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  1. piotrpjs

    The Tale of the Muscular Manservant

    Whoops! I've just realised the clue is in the story title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. piotrpjs

    The Tale of the Muscular Manservant

    I can't wait to meet the new manservant (don't y'know)………….!
  3. Just been reading for the first time some of SFL's "Jeff's Shredding Freak show"   The first story (Gym owner hyper orgasmic while working his cock into the cleavage of Jeff's humongous pecs) had me cumming instantly.  

    Nearest experience I've had is a few years ago, when I got a BB to pose in  my flat.  He had genuine 21" arms and let me squeeze the f***kers really hard until I came.  A week later he won the heavyweight division in a big BB show at Wembley Conference Centre, in London!!!

    Thanks again, SFL for some great stories!!    P.


  4. piotrpjs

    Carlito xxxl

    Are their any other fans of Carlito's muscle mass who know why his Instagram page has gone down? I need my fix of all that mound of muscle!!! Thanks
  5. piotrpjs

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    The first time I saw huge muscle was way back in the 70s. It was Christmas eve, around 8.30 in the evening, and I was told to walk my cousin the mile or so to her home. On the way I noticed that a Newsagent's shop was closed - but that a rack of magazines had been left outside. (I made a mental note to investigate this rack, on my return!) The High Street was deserted when I approached the shop and I immediately saw a magazine that aroused my interest (not to mention my nether regions!) I am pretty sure it was Bertil Fox flexing the biggest biceps one could imagine.........I hadn't come across Burneika....Winklaar........Akim Williams etc. As the street was deserted, I plucked up courage and quickly pulled the mag (Health & Strength) out of the rack and quickly pushed it under my coat to devour later in the privacy of my bedroom. Many years later I went to a Foxy seminar and he ended by coming to the edge of the stage and posing! Everybody surged forward and I managed to cop a feel of his massive arm!
  6. Ravenweremucle and Calhoun: Many thanks for replying. Maybe it is a Yuku problem, and will resolve itself soon. I hoe so --- I need my daily fix of M U S C L E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peter
  7. Muscle Service Station My computer has been 'down' for a week, while I moved everything over from a desktop, to a laptop. Now my laptop is up and running, I find I can't access my 2nd favourite board - Muscle Service Station!! Every time I try to log on to MSS my antimalware/viruses security pops up with something like "virus warning - threat removed" Has anyone had a similar problem accessing MSS? Cheers! Peter
  8. Hi Harttrainer01 -  Your morphs are amazing!  Have you ever considered morphing the impossible, like Robert Buirneika?  (He is an obsessuion of mine!)   Piotrpjs


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