! What happened to Thomas. That was Steven’s fault! “Fuck him.” Brendon said. “So, the campus knows about us. What’s the worst that can happen?” “Being treated like pariahs.” Thomas said. “We all have personal lives outside of the club. People we interact with, have fun with, work with. They may know our orientations but the club activities are hard to swallow, you have to admit.” “We’re just four friends that like to work out, that’s all.” Brendon said. “And as far as the videos go. Everyone tries some kinky stuff in college. They say it’s a time of experimentation.” Brendon tried to make the situation sound better than it was, but he was having trouble sounding convincing, even to himself. “Some of those videos were filmed on campus property,” Edmund said. “What if someone recognizes something? I’m pretty sure using campus property for softcore porn breaks a few rules in the student handbook.” “We could take those videos down.” Brendon suggested. “We could take down all the videos. Hell, the whole site. At least until summer starts and people forget all about it.” Daniel said. “That’s exactly what that asshole wants.” Brendon crossed his arms, and frowned. He couldn’t believe they were thinking of giving in. “I agree with Brendon,” Edmund said. “Huh.” Brendon was surprised. “That is what Steven wants. We can’t give it to him,” Edmund continued. “But we do need to make a few changes.” “Like…?” Thomas asked. The rest of the club members leaned in. “Removing nudity from the site and anything linked to this campus,” Edmund said. “And no drawing attention to ourselves. We don’t want the administration to find any reason to expel us. We’re just ordinary college-age bodybuilders who sell flexing videos on the side.” “But you’re not normal. And you shouldn’t want to be.” Aron, who had remained completely silent finally spoke. “You’re The Muscle Gut Club. You’re muscle gods and last I checked gods don’t hide.” “We’re not hiding.” Daniel said. “Yeah.” Said Edmund. “We’re playing it safe. The club was well known in the gay muscle worship community online but those are people we never have to see. The people on this campus we see every day. This is new ground for the club.” “On parent’s day, I came out to my parents. The flyers pushed me to do it earlier, but I was going to do it anyway.” The club smiled and congratulated Aron. “How did they take it?” Brendon asked. “Not well, but that’s not the point,” Aron said. “The point is I feel free now. A weight has been lifted off of me. You all are free now too. You can talk to anyone on campus knowing that they already know your darkest secret. Steven has nothing left to use against you. He thinks he’s won by outing you, but he’s just made you more powerful.” In that moment Brendon remembered the Aron who chased after him at the start of the school year and asked to meet the club. This wasn’t the same Aron. That Aron was nervous and unsure. This Aron was confident and certain. Now the club was nervous and unsure. How things change. “That’s why I always liked you” Brendon said. “From the moment I first laid eyes on you.” Brendon turned to the other club members. “This little slave is smarter than all of us. What are we worried about? What do we care? Aron came here to serve Alphas and yet we’re acting like betas. Ed you’re a top level junior bodybuilder with Adonis looks. Thomas you’re a fitness model with a massive social media following. Dan, you and I are top tier weightlifters. We got it. Let’s flaunt it.” “What are you suggesting?” Daniel asked. “Whatever gets thrown our way we roll with it. Let it bounce of our muscles like its nothing. We’re strong enough to take it.” Edmund stood up, slowly nodding his head. “Yeah, let’s show out. Let’s show this campus what the muscle gut club is. 15,000 people know about us now who didn’t 2 days ago. Let’s use that.” “Alright.” Thomas said. “I’m not so sure, but… I’m in,” said Daniel “Usually slaves keep their mouths shut” Brendon said to Aron. “But you never did. I think you for that. Your words are what it took to knock some sense into us.” “I only want to be a good slave to my muscle masters. I’m glad I pleased you.” “You’re a great slave,” Brendon said. “And we are glad you’re ours.” The other club members joined in agreement, patting their slave on the back. “There’s something I want to do for you all,” Aron said. “With all this Steven stuff going on There hasn’t really been time for me to truly worship you like I should, like gods deserved to be worshipped.” “Before you all show out on campus I want you to remember what being Alpha muscle gods feels like. Dominate me, talk down to me, throw me around. I want to feel what I felt the first time I met you, and I think you need to feel it to.” “You don’t have to ask me twice.” Edmund stood up. “Me neither.” Brendon said. “I have to ask. Why now?” Thomas said “Because this is the rebirth of The Muscle Gut Club, and this will be a renewal of our vows.” Aron stripped down to his tight white briefs. The club followed suit, removing everything but their underwear. Aron worshipped their bulging muscles as they flexed and flaunted. Brendon couldn’t remember the last time the whole club partook in such an erotic display together. Aron licked Thomas’ cobblestone abs. He massaged Daniel’s thick quads. He squeezed Edmunds cannonball biceps, and sucked on Brendon’s shelf-like pecs. The club members lifted Aron. They passed him around, taking turns overpowering the weak slave. Brendon pushed Aron into the wall with his muscle gut. “You like that boy!” Brendon said. “Yes master.” Aron replied, struggling to breath. Edmund grabbed Aron and put him in a headlock. His biceps bulged as he squeezed Aron’s neck. “Careful you don’t snap him in two,” Daniel said. “He’s so puny and frail.” Daniel grabbed the little slave and lifted him over his head with ease then threw him onto the couch. Aron bounced into the air then landed on the floor where Thomas quickly took hold of him. He wrestled Aron into submission then wrapped his lean strong legs around Aron’s body. Aron struggled to get free but he couldn’t. “You’re no match for me,” Thomas said. “Look at how easily I got you in this hold. I could hold you here all night.” “And it would be heaven master,” Aron said. Thomas released Aron. Edmund immediately grabbed him with one arm and pushed the slave to his knees with ease. He whipped out his hard cock 9 inch and slapped Aron across the face with it. “You want it. You want it.” Edmund teased Aron with his pole, rubbing it around his mouth and poking. Him with the tip. Drops of sticky pre-cum glistened on Aron’s face. “Yes, Yes, I want it master,” Aron begged. “And you’ll have it,” Edmund said. “All 9 stiff inches, but we’re going to save the best for last. First you’ll take care of my friends starting with the smallest cock. Then you’ll work your way up to me.” Brendon was amused by Edmund’s ‘save the best for last’ comment. Edmund’s may have been the longest, but Brendon’s was the thickest. He watched as Aron blew Thomas and Daniel eagerly waiting his turn. It had been over a month since he had one of Aron’s blowjobs. Edmund had been hogging them. When his turn came, Brendon took full control. He grabbed Aron’s head and forced his cock into the slave’s mouth. Brendon face fucked the little twink until his cock was ready to spasm. He quickly removed his cock and came all over Aron’s face. He watched as cum dripped off Aron’s forehead, around his eyes, down his nose, and over his lips. Aron lapped it up with his tongue like it was the best tasting thing in the world. “My turn.” Edmund said. Aron sucked him off with Brendon’s cum still sticking to his face. Edmund moaned with pleasure as he filled the slave’s mouth with his semen. Brendon knew it must have been a massive load because he saw some of the white liquid squirt out the sides of the twink’s little mouth. Aron gulped it own, using his hands to squeeze the last drops of cum from Edmund’s cock. When Aron was done, he didn’t rise from his knees immediately. Instead he lowered himself closer to the ground. In one final act of submissiveness he kissed his masters’ feet like he did the first day he met the club. “I never forgot my place,” Aron said. “Neither should you. You all are gods amongst men on this campus. Act like it. Show Steven who you are. Show him what the muscle gut club is.” “Right on!” Brendon shouted. The club rested well that night. Chapter 34 Part One: Daniel Daniel took a seat in his anatomy and physiology class. When he entered, he received many strange looks, and stares from the other students. He was used to it now, though, and ignored them. The rest of the club got them too. Whenever he made eye contact his classmates turned away and pretended to be looking someplace else. He scanned the lecture hall for his girlfriend but she was nowhere in sight. He had texted Sarah several times, but got no response. Odd. She was usually quick to respond. Daniel was concerned about how she would handle the news about the club. Time and time again he ventured to tell her but failed to. He just couldn’t put it into words. What would make a straight guy do the things he does? If he did those things could he even call himself straight? She might not think so. That scared him. He wondered how Aron had broken the news of his sexuality to his parents. What thoughts flew through his mind in the moments before. He heard footprints behind him and turned to see Sarah entering the Hall. He tried to make eye contact, but she didn’t look at him. “Sarah.” He called in a hushed shout. She didn’t turn around, but he was sure she heard him. Professor Warwick entered the hall through a side door immediately following her. He walked with his usual hurried steps and wasted no time starting his lecture. “Last week we looked at the involuntary muscles, Smooth and cardiac. This week we’ll look at the voluntary muscle, the skeletal muscles.” Prof. Warwick seemed to look directly at Daniel when he said ‘skeletal muscle’. “There are over 650 named skeletal muscles.” Prof. Warwick continued. “Most of them are so obscure that even I don’t know them.” Some students snickered at that. “But I want you all to be able to name the major ones.” Prof. Warwick opened his laptop and an image of the human body showing the front and back musculature appeared on the projector screen. “I always like to get a live demonstration for this when I can as it helps the students remember.” Prof. Warwick grinned directly at Daniel. “Is there any student that would like to flex his muscles for the class.” The professor did a corny most muscular pose. Daniel looked at the professor and they shared a quick stare. He wants me to do it. He must have heard about the club. Daniel pondered it for a moment. He looked around the class at the students staring at him, even Sarah looked his way, though she quickly turned away when he returned her gaze. He looked at the professor, and then he remembered what Aron had said. They were muscle gods. They should act like it. Daniel rose confidently from his seat. “I volunteer.” “Excellent!” Professor Warwick beamed. Daniel swaggered down the stairs to the front of the hall. He kicked off his shoes, peeled of his tight black t-shirt. He glanced back at the professor and smirked before dropping his pants and kicking them aside. Some of the students gasped, other’s smiled widely, some giggled, and still others just sat in silent awe. Daniel looked like a bodybuilder during his offseason. He looked powerful, big and thick all over with just enough definition that you could see the outline of his abs when he tensed. He would give them a show. He wanted to make every guy jealous, and every pussy wet. Mr. Warwick pointed to the muscles on the projector and called out their name. As he did so, Daniel made a pose that flexed that particular muscle group. “Biceps Brachialis” Front Double bicep. “Pectoralis Major.” Side chest pose. “Trapezius.” Most muscular. “Deltoid.” Rear double bicep. It continued like that. Daniel had to hit several poses twice because they showed more than one muscle. Brendon could see every eye glued on him and he loved it. There were ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ as he showed off his hard work. He saw girls fan themselves and guys adjusting their crotches, no doubt growing hard. The class was enjoying themselves. He turned to see how the professor was liking it and noticed a bulge in his khakis that wasn’t there earlier. Yep, he was enjoying it. When class was over, Daniel saw Sarah rushing out of the hall. She didn’t smile once during his show. As he moved to follow her Prof. Warwick grabbed his arm. “Excuse me,” The Professor said. “I saw your videos. How much do you charge for a muscle worship session?” “I’ll email you about it, Professor, but I got to go.” Daniel darted up the stairs and saw Sarah just outside the lecture hall. He called her name and grabbed her arm. “What’s the matter?” Daniel said. “You’re not returning my texts.” “You know what’s the matter?” Sarah said. “I can explain the club.” He lied. “I can’t accept your explanation, no matter what it is. I might have if you had been honest with me from the start, but you lied to me.” Sarah looked at the ground. Daniel put a finger under his chin and raised her face up to look at him. She was frowning and a tear rolled down her cheek. “We can work past it-” Daniel said, though He knew they couldn’t. “No. I thought you could take a hint by me ignoring you, but I guess not. I’m not your girlfriend anymore. Don’t text me. Don’t talk to me. Go get you dick sucked by your twink friend.” She turned around and stormed off. Those words weren’t her. He knew that. She just wanted to hurt him, and It worked. If I’d only listened to Aron. He was right. But it was too late for those thoughts now. Part Two: Thomas He had been called many insulting things in the days and weeks following the exposure of the club, mostly by students who didn’t and never would look as good as him. He also knew they would never find a love as deep as the one he shared with Brendon. They were sad, pathetic losers whose words said more about them than him. In time he came to embrace the hate, even make light of it. “How much to suck my cock?” one guy shouted at him as he sunned himself shirtless on the quad. Thomas rose from the grass with a smile and walked toward the guy who was laughing with his idiot friends. “I don’t get paid to suck cock,” Thomas said, still smiling. “I get paid to have my cock sucked.” It was true. The club’s fan base had increased after their exposure. They had all started accepting muscle worship requests from on and off campus. Even Daniel had let one of his teachers worship him for $350 (and a guaranteed A in the class). “I’m single, and everybody knows what we do. No use avoiding it now. Might as well go full on muscle slut.” Daniel had said, while counting his money. Thomas and Brendon agreed. Edmund was happy to see everyone else getting in on the action. Steven’s plan had caused much hate for the club, but if he had known it would make them more money he probably would have thought twice. “Now then,” Thomas continued. “How much would you pay me for the honor of sucking my cock.” “I’m not gay,” said the guy, stepping away. He wasn’t laughing anymore. He most likely didn’t expect Thomas would approach him and hadn’t prepared for it. “Are you sure sweetie,” Thomas said. “You’re looking at my chest and abs kind of hard there. Yoohoo, my eyes are up here.” Thomas pointed to his face which was plastered with a cocky smirk. The guy was squirming. “Nah man. I wasn’t looking at your body.” The guy glanced at his friends for reassurance. “I got my own set of abs.” The guy lifted his shirt and flexed a pathetic 5 pack so flat it could have been drawn on. It sat beneath a pair of nonexistent pecs and visible ribs that the guy was probably stupid enough to believe were obliques. Thomas fought back laughter. “Oh wow!” Thomas said. “Sexy guy. I’ll suck your cock for free.” He reached out his hand and attempted to squeeze the guy’s stomach. He and his friends ran like the wind. Thomas was the one laughing then. He would have to remember to share this event at the meeting of the Gay Student Union he and the club were invited to that evening. As he snickered, he could see Brendon coming around the corner with a confused look on his face and half a sandwich in his hand. The two had been sunning together, but Brendon had stepped away to grab a snack in the food court. “What was that all about?” Brendon asked. “Just a game of scare the straight guys.” Thomas took the half of sandwich in his hand and bit into it with a crunch. “Where’s the other half of this sandwich?” “It’s with mine.” Brendon said. “Where’s yours?” Thomas asked, already knowing the answer. Brendon patted his muscle gut, with a smile. “You said you weren’t that hungry.” “I still expected a full sandwich.” Thomas punched Brendon playfully on his meaty shoulder. “Yet, how can I be mad at my growing man.” The two shared a laugh. Brendon was shirtless as well. The whole club often went around shirtless, now that the weather was improving. They got as many looks of lust and words of support as looks of disgust and words of hate. Thomas wished the club had gone public a year ago. “It’s not so bad,” Thomas said. “What?” Brendon asked. “Being out on the open.” “Yeah, I like the sun.” Brendon lay on his back, sunglasses on, and his hands behind his head. “I was talking about the club silly.” “Oh, yeah, definitely. We should really thank Steven.” Brendon laughed. Thomas rolled on his side and looked at the curves of Brendon’s powerful muscles padded with fat, The patch of hair on his chest that trailed down to his crotch, the fullness of his face outlined by a well-trimmed beard, and he thought about all the beauty of his man that you couldn’t see by looking at him. I am the luckiest man, He thought. Thomas snuggled up beside Brendon, who wrapped a large powerful arm around him. It was warm, but not too warm to snuggle. He lay there, topless, in the grass, in his lover’s embrace and didn’t care who was looking. Part Three: Edmund He stood outside the club’s house, hand on his chin, staring at the writing on the door. It read: ‘Faggots’ in red paint. Someone’s idea of a joke. Aron stepped up beside him. “I’ll get some paint and cover it up,” Aron said. “No,” said Edmund. “We are going to embrace this fully. Get me a red marker.” Aron ran inside and returned with a red marker in hand. Edmund took it and began to write in thick block letters above the defamatory word. Edmund stood back to admire his handy work. It now read: ‘Sexy Faggots.’ “We Own it,” Edmund said nodding his head. “We Own it,” Aron repeated. “Oh Edmund!” A voice shouted from the road. He and Aron turned in unison. “Speaking of sexy faggots,” Edmund said to Aron, “A client calls.” The cheerful Anthony Ruiz bounced down the path right up to Edmund. He was the vice-president of the Gay Student Union. His dark hair was meticulously styles with a touch too much gel. He smiled so widely gums showed. “I really want to thank you on behalf of Gay Student Union for coming out with your club and talking to us the other night. It was a truly enlightening evening,” Anthony said. “Anytime,” Edmund said, “and I thank you guys for inviting us. I’m sorry we didn’t get involved with the union sooner.” The club did enjoy hanging out with The Gay Student Union. They shared the complete story of The Muscle Gut Club, how they came to terms with their sexuality and discovered their shared fetish. There training and day to day lives. They even picked up a few more clients. “I’m sure you had your reasons,” Anthony said. “I know it must have been traumatizing for you all to have your business plastered all over campus like that.” “Nothing they can’t handle,” Aron said, with a smile. Edmund put a hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder and pulled him closer. They could handle it because of him. When Edmund thought how close the club came to caving, he couldn’t believe how weak he’d been, but Aron’s words had inspired them not to give up. Now business was better than ever. If all the club had to do was deal with the occasional asshole shouting rude remarks or random acts of vandalism it was well worth it. Still, though, he wished it could have been done on his own terms, not on Steven’s. “Still I have to say we were all moved by your story,” Thomas said. “You guys are living a dream that so many Gay guys probably wish they could, especially you Aron. You’ve got this handsome stud.” Anthony pointed at Edmund with both fingers. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. “What’s that?” Edmund asked. “When you told the union about Steven we got really pissed off,” Anthony said. “I have nothing against closeted guys but for them to try to attack other’s in the community because of their own insecurity really rubs me the wrong way. Some others in the GSU felt the same way and we decided to help you.” Edmund raised his eyebrows and he and Aron shared a quick glance. “What kind of help?” Anthony held out his hand with the paper. Edmund took it and opened it. An address was written inside. “We all kept our eyes open,” Anthony continued. “We said one of us has to have a class with this Steven guy or cross paths with him somehow. And guess what. We did!” Anthony clasped his hands and jumped. “Several of our members were even able to find out where he lives.” He pointed to the note. “Thank you.” Edmund said. “Of course, what you choose to do with it is up to you.” “I have an idea.” Edmund smirked. “But I’ll have to discuss it with the whole club. What can we do to repay you?” “Oooh, well…” Anthony squeezed his hands together, twisted his body, and looked to the sky as if he was thinking very hard. “A private show would be great! You’re looking ripped.” Edmund laughed. “Yeah I’m almost ready for my show.” Edmund raised his shirt and flexed his tight midsection. The cuts between his abs were so deep they looked like you could lose a quarter in them. Aron opened the door. Edmund threw an arm around Anthony and led him inside. “Come on in buddy, a private show, on the house.”
