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  1. I am so honored to be allowed to utilize your characters. Especially Fehl. It feels so amazing to have found you liking this story so much. It is one of my favorite stories even though I'm only borrowing the characters and setting to help bring another world to life ^.^
  2. Wild 8lue Yonder Part One: The Plot Thickens... Among Other Things... Ehlder is a creation of Mr. Mouse, all other primary and secondary characters along with the contents of the Universe of 8lue are creations of the ever wonderful Zhu. All other story elements and characters are original creations either by Mr. Mouse or Zhu. All participants in any sexual or erotic activities are over the age of eighteen and are willing participants. Any resemblance to any characters living, dead, living dead, ever living, undead, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy this collaborative work of fiction which has no basis on real events either through experience or heresay. Now without further delay... on with the show! The Universe is vast, beyond what most can comprehend, but the Multiverse is even moreso. This particular story takes place in one particular Universe, in a near endless Multiverse, and that Universe was classified as 8lue, though we would pronounce it as Blue. The story we are about to embark upon is one from a world that had similarities to our own but there were a few major differences. Within that universe, encircling a Blue Wolf-Rayet star, was the Earth-like world of Magnasia. Magnasia was a crossroads of sorts. A hub with traffic from other worlds across the Multiverse. There were mixtures of technology, magic, and people of every shape and size who came to that world and most of them got along peaceably. This particular world in the Universe of 8lue was one of magic. Magic was commonplace on Magnasia as cell phones were on Earth. It was used by a vast number of people for a vast number of things, but in the peaceful village of Canavar was one where the population consisted entirely of anthopomorphic animals. Canavar had a vast mixture of cultures spread throughout. The streets were a well-paved blacktop while the buildings appeared like a mixture of Chinese and Spanish origins with a hint of Art Deco and Dieselpunk thrown in for good measure. A rustic mix of red and cyan with a slight tropical feel. Some of the town was modernized and other parts were still running off the old clockwork tech of an age gone past. The buildings ranged from single story to some of as many as six stories in height, but most of the taller buildings were apartments. The people who walked the streets had a wide variety of outfits from all walks of life but this story focuses on one particular person in Canavar, his best friend, and the adventure that their lives were about to be thrust into by a falling mystery. Fehlix Morosov Orel, known as Fehl by everyone he encountered, was of a race unique to his part of the world called a cetacoon. The best way to describe his race would be to say it was a humanoid mix of bear, raccoon, and housecat. For the most part the lithe swimmers build of Fehl was covered in a gray fur, however he was accented with bangs off his semi-short white headfur that trailed down his sideburns, which whafted out sharply, as they met with the short-trimmed white beard that really framed his face in an almost diamondesque shape. That fur pattern combined with his white eyebrows and the white fur atop his nose truly accented his look with a haunting beauty that drew you in to his with his startlingly emerald and teal eyes. He had a nice feline bone structure to his face with his ears being an even mix of cat and raccoon. Sometimes spent a good hour just grooming his head fur to make sure it was pristine. That's not to say that he didn't have some interesting fur patterns further down. As stated before, the majority of his body was covered in a short gray fur, however, from his crotch, right up the middle of his torso, splitting into a Y shape at his pecs, there was white fur which reached out from his pecs to his shoulder's edges and tufted off for a much longer fur that protruded off his toned shoulders. From his large feet up to his knees his fur was white, as well as from the tips of his fingers up to his elbows. On his knees and elbows there were tufts of longer white fur that jutted out to give him a more stylized appearance overall. His mostly feline tail was more like that of a lion's which tufted in a sprig of gray and white fur. His pink nipples showed bare on his chest when he went shirtless but the part he loved most about his chest, other than the bulging, tight, musculature... was the thick tuft of white fur dead center. Overall he was five feet nine inches of drop dead gorgeous with a fur pattern unlike any other cetacoon he knew of. Fehl went down the streets of the city that fateful day, but wasn't naked. He wore black sandals that led into black wraps that went up his calves and led to the buccaneer's pants that covered his lower half. The blue pants were held aloft by a thick, black, cloth belt. He had round, thick, solid silver anklets on both ankles that were covered in blue runes and had similar silver bangles on both wrists. On his biceps he wore open ended silver rings that were pressed into place and held on by his lithe musculature. Around his neck he wore a long, flowing, black scarf... but then there was the favorite part of his outfit. Fehl had only just purchased it the other day and was on his way to show off to his best friend before they headed off for practice. He didn't want to cover too much of his torso and so he wore an under-sized, blue, crushed velvet vest that kept him decent and went shockingly well with his overall aesthetic. He glided down the street on an aeth-board which resembled a skateboard except it was made of stone and hand silver runes embedded in the rock. It hovered above the ground with a blue light from below like some kind of hoverboard. This particular cetacoon was one of the only people who could ride such a vehicle as only matter casters could control it. It was that particular magical discipline that let him glide effortlessly over the blacktop streets. Fehl finally came to his friend's apartment building so he kicked up the board and caught it. He pushed the buzzer for apartment 616 and spoke into the voice box, “Hey man, I'm here.” A deeper voice came back across the intercom, “Mmph... come on up, Fehl. I'm almost ready...” He heard a buzz and then opened the apartment door. He got into the lobby and saw an out of order sign hanging from the elevator, “Awww maaaaan...” he grunted then headed for the stairs. Despite his long trek up the steps he was still very excited to see his friend Vet. Vet was another anthropomorphic being, about an inch shorter than Fehl, only rather than being a cetacoon he was a creature known on Magnasia as a human being. Suffice it to say he was not as built as his cetacoon best friend but he was very skilled with his magics. Humans, while not native to that world, weren't uncommon necessarily and Vet was a human of the caucasian variety, with brown, semi-short, wavy hair that occasionally had a red sheen to it. The half Russian half Spaniard man often dressed either in a tribal manner or in shorts, an open bowling shirt, and flip flop sandals. Today Fehl found he really wasn't ready yet as he finally marched up the stairs to the sixth floor, getting a little sweatier and a little muskier on his march up the flights. He knocked on the door of his friend's apartment and heard the voice come from within, “I'll be there... mmmm in a minute... still getting ready!” Fehl waited a short while but then tried the doorknob. It was unlocked and so he walked in the small apartment only to see Vet, naked from the waist down and double handed stroking his thick, two and a half foot long, erection furiously, “No wait! Shit! Can't stop!” And then it happened. Fehl felt the wet spurts across his chest. He watched, practically in slow motion as his friend came on him from across the room. It was almost comedic how many spurts happened as he stood in the door way. He stood there in awe as it just kept happening for over a minute. Cum splashed on his chest, face, scarf, and on that brand new crushed velvet vest. “Ah dang it, Vet!” cried out the cetacoon as he looked at the mess. Vet panted, “I couldn't stop it...” Fehl slammed the door and ran off to the bathroom, “So you just jizz all over the friggin room?” Vet pulled a pair of shorts from behind the couch and slipped them on before following Fehl into the bathroom. He watched as the cetacoon was already out of his vest and scarf, splashing up water to wash the cum from his chest and face. Then he started scrubbing it out of his scarf and once it seemed out he looked to his vest but only just rinsed it a little before he saw the tag on the inside which read the ever infuriating: Dry Clean Only. “The new vest looks really cool though,” said Vet. Fehl held it up and said, “Congrats, you get to pay for it's dry cleaning bill. So that's where we're going now before magic practice.” Vet nodded and suddenly the clean shaven man suddenly became hirsute. A full beard and mustache formed on his face while his chest, belly, arms and legs grew a thick luscious coat of hair. He looked himself over and then got wide eyed as he stared at Fehl, “There's a breech about to happen in town somewhere.” “Can you tell where?” asked Fehl. Vet threw up his hands, “I just get this fresh coating when the dimensional breeches come through near by. My hair isn't a compass, just a warning.” That's when they saw a flash up in the sky just outside Vet's balcony window. They slid open the glass door and ran outside. Another flash came from the sky above, about a mile up. A purple flash with a resounding boom. That's when they saw a man pop in way up there. They heard him screaming as he plummeted towards the ground from a mile in the sky. “Dear lord, that guy did not know what he was doing,” said Vet. Fehl tossed his vest to the man and then put his scarf back on and Vet continued, “He should have gone in at one of the regular jump points... what are you doing?” The cetacoon stepped over the balcony edge and held out his aeth-board, “I'm going to save whoever that is, plummeting towards the ground.” “Those boards aren't meant to fly. They hover. You don't see matter casters zipping through the skies on aeth-boards all over the place,” said Vet. “I've got to try,” said Fehl as he stepped on the board and leaped off. His board remained at the height of the sixth floor, not falling to the earth. He shielded his eyes and saw the man that bright day, still screaming and falling, clutching a top hat to his head... and then Fehl was off. He focused his magic power to the board and soared up into the sky. The falling screamer was spinning end over end like some kind of firework while Fehl rose towards him at incredible speed. He focused trying to slow his impact and meet him half way between the sky and ground. He could see whoever it was wore a tan frock coat with rolled up sleeves, and matching pants, over a tweed sweater vest of green and gray. A turquoise scarf fluttered in the breeze but the man with a tail clutched a tall top hat to head head and prevented the rescuer from getting any kind of good look at his face. A face he met all too soon as the pair collided in the air. Fehl slowed his approach and started a fall himself to try and keep the man from slamming him too hard but collide they did and in the process Fehl grabbed the faller upside down and clung to him. He started into a freefall spin but thanks to his powers of matter control he was able to keep the board attached to his sandals and slowed the spin and fall. By the time the spinning stopped and Fehl was upright again. The ground was far closer than he would have liked. The cetacoon gripped the man tight and focused all his power down to his feet, the descent slowed as they started to zip past the roof of the six story apartment building from where he launched. Still they fell but not slow enough. They came down towards the roof of a single story restaurant next to the apartments when Fehl's green eyes lit up and he closed them. The roof of the restaurant changed just a moment before impact. It became like foam rubber and softened the impact to the point where the pair felt as though they had landed on a comforting cloud. They bounced back up ten feet and then landed on quite the regular roof with a mutual oof. Fehl let go of the man and he scrambled up to his feet, stumbling a bit as he dropped the top hat and the cetacoon saw that he had rescued a mouse man with light fur on his face but with ebony head fur, arm fur, and with a fantastic beard as well as a thick handlebar moustache. The mouse stumbled, his tail whipping about this way and that, then he locked eyes with Fehl, who finally saw that they had the exact same teal and emerald green eyes. The mouse only said, “I say...” just before he passed out. Fehl looked closer at the rodent man to see that his headfur, pulled back into a ponytail on the back of his head, had twinges of red to it he hadn't noticed before, while the rest of his ebony fur seemed to have a slight blue twinge. There was something strange about the mouse but he couldn't put a finger on it. He heard a whoo come from above and saw Vet celebrating and pointing down at the pair with lots of thumbs up being shot their way. It took a while but Fehl did manage to get that mouse off the roof. The day they'd planned was absorbed into getting the mouse from the street, up six flights of stairs, and then onto the couch that Vet had sprayed down Fehl from just earlier that day. The mouse was laid back on the couch with his top hat set on top of his chest. Fehl sat down next to him while Vet sat at a chair on the opposite side of the mouse. The cetacoon exhaled a bit exhausted, “Think I got my magical practice in for the day what with the flying and the transubstantiated roof top.” “How did you do that by the way? I didn't know you could do stuff like that yet,” said Vet. “You and me both,” said Fehl, “It was like a reflex. I drew from a power I didn't know I had but it saved us.” Vet looked to the mouse and poked at him a bit. The mouse stirred but remained passed out, “Any idea of who this is?” Fehl shrugged, “He didn't say anything except: AAAAAhhhhhhh, so no I don't know who he is.” “Ehldridge Ogden Langston the 3rd,” said the mouse in a transatlantic accent with his eyes closed still, “But my friends call me Ehlder.” The mouse opened his eyes and sat up Fehl smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, “Welcome back to the land of the living.” The mouse seemed that he would have stood at the same height as Fehl and had a similar build too as his lithe muscles bulged under his clothing when he reached up to rub the back of his head in embarrassment, “Sorry about that, chaps. Side effects of being a traveler as I am. It really takes the wind out of your sails after a successful jump. Have to admit my aim was off by a bit but I'm glad you were there to help with that landing bit.” “I tend to find it's better to remain close the ground unless you know how to fly,” said Fehl. “You seemed pretty good at it,” said Ehlder, “I say, it just occurs to me that I don't know either of your names, I don't know where I am, and I also don't know how the bearded human plays into any of this.” The bearded human raised his hand, “I'm Veter Wind but I just go by Vet. We brought you to my apartment after the crash landing.” “And my name is Fehlix Morosov Orel, but you can call me Fehl,” the cetacoon offered a hand to shake and was very happy the mouse accepted. He found the handshake somewhat electric and very firm, “Vet is a good friend of mine I was visiting. We were about to head to a dry cleaner when you popped up. I was the one who caught you up there. You are in the city of Canavar, on the isle of Sharzhvum, on the world of Magnasia, in Universe designation 8lue... with an eight.” Ehlder twirled the end of his handlebar mustache between thumb and forefinger as he nodded along with the information, “It is a pleasure to meet the both of you. Pardon me a mere moment, chaps,” he reached into a pocket and pulled out what appeared to be an old scroll but as he unrolled it on his lap it appeared to have a computer screen on it's page. There were several circles and lines that shifted around the page along with a runic language that neither of the Magnasians recognized. He snapped the scroll closed as he said, “This universe has the correct vibrational frequency I was looking for. You see long ago I received a communication from across the multiverse that led me here. I hopped around from place to place in search of the signal's origin and by jove I think I've found the place, ol' chaps.” “We carried you some ways from that rooftop,” began Vet, “I didn't see any kind of transport device in any of that time, or even now for that matter.” Ehlder smiled and pointed to his belt. It was a gold belt with many moving clockwork parts. Some behind crystalline glass, while a few were out in the open with toggles and switches. There was a small black and green display screen on the belt buckle. A tap of a button and the screen popped out on a mechanical arm in front of him and then expanded with a digital read out, “This is my transit-belt, chaps. A device of my own invention. Though due to my last landing it would appear that it's calibration is off somehow.” The mouse flicked the screen as he read out the display. The belt sparked on his waist and began to crackle. Fehl scooched back, “Um... is it supposed to do that?” Ehlder shook his head and looked concerned to the cetacoon, “Most assuredly not. I think that landing didn't do the belt any favors, Mr. Orel...” A small gold disk fired from one of the compartments on the belt and landed on the back of Fehls palm, eliciting an Ouch from the cetacoon as the belt spoke in a monotone voice, “Secondary transport subject secured. Initializing jump in ten... nine... eight...” “What is it doing now?” asked Fehl, “Also call me Fehl, not Mr. Orel.” Ehlder gritted his teeth, “Hold on then Fehl, we're going somewhere...” “Three... two... one...” said the belt. Then in a flash of purple light the two had vanished. Vet was left alone in his apartment, twice as hirsute as he was before. The very hairy human looked himself over then sighed, “What the hell was that?” Elsewhere on Magnasia, in the megacity of Dehnavra, there was a fifty story tall high tech office building. On the thirty ninth floor there was a studio where a photo shoot was in progress. The model in that shoot was an incredibly buff lion man who had a glorious mane that framed his face perfectly. He was wearing a pair of tight, black, athletic swimming trunks and an open, white, button up, tee shirt that was being blown by a wind machine. He did a number of poses as the photographer snapped a few final pictures. “Beautiful Mr. Lunardi! Simply beautiful darling!” said the photographer as he finished up. They turned off the wind machine and the six foot five inch tall, very muscular, very handsome model was tossed a bottle of water, “That's a wrap on today's session people. Good jobs!” The lion adjusted his prodigious, constrained, two foot long, soft bulge under the trunks and looked off set to a smaller canine man who was dressed in a tight suit with sand shoes. The canine walked up to the lion and said, “You did great today Fahr.” “You really think so Kahl?” smiled the lion, “I hope they choose one of my pics for the advertisement.” “Are you kidding? With a bod like that? How could they ever even consider anyone else?” smiled the canine man. The lion chuckled and felt his hair stand on end just a moment before there was a flash of purple light and suddenly there was a mouse and cetacoon standing between him and his friend. They stumbled about as Fehl said, “What the hell just happened?” “Lucky us,” said Ehlder, “We're still in the same dimension. That one felt like a teleport.” “What the devil was that?” asked Fahr the lion model, “Who are you two?” Before anyone could answer his question, the belt fired off another disk which landed on the lion's abs. He winced in pain as the belt said, “Tertiary transport subject secured. Beginning jump in ten... nine... eight...” “Whoa whoa whoa...” said the lion, “Jump? What does that mean? What are you doing? Get this thing off!” “Sorry chap... hold on to something...” said Ehlder. “Three... two... one...” and in a flash the trio were gone. Kahl the canine looked surprised as the water bottle that Fahr was holding hit the ground. His friend and the strangers were gone as quickly as they had appeared. He ran to a phone and dialed it up quick, “Hello, security? I think I just witnessed a kidnapping! Get someone up here fast!” Security was on the spot in no time but there was no trace of the trio of strangers as they crossed through space to another destination on the planet Magnasia. In a dimly lit basement apartment, two friends had just finished blazing up good. They were flying high as a kite and kicking back to relax for their night in. Both were dressed only in heftily packed thong underwear and silk bath robes draped over their frames as they laid back totally couch locked. “My dealer's new strain is a little heavy on the body high. What do you think, Gehn?” asked a rather buff anthropomorphic bear man. Were he standing he would have been a good six feet in height with blue fur over most of his body. He had gray fur atop his head and across his muzzle, gray fur over his abs and chest that led around his neck like a collar, and gray fur atop his feet as well as stripes of it just below his knees and elbows. He barely managed to reach up to scratch his hand over his chiseled abs when he looked to his