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    fantasy profile.
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    Bodybuilding, talking about my kinks and fetish.
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    450lbs, 6 inches 9 foot Tall, Chest size 30 inches, hip size 28, Biceps are 20 inches, 20 inch cock, 8 inches in cock girth.
  • What are you seeking?
    Growing bigger, training young bodybuilder by giving them my cum based muscle growth and cock growth semen to grow, and finding my victims to drain their muscles wither sucking their cocks off like a straw draining their muscles or dock their cock heads into my urethra and drain their muscles.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Being a bodybuilder
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Caesar, Zeb Atlas, Matthew Rush, Carlo Masi, Erik Rhodes, Bo Armstrong, Tom Katt
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    muscle growth and cock growth from cum absorbtion, muscle drain and cock drain, muscle worship, displaying strength during sex, domination, docking bodybuilders and draining their muscles, big bodybuilder with roid guts, and a long thick big cock.

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  1. Pure thick copious bodybuilder semen in my tongue ready for consumption, it's good for us to become pro bodybuilders. By consuming the essence of a man's semen, my body will absorb his semen inside and travel to my reproductive system for muscle growth and cock growth


  2. Gotta train my body into THICK MUSCLES, OH YEAH!!! I cum all over my gym equipment to mark my territory with my semen that powerful pheromones in it to make bodybuilders know this is MY territory to work out.



    Never felt better wearing a cockring over my balls to stimulate my powerful semen to produce more sperm protein, human growth hormones, testosterone and steroids. Check out my huge snake dong make men go crazy for my cock.


  3. Finished working out, pulled down my gym shorts, and would you look at that, my weapon of ass destruction, my bodybuilder cock has grown more longer, THICKER, & BIGGER!!!!


  4. Just woken up, feeling horny that I started to pound, it felt so good to masturbate that I came all over my bed sheets, and my juggernaught ass started to clenched during the ejaculation, my muscles had grown.


  5. My dream bodybuilding physique would be a pro bodybuilder, here's a photo of it to describe my dream stats.70707652_158304221905943_4419488662671092616_n.thumb.jpg.ed6c46019c4db7910731db3a022b20fa.jpg.42733f1a0d0408dcdeddfa2a42eb6599.jpg.45bb6c394750c72144e6dcb8d990924c.jpg

    I would want to buy some home gym equipment, so that I can workout, wearing nothing but my cock ring underwear, while my cock is erected. A bench-presser will help me grow my leg muscles while I hold my pent up cock, so that I can perfectly ejaculate my semen when I need to. A pro bodybuilder needs to time their ejaculation



  6. I recently wrote a new post on the forum about my kinks and fetishes about muscle growth and cock growth. I hope you enjoy reading it.


  7. I would like to display my full profile pic before my growth spurt, this is me being all jacked up, and my cock being smothered with my own cum.


    This is after my growth spurt, I became huge from absorbing alpha muscle semen. My muscles had increase its size, look at my arms, my biceps are huge. My cock has grown and became a muscle to accommodate the enlargement of my testicles that produces 10x times more sperm for protein, testosterone, & steroids. My prostate glands had increased its size and will produce even more semen and human growth hormone. My engorged penis will be able to ejaculate enriched creamy protein semen, from my transformed testicles and prostate glands.


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