  5. Thirty-one: Thomas This was the week Thomas expected a letter from the Alpha Aesthetic clothing line. The company had contacted him shortly after a recent photo-shoot taken in the pool and weight room of the local Iron Addicts Gym. They billed themselves as fashion forward active wear for the gym goer who wasn’t interested in growing huge, but instead wanted to build an aesthetic, athletic physique. At the time he spoke with them, they seemed like a perfect fit. His physique was the definition of the word aesthetic, but now he wasn’t so sure. They set size limits for their models. They didn’t want any of them to look like bodybuilders. In fact, at 170, Thomas was over the size limit set for his height by 5 pounds. They told him that wasn’t a problem since he could lose it easily. Thomas had no desire to lose weight, however. All his life he had been small, then he began to work out and build a chiseled muscular physique, but still remained the smallest member of the Muscle Gut Club. He had gained a little weight since the start of the school year and enjoyed it. Brendon did, too. “Ever wonder what you’d look like at 190 pounds,” Brendon had asked him. “God, I’d be a tank!” Thomas had replied. Thomas had thought about it, though. What would it feel like at my height to be that big? When Brendon was 190, he looked down right skinny, but he was so much taller than Thomas. 5’ 8’’ and 190. The thought made Thomas hard. He had grown envious of the other club members growing weekly, seeing their bodies transform into something more while he remained nearly unchanged in 8 months. Perhaps it was his turn to grow. But Alpha Aesthetics was a great new company with a proven history of sales and high popularity amongst gym goers ages 15 to 30. They offered a great sponsorship package with free clothing and supplements. Not to mention free travel to exotic locales for events with other models. If he didn’t like it, he could always use it as a stepping stone to something better. He racked his brain with the decision for several minutes before jumping out of his bed. Enough of that! “Aron!” Thomas called. The slave appeared immediately. Edmund had taken good care of him. He was the picture of health and ready to serve the club again. “Yes master.” Aron said. “Fix me a pre-workout please.” “Right away.” Thomas went downstairs and saw Edmund jumping rope in front of the television. He had ramped up his cardio to help cut for his competition. His tank top was drenched in sweat. It clung to his muscles like cling wrap. Thomas could make out the definition of his abs and the veins in his arms were starting to pop. Thomas estimated he was at 11% percent body fat. When Thomas caught his eye, he stopped jumping. “Still no change in the website?” Edmund said “No. It’s all good.” Edmund was concerned about another cyber-attack. It didn’t take him long to figure out that Steven was the student that had been tied to a lamp post. Nor did it take him long to figure out Brendon had done it. The two argued for nearly an hour coming close to trading blows. Aron calmed Edmund down and Thomas did the same for Brendon. It would have been a curious site to any outside eyes: Two smaller guys struggling to hold back their larger and stronger lovers to prevent a blood bath. Edmund went looking for Steven to apologize and let him know that the truce was still on, that Brendon acted alone and out of anger, but Steven was not home. In-fact Edmund had told the club Steven no longer lived at his apartment. Brendon laughed, proud that he had scared him away. Edmund didn’t take it as a good sign. That was weeks ago. The club hadn’t seen Steven since “I don’t know what he’s going to do, but a guy like Steven is going to try something.” Edmund said. “If he wanted revenge don’t you think he would have taken it by now?” Thomas said. “Maybe Brendon’s right. He scared him off.” “He’s still around. I ran into Joseph today and he told me Steven still attends class.” “He’s good at avoiding people” “It’s a big campus” Edmund said, “and do you ever remember seeing him before all this?” “No, but before all of this I never would have paid attention to a guy like him.” “He also knows our schedules, remember. If he doesn’t want us to find him then we won’t and that worries me. What’s he planning?” “Probably nothing.” Thomas said. Aron entered the room and handed him his pre-workout. He chugged it. “Hopefully nothing.” Edmund corrected. “I don’t think it matters.” Aron said. “Why’s that?” Thomas looked down at him. “Because I met him more than any of you. I saw how he was. He’s a liar to his core. It was so convincing, everything he told the engineering club, but it was all lies. He’s even lying to himself about being gay. I guarantee Steven had every intention of breaking the truce. Brendon just beat him to it.” Thomas and Edmund looked at each other when Aron had finished speaking. Thomas knew the little slave was probably right and he could tell Edmund felt it too. “Speaking of lying.” Edmund said “Have you come out to your parents yet? You said you were going to.” “Well…” Aron smiled awkwardly. “That sounds like a no Ed.” Thomas said, “But I don’t blame you Aron. Tell them when you’re ready, whether it’s now or in ten years.” “Don’t wait ten years. Get it out of the way. Parents Day is coming up next month, April 16. It will be the perfect time, but that’s up to you.” Edmund patted Aron on the shoulder. “Well I’ve got laundry to fold.” Aron said as he darted out of the room. Edmund and Thomas laughed. “I didn’t know parent’s day was going to coincide with the Spring Festival,” Thomas said. “Yeah, the whole campus will be packed.” Aron darted back by them, laundry basket in hand. The two paused to watch him. “You really care for him, don’t you?” Thomas whispered. “It’s no secret.” “Then don’t push him.” “I’m not pushing him,” Edmund said. “I just see that it eats him up not being able to be himself around his parents. He’s told me as much. I just think he shouldn’t have to hide.” “I get you.” Thomas nodded. Edmund started back with his jumping jacks. Thomas took that to mean the conversation was over. Besides he could feel his pre-workout was kicking in. He was ready to pump some iron. Thomas walked over to the dumbbell rack in the garage gym and picked up two 25s. He leaned forward and did a set of bent-over reverse flies. Thomas couldn’t help but feel bad for Brendon as he worked out. His lover couldn’t lift like he wanted to and even had to take his name off the roster for the weightlifting meet in May (A fact he was loath to tell Daniel), because he knew the lack of training would set him back. Currently he was out trying acupuncture therapy and deep tissue massages. Thomas couldn’t wait for his man to be back to his old self. He missed seeing him throw around hundreds of pounds with ease and then crawl right into to bed and throw him around. Weightlifting was part of who Brendon was and Thomas wanted him to be whole again. He completed two more sets of bent over flies, rested, and moved on to lat pulldowns with 125 pounds. He pulled the bar down to his upper chest feeling the contraction in his lats as he did so. After 12 reps he moved on to pullups with a 45-lb. plate hanging between his legs. He did 8 reps and his arms and lats burned. No pain no gain. Thomas removed his tank top and tossed it on the bench. He did a front lat spread in the mirror. Looking good. Lats really make a physique. He kept his shirt off and continued his back workout: 2 sets of bench rows with 50-lb. dumbbells, 3 sets of bent over barbell rows with 120 pounds, and 2 sets deadlifts with 225 pounds. He walked back into the living room. Edmund was gone now. Aron appeared as if Thomas had summoned him telepathically, with a pitcher of protein shake in hand. “Right on time.” Thomas said. He took the shake and drank it in a few large gulps and handed the pitcher back to Aron. The front door opened and Brendon walked in. He removed his coat and handed it to Aron. “How’d it go?” Thomas asked “Well, I guess it went all right. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I never in my life had so many Asian women’s hands on me, before today.” He laughed then stretched his back. Thomas hugged him and placed a hand on his lower back. “Does it feel better?” “It’s improving.” “That’s good to hear, master,” Aron said. “I’ll say,” Said Thomas. He and Brendon shared a quick kiss, before Brendon went up to his room. He said he had some mobility exercises he needed to try. “It’s like yoga or some shit but they say it helps,” Brendon said before leaving. Thomas went to his 1:00 pm class, intermediate Japanese, and when he returned home the mail had arrived. “You were the only one that got anything. The rest was junk mail,” Aron said. “I put it on your bed.” Thomas saw a package and an envelope when he entered his room. The package was from Alpha Aesthetics. He ripped it open immediately. A letter inside read: Alpha Aesthetics is pleased to welcome Thomas Patel to our aesthetic team. Mr. Patel, we believe you have what it takes to help grow our brand. Alpha Aesthetics is a small brand with big aspirations. Come join us on our journey. Please accept the enclosed free gifts as a show of our commitment to you as an athlete and an aesthetic model. The box contained two tank top, two tees, two pairs of sweatpants, a Fitbit, a shaker cup, and a hoodie. All, but the Fitbit had the Alpha-Aesthetics logo on it. Thomas smiled as he looked at the free gifts. He read the note over three times. It was surreal. He was going to be sponsored. “Good news?” Thomas jumped. Brendon stood right behind him. “I didn’t hear you come in. It’s good news.” Thomas motioned to all the free stuff and handed Brendon the note. “Awesome, Babe.” Brendon pointed to the envelope. “What’s that?” Thomas picked it up. It was from Gainz Supplement Company. “I don’t know.” Thomas opened it and began to read. “It says they looked over my pictures and are happy that I bought myself to their attention.” Thomas’ face twisted with confusion. “They are pleased to hear that I’m looking to grow and that they can help. Gainz is dedicated to finding young weightlifters and bodybuilders at the start of their careers and watching them grow with our brand. We would love to talk with you in person.” Thomas looked at Brendon. “I didn’t contact them.” He saw Brendon smirk. Then he had a moment of realization. “What did you do?” “Well, I may have put your name out there with some companies who don’t care how big you get,” Brendon said. “I know you want to get bigger. Alpha Aesthetics won’t let you get as big as possible. They just want a guy with abs that they can cover-up with their clothes. Gainz is looking for someone to grow. They’ll help you reach your full potential.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I wanted to surprise you. Are you going to talk to them?” Thomas picked up the note from Alpha Aesthetics and tore it in half. “Absolutely.” “You know you’re the greatest,” Thomas said. “yeah, I know.” Brendon smiled. “You aint too bad yourself.” Thomas punched him on the pec. “Ah! You’d hit a cripple?” “Let’s see how crippled you are.” Thomas pushed everything off of his bed, jumped on it, and laid on his back. Brendon kicked the door shut and climbed on top of him. Thomas loved the feeling of lover’s bulk on top of him. “I can’t wait to grow with you.” Thomas whispered in Brendon’s ear. Chapter Thirty-Two: Aron Parents day had arrived. Aron had had several weeks to think about Edmunds suggestion, and though his lover and master never bought it up again he thought about it every day. His parents were coming to campus to spend time with their only son and enjoy the festivities of the Spring Festival. Would they want to hear that their son was gay? Wouldn’t that ruin the whole day? Aron decided no day was a good day to drop that bombshell and since everyday was equally as bad he might as well do it. He was eighteen years old, soon to be nineteen in just a few short months. He had to be a man about it. “Mom, dad. I’m Gay.” “Mom, dad. I like men.” He tried saying different variations of it, standing in front of the full length door mirror in his room. He wanted to be quick and blunt to get it out of the way, but not too blunt. “Mom, dad. I have something very important to tell you. Have a seat. I’m a homosexual.” “Hey mom and dad you ever wonder why I never had a girlfriend. No. It’s not because all the girls were bigger than me, hahaha. It’s because I don’t like girls.” Uugh! His mother texted him from the car. They’d be at the campus in an hour. Whatever he was going to say he had to think of it quick. There was one thing he knew he wouldn’t be talking about, though: The Club. He couldn’t for the life of him think of a way to explain his arrangement with the club… His parents would never understand that. Aron met his parents in his dorm’s parking lot. His mother was overdressed as usual in pink flowery dress and hat with high heels. She hugged him. “It’s only been 3 months since I saw you last but it feels like it’s been so long ago.” She paused and looked at him. Then squeezed him again. “You’re filling out. Efren do you see it.” “I see it honey.” Efren Ocampo patted his son on the back and hugged him. He wore grey slacks and a loose-fitting cream colored guayabera shirt. “You must be eating better. You look healthier son.” Aron had noticed a change in his body. He was 115 pounds now. Still skinny, but not skeletal. Edmund had told him that 125 would be perfect for him so that was the current goal. “What’s there to do?” Mr. Ocampo said. He rubbed his hands together. “I’m ready to have some fun.” “I saw them setting up rides yesterday. They’re also going to have a lot of food and games-” “Will there be prizes?” Mrs. Ocampo asked. “Yeah. That’s what I heard, and a band, and-.” “I hope they have those giant Teddy Bears. You have to try to win your mother one of those.” Mrs. Ocampo said, beaming. The family walked side by side toward the center of the campus. Flyers of different colors flew past them. “Do they always litter like this?” Mrs. Ocampo said. “Letting papers fly all over.” “Probably just some club advertising their event or a frat advertising a party,” Aron said. He was used to seeing flyers blown in the wind and payed no attention to them. “Been to many parties, son,” Mr. Ocampo asked. “No. Not many.” That was the truth. Aron had only been to one frat party. He preferred to have his ‘fun’ with the club. “That’s good to hear.” Mrs. Ocampo placed a hand on Aron’s shoulder. “Too much weird stuff goes on at those parties.” “Well I hope you’re having fun, though. Getting out and interacting with people. How else are you going to get a girlfriend, right?” Mr. Ocampo smiled. Aron was tempted to say ‘I’ve already found one dad. She’s 6 foot one and 230 pounds of muscle, and she’s got a 9-inch cock,’ but he held his tongue. Mrs. Ocampo picked up one of the flyers and frowned at it. “Such a waste of paper.” “What’s it say, Rita?” Mr. Ocampo pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glanced at the paper. “Just a website.” She said it like she couldn’t believe it. “It says ‘Checkout themusclegutclub.com and see some of this schools very own in action.’ Ridiculous? There has to be a less messy way to advertise a fitness website.” Mrs. Ocampo balled up the paper and threw it in the nearest garbage can. “Fitness website?” Mr. Ocampo said. “Obviously it’s a fitness website. Muscle. Gut. Club. It must be a fitness club. You go and build muscle while losing your gut,” Mrs. Ocampo said, playfully poking her husband’s doughy midsection. “Strange name,” Mr. Ocampo replied. Aron thought it was odd. He hadn’t heard anything from the club about advertising the website, especially in such a reckless way. Thomas had said something about trying to increase the sites traffic but this didn’t seem like his style. Aron had expected him to buy ad space on gay porn sites and forums. He made a mental note to ask the club about it later. Aron’s father took out his phone. “I’ll see what it is.” But I’m on that website! Aron had almost forgotten. He had to think fast. “Mom’s right! It’s just a fitness website. I’ve heard of it. A crappy one too. Some students started it. Real low quality.” “Told you.” Aron’s mother said. “I’d still like to see it.” Mr. Ocampo began swiping at his phone. What’s worse? Seeing your son worshipping a bodybuilder and sucking his cock or being told by him that he’s gay. Aron was sure of the answer. “Mom, dad. I have something very important to tell you. It can’t wait.” Aron’s father looked up from his phone and let his arm fall to his side. His mother looked at him intently. “I’m gay.” Mr. Ocampo stared blankly at Aron. Mrs. Ocampo’s mouth dropped open. After a moment of stillness She threw her hands up and shook her head in what seemed like slow motion. Aron thought she was about to collapse. “Come again,” Aron’s father said. “He’s Gay Efren! He likes men!” Tears flowed down the side of Mrs. Ocampo’s face. Aron reached out to touch his mother. “Mom, I-” “No! Don’t touch me! I didn’t raise a homo,” Said Aron’s mother. “Honey. He’s just confused. We can fix him. Reverend Johnathon said-” “No dad! I’m not confused and I don’t need to be fixed.” “You need to be fixed. Men aren’t supposed to like other men that way. You’re going to stop it. Now.,” Said Mrs. Ocampo. “I can’t stop it and I don’t need to. I am who I am.” “Well if you are that, then you are not my son. Your father and I didn’t raise a homo! We bought you up to be a good Christian man.” “Aron, son. Are you sure? I mean have you even lost your virginity? How would you know?” Aron’s father said, pleading. “I know.” “I can’t believe you,” Mrs. Ocampo said. “I can’t believe you would do this to us. That you would ruin this day. I’m leaving.” Mrs. Ocampo began to walk away. She turned back briefly. “And don’t even think about coming home until you’ve given up this lifestyle.” “Son, I really don’t know what to say…I’ll try to talk to your mother.” “Just say you still love me.” “I love you,” Mr. Ocampo said, after a brief pause. “But I don’t love what you are. I’m not sure I can accept it, but I’ll try to make her come back. The day is not over-” “Just go. Both of you.” “Son-” Mr. Ocampo stopped short and turned away. This isn’t how It was supposed to go. Aron’s mother stood in the distance and stared. Her arms were crossed. He watched as his father ran towards her, exchanged words, and then they disappeared over a hill. Aron knew his mother wouldn’t like it but he didn’t expect her to disown him on the spot. Aron stood for a moment, watching students pass by him with friends and family making their way to the campus center. Fuck it. Aron wasn’t about to let his day be ruined. There was fun to have on campus and he was going to participate in it, with or without his parents. He wiped the frown off of his face and marched down Scholar’s Way. He could see rides rising out of the Quad. Music, voices, and laughter came together into one jumbled sound of jubilation. Everywhere Aron looked was packed with people. He had never seen the campus so crowded. Not even on move in day. “Hey that’s him.” Aron heard a male voice say. He looked around and saw a group of three guys looking at a tree and glancing back at him from time to time. They laughed as they walked away. Aron moved closer to the tree and saw a flyer with two pictures. One was of Edmund wearing only a jock strap with Aron licking his abs. In the second picture Aron stood with Edmund’s crotch in his grip, staring at the camera. They were screen grabs from a video Aron had done with the club. He grabbed the flyer immediately and crumbled it in his hands. He looked quickly from side to side before tossing it in the nearest garbage can. A janitor stood next to the can drinking a bottle of water. “Thanks. I was just about to grab that one.” The janitor said. “That one?” Aron said. “Yeah those flyers, every time I take down one I notice another. They’re all over campus.” There was frustration in the janitor’s voice. “I’m not supposed to be cleaning ‘til after all this but some jackass thought it would be funny to play a prank on Parent’s Day, putting up all this sick trash.” Aron looked in the garbage can. It was full of papers. “Oh shit!” “You said it, kid. Say you look familiar. I seen you somewhere?” “I hope not.” Aron said before darting off. He ran frantically into the lecture hall. Every board had pictures of the club. Aron grabbed every one he saw and tossed them in the trash. He went into the food court. Flyers littered the floor. Some had links to the website. Some had the full names of the club members next to photos. Every photo was risqué in one way or another. Aron scrambled to pick up as many as he could, but his attempts were futile. He couldn’t get them all. He saw students and their parents pick them up and stare. Some gawked, some laughed, some frowned with disgust, and some smiled with pleasure. Aron felt like the world was spinning. What would his friends from the engineering club think? He never told them about the club or his homosexuality. And teachers were here, and his roommate. Aron grew sick. He sprinted toward the door and ran head on into a tall thickly built guy wearing a letterman jacket. He fell back onto the ground. “Well if it isn’t the little cocksucker.” The guy said. He turned to a girl and shorter guy beside him. “Recognize this, little guy?” He held up a fly with Aron and Edmund. Aron wanted to run, but he just sat on the floor. He could feel all eyes in the room on him. The guy took off his jacket and flexed his arm. “Want to feel my muscles faggot.” He shared a laugh with his friends. “I would!” Aron heard a familiar deep voice and them he saw Brendon’s face. Brendon grabbed the guys arm and squeezed until the asshole screamed in pain, dropping his letterman jacket. The guy pulled his arm free and began to rub it. “It’s a little small,” Brendon said. “This one likes ‘em bigger.” Brendon made a quick flex before holding out his hand. Aron took it and pulled himself up. “Thanks.” “No problem, buddy.” Brendon said. The muscle god turned toward the guy and his two friends. “What are you still doing here?” “You’re a faggot too!” the guy shouted. “You ever had your ass beaten by a faggot before? If not today is your lucky day,” Brendon said with a smile. He stepped toward the guy, who quickly stepped back, picked up his jacket and running out of the food court. His friends were in tow. “I didn’t think you were coming,” Aron said. “I came for the free food,” Brendon replied. “You saw the flyers?” “I did.” “You know it was probably Steven.” “I do.” Brendon sounded disappointed. “What’s the club going to do?” “Whatever we do. We won’t be doing it in secret. That’s for sure.” Brendon put his hand on Aron’s back and they left the food court. Aron knew his life would change after that day, but now the club’s lives were about to change as well. The secret was out. The Muscle Gut Club was now known all over campus.