friend. “I think I smoked too much, Hymn,” said the more draconic-looking Gehn back to his bear friend. He chuckled and said, “I forgot what you just asked.” While Hymn the bear was an impressive sight to behold, Gehn, while not quite as buff, was taller, he stood eight feet three inches tall but some of that was thanks to his very long neck. He was six foot three inches tall up to the shoulders but his neck set the top of his horned, draconic head a good two feet above the shoulder line. He was a forest green eastern dragon with a paler green underbelly that went up his neck right to his maw. He had alabaster horns atop his head that reminded many of antelope horns, cute ears that jutted straight out to the sides from under them, and long brown headfur that he kept combed back and went all the way down to his shoulders. He had brown eyebrows and a manicured brown goatee on his chin that really accented his longer snout. When he smiled you could see his lower incisors protrude a bit. That's not to mention that his huge package would have measured eighteen inches, down to his knees, just in it's soft state. On his opposite side he had brown hair atop his thick draconic tail. On his chest, forearms, calves, tops of his feet, and tops of his hands, he had thick brown fur as well. Most of his body was not at all concealed by his open robe as Hymn managed to get to his feet. The huge bear listened as a sensual song began to play from the play list that had been going in the background. He started to do a sexy dance, teasing the draconic man with shifting about in his silk robe, using expert thrusts and gyrations. Though couch locked, the dragon smiled and felt his massive member begin to stir. “You know I could really use a hot, huge, cock in my face right now, big bear,” smiled the draconic man as he eyed the thong that barely concealed Hymn's sixteen inches of soft tubular bear flesh. That's when there was a sudden purple flash of light. A huge, nearly naked lion filled his view, tripped over the small table in front of him, and fell atop the dragon face first. The lion braced himself against the wall behind the dragon but that meant that his huge, swimsuit covered, bulge thrust and pressed right into the dragon's face. The lion pushed off, “Whoops! Sorry. I um.. I don't know what to say or where I am even. Sorry.” Fehl was busy laying atop the bear, who he tripped into on re-entry, “None of us know where we are!” The dragon grinned widely and looked up at the lion, then to the huge bulge that was just jammed into his face and he said, “I could really use millions of sol coins right now.” “What?” asked the lion to the dragon, “Someone please tell me what just happened?” “Dude is this like... really happening right now?” asked Gehn. “What was in that weed, man?” asked Hymn. Ehlder stumbled out of the bedroom into the parlor and was clenching fistfulls of thongs as he shouted, “Good! I was able to find some undergarments! We are going to need those. How many of you have ever traveled by aether-wave before? What do you know of the side effects?” “Who are you guys?” asked the lion to Fehl. “I'm not doing this,” said Fehl. He pointed to the mustached mouse, “This is all on Ehlder. I don't know what his crazy belt is doing.” “Who or what is Ehlder?” asked Fahr the lion, “For that matter what do belts have to do with anything?” As if on cue the belt shot a disk onto Gehn's leg with a small ouch then another disk to Hymn that landed right on his chest. The bear clenched his chest in pain, “Ow my freakin' nipple! What the hell is this? Like a kinky alien invasion or something?” “If only it were so simple...” said Ehlder. The belt then said, “Quaternary and quinary transport subjects secured. Beginning jump in ten... nine... eight...” “Hold on everyone,” said Ehlder as he adjusted a few settings on his belt, “I think I fixed the issue.” “So we're not going to jump this time?” asked Fehl. “Oh, no. We're going to jump but we're going to stop after this up and coming one,” said Ehlder. “Dude, how high did we get? Asked the dragon. “Jump?” asked the bear just before everyone vanished from his apartment in a flash of purple light. The final jump coordinates were set just in time to give the landing party of mostly strangers a bit of privacy as Ehlder knew what was going to happen next. They remained in 8lue and even still on planet Magnasia. The landing was set for a ghost town, long abandoned and in the middle of the Baitang forest. It was a very secluded, small town surrounded by a beautiful forest canopy. The group appeared in the town square by a fountain that no longer flowed. A flash of purple light brought the five accidental travelers to land on the cobblestone streets that were a mere few hundred miles across the sea from Fehl's home town. Another island that dotted along but had all but been deserted by modern civilizations. Everyone collapsed exhausted, all except for Ehlder who moved with a purpose. He tossed down the thongs and removed his belt and frock coat, he put the belt in the frock coat along with the thongs and then wrapped them up nice and neat. He tied the bundle to a low hanging tree branch then made it back to the group as they regained their compsure. The lion grabbed the mouse by the shoulders and said, “You! Answers! Now!” The mouse took a deep breath and looked to the group saying, “My name is Ehldridge Ogden Langston the 3rd but I would prefer it if you called me Ehlder. I am a traveler from another dimension who came to the 8lue universe in search of this world. There is something bad making it's way through the multiverse. Something that brought great destruction to my homeworld of Luchag. This world holds a magic and power that is the key to stopping that horrid thing... RRRrrrgh... however. There is not much time to go into that now. Looking for special people and... Rrrrgh. Alright. So now it's time I explained something else. The side effects of jumping using a techeran quantonium drive, as we just did, are nothing to be ashamed of. It will cause a few temporary effects including but not limited to extreme increases in strength, cognitive abilities, sexual apetite, muscular size, hair growth, pharemone production and a few other things... Rrrrgh... Which is why I grabbed all those thongs. Things are about to get a whole lot more wild a whole lot sooner than later.” The stoners minds were cleared by the jump and everyone watched as the disks attatched to them fell off with little clinks on the ground. Gehn was the first to speak up, “I'm sorry for not understanding... What is about to happen again?” “RRRRRrrrgh,” said the mouse as he said, “We were exposed to a powerful energy. It's going to make us grow real big, get real horny, and we are not going to be able to stop having sex for a while now. It's taken a while for the energy to distribute evenly between us but as it reaches an equilibrium... we're going to start and just know that there is no shame in what is about to transpire. Perhaps we should quickly introduce ourselves first? Again my name is Ehlder and I'm a scientist from another planet. It is a pleasure to meet all of you.” The lion looked to the group as he felt a power welling up within him and he said, “People call me Fahr and I'm a professional bodybuilder and model.” The cetacoon wondered why the lion was suddenly so willing when he felt the power and coming changes so he spat it out as well, “I'm Fehl. I'm a magic student of matter manipulation at the University of Vehloss'tal.” The bear blinked a few times and felt his turn coming up, “My name is Hymn. I'm a musician and professional dancer who studied dance at the Aegohdor Academy for fine arts.” Then lastly the dragon introduced himself, “My name is Gehn. I am a computer programmer who lives with my best friend Hymn. We were working on some business proposals but... oohhh... that's an interesting feeling... I feel so... powerful...” That's when he looked down and saw his chest throbbing larger, along with his arms, legs, hands and feet. The eight foot tall dragon fell to the ground as his feet suddenly shot up several shoe sizes and threw him of balance. His massive butt cracked the cobblestone street as he landed with a greater density from his growing muscles. Gehn moaned as he looked to his bear companion, Hymn who was having similar troubles. The already buff bear swelled with muscles all over so fast that his robe exploded off his body. He fell to his knees in pleasure as his too small thong ripped from his body. He looked to his feet to see they were swelling out of proportion with the rest of him as the soles thickened to ridiculous proportions. His cock hardened and half hard it was already at the three foot mark with bowling ball testes that only seemed to swell with every heartbeat. His pectoral muscles became more of a shelf and then even bigger, more like muscle breasts. He gripped his nipples and squeezed them, milking them as they hardened and grew as well. Milk sprayed from his nips into his hands as Gehn watched in awe and his already tremendous cock tore free of it's constraints at the same time his robe began to shred. The green draconic man flexed his awesome musculature and saw his five foot hard cock kiss tips with Hymn's five foot hard member. Fahr the lion merely watched the display and wondered what would become of him. His eyes literally bulged out like a cartoon's and became huge staring rods as he observed his fellow furry men becoming more hirsute by the moment. Fahr the lion's two foot soft cock ripped free from his shorts, leaving him naked from the waist down with his regular four and a half foot long boner. He felt his feet grow thicker rather than longer, his soles boosting him higher as his already immensely muscular body just added on muscle on top of muscle. He was buff before but soon he was buff beyond belief and with a ten foot cock to show just how turned on he had become. He sat back on his ball sack like it was a beanbag chair and then massaged his massive pecs all while rubbing his massive soles on the cocks of Hymn and Gehn. The three moaned as the lion flexed his cock and started to give himself a pec job with his gargantuan chest. Fehl felt his normally fifteen inch soft member stir. He didn't know any of these people. This isn't how he would normally introduce himself. Why were they just giving in to this growth? Had they no decency? Then the spark hit him. The horniness in his mind became maddening and he felt it grow. Then he knew why. He needed the same release they were working towards a mere few feet away with their growing bodies. The height seemed to stop between thirteen and fifteen feet tall for the colossal trio as they turned grind on each other. The lion and the dragon drank the milk right from the tap on the bear's massive muscular man boobs and Fehl wanted to feel something just as special. That's when he saw the mouse. Neither he nor Ehlder had changed. The mouse pulled him aside, separating him from the group. He looked to the cetacoon as he said, “I feel something with you Fehl. I'm not going to lie. I feel something special and I know that this change is involuntary but I would like our first time together, strange as this situation is... to be just you and I. If that is alright with y...” he was interrupted by the cetacoon kissing him passionately on the lips. Fehl chuckled as the handlebar mustache tickled his nose, “I feel a connection too and I'm glad you said something first because this thing...” he pointed down to his thirty two inch erection which stretched down his leg, “...is going to bust free any time now and I'm gonna want help with it.” The mustached mouse gave into his pleasure at last as his heart swelled with joy and his whole body grew three feet taller, leaving his shirt more like a mid drift more than a proper sweatervest. His arms swelled in size and flexed free of his sleeves up to the shoulders without him even trying. His feet burst from his steel toed boots like a transformation scene from the incredible hulk. Then with a grunt and flex of a double bicep pose, his torso tore free from it's confines, leaving the mouse topless. The big hairy man's ponytail only grew in length as his hair thickened. He smiled down at the smaller cetacoon and with a flex of his legs and cock the pants were gone and he stood totally nude with a seven foot cock erected from his fourteen foot tall massively muscled, yet well proportioned frame. Fehl's eyes bulged out just as Fahr's had done earlier as he took in the massive form before him. His muscles swelled too, making him stand a good eight feet in height. His feet popped free of his sandals like he were pulling apart tissue paper from a present. The feet were four foot long, gargantuan planks off his nine foot tall muscled bod but then his cock ripped free. He was naked as the rest, except for his scarf which he undid and tossed aside. His ten foot member thrusted between Ehlder's legs and lifted him from the ground. Fehl took a great big whiff of the great big man and inhaled that manly musk as he ran his hands through that thick chest hair over the meaty pecs of the mouse god before him. As he sniffed harder his nose grew tremendous and a veritable tornado of wind gushed into his lungs to really draw in that scent. His nose returned to normal size as he began to lick and kiss over the massive man's hairy abs. Ehlder shuddered in pleasure with his cock over the shoulder of the cetacoon. They glanced over to the other trio to see things had escalated over on the other side of the fountain. Hymn the bear had Gehn the dragon on his back. A massive four foot long nipple was shoved into the dragon's ass to fuck him. The dragon has his massive feet in the air, one was rubbing Hymn's face as the bear sucked the precious toes, while the other foot stroked his other four foot nipple, milking it like another cock. His dragon tail was wrapped around the bear cock and furiously stroked it while his gargantuan dragon balls were swelling between their bodies. Fahr the lion was on the other end of the dragon, he was fucking the dragon's mouth with his colossal fuck stick bulging the dragon's stomach obsenely with it's mere length alone. His toes curled, crushing cobblestone beneath them as the massive dragon's cock was more than long enough to reach the lion's mouth over his belly bulge. The lion took full advantage of this, swallowing it down all the way into his belly while he jerked off the dragon's nipples as though they were cocks. The dragon was definitely not a slouch and was returning the lion's favor in jerking off his massive nipples as well. The lion's enormous balls trembled behind him, jiggling on the verge of unleashing as the pleasure overwhelmed the trio. They were too absorbed in their orgasmic pleasure to see the massive mouse perched atop the cetacoon's meat. The mouse pressed his feet to the cetacoon's face and pushed himself up to the top of the fifteen foot member, his rump resting on it with the end primed to impale him. Fehl smiled and grabbed the massive ankles of his lover in his oversized hands and pulled him down onto that barstool thick cock. The iron fuckstick doubled in thickness as Ehlder began to make his decent into the greatest pleasure he'd ever known. The cock doubled in thickness again and the cetacoon's balls swelled behind him till they were both the size of cars. Their weight alone crushed the cobblestone street beneath them as Fehl flexed his massive toes, digging into the rock to the dirt beneath as he rode the throws of orgasmic bliss. The magnificent beast of a cetacoon fucked his prey and the hair atop his head grew longer, thicker and more lucious as he did. His whole body became more hirsute as his fur thickened. Ehlder the mouse watched as he was yanked up and down, making his stomach bulge bigger and bigger, the cock going in further and further as his body contorted around the gargantuan monstrosity that had invaded him from behind. With one more massive thrust, Fehl's cock head made it's way out the masculine mouse's mouth. He brought both of the tremendous mouse feet up to his face and inhaled deeply. Then it came. Or rather he came. Fehl's gargantuan balls erupted with the force of a dozen old faithfuls and exploded out with such a volume that his eyes bulged out a second time as millions of gallons of his spunk rocketed out of Ehlder's mouth and blasted through one of the old houses that lined the street. It blew like a tidal wave that shot forth with such a force that the trees in his wake were cleared in a triangular path from before him. The deforestation was devastating and only drove him to cum harder. With the earth shattering kaboom that filled the nasal passages of everyone with the scent of Fehl's seed, the trio erupted themselves. Fahr came into Gehn so hard that he inflated like a waterbaloon hooked up to a firehose. The cum erupted out his nostrils, mouth and rump with such a force that the nipple jammed up his rear began to fill with the seed of that powerful and horny lion. As the bear Hymn watched his chest only expand and fill out to tremendous proportions with the filling he could hold his load back no further and fired off a spurt, aimed by the dragon tail, which blew apart yet another building on the long abandoned street. The foliage beyond never knew what was cumming it's way. Gehn's nipples erupted as his belly filled, spraying milk all over the trio, and Fahr was only to happy to unleash his milky pec goodness at the same time. Then Gehn let go of the lion's nipples and gripped his head. His member went totally rigid which lifted the lionstraight up and down atop him. It pulled the lion cock from his mouth only to douse the trio in the continually firing lion cock which exploded out with thousands of gallons of his potent seed in a constant stream. The dragon came so hard down that lion's gullet that the body of the lion inflated enough to engulf all three with it's impossible girth. The lion clenched his muscles hard and ensured that every drop of the delicious dragon juice remained within him, which resulted in his body overgrowing and crushing not only the fountain itself but a nearby building as well. It was quite a while as the orgasms erupted but for the four that had, it felt over all too soon. Fehl's was the last to taper off after destroying more acres than he could have imagined a deforestation company tearing through in a month. His cock shrank down and he was able to pull out of Ehlder, yet his soft cock slumped on the ground like an accordian, remaining eight feet long even when soft now. The mouse lay on the ground exhausted, only he hadn't orgasmed yet. One hand had an iron grip on his cock to hold off. Fehl smiled as he watched the other three try to manuver out from under the wriggling blob of a cum inflated lion. He walked over with his massive six foot long feet on his ten foot tall, muscular body and then he sat before his friend, his massive cock draped over his shoulder like a sash. His heels rested on the massive mouse's tremendous balls as his feet grew up along the length of Ehlder's ten foot cock. They engulfed it on both sides as they swelled and grew. The thickening soles caressing and surrounding the mouse cock's flesh like twin muscular pillows. The plush feet engulfed the whole cock till Fehl was able to flex his toes over the head. The massive feet would look out of place on most anyone but as Ehlder looked down over his pecs at the cetacoon, he thought they were a thing of beauty beyond compare. Nether of them had felt such passion before. Fehl felt is member hardening as it draped over his shoulder. It expanded as he held it in hand. The mouse caressed it with his large, yet comparitively smaller, feet. Soon the cetacoon was re-hardened at a full twenty foot mast of cock, spraying precum like a fountain down on top of him, the mouse and the three who were getting out from under the steadily draining lion. That's when it happned. The mouse came as well. His massive load shot through the loving, clenched, powerful toes of his lover and it sprayed in every direction. Through the streets, into the sky, all over everyone present. His eruption set Fehl off a second time who blasted so hard that his cumshot blew over the horizon and out to sea. Minutes passed before the trio finally made their way out from under the lion and the lion drained enough to stand with a bulging belly. He flexed down and crunched his abs, absorbing the cum and milk as fuel. Hymn continued to spray milk from his massive nipples while Gehn craned his neck to sniff the musk of his delightful lovers. The dragon smiled, “I think this might be the start of something wonderful.” The lion watched as Fehl and Ehlder's orgasms faded down. The pair lay exhausted on the ground. Everyone present began to return to their normal sizes once more. Fahr watched as he returned to his normal buff stature and said, “What? Over so soon?” Ehlder grinned as he licked some of the mutual cum from his mustache, “Nothing is over, my good friend. Now that we are all travelers, we have had an awakening. That power will spread through us whenever we need to call upon it. Other latent abilities will manifest in time as well.” “We can get freaky with our sizes whenever we want?” asked Hymn, “That's freakin' awesome!” “It is,” smiled the mouse, “I wonder if I might have a moment with you chaps though. Now that the initial lust has faded a bit, my mind is cleared and I have something to ask of you lot.” “What is it, Ehlder?” asked Fehl as he went over to lay atop his rodent lover. “There is something terrible. It is coming to this world. I came here to find special individuals like you that we might train and I could use your help to defend this world. That way it would not end up like my home planet,” said Ehlder. The four furries looked to one another and then back to the mouse with a smile. Fehl kissed Ehlder on the lips and said, “I think I speak for all of us when I say we're ready to start right away.” As they all celebrated with a few more orgasmic conclusions, elsewhere in the world, a top a castle tower on a floating island, there was a massive blue beast of a man, staring at a wall of computer monitors from a captain's chair. He wore a black suit that looked like it had been painted on over his muscles and he stared at the monitors from behind a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses. An ogre with brown hair stepped into the monitor room, meek as a mouse. He also wore a suit but seemed very uncomfortable to be doing so. He approached the beast as he watched. The beast spun in his chair and addressed the ogre, “What is it this time, Rohr?” “S-sir, we have reports from several satellites of a number of unregistered teleports and trans-dimensional jumps occurring within the last few hours,” said the ogre. The blue beast of a man turned back to his monitors, “I know. I've been monitoring the situation.” “W-what should we do, sir?” asked the ogre. The beast of a man pulled a manilla folder out from his jacket, “We gather these individuals I've selected. They will be sent to meet with the jumpers and then brought back here for proper testing.” The ogre took the folder, “But sir. These just look like regular civilians. What do you intend to do exactly?” “That's for me to know and for you to find out,” said the beast of a man, “And you'll find out soon enough.” To be continued in Part Two: Of Gods and Men and Godly Men
