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  1. There's this story here where the bully wins. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/293804
  2. I always imagined Greg as a beta stuck in the body of an alpha, and the opposite to Scott (You had another story that was so). Greg does not have much choice now, since his alpha male status is in Scott's possession. I like to think that Scott is manipulating Greg to be his new worshiper.
  3. Greg is certainly a nice guy, which makes me wonder if Scott had asked to make the permanent exchange instead? Would Greg donate his muscular body to Scott?Scott did everything to become bigger, but to no avail. while Greg did not make the slightest effort to keep his. When the chance came, Scott took the opportunity and Greg did his best to recover his body. But Greg does not deserve to have an unhappy life. It would be interresting a part 3 where Scott shows that he is making Greg's best body. Doing Greg accept his new place as Scott's private slave.
  4. Scott actually took Greg's body to another level in the gym. while Greg quickly lost the little muscle mass that Scott had built into his body. Which makes me think Scott deserved but to be the muscular body.
  5. this is without doubt my favorite story. Scott really does look better with Greg's body. Have you thought about creating part 3?
  6. any chance this story becomes a series or win a part 2?
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