  6. Twenty-nine: Brendon Thomas slept with him all the time now. They comforted each other. Brendon loved when Thomas rubbed and kneaded his lower back and warmed it by pressing his lean taught body into it. His back still wasn’t right after his deadlifting accident but it was getting better. Brendon knew Thomas loved being cradled in his big arms and after his little lover had massaged his back, he would take him between the ham sized slabs of meet that were his biceps and hold him until they fell asleep. With Thomas’ room mostly unused now, he let Aron stay in it. Edmund had said it would only be until he was healthy again and put on some weight. Brendon didn’t care how long it was and neither did Thomas. The two were enjoying each other’s close company. The little Indian had fallen asleep with his head resting on Brendon’s hairy pecs. Brendon looked down at his lover’s face. Almost fully healed now. He ran a finger through Thomas’ hair, which he was growing out, and thought about what had been done to him. Daniel had told him about the truce with Steven and Brendon thought Ed and he had gone too easy on him. A written thank you note and some supplements! Brendon had read the half-baked thank you note. He wasn’t impressed, though Thomas told it basically serves as a written confession of his crimes. And the supplements were shit quality garbage from a convenience store. The club had thrown most of them out. At least they had made Steven waste a little more of his money, but it wasn’t enough punishment. Brendon didn’t believe Steven had nothing to do with the attack on his lover. He had humiliated Thomas and he deserved the same treatment. Why should the Muscle Gut Club take this treatment sitting down? Brendon remembered the time when Edmund would have turned that closeted psycho into his little bitch. Now he had grown soft. It was Aron, no doubt. Something in the little twink bought out Edmund’s gentle, caring side. He had never seen Edmund tend to anyone like he tended to sick Aron. It was almost like he forgot who the slave was. Brendon adjusted himself in bed. He felt a tingling in his lower back and let out a grunt. Thomas’ eyes quivered and he wiggled his head, letting out a satisfied sigh. Brendon felt his cock stir. He wanted to turn his little lover over right then and there and fuck him raw, but his back…. More than the lack of sex, though, he missed the heavy lifting. His doctor had told him to lay off the weights for a few weeks to give his back time to heel. It was killing him. He could feel the gym call to him and he couldn’t answer back. Much to the other club member’s surprise he even stopped eating so much. He just wasn’t that hungry. Faggot. The word bounced around in Brendon’s head as he looked down at Thomas. That word had been written on Thomas’ forehead. Funny, Brendon thought, very funny. Edmund and Daniel had told Thomas and him about Steven’s book of fantasies. Clearly, he was a “faggot” himself and yet he would try to humiliate someone else with that word. Then it came to him as if his mind had pulled it from the ether. I’ve got just the way to get back at Steven. Poetic, really. “I love you,” He whispered. “Huh.” Thomas opened his eyes. “I said I love you.” “I love you, too,” Thomas said, groggily. He pushed himself up and kissed Brendon on the lips. Brendon pulled him closer. Squeezing him tight, not wanting to let him go. The kiss lasted for only a few seconds, but it could have been a day. Brendon waited a week for his back to feel better. Then he made his way into The Phoenix Nightclub late in the evening. He had a date with an old friend. It was a Saturday and the front of the house was shaking. The DJ blasted rap music as students and townies gyrated and ground to the beat. Brendon made his way through the crowd toward the back of the house. Blue and green lights illuminated him as he pushed a black curtain to the side and entered a narrow hallway. The door to his left was open. He entered into a spacious room with burgundy walls and carpet. A recessed area in the center of the floor held a black leather sofa and coffee table. Brendon could see her dressed in a revealing red dress standing by a window. Her makeup was immaculate. Her breasts, perky, and her ass, the envy of any exotic dancer. “Jada.” Brendon held his arms out. “Hey big guy.” Her voice was quite feminine. You’d never realize Jada was once Jason. “How much bigger are planning on getting honey?” Brendon shrugged his shoulders. “Big enough to make the hulk look small.” Jada looked him up and down. “Well if you ever get sick of boys…” Brendon laughed. “Forgetting where you came from?” Jada rolled her eyes playfully. She sauntered down a step to the sofa and sat down. “Want something to drink?” She motioned to a bottle and glass on the coffee table. “I’m good. I would like to see the stuff, though.” Jada poured herself a tall drink. “It’s in that chest behind you.” Brendon turned around and saw a small brass chest on a tall narrow table and opened it. He picked up a bottle of pills and held them to the light. “So, a couple of these in his drink will knock him out for a few hours.” “That’s all it takes, honey.” “You sure?” Brendon was cautious. He had never done anything like this before, but he trusted Jada. She knew drugs like a pharmacist. “I’m sure.” Jada raised her eyebrows, putting on a haughty expression. “When will he be here.” “My girls have been working him for a few days now. He seemed real interested in coming to the club for a private show.” Brendon smiled. “He’s thirsty. Most guys that deep in denial about their sexuality usually are. They jump on any girl who shows a little interest. Makes them feel heterosexual.” “My girls showed more than a little interest. I had them basically begging for his cock.” Brendon looked around. “Is that where I’ll-” “Yes.” Jada stood up and walked over to a closet door. She stuck her finger into a hole where the knob should have been and opened it. “You’ll be in here.” “It’s a little small.” “You claustobic, or something?” “Claustrophobic, and no.” “This aint English class,” Jada put a hand on her hip. “Look, I know your plan. You told me, and I told my girls. They’ll take care of everything. All you got to do wait in here and he’ll be ready for you in ‘bout a minute. But… are you sure you want to go through with this?” “I’m sure.” “All right.” Jada pushed Brendon into the closet. “Now I got to go. A black tranny might ruin the mood for him if you know What I mean. Shhhhh.” Brendon crouched down and looked out the knob hole. He could see the couch. Jada was gone. He heard giggling coming from outside. Then a petite brunette with a beautiful figure appeared. She pulled Steven by the hand. He wore black slacks, a grey shirt, and a smile that stretched from ear to ear. “Have a seat,” said the brunette. A blond skipped into view, and plopped down on the couch next to Steven. Jada’s friends certainly were beautiful. If Brendon were straight, he might have jumped out that closet. “I can’t believe you’ve never been to this club,” Said the blond, pushing herself closer to Steven. “I usually go to The Castle,” Steven said. “But I’d have come here more if I knew they had ladies like you here.” The girls giggled. Brendon nearly gagged. “How is such a great guy like you single?” Said the brunette. “I had a girl, but now I’m taking a little time for myself.” “Hopefully you have time for us.” The blond squeezed his shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss. They locked lips. Then the brunette grabbed him and took her turn. They had their hands all over him. Steven was getting into. He couldn’t have gotten much action this school year spending his days following the club around. The Brunette leaned back and squeezed his arm. “Do you work out? You feel strong.” “Well I used to. I guess I still have some muscle left, and I do bicep curls sometimes just to stay toned.” Steven raised his pathetic arms and flexed. Brendon would have let out a laugh if he wasn’t worried about being heard. The girls squeezed his arms and gasped. Steven smiled wider than he was when he entered the room. Any wider and his face would split. “Let’s get some drinks.” The Brunette jumped up and ran to the table with the chest. She pulled some glasses and a bottle from under it. Her back was toward Brendon but he knew what she was doing. The Blond made out with Steven passionately and kept him distracted. Moments later the brunette returned to the couch with three drinks on a tray. She handed Steven his. “Thank you.” Steven took a sip. “Old fashioned?” “With a modern twist.” The brunette smiled. Brendon smiled from behind the key hole. Steven finished his drink, and the girls continued feeling on his body. His head fell back and they stopped. The blond stood up first, followed by the brunette. Their cute smiles were replaced with serious expressions. The brunette walked over to the closet and opened the door. “He’s out like a light.” “That was fast,” Brendon said. Jada entered the room, as if she had been called. She walked to the couch and looked down at Steven. A look of worry crept over her face. She bent down and put two fingers on his neck. Then she held her hand in front of his mouth. Frantically, she grabbed at his wrists. “Fuck!” Jada shouted. “You dumb bimbos. How many pills did you give him? He’s dead!” “Dead!” Brendon fell back against the wall. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! No.” The room began to spin. Brendon felt like he was going to puke. What had he done. He just needed him knocked out. He didn’t want him to die. What am I going to do? Jada looked at him and then burst into laughter. The two girls joined in. “Gotcha! Boy, you look shook. Haahaa!” “Jada, that was not funny.” Brendon exhaled and wiped sweat from his forehead. “Then why are we laughing? But on a serious note that will be $150.” Brendon handed her the money. “Buy a new weave with it.” “He’s all yours honey,” Jada said, ignoring the hair joke. Brendon lifted Steven up and swung him over his shoulders. Hopefully my back can make it. Brendon didn’t hear anything Sunday. The club stayed in, although it was a nice day. It was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees like the day before. Aron was feeling better. Well enough that he cooked a big meal of Korean style short ribs, with stir fried vegetables and rice, and, to Brendon’s surprise, ate two plates. That Monday, though, whispers swirled around campus like the wind. In Carver Dining Hall two girls chatted about a streaker downtown. Brendon listened intently. They say he ran from Washington ave., two blocks, to West Essex and disappeared behind some bushes. In Lecture hall 5 three guys chatted about a guy tied to a lamp post near campus, wearing nothing but sneakers and his underwear. They laughed about it. “Who was it?” One said. “I’m not sure.” said another. “I heard it was a guy from my Econ class. Steve, I think,” said the third. Brendon smiled to himself and sat quietly behind them as they spoke. I wonder if the club heard yet. That evening Brendon found out that they had. Edmund mentioned it at Dinner, though he didn’t say a name. Daniel laughed. Aron said it was probably someone that got way to drunk and his friends played a prank on him. “With friends like that who needs enemies?” Edmund said. Thomas looked at Brendon all throughout dinner, but didn’t say much until they were alone. Brendon stripped down and put on his pajama bottoms. He remained shirtless as he jumped into bed next to Thomas, causing his lover to bounce slightly. He felt a slight throbbing in his back. Perhaps carrying Steven all that way wasn’t the smartest move. This might increase my recovery time. Thomas leaned over to him and whispered in his ear. “I know what you did. I heard it was Steven that was tied to the post naked and I immediately knew it was you.” Brendon looked him in the eyes. “I did it for you.” “Did you really write all over him with a marker?” Thomas began to rub Brendon’s crotch. “Just a few words, oh, Thief, liar, hypocrite…mmm.” Thomas rubbed harder and faster as Brendon’s eight-inch cock stiffened. “and faggot.” Brendon grabbed Thomas’ shirt and peeled it off of him revealing his lover’s tight lean torso. He began to kiss and lick Thomas’ pecs, then up his neck, to his mouth. Thomas pushed down Brendon’s pants and Brendon returned the favor. Now, fully naked, Brendon turned Thomas over, ignoring the discomfort in his back, and squirted a shot of lube onto his stiff manhood. He pushed himself into Thomas’ asshole and began to pound his lover. Thomas grabbed the sheets and moaned with pleasure as Brendon grabbed and slapped his ass between thrusts. The bed shook into the night. Thirty: Steven The last thing Steven remembered was the feeling of the girls’ hands on his body. Then he awoke outside, naked, save for his boxers and sneakers, tied to a lamp post. He frantically tried to free himself, pulling at the ropes. Gawks and laughter filled the air around him as the late-night partiers and very early risers filled the sidewalk around him. How did I get here? What did those girls do to me? What was in that drink? He pulled his hands out of the ropes after much effort and then undid the binding on his feet. He ran down the sidewalk on stiff joints. His head pounded like his brain was trying to push its way out. A group of girls turned a corner in front of him and he darted to the side to hide behind a tree. Steven made his way down the sidewalk. Upon catching a glimpse of himself in a storefront window he noticed that his skin had been written on. One word in particular caught his attention: Faggot. It was sprawled across his forehead. Wasn’t that what the Lambdas did to Thomas? He rubbed at the word. It smudged slightly. He spat on his hand and tried again with little improvement. Permanent marker. He would have to deal with it later. You were conned little faggot. Did you really think those girls were interested in a cocksucker like you? The voice in his head taunted him. You should have been home jerking off to pictures of Edmund and the club instead of trying to get laid with girls way out of your league. You’re just a little faggot. Accept it and move on. “No! I’m not a faggot,” Steven shouted and then quickly looked around to see if anyone had heard. Steven ran home as if the voice in his head was chasing him and he could outrun it. He couldn’t. The club did this to me. I know it. They broke the truce. Steven was fuming. He had fully expected the club to uphold its end of the bargain. They played you. The voice in his head began again. Not only are they better looking than you, but they are smarter, too. No. The gears in Steven’s head began to turn. If they were smart, they wouldn’t have broken a deal with me. They think having me run down the street half naked is humiliating wait until I show them what humiliation is. I can’t take them down alone. I see that now. But if the weight of the whole campus fell down upon them, they wouldn’t be able to stand no matter how big and strong they were. They will fall and I’ll still keep my end of the bargain. I won’t touch them of their property. With the campus’ help I won’t have to. Their friends, their families, their teachers, everyone will do it for me. They’ll be driven and I will have won. Steven was feeling quite good with himself despite the fact that he was standing outside, half-naked in the cool night air. You think you’re so smart. All this because you won’t admit what you are. The voice spoke. The club didn’t make you a muscle loving homo. You were always that way. They just helped you realize a truth that you can’t handle. Steven didn’t understand. What was happening to him? It was the voice that gave him the idea to attack the club. Now it seemed like the same voice wanted him to give-up and live some homo lifestyle. No! He wouldn’t. The club could not win. The club would not win. All he had to do was decide when to enact his plan. There was no rush. Springtime, the time of new beginnings. Steven walked up to his apartment and forced a window open. He crawled in and immediately began packing bags. He would have no more unexpected visits from the club. No more negotiations. No more talking.