  3. Song of Mizurai by Mr. Mouse The following story is a work of fiction. All characters in this story are of legal age. Mizurai is a character copyright Giant_Ardryn and Song is copyright Cavram Mouse. Any similarity to any characters, living, dead, living dead, evil dead, undead, ever living, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Only the needle has been changed to protect the record. A voice of the long slumbering called out in the darkness and found it was alone once more. The voice was one of beauty, strength, and power but found that those who had listened to her were lost to the ages. The voice could not believe the echoing silence and so she called out again but there were none left to hear. Those who worshiped her were truly gone. The voice was truly sad and so she sang a song in the hopes that one day someone might hear her call once more. She sang for a very long time until someone heard her from across the mortal realm, beyond the edge of dreams and he was drawn irresistibly to the sound of her voice. It resonated in him every night. The voice of a goddess filled his dream and drove his desires ever since he found the blade. Who was the man who sought the source of the voice? What was the blade that guided him? To answer that one has to first know where he came from. Tuimer-La was one of the tribes of snow leopards that resided in the northern most provinces of the Arslan Empire. The anthropomorphic leopard people who resided there were among the finest warriors the Empire had ever known and were often called to fight their wars, defend the people from monster attacks, and to police their province against the more serious of crimes. The mightiest warrior that the tribe had ever produced had a name that literally meant: Powerful. Powerful he was. He didn't really tower over anyone in the province at a respectable six and a half feet tall with a lithe swimmers build of toned, tight, rippling muscles. The only articles of clothing he ever wore were black buccaneer pants with wraps around his calves, silver chains wrapped around his forearms, a silver chain belt, a series of chains he donned as a scarf, and nothing else. He was so confident in his skills that he never wore armor and no weapon he'd ever wielded ever knew defeat. Everyone in the province knew the name of Song. He was so skilled, in fact, that he found himself often bored with his regular work for the empire and province. One day he decided to leave his tribe of the permasnow plains and set out into the world. He started wandering, a pack over one shoulder and a miaodao sword on his silver chained belt. He made his living here and there as a monster hunter, mostly helping smaller villages on his way in exchange for room and board at local inns. Over his years of wandering, he never found anyone who was his match in a fight. Never a monster he couldn't best. It was one fortunate day in the Yi Deng Kingdom, just out side the village of Yumao when he found a target he was being paid to take care of. The Chief of Yumao was offering a handsome reward for a particularly nasty monster to be slain in the neighboring forest and Song fully intended to claim that reward. It was when he saw the piles of bones on the ground that he knew he was getting close. He sniffed the air and caught the stench of the beast long before he saw it. Song walked calmly into danger. He didn't hide, sneak, or even draw his sword but rather seemed disinterested by the whole affair. The lumbering beast let out a roar that shook the trees as it stomped on approach with footfalls that trembled the ground beneath Song's feet. The beast resembled a shaggy bull that stood twenty feet high. It had six horns as wide as it's shoulders and a jaw that ended with a jagged black beak instead of a bovine jaw. It stared, with glowing red eyes, down at the snow leopard man while drool dripped from it's blood soaked mouth. Song still didn't draw his blade. That was when he heard it. A faint song carried on the winds, yet he couldn't quite make out the words. He was quite distracted when the beast lunged beak first with intent to kill the snow leopard. Song was having none of that and ducked to the side at the last moment, bashing the beast in the head with his chain-wrapped forearm, cracking it's beak in the process. The monster swung it's head to the side to gore the white-furred man but he simply grabbed it by the horn, swung up atop it's neck, and held on for the ride. The monster rose to it's full height and shook back and fort to try and jostle the man loose from it's back. Song was busy trying to listen for the voice he heard. The beast roared and brought him back to the world. He unwrapped the chain scarf from around his neck and with a swing it double wrapped around the creature's neck. The monster brought up a cloven hoof to try and scrape him but the snow leopard dodged without any trouble put to him over anything the monster did. In a last ditch effort to be rid of the thing on it's back, the monster flung it's body backwards to slam him into the ground, crushing the snow leopard under it's tremendous weight. Just before impact, Song leaped from the creature's back and landed on his feet just in front of it as the monster hit the ground hard. Song took the chains in his mighty hands, gripped them hard, and flung the beast by it's neck into a massive rock with a crash. He pulled the chains loose and with a quick flourish they were back to loosely hanging around his neck by the shoulders. The creature writhed as it began to recover groggily, but it never had a chance. Song was atop it in a flash and with a single swipe of his miaodao sword, the beast was beheaded. After the monster was silenced he was able to listen for the singing voice once more and found that the sound was coming from the belly of the beast. He drew his sword once more and cut the monster open along it's belly. Song plunged an arm inside and once he touched the source of the sound, he felt an instant joy from the vibrations that resonated within him. He pulled out the metal object only to see that it was a silver, ancient, nandao sword inscribed with runes he didn't recognize. He sheathed his old sword and fell to his knees. He drew the ancient blade from it's scabbard and marveled at it's beauty. There and then in the guts of the beast nothing else seemed to matter but the song from that blade. He felt something inside and then marveled as the runes on the blade glowed blue. Suddenly water washed from the blade and cleaned him off from the guts and bile. Afterwards the feline man coughed as he wasn't expecting a small flood to splash upon him. He shook off a bit, blinked as he regained his composure, then sheathed his new blade, wrapped a chain around the beast horns and dragged it back to the village of Yumao for his reward. Sure the monetary compensation was nothing compared to the singing sword but Song had to admit it was nice to eat well. As further compensation, he sold off his old miaodao sword for a few coins as he knew that the nandao was the only weapon he would ever need again. It was later that evening, while sitting alone in the public bathhouse with his new sword by his side, that he had an altogether new experience. The singing began again and resonated in the water of the bath around him. He gripped the sword by the hilt and he felt an inner warmth he'd never known before. That was when he heard the voice clearly speak for the first time. It resonated through him as a feminine whisper: “Find me.” The snow leopard was caught off guard and wiped water from his face only to find he was inexplicably crying tears of joy. He looked to the sword and said, “I'm holding you. I have you now.” The whisper returned, “The blade is my blessed sword, the Kovad. A vessel to carry my voice through the nightscapes to your realm that I may be found once more.” Song hugged the sword to his chest and held it tight as he felt the singing fade, “Please don't go. Tell me more. How do I find you? Who are you?” “I haven't much time,” said the voice in a fading whisper, “Go to the East. Let my Kovad guide you. Find me.” The singing and the whispers stopped as Song kept the shethed blade held tight to his chest. For the first time in a long time... he felt a purpose. He felt a spark of desire. He knew of something more than himself and this existence hunting vile creatures and so he vowed to the one who whispered through the Kovad, “I will find you. I promise.” Song didn't sleep. He barely got his pants and belt on before he was out of the bath house in back of the inn. He gathered his things from his room and set out into the world that very night. He had a purpose to serve but with very little direction... that is except for the direction East. East he went from the village, donning his outfit as he went and securing his satchel as he hurried. He wasn't one who normally felt the need to run but he ran through the woods that night with a speed that surprised even himself. East was the only thing he knew. It was five days of constant travel, in the end he rode into Da Shui village, by the Zui Yu Lake, on the back of a hay cart. He managed to stumble into an inn and paid up front for a few days stay. There was no more singing in all that time but something he couldn't describe had driven him onward. The need to sleep, however, drove him to a soft bed in a small room. He kept the Kovad next to him on the bed as he drifted off and the sword did sing him a lullaby. He had the most vivid dream he had ever had that night. There was something large. Something blue that kept him pinned. He sensed a shape. A person that was a red panda in species but the red was replaced with a deep blue. She was surrounded by the dark but it wasn't her that pinned him down. He couldn't move and didn't understand why. The blue where she should have been red form of an anthropomorphic red panda held his sight but there was so much dark. The only light he saw seemed to come from behind him. Or perhaps he was the light. He could not tell. He saw her speaking but he couldn't make out what she was saying, there was only the faintest of flickers that graced her form as she reached out for him. He fought everything that was holding him back but as he reached out for her... she vanished. In place of her he saw a mountain. A light shined from his hand at that mountain and it illuminated a point at the base. It shined like a shimmering star. He saw the mountain base was near a lake but he didn't recognize the landscape. Before he could make sense of anything, Song awoke with a start. He was sopping in sweat and panting. The singing of the Kovad faded as Song caught his breath. He forgot where he was for a short while after awakening but then found himself at one of the inns in the rather large village of Da Shui. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought. The dream was still fresh in his mind. The blue furred red panda, the mountain, the star and the lake. He never had such a vivid dream before. The snow leopard would have gone on thinking about that but was interrupted by a pang in his stomach. Song's belly growled and he found that he was rather starving. He fished a coin pouch from his satchel and headed down to the inn proper. He looked at a calendar on the wall by the stairs and saw the days marked off. According to it he had slept not only the night away, but the next day and night as well. He'd reawakened early in the morning of his second say at the inn. No wonder he was so hungry. He exited the inn with a stretch and a yawn then made his way to a food stand where he procured some steamed buns and fried dumplings. It was a while before his hunger had been sated but with a full belly he was able to think again and in turn he took a better account of his surroundings. Looking out over the lake, from the opposite side of the village, he saw the mountain of his dreams. It was there in all the detail of his memory. Song wondered if he had made it to his destination at last. He settled up at the inn, gathered his things, and made his way to the docks where he sought to charter a boat. He met a few of the lake folk who appeared to be otterfolk. He walked up to one laid back on a small sampan boat. “Excuse me,” said Song, “I would like to rent your boat please.” The otter on board chewed a sprig of straw but never lifted his straw hat to see who was talking to him, “I bet you would, stranger. Got some fishing to get back to in a bit. Not sure I wanna take anyone out.” Song pulled out a coin purse and jingled it, “I could make it worth your while.” The otterman tilted back his straw hat and looked up at the snow leopard, “Ah jeeze. Yer one of those ice tribe fools. Why do you wanna get out on the lake for anyhow?” “Well actually I don't want to get out on to the lake so much as I want to get to the other side of the lake,” Song pointed to his destination, “I want to get to the base of that mountain there.” The otterman looked where Song was pointing and sat up, “You want to go to the old temple?” “Temple?” asked Song. “Yeah. You know. The temple at the base of the Mountain of the Fallen Kings?” the otterman spoke as though the feline should have known what he was talking about, “You mean you want to go there and you don't even know what's over there?” “I mean I know what's over there now,” said Song, “You interested?” “It's your money,” said the otterman, “What's the name of the ice triber who wants to go across the lake for reasons unknown to even him?” “Song of Tuimer-La,” said the snow leopard as he tossed the bag of coins to the otterman. The otter on the ship checked the contents of the bag and said, “Welcome aboard Song of Tumor Land.” Song hopped aboard and with a few scant preparations they were off. Getting out on the water, the Kovad hummed in it's scabbard and let off a light blue glow. The otter thought it was a tad odd but then again he just didn't care. It took while to get all the way to the other side and the small boat stopped before reaching shore. “We're here,” said the otter. “We're three hundred feet out from shore,” said Song. “Yeah we don't get to close to those ruins,” said the otter, “Bad luck curse and all that stuff.” Song sighed, tucked his scabbard in against his pack, then looked to the otter, “Thanks for the ride either way.” “Good luck on whatever it is you're doin'. Try not to die I guess,” said the otter just as Song jumped into the water. The snow leopard had not come this far to be deterred. He swam through the water with his cumbersome pack and weapon but did eventually make it to shore. He walked to the pebbled beach and to the grassy clearing just behind. Song saw an old, overgrown, stone path and followed it to what looked like the ruins of a city. The wind worn stone had gone a very long time without the care of a soul. He passed through destroyed buildings but still had no sign of where to go till the Kovad began to glow again. Song pulled his blade from the scabbard and saw it glow with a singing voice that resonated till water began to pour from the blade and made a path on the ground that lead the feline further into the ruins. He walked along the path till he came to a large domed building that was carved out of the side of the Mountain of the Fallen Kings itself. He walked into the entryway, a massive doorway, with long missing doors, that must have been two hundred feet tall. Inside the building really opened up to a massive cathedral-like structure. Tree roots had grown through the stone walls and there was a hole in the roof that let the sunlight in to shine on a podium at the far side of the temple. The snow leopard approached the podium as that was where the water path ended. The sword stopped glowing and Song saw a slot in the middle of the podium that looked as though the blade would fit nicely. Behind the podium was a massive golden ring that was fifty feet across and gold filigree went from it's edges up to another ring at the base of that podium. Song held his sword with both hands and said, “What do I do now?” The whisper returned a bit louder now, “All you have to do is light the way. I will do the rest.” Song held the sword and saw it glow blue once more. Sparks of blue electricity began to fire from the blade but he was not afraid of it. He trusted the voice as though it were something that was meant to be. He didn't know why but he was compelled to press the sword into the slot of the podium. Shortly after he did so the golden ring at the podium's base sparked with electricity that only served to light up the fifty foot ring at the back of the temple. Song found after inserting the sword he was unable to let go of the handle whatsoever, not that he would have wanted to. The voice returned but was not a whisper any longer. It had changed to a sweet, sultry, and delectable feminine voice who spoke to Song, “I can see you. You are a candle flickering in the winds over a sea of darkness. I'm coming back. After all this time I can finally return.” A wind kicked up over the mountainside and blew through the temple. Dark clouds rolled in to block out the sunlight and soon only the light of the sword and the golden rings was the main light of the room. That is until the lightning started to flash outside. The weather took a severe turn ever so fast and heavy rains began to fall over the mountain and surrounding countryside. “So bright. So warm. I can nearly touch it,” said the voice. A billowing wind blew through the temple as a shimmering blue light glowed from the space in the golden ring. All went silent except for the voice, “I'm here.” Out from the shimmering blue portal stepped a massive black and blue furred leg. The tremendous foot wore a silver sandal encrusted with sapphires. The being that walked forth wore a dress of silver and sapphires that clung to her immense form. Apparently she was the blue-furred red panda from his dream, except now he could see her for what she was as a thirteen foot tall hermaphrodite goddess with incredible musculature. On her ankles she had large silver anklets with sapphires and had matching bracelets on her wrists. She had massive breasts that the dress was practically painted on to. Her arms were otherwise bare except for large silver rings on her biceps. About her neck was an ornate necklace of silver and sapphires that were practically engulfed by her impressive cleavage. Speaking of her cleavage, there were definitely hoop rings that pierced her massive nipples but were concealed by the goddess' dress top. Her ears were pierced by silver studs and she had a blue rose by her left ear. Her headfur was a complimentary blonde to the otherwise black and blue fur over her body. The last thing Song noticed was that her massive cock, even when soft, was only just barely covered by the dress that went down past her knees and then the lights went out. The sudden dark after the portal turned off left the feline temporarily blinded before his eyes could adjust. A lightning strike later and he saw the silhouette of the blue-furred red panda once more. She raised her arms and the room was illuminated by a few floating orbs of light that blinked into existence at her whim. She smiled to him and said in the voice he had been following, “Hey there, handsome.” Song took a moment to realize that the thirteen foot tall hermaphrodite amazon was speaking to him, “Hello.” “It's been a long time since I've been able to walk amongst the mortals,” she said as she sauntered over to him with heavy footfalls from massive, sandaled, goddess feet, “I have missed it a great deal.” Song had not thought to ask before that moment but then looked up at her as she loomed over him, “I never did catch your name.” She rested one forearm under her massive breasts while placing the pointer finger of her other on her lips in thought, “Well. I'm actually older than names. Though when this place was still a kingdom they would call me Mizurai.” The snow leopard practically melted as her sweet voice vibrated through him with her every word. He fell to his knees at her feet and began to kiss her toes, “I had this feeling,” he managed to say between kisses, “I had a feeling you were something fantastic, Mizurai. From the first moment I heard the sword... I knew I had to find you at all costs.” She chuckled and squatted down in front of the small man, “You