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    Next goal is 250 lbs
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  1. Wulven

    What draws you you to muscle?

    I enjoy working out most of the time, but there are definitely times where I just want to get in and get out. Though it's much more fun in a hardcore gym with bigger guys around. I get jealous of their size and it motivates me. Not familiar with an Apollo's belt. Dutch pump if you could instantly have more muscle in one area, where would it be?
  2. Wulven

    What draws you you to muscle?

    I get what you mean Hialmar, it takes awhile for me to feel the difference in my own muscle development verses others. Having friends comment on development is always a great help for me. I'm sure many of us get sexually excited at the thought of muscle growth.
  3. Wulven

    What draws you you to muscle?

    Thanks Kymuscleboy. Eadwig I'm also a calf fan too. Love seeing them got soft and then flex up with each step.
  4. What draws you to muscle? Do you enjoy the size and power on yourself, others or both? Which muscle is your favorite? For me I enjoy building muscle on myself and training friends who also enjoy the gym, watching them grow and change. I also love a great pair of pecs.
  5. Hope you like the site, man.  I've found some great guys through this site.  The more you share, the better your chances.  Stay strong.


    1. Wulven


      Thanks big Zon, been a longtime fan of yours. Glad to here you are still growing. 

    2. EnormousMuscle


      Yeah still growing here.  Nothing slows me down.  Of course my guys here help me a lot to keep me maxing out with my growth.  Take care, man.


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