  7. Twenty-Seven Pt 1: Edmund Ed made his way up to Steven’s door. He intended to put a stop to this petty war once and for all. Daniel walked beside him and, true to his word, Brendon did not. They hadn’t seen the house in daylight before. It was a dirty white colonial with a grey shingle roof. “I don’t see his car,” Daniel said, looking up and down the street. “No lights. House looks empty.” Edmund knocked anyway. There was no answer. He looked around the neighborhood, and saw no one milling about on the Friday afternoon. “This isn’t a problem,” Edmund said. “It’ll give us the chance to explore a little bit.” “Explore?” “Yeah, explore.” Edmund grinned. He grabbed the window nearest the door and tried to force it up. It didn’t budge. “Breaking and entering doesn’t seem like the best way to solve this.” Daniel crossed his arms. “I want to know more about this guy. He and his friend went through our place and saw god knows what. Hardly seems fair that he knows more about us than we know about him.” Edmund tried another window. “We could be in and out in no time if you’d help.” Daniel walked around the house. Edmund went the opposite direction, trying each window as he went. When he made it to the back, Daniel was nowhere to be seen. “Dan,” Edmund called in a hushed voice. “Dan.” The back door swung open and Daniel stood inside. “Your idea, yet I’m the one that gets it done,” He said, smugly. Edmund rushed in. “What would I do without you Dan?” “You’d do it yourself.” The house was two floors and a basement. According to Joseph the top floor and basement were converted into separate apartments with their own side entrances. Steven had the first floor to himself, consisting of a bedroom, a kitchen, a small bathroom, and a very small sitting room. The largest room was by far the bedroom which was setup in what would have been the living room before the house was converted. The hallway from the backdoor led straight to it. Joseph had informed them that the upstairs apartment was currently unoccupied and the woman who lived downstairs was hardly ever home during the day. Daniel entered the bedroom first. “Strange setup.” “Strange setup for a strange person.” Edmund replied. He looked at the dark décor, taking in the ambience. Black curtains, pulled tight, coupled with dark wood furniture. Only a sliver of light crept in illuminating a spot on the disheveled black bed. Black. Black. Black. Everything was so dark. Edmund flipped the light switch and crouched down to looked under the bed. He saw a dusty pair of 30 pound dumbbells and a resistance band. Edmund wondered if Steven worked out. Perhaps that could be a jumping point in the conversation, a common interest they could bond over to better understand each other. “look. A notebook. Maybe it’s a diary with all his deepest darkest emo thoughts.” Daniel made a goofy grin as he picked up the book and dangled it by a corner. Edmund took it from him and immediately opened it. As his eyes perused the pages of hastily written text, his expression of interest mixed with one of shock. “What’s it say?” Edmund paused a moment before answering him. He was too engrossed in what he was reading. “Some really interesting shit.” Edmund began to read: “Thomas, the herald came to me in the night. His shirtless body, lean and tight. He shined with oil and pushed me to the bed. ‘I’ve come to prepare you for your master.’ He said, as he began to undress me. The muscle herald started with my socks, pulling them off one by one. He then lifted my shirt over my head and ran his hands down my body to unzip my pants.” “My cock grew hard like steel as I felt his lean, brown, bulging muscles brush against my soft, pale skin. The herald pulled my pants off and began to flick my throbbing manhood, teasing and stroking it. ‘You are ready,’ The herald said. ‘He’s coming.’” “The door to my room swung open and in entered Edmund Moreno. The muscle god stood before me wearing only black posing trunks. He shooed his herald away. Edmund’s body was a sculpted work of art. Massive muscles on top of massive muscles. The height, the width, the thickness. He had it all. Edmund flexed, seeming to grow before my eyes. I creamed myself instantly. Edmund moved towards me as cum dripped down my stomach. I pushed myself upward in my bed. “‘Come to me. Pleasure your master,’ Edmund demanded. ‘Yes master,’ I replied. I moved to him. His massive cock pushed his trunks away from his body revealing a thick mat of pubic hair. I released his python from its confinement and began to suck it. As I blew him I let my hands explore as far as they could reach. I rubbed him from his mountainous traps, past his meaty pecs, over his chiseled abs, around his bulbous glutes, and down his thick quads. “When my master was ready he filled my mouth with his thick semen. I swallowed it with pleasure. Edmund grabbed my hair and pulled my head back while I was still on my knees. He patted my cheek. ‘You did good,’ said the muscle god. ‘Same time tomorrow.’ He turned from me and walked back out the door, disappearing into the darkness of the night. The door closed behind him without him even touching it.” “Holy shit!” Daniel said. “There are others.” Edmund flipped though the book. “They all seem to be similar. Fantasies…about us, mostly me.” Edmund experienced a moment of realization. Steven’s girlfriend had said she thought he was gay. That’s why she was going to breakup with him. “He’s a self-loathing homosexual,” Edmund said. “and he’s taking it out on us. He hates himself for liking us!” Daniel pushed out his lower lip and squinted slightly, then shook his head in agreement. Edmund put the notebook back on the desk. “Let’s go. We’ll wait for him outside.” By the time they reached the back door, the front opened. Steven was home. Twenty-Seven Pt 2: Steven He heard his back door close. Was it the wind? He didn’t recall leaving it unlocked, though he had made that mistake before. He went to investigate and nearly dropped his bag. Edmund Moreno and Daniel Hogan stood by his backdoor. Edmund’s hand was on the knob. “Good afternoon. Hope you don’t mind. It was open.” Steven stared at Edmund, frozen, like a deer in headlights. He had not felt this way since the last time he saw him, naked beside his girlfriend. That time he was left unable to talk to him. He had run, but this time he would not. This was his home. “Get the fuck out of my apartment.” Steven spoke forcefully, attempting to sound intimidating. He stood up straight, puffed out his chest, and looked at the intruders, unblinking. They did not move. “No,” Edmund said. Steven’s chest immediately deflated. The ‘no’ was said with such authority in Edmunds’ deep manly voice, Steven’s house might as well have been his now. “We came to talk,” the muscle god continued. “And we’re not leaving until the three of us come to an agreement.” “Breaking in to my house doesn’t make it look like you came to talk.” Steven backed away from them slowly. “Don’t lecture us about breaking and entering. Joseph didn’t steal our weights by himself.” Edmund said. Daniel nodded in agreement “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Steven retorted. “Do you want to keep score.” Edmund held up his hand. “Attacking our website, throwing out our supplements, steeling our weights, having us attacked.” With each item on the list he held up a finger. “We fucked your car. That’s four to one in your favor. I’d say we have three more wrongs we could do against you before we make it right, but we’re not going to. We’re going to be the bigger men.” Steven wondered if Edmund had made that pun intentionally. The subtle bounce of his pecs and a sly smirk after he said it confirmed that he did. ‘Be the bigger men’. Edmund’s way of reminding him who he was dealing with. If they wanted, they could overpower him, do anything they wanted to him and he would be helpless. They were the bigger men. “What do you want?” Steven asked. “A truce. You don’t bother us. We don’t bother you. We both forget everything that happened. And you write a written apology to Thomas with a gift to the club. It’s the least you could do.” “What happened to Thomas?” Steven furled his eyebrows. “Don’t play dumb,” Daniel chimed in. “He was jumped last night.” “It wasn’t me.” Steven said, shaking his head. “Evidence points to the Lambdas and we know they were following your lead when they jumped us,” Edmund said. “Quite frankly I’m letting you off easy. I saw Thomas’ face. If I wasn’t sick of this little back and forth I’d have let Brendon come over here and break a few of your bones.” “No, he’d have killed you.” Daniel said. “We didn’t want a murder on our hands.” Steven frowned. The lambdas! Those idiots must have wanted revenge for being so badly beaten. He had planned to have the club members jumped separately, but he wasn’t going to use the Lambdas to do it and he certainly hadn’t planned it out yet. For the first time since his began his plan to take down the club, he felt regret. He wasn’t regretful for starting it. He was regretful for getting the Lambdas involved. The Gentlemen. Ha! More like The Braindead. Now he was being blamed for their macho display of idiocy, and he knew nothing he could say could convince the club he wasn’t involved, after all he is the obvious suspect. But he could try... “The lambdas acted on their own when they attacked Thomas,” Steven said. Edmund smiled. “Maybe so, but you know it’s your fault. A written apology and a gift, like an assortment of supplements- creatine, protein, pre-workout, etcetera, a few hundred dollars’ worth, at least. And we leave each other alone. That’s the deal. You get off pretty good. If you want a war, though…” Edmund removed his jacket. He patted Daniel on the shoulder and he did the same. Then the two muscle gods peeled off their tight shirts, revealing their thick, powerful muscles. They didn’t flex. They didn’t smile. They just stood their letting Steven take in their appearance. They were bigger than Steven had ever seen them. Bigger than in his fantasies. They walked toward him, backing him into a wall. Steven seemed to shrink in their presence. His body was covered in the shadows cast by their wide frames. “You don’t want a war.” Edmund said. “We have a deal,” Steven said, smiling nervously. “A Truce.” His voice was weak. He extended his hand. Daniel shook it first. Then Edmund. His grip was like a vice. Whereas Daniel had shook his hand halfheartedly, Edmund held on for an inordinate amount of time staring him coldly in the eyes. He wouldn’t let go as Steven began to grimace in pain. Instead, he kept squeezing tighter, the cords of muscle in his thick forearm rippling, veins popping out. The bones in Steven’s hand were pushed together and Just before he collapsed to his knees in pain, Edmund let go and flashed a smile. “Felt like you were trying to break my hand.” “Absolutely not,” Edmund said. Then he leaned In and whispered. “I just wanted you to know I could.” God, he’s so strong and hot, Steven thought. And he’s so close I could just turn my head and kiss him. No, No! What are you saying? Don’t be a faggot. Pull yourself together! The two muscle gods put their shirts and jackets back on and left out the back door without another word. Steven let out a breath for the first time in what seemed like ages. He ran to his bathroom and masturbated, furiously. He was angry, but horny. God they’re assholes, but they’re so hot. No! they’re not hot, that’s not what I mean…I…oh God. When he had blown his load, he walked into his bedroom and slumped into his desk chair, defeated. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the notebook that held his deepest fantasies. That’s not where I left it. His heart sank. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Aron He had been feeling better for a few days. His coughing had subsided and his throat didn’t feel quite as sore but the reprieve was short-lived. Aron was hit with a terrible case of the flu. His whole body ached, the dry chest-born cough returned, his mind was a fog, and he ran a temperature of 101 degrees. He had forgotten his flu shot this year. His mind was focused steadfastly on two things: classwork and, most importantly, serving the club. In taking care of them he forgot to take care of himself, however. “I’m so sorry master,” he had told Edmund over the phone. “But I can’t serve you for a few days. I can’t risk getting any of you sick. You’re gains might be affected. I can barely eat and If that happened to any of you…” “Fine. I’ll grant you sick time,” Said Edmund. “Get better soon. We can’t have you gone too long.” “Thank you. I’ll be over as soon as I’m better.” Aron got worse. On the third day of his absence Aron heard a knock on his dorm room door. He was curled snuggly in bed beneath two layers of sheets. He felt cold all the time now. Aron’s roommate answered the door, revealing Edmund standing in the hall. He held a Tupperware container in one of his gloved hands. Aron wanted to leap out of bed at the site of him, and into his strong arms, but not in front of Jason. “Uh, hi.” Jason said. “Hello, I’m Edmund. You must be Aron’s roommate, Jason?” Edmund extended a hand. And Jason shook it. Edmund’s jacket was open revealing a thin v neck shirt that showed off his beautiful chest. Aron could tell Jason was impressed by Edmund’s size. He worked out and had a reasonably nice build (Aron had seen him shirtless often), but nothing like Edmund’s. “Yeah, you must be a friend of Aron’s,” Jason said, moving aside so Edmund could enter. Aron and Edmunds eyes met briefly as Edmund sat the Tupperware down on Aron’s desk. He removed his coat, revealing his thick arms, now starting to show more definition from his cut. Aron noticed Jason’s eyes widen as he stared at Edmund. The look on his face was that of envy and awe. “How you feeling little man?” “Not too good, but I’ll survive. I’ve dealt with the flu before.” “The Flu!” Edmund said. “Well then you definitely need this.” He held up the Tupperware. “I made chicken soup. It’s my mom’s recipe with a little hot pepper.” “You cooked for me?” Aron was shocked. “I can cook, you know.” Edmund said, almost annoyed. “I didn’t mean it like that-” “I know what you meant.” Edmund pulled Aron’s desk chair around to the bed. “Oh, Jason I see you have a microwave. Mind heating this up for us?” Edmund handed him the soup and sat down, without waiting for a response. That wasn’t a request. “Sure.” Jason put the soup in his microwave immediately. He even grabbed one of his own bowls and spoons and gave them to Edmund. When the soup was ready, Jason poured some soup into the bowl and smiled at Edmund. “Thank you.” Edmund said. He handed the bowl to Aron. “Eat up.” Aron stuck his arms out of his sheet cocoon and tasted the soup. It was delicious. Edmund could cook! He slurped at the soup, burning his tongue. He didn’t want to eat it slowly, it was so good. As he ate, he looked at Edmund and wondered if the soup was good because of what was in it or because of who it was from. He didn’t expect to see Edmund that day and he didn’t expect such a gift from his master. He wished Jason wasn’t there so he could be alone with him. “So, Edmund What to you do for your arms?” Jason asked out of the blue. Oh great he hardly talks all year, now he wants to have a conversation. “Preacher curls, hammer curls, reverse grip curls, 21s, tricep pulldowns, skull crushers, and dips.” Edmund rattled the exercises off like he’s answered the question a hundred times. Aron knew he had left out a few exercises, though. Jason reached his hand out. “How big are your-” “You know,” Edmund began. “I want to have a conversation with my friend.” “Oh yeah, yeah. It’s lunch time anyway.” Jason got up and left the room. He flexed his tricep as he walked by his mirror full length mirror, no doubt comparing it to Ed’s in his mind. Edmund opened his mouth to begin to speak, but was immediately interrupted when Jason re-entered the room. “Forgot my coat.” He said, before running out again. Aron and Edmund shared a laugh, but then Edmund’s face grew serious. “Take those sheets off,” He said. Aron sat the soup beside his bed. He paused. It was the first time he wanted to refuse one of Edmund’s commands. Edmund grabbed the sheet from him. “Just as I thought.” Edmund said. “You’re wasting away.” Aron rubbed his knobby arms. Edmund was right. Aron didn’t know how much he weighed, but he knew he was the lightest he had ever been. “I guess I haven’t been eating much lately, the flu-” “Don’t blame the flu,” Edmund said. “We noticed this a while ago.” “You’ve done a good job serving us, but you’ve got to take care of yourself, too. I’ve seen you cook a huge meal and not eat any of it.” “I want to make sure you all eat enough.” Edmund laughed. “As much as you cook, that’s not a problem. Don’t think I don’t know that by the time you’re done serving us and get back to campus all the dining halls are closed so you go without dinner. From now on you sit at the table with us, and eat a full plate when we eat.” Edmund got up and sat on the bed. “I like a thin guy, the contrast turns me on, but I don’t like them anorexic looking.” “That sounds great.” Aron beamed. “But now you’re coming back to the club house with me.” Edmund stood up. “I can’t work.” “No, I’m going to take care of you. Nurse you back to health.” “That’s all wrong master. I should be taking care of you. Not the other way around.” Edmund looked away and let out a tired sigh. “I don’t see you as just a slave anymore. I see you as a boyfriend.” “What?” Aron’s eyes grew wide. He had imagined he would hear those words one day but now that he finally did, he wasn’t sure he had heard correctly. Edmund, my boyfriend? What have I done to deserve that? “And besides, what kind of master wouldn’t take care of his property?” Edmund grinned. “What if I get you all sick?” “Don’t worry about. We all had the flu shot.” Edmund put on his jacket. “Come on, get dressed.” Aron did so, and the two walked out of the dorm side by side. He looked up at his boyfriend and thought how thankful he was that he ran into Brendon that day, nearly 8 months ago.
  8. Twenty-Five: Steven He couldn’t believe Joseph had betrayed him. His friend had joined the enemy. The club had their weights back. And on top of that Joseph refused to attack the club’s website again. His leverage was gone along with his anonymity. Steven sat in his room with the windows shut. He sulked in the dim light, tapping his leg repeatedly, thinking about his car. It cost him over $1000 to fix. He had to borrow half of it from his father. Assholes! They had the chance to give in. Instead they want a war. But there’s four of them and only one of me. Steven stood up and paced his room. He was shirtless, having just showered, and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He stopped and stared, disgusted. He sucked in his flabby middle and rubbed his hands over it, imagining a set of chiseled abs in its place. If I was a roided up freak like Edmund or Brendon I would be strong enough to challenge those fuckers directly. Steven put on a shirt so he didn’t have to look at himself any longer. No matter how big you got you’d never fight the club. A faggot like you would be on his knees, submitting his self, sucking their muscle god cocks. It’s what you want. The voice was back! Steven furled his eyebrows. He hadn’t been taunted by it in months. I will take down the club. You failed faggot. You should go to them now and beg their forgiveness. You should submit yourself to them and offer to pleasure them in any way they like. Steven shook his head furiously. No. They’ll be on their knees. You lost. No! The voice was gone. Steven had no friends who could challenge the club. At that point he wasn’t sure he had any friends at all, but he did have time. Time and cunning. ‘Don’t fuck with us’ they had written. They sent their message and thought that was all they had to do. Don’t fuck with them. Fine. I won’t touch them, but someone else could. It was an unseasonably warm day for winter and the club was wearing light jackets instead of winter coats. Steven watched them from a distance, wearing a fake goatee and aviators. He decided to take no chances. The club walked down French street and turned onto Carlyle Ave. They would meet a surprise. Two days before Steven had paid a visit to the Alpha Kappa Lambda house. He had long ago heard about an arm-wrestling match between Edmund and a member of The Gentlemen at the fateful party last semester. Edmund had humiliated him and The Gentlemen are not ones to forget. Steven had an Economics class with two of them, Vincent and Mark. He noticed they had grown over the course of the school year, gaining at least 20 pounds each. Apparently meeting Edmund had inspired them to get buff. They wouldn’t lose an arm-wrestling competition again. Steven stole the Lambda mascot from their front porch. It was a lightweight fiberglass figure of a British aristocrat. The sleeves of his coat were torn off revealing his bare arms, one of which was tattooed with the Lambda letters. The man held a beer in his hand. The statue was a gift from the Lambda’s sister sorority and they cherished it so Steven knew taking it would strike a nerve. He stuffed it in his car and put it in front of the club’s house while they were all in class. Time was of the essence. Steven knew the Lambdas would be out looking for their mascot almost immediately but he had to be sure they saw it in front of the Club’s house before any of the members got back. The Lambdas would most likely think the theft was perpetrated by another Fraternity. Most Fraternities had houses on the club’s side of town. Steven stood just down the street from the Club’s house at the intersection of two busy streets. He wore his backpack. When he saw Vincent and Mark walking hurriedly towards him, he put on a smile and began to casually walk down the side walk. The two gentlemen looked from side to side as they walked. “Hey!” Steven said with a smile. “Vincent and Mark, right?” “Yeah,” Mark replied, still looking around him. “You’re in the Ms. Lang’s Macroeconomics class, right?” “Yeah, Steven.” He gestured to himself and shook both Lambda’s hands. “Glad I ran into you.” Steven removed his backpack and took out his Economics notebook. He glanced at Vincent, who was looking restless. He would have to make it quick. “Did you catch what chapter the professor said was most important for the extra credit project. I e-mailed her but she never got back to me.” “It was chapter 15,” Vincent said, curt. “Let’s go.” He tapped Mark on the shoulder. “The Phi house is right down this street.” “You guys are friends with the Phis?” “No, someone stole our mascot. We’re looking for it.” Mark replied. Vincent groaned. “You guys are lambda’s right? I went to one of your parties last semester. It was awesome.” “Thanks.” Said Mark. Steven made his eyes wide and let his mouth fall agape. He pointed his finger at the air and shook it slowly. “Wait a minute. Your mascot…It’s a British type gentleman in a sleeveless suit? He was outside at the party.” “Yeah.” Mark said. His eyes narrowed. “I saw him today. It just registered when you said it was stolen.” Vincent leaned forward. “You saw it! You’re sure?” “I literally just passed it. In fact, I know the people who live in the house. They’re assholes.” “Show us.” Steven led them to the club’s house and pointed at the fiber glass statue in the