are the first person in a very long time to flatter me my dear.” Squatting down, her massive cock and balls rested on the ground between her feet as she got down closer to the mortal. Song looked up and up more, blushing all the while even when looking into her amazing eyes, “It is an honor to flatter you, my goddess. Rest assured that every word is true. You are truly amazing. I can't believe that anyone would ever abandon worshiping you for any reason...” She smiled at him and ran a few fingers gingerly over his cheek. He leaned into her palm as she pet him, “Well they didn't mean to. There was a war and all the people who used to worship me died. I was across the realms when it happened and with no light to guide me back... I couldn't find my way to this world again among all the others out there... that is until you found my instrument. I would love to show you my gratitude.” Still on his knees, Song bowed deeper and said, “Anything you wish of me my goddess and I will do it for you. Anything at all.” She rose to her feet and quirked an eyebrow, “First things first. Tell me your name.” Song thought for a moment as he got up and stood before her in awe, “I was Song of Tuimer-La... but seeing you I know I have a different name. I am Song of Mizurai.” The goddess reached down and picked up the smaller man with both hands then hugged him to her breasts so that they could look eye to eye, “I'm so glad you found me, Song. I'm happy to finally meet you.” He didn't realize till he was picked up but her muscles really were that of a god. While she was immense in stature, her muscles were colossal even for one at her size. The snow leopard was quiet as he looked over her frame from his elevated view. She adjusted so that he was held up by a single hand under his rump and said, “I can see by your darting eyes that you like the way I look.” She hugged his crotch against her breasts' clevage and said, “Ooh and I can feel from down there that you must really like how I look. How do you like this?” Mizurai brought up her free arm to flex, the silver band encrusted with sapphires creaked from the strain of a light flex. She then flexed in earnest and the muscle swelled like a mountain growing from the plains. The band didn't stand a chance and exploded off with a pop like a twig stepped on in the forest. Most of the silver and gems flew off in all directions but one lucky sapphire flew right at Song's forehead. It hit with great force and embedded there. It was so fast and he was so distracted that he didn't even feel any pain as he was knocked out. He did recall later hearing Mizurai say, as he drifted away from the conscious realm, “I always forget how fragile mortals can be... every time I come back I have to remember that all over again...” Song had never been knocked out before. Not in a fight nor from any other means. His constitution was so great. But a sapphire of the gods in the realm of the mortals was a heck of a first way to experience that. As he slept, he dreamed only of his goddess. He dreamed of embracing her and being held in her strong arms with the warmth of her bussom comforting him more than he had ever known. He awoke and found himself in just that embrace. She cradled him like a small child against her bussom with both arms holding up his body. The snow leopard hugged to her breast and she smiled down at him, “Ah there you are awake now. You know, even though it was accidental I kind of like your new look.” She waved a hand and a small mirror appeared before Song to show him his own face. The sapphire embedded in his forehead right where his third eye would be. It looked as though it had been placed there on purpose and went quite well with his black spots. He rubbed the sapphire and said, “It doesn't hurt at all, my goddess.” “I know,” she smiled, “I made sure that it would not.” He realized that she was walking and that they were out in the open. It was late in the day. The storms had passed and the skies were spotty with clouds now. The crisp scent of the lake water permiated his sense of smell. He looked around to see that the goddess was carrying him across the lake. She walk walking on the water as easily as though it were solid ground. Song looked up to her, “Where are we going my goddess?” “I have been out of the mortal realm for far too long,” she replied, “I seek mortal pleasures and to see the world as it stands now in the modern times. I want to explore this world with you by my side.” Song smiled and nestled in against her bust as she held him up single handed, “It would be and honor to walk with you, my goddess. I don't know that a warrior, even one as strong as I, would be worthy of your grace.” The goddess knelt down then flexed her free arm, the other silver band popped off as she was freed of it's constraint. She then gently set Song down on the water. He was wary at first but found that he could stand on it just as she was able. He stood beside the kneeling goddess as she spoke, “You are a brilliant light that shines in the darkness and I would have it no other way,” she rose to her sandal covered feet and offered him a hand, “Come. Walk with me, Song.” He took her hand and she led him onward to the otter village across the lake from the Mountain of the Fallen Kings. Boats went by and the people aboard stared at the pair as they walked across the lake to shore and then into the village streets. The goddess gave a bit of a stretch and looked around at the little people. Some cowered at her immense and intimidating size. Furs of every shape looked upon her. The native otter people were one species but there were visiting felines, rabbits, horses, bovines, and canines of every sort. They all gazed upon her awesome form as she walked hand in hand with a snow leopard companion. “Do not be afraid,” Song assured them, “Everyone, this is Mizurai. Goddess of the ancient kingdoms. She is not here to harm anyone.” “How can we know that?” asked a meek looking rabbit woman, “She looks rather intimidating to me. Never seen no one that tall. Looks like a tried warrior.” The goddess spoke, “Looks can be decieving. But know this. No matter what any of you do to me, so long as my worshippers remain unharmed then I will bring no harm to anyone. I promise and the promise of the gods is unbreakable.” “What are you the goddess of?” asked a bare-chested, coolie, horse man. It seemed that on witnessing her and hearing her voice, the aura she radiated made it far easier for any who had to believe in her. To truly know she was a goddess. She thought for a moment, “I am a goddess with many powers but one would say that I am of thunder and water... and also of power, strength, and most importantly... love.” “What do you want?” asked the otterman who originally took Song across the lake. Mizurai took in a deep breath and smelled the delicious food of the numerous food stands that lined the streets, “Well first I think I would like to try some of your food. It smells very good and I haven't had food in a very long time.” The goddess sat before one of the outside tables and people filled the benches on either side. It seemed the whole village had gathered around to see her and hear her stories as she partook in a meal. Song sat on her lap and pointed out various foods to try as the villagers kept bringing more to the table for her. Everyone found her to be friendly. She was easy to talk to and answered everyone's questions without hesitation. The big important ones came first. Where had she been? In the realm of the Gods. Why did she leave? Her sisters wanted to destroy in the mortal realm and so she had to keep them at bay and make sure they couldn't reign in blood among the mortals. Why didn't she return? There was a war between the kingdoms who worshipped her and with no worshippers left to light her way back, she couldn't navigate the space between the realms. How did she come back? She found a worshipper. Song lit the way for her return and brought her back to their realm. All were merry and carried on conversing with their goddess well into the evening over a delightful meal. The inkeeper asked her where she would be staying for the night to which Mizurai replied, “I'll show you.” The goddess scooped up song and set him upon her shoulder then walked down the street to the edge of the village. Many of the villagers followed her. Some touched her incredible body just to make sure that she was real but all watched in awe as she pointed back to the lake. Her hands glowed blue and water erupted from the lake and rippled in the moonlight. She pointed to the lands just outside the village and the water crashed down into the woods. The water crashed into the ground and soaked in. She clasped her hands together and focused as her whole body glowed in a bright blue light. Storm clouds swirled overhead to block out the moon and lightning struck where the water was streaming from the lake. Mizurai extended her hands out and raised them to the sky slowly as though she were pulling up something heavy. The ground rumbled and quaked. Trees fell in the forest. Then a massive spire began to rise from the ground along with several others. Mizurai held her hands up with her muscles flexing and straining as a literal palace of immense proportions rose from the ground. It was a beautiful structure that looked as though it had been grown from crystal, gold, marble, and silver. It was as big across as the biggest stadium and with towers that reached twenty stories high. The crystals of the palace lit with a blue light that lit the night landscape. Walls extended from the sides of the palace and around the lake to the mountains as a protective barrier for the worshippers of Mizurai. The buildings of the town changed. The ships and vehicles became nicer. Streets became marble and gold while street lamps erected along every walkway. The whole of the village was transformed into a city that would be the envy of every kingdom. When she was done, all stood and marveled at their goddess. She turned to face them, “I am going to stay in my palace which now stands to guard our city. Once your hearts began to worship me it gave me the power to grant you your desires for safety and security. I love you all, my worshippers and I will keep you safe from any who would ever think to do you harm.” She gave the crowd a nod and everyone cheered for her. Song hugged her head from atop her shoulder and said, “You are the most magnificent, my goddess.” She looked to him, “You made it all possible, my pet.” “Pet?” asked Song, “I am your willing slave, my goddess.” She grinned to him then looked to the crowd, “Go forth my worshippers and enjoy yourselves. You have earned it through your kindness. I and my herald are going to retire for the evening and will see you all again once we have finished tending to my godly affairs.” Many people were all to happy to explore their upgraded homes and places of business. Some stood and pouted with an awwww as the goddess walked up the stairs to her palace with the snow leopard on her shoulder. She whispered to him as she had through the sword, so that only he could hear, “You and I are going to have some fun my pet. I wouldn't count on sleeping tonight.” Song grinned, “I wouldn't have it any other way, my perfect and beautiful goddess of power and love.” “Peeeeet,” she said back quietly, with a big grin, as the massive doors to her palace opened. She walked inside to the main chamber, “You're gonna make me blush.” The doors closed behind them and she moved Song to hug him against her breasts. She ran at supersonic speeds up the stairs to the highest tower and then reached her godly bedchamber. It was a massive room with a ceiling two hundred feet high. Her bed was gargantuan, as was the furniture therein. The foot of the bed must have been fifty feet off the ground. He noticed there were no stairs to lead up atop the massive bed or even a ladder anywhere. “That's quite the large bed, my goddess of love,” said Song. Mizurai set him down gently and said, “Well I'm quite a big girl.” The goddess flexed and moaned a bit as she started to flex her tremendous, muscular body. However, her godly garments did not grow along with her flexing muscles. Her massive feet popped the straps of her sandals like they were threads of tissue. Her flexing chest undid her top as though it were nothing, her hoop ring pierced nipples made short work of it and the rest of the dress began to rip up the side of her powerful legs. She cooed softly as her clothing and jewelry began to leave her incredible body. Her tattered dress remnants hung off her hips like a loin cloth that did nothing to hide her two foot long soft cock. A flex of her rump and the dress was gone. Her neck muscles popped off her necklace and it slid between her breasts only to be swallowed by her massive cleavage. She walked up to her pet and the floor shook and trembled, cracking under her immense weight. The giantess, amazonian, futanari, goddess strutted her stuff sexily as she flexed a few poses before her willing slave, “What do you think my pet? Is sexy, no?” Song stared with his mouth open wide and nodded slowly. He gulped as he was lost in thought just staring at her body. He got to see her cock in earnest and realized that not only was she hung like a horse but that she had the cock of one as well. A literal horsecock mixed with a touch of canine as it was knotted at the base. He also took note that her weight was crushing the floor under them and he said, “My goddess. How is it that you now weigh enough to crumble the ground beneath your feet, when earlier you were able to walk around without such destruction?” Mizurai smiled to Song, “It is because before I was exerting some of my power to float and make myself lighter. The weight of my muscles is often too much for the floors and ground of the mortal realm to survive without crushing. I had no intention of frightening my worshippers but now that you and I are alone. I feel that I can let loose a bit more, as you can now see. Speaking of seeing. I think you need a bit of a better view and I would like one as well.” She knelt before the snow leopard and waved her hands over him. The chains that wrapped around his arms, torso, and waist unwrapped and floated away. Then the wraps on his calves undid themselves and before he knew it his pants were at his ankles. Song stepped out of them, now naked before his goddess. She smiled, “Much better.” The six foot six inch tall feline walked closer to his goddess, his ten inch humanoid erection jutted out from him and he was glad to present himself to her but didn't know where to begin, “What would you ask of me my goddess?” She lifted her arms to a powerful flex, swelling the muscles to gargantuan proportions as she said, “Worship me, my pet. Start by worshiping my muscles.” He didn't need to be told twice and immediately walked up to feel over her flexing arm, rubbing it over and then bringing his face up to rub against the bicep. He kissed and licked her tremendous arm muscles. The goddess gasped a bit at the intimate touch and her whole body swelled in a powerful flex as she remained knelt down to give him easier access for worship. He looked up to her face as her eyes squinted with her mouth agape in pleasure, “It is truly an honor to be allowed to please you my perfect goddess.” She blushed and he saw her cock throb at the compliment, “Your worship is not complete. There is still quite a bit of muscle for you to cover.” Song saw her flex her abs and then shifted over and down to kiss and lick those muscles, unintentionally resting his hand on her massive member. That small touch made her grow to her full hard length of three and a half feet long of pure goddess steel. It had been so long since she had an intimate touch that it didn't take as much as she thought for her engine to get revved. The smaller man rubbed her legs and began to kiss the muscles when the giant goddess scooped him into her arms, wedged him between her breasts, and kissed him passionately on the lips. His arms were pinned to his side as she held him effortlessly, her cock throbbed under his feet and he was all to glad to rub her immovable rod. She moaned and kept kissing but then withdrew as the pleasure flooded her mind. She threw her head back to moan further as he rubbed her massive cock flesh with his feet and it was only then that he noticed they were no longer on the ground. They were floating on air. She had lifted off the ground during their kiss and had shifted over the massive bed to the tremendous pillow at the head of that bed. He hadn't noticed because during that kiss his goddess drove him to heaven and she was all that mattered. He smiled to her and rubbed that cock with his feet as she spurted copious amounts of precum beneath him, “It seems my goddess has one special muscle that needs some worship more than the others.” She smiled to him and gazed into his eyes, becoming lost for a second before she said, “That I do and that will be quite a bit of fun... but first... there is something else my pet should worship.” Before he could as what she pushed him from her cleavage and he landed on the massive pillow. It was the softest and most comfortable thing he had ever touched in his life, outside of his goddess' body of course. He landed on his feet but wished he had let himself flop onto his back, if only for the feel of it. Mizurai floated down and landed before him saying, “Lay back my precious pet. I have a treat for you.” Song gave a small bow, “Yes my goddess.” He happily squatted down, laid back, and looked up to her as she walked closer on the giant pillow till she stood with her cock dripping precum down over his body. A foot to either side of his body, till she lifted a paw and brought it down slowly atop him. His cock pressed under her heel and pinned to his stomach. Most of his chest was under her sole and his face pressed against her toes. Mizurai spoke one word and Song complied: “Worship.” He sniffed to take in the scent of his perfect goddess and that alone made his eyes roll back in pleasure. She scrunched her toes over his face as he involuntarily thrust his cock against her heel. The goddess smiled down at her herald and began to massage his body by moving her foot up and down over his body from the top of his head to the brunt of his balls. Song had never felt anything like it. There was no warning as his cock erupted on her sole. She didn't think he would pop so fast and had perhaps underestimated his attraction to her despite his willing worship and silver-tongued wordplay. She waited for his orgasm to die down then pressed down a little harder on her worshipper, really pressing him into that pillow and eliciting a small mew from the feline. She pulled up her foot and held it over him, saying “Lick it clean.” Song got on his knees and began at the heel then worked his way up to lick over the entire underside of her foot. He was very thorough and didn't stop till every drop was cleaned off his goddess. Once done she rested her heel on the pillow and then he held her foot with both hands and sucked on each of her toes in turn. Mizurai chuckled at the tickling of his tongue till he began to suck on her toes... then it became some serious moans in response to his actions. The feline was still incredibly hard after just having orgasmed. Song loved that she moaned at his sucking but then she withdrew her foot from his mouth and used her toes to push him to lay back down on the pillow. She sat before him and then brought both her feet up to wedge the smaller man between them, rubbing his whole body over with both of those incredibly strong stompers. Mizurai didn't know that leopards could purr but she found out that night as he felt like a vibrating massager between her feet. It didn't take long of her caressing before Song orgasmed for the second time since in her care. She looked over her sticky feet and said, “My but you certainly are an excitable little pet.” “I'm surprised that I was able to hold off so long. It has been difficult to hold back but you bring it out of me like no one I ever thought could have,” said Song. He went to work cleaning off both of her feet then she saw he was still hard after cumming so hard twice. Her own harder-than-steel rod throbbed while looking and feeling her worshiper worshiping her form. The moment he was finished, she pushed him back again then lay atop him. She kept from putting her full weight on him as she pinned him to the pillow and as her breasts pressed to his chest, she kissed him, her cock throbbing between their bodies. “I need to take you my pet,” she said, “I think I need to take you more than I've ever needed to be with anyone.” “I am yours to do with as you so please, my goddess. Take me. I would love that so much,” said the infatuated snow leopard. Mizurai held Song down with her incredible breasts, pinning him to the pillow as she lined up her massive dick to his tight, way too small, asshole. She used her weight to prod and poke his ass with her flare, not getting much at all inside, just managing to bend her dick and slide off target. She smiled to him and said, “You're so fucking tight.” Song found he was unable to move under her weight but his wiggling under her only managed to turn her on more until he said, “I want you inside of me so bad my goddess.” “Oh... I intend to use you,” she said with a girlish grunt she pressed her flare forward, slowly, stretching his ass wide around her girth. She could hear his hips creaking as she entered her pet. Already a fat throbbing bulge formed in the tummy of the kitty. The snow leopard was all but helpless pinned by his incredible goddess. He moaned and mewed as he was stretched in ways he never thought would have been possible. His cried out in pain and a tear streamed down his cheek, yet despite the pain he would not have it any other way, "I..." he panted heavily, "I've never felt anything