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    Working out, reading, movies, travel.
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    5'8, 210lbs.
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    Friends. Meet other guys into growth. Talk and...who knows?
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    5'8 350 lbs. I want some size.
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    Chris Dickerson, Bob Paris, Frank Zane, Jay Cutler, Larry Scott, Bill Grant, Clarence Ross to name a few.
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    Growth, definitely. Size and height. Imagining me adding more and more muscle and height as my clothes rip off me, growing to enormous size. Also, growth competitions between me and other muscle giants.

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  1. chicagoterry

    The Giant Football Coach - Chapter 1 & 2

    Incredible story. So HOT. Yeah, I'm into macro growth (and am a member of Coiled Fist). Looking forward to more! Thanks!
  2. chicagoterry

    Gym & Depression

    Hi timsf, I've dealt with depression most of my life. I'm currently on meds (Zoloft, it helps me) and I realize going to the gym, lifting as heavy as I can and seeing some tangible results (which is surprising, since I'm 61 yrs old and I didn't think I could gain muscle at this age) does help me feel better about myself when the depression hits me hard. I do get into the "I'm feel like shit, I don't feel much of anything, so I'm not going to the gym" mode. And then I don't go to the gym. And then I feel even worse when I don't. I just have to motivate myself. And I have good friends who motivate me and know my circumstances. I hope you can get back into the gym soon. I think it will help. My .02 for what they're worth.
  3. I'm relatively new here at muscle-growth. I think Hillary Clinton will go over the 270 electoral votes on Tuesday. The problem is I seriously don't think Trump will concede if that happens. He's gone and on about the election being rigged, he's got his supporters believing the election is rigged. I don't think Trump is going to go gentle into the good night, so to speak. We've never had a situation before in this country where the losing presidential candidate didn't concede after the candidate lost in the election. The closest I can think of is 2000, with the Florida recount. Given those circumstances, Gore shouldn't have conceded. But he did graciously concede after the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount. Hillary Clinton can win 300+ electoral votes Tuesday night and I still don't think Trump will concede.

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