yard. It was visible through the gate. “That’s it.” Kevin opened the gate and ran to the mascot. Vincent and Steven were close behind. “I wouldn’t stay here too long. They could come back any moment.” “Well I want to meet them,” Mark said. “You don’t want to,” Steven said “They’re assholes, with tempers. They take whatever they want. One of them cheated on his girlfriend with my girlfriend causing us to break up. I confronted him and then his three friends threatened my life.” Steven took out his phone and showed The Gentlemen a picture of Edmund. “That’s the guy from the party,” Vincent said. “You sure?” asked Mark. “I definitely remember that cocky SOB.” Steven smiled briefly, but quickly wiped it away. He didn’t want to look too thrilled. “Sounds like you’ve got an axe to grind against them, too?” Steven said. “Oh, Yes.” Vincent nodded. “Well I can figure out where they’ll be in 2 days.” Steven said. “Let’s talk someplace else.” Steven was true to his word. He told them where the club would be. Since he had followed them for so long it was easy. He recommended they bring two of their biggest friends... The club walked out of Steven’s sight. He quickly changed his position so he could see the show. The club walked down the quiet street side by side. Steven could only see their backs. Any moment now. Suddenly 4 figures leapt from the woods, two on one side of the street and two on the other. They were all dressed in dark pants and black hoodies. Their faces were obscured with ski masks. On figure held a heavy stick. One wore brass knuckles. The two largest had no weapons. They simply held their fists up. The club looked at each other and then towards the masked figures, clearly startled. What must they be thinking? Steven smiled. He couldn’t wait to see the club sprawled out on the ground in pain, their egos crushed. Without warning Brass Knuckles lunged at Daniel. He threw a punch but Daniel blocked it, returning a brutal blow to the Gentleman’s stomach. Stick swung at Brendon. He grabbed the stick and wrested it from the Gentleman’s grasp. Brendon swung the stick across his attacker’s face, blood spraying from his mouth. At the same time the two largest attackers ran into Thomas and Edmund. Thomas landed on his back with his attacker on top of him. He grabbed his attacker’s arms to keep from getting hit. Edmund traded blows with his attacker, mostly body shots. They let out a grunt with every blow. Brendon turned from his attacker to pull the gentleman off of Thomas. He threw him back. Thomas immediately stood up and shouted a warning. Brendon’s attacker was coming from behind with his stick in hand. Brendon grabbed the stick and, this time, broke it across his knee. He threw the pieces into the woods. Brendon grabbed his now weaponless attacker and in an impressive show of power he lifted him over his head and threw him back to the ground. The gentleman let out a scream. Steven was awestruck. Brass knuckles got away from Daniel and turned his attention to Brendon. He punched the huge powerlifter in the side with all his might, but Thomas kicked him in the stomach, knocking him down. Brass knuckled doubled over in pain. Daniel punched him in the back of the head, knocking him out Edmunds attacker was now bleeding from the nose and mouth, his mask having been ripped off. Edmund had a busted lip, but otherwise seemed unharmed. He and Thomas’ first attackers were the only two gentlemen left standing. Edmund swung and with a single punch knocked one of the lambdas to the ground. Steven could have sworn he saw The Gentleman’s feet leave the ground. And then there was one. The club stared at the final attacker. He looked at them and then at his fallen companions and bolted down the street. The club had been victorious, and they did it with hardly any injuries. Steven rose from his hiding place and walked swiftly away, hanging his head in disappointment. “My fault.” Steven mumbled. “I should have had them attacked separately.” Next time he wouldn’t put so much faith in The Gentlemen. No matter how buff they got, they were no match for The Muscle Gut Club in an even fight. Chapter Twenty-Six: Brendon He sat at the dining room table wearing a black wife beater, stretched tight over his muscle gut. Daniel and Edmund sat on either side of him. Aron placed his dinner in front of him, a half a chicken, two sweet potatoes with butter, and broccoli with cheese sauce. He dove in with his fork. He loved how big he was growing and with size came strength. That morning he had managed to deadlift 650 pounds and bench 485. He remembered how easily he had lifted that fool who attack him earlier that week and the force with which he threw him to the ground. The though caused a cocky smile to creep over his face. “Some good news we should know about.” Edmund said. He was eating a baked piece of chicken breast, a small portion of brown rice and some broccoli with Italian dressing. He had been in a caloric deficit since the start of his cut, allowing himself only one small cheat meal a week and today was not one of those days. “Just smiling. Thinking how strong I’m getting.” Brendon caught Daniel rolling his eyes. “Not to brag,” he continued, “But if I keep going at this pace I should be able to deadlift close to 800 and bench over 600 by the meet.” “That’s awesome man,” said Edmund, “sadly I’m losing strength. Always happens on cut.” He flexed his arm and squeezed it with his other hand. “But I’m going to be so shanked come my show the judges will see every vein.” “How are your lifts coming, Dan.” Brendon asked. Daniel lowered his fork. He was eating the same meal as Brendon. “Going great.” “Care to elaborate,” Brendon said. “You’ll see how strong I’m getting when I beat you at the meet.” He shoved a too large piece of chicken into his mouth and began to chew.” Daniel hadn’t lifted with Brendon in several weeks outside of doing videos. Perhaps he felt his lifts were lagging and didn’t want to have to lift with someone so much stronger than him. Brendon was certain he couldn’t deadlift more than 525 or bench over 440. If he stayed that far behind him, he’d have no chance in the competition. Aron sat a glass of water in front of Edmund, a glass of whole milk in front of Brendon, and a glass of lemonade in front of Daniel. Brendon took a nice long gulp of the ice-cold milk. Refreshing. “It does a body good.” He patted Aron on the back. “Sure does. Would you like some more.” “Sure, top off the glass.” Brendon leaned to Daniel. “I’ll have a glass of milk, too.” Daniel said. Brendon smiled. He wished Thomas was there. He always got a bang out of watching Daniel copy his man. But Tom had an appointment with a supplement company he was looking to model for, Elite Nutrition, and a subsequent photo-shoot. “How do you think Tom will do?” Edmund asked. Brendon hadn’t given much thought to it. He knew Thomas would do well and wasn’t worried in the least. “He’s handsome, he’s got great aesthetics, he’s knowledgeable about fitness, has a huge Instagram following, and is likeable. He’ll get the deal.” Brendon finished his meal and sat for a while, rubbing his stuffed belly, before heading upstairs for a nap. He wanted to let his food settle a little before attempting to hit new personal records in the gym. Brendon woke, laying on his back. Twilight was just starting to creep in and his room had grown dark. He changed into a sweat suit and made his way into the hall. He heard the sound of a headboard hitting the wall in Edmund’s room. He leaned toward the door and heard Aron’s moans of pleasure. Those two at it again. He smiled. He and Thomas would probably fuck later to celebrate his contract. He walked past Daniel, studying his anatomy textbook, in the living room and entered the gym. The muscle bear put 300 pounds on the bar as a warmup and began to dead lift. He raised the bar, locked out and then lowered it to the ground, bending his legs slightly. After 14 reps he sat down to rest and took a drink of water. I think I can try 700. It was a full 50 pounds more than his previous personal record, but he felt unstoppable. He decided not to raise the weight incrementally. Instead, he threw 400 pounds onto the 300 and stared the weights down. You got this. You’re Brendon Lane, The Bull, the black Hercules. Just then he heard a door slam, and Daniel’s muffled voice. Thomas. He wanted to hear how it went straight from his mouth, to hug him and kiss him and congratulate him. The 700 pounds would have to wait. The first thing he noticed upon leaving the gym was the dried blood on his lover’s face. A face bruised and swollen, black and brown and red. ‘Faggot’ was written on his forehead in black marker. Brendon rushed to him. Daniel stood beside him with a concerned look on his face. He put his two hands on the sides of Thomas’ face to raise his head so he could look him straight in the eyes. Thomas pulled his hands down and turned away. “What happed?” Brendon asked, trembling with anger and sadness. “Three guys came out of nowhere and jumped me.” Brendon clenched his fists. “The same guys.?” “I don’t know. Maybe. It happened so fast…my ears started ringing. They’re still ringing.” Thomas collapsed on the couch. Blood dripped from a split in his lower lip as he spoke. “It had to be. They were beat by us together. Now they’re going to attack us individually, starting with the smallest one.” Brendon was fuming, looking at Thomas’ face, seeing him in pain. Edmund descended the stairs. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of boxer briefs. His cock was still semi-hard. Aron followed behind him. Wearing Edmund’s robe (that he never wore). Aron’s stick thin body swam in it. He appeared to be nude beneath it. “What the fuck!” Edmund shouted. Aron rushed forward. “Master! Oh, my god.” Thomas palmed his forehead and grimaced. “I just need some rubbing alcohol and some rest.” He stood up. Brendon went to embrace him, but Thomas was already running up the stairs. Brendon knew he hated sympathy and wouldn’t want the club making a fuss over him so he didn’t follow. He would give him his space for now. “Steven’s going to pay for this. He’ll look worse than Thomas,” Brendon said. “Let’s not escalate this anymore.” Edmund said. “This might not have been him.” Brendon looked at him, shocked. “Who else? You vandalize his car and a short time after we get jumped. After we beat their asses one of them tells some phony story about us steeling their mascot. Now a week later one of us is jumped again. It’s cause and effect, plain and simple. We know Steven was behind it. We saw with Joseph that he’s a manipulator. He manipulated the Lambdas into attacking us once. It didn’t work out so well, now he’s trying a different approach.” “Oh, I believe he had us jumped, after we fucked up his car, definitely, but this might not be him. So far, he’s been attacking us as a group. Why just target Thomas? This could be a coincidence, after-all Thomas did have to walk through a dangerous neighborhood.” “I see,” Brendon said. “You’re scared.” “Scared?” Edmund frowned. “I’m not scared.” “You were so ready to vandalize his car, but now it’s time to put hands on him, and you’re making excuses. It might not be him, my ass! Whoever beat up Thomas did it because of something Steven said and I’m going to kill him!” Brendon turned toward the door. Daniel grabbed his arm. “Edmund’s right! Let’s not escalate this any more. Maybe we can talk to him. Come to an understanding before someone really gets hurt.” Brendon growled, causing Aron to cower. He had never seen Brendon angry. “We never should have vandalized his car,” Daniel continued. “We should have de-escalated it, instead we escalated it. If this keeps going someone’s going who knows what will happen.” Edmund grabbed Brendon’s other arm. “That’s probably what he wants. We beat him up then he has grounds to try to get us expelled. No. This time we talk to him. I won’t let you make my mistake.” Brendon shook himself from their grasp and grunted. He was so mad he wanted to punch the both of them. Then he remembered the 700 pounds. “Fine, you talk to that asshole, but I’m not going. If I do I won’t be able to guarantee his safety.” Brendon stormed into the garage and stared at the 700 pounds. Angrily lifting weights might help me burn off some steam. He walked up to the weight, bent down and grabbed it. In his anger he ignored proper form. He pulled it with a forceful jerk and felt a pulling in his back. A sharp pain shot across his lumbar region and radiated down his leg. He let out a scream and dropped the weight. Brendon fell to his knees and clenched his back, tightly. He punched the mat. When he looked up Edmund, Daniel, and Aron stood at the door watching him in silence. He grimaced, holding back tears. For only the second time in his life Brendon Lane had injured himself in the gym yet he didn’t think about his back or how this would affect his competition performance. He thought only about Steven, and how he would pay for what he did to Thomas. He will pay.
  9. Twenty-Three: Aron Aron stood in the club’s living room with a broom in hand. He felt a scratchiness in his throat, but he paid it no mind. It was probably the frigid air drying his mucous membranes. His mind was focused on the club. How he loved serving them. They had grown so much since he met them and he felt a swell of pride knowing that he helped them reach their goals. Edmund was now 240 pounds of beautiful beef. He fucked Aron regularly and the little twink loved every second of it. Edmund told Aron he expected to lose 20 to 25 pounds during his cut. Aron wished Ed could be 240 pounds and lean, but one day… Brendon was 260 pounds and growing. Shortly after winter break, he included Aron in a comparison video. He and Aron wore nothing but matching underwear and participated in an eating contest (Brendon ate 12 cheeseburgers to Aron’s 2 and a half), followed by a flex off. One of Brendon’s legs was larger than both of Aron’s combined. His arms were three times Aron’s size. The video quickly became one of the most popular on the new site. Daniel was still chasing Brendon. He told Aron to prepare him special meals on top of what he prepared for the club normally. He looked as big as Brendon at 245 pounds because he was shorter, but much to his dismay he is still nowhere near as strong at Brendon. Thomas had bulked up to 170 lean pounds. Aron noticed he was eating more than usual. Brendon’s habits were apparently rubbing off on him. Or maybe there was something in Brendon’s cum. Thomas was certainly taking in enough of that. None of the club members were home, since they had started working out at a gym in town. Aron didn’t understand why the club wouldn’t go to the police. He tried to convince them, but to no avail. He could suggest things but the club was in charge and when they told him to be quiet, he shut his mouth and went back to work. Edmund confided in Aron one evening while receiving head, that he had an idea who was behind the theft of the weights, but he said no more than that. Aron swept slowly. He didn’t have to rush because he had no dinner to cook. The whole club was going to join Ed at an all you can eat buffet to celebrate the end of his bulk. They told Aron he would joining them and he couldn’t have been happier. The only thing Aron enjoyed more than the club’s muscles was watching them eat. His meals were a large part of the club’s growth. They wolfed down his massive high protein dinners ravenously. Aron mostly stood and watched, smiling. Often, he wouldn’t eat just to make sure his growing masters had enough. Perhaps that’s why his own weight had dipped to an all-time low of 95 pounds. Tonight, Aron would have the pleasure of watching the club eat large quantities of food without the work of cooking it. He coughed into his palm, just as he heard the door open. Aron turned to see the club members entering. None of them were wearing jackets despite the temperature. No doubt they needed to cool off after their workout. Each was pumped to the max. The tank tops and stringers they wore looked like they could hardly contain the swollen muscles. Both Brendon and Edmund had nipples showing. Daniels chest protruded like a shelf, and Thomas’ lean arms and shoulders were road-mapped with bulging veins. Aron’s little cock grew stiff at the site of them. Somehow after all this time he still wasn’t used to the site of his muscle masters after a hard workout. “Looks like you guys really hit your chest and shoulders hard.” “Oh yeah.” Edmund squeezed one of his pecs. “It’s been a while since we all worked out at the same time. It was fun.” Brendon smiled. “I’ll get your shakes”. Aron had all of the ingredients prepped and measured all he had to do was blend. If anything, working for the club had taught him the importance of planning ahead. Aron bought the club members their shakes. They were all seated on the couch and Edmund had removed his sweaty tank. Aron waited for the club to finish their shakes, watching their Adam’s apples bob up and down as the chugged the thick drinks. “Will you all like a snack to hold you over until the buffet?” “As much as I’d love to, I’m going to save room in the tank for dinner.” Brendon patted his muscle gut. “I’ll eat them out of business.” “None of us will be eating before the buffet,” Edmund said. “But we were all just saying how horny that workout made us.” Edmund glanced at the other club members who nodded their heads and smiled. “We would all like one of your masterful blowjobs.” “At the same time?” Aron asked. Thomas laughed. “You can only suck one cock at a time.” “And I want one of those massages you do so well.” Daniel pointed at Aron. The rest of the club joined in agreement. “Ok, so a massage and blowjob for everyone. That should get us all relaxed and loosened up after that hard work out,” Edmund said. Aron had never given full service to the whole club in one day before. The thought exited him. “Who’s first?” “Me!” Edmund stood up. He wrapped a meaty arm around Aron’s thin waist and carried him up the stairs. “You feel lighter,” Edmund remarked as he closed his bedroom door. Edmund stripped completely nude and laid on his bed while Aron rubbed him down with lotion, massaging each of his muscles. Aron stripped to his underwear and sat on Edmund’s back, cradling his master’ sides with his legs. He paid special attention to his traps and deltoids. When Aron was done with the massage he began to lick all nine inches of Edmund’s rod-like cock. He serviced it from head to balls and made Ed moan with pleasure. “Still the best.” Edmund smiled. “Now run along. The rest of the guys are waiting.” Thomas moved on to Brendon’s room. The massive weightlifter stood next to his bed. His thick 8 inch cock hung heavy below his muscle gut, which was bloated slightly from his shake. “Start with the cock, then do the rest of me.” Aron obliged his master. He stretched his mouth around Brendon’s dark brown manhood and began to suck and lick. Brendon grabbed the twinks head forcing him to deep throat it. Aron felt the cock spasm before filling his mouth with salty cum. He swallowed Brendon’s seed with a gulp, then looked up at the hulking figure. Brendon’s thick pecs partly obscured the view of his face from this angle. “Was it good?” “As always,” Brendon said. “Now the massage. Focus on the traps and back. I think I’m holding tension there.” Aron did as he asked and Brendon sent him on his way. Two down and two to go. Daniel was next. He sat on his bed in white boxers with his hands behind his head. “Finally. Get working on these muscles. I hear deep tissue massages are good for growth.” “I certainly hope so, master.” Aron rubbed Daniel down with slow, deliberate motions. He squeezed and released his master’s muscles with care. Aron wanted to make sure Daniel got the best massage, since he liked them so much. When he was finished. He moved on to Daniel’s 7.5 in cock. When he climaxed he filled Aron’s mouth with a copious amount of cum. He must not of came since fucking Sarah a week ago. “Had pineapple for lunch?” Aron said as he wiped his lips. “Yeah.” Daniel laughed. “I’m glad.” “They never get old. I’ve got to teach Sarah that thing you do with your tongue.” Thomas was the last stop. He sat at his computer, fully clothed. “Are you not ready. I can come back.” Aron turned to leave. “No. Absolutely not. I just knew I‘d be last so I thought I’d do some editing.” “I didn’t mean to do you last. I was just working my way over from Edmund’s-” Thomas raised his hand. “Think nothing of it. You’re a lot like me. We both like the big guys. It’s only natural you’d save the smallest for last. Of course, compared to you I’m not so small am I?” Thomas stood up and peeled of his tank top. He bulged in all the right places, a perfectly proportioned physique. “No master, you’re not small at all.” Aron stared at Thomas’ body. “Before we get started, I want you to take some pictures for my Instagram.” Thomas handed Aron his phone. He flexed his already tight abs tighter and stood or sat in various poses as Aron snapped photograph after photograph. When Aron was finished Thomas stripped naked. “Take one last one for the website.” Aron did so. “Now suck my cock. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of your famous blowjobs.” When Aron was finished he waited downstairs for the club to get ready. They showered and came downstairs dressed in uncharacteristically loose-fitting clothes. The must plan on eating a lot and don’t want to pop anything. Aron wished they had chosen tight clothes. The thought of them bursting out of the fabric at the table aroused him. It was 5:30 when they arrived at the Old Country Buffet. They had walked since it was only 2 miles from their house. Aron felt his throat grow sorer. “Welcome ya’ll. How many we seating?” Said a Rubenesque blonde maître d’. “Table for five.” Edmund replied. Brendon was already eyeing the buffet. He patted Aron on the shoulder. “It’s been over a year since we ate year. The food’s delicious. Just look at it.” The hulking muscle god licked his lips. The Old Country Buffet was roomy with a split-level dining area. Light wood walls were decorated with black and white photos and farm implements. Hungry Patrons crowded the buffet, loading their plates with a vast assortment of delicious looking dishes. There was prime rib, brisket, fried chicken, fried fish, meatballs, potatoes of every kind, rolls, rice dishes, assorted vegetables, and more. The dessert buffet was just as expansive. After being shown to their table the club ordered a round of soft drinks and immediately moved on to the buffet without sitting. “Time to load up boys,” Said Edmund, grabbing a tray and putting two plates on it. “We like to do two plates at a time. Makes for less trips,” Thomas said to Aron as he grabbed his own two plates. “Efficiency is king at a buffet,” Daniel said. Aron followed his master’s example and took two plates. Normally at a buffet he would just take one at a time. He looked at the other patrons circling the food island and noticed they all had one plate (filled to the edges, of course). Perhaps they thought it made them look less greedy, but the club wasn’t concerned about that. The four muscle gods were about to partake in a celebration of gluttony. They each filled their two plates with a mountain of meats and carbs, and the stray vegetable here and there. Aron filled his two plates in a similar fashion, but with more vegetables and less food overall. On the way back to the table Brendon looked at Aron’s plates and shook his head. “Too much open space. I can see the white of the plate.” He pointed to his plate. “This is how it’s done.” Brendon’s plates were so full, meat hung over the edges. If Aron ate like them, he was sure he would burst. “And too much green. That’s just filler at a buffet,” Brendon continued. “I think I’ve got all I can handle,” Aron said. “Yeah Brendon, if he eats all he’s got he did good for his size,” Edmund said, placing a hand on Aron’s shoulder. Brendon shook his head. “I just hate it when people don’t get their money’s worth at a buffet.” Everyone sat down and began to eat. Brendon and Thomas sat together on one side of the table. Little Aron was squeezed between Edmund and Daniel on the other. Their massive lats caused their arms to flair out and bump into Aron often, as they dug their knives and forks into the meat mountains before them. Aron was the filling in a muscle sandwich and couldn’t be happier. He loved how small he felt sandwiched between the two powerful studs. With every bump he felt the contrast between their thick muscular frames and his own boney frail body. Brendon let out a belch. Within 5 minutes he had finished his first round. Edmund was right behind. They went back to the buffet for 2 more plates. Daniel and Thomas were a little slower but soon they too were on a return trip to the buffet. Aron had only just finished his first plate when the club members returned with plates just as overflowing as their first and ate like they were starved. Aron imagined their muscles growing as they ate, bigger and bigger, so big they pushed the table and chairs apart and Aron was squeezed so tight between the walls of muscle that he couldn’t move. Aron was half way finished with his second plate when he leaned back and patted his little belly. He was full and had no desire to finish. Brendon, who by this time had just finished his sixth plate looked at him with disappointment. “Looks like someone is full.” Brendon shook his head and pointed. The rest of the club looked at Aron. Edmund and Brendon were finishing their fifth plates. Thomas, his fourth. As he looked at their faces Aron felt even smaller than normal. “I’m just done guys. My stomach isn’t that big.” Aron pushed his plate away. Brendon immediately grabbed it and prepared to pour its contents onto his own plate. He paused and looked at Edmund. “Here, we’re celebrating the end of your bulk so...” He gave the plate to Edmund. “Brendon gives up food. Am I in an alternate reality?” Daniel said. The club laughed. “Well I don’t think it’s right that you should just sit there while we eat. We’re only half done.” Brendon smiled. Edmund leaned back. “I know where this is going. Hop to it Aron.” Aron immediately understood the implication. “Right away masters.” As Aron scurried to the buffet a thought crept from the back of his mind. Edmund didn’t call me slave. Aron was used to the other club members calling him by his name, but not Edmund. Aron loaded up two plates and bought them to Brendon. He then bought two plates to Edmund, followed by Daniel and Thomas. As each club member finished a plate Aron hurried to bring them a replacement. They ate as fast as he could bring the food. After Brendon’s Tenth plate he leaned bag and patted his distended muscle gut. “Good thing I wore the pants with the expandable waste. You can get me two plates of dessert and that will top this meal off just right.” Aron did as he was told and Brendon dove into a slice of cheesecake. “I’ll take two plates of dessert, too.” Thomas said “One for me.” Said Daniel. “I’ll take two.” Edmund said. After the club had cleaned their plates Aron counted the totals in his head. Brendon had eaten 12 plates of food, Edmund, 11. Daniel managed 9 and Thomas, 8. Thomas raised his shirt and looked down. “God, I look pregnant.” His lean abs were distended giving his torso the look of a tortoise shell. The buttons on Edmund’s button up shirt were stretched, as were Daniels. Brendon moaned with both hands on his gut. He almost seemed in pain, but he was smiling. Serving then had worked up Aron’s appetite and seeing them eat so much had given him motivation to eat just a little more. He left them to their food comas and went to the dessert bar for a slice of apple pie. Aron began eating the pie as he walked back to the table, but he stopped suddenly. He heard a sound. PSSSSSTT! Aron looked around him and saw guy standing in the hallway that led to the bathrooms. Their eyes met. “Aron.” The guy whispered, and motioned toward him. Aron was certain he didn’t know him, but he looked vaguely familiar. Perhaps he had seen him around campus. Aron glanced back at the club, who seemed to notice nothing. Brendon, looked half asleep. He walked over to the guy, who immediately grabbed him and pulled him into the men’s bathroom. “What the-. Do I know you?” “No. But I know you.” The guy pulled out his phone and bought up a picture. He showed it to Aron. “That’s the research assistant from the engineering lab. You know him? He’s real nice-” “He stole your masters’ weights.” “He, uh, he…what now.” Disbelief crept over Aron’s face. “And I helped him.” The guy said. “My name is Joseph and I’m here to make things right.” Aron stood silent for a while. He listened as Joseph told him about the first time he stole Aron’s key, and hacked the club’s website. Joseph spoke about Steven’s obsession, his goal to break down the club, the lies, copying the key, stealing the weights, and disposing of the supplements. When Joseph finished speaking, Aron wanted to punch him and then punch himself repeatedly. This was all his fault. How could I be so stupid? Why didn’t I keep the key on me at all time? Why would I put it in my fucking bag and then leave it unattended? The club trusted me and I let them down. “Look. I know I just dropped a bomb on you, but If you could go get Thomas, only Thomas, and bring him here so I can talk to him.” Aron was about to ask why he wanted Thomas, then he laughed, realizing that Joseph wanted to talk to the smallest member of the club. It offered his best chance of survival if he had to fight. “Yeah, I’ll get Thomas for you.” Along with the rest of the club asshole. “Just stay right here.” Aron returned moments later. He and Thomas entered the bathroom. Joseph had started to sweat. “You’re the guy that hacked our site, and stole our weights and supplements?” “I was tricked into believing you deserved it. I just-” “Sounds like a confession to me.” Thomas walked over to the bathroom door and pulled it open. In walked Edmund, Daniel, and Brendon. Aron smiled. He was sure they lined up in that order intentionally so Joseph would see their increasing size. Each one larger and more powerful than the next. The immense, stuffed, muscle gods crowded into the bathroom. It was hardly large enough for them all. The look on Joseph’s face was that of pure fear. “I said just Thomas!” “You’re in no position to shout.” Brendon lunged forward, grabbed Joseph by the jacket and lifted him up off the ground. He pressed Joseph against the wall. “Aron said you stole his key because someone told you to,” Edmund said. “Who?” “You should know. You met him after you fucked his girlfriend.” “I knew it!” Edmund said. The rest of the club looked at him, surprised. “I mean I had a hunch. Put him down Brendon.” Brendon lowered him to the ground, scowling the whole time. Joseph straightened his jacket. He looked relieved to be on solid ground. A patron entered the bathroom and stopped, briefly to stare at the four bloated bodybuilders staring at a startled looking guy. “It’s occupied.” “I gotta piss,” Said the patron. “I said get the fuck out.” Edmund said it calmly, but cold. The patron stared at the club’s muscles straining their shirts, turned and left. “Talk!” Edmund said to Joseph. “Look. I don’t agree with you guys’ lifestyle.” Joseph glanced at Aron. “But I gotta make things right. I talked to Steven and his ex. Something just wasn’t adding up. He said you raped her…” “That’s a lie!” Edmund said. “I know!” Joseph held his hands up defensively. “I know that now. I’m sorry for my part in all of this. I know where your weights are. That’s why I’m here. To tell you so you can get them. I was going to do it at your place, but I followed you here, because I figured, uh, well I just wanted to do this in a more public place.” Daniel, who was silent throughout it all, let out a muted laugh. “Coward,” he mumbled. “We thank you for that, but where our weights are, isn’t all you’re going to tell us.” Edmund pulled Joseph forward by his arm. The Bathroom door opened suddenly. The restaurant manager entered with the patron Edmund had kicked out behind him, looking smug. “Excuse me, but you guys can’t hog the bathroom.” “We were just leaving,” Brendon said, before grabbing Joseph’s other arm. Edmund and Brendon led Joseph out of the bathroom. Thomas and Daniel followed. Aron was last. He walked slowly, finally finishing his pie. Chapter 24: Daniel Daniel crouched behind a cedar hedge. Cold air nipped at his nose and the sound of a car alarm filled the quiet street. Edmund was to his right. Thomas to his left. Brendon was waiting in Joseph’s car. They had sent Aron home after dinner, much to his dismay. As they waited for Steven to make his appearance, Daniel thought about the night’s events. It had taken quite a bit of coaxing but the club convinced Joseph to tell them where Steven lived. He had just wanted to tell them where their weights were and leave, but the club had other plans. They had made Joseph drive them to the location of the weights: Joseph’s family storage locker. Once Joseph opened the locker they made him load his car with as many weight as could fit, and drive them to the club’s house. Three trips were required and Joseph did all of the lifting. They watched as Joseph put every weight back in its proper spot. When he was ready to leave, Edmund stopped him. “Now where does Steven live and what kind of car does he drive?” Edmund had asked. Joseph was breathing heavily and sweating despite the winter temperatures. No doubt moving those weights by himself had been one hell of a workout for someone so out of shape. “You got your weights back. It’s over.” Joseph turned, but Edmund and Brendon grabbed his arms. Daniel and Thomas moved in front of him. “This isn’t over until we say it is.” Daniel had said. “Now Ed asked you a question.” Joseph struggled to break free but his flabby computer nerd muscles were no match for the club’s strength. They pulled him inside of the garage and closed the door. Brendon squeezed Joseph’s left bicep and the nerd screamed out in pain. “That wasn’t even my full grip strength,” Brendon said. “Where is Steven and what car does he drive.” “You’re not going to hurt him, are you?” Joseph asked. “No.” Edmund said. “He knows where we live, don’t you think it’s fair we should know the same about him.” Joseph said nothing. Brendon twisted his arm. “OK, OK,” Joseph screamed. “42 West Lawrence Ave. He drives a silver Honda Accord.” “He could be lying.” Thomas said. “I’m not!” “We’ll know tonight.” Edmund said. “Joseph you’re our chauffeur.” “I’m not lying, honest. Just don’t hurt him. He deserves payback but-” “We won’t hurt him. Let’s go.” Edmund yanked at Joseph. “We’re visiting Steven tonight.” “He’s sleeping now.” Joseph protested. Daniel laughed. “Who gives a fuck.” Joseph drove the club to 42 West Lawrence Ave. As they drove by, they noticed the silver Honda parked in front. There were no lights inside. “Park on the next block over.” Edmund said. “I thought we were going to confront him.” Daniel said. “We are.” Edmund pulled a knife from his pocket. “Holey shit!” Joseph exclaimed. The car swerved. “Eyes on the road!” Thomas screamed. “Lier! You said you weren’t going to hurt him, but you’re…you’re going to kill him.” “Calm down poindexter. This is for his tires. He cost us quite a bit of money now it’s time for us to return the favor.” Daniel didn’t like the sound of this. He didn’t want the club to get caught in a spiral of revenge. “I thought the plan was to scare him into leaving us alone,” Daniel said. “That’s what we’re doing. If he doesn’t leave us alone after what we do to his car then he’s next.” Edmund smiled. “Sounds like a winner to me.” Brendon said. Thomas agreed. “I’m a witness,” Joseph said “And If you do this, I’ll tell the cops.” Joseph turned his head up proudly and crossed his arms as if the case was settled. Daniel placed a large hand on the top of Joseph’s scalp and turned the nerds head to face him. “You won’t If you like having use of your arms.” Brendon said, firmly. Joseph gulped. Edmund took a pin and paper from his jacked and began to scribble down a note. “Let’s go.” “I’ll watch our friend.” Brendon put his arm around Joseph’s shoulders and shook him. Daniel, Edmund, and Thomas pulled up the hoods on their jackets and walked through the park across from Steven’s house. It was empty, save for a cat rummaging through garbage. When they got to the car they surveyed the empty street. No one in site. Edmund slipped his note under the car’s windshield wipers. He then stabbed his knife into all four tires. “That’s not expensive enough,” Thomas whispered. He picked up a large rock and smashed in both tail lights. The car alarm immediately went off, and the club ran across the street. They crouched in the bushes in the park and watched as Steven ran out of his house. He wore pajama bottoms and a wife beater. Edmund snickered as Steven ran around his car, flailing his arms, making fists, and saying ‘fuck’. Steven picked up the note, read it, balled it up, and threw it away. He looked up and down the street. His face was expressionless. He looked across the street into the park. Daniel was sure he couldn’t see them through the bushes. He was illuminated by a street lamp but the club was not. Steven ran back into his house. “Let’s go.” Daniel tapped Edmund on the shoulder. “Yeah,” Edmund said, still smiling. When the club got back to the car Joseph was on the phone. Brendon put a finger on his mouth and shushed his fellow club members. “It’s steven,” he whispered. “No way.” Joseph spoke into the phone. “What are you going to do? Uh huh, yeah, Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Joseph put his phone into his pocket. “Well he’s pissed.” Joseph said. “He wants me to meet him tomorrow at the storage unit. He wants to sell the weights to pay for the damage. What am I going to do?” Daniel was sure he asked that question to his self but that didn’t stop Edmund from answering it. “You’re going to tell him he fucked up but he got off easy because you did the right thing. If he’s smart he’ll thank you. Now drive us home.” As they drove off Daniel turned to Edmund. “What did that note say. I didn’t catch it.” “It was only four words. Don’t. Fuck. With. Us!”
  10. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you enjoy it. The story was written years ago for my own enjoyment and was just sitting on my computer until I finally decided to share it. And it's funny, you aren't too far off with how it's going to go.
  11. Nineteen: Edmund He sat on the bed staring at a brown stain on the wall in room 12 of the Luxury Heights Motel. There was nothing luxurious about it. When he first entered the room, a cockroach walked across the floor and stopped to face him as if to say ‘This room is mine!’. The Luxury Heights was old, cramped, and dirty, but it was very cheap and that’s what Edmund cared about. The man who had given him the room key looked nearly as bad as the motel. He was gaunt, almost zombie-like, with grizzly grey stubble, and sat hunched over the counter, reading an old copy of Hustler magazine. He seemed surprised to be getting business. “How much if I just wanted the room for a few hours?” Edmund had asked. “You’ll have to pay for the whole day.” The old man smacked his lips. “And that’s that.” Edmund had expected as much. “Fine. I’ll pay for the day. Any room.” “What’s your business here big fella, you a pimp?” The old man fumbled with the keys. They were the old-fashioned kind. No magnetic cards here. “What?” “I say, you a pimp!? Got’s a lot a them want to use my rooms for a few hours here and there so I just charge for the whole day. And that’s that.” “No, just need a room. That’s it.” Edmund had no interest in striking up a conversation. The old man rolled his eyes. “That’ll set you back 50 bucks big fella.” Edmund payed in cash, took his key and left. He texted his client and told him what room he would be in. Then it was a waiting game. He had had a dozen bites on his ad for muscle worship. Three lived too far away. Another five weren’t serious. One couldn’t pay the price. Three, luckily, came through. He asked for half of the payment through PayPal. The rest to be given as cash after the muscle worship session was over. This day he was meeting the first. He had told him to be there at 3pm sharp and not to keep him waiting. He wore blue jeans, black boots, and a very tight grey Henley that looked painted on his bulging physique. Edmund stopped staring at the stain on the wall (it looked a bit like Italy) and looked at the time on his phone. 3:01. He heard a knock at the door. So it begins. The client said he liked domination, humiliation, and alpha cockiness. Edmund decided to give him all that and more. He would make this guy want to pay more than $300. “It’s open!” Edmund shouted. The door swung open and a short, middle-aged, bespectacled man of average build stood in the afternoon sun. He wore brown leather shoes, khakis, and a white button up shirt. “You’re late!” Edmund boomed. “Get in here. Don’t make me wait any longer faggot.” The man entered the room and closed the door behind him, nearly tripping over himself. Edmund stood up from the bed slowly and swaggered over to the man. Edmund stood a good six inches taller than him. The man looked up at him meekly. “So, you’re the little faggot who wants to feel my muscles?” “Yes sir.” The man looked Edmund up and down, slowly. “You’re big. You look even bigger than the pictures in the ad.” The man had an expression of awe plastered on his face. “Yeah I’m fucking huge.” Edmund smiled cockily. “230 pounds of grade A beef.” He hit a double bicep pose and then a most muscular. The fabric of his shirt was stretched to its limits as the young stud squeezed his muscles tighter and tighter. The seam just below his left shoulder tore with an audible RIIPP! The client gasped. His eyes grew wide. Edmund grinned from ear to ear. “Won’t be needing this anymore,” Edmund said as he peeled the shirt off exposing his massive upper body. Amazingly, even at 230 pounds his abs were still visible, though not very defined. His bulk had given him a smooth, rounded look to his physique that exuded an aura of strength and power. The man clearly lost control at the site of Edmund’s exposed chest. He reached his hand out quickly and grasped a meaty pec. Edmund flexed and bounced it. The young muscle god felt his member growing stiff at the site of the man twice his age ogling him. “Make a muscle.” Edmund commanded. The man flexed his arm. Ed squeezed it. “Flex!” “I am flexing.” The muscle god laughed. “There’s hardly anything there.” Edmund leaned down and flexed his own bicep. “Here. Feel a real man’s arm.” The little man squeezed it. He could hardly dent the muscle. “19 inches, baby. Try to get your hands around it.” The man made a feeble attempt to get his fingers all the way around the thick muscle. He couldn’t. “You ever seen muscles like these?” “No sir, not in person. This is my first time doing anything like this.” Edmund loved to hear a man twice his age call him sir. He dropped his pants and kicked them aside, exposing a set of quads like tree trunks. His nine-inch hard cock was visible through his tight boxer briefs. It wrapped around the front of his upper thigh. “Strip. I want to compare bodies.” The client did so, removing each piece of clothing, all the while not taking his eyes off of Edmund. The man stood there in his white briefs. Edmund could see the man was hard as well and a wet spot was clearly visible on his underwear. The man is leaking pre-cum already and we’ve hardly begun. Edmund and the man stood in front of the motel room’s mirror. The difference between them was as great as the difference between night and day. One has the weak, pale, flabby body of a man who never exercised, and never took off his shirt in the light of day. The other had a thick, wide, body with good color: the body of an experienced lifter who never missed a day in the gym or the opportunity to take off his shirt. Edmund turned to the man and began walking slowly at toward him. The man backed up with each step. As Edmund walked, he asked questions. “You married?” “Yes.” “Man or woman?” “Woman.” Edmund smiled at this. “Does your wife know she married a little faggot who pays money to look at real men?” “No, she thinks I’m still at work right now.” Edmund now had the guy backed against a wall. “You think your wife would like to be fucked by me? You could watch. Would you like that?” Edmund pushed his thick body into the man who was now sandwiched between a hard wall and 230 pounds of muscle jock. He struggled, not even answering the question. Edmund laughed. “You’re so weak. Your wife probably would want me more than you.” He backed up and exposed his thick cock. “Who wouldn’t want this.” He shook it from side to side. It swung ponderously. The man looked at Ed’s cock like it was Christmas dinner. Edmund smirked and wagged his finger. “No. no.” He sheathed his cock. “That was just a tease. You’re not getting a taste of that. You paid for these muscles.” Edmund tensed his body. “Now come and get your money’s worth. You can touch me anywhere but the face. Kissing, licking, all fine.” The man wasted no time. He began to rub Edmund all over, feeling each muscle as the young stud flexed for him. “You’re… so… hot,” the client said between sucking Edmund’s nipples. “You suck like you’re trying for milk.” Edmund laughed. He took the man head in his hands and pushed it to the center of his chest. He squeezed his pecs together on the man’s lips. “You like those meaty pecs little man?” “Yes.” The man said in a muffled voice as he reached around Edmund’s torso and felt his thick back. “Really, I love all of you. You’re magnificent. Can you show me your power?” Edmund picked him up immediately and held him over his head. He estimated the man’s weight at 150 pounds. An easy lift. He lowered the man to the ground then suddenly lifted him again and tossed him on the bed. The man bounced and landed with a look of glee on his face. “Wow!” the man exclaimed. Edmund slapped his quads and flexed them. “Now feel the power in these legs.” He leapt on the bed and threw his legs around the man’s neck. He squeezed his powerful quads around the little man’s head and neck and used them to toss him from side to side. When Edmund finally released him, his client was out of breath but smiling widely. Edmund climbed off the bed. “Your time is almost up, but first I’ll give you a little show.” Edmund peeled off his boxer briefs. He produced a small bottle of baby oil and handed it to the man. “Rub me down.” The man rubbed the oil all over Edmund. The stud stood back from the bed and told the man to sit. “Feel free to use the rest of the oil for yourself.” Edmund smirked. He began to put on a full bodybuilder posing routine with his 9-inch cock standing at full mast. He hit every pose slowly and deliberately as if he were on stage, in front of stern faced judges and a cheering croud. Edmund was so busy admiring himself he was half way through his routine before he noticed the client was furiously beating himself off on the bed. Their eyes met and Edmund decided to join him. He began to stroke his own meat. The client blew his load first, producing a modest amount of cum. Edmund blew his second, producing about three times as much. “Times up.” Edmund announced. The man looked disappointed. They cleaned themselves and dressed. The man handed him $150 cash. “And here’s an extra $100 because you deserve it.” Edmund took the $250 and thanked the man. “Feel free to make an appointment anytime.” Edmund returned to the old man at the front desk and handed him the key. “You paid for the night as well, big fella.” “Yeah but I think I should leave and let the maid clean it before it dries.” Edmund began to back away. “Clean what?” “She’ll see. Thanks a million for the room old man. I’ll be back.” The old man let out a grunt and picked up his magazine, now an old Playboy. Edmund walked to the bus stop. He didn’t stop smiling the whole time, thinking about the extra $100 he was given. Why the hell wasn’t I doing this before? Twenty: Brendon Winter break had been wonderful. So much good food and so many presents. He spent most of the break with his sister. She and his other siblings had all bought him new clothes, two sizes larger than he needed, expecting him to grow into them. He was always growing it seemed. He received nothing from his parents. Not even a phone call. It didn’t bother him, though, he was used to it. Thomas and he had texted or called each other regularly throughout the break and Brendon was glad to hear that the new website would be complete just before school started back. Brendon estimated the club had missed earning $4000 during the time the website was down. Thomas was more interested in talking about his growing boyfriend than his work on the website, however. “Putting on weight?” Thomas had asked during one of their conversations. “You know it. My sister feeds me almost as well as Aron.” Not only that but his sister’s place was next to a hardcore gym. The kind where everyone was over 200 pounds, the equipment was old, and grunting was the universal language. He lifted there the whole month. “That’s good to hear.” Thomas said. “How much have you put on?” “Nothing too crazy. 