like this my goddess." Mizurai stopped for a moment to stroke away the tear on Song's cheek then ran her thick fingers through his hair, "Well you are are about to feel a lot more," she grinned slyly then thrust half her dick inside her pet, lodging that flare up into the snow leopard's chest. A combination of the pleasure and perfection of being entered by Mizurai and from the pain of being entered by that goddess drove his face to the moans and shuddering that his whole body engaged in. The cock going up into his chest forced the air from his lungs but he flexed. His lithe muscled contracted and he worked by flexing over and over to massage that massive cock with the super warrior body that encased it. He reached around and took a hold of the nipple rings so that he could have something to hold on in preparation for the ride. "For you my goddess? Anything." Mizurai crammed in to the medial ring before she stared to thrust repeatedly in and out. Her flare stretched the skin and fur of the leopard's chest, past the cute muzzle, with each heaving thrust. The snow leopard thought he had taken all she was going to give him... and then it went in further. He felt the pain start to outweigh the pleasure and his body convulsed in a pain he'd never known around her cock as she thrusted in more and more. The massive muscular goddess might kill him with her lust. "I... my goddess... it... it hurts... too... big..." he says as he convulses, tears streaming down his face as for the first time in his life he feared for said life, "I don't... think I can... take that much... too... big..." his moans of pleasure became grunts of pain. Mizurai got even hornier hearing her pet worry he wouldn't survive the brutal fucking the goddess was giving him. Her knot wasn't even swollen to full size at that point, not to mention there where a few more inches of fat cock to squeeze into her slave before that bulbous monster would be a problem. She quieted him, "Shhhh pet... You will be fine. Many men have died on my cock, but you are not even near that point. You will get used to my size day by day. I wont kill you. I'm not going to lie though. It is going to hurt you a bit until you are trained," Then she drove her dick in until that swollen knot smooshed against his sore asscheeks. The massive knot was wider than Song's hips. Song still cried from the pain as the goddess took him. He felt her voice soothe him but that didn't mean his tears were drying. His face was wet as he clenched his eyes and moaned under the goddess. He opened his eyes to gaze into hers and found solace in that view. There were worse ways to die and if this was his time there would be no other way he would rather go. He bit his lip to stifle a cry of pain as the goddess only swelled and flared larger within his body. He kept his gaze locked to hers, "I trust... you my... goddess..." he managed to say through the pain, "The pain... being torn... didn't know..." The goddess decided not to give her pet the knot that night. She figured that as durable as he was, he didn't look like he was ready to handle it. Either way she was happy and horny. She looked at his adorable face and a feeling overwhelmed her godliness. Soon her cock grew much thicker and blasted her massive load of sticky panda cum up the leopard's throat and out his mouth and nose. She kept cumming and cumming, all the while speaking to him through the blasts of super powerful god cum, “Mmmph. I love you, Song. My rather durable warrior. Any lesser man would have died if I tried to penetrate them this deeply. I can see now it must have been destiny that you found me and not some lesser man.” The snow leopard felt something running up his throat like he was going to throw up, so he covered his mouth as the cum rushed through his entire digestive tract and then out his mouth. It gushed everywhere. Even as she spoke, he was busy, as cum kept gushing from his mouth and nose. He beamed at the compliments but cum still fired from her cock. Shot after shot after shot with gallons and gallons of god seed. His eyes rolled back in pleasure as he came again himself. Convulsing around the cock that came inside him. He couldn't speak as the cum kept cumming. It was several minutes before her geyser stopped erupting. Slowly and carefully, Mizurai slid her softening cock out of her pet, from his chest down to his ass that bulge went down until she had to yank her flare out of that ruined ass. With a plop and squirt of cum her flare came loose from that pulsing doughnut. The snow leopard drained as he panted, finally able to breathe again. His body was wrecked and were he a lesser man he would already be dead. He had to fight just to keep conscious. He looked to Mizurai and said, "You truly are a goddess. No man nor beast has ever defeated me but you held my life in your hands and could have ended me... yet let me live... I've never felt anything like that nor like what I feel for you... you are the only one I ever want to be with." he rubbed his sore rump a bit with a grimace, "And after that probably the only one I ever could be with." Mizurai giggled and and scooped him up into her arms to give him a loving musclehug, “Hehe. Sure looks like it. I really did a number on that ass." The mix of pain and pleasure still coursed through his body as he was held by the beautiful goddess. He looked up at her, his face still wet with tears as he said, "Yet I am still here and there is no where I would rather be." Mizurai sat back and flopped her well fucked kitty over her massive thigh, letting him drain and recoup while she tried to sooth that stretched asshole with her handpaw. She gently rubbed over it and those well used buttcheeks. She looked at her pet as he drained onto the massive pillow and gave a bit of a frown, “I'm sorry, pet... didn't know it would be that bad for ya. I'll go slower on ya next time.” Song cooed as his goddess held and caressed him. He smiled a big smile as the massively muscular Mizurai rubbed him tenderly, "It was worth it, if it pleasured you my goddess. As you said we just need to practice more. I'm sure that I will be stretched and ready to take you in no time." as her finger went between his cheeks he showed his recovery by flexing down on it harder than most mortal men could ever hope to, "See? I'm already almost ready for round two. Gotta keep stretching me so you can really let loose." “Round two you say? Hehehe. I still doubt you are ready to take my knot... let alone my true size,” she giggled more after she let out one of her secrets. "True size?" asked Song, "What do you mean my goddess of beauty?" Mizurai sighed, “Well, my true cock size. I did shrink my tool down as small as I could but it's hard to contain all this power in such a teensy frame, but I did so because I wanted to make love to my pet.” The snow leopard's eyes went wide and he said, "I want to be worthy of taking you at your true size. I want to give you every pleasure possible." Mizurai blinked and was both flattered and glad that her orgasmic delights didn't scare off her worshipper, “Ooo kitty we have LOOOTS of training to do before you can even begin to THINK about taking that size.” Song hugged to that massive goddess frame, "I say we train as often as possible then because I want you to not have to worry about hurting or killing me as you take me, my goddess." Mizurai nudged her lover and said, “I quite like to have to hold back. It's hot to me. Mortal life like a massive panda ain't all a dance on roses. It's a struggle here in the mortal realm. If I unleashed all my power and just did me sorta saaay... there would be no planet left... or star system... or galaxy I think...” Song nodded as he imagined her full power. She was truly awesome. He purred as he hugged against Mizurai and just snuggled her a while she cooed softly and stroked a hand across his back. He looked up to her after a while of snuggling and said, “Still I'd like to be able to take that massive knot. That hurdle is going to take a bit.” “Oh, you will most definitely take it, one way or the other,” she smiled deviously. He stuck his tongue out cheekily and said, “I'd like to take it every which way.” A giggle slipped out and she poked her pet, “Oooh I highly doubt I could knot your mouth.” Song meeped at the poke then came back with, “Perhaps you could use some goddess magic and help me become a little more... stretchy? With that I could swallow you whole if you wanted.” “I mean I couuuld,” Mizurai began, “But that's no fun for me. I like to hear and feel your mortal body creek and crack as I squeeze my girth into you. Watch you bulge. Watch you and hear you struggle, conflicted with feelings of pain and pleasure. The snow leopard worked his hand idly over Mizurai's massive, cum slickened, member, "I have to admit it was very frightening after while but... I would do that again in a heartbeat. It was still the most amazing experience of my life." “Don't worry. We will do it again,” smiled Mizurai, “Just get me going again and we will train that ass. I hope you know how to arouse your goddess.” "I think it goes something like this..." He scooched on her legs as she held him on her lap as he recovered during her butt massage. Song sat back on his rump, which was feeling better already due to his heightened healing factor, and then began to rub his feline feet over that massive cock. He started at the balls, caressing them as though he were kneading dough before working his way to the shaft. The snow leopard began to stroke the massive goddess cock with his feet using expert stepping techniques and toe flexes on the slickened goddess rod. She cooed as her member did begin to thicken a bit but then said, “That's nice..but it wont make me steel hard. You know what I need, my precious Song.” The Snow leopard stood, knowing what she needed, he stepped atop the massive cock, rubbing his feet over it, then he said, "This." first he kissed her on the lips just to taste them. Next he moved to her left arm and started to rub the bicep. He used his tremendous strength, nothing compared to hers but greater than most every mortal, as he really worked into the unflexed muscle. Then Song started to kiss and lick over that massive arm, worshiping it. His cock got rock hard despite orgasming at least six times already that night already. His ten inches pressed against her forearm as he thrusted lightly against it during the worship of her, "You are the most beautiful and glorious, Mizurai. I have never felt this way about anyone and I cherish every moment by your side. You are my heaven." He went back to worshiping her arm and the gargantuan muscles. Mizurai flexed her bicep against her slave's face, her cock stirred and started to grow into a solid steel boner from him kissing on her muscles "Well... Now I am ready for round two." Song shudders as his heart skips a beat. The deadliest monster he had ever encountered was now protruding at full strength from the waist of the woman he loved. He found it intoxicating and despite the recent pain he leapt right back to it, hugging it with his whole body and licking it from base to tip before riding atop it and sucking on the head, "Thank you my goddess." The goddess lifted up her slave and put his rump down on her flare. A little shifting later and she grabbed Song's shoulders tightly "You ready? I am not gonna hold back as much anymore." Song gulped hard and looks to her with a nod, "I'm ready Mizurai, my sweet. I've used my internal skills to shift my organs so that I can take you better... if only a little." Mizurai nodded at her pet and with a flex of her biceps she drove her arms down and immediately sank a good foot of horse dick inside her slavecat, gripping those shoulders harder to pull him up and press him down on her throbbing man-destroyer time and again. The snow leopard cried out in pain as the horse cock penetrated him again. He relaxed but still it worked his insides around more than he could have anticipated. His stomach bulged with the thick widowmaker. He found himself weeping as the mixture of pain and pleasure returned ten fold, "Oh... my goddess..." he fought through the pain to remain conscious. The massive blue-furred red panda pushed her arms lower sinking her white cocksleeve down further onto that throbbing spire of fuckmeat. Cramming in to his chest again till the midal ring popped in. She leaned in and nosed Song's neck to give a sloppy lick on the side of his face, "Mine." she said with a domineering, yet lady like, half whisper. Then she gave him a hard thrust right up, slamming her knot against his asscheeks and forcing her flare up in his throat. The snow leopard swallowed around that cock as the goddess flared within himm only getting bigger and bigger. Song shuddered and orgasmed from having the goddess inside him, bringing the tally up to seven. It still hurt but the pain was lesser so, now that he had a chance to adjust to the cock within him. He wanted to tell her that he loved her too but the cock filled his body, prevented him from doing so. She felt his insides twist and contort as the feline wiggled in her grip to make sure that her cock was accommodated by his insides which flexed and convulsed around that massive horse cock. Mizurai pumped her pet up and down, pistoning the cat down on her leaking cock, a flood of pre streaming from around her shaft out of that ass and onto the silky pillow below. Soon her balls and the insides of her bulky thighs were coated by her precum as well. Her breathing got heavier and heavier as she is built up to a firehose level blast of an orgasm, "Oooh fuck... I hope you can handle this, pet. I am gonna cum so fucking haaaard!" "Give..." he says between thrusts, "Me..." his own cock throbbing, unable to go down while she is within him, "everything..." his body flexing over that cock, tears streaming down his face, "Mizurai..." The goddess crammed him down against her knot, but she didn't want to force it too hard. It went in just a slight bit but ultimately stayed on the outside. Her blast of cum expanded her urethra so much it was visible through Song's bulging front. Cum shot from his mouth and nose, spraying so far it hits the ceiling and walls of her palace. There was so much gooey panda jizz that it back washed into his mouth, around her flare, and into his stomach. It pooled up and inflated him even while his face was a cum fountain. The pressure inside him was so great that seed found its way to squirt out around her knot and spray paint her lower body white and sticky. Her cumming lasted for a good half hour before the stream slowed down but it wasn't fully done even then. While the spurts slowed and came out with less force it still spurted forth for a further ten minutes. The snow leopard went limp in her grips and finally passed out from pleasure after his eighth orgasm. Once the orgasm ended she would find that her cock could support his entire weight all on its own. Mizurai smiled and tilted her head to look at her limp slave sagging on her steel beam cock. She loved it, even after such an orgasm, Having her slave passed out limp cock kept her cock rock solid within him. She felt her orgasmic remnants still dripping and pouring from her slave and breathed deep while relaxing and letting her goddess cum soak up into her pet both inside and out. It was a while before he awoke. His body healing with her goddess cum being ingested by his body, revitalizing him as he had slept. When he came to minutes later he saw the cock bulge within him as he looked down and felt much better, "My goddess, you are the greatest of all time. I love you so much and you are the only deity I will ever serve." Mizurai grinned so big her eyes squinted. She was so happy to see her pet all better. She gave a handsfree thrust, bouncing him on her knot playfully, "Good cause you are the only servant I will ever need." Song smiled and tears of happiness came to his eyes at her words, "Thank you, my goddess. You honor me." he squeezed her cock bulge through the wall of his belly as she stayed rock hard within him. “Mmmm you feel so good on my cock, Song. It's like you were made to take it,” said the goddess. “I think I could live here quite happily,” Song pat his belly quite content and filled with invincible goddess cock. The goddess smiled and kissed the back of his head then said, “Tell me, my pet, how pretty do you think I am?” “That would be impossible, my goddess,” said Song, “If the sky were a parchment and the ocean an inkwell there would not be enough space to describe you beauty beyond all others who have ever or will ever exist in all the universe my one true goddess of whom I love infinitely and forever no matter what.” Those words sparked something in the goddess and she felt her balls lurch up, she held onto song as her cock swelled larger than before and she cried out, “Oh shit! Can't stop it. I'm cumming again... ooohhhhhhhhhh...” Another hour passed before the orgasm ended then she pulled her pet from her cock and hugged him to her massive chest as she lay back. He swore he saw a sparkle in her eyes before she pulled him into another kiss. It was nearly morning before they finished their orgasmic sessions and fell asleep with him laying atop her body in a deep satisfying slumber. The next day he awoke laying atop the torn up giant pillow and didn't see his goddess... at first. Then he heard her sweet voice as she called out to him in a sing song way, “Song, come to me my pet. I need your skilled hands to assist me.” He looked off the edge of the pillow to the giant bed then saw the goddess by a large wardrobe and mirror, she was trying to pull on a massive thong, meant to help conceal her giant package but was having trouble with the tucking herself. Song slid off the pillow, still fully nude and rushed to her side. It was only after arriving next to her that he was surprised he could still move. He didn't realize that she had used a few healing spells during their play to keep him from hurting to bad afterwards. Durable though he was, sex with a super strong, super hung, goddess would be hard on anyone's body after a whole night. “Wearing some exciting garments, my goddess and one true love?” asked Song. She smiled to him, “Not quite. I was trying to slip this on to wear under a dress to help conceal my more private parts from my adoring public. I want to save those views for only those who are worthy, my dear pet. Wait. Did you just say that I am your one true love?” “I do love you, Mizurai,” said Song, “I've loved you since the moment I first saw you. You are kind, giving, smart, easy to talk to and you have a sparkling personality that outshines everyone I have ever met. You are amazing and fantastic with a body like none I have ever encountered.” She rolled her eyes a bit at what she assumed was a cheesy comment, “That and I'm a goddess, right?” “I don't care about that. I love you for who you are not what you are,” said Song very matter of factly, “Goddess or no. I never want to be with anyone but you just because you are a wonderful person.” Mizurai had a happy tear fall from her eye without realizing then her cock shot out rock hard in an instant. It ripped free from her thong and slapped between her breasts at rocket speed. She looked down and wiped the tear from her eye, “Whoops. I um... wow. I think I need to give you something, my pet.” “Is it something between your breasts?” Song asked cheekily. She pushed her cock out from her breasts so that it just bobbed directly out from her body instead saying, “I mean we'll have to take care of that before I go out but no. This is what I want to give you.” She picked him up and hugged him to her naked chest. That's when she looked him eye to eye and asked, “What would you say to being with me forever? Would you want to be with me till the end of time and then some?” Song didn't need to think over his answer, “That would be my definition of heaven.” She kissed him and began to glow in a sparkling blue light. The light passed over to him and his body was engulfed with a warmth he had never known before. Not during any battle. Not during any kiss. Not during any love making before. When the kiss broke the light faded and he breathed heavily and gazed into her eyes. Song seemed confused as he asked, “What was that?” She smiled to him, “I passed on a fraction of my power to you, so that you can walk with me through eternity.” He didn't seem less confused, “Huh?” “I've made you immortal, my dear... I love you too, Song. I love you like I've never loved anyone before,” she said. He blinked and grinned then hugged her so happily. The massive cock throbbed under his feet and he looked down, “I suppose we should take care of that.” “We should indeed and now that you can't die... we can get down to some serious love making,” Mizurai smiled. Song was going to ask her what she meant by that comment but then the goddess started to grow...
  4. Funny you should mention that! *points at the latest chapter* I was looking to find more ideas to continue this on. Let me know who and what you wanna see with the super strong buff toons!
