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  1. Weight now 275lbs. I may go as low as 253. The next milestone is 268. I have not put up a July gallery, and will post an entry when it is available. In the meantime, here is a low-res B&W preview.
  2. I would retcon parts 1&2 and make Kevin attracted to John, who was not attracted to Kevin, but now is becoming attracted.
  3. I read this before, and when I saw it got bumped read it again. I've only read two stories, including this one where the one being stolen from is put in front of a mirror facing it so he has to watch himself loose everything. It's so deliciously dominant and arrogant. We need more theft, especially where the muscle and height are a package deal.
  4. Eight new pictures that were from last week and were stored in the wrong folder are being uploaded to the June gallery. The eighth will take longer and will be uploaded later today.
  5. I loved your characters. They always felt like people, maybe friends I might have known. I know I've said it before, at least twice, you are brilliant is decribing everything, especially Chris dealing with his changes. I didn't, or couldn't, enjoy the last few chapters from the guest posing on except for your skill writing, for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the story.
  6. 2,756 VIEWS! I might get hardly any comments or likes, but view numbers say a lot. Thanks everyone! Viewing stats for all galleries and most viewed pictures for each of the home gallery and June gallery:
  7. My weight is still trending down and has been stable without any spikes or dips. My legs are doing really well. I just did single leg leg presses with 385lbs, which would be 770lbs for a regular leg press. I have a new arm routine that I just did for the second time. Hopefully the new routine will bring up one of my weaker parts. New pictures are in the June gallery, the link and password are the same as in the previous progress update.
  8. @wagner09 Oh, thanks for helping me. I don't understand numbers good sometimes. I'm a huge stupid jock. Dates are hard.
  9. Things are going well cutting. My weight has been close to stable. There is a trend down, but with ocassional large spikes back up usually. Over the last eleven days my weight has been stable An IFBB pro at my gym doesn't know we're having a competition. I saw him doing leg press, then checked out how much weight he was using. He's only 50lbs ahead of me. The pro might have undefeatable arms, but he had better step up with his legs, because they are weaker than his upper body--if he doesn't I will overtake him. I can't stop flexing and feeling the firmness and larger dimensions of my Wunder Arsch (German: "Wonder Ass"). Usually I will only test a muscle just to get an idea if the size and density. I have never worked specific muscles in such a variety of ways, and it has definitely paid off. Also, I got some good leg pictures on the 19th, Wednesday. "Happiness is the high you get lifting weights. Thinking will harsh your high bro. Let other people be unhappy for you. A blank mind gives you a bigger lifting high brah. Yeah, getting so jacked and stupid. Are you confused? It's OK. I'll tell you what to think. You're a big dumb jock..."
  10. It's there. Somewhere in these new chapters it says he looks down at James. It's just very little. The description of being more muscular is clear, the height was subsumed--at least to me; into descriptions of being bigger, which are pretty accurate. I'm familiar with being at a high level of conditioning and being big, though never together. I also got the impression that Chris is at a minimum 6'5" up to 6'7". Ths height of a door opening is 6'8" and he isn't having to duck... yet. I would have liked to have more decription of being taller. That's one of the reasons I liked the Elongro story so much, because bigger in that story clesrly means both taller and more muscular.
  11. You came back! Of course you did. I wanted to answer a question you have had, and get pictures before I put the door to my bedroom back on its frame. I have had a few of you ask me if it's true I can't walk straight through doors. The answer is that I can't walk straight through a standard residential doorway. I have to rotate my torso or I will run into the door frame. Some quick math will show why. The doorway opening is 29.25". Just measuring for skeletal width my shoulders are 22". Adding my deltoids the width of my shoulders as I have meaured is 25.5". Subtracted from 29.25, the total width is only 3.75" shorter than the width of the door frame. That leaves 1.86" clearance on each side, not including the inch the door itself takes up leaving 1.36" on each side if the door can't be opened clear of the frame. It would take perfect alignment on every pass through a doorway not to run into the door frame on one side or the other. That is just my shoulders. Adding in my arms at my sides, just relaxed, I exceed the width of the door frame opening. So the answer is yes, if I don't turn my torso and try to walk straight through a residential doorway, I won't make it. The first picture in the collage is standing back slightly from the door, and the seconnd is standing right next to but not in the doorway. Come back Sunday for a progress update! "Obey: Good boys and girls obey alphas. Obedience is pleasure."
  12. I would like to see some less often seen themes, like nerds that are intellectual bullies to jocks and get punished by karma or maybe just theft (like the type in The Alpha the Omega and the Rest of Us). I also would like to see along with any role reversal, more theft (atribute theft where everything is fair, or unfair, game), height increase, and dominance.
  13. That might start worrying James. It's one thing to be OK with something when you are visualizing it to see what your feelings are. It is another when it becomes actualized and is no longer an abstraction; it's a tangible reality.
  14. Hi bros and basics. There will not be an update this weekend and the progress updates and any pictures taken between updates will be published with the progress update, which will now be every other week. I want everyone to recognize wagner09, my biggest, or tiniest but with the most enthusiasm, fan. Keep liking buddy! Also I want to give a shout to Desato for being a big supporter with his comments. "What do I want? I want what all celestials want, to be the center of the universe, to be worshipped, for my desires to be law."
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