3 pounds, but I think it went to the right places. My chest is looking bigger.” He rubbed his pecs as he spoke into the phone. “Well I have a surprise for you when you get back.” “What?” “You’ll find out when we get back” Brendon was always the first to return from breaks and as he sat in the empty club house, he couldn’t help but wonder at what Thomas’ surprise could be. Sex wouldn’t be a surprise. They had exchanged gifts just before break. Brendon got him tickets to Amer Ahman, his favorite comedian. Thomas got him $150 worth of chipotle gift cards, which he put to good use over the break. What could it be? Brendon felt his phone vibrate. It was a text from Thomas. T: Hey, I’m almost back. Is anyone else home? B: Hey. No. Not yet. T: Good. Can you go somewhere? B: Like where? T: Anywhere, but don’t eat. Be home by six, and no questions, pleeeease. B: Well, you did say please so alright, lol. I love you. T: Thank you. I love you, too. It was 5:50 when Brendon returned to the club house. He had gone for a walk in the park and lifted every log he could (He was always one to get a workout in). By the time he got in he was absolutely famished. The scent of basil and garlic filled his nose. He thought for a brief moment that he had entered an Italian restaurant. Thomas came from the kitchen, wearing black jeans, a white T-shirt, and an apron smudged with tomato sauce and flour. “You cooked?” Brendon said, surprised. “Yeah.” Thomas moved closer to Brendon with his arms extended. The two grasped each other in a tight embrace. Brendon leaned down and Thomas got on his tippy toes. They kissed. “When did you learn to cook?” “That’s the surprise.” Thomas smiled proudly. “I decided to learn, for you. I know how much you like to eat and Aron is not going to be around forever…” Brendon knew how to cook a few high protein dishes and how to grill meat. He was no chef by any definition of the word, though. Having Aron had been a godsend. Prior to him 50 percent of his diet was takeout or campus food. Now only 20 percent was. If Thomas could cook too… “It smells great, babe!” Thomas led him into the kitchen and held his hands, palm up, in the direction of a table to show off what he had done. “Chicken parmesan, stuffed cabbage, garlic bread, penne primavera, and caprese salad. Does it meet your approval?” Thomas grabbed Brendon’s huge arm and squeezed. “Does it!” Brendon grabbed Thomas again and placed his hand under his ass to lift him up. Thomas wrapped his legs around Brendon’s waist and as Brendon held him there, they kissed passionately. Thomas stopped him. “We can finish this later. The food will get cold.” Brendon had nearly forgotten how hungry he was. He was so taken aback by what his Boyfriend had done for him. “Oh, right. Let’s eat. I can have dessert later.” Brendon slapped him hard in the ass. Thomas jumped and turned with a grin. “Dessert is a Tiramisu in the fridge.” Brendon’s jaw dropped. “You’re too much.” They began to eat, Brendon seated at the end of the table and Thomas next to him. Brendon ate like a maniac. Thomas wasn’t holding back his self. He ate more than he normally did and Brendon was aroused by it. He had often fantasized about what Thomas would look like with another 20 or 30 pounds of muscle on his 5’8” frame. “This is delicious,” Brendon said. “Thanks. It was a lot of work.” “I can tell. This was prepared with care. Looks like you’re enjoying it as well, too.” Brendon Pointed to Thomas’ third piece of chicken. Thomas smiled. “I guess cooking makes me hungry.” He laughed. Brendon reached under the table and felt Thomas’ belly. His abs were protruding giving his little lover a tortoise shell effect. “You keep eating like that you’ll be big as me.” Brendon laughed. “I find that I’m eating more recently.” Thomas looked down at himself. “I actually gained another 5 pounds over break, mostly muscle.” He flexed. “I guess your ways are rubbing off on me.” Brendon liked the sound of that. Even with 30 pounds of muscle on him Thomas would still be significantly smaller than him, just the way he liked his men. “I think you look good bigger.” “I’ve been hearing that, from some of my Instagram followers and clients, but I’m thinking about my modeling. I can’t get too big. I just sent off some pictures to companies. I don’t want them to choose me at one size and then I show up heavier, but I don’t know.” “I think you could still do it. Look for places that want bigger physiques. I could definitely see you modeling sports equipment or supplements at a heavier weight.” “True, true, but anyway I’ve got to stop I’ve got a photoshoot coming up.” Thomas pushed his plate away. “You could at least finish the chicken.” Brendon pushed it back to him. “You finish big guy.” Brendon didn’t have to be told twice. He ate the chicken while Thomas bought him a healthy helping of Tiramisu, which Brendon dove into as if he had not just eaten enough food for 3 men. When Brendon was finished, he leaned back and patted his muscle gut. “I’m stuffed.” Thomas threw his arms over Brendon’s broad shoulders. “I hope you’re ready for your second dessert.” “Baby, as far as I’m concerned, you’re the main course.” Twenty-One: Steven Steven sat at his desk writing his fantasies in his journal as he had been doing for the past few months. He felt like it was working. Once he wrote them down in vivid detail he felt like he had lived them. The dreams of he and Edmund no longer filled his head at night. Instead they filled the pages of his notebook where he could close them up and hide them. He was also certain his minor victory over the club had helped as well. Before he destroyed their website, flipping their little business on its head, he felt weak. He felt he was a slave to the club, not in body, but in mind. Now he felt like he was in control. Steven could toy with the club whenever he wanted. He closed his journal and pushed it aside. Then he reached for the key. He held it in his hand and smiled. It was almost too easy to get. Knock knock He went to the door and looked out the peep hole. It was Joseph. “Joe, I was just going to call you,” Steven said. Joseph did not look terribly happy. “Yeah,” was all he said as he walked into the room. What’s his problem? Joseph sat down. “I have something to ask you.” “First I want to show you something.” Steven held the key in front of Joseph’s face. “What’s that?” Joseph took it. “Don’t you recognize it? You used it.” Maybe he wouldn’t recognize the key. It was back before winter break. Joseph looked at Steven with a twisted face. “Does this belong to the fags?” Steven nodded. That word bothered him, though- fags. He wasn’t sure why. “Yes. It’s the club’s key.” Joseph shook his head and leaned back. “But…won’t they miss…” He stood up, clearly frustrated. “This is what I wanted to talk to you about!” “Let me tell you how I got it first.” Steven had been waiting to tell Joseph. He was the only person he could share his secret war against the club with. “This isn’t the real key. This is a copy. I’ve got to thank you. That engineering lab was a godsend.” “You went back?” “A few times. I made friends of the engineering club. Bought them in a few times to check things out. They think I’m an expert on robotics. Really I’m just good at memorizing the important stuff in Wikipedia articles.” “One day I got them in the lab. I had them leave their backpacks outside as always. Then I made up some excuse, don’t really remember, and left for a few minutes. I went to Aron’s backpack, that’s his name, and I took out the key…” He could see he was losing Joseph. “Joe, are you listening?” “I’m listening,” Joseph said, eyes downcast. “Well, to put it short I used clay to get an imprint of the key then took it to a locksmith downtown. You’d be surprised how easily some of these guys will copy a key, no questions asked. It’s actually quite sca-” “What’s your obsession with those fags?” There’s that word again. Steven had gone a long time without hearing his inner voice call him a fag. Now hearing the word, even though it was not directed at him, grated on his ears. “I told you what they did.” Steven spoke in a low measured tone, trying to hide his annoyance. Joseph looked him dead in the eyes. “I ran into her on campus.” Steven’s eyes grew wide. “How was she?” Dammit. I hope they didn’t talk. They hardly talked before. “We talked.” Oh Fuck. “I thought I might ask how she was holding up after the, uh, experience.” Joseph held his hand in his lap, interlocking his fingers. “I was surprised she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.” “I told you she was trying to block it. She…she doesn’t want to believe it happened. She’s delusional.” Steven wiped a bead of sweat from his brow. “She said the sex was consensual. It was just her and the bodybuilder.” “She lied to you. Why would she tell you the truth? She doesn’t know you.” Steven pleaded. “I told her what you told me. She said you’re the liar. That you’re the one who is delusional.” “Me!” Steven threw his hands up and shrugged his soldiers. “What else did she tell you?” Joseph looked to his side. For a moment Steven thought he was looking right at the journal. His heart skipped beat. “She told me you’re in the closet. That she was going to breakup with you anyway because of it,” Joseph said. Steven was turning red. He ground his teeth before speaking. “I’m no… fag. I love women. I loved, no I still love Stephanie!” “She also said she was the one who came on to that guy. That she wanted it.” “The bitch didn’t know what she wanted!” Steven clenched his fists. Why the fuck did I say that? “Bitch. Odd word to use for someone you love.” Joseph bolted upright. Steven immediately attempted to regain his composure. “Look, buddy, You’ve known me for years. We’re close friends. You know I’m not gay. I like pussy.” And muscles. big muscles. “I just-” “You know what I think? I think you made the whole story up because you thought It would get me to help me. I think you’re a manipulator. Gay or not, you’re not my friend.” Joseph turned for the door. Steven placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Wait. I made up the story. Yes. You know me. I never do anything without a good reason.” He looked into Joseph’s eyes. He could see he was paying attention. Steven could tell he didn’t want this friendship to end either. “I have a good reason to hate the club, but it is something I can’t tell anyone. Not yet.” “If you can’t trust me then-” “Not yet.” Steven squeezed Joseph’s shoulder. “I will tell you one day Why I think I need to bring down the club.” Joseph shook his head, but kept eye contact with Steven. “I don’t know.” “I still need your help…friend.” Steven placed his hands on both of Joseph’s shoulders. “What are we going to do?” He said we. He’s still with me. “Well, I do have the key.” Steven smirked. Twenty-Two: Edmund He had just come in from his afternoon class. The house was empty, not even Aron was there. He’ll be here in an hour. Edmund was pining for one of those blow jobs. He immediately made his way to the kitchen and grabbed himself a large bowl of tuna pasta salad, 4 hard-boiled eggs, and a tall glass of whole milk. Soon he wouldn’t be able to eat like this. His bulk was ending in one week and then would come the grueling 3 and a half month cut. Edmund’s weight was now 240 pounds, over 140 pounds more than Aron. He looked absolutely massive. Muscle and a thin layer of fat were evenly distributed over his 6’ 1” frame. Damn I’m going to look good shredded. He peeled off his shirt while still in the kitchen and looked down at himself. It was no wonder his was making so much money from his muscle worship sessions. Who wouldn’t want to worship this? His phone vibrated in his pocket. It was a text from Bianca. He rolled his eyes. She had never treated him the same since confronting him about the party. It felt like they were both going through the motions to keep their relationship afloat, but Edmund knew there was nothing really there. He was slowly falling out of love with her. Aron did everything she could do and most of the time, better. Aron had spoken with him more than Bianca had over the break, and Edmund didn’t mind at all. There was something in the way Aron looked at him that wasn’t there when Bianca looked at him. The text read: I want to talk. You home. Edmund replied: Yes. Hopefully, whatever it is she makes it quick. Edmund thought about breaking up with her, but there had been some spark there…once. “Hey, big guy.” Daniel stood in the kitchen doorway. Edmund hadn’t heard him come in. “What’s up?” Edmund said. “Not much, dude. Calculus is kicking my ass.” Daniel grabbed a shaker cup and the tub of protein powder off the kitchen counter. He shook it and frowned. He opened the container and curled up the corner of his mouth. “Well if you’re going to use the last of it then you should throw it out and put a new one out.” “I haven’t made a shake yet.” Edmund shook his head. “Well it wasn’t empty last night and you’re the first one home. I’m not complaining. I’ll just get one out of the closet.” Daniel walked away. Edmund picked up the protein container and looked inside. Dan’s right. It wasn’t empty last night. He tossed it in the recycling. “Are you kidding me.” Daniel said as he walked back into the kitchen holding two containers of protein. “April fools isn’t for 2 months.” “What?” Edmund asked. “These containers were both open and both empty. They were brand new.” Edmund frowned, then laughed. “This is the type of joke Brendon would pull. He probably hid the full containers in his room.” “He usually pulls pranks closer to April Fools.” Daniel didn’t look entertained. “Maybe he’s changing it up? I mean, what else could it be? Do you really think someone ate 2 and a half containers of protein in one day? I’m big. Not that big.” “I’ll just use some of the weight gainer that fan got you.” Daniel walked over and unscrewed the lid. “You don’t mind do you?” The weight gainer had been a gift from one of Edmund’s muscle worship clients. “No. I don’t mind.” “Fuck this. Empty!” “You fucking serious!?” Edmund was concerned now. That container was nearly full the day before. “When Brendon gets back we’re going to talk.” Daniel opened other supplements. Creatine: empty. Glutamine: empty. Pre-workout: empty. BCAAs: empty. Everything in the club’s supplement stack was empty. “I don’t believe Brendon did this.” Daniel said. “Who else?” “I don’t know, but you’ve got to agree this isn’t his style. This is…It’s too much. Everything? And when did he have time to pull it off from yesterday to today?” Edmund’s mind immediately traveled to the thought of the hacking. Thomas had mentioned something about it being a master hacker, otherwise they would have needed access to the club’s computers. How many master hackers would bother with a small fetish site? “We should check to see if anything else is missing.” “You thinking it was a break-in?” Daniel asked. “I don’t know. I just got a feeling.” They went to their rooms and rooted around. Edmund looked in his closet, his drawers, under his bed. Nothing missing. “Hey Dan! Anything missing from your room!?” Daniel appeared in Edmund’s doorway. “Nothing. Everything’s just like I left it. Maybe we’re overthinking the missing supplements. Nobody is going to break in just to steel supplements, and they would take the whole container if they did. It has to be a practical joke. But if Brendon didn’t do it then…” “Unless the goal wasn’t to steal. What if the goal was to send a message?” “What kind of message?” “That they could mess with us anytime they like. Take our supplements. Fuck up our website.” Edmund squinted and paused. He wanted the idea to sink into Daniel’s brain. “You think it was the same person?” “Definitely.” Edmund heard a door open downstairs. Daniel turned his head and without a moment’s pause, ran down the stairs. Edmund followed. Edmund saw Brendon walking from the direction of the garage with a frown on his face. Before he or Daniel could speak Brendon had the first word. “What happened to the weights?” Edmund and Daniel looked at each other. The look of mutual realization washed over their faces. That’s what’s missing! They darted past Brendon and stopped dead in their tracks in the middle of the garage. It was empty save for the racks, the bench, a few bars, and weigh belts. All the weights from the 45 pound plates and 100 pound dumbbells down to the 2.5 pound plates and 5 pound dumbbells were gone. Over 1000 pounds of combined weight gone. Olympic quality, top of the line products. Gone! “I’ll take it you two don’t know either.” Brendon stood behind them. All three stood together in silence looking at what was left of their gym. “Shit!” Said Edmund. “First the site. Now Our weights-” He stopped short when his eyes caught site of an envelope resting on a bare shelf. Edmund walked over to it and picked it up. It was not sealed. Daniel and Brendon followed him. “It’s a note.” Edmund read it aloud: Dear Sodomites, I attacked your website (and can do it again at any time). I flushed your supplements down the toilet. I have also taken your weights, but I am prepared to return them if you meet my demands. I want you to permanently take down your Muscle Gut Club website and close the related YouTube channel immediately. Who knows how many young men you turned from good wholesome lives to lives of homosexual depravity. That ends now. If I see that the website and YouTube channel are gone I will return the weights. I have no ill will against you personally, but I can no longer abide your actions. Sincerely, Someone not to be trifled with. Brendon snickered. “I can’t take that seriously. Can you?” Edmund balled the letter up. Brendon immediately grabbed it. “No, man. Tom will get a good laugh out of this.” Brendon put the note in his pocket. “This is not funny Brendon?” Daniel said. “That note was pretty funny. You didn’t find it funny Ed?...Someone not to be trifled with, seriously. Whoever wrote this was a clown.” “I’m taking this as a threat, and I’m taking it seriously,” Edmund said. Edmund thought it over in his head. There was no sign of a break-in, so the person had to have a key. “I’m calling the police,” Daniel said. “I don’t think that’s necessary,” Brendon said. “We can handle this ourselves.” “That, I can agree with,” Edmund replied. “We can ask the neighbors what they saw. Those weights took a while to move and they had to have a truck. That’s noticeable. Also, the website is not in any danger.” “That’s right, Dan,” Brendon said. “The security Thomas has on the website now is 10 times better than before. It would take the NSA to hack it.” Daniel shook his head. “This was still a break-in.” “I can change the locks tonight,” Edmund said. “Police will make his complicated. I’d rather let this guy try something else and expose himself. My guess is he’s a student.” “And I could punish him better than the cops could.” Brendon punched his palm with a fist. “You want to play games with a nut?” Daniel asked, incredulous. “We’ll play. We’ll win.” Edmund walked away, still shirtless from earlier. Bianca arrived 15 minutes after the discovery of the missing weights and just moments after Aron and Thomas came in. Brendon and Daniel filled Thomas and Aron in on what had happened, while Edmund spoke with her. He decided to take her outside for privacy. The chilly breeze brushed over him and he felt his nipples harden. Her eyes were constantly drawn to his bare chest, but she managed to form coherent sentences. “You’ve gotten really big.” She said it like she was just now noticing it. Maybe she was. She hadn’t seen him recently. He remembered the time when she would have been the first one he ran to after a break. “Yeah, just finished the bulk, pretty much. I start cutting next week.” “Are you doing your annual end of bulk buffet night.” “Probably.” Edmund was growing anxious. Why did she want to talk? “You didn’t come out here to just talk about my bulk did you?” “No.” Bianca glanced around her, not making eye contact for a few moments. “I came to breakup with you.” Thank God! “But why, babe?” Edmund forced himself not to smile. “After learning what you did at the party I never looked at you the same. I tried to forget about it, but I couldn’t. And don’t think I don’t notice you and Aron. I guess we’ve been broken up for a while now and just didn’t want to admit it.” You said a mouthful woman. “Come here.” Edmund took her in his arms, raising her off the ground. He squeezed her tight, and she squeezed him. “You’re a beautiful, smart woman. You’ll find someone else. Someone great. I know it.” “Same to you Ed” Edmund watched her walk away into the chilly winter air. Bianca pulled her coat tight around as the wind howled. She shivered slightly. Edmund stood there on the club house steps. He didn’t shiver. He hardly felt the wind. For some reason he felt warmer than ever.