  5. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Seven: Welcome to the Party This, for now, will be the final chapter of the B.U.S.T. Club. I will continue it more in the future as inspiration takes me or if someone suggests some toons to me that they want to see have a good time with some hyper and muscle adventures in the art gallery settings... but till then this will be the final chapter. For now though. I hope you enjoy as I plan to make it a chapter to remember ;3 Part of that means that it's going to be a longer chapter (with about 160 toons mentioned by name) for both wrapping things up and setting things off. As before with all the other chapters... this series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. Toons from all over the toon world were members of the B.U.S.T. Club after while. Foghorn Leghorn started it after he did a muscular pose for a Gym Shirt because he really liked that feeling but didn't have anywhere he could really let loose. He snatched up all the old derelict paintings that were just sitting in storage, got himself a building drawn, and then went to work. He had kept it very secretive with Wiley Coyote being the one that made the frame system and built the elevator and security. He had a few other toons come in as contractors but never really let anyone in on what he was doing till after it was done. He would see toons in need of that sweet buff relief as he went around and visited. Then he knew he could have a thriving business. At first he only let in his friends from the Warner Brothers toons. Soon after though, some of them let in some of the Harvey Toons and then word got around in the underground muscle toon communities. They had never had a club like this before and so many toons just went all out on arrival. It was a sight to see. As with all good things, someone did something dumb and nearly messed it up. They called it the Horace Incident. It was a normal day when Horace Horsecollar found out about the club. He went down, was shown to a painting and really let himself go. Really. He flexed so big that he ended up fucking the planet to smithereens. He found his way back to the painting exit but didn't shrink down all the way and ended up floating out with his still hard cock pointed first. He thrust through that hole with an invincible megacock that went into another painting across from it in the gallery. The massive horse unleashed a load that flooded the whole planet through that painting and nearly blasted a masturbating Tony the Tiger off the planet. Horace pulled out before he finished cumming but then ended up flooding the whole gallery, the lobby, and the building that housed the club itself. The roof burst off and then Foghorn had a heck of a time reporting to the city why they needed a cleanup crew out by his secret club. Horace was scolded and the incident passed. It was easy to see that things could very easily get out of control and so Foghorn, along with a small council of muscle toons, came up with the three rules and set up security to keep their business safe from prying eye after a random kid toon nearly wandered in. In time they moved to a bad part of town, set up the underground a bit better, snazzed the place up a bit, and then they had the B.U.S.T. Club as we know it today. That was just the beginning. Years later the memberships kept increasing and the art gallery was expanded to keep up. They made a literal tonnage of paintings for backgrounds and cartoon sets right back to the beginning of cartoons and so there were plenty of free discarded works to choose from, everything was going well and so much so that it inspired Foghorn to bring back the toon muscle council so they could work together for something new and special. A toon muscle party. They privately commissioned someone to paint them a massive world with very specific things. The club was shut down and the painting was brought in. Then they sent out the invitations to all their members which read: "Sorry we closed the club on you and we didn't mean to scare you that it was gone for good. However, we closed it with good reason as you, and all of our very special clientele are now invited back to the B.U.S.T. Club for a special event. We're throwing an all out party to celebrate all our muscular friends and to let loose like never before! We'll all be getting together but this is a private event. Invitation only and only those with an invite will be able to get in. The dress code requires you to wear a red thong, bow tie with, white dress wrist cuffs, and spats, and a special silk robe. All these items have been specially made to your default toon dimensions and shipped for you along with this invitation. Come on down this Friday at 22:00 hours, dress to impress, leave your toon belts behind, and see what all the fuss is about!" Liono was checking his mail when he saw the invitation and then tucked it into his pocket quickly. He took the package addressed to him and opened it to see his thong, tie, and cuffs were all waiting. Seemed that Tigra and Panthro were also given invites all with the same insignia, printed on black paper with silver lettering. He handed them off to his fellow Thundercats with a grin. Their grins widened as they read what was inside. They were so excited they could hardly keep steady hands as they opened their packages. That week flew by as the three members of the Thundercats made ready for Friday. Liono rented a space limo to bring them from New Thundera to Toon World Prime. It hovered down to street level and merged into traffic but on arrival they found that the whole block was closed. They got out of the limo with their white spats being the only foot coverage they had. The white dress cuffs were out from under their silk robes. Liono had a blue one, Tigra green, and Panthro black. Liono walked up to the officer on the scene only to see it was Bugs Bunny in the officer's uniform. "What's up, doc?" asked the wabbit as he casually leaned on the police barricade. "Um, what's going on here, Bugs?" Asked Liono, "We really need to get through." Bugs pulled out a list and paged through it, “Lucky you. I see you three are on the list.” Liono was a bit confused after Bug winked to him, “Why is this blocked off?” Bugs Bunny looked around and directed Liono to lean down for him to whisper, “The club shut down the streets around it so we could keep everyone from goin' in all at once. Doesn't seem discreet but trust me. It's been workin' so far but you gotta go on foot from here.” “Huh. I'm surprised I never saw you there. I didn't know you were a member,” said Liono. Bugs stood aside and then flexed up enough to stress his oversized police uniform. The cloth stretched and creaked but then he relaxed and returned to his normal size, “A member? No no no. I'm one of the founders, doc.” The Thundercats looked to one another then shared a smile as they crossed the barricade and walked down the street. Their bare feet clapped against the cool pavement and they could hardly keep themselves from flexing up just from the excitement. They made their way down the familiar alley to the massive doors and gave a knock. The slot in the door slid open and a pair of eyes looked out to them in the darkness. A squirrely voice spoke from the other side of the door and said, “Invitations.” “Uhhhh... who is it Schnookums?” came a much dumber sounding voice from the other side of the door. “Shut it, Meat! I'm trying to see if they have the invitations or not!” snipped the first voice back to the second. The Thundercat trio were all too happy to present their invites to the slot in the door. The invitations were snatched away and then the door opened. They saw a big blue muscular dog and a big muscular red cat standing to welcome them on the other side. The Thundercats walked in and Meat the dog slammed the door shut after them. They were wearing the same spats, cuffs, bow tie collars and red thongs as the Thundercats had been mailed. “Careful meathead!” said Schnookums the cat, “You're gonna rip another door off it's hinges again.” “Uhhhh gee... sorry Schnookums,” said the muscular dog as he rubbed the back of his head, “I'm just so excited about the party is all!” “We all are meat. We all are,” Schnookums flexed a little bigger and swelled towards the ceiling before regaining control and shrinking back to his still massive size he wore before. He sighed and then came another knock at the door. The tremendous cat slid the slot open and said, “Invitations.” “This way gentlemen,” came a voice from further down the hall. Next to the elevator stood none other than Wilford B. Wolf, a massive muscular werewolf who was only in one Animaniacs short called: Moon Over Minerva. Despite that his character had staying power in the cartoon loving communities. That, however, is another story for another time. The massive werewolf wore the same outfits as Schnookums and Meat except his bow tie was red instead of black. He beckoned the Thundercats down the hall as the elevator dinged and the doors opened, “We need to keep the flow moving, friends.” The Thundercats walked down the dark hallway and past the massive wolf man. The elevator doors closed as they pushed the button for floor B9, right as the metal door at the other end of the hallway opened. In walked Marvin the Martian with his fellow Looney Tunes: The Crusher, Shropshire Slasher, and Hector the bulldog. The doors were closed behind them and Wilford beckoned them further down the hallway. He relished the sound of barefeet slapping on the stone floors every time. The werewolf couldn't wait for the party to begin but it would be a few hours before the real festivities were to begin. The doors dinged and opened and the Looney Tunes stepped inside. Marvin held up a finger and said, “Wilford, any idea when the festivities are going to start?” The werewolf smiled and said, “They'll explain everything once you get down there. No worries. Tonight is just about fun!” Slasher and Crusher smiled to each other as Hector pushed the B9 button and the doors closed once more. Another knock came to the entrance door and Meat shook his head, “My goodness! It's the busiest night ever!” “Everyone who's everyone is gonna be here, Meat. Hold on. I gotta deal with the next round of yahoos,” he slid open the slot and said, “Invitations.” Some invites were slid through and Schnookums checked them over then stuffed them down the front of his thong. Meat opened the doors and let the toons in silk robes into the hall. In stepped Sneezer, Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Montana Max all from Tiny Toon Adventures. “What's happening toonsters?” asked Buster. “Oh brother,” sighed Plucky as he crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. Buster threw up his arms, “What?” “That's so 90s, dude,” said Plucky. “No duh,” said Buster, “I liked the 90s. The 90s was very good to us.” “Boys boys boys,” Sneezer began, “Lets not have any squabbles. This is time for us to have some really big fun.” The Tiny Toons started to flex up under their robes to the point they weren't so tiny any more. Wilford reached his hand out, “Hey guys! No flexing up in the hall. You have to stay your default sizes till the party starts. Speaking of...” The elevator door dinged and the doors opened. Wilford beckoned them to step in with a voices as silky smooth as their custom robes, “We really gotta keep things moving you toons.” The Tiny Toons relaxed their flex ups and returned to normal sizes, adjusting their robe belts afterwards as they made way to the elevator. They stepped in and Montana Max pushed B9 just as there came another knock at the front door to the club. Schnookums slid open the slot and said, “Invitations?” The doors closed and the elevator made it's way down incredibly fast. They opened once more and let the tiny toons out into the massive main lobby of the B.U.S.T. Club. It looked like they had done some renovation drawings in there because the roof was raised to be 300 feet tall now. At the back of the room about a thousand feet away there was a massive throne and between the legs of the throne was a giant door that led to the art gallery. Atop the giant throne, which went all the way up to the ceiling, sat a massive and familiar Looney Tunes rooster. The colossal Foghorn Leghorn sat on the throne and filled it out nicely, in his massive muscular form, with the same spats, cuffs and bow tie collar as everyone else. His enormous package was just barely held back by the red thong he sported and his giant robe was wide open to give a great view of his pecs an muscle gut. He smiled down on everyone in the crowded lobby who were busy chatting among themselves while Henry Hawk lounged back on that giant thong-covered rooster cock. Buster and the other residents from Acme Acres saw quite a few familiar faces in the crowd. They saw Bowser, Sonic, Knuckles, Miles Prower, Furball, Arnold the Pit Bull, Napoleon Bonafrog, several complete sets of the TMNT, Mortimer Mouse, Goofy, Max Goof, Huey Louie and Dewey Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Storkulese, Hogcules, Garfield, Memnon, Genie Jafar, Roger Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Falco Lombardi, Panchito Pistoles, Jose Carioca, Mighty Mouse, Mordecai and Rigby, Wile E. Coyote, Fox McCloud, Robinhood and Little John, Nick Wilde and Finnick, Beastboy, Big Mac, Tom and Jerry, Bernard from O.K. K.O., The Rat King from the Penguins of Madagascar, Napoleon Bonafrog, Pepe Le Pew, Pitu Le Pew, Hank McCoy, Beast from Beauty and the Beast with Victor from the Hunchback of Notredame, several Road Rovers, the Extreme Dinosaurs, the Cowboys of Moo Mesa, the Street Sharks, the Biker Mice From Mars, the Swat Kats, Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, T-Rex, the Dinosaucers, the Battletoads, Rocket Raccoon, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Sly Cooper, the Warner Brothers and Skippy Squirrel from Animaniacs, Shere Kahn, Tony the Tiger, Trix Rabbit, Honey Bear, Fruit Brute, Leomon, ExVeemon, Gabumon, Wargreymon, Inuyasha, Kouga, Chernobog, just about every male character from Dragon Ball Z, and a whole bunch of other toons as well. Brainy Smurf sat on the shoulder of one of the several incarnations of the Big Bad Wolf in the room with Brawny smurf on his opposite shoulder. Brainy was making checks on a list as everyone came in. The elevator doors dinged and then Hong Kong Phooey and Secret Squirrel walked in together to look around in amazement. Brainy marked off two last tallies and then whispered something to the Big Bad Wolf. The wolven man took a big breath in then let out a loud howl. Foghorn picked up a gavel from the ground next to his throne and knocked it on the arm of his seat. Foghorn Leghorn cleared his throat and all eyes fell on him. The elevator now let in Bugs Bunny, Wilford, a few other toons in police uniforms and finally Schnookums and Meat. With that the rooster spoke up, “Hello, I say, Hello everyone. Welcome to the muscle party to end all muscle parties. Seems everyone was able to make it. My associates checked their attendance lists and now the front doors are locked up tight. I think y'all are gonna be real happy with the play time we have planned on a place I like to call Muscle Toon Planet. If you look between my legs there is a new entrance to the art gallery and my friends Bugs and Daffy are gonna lead you to the Muscle Toon Planet... then let the party begin! Do whatever you want with whoever you want so long as they say it's okay, though given our history I couldn't foresee that being a problem.” Everyone chuckled and then saw Bugs and Daffy flex out of their police uniforms to massive fifteen foot tall giants who wore their spats, thongs, dress cuffs, and collar bow ties well. They smiled and waved for everyone to follow them in. Foghorn and Henry waved as the toons all walked into the art gallery where there was a new massive painting 50 feet tall and 50 feet wide with a series of blinking white lights around the rim. Bugs stood on one side and Daffy on the other as they looked over all the robed toons. Muscle Toon Planet was a Dyson Sphere that surrounded a supergiant star the size of VY Canis Majoris which is approximately 2100 times the size of the Earth's sun. The world surrounded the sun completely with a series of cities and other zones with nothing but pleasure in mind for super strong toons. It also feature thousands of planets with varying gravities that orbited around the supergiant star. The toons were handed small pamphlets with all that information and more as they headed in to a scifi train station that could take them anywhere on the worlds with any of the hundreds of space trains that could take them anywhere. On those pamphlets they also read a new fourth rule, a special rule for this latest painting only: Do not destroy the special trains or their train stations as they are the main way to travel on MTP. The 87 TMNT got on a train with Usagi Yojimbo, Bowser, Napoleon Bonafrog, Leatherhead and Robin Hood. It rocketed off to another part of the MTP. The next train had the Extreme Dinosaurs and the Biker Mice from Mars. It zoomed off just as fast. Memnon from Hercules the Animated Series went with Victor from the Hunchback of Notredame and three different versions of the Big Bad Wolf. After that, Bowser, Nick Wilde, Finnick and Arnold the Pit Bull slipped onto another train to zip off over the horizon fast as the others. Pepe, Pitu, Sylvester, Goofy, Mortimer Mouse, Max Goof, then Louie Duck got into another train and zip! It was gone. Hong Kong Phooey, Tom and Jerry, then Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson of the Swat Kats zipped off to another stop. All the while Sonic, Knuckles, Miles Prower, Schnookums and Meat headed for yet another stop. The Road Rovers went with the Street Sharks. Inyyasha went with the Trix Rabbit, Leomon, and the Warner Brothers for quite an interesting mix and times. Dudley Puppy went with Bernard and Wilford. Wargreymon, ExVeemon and most of the male cast from Dragon Ball Z went into another train together. Marvin the Martian went with Kouga and Shere Kahn. Mickey, Donald, Bugs and Daffy all went on a train together while Beast, Beast, Beastboy, Chief Bogo and Skippy Squirrel went together elsewhere. Toons upon toons upon toons piled into trains headed for worlds of pleasure in an orgy heretofore unheard of. You would think that I, as the writer, might get these groups mixed up or that they were just paired off never to be seen or heard from again... but you'd be wrong. Trust me dear readers, there will be a fuckening coming. Oh yes. There will be a fuckening... One of the last trains out had Buster, Plucky, Liono, Tigra, and Panthro. They got on and an automated holographic screen popped up before them. There were thousands of destinations in the index. Gyms, Cities, Gym-Cities, Deserts, Lakes, Oceans, Beaches, Forests, Wastelands, Scrap Yards, Zoos, Military Camps, Islands, Flying Islands, Mountains and Volcanos... and that was just on the primary world. “Well space boys, where should we go to do this thing?” Plucky asked of the Thundercats. “Space... boys?” asked Panthro. He flexed up to really fill out his silky robe, “I think you mean space men, little duck.” Plucky flexed up to match the Thundercat in size and build, both their robes open and exposing their massive torsos. Plucky flexed to stretch the sleeves to the max as he said, “Not such a little duck now, am I?” “I know this is all in good fun,” Liono, the leader of the Thundercats began, “But we should really wait till we get to our destination. We don't want to wreck the trains right off the bat. Remember the one new rule for this party.” “Liono is right,” Tigra chimed in, “Lets pick a place and then we can get all this out of our system as much as we want.” Buster scrolled through the options on where to go and then covered his eyes with one hand, spun the dial, stopped it and the train said in a pleasing monotone voice, “Destination accepted. Prepare for takeoff.” The toon looked to the others and said, “I figured random chance would be the most fair way to decide where to go so as to stop any further arguments?” “Sounds fair to me,” said Tigra, “But did you see where you selected?” Buster turned to face the holographic screen and saw the glowing destination spot as Science Fiction Mega City 133. Plucky looked down at the screen from his eight foot muscle bound form, “What does that mean?” Panthro patted him on the back, “I guess we're going to find out together, huh?” Find out together they did. The train hovered along a futuristic hover track at supersonic speeds. There were millions of miles to go but it subverted them at an incredible rate. It was mere minutes before they arrived in a sprawling futuristic metropolis. In a city like New York there are approximately sixty thousand buildings with the tallest buildings ranging from between 1000 feet tall to 1700 feet tall. In the futuristic mega city there were a hundred times as many buildings with the shortest being a thousand feet tall and the tallest buildings approximately ten thousand feet tall. There were winding roadways that hovered throughout the city along with the city streets at ground level. There were hovercars on every street and everything was reinforced for extra durability. The train pulled into a massive station on the outskirts of town and the group got out of it and looked around to marvel at their new muscle playground. Plucky cracked his knuckles and started to flex a little biger, stretching the robe that already looked like it was a hawaiian shirt ten sizes too small on him, “Welp. Time to start getting busy.” Buster slapped him on the thong swallowing ass and said, “No ya dum dum! We can't destroy the train or the station. Lookey there. We'll take one of those to the middle of the city.” There were travel pods along the edge of the station, they looked like balls of tech with windows and were big enough that the toons could pile inside. Pile in they did, the three foot tall Buster Bunny, nine foot tall Plucky, eight foot tall Panthro and Six and a half foot tall Liono and Tigra. The pod zipped them to the center of town and Plucky wasn't waiting for the thing to land, much less for the door to open. He flexed on another couple feet taller and ripped out of his robe entirely. His head went through the ceiling as he brought his arms to a double bicep pose ripping off the roof. The pod spiraled and dumped everyone onto the street. Plucky had a softer landing as he landed crotch first right onto Buster. His massive, still soft, humanoid dick smashed the rabbit a foot into the pavement. Buster retaliated by turning over and flexing up under the twelve