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  1. You still would only tell them they were a good boy, listened well, did their job well, and let them do whatever is both humiliating and they enjoy. I'm a lover at heart and think pets should be taken care of, less master and more daddy. These two are good examples of that relationship that works as a couple relationship: NFSW language, nudity, m/m sex LINK
  2. Before anyone had really mentioned intelligence in passing, when the story was being discussed after the last chapter, I expressed my opinion that Seth wouldn't even have had to get to 10" before people started to seem to be of no consequence. I think I had pegged it at 6"8'. From there regard for people would just decrease. I don't think people realize what a huge difference even 4 inches makes. I started playing a hard contact sport and am easily always the tallest guy on the field, and even then the few guys that are very close are not as athletically built. It's off season, the coach seems like he's really excited I want to play and in so many words said I will go right through our opponents. I still think the only reason I liked Seth going over 9" was just so he could be the tallest man ever. Going past 7"6' or at most 8" makes the characters so out of scale their height is just a statistic. As for intelligence, IQ is only meant to measure general intelligence, and there is a debate whether it dose that. Global intelligence doesn't have a really solid definition. It does include both IQ and EQ (Emotional Quotient), and should include spatial reasoning, and usually includes talents such as language, music, art, and creativity. What is interesting about IQ is that at about 160 someone may be a genius with partical physics, and not be able to figure out how to ride a bus, or get home if they walk out of sight of their home.
  3. Biting was the tone you read absent any clues, and even emoticons don't help much when there's so much variation in perceived meaning of emoticons. When I wrote it, it was hyperbole and slapstick. I promise I never use "don't hate" as anything other than a barely serious joke. Tamerlein, it's not self-agrandising if it's true, like you're not paranoid if someone really is out to get you. It's no skin off my back if you want to think it's not true, and then I can speculate privately to myself on why it is that it's better for you to think it isn't true. Just don't put it out there and then withdraw it like a trial lawyer or a mobster. For comedic value you should have added "no offense" after saying what you aren't saying.
  4. In real life calling someone that's 6'3" 272lbs "Sheldon" like they're a socially inept savant is a bad idea. Mental health is my job. It's not my fault I'm at a high percentile in every possible thing that can be measured. Don't hate.
  5. I like that story idea, it sounds like the perfect setting for competition. I know I talk about myself a lot, and it probably seems unrealistic. I frequently have the opposite issue with stories where what is supposed to be fantasy is my reality, or too close to be interesting anyways. I have an IQ in the third standard deviation. A friend of mine whose son has dyscalculia and took logic as an alternative to math asked for help with a problem. I did not know the symbols or syntax and had never taken logic. It took me about 30 minutes or so to learn logic on Wikipedia and then I helped them with the problem. I have a form of eidetic memory that is audiovisual and is like a movie and I can imagine images, including things that are not memories but current thoughts, as external projections. Supposedly eidetic memory is rare in children and is very rare in adults, though the actual rate of occurance is the subject of debate. One thing that would be incorrect is memorizing text, which is photographic memory, not eidetic memory, there is a distinction. Winning a debate or proving a concept also requires the ability to conceptualize and make connections between the concepts that were memorized. Unfortunately, my father is Scandinavian and my mother is French-German which means I'm also blonde at heart and I forget things if I see something shiny, bright colored, moving fast, or sexy people.
  6. That's ultimately what it is about to me, is becoming more, ultimately metahuman, on a superior level of existance and the intelligence is part of that. In Elongro Seth got unrelateably big and would have liked the growth slower and stopped at 9ft or just over along with seeing maybe the beginnings of telekenisis and telepathy. I do like getting dumber when it's consenual, when the character is already not very bright and isn't a bully but is just crue--especially when theft backfires, and himbofication. Generally there isn't any fantasy element to it and it's overused as a trope.
  7. I would retcon parts 1&2 and make Kevin attracted to John, who was not attracted to Kevin, but now is becoming attracted.
  8. I read this before, and when I saw it got bumped read it again. I've only read two stories, including this one where the one being stolen from is put in front of a mirror facing it so he has to watch himself loose everything. It's so deliciously dominant and arrogant. We need more theft, especially where the muscle and height are a package deal.
  9. I loved your characters. They always felt like people, maybe friends I might have known. I know I've said it before, at least twice, you are brilliant is decribing everything, especially Chris dealing with his changes. I didn't, or couldn't, enjoy the last few chapters from the guest posing on except for your skill writing, for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the story.
  10. It's there. Somewhere in these new chapters it says he looks down at James. It's just very little. The description of being more muscular is clear, the height was subsumed--at least to me; into descriptions of being bigger, which are pretty accurate. I'm familiar with being at a high level of conditioning and being big, though never together. I also got the impression that Chris is at a minimum 6'5" up to 6'7". Ths height of a door opening is 6'8" and he isn't having to duck... yet. I would have liked to have more decription of being taller. That's one of the reasons I liked the Elongro story so much, because bigger in that story clesrly means both taller and more muscular.
  11. I would like to see some less often seen themes, like nerds that are intellectual bullies to jocks and get punished by karma or maybe just theft (like the type in The Alpha the Omega and the Rest of Us). I also would like to see along with any role reversal, more theft (atribute theft where everything is fair, or unfair, game), height increase, and dominance.
  12. That might start worrying James. It's one thing to be OK with something when you are visualizing it to see what your feelings are. It is another when it becomes actualized and is no longer an abstraction; it's a tangible reality.
  13. A ten pack. I''ve been waiting for Chris to get to a size and level of fitness that would be very, very difficult to obtain, and is my dream. Some authors blow right by that level of development and I can't relate. It doesn't do any good to me to have a character be 400lbs. I don't know what that is. Having been a serious athelete, not counting the gym, description of propriocepttion, feedback from the body about its bounds, mass, and movement are important to the desctiption. Just saying a character weighs so much and giving elaborate or verbose descriptions of muscles like pecs and biceps, for me, is barely better than just saying the character is huge. You are really good at writing descriptions and how Chris is dealing with problems in such detail that it's familiar to me, and you never falter and write something that the details are blatantly wrong and it takes me out of the story. I had an undergrad course where all the desks and chairs in a certain room were the type where the desk is attached to the chair, and I smiled reading about fidgetting and trying to sit in the chair and be comfortable while still being able to use the desk. One day my professor stopped his lecture and told me to get a chair out if the hallway and pull his table back and sit at the table. As soon as he told me to move to the table he started laughing and said he can't lecture when every time he looks up it looks like there's a line backer trying to sit in a kindergarten chair. Violet eyes that flash gold, again! I hope we're close to finding out what it means.
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