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    Bisexual (Female Preference)
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    6'3" Cutting from 305lbs.
    As of May 12 all current stats and progress pictures will be posted as progress updates in my blog. --- Weight April 13: 286lbs. Weight April 20: 293lbs. Mid-January: Chest: 53" Shoulders: 60" Arms cold unflexed 16", cold flexed 18" April 21: Chest: 54" Shoulders: 60"
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    Semi-exclusive or polyamorous relationship with females or males, or both simultaneously in a polyamorous relationship as the primary alpha.
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    6'5" 335lbs at a body fat of 10% or less.
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    "The Roommate", "Elongro", "Hey, Big Guy", "The Alpha, The Omega, and the Rest of Us"
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    Spanking (my partner), biting (either myself being bitten or my partner), wrist binding with soft Velcro cuffs or silk scarves (either myself being bound or my partner), being scratched hard (near or actually drawing blood).

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  1. This week there was no major change in weight from the previous week. I had a very small decrease in bodyfat. There was an incremental increase in strength on some exercises, and none on others. In all, for me at least, this has been a middling week; not aweful (as though that would *ever* happen as long as I have a say) and not great either (again, by my standards). As always, it's OK to talk to me tinys; don't have a heart attack, just breathe. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome, go ahead and be honest and blunt. You can tell me what you think.
  2. Go home and call later. I like ploder4's idea of an Elongro story from the perspective of the bigger/growing guy.
  3. A standard 36" lat bar and my 60" lat bar.
  4. Progress pictures for the 5/12 progress update taken 5/15. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome, go ahead and be honest, even brutal. I need to hear it to be better. You can tell me what you think; what do you like, and what could be better? I promise not to step on any tinys.
  5. My weight is up 4lbs from last week. I can visibly see I lost more bodyfat. I'm happy with my cutting progress for now, and still want to improve on it because I know I can. Progress pictures posted 5/15.
  6. That sounds good. Let's go with that. I do have a good sense of humour. If you used the quote in a story the way I would, that would be the distinction between nerd and geek. I already let a romance novel author use my name for a character, so using a quote however you want is no big deal.
  7. Sure. Say geek instead of nerd if you're using it to humiliate, nerd to convey disdain. I try to not be a cocky ass, and fail frequently. I probably have a lot of those kinds of things that are off-the-cuff, and a few that are not. A favorite is "good boys and girls obey alphas".
  8. Why assume that I didn't mean in Western Europe the Celts were subsumed by the Romans? I liked the list of Swedish words. It reminded me of the Muppets chef. Bros, being serious, way too much response. Really interesting, but too much. I might need to take a shower to wash the nerd off after swimming through all that.
  9. Mine has four, I think. I was getting plates and a guy was going to use one that was plate loaded. He asked if I was using it, and even after I said no he asked me again and then asked if I was sure. He stood about three arns lengths away. When he was done and I was walking around between sets he asked if I go to the gym everyday. I think I scared the shit out of the guy.
  10. I managed to get another 20lbs on using the thinnest 25lb plates. I don't need both sides to have a counterbalance; I can do one side at a time.
  11. When I max out a machine and there's no more plates or space to put more on, I find a place to put more plates. Athletes don't have to be dumb or uncreative. For the donkey press I put two 45lb plates on top.
  12. No. Ultra tiny is a Y-back string bikini thong. These just have a narrow band and Rio back.
  13. There were "Scandinavian" Celts (Scotts). Celts were found from Ireland to Western Europe north of the Alps, and were subsumed by the Romans with the exception of the Scotts. I'm genetically Scandinavian by my Y chromosome which matches with my paternal family history. The "Scandinavian Celts", read as Vikings that decided not to leave, and good luck making them, that my maternal family is from were noted historically for the number of tall men in that family. The reality shifting got me too, though I suspected it from the "once you go Asian line" in the first part, so I wasn't too tripped up.
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