foot tall, green, muscular duck. The rabbit didn't stop till his feet burst from the spats, his neck from the bow tie collar, and his hands from his gloves during his hulk out which left him naked save for the red thong and wrist cuffs. He sat up and the duck fell off the now twenty four foot tall hypermasculine rabbit. Those cuffs were strained on his wrists and his thong was hanging on by a thread as the duck rose to his webbed feet. Buster knocked Plucky back by swaying his hips and cock slapping him with that massive thong-covered humanoid rabbit cock. Buster looked to the Thundercats and said, “Sorry about my bonehead friend. You guys alright?” “We're cats,” Tigra smiled, “We always land on our feet.” “I think we've waited long enough boys,” said Panthro. He Flexed out of his robe and swole till he was the same size as buster. His spats and bow tie were ripped off as well when he turned to Liono and squatted down on the leader. His leader was almost completely obscured by the massive thong-covered thundercat cock and balls... It wasn't thong-covered for long though as a flexing Tigra leaped atop that swelling cock flesh and started caressing it with his feet. Panthro's cock ripped free and moaned as he felt something pressing against his rump... or rather between his cheeks. He looked back to see Liono was swelling with a fully erect cock that had long ripped free of his constraints. The leader of the Thundercats grew and gripped Panthro by the hips, thrusting a massive monument of cock flesh inside. Panthro flexed, his cock jumped and launched Tigra into the air. Tigra took the opportunity to flex up and match their sizes before he landed with his feet to either side of Panthro's massive member. He cock slapped his fellow Thundercat across the face as he asked, “How much do you want it?” “As much as you want this dick,” Panthro pointed down to his belly that was stretched out with the shape of Liono's gargantuan schlong perfectly outlined and protruding from him, “I can fix both our issues at the same time though.” Panthro gripped Tigra by the hips and pulled him forward, he swallowed the massive cock before him and then pushed the fellow Thundercat down on Liono's cock bulge so that the leader could fuck them both at once. Plucky was still only twelve feet tall and furiously masturbating as he watched the feline display. Buster picked up plucky in his massive hand and walked over to the group as he said, “Mind if I join in?” “Be my guest,” said Tigra, “Panthro loves a good stretching, my friend.” Buster positioned Plucky's rump atop his cock and said, “Think I should wear some protection first.” The blue goliath of a cartoon rabbit then thrust into the duck with a single thrust and Plucky's smaller body took the shape of that massive, throbbing, rabbit meat like a living condom. That's when Buster thrust his duck-covered cock into Panthro's ass right above Liono's and in turn the Thundercat belly bulge doubled in girth to fuck Tigra as well. Tigra cried out, “Oh fuck me!” from pure pleasure and all five toons began to swell in unison, growing bigger and bigger. They crushed cars and busses under their massive humping mass. Buildings were pushed aside and collapsed from their fucking as they soon grew to around the thousand foot mark. Needless to say, none of the remnants of their clothes survived the growth. Elsewhere on the MTP, in one of the various jungle settings, a fifty foot tall totally naked and awesomely muscled Robin Hood double teamed a similarly sized Napoleon Bonafrog with an equally massive Usagi Yojimbo. The furry fellows sat facing each other, their cocks pressed together as the giant frog bounced up and down on them both lodged in his incredibly tight ass. The pounding shook the trees as he faced to the side from the enormous pair, masturbating himself with a fifteen foot tall, hyper muscular Leatherhead. Donnie and Mikey were having fun as they had a large tree shoved between them and up both their asses. Mikey stroked Donnie's cock with both his feet while the purple-masked turtle did the same for his brother. Raph fucked Leo on his back and sucked his bro's massive cock at the same time. All in all they were having an awesome time fucking and growing. Grow they did as everyone in their group felt the urge in unison and began to get bigger. Trees and rocks were no match for the invincible muscles that destroyed them. In one of the desert zones of the MTP the Street Sharks were having fun with the Road Rovers. A 1200 foot tall hyper buff Ripster, leader of the Street Sharks, lay naked in the desert sands as an 800 foot tall and hyper ripped Hunter, leader of the Road Rovers, stood off a 300 foot cliff and fucked the massive shark from behind. Shag, ordinarily the largest of the Road Rovers with his big white fluffy hair, now appeared to be the smallest as he was a mere fifty feet tall and strapped to Hunter's cock as he fucked the massive shark. Hundred foot tall hyper muscular sharks Jab and Streex sucked on their leader's nipples while a four hundred foot tall Moby Lick sucked the gargantuan shark cock of his leader. Big Slammu was a good 500 feet tall with a 250 foot cock that he rammed into the backside of Moby lick all while flexing his massive muscles. While they couldn't see it, the other Road Rovers were hard at work behind their tremendous leader. A thousand foot tall Exile, a now incredibly massively muscular blue husky, fucked Blitz, the doberman pincer from behind with a 500 foot long cock. Blitz standing a thousand feet tall himself was bent down as Exile fucked him from behind but he was busy licking in between Hunters bulbous butt cheeks like there was no tomorrow. Blitz pulled off only long enough to say with a deep Austrian accent, “Oh ya. This is how I like to bite tushies.” Exile smacked him on the ass then pressed Blitz's face back between Hunter's cheeks, returning him to his masterful rimjob before speaking in a Siberian accent, “Don't be a weird boy.” Hunter moaned as he fucked away at the leader of the Street Sharks, “I would not have predicted this.” Ripster grunted as he gripped the sandy ground around him and crushed so hard the sand melted into glass only to get crushed again, “Maybe not predictable, bud... but I'd say it's totally Jawesome! You guys keep this up and I'm gonna make a new ocean in no time.” “Now that I'd like to see,” grinned Hunter. Above the MTP on a world with 200 times the gravity of Earth's own, a 5000 foot tall ExVeemon was 69ing with an equally matched and buffed out Wargreymon. In the middle of their love circle, stood 500 foot tall and tremendously built versions of Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and Beerus. They were pressed together by the titans around them and forced to frot their giant cocks together as their own incredible muscles fought for space while they writhed and sucked each other's bodies and cocks together. Their mouths were too preoccupied to even think of speaking. The world was a barren one as nothing was strong enough to grow but the strength exertion only served to turn the muscular toons on even more. An end was soon in sight as their orgasms built up, much like the other toons. Meanwhile, on a different planet, about half the size of Earth, an immeasurable Bugs Bunny fucked the world with his gargantuan rabbit meat. On either side of him were Donald and Daffy, while across from him was Mickey Mouse himself. They were all lost in orgasmic pleasure as they fucked the whole planet simultaniously, their cocks bumping into one another at the world's core as an orgasm of unheard of proportions built up while the crust of the planet was being fucked to pieces. Marvin the Martian was back on the main MTP world's surface in a Gym-City. It was a city designed with every building made to be lifted. He was a mere eighty feet tall and sat atop a massive building while he curled several other buildings with each hand. His ebony muscles glistened as his cock throbbed and extended 40 feet out from his body. Kouga, who was a rival of Inuyasha in his namesake anime, was a massive thirty feet tall and had gripped that black martian cock and was docking it, his dick going half way down the tremendous shaft. As the pair were busy with their own workouts. Shere Kahn, the massive tiger from Talespin stood with his arms crossed, He was a hundred feet tall and had his legs spread a bit as he faced the pair, flexing his cock inside a ring that lifted the building Marvin was sitting on, as well as several others around them. They were all on the verge of cumming but something was telling the toons they had to hold off just a bit longer. In an abandonned Zoo, Dudley Puppy stomped through the enclosures as a 75 foot tall muscle monster, even letting out a roar. Bernard the purple werewolf, and Wilford the blue werewolf, took pleasure in stomping over the grounds, smashing everything flat with their canine toes. When Dudley spied them he started stroking his 30 foot long muscle member and panting heavily. Bernard and Wilford joined him, bringing their members together as they stroked in a circle and rubbed their massive humanoid cocks together. They canines panted as they spurted precum over each other and pooled a pond of pre at their feet. Beast from the X-Men stood as a 500 foot tall giant in a half ruined city elsewere on the MTP. He looked down at Beast from Beauty and the Beast, who was a mere 100 feet tall, as he expertly rubbed the monster's goliath 40 foot member with a giant blue foot. He stroked the cock between his toes and watched the monster pant under him. His own giant cock was rock hard and swelled 250 feet out from his enormous muscle body and he watched as an incredibly mucular chief Bogo used his 250 foot muscle body to stroke the tremendous member. Precum rained down on the city from Hank McCoy's cock as he exclaimed, “Oh my stars and garters... I'm so close. Don't know how much longer I can hold out.” “I'm sure this won't help,” came Beastboy's voice from behind as he took the form of a 500 foot overly muscular gorilla man. He thrust a cock, equal to Hank's own into the blue Beast's ass. Beast roared out but Bogo squeezed his cock with incredible strength to hold back that orgasm. Hank was left panting as he looked down to see a thirty foot tall muscled Skippy Squirrel fucking his goliath pectoral muscles. “Enjoying yourself, little guy?” asked Hank. “Gotta spew soon...” said Skippy. “Don't we all?” asked Hank as he craned his neck down and sucked on the head of a cock which was as long as the squirrel was tall. Skippy moaned in pleasure At the same time they were having some city wide fun, in a scrap yard across the worlds there were a few toons crushing, compacting, and stacking cars into some rather large piles. Tom and Jerry stood a mere fifteen feet tall each, while Hong Kong Phooey matched them in height. They all took turns crushing old cars and tossing the crushed cars atop the car piles they were making. Those piles were being held up by Chance and Jake from the Swat Kats. Jake gave a yawn despite there being about 3000 tons of weight over his head, “Man I thought that this would be more of a challenge some how.” “I know what you mean,” said Chance. He shifted the weight in his hand and said, “I mean just look at this.” Everyone watched as Chance lay the whole weight of the cars down on his rigid, seven foot cock and then with a flex, tossed the weight into the air, causing crushed cars to rain down all over the junk yard. “What say we just get to fucking?” Jake smiled, “Don't gotta tell me twice.” He tossed the weights behind him casually but the crash caused an Earthquake. He pounced Chance and knocked his fellow Swat Kat to the ground. He slid up the body of his bro and slid his cock between the mammoth pecs before him before sliding back down to take the colossal seven feet of cock up his rear. Tom and Jerry shrugged and flexed up to twice their size before looking down at Hong Kong Phooey. Tom sat down on the mere 15 foot dog and pinned him. The dog man laughed and lifted Tom up with a single finger, however his hand slipped and he ended up shoving his arm up the cat's rump, only for Tom to slam Phooey back to the ground again. Jerry laughed a bit then walked to Tom's front and gave him a few cock slaps across the maw before thrusting into the cat's mouth. The ground rumbled as orgasms built across the worlds. Bowser was an three hundred foot colossus of muscle gut and fury who rampaged through a city, while Arnold, Nick, and Finnick played hide and seek with the massive lizard man. He spotted Finnick's muscular 20 foot body hiding inside a bus and he picked it up. Bowser looked inside and said, “Found you! Now to put you someplace for safe keeping.” The three hundred foot tall beast then brought the bus around to his prodigious rump and shoved it up his bubble butt like a metropolitan dildo. He let the bus hang half out so Finnick could still breath but clamped down hard to keep the muscular fox from going anywhere. Koopzilla swung his colossal cock through building after building in their game of hyper macro hide and seek, when he stopped and got very silent. He listened and felt the ground tremble with either Arnold or Nick's big feet as they ran through the city. He focused on it to get the direction and then he let loose a roar and rampaged through buildings as though they were made from cardboard. The mighty King of the Koopas erupted through building after building and then stopped as he saw a sky scraper with a 20 foot tall Nick Wilde scaling up the side. He grinned and ran up to the building. With a swing of his mighty 100 foot long rod, he toppled the sky scraper like a tree in a forest shouting, “Timber!” The building collapsed atop the immensely muscled fox man but afterwards he sat up and dusted the debris off his invincible body. He looked up just in time to see Bowser's foot come down on him to pin him to the city streets. He tried to push Bowser off him but the massive lizard man shifted his foot and wedged Nick's nose between his toes. “Hmmm... now where to keep you...” Bowser said as he rapped his fingers over his giant, precum leaking, throbbing cock. He smiled then said, “I have just the place.” Bowser bent down and picked up the fox then shoved him down his cum slit feet first. He trapped Mr. Wilde so only his head and shoulders were sticking out of his throbbing meat as he asked, “Now, my foxy friend, where did that other runt get off to?” Nick smiled and said, “Ya know big guy? We were talking and decided to cook up a special little surprise for you.” the ground started to shake and rumble under the King Koopa's enormous feet. Nick only grinned wider as he said, “Why lookie there, here comes that surprise now.” The street erupted in front of Bowser and filled his vision with a wall of white, all while behind the massive lizard a wall of pink came up from the other side. Arnold had hidden deep down in the subway system, grew to tremendous size, and then sat up at the same time he flexed his cock. The three thousand foot tall pit bull, lifted Bowser with his thousand foot long cock and wedged him between his gargantuan pecs. “Hear me now and see me next week,” said Arnold in his Austrian accent, “I'll pump you up myself you namby pamby, wimpy, scalely leezard baby. First step to pumping up? You will take a protein shake of my own special formula.” Finnick watched from the bus as Arnold picked up the King Koopa and positioned his massive phallus to penetrate Bowser through the rear. He flexed larger enough to pop out of the ass that held him and slid down the cock just as Bowser was forced to take the member to the hilt. Finnik was trapped under Bowser's giant balls against the base of Arnold's cock and said, “I'm tired of being small. I'm gon' fuck some shit up yous guys.” The (relatively) small yet buffed to hell fennec fox flexed and grew bigger, much to Nick Wilde's delight. Elsewhere on the MTP there was a quiet beach where the Extreme Dinosaurs and the Biker Mice from Mars played Volleyball. Naked volleyball. All of the players stood thirty feet tall with muscles that any body builder would kill for. Spike, T-bone, and Stegz were on the Dino side, while Throttle, Modo and Vinnie took up the Mouse side. Hax was busy on the side lines fucking Bullzeye, while Badrap was doing the same to Spittor as hardrock fucked the purple raptor in the face. There weren't any balls large enough so the players had to play with a massive boulder instead, yet the batted it with as much ease as though it were a ball despite it being a hundred feet in diameter and made of solid granite. They passed the ball back and forth with cracks forming on every hit and slam till finally it came down with Spike intending to spike the ball over the massive fishing net they used. Unfortunately on impact the boulder shattered against his cock and was reduced to rubble. “Alright bros, I think that's game,” said Throttle as he casually stroked his mammoth 10 foot erection. “Who won?” asked T-Bone. Stegz rubbed the back of his head, “I was having so much fun I forgot to keep track of the score. Sorry guys.” Vinnie walked up to Spike, hugged him close, wrapped a leg around his boy and gave him a deep kiss, “I think we all won if we were having that much fun.” “What say we take a note from the guys on the sideline and get to some serious pounding?” asked Modo. Spike smiled, “Sounds like a plan.” The orgy of mice and dinosaurs began in earnest while a few other toons were having fun of a different sort in a city made to look like ancient Rome. Memnon, the massive red lizard monster, Victor, the muscular stone gargolye, and three different big bad wolves were all busy rampaging through the city. Memnon took great pleasure in stomping buildings from his hundred foot height. No cart in his path was safe. Victor was a slightly more modest eighty feet tall and walked up to the coleseum before he dug his hands in, lifted it over head, and started pressing it for weight single handed while flexing his free arm as a show for the wolves. The forty foot tall wolves whistled at the garganuan gargoyle and began to rub over his muscles. One stood atop a cock that was as long as he was tall, he massaged those literal rock hard pecs. Another wolf rode atop the flexing arm like it was a circus ride, and Victor was all to happy to suck his cock as he did so. The third wolf worked over Victor's ass and as he fed a finger in he found it clenched down hard and started to pull him in. He wasn't strong enough at that height to pull out and soon he was up to his waist inside the stone gargoyle who moaned around the cock of the wolf that rode his flexing arm. Memnon came up from behind and pulled out the wolf, shoved his cock into the wolf till it went all the way through and out the other side, then thrust his mammoth cock of destruction up Victor's ass with such strength that it lifted him from the ground and made the gargoyle accidentally throw the coleseum. They caused massive destruction together in that city but the settings were far from done. Yakko and Wakko were the Warner Brothers and they had both been members of the B.U.S.T. Club for years. They found the Japanese city, made to be just like Tokyo, was their new favorite setting. They were massive at around 150 feet of city stomping muscle, as were Inuyasha and Leomon, but the Trix Rabbit had swollen to 1500 feet tall with massive rabbit feet that he used with great pleasure. Inuyasha and Leomon were side by side with their cocks wedged between the toes of one foot as the rabbit stepped down on them, while Yakko and Wakko were on the otherside getting the same footjob treatment. The rabbit stroked his cock and was getting as close as they were to cumming but still all the toons somehow held off. On a volcanic island clear across the MTP, Schnookums and Meat were busy literally fucking the volcano at 500 feet tall each. At the same time Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were busy on different parts of the volcano, all hugely muscled, all naked, and all fucking that volcano with the promise to hold off till they all came together. There were hudreds of toons spread across the MTP but the group of Goofy, Mortimer Mouse, Max Goof, Louie Duck, Sylvester, Pepe Le Pew and Pitu Le Pew were the only ones that chose a futuristic military base as their destination. Goofy stood thirty feet tall and wore a tank as a pair of pants, only the turret was ripped off and his own cum cannon was sticking out the front of the tank instead. He modeled for a similarly sized Mortimer saying, “Do these pants make my ass look big? Ahyuck!” Mortimer walked up with his massive boner first and walked around his Goofy, “Hot cha cha, I dunno, but there's one way to find out if it really did get bigger.” The massive muscle mouse walked up behind Goofy and effortlessly shoved his incredible cock right up his lover's rear end, only to elicit a moan a moment later. Pepe walked up behind Mortimer and said, “Might as well inspect yours while we are at eet, no?” He then shoved his own ebony cock right up the mouse's backside. Sylvester came up behind Pepe and said, “Hey don't leave me out now!” The train of four similarly buffed toons began to fuck in unison with one behind the other. Louie was off with Max and Pitu watching the skunk bench press an aircraft carrier while they worshiped his cock. The 300 foot tall skunk lifted the massive weight with ease while a 40 foot tall Louie fucked the clevage of his balls with his massive cock. Max sat on Pitu's abs, right alongside the 100 foot tall cock. Max was a 200 feet tall himself and was giving Pitu the footjob of a lifetime. The skunk's cock grew and grew till it penetrated the aircraft carrier and started to lift it away from his grip. Somehow every toon managed to keep from cumming despite how turned on they were. That's when all the toons saw it as it made it's way around the sun and super speed. The thing that set them all off at once. It was Henry Hawk, now the size of our sun Sol, fucking Foghorn Leghorn, who was five times his size. Henry came in the massive rooster and set Foghorn off with a resounding, “Cock a doodle doo!” that rang off across the planets and the whole world of the MTP. Unfathomable volumes of cum sprayed from his truly massive cock and blasted forth around the sun with such force that it eventually came back and hit both he and Henry right on their backs. As if on cue, all the toons pulled out their cocks from where ever they had been shoved and flexed to quadrouple their sizes as they all took aim and fired off skyward towards the ring of cum that surrounded the sun. It was hours of cumming from hundreds of toons but over time they managed to cum so hard and so long that they made a massive ring of toon seed that surrounded the sun. When all was said and done, all were exhausted from the blow out of seed that could literally spawn new worlds. Group by group returned to the train station at the painting exit. Soon they all gathered and were given new robes to preserve their modesty outside. It was noon the next day before the doors to the club opened once again. Once the last of the toons left and it was just Henry and Foghorn left. They collapsed on the marble floor to snuggle. “Say big beak, that was a great party,” said Henry. “It really, I say, it really was,” said Foghorn, “I'm thinking about making that a monthly event.” And they all came happily ever after... The end? That was a lot to write. A lot to keep track of. And would love to know your thoughts on the story!