  12. Seventeen: Daniel He sat on the couch drinking the protein shake Aron had just handed him. Daniel finished it in three long gulps and handed the empty pitcher to his slave. He wiped the shake mustache away with his bare arm and let out a deep belch. Daniel had recently told Aron to add an extra scoop of protein to his shakes from now on. With his increased size came an increased caloric and protein need. It was November and he was determined to get as big and strong as possible before the weightlifting competition next May. Yesterday Brendon had bragged about his new one rep maxes. He could do 500 pound on the squat, 425 on the bench, 600 deadlift, and 325 clean and jerk. Daniel was happy for his friend, and Brendon always offered encouragement to him so he could push more in the gym. Still, he couldn’t help but be a little jealous. There wasn’t that great of size difference between the two of them “That’s great,” Daniel had said. “You’re a monster.” “Well, I don’t like to brag” Brendon had said. That was a lie. “So how are your lifts comin’ along?” Brendon patted him on the back. “I’m benching 385 for one, squatting 430, deadlifting 475, and clean and jerking 295.” Brendon smiled and nodded. “Great,” he said. “At least you’re getting stronger.” He left with a smug grin on his face. Stronger, yes, but not as strong as I could be. He wished he could pick up 600 pounds and toss it at Brendon to wipe that smug smile off his face. Sometimes Daniel didn’t know who had the bigger ego, Edmund or Brendon. Ed was more in your face with his cockiness, but Brendon had a subtleness to his. Daniel closed his eyes and imagined he could feel the protein shake working within him, making him bigger. He imagined himself willing his muscles to grow, and with the size would come immense power. No one at the competition would surpass him. The crowd would chant his name as he benched 800 pounds. Brendon would stand in awe of him, his mouth agape, knowing Daniel was his superior. The door opened, removing him from his fantasy. It was Brendon. Speak of the devil… “What’s up?” he said, dropping his bag by the door. He wore a light jacket. The weather had been cool all week. “Just chillin’” said Daniel. “Aron!” Brendon called. Within a second the slave appeared. He wore an apron. “What’s for dinner?” Brendon always liked to know. Daniel didn’t see why, since he ate everything. “Roast chicken, sweet potatoes, corn, and asparagus, master.” “Sounds good, but to hold me over ‘til then I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich. Bring it up to my room.” “Right away master.” Brendon ran up the stairs. Daniel thought for a moment. I had about 1000 calories for breakfast, 500 at lunch, 600 in the shake. I need 4500. I still have dinner and a before bed snack, but… “Aron!” he called. “Yes master.” “I’ll have a tuna fish sandwich, too.” “Yes, master.” Daniel ate his tuna fish sandwich, surprising himself by how quickly he finished it. My body must have been craving it. Brendon walked down the stairs, Thomas behind him. Daniel had forgotten Thomas was home. He was always so quiet. Both were in workout clothes. “Need a spot?” Daniel asked. Usually Brendon asks him to do it. “Thanks, but not today. Tom will do it.” ‘Tom will do it’. Daniel found that odd. The difference in strength between the two of them was comical. Thomas was hardly a capable training partner for Brendon. How could Brendon feel safe maxing out with just him there? He decided not to think too hard about it. Thomas could be stronger than he looked. He wasn’t familiar with his max lifts, and besides he had already worked out for the day. He didn’t need to go back in the gym. What he needed was to clean up. Daniel showered. As he toweled himself off he sopped to stare at himself in the mirror. He squeezed his meaty, hairy pecs. Daniel had always considered them to be his best body part. So did Sarah. It was his pecs that got him her number, after all. Sarah… He had thought about what Aron had said, and almost told Sarah about the club three days ago. “Where do you work?” She had asked. “You always seem to have a lot of money.” I’m part of a club that makes gay muscle fetish videos and sells them online. We also do skype shows and sell used items. There are four of us, those roommates I told you about. Two of us are gay, one is bi, and I’m the straight one. That’s what he wanted to say. It was at the forefront of his mind, fighting to come out, but it didn’t let it. He was ready to say it, true. But he was not ready for the barrage of questions he would get: Is it like porn? Do you have sex with other guys? It sounds gay, how are you not? Are there naked pics of you all over net? So, you send used underwear to perverts? and many more. He didn’t think he could explain the concept of ‘gay for pay’ to her. He wasn’t sure he grasped it fully himself. He just knew the pay was good and he enjoyed doing it. “Well…,” She had said, when Dan didn’t answer right away. Daniel hadn’t realized he had ended up ignoring the question all together. “I save a lot of money from my summer job at a gym.” It wasn’t a complete lie. He did work part-time at a gym over the summer, but he made 8 times his gym salary with the club. “Oh, cool,” Sarah had said. “I guess a gym is a good place for a big guy like you to work.” Looking back, he wished he had told her then, but he knew that given the chance to do it over again he would probably make the same mistake. As he left the bathroom the scent of roast chicken filled his nostrils. He put on a pair of dark jeans, and an orange waffle knit Henley, and sat down to his computer. It had been nearly two days since he had the time to check his private messages, but he liked to let them build up anyway, so he had a good assortment to look through. Most were usually private video requests or skype pricing questions (which could easily be answered if people would read the FAQ on the site). When he looked at his messages he was shocked to find at least five times more than expected. Most seemed to be complaints or questions of concerned. He opened the first one. It began “what’s wrong with the site?” Another said “The fuck did you do to your site.” One person asked if it was a joke. Others asked why the videos were gone. Message after message about the website. What the fuck? Club members didn’t check the site regularly. It was a form of passive income that required little work besides uploading a new video every so often. Payment was fully automated. Daniel hadn’t been to the site in 2 weeks and when he did take a look to see what the fuss was about he almost couldn’t believe his eyes. Bunnies. Bible quotes. Links to gay conversion websites. Someone had completely changed the website. Not a single thing beyond the domain name was recognizable. The Banner picture was bunnies, four of them, where the avatars of the club members had been. The member bios had the same bunny pictures, and instead of information about each member there were bible quotes. Where the links to their videos had been were links to gay conversion sites. On the FAQ page there was simply a paragraph: We, The Muscle Gut Club have decided to give-up our sinful lifestyle and live lives of righteousness. You can no longer buy our sodomy filled hedonistic videos on this website. Instead we hope you enjoy the bunnies and bible quotes, and that you visit one of the gay conversion sites we link to so that you, too, can leave your sinful lifestyle and walk in the path of light. Shit! Shit! Shit! Brendon and Thomas have to see this. He ran down the steps, nearly bowling over little Aron, who was sweeping them. He flung open the door leading to the garage. It hit a dumbbell on the floor with a bang. “The website…” Daniel stopped, frozen, his mouth open wide. “I thought you locked it.” Thomas said as he quickly climbed off of Brendon. He was naked and bore a raging hard-on. He made no attempts to cover himself as he stood there, frowning. Daniel had seen him naked many times. “I did turn the latch, but I guess it didn’t catch.” Brendon looked at Daniel then looked away. He sat up on the bench. He, too, was completely nude and sported an even bigger hard-on. Daniel didn’t know how long his mouth hung open before he became aware of it, but when he did, he closed it suddenly. The three stared at each other in silence for an inordinate amount of time, before Aron broke the silence. “Is everything alright master?” He hadn’t seen Aron creep up behind him. Without thinking he pushed the little twink back, sending him flying, entered the garage and closed the door behind him. “The fuck?” Daniel said. One surprise after another today. “We-” Thomas began. “We’re together now.” Brendon blurted out. He stretched his arm out and put it around Toms bare waist, pulling him closer. Tom’s frown broke into a smile. “How long?” “Since the party, unofficially,” Thomas said. “Since a month ago, officially.” Daniel had thought they seemed closer than usual, now it all made sense. “Well that’s great for you two.” Daniel faced scrunched up. “But why didn’t you say anything sooner?” “Because of the club rule.” Brendon said. He and Thomas shared a quick glance. “What rule?” Brendon rolled his eyes. “The rule about no personal relationships between club members to prevent internal drama, you know, one of the few rules this club has that we all agreed to on day one.” Daniel thought he might have remembered a rule like that, but wasn’t sure. “I don’t remember that.” Daniel shook his head. “Who cares anyway.” Thomas and Brendon looked as if they were surprised by Daniel’s lack of concern about the relationship. “I for one am glad the cats out of the bag.” Brendon stood up and began to dress. Thomas followed suit. “You guys can finish.” Daniel held his hands up. “I’m not trying to stop anything.” He started to leave the gym, but stopped at the door. The shock of seeing his two friends making out naked on a weight bench was almost enough to make him forget why he came there in the first place. “The website!” “What about it?” Brendon said. “You two have to see it.” The three of them left the gym and made their way to the stairs. As Daniel passed Aron he patted him on the shoulder and apologized for the shove. All three club members crowded into Daniel’s room and looked at the screen. Thomas was the first to speak. “What the hell is this?” “It’s our site.” Daniel told them. He could tell from the looks on their face that they were skeptical. “Look at the url.” They leaned in, and then backed up in unison. Both their eyes had grown wide as eggs. Brendon turned to Thomas. “How could this happen? You’re the tech guy.” “It has to be a really good hack.” Thomas turned to Daniel. “how long has it been like this?” “I have messages about it from three days ago.” Daniel said. Thomas sat down and began exploring the “new” site. Brendon stood behind him, watching intently. Daniel looked on, while seated on his bed. With every new discovery, Thomas and Brendon shook their heads more and more. Disbelief turned to realization, then to anger. Brendon closed the screen in disgust when they got to the gay conversion sites. His parents had tried one of those on him. “How fast can you change it back?” Brendon looked at Thomas, his face painted with concern. Thomas exhaled deeply. “This is going to take a while.” He stretched that last word out. “We all need to check our messages and respond to every single one, to reassure our fan base,” Brendon said. “When Edmund gets here, we need to make a YouTube video about it.” The other members agreed. Thomas said, “I’ll take the website down for now and change all our passwords related to it.” When Edmond came in he had a smile on his face. Daniel didn’t want to be the one to wipe it off, but Thomas was upstairs with his door closed, looking through the club’s library of videos. Many of the older videos on the site might not be replaceable he had said. Brendon went out for a walk to clear his head, and Aron knew nothing (though he probably guessed at Brendon and Thomas’s relationship status). Daniel was the only one to tell Edmund the bad news about the site. It had been his brain child. While the rest of the club was content with YouTube videos and skype shows Edmund had suggested a website to take them into the ‘big leagues’. How’s he going to react? Daniel decided it was best not to beat around the bush and decided to get right to the meat of it. “We have to talk,” Daniel said, “about-” “I already know,” Edmund said. “Don’t ask me how, but I can see it in your eyes. I noticed it for a while but I was wondering when you’d catch on.” “You knew! Why didn’t you say anything?” “It’s no big deal. If they want to date that’s their business. They’ve known each other long enough. I think it’s real.” Daniel realized what Edmund was talking about. He felt a small bit of relief that there was one piece of news he wouldn’t have to break. “That wasn’t what I was going to tell you. The club site has been hacked.” Edmund stared at him blankly like he didn’t know what the word hacked meant. Daniel wondered if he had even heard what he said. “When?” Edmund said, finally. “We’re not sure. A few days ago, at least.” “How much did they take.” He thinks they hacked the payment system. Daniel grabbed Ed by the arm and led him upstairs to his room so he could see what had happened for himself. Before Thomas took the site down, Daniel had asked him to take screenshots to show Ed. Words alone couldn’t do justice to the damage done. “What. The. Fuck. Is. This!?” Edmund looked him dead in the eyes as if it was his fault. “I had about the same reaction.” “What did Tom say?” Edmund looked frantic. “He’ll probably have to start from scratch on a new site. Whoever did this was a master, he said, they got into everything, changed nearly every line of code, and who knows how much personal information they got.” Daniel sat down on his bed like saying those words exhausted him. “That could take weeks. The site is our main moneymaker. Do you know how much money we’re losing everyday it’s down?” Edmund stood up and paced the room. Daniel saw real worry in his eyes. Edmund wasn’t much of a saver. He liked expensive things and spent much of the money he earned (not to mention he liked his clothes tight to show off his muscles and outgrew them frequently as he bulked). Edmund had one thing and one thing only he was saving for: a car. And Daniel new he wouldn’t want to dip into that fund for his living expenses. “I’m going to have to do private muscle worship sessions until the site is back up.” Edmund shook his head. “We had decided against those, man.” Daniel said “We also decided no relationships between club members but do you want to break up Brendon and Thomas?” Edmund snapped. Daniel didn’t reply. He knew Ed’s mind was made up. Private muscle worship sessions would bring in ten times what a person would pay on skype. Sometimes more. Someone the size of Edmund, with his looks could make a mint, but it was risky. The clientele would be local and that increased the chances of running into them in public. All it would take is one crazy to fuck your life up. Edmund got up quickly to leave. “What’s the hurry?” Daniel asked “I’m going to post some craigslist ads, and before you say anything I’m only going to meet people outside of town at a motel, or something. Nowhere near our house. I’m not stupid.” Eighteen: Aron The cat was out of the bag. Thomas and Brendon were a thing and Aron had suspected it for quite some time. Days after Daniel walked in on them, the club was laughing at the fact they ever tried to keep it a secret in the first place. No one had told Aron or Edmund outright, because no one had to. Thomas and Brendon’s displays of affection just started happening in the open and everyone acted as if it had been going on that way all along. Aron was very happy for them. He thought they made a cute couple. The more shocking news that came out of that day had a greater impact on the club. The site was ruined. Aron didn’t learn about it right away, but he had noticed the club acting strangely before he left that evening. They told him the next day. He thought he probably would have been like the people complaining through e-mail, but now, luckily, he never had to visit the site. He could experience the club in person and was thankful for it every day. What if he had attended one of the other 6 schools he was accepted too? That would be unthinkable now. He only wished he had been old enough to have entered as a freshman when the club did and watched them grow into the muscle men they were now, firsthand. But you can’t change the past. Thomas was coming to terms with that as he worked on the site. He told Aron it wouldn’t be back up for weeks. Soo many of the videos weren’t even backed up anymore. And the security! He was convinced he should have had the club purchase more advanced security features from their hosting service. Thomas had said a hack like this had to have been caused by weak security, either that or the culprit had direct access to the club computers. Everyone agreed that was ridiculous. The house showed no signs of a break-in. Edmund was pissed, and Thomas’ revelation of how long the site would be down for didn’t help. He took his anger out on the weights and was lifting double time. It seemed there was never a time when Edmund didn’t have a pump at home and Aron loved it. At least one good thing was coming out of the site being down. With Edmund working out more he was also getting increasingly horny. He was fucking Aron on the regular as well as Bianca, some days. Aron couldn’t get over his new life. He was the gay fuck toy of a group of muscle gods. What would his parents think? In the time since his talk with Daniel about secrets he had thought many times about coming out to his parents but it never happened. He was certain he would do it over Thanksgiving break. He was home for three days. On the third day he had called his parents into the living room. Mr. Efren Ocampo and Mrs. Rita Ocampo sat side by side on the sofa. Aron sat in front of them in a high back wing chair, the proportions of which made him look smaller. “Mom, Dad. I have something very important to tell you.” Aron could hardly make eye contact with them. His parents looked at each other briefly as if to send each other a silent message. He hoped they would tell him ‘we know what it is son. You don’t have to say it. You’re gay and that’s alright. We love you’. Then they would hug him and life would go on as normal. Instead his mother said, “You’re not dropping out are you?” “Hell if he is. What is it son?” His father leaned forward. “You can tell us anything.” If only I could. “Mom.” He looked his mother in the eye. “Dad.” He looked his father in the eye. “I…” He couldn’t do it. He had to say something else, something that would make a believable confession. “I smoked pot.” That wasn’t false. Thomas had given him a blunt once, to try. He found it funny, telling his parents he had done drugs was easier than saying he liked men. His parents looked at him, surprised. “Well I smoked it too, sometimes, in my day,” his father said. “Don’t encourage him!” His mother shouted and threw her hands up. “I’m not encouraging him. I’m just letting him know it’s normal.” “Our son is telling us he’s a pothead and you’re saying it’s normal.” His mother was frowning. “Christ! Rita. You act like I wasn’t high as the moon when I first met you at that party. And as I recall you weren’t exactly low yourself.” Aron decided to say something before his parents had a full blown argument. “It was only once and I didn’t really enjoy it.” I really enjoyed it. “Well thank God!” His mother got up and left the room. His father leaned in to him real close and said, “I was worried you were going to say you got someone pregnant.” He laughed and Aron joined in, awkwardly. “Good night son.” “Good night dad.” Aron thought he might try again over winter break. It was only two weeks away, but…He didn’t want to ruin Christmas.
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