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    Bodybuilding, Weight- and Powerlifters, steroids, smoking my pipe or a fat cigar
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    270 lbs and getting bigger! Hairy bull who can't be big enough! True mass monster!
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    Bodybuilder, Weight- and Powerlifters
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    350 lbs
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    The biggest of course!
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    Bodybuiling, anything with steroids, roleplay (Daddy/Son) pipes and cigars, muscle worship

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  1. Hey man really a big fan of older gearheads would love to chat

  2. Damn… this really tuned me on! Another episode would be so hot!
  3. So fucking hot! Can't wait until Roger does MORE Manzeum. Turning him into a true muscle beast!
  4. check out dork to beast you'll love it.


  5. Please let there be soon a new chapter! This story is sooo fucking hot!
  6. Into muscle dad and son here

  7. Love too see you towering over me...450 pounds of pure muscle and power...flexing....then reach and grab me, pick me up and start to squeeeeeeeeeeze me like a can!  Woof, big man.

  8. So fucking hot! 460 lbs is just the right size for me! Well done!
  9. Is there anyway to get in touch with you man? I'm working towards bull status myself

  10. Fucking hot! MORE! Let Dad grow to a 400 lbs MONSTER!!!
  11. Fuck! Best story EVER so far from you! All i want – A monstrous bear the only wants to get worshiped and grow even bigger! MORE PLEASE!
  12. Would love to have the link too. Send me a PM, thanks!
  13. Fuck, still one of my favorites! Two brutes juicing them self up to true monsters!
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