  6. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Six: Welcome to the Sewers This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. The 1987 series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ran for ten seasons of glorious green muscle machines. In that time the four turtles got very very close. While they were raised together, technically they weren't brothers by blood. A few years after their show went off the air, another series started up in 2003 with a different set of the 4 heroes operating in another part of the turtleverse altogether. After that the first fab four turtles of television were able to have some privacy together. Raph and Mona Lisa finally hooked up and Leo ran off with Usagi Yojimbo. Mikey and Donnie found themselves together. At first they were experimenting but then it developed over the years into something more. They were in love. They kept it quiet and in time they found out about this secret special place called: The B.U.S.T. Club. They enjoyed quite a lot of time there and had Napoleon to thank for introducing them to it. On this particular night the two mutant ninja turtles, who were no longer teenaged, were going through the art gallery of the club with Donnie looking for a very specific painting. They must have walked for hours into the deep back recesses of the club. Toon belts were already off but they kept covered up with their trench coats and fedoras and walked barefoot through the seemingly endless halls. Mikey looked around at the paintings and peered in on a red light to see Jafar in full red, muscular, genie form fucking a whole planet from a space painting. In another he saw Memnon from Hercules the animated series rampaging through a city like a big dicked Gozilla, stomping on car and knocking through buildings with his tremendous cock. In yet another he saw Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck sixty nine-ing with massive muscles writhing against each other in the rubble of what was once a nice Japanese bathhouse. Michelangelo looked to his brother, “What exactly are we looking for, Dude? All these dudes bangin' is really starting to get me goin' if ya know what I mean.” Donatello looked over to see a huge bulge under the trench coat going half way down to Mikey's knee and snaking even longer still. He chuckled and looked at the paintings, “I know Michelangelo. I know. Trust me on this one, it will be worth the wait.” “I sure hope so, dude,” said Mikey. Donatello pointed to a painting excitedly, “That's it! That's the one I was looking for!” He ran over excitedly and pointed again. Michelangelo walked up and looked over the painting. It was a painting set in one of the old sets from their show back in the late 1980s. Michelangelo looked unimpressed, “Really dude? You want to go to one of our old sets? We could go to Paris. We could go to the Orient. We could go to the beach, dude! Why do you want to go back to the sewers we used to spend all our time in?” “Why would I spend all this time looking for just a random old sewer painting?” asked Donnie, “No, this one is a special set that I modified heavily before it was decomissioned. I set up something special so that you could really show off some true turtle power!” “That sounds most excellent, compadre... but what did you do to the set?” asked Mikey. Donnie wiggled his eyebrows behind that purple mask, “I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Come on, let's make our way in.” Donnie led Mikey into the painting and the light turned red. The pair went through the familiar set and Donnie led further into the sewers before he stopped at a massive underground lair that was carved out. There were locomotives, city busses, tanker trucks, taxi cabs, tanks, and a large contraption in the middle of the giant dome. The contraption was a massive bar with a ring in the middle and the sides of the bar went to either side of the huge dome to what looked like a huge metal ring that went all the way around. “Holy guacamole! This place is totally tubular, Donnie!” Mikey was so excited that he flexed up immediately. His muscular five foot form suddenly expanded to a hyper muscular ten foot form as he exploded out of the trench coat, his belt, as well as his knee and elbow pads. The only thing he had on now was his orange head band and the orange bands at his wrists. He flexed a few poses, “Ah that's much better.” The turtle with the orange headband's ass was totally exposedin his flexed up form, along with his tail, just under where his shell ended. He turned to face his bro and his massive, two foot long, half hard cock swayed in the breeze with an alarming jiggle that might have scared off any toons that weren't a fan of what he and his bro were into. Donatello chuckled, “Hey now. Don't leave me behind. It took me a long while to put this playground together for us, Mikey.” The purple loving turtle flexed till he matched his love for size. While his muscles were a little skinnier they would still put any bodybuilder to shame. He walked up and kissed Mikey as the remnants of his guards, belt, and trenchcoat fell to the ground. “What do you mean it took a long time to put together?” asked Mikey after the kiss. “Well in my spare time, after we found out about this place from Napoleon I started bringing these vehicles in from the city above after I found this painting then I used some of my invincibolium to make that rod that goes through the middle for something special. Took the nanites months to make that thing. Then they moved the paintings in the gallery around to make room for the new arrivals.” “You did all this for me, compadre?” asked Mikey with a blush. “Of course I did,” Donnie smiled, “I love you so much. I'd do anything for you, Mikey.” They couldn't help but kiss again but then Michelangelo's curiosity got away from him as he walked over to the bar in the middle of the room, right at waist level, “So what is this special bar that took months to make, dude? It looks totally radical.” Donatello wagged a finger at him, “Ah ah ah. That's a special surprise for after we've had our fun playing with the other toys, Mikey.” Michelangelo made a pouty face and clasped his hands together pleading but Donatello put his hands on his hips and just shook his head sternly, “Nope. Not gonna say till it's time... no matter how cute you are. It's too good to ruin.” Mikey smiled and looked around to the other toys, as Donnie put it, “What should we do first, mi amigo?” Donnie shrugged, “Up to you my dear, Michelangelo.” Mikey thought for a moment and then said, “Be right back! Got an idea dude, just need you...” He picked up Donatello and set him down on the hood of a car, he pushed the purple loving turtle down so that it popped the tires and indented the hood around his muscular rump. Then Michelangelo stood and said, “...to sit right here. Just need to grab something from the old lair.” Donnie sat tight and twiddled his thumbs as he waited for his brother to run off but then he heard the sound of music as Mikey returned. He saw Mikey back shrunk down in his five foot form, only he was wearing clothes now and had a boom box on his shoulder playing a tape of 80s dance music. Donnie smiled as he looked his bro up and down. Mikey was sporting basketball shorts that hung past his knees, an a-shirt, a zip up hoodie, a backwards baseball cap, workout bands on his wrists and ankles, and a pair of sneakers that stretched tight over his oversized turtle feet. Mikey looked over his dark sunglasses and then set the boombox down, pulling a skateboard out from behind himself. He skated on by and shot a hang loose hand sign on his pass in front of Donnie. Donatello chuckled and leaned back on the hood of the car, crushing it down under his elbow a bit from his sheer muscle weight. He reached down to start fondling himself when Mikey held up his hand, “No touching yourself. Let me take care of you, amigo.” Donnie was all to happy to comply as the turtle in the late 80s clothes skated around, he watched as Mikey ramped up the back of a car and mid air he flexed and flexed hard. He grew till his leg muscles, cock and balls really filled out those basketball shorts. His feet made quick work of the shoes, his toes ripping out as his heel did the same rendering them more like sandals than sneakers. His chest really filled up that hoodie along with his massive arms, stretching it to the max. He landed with a crash atop that car. The skateboard exploded into splinters under his weight and the roof of the car compacted in completely. Mikey made an 'oops' face on his landing and then grinned as he hopped off the car and started to really strut his stuff in time to the beat. He danced and swayed with expert movement then found himself in front of a massive eighteen wheeler mac truck with a huge tanker on the end. He did the splits in front of it, facing away from Donnie, then lay down and slid forward. He stood and flexed, his hoodie ripping from his frame as he grew back to his ten foot height. The remnants of his sneakers tore free of the massive, impossibly powerful feet and then he held the mac truck with its tanker over head single handed. Lucky for him, his basketball shorts stayed on but they looked more like short shorts now and with his cock and balls weighing down the front impressively. That packaged bounced as he walked the eighteen wheeler over to Donnie and stood before his turtle bro. Donnie had a massive erection that stood an impressive three and a half feet out from his muscular frame. He reached up to touch Mikey but his bro slapped his hand away and then wagged a finger at him in time to the music. Mikey started flexing his free arm in time to the music while pressing the truck up and down in time with the beat at the same time. He brought up one of his massive feet and started to rub Donnie's massive, throbbing, erection with it. Donnie moaned and gripped the car hood as Mikey stepped on his balls, crushing the purple loving turtle down through the engine block till his ass rested on the concrete. The car lay crushed beneath Donnie but his incredible toon strength prevented him from getting hurt during his bro's sexual display. Mikey stepped back then lowered his foot down onto Donnie's cock and pressed it to the ground with his weight, crushing the remnants car in front of him under that cock. Donnie was too busy gasping and spurting precum out of control as Mikey brought his other foot up and stepped on Donnie's face, shoving his toes into his brother's mouth. Donnie licked and sucked on those toes with loving care and Mikey moaned, tossing the massive truck behind him and crashing it into a large group of cars behind him. He traded off feet, stepping on Donnie's steel-hard pecs with the foot that was in his mouth and let Donnie worship his other foot instead. Licking over the sole and sucking on his toes. Mikey smiled and started to leak precum through his basketball shorts. It took every ounce of will power he had to keep from getting hard in the middle of that show. After a few more minutes of foot worship, Mikey stepped off and made his way over to the locomotive just across the way from his brother. Donatello sat up and watched as Mikey lifted the train with a single finger, then slid himself under it so that only his top half was sticking out, then set the train down once more. Mikey grunted and Donnie just heard the tearing of fabric then a clank. Shortly afterwards there was the screeching of metal and the train slowly lifted up as Michelangelo got hard. His shorts were ripped to shreds and soon the four foot turtle cock had lifted the locomotive off the ground all by itself. Mikey looked to his brother and winked. Showing incredible muscle control he flexed his cock so that it pointed down towards his feet. Then he flexed it again and the train was launched overhead and landed a hundred feet away. On landing it crushed the boom box. That's when Mikey walked back over to Donnie, his colossal muscles glistening with the sweat after his show for his brother. Donnie was spurting gallons of precum over his brother's masculine form and Michelangelo just rubbed it into his skin like an ointment. “Did'ja like my little show, compadre?” Michelangelo smiled and gave a few more playful flexes. “Good greif, Michelangelo... that was so hot,” The muscle turtle writhed on the ground. “I can't take much more... or I'll blow my load...” “Before you do that, Dude, why don't you give me a little show?” asked Mikey, “Surely I can't be the only one who likes to show off like that?” Donnie calmed himself and rose to his feet, his cock still sticking out straight before him then he focused using his ninja skills to hold back that cum flood, “You're right Michelangelo... and don't call me shirley.” “Dude, are you saying what I think you're saying?” ased Michelangelo. Donatello flashed him a wink and pointed up very nerd-like as he made a brief point in the nude, “I have the perfect invention for just such an occasion.” Mikey chuckled and watched Donatello head off to the lair. He returned a few minutes later still at his gargantuanly built ten foot height, only his outfit was a bit different. He wore golden bands on his ankles, wrists, biceps, calves, chest, and then four giant cock rings along his three and a half foot long monstrosity. Michelangelo just watched with his mouth agape as Donnie walked between two tanks and then pulled their barrels to aim towards one another. He bent the barrels into hooks while he squated down. Then he started to wrap those barrels around his massive cock. He stood up and lifted the two tanks by his cock's strength alone. Donnie flexed his cock as he shifted to flex his calves, the gold metal bands popped off his legs and the shards fell to the floor and with them he got more turned on. His cock expanded and the cock ring closest to the base popped off and in the expansion, the tanks dropped to the ground with a crash. Then Donnie walked over to the locomotive that Mikey tossed with his cock. The purple-masked turtle bent down in front of the train to show off his powerful ass. It clenched with impossible strength as Donatello picked up the train with both his arms, yet the arm bands managed to creak and stretch a bit rather than pop off at his light flexing. That's when he proceeded to fold the massive train in half over head. In the process of his arms flexing larger and larger, the gold bands popped off and the turn on made his cock flex hard and the second of three cock rings popped off shortly afterwards. Mikey rubbed his own chest and cock, one hand each as he watched Donatello go to town in their playground. That was when Donnie walked up to his brother and said, “Come with me and then cum with me, Michelangelo.” He gripped Mikey by the cock and led him over to a city bus. He positioned his brother to face the front and then gave a flex of his pecs, ripping the last band off his muscles with a snap. That was when his cock flexed again and his cock ripped free of the final cock ring. He gave Mikey a few cock slaps across his very muscular rump and said, “I'm gonna go over there but then you should come to me once I get there.” Michelangelo didn't fully understand till Donatello walked to the other end of the bus. He tore off the wrist and ankle bands so both turtles were now entirely naked except for their bandanas. He pushed his cock into the back of the bus and then started walking towards Mikey. Michelangelo started walking towards his brother and the pair crushed the bus between their awesome muscular bodies. When their cock ends touched, Mikey ripped the remnants of the crushed bus out of the way and embraced his brother in a passionate kiss and very tight hug. They made out and french kissed a while as their cocks frotted and they played a bit of footsie down below. Green muscles from both turtles writhed against each other as they felt electricity between themselves with great fervor. After several minutes they pulled from the kiss panting, still feeling each other's muscular bods. “Dude this is the best ever,” said Michelangelo. “Every moment with you is the best ever,” Donatello said blushing at how cheesy he was being. Mikey started thrusting his cock up between their bodies, spurts of precum splashed their faces, “I'm so close, Dude. I don't know how much longer I can hold off.” “Hold off just a little longer Michelangelo,” said Donatello. He pulled away from his brother and then led him over to the large metal disk in the middle of the room. There was a ring in the middle, suspended by metal poles that went to either side of the room, “At least hold off till you and I get to use the last sexual invention I have for this place.” Michelangelo stopped where his brother led him. It was with his cock positioned right in front of the metal ring, “I think I have an idea of what you planned... but just to make sure maybe you should explain it to me?” Donatello smiled, “Sure thing. This ring and those rods and that disk under our feet are all made from invincibolium. A nearly indestructible material that can support most any weight or stress. Those poles connect the ring to be under the entire city of New York. This way, you can lift the whole city with your cock, while I take you from behind.” Mikey was lost in thought a moment before his look of shock and awe turned to a devious grin, “Well then, compadre. What say I lift this city while you fill me something good.” Mikey wasted no time pushing that ring half way up his cock. He took a few breaths and then gave a flex. The metal creaked but didn't bend as he lifted the entire city of New York with the strength of his cock alone. His whole body flexed as he lifted the whole city and his cock throbbed incredibly hard, swelling in size to really fill out that ring, “Cowabunga dude! This feels incredible!” Donatello spurted precum all over his brother's backside as he watched the incredible feat of strength, “Cowabunga is right! Oh crap Mikey! I gotta fuck you now!” Normally able to contain himself, Donnie gave in at long last and shoved his massive cock up his brother's rump in one giant thrust. The whole city lifted further as Donnie's cock flexed and lifted Mikey off the ground so that his feet were hovering a good foot off the metal floor. Mikey moaned and groaned, the near indestructible cock ring was the only thing to keep him from cumming as Donnie flexed his cock up and down in time with Mikey's cock flexes to lift the city up and down for the ultimate cock work out. It could have been minutes or hours that they fucked and lifted with writhing green muscles that could destroy worlds, but it was hard for them to tell as they were lost in pure pleasure. Then it was time. Then came the cataclysm to bring an end to that painted set. Michelangelo came first. His orgasm made his cock swell so much that it burst the invincibolium cock ring which caused the city to hit the ground with an Earth shattering crash. Buildings collapsed above them and subway tunnels below them. The quake only served to entice the orgasms out of the Twenty Something Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mikey's cock erupted with billions of gallons of pent up seed that blasted clear everything before him. He gripped his cock and pointed it upwards which blasted off the roof and everything in the city above them. His eruption put every volcano on the planet to shame... Then came Donatello. The contractions around the purple-masked turtle's cock that came from Michelangelo's orgasm, drove him past the edge of pleasure. His cock erupted within Mikey and he held his brother firm by the hips to keep him put as his eruption paralleled his brothers in both volume and ferocity. Michelangelo balooned out and put a hand over his mouth as cum began to fire forth. Cum from Donnie's goliath cock erupted out from Mikey's mouth and ass all while inflating him up with a flood that equaled the one his's brother's cock was erupting. It aimed Mikey's cock downward as his belly expanded. This made Michelangelo rocket forward to lay on his massive growing belly, filling the void of tunnel his cum jet carved to the city above. They rose as Donnie humped Mikey's ass with his giant turtle balls slapping his brother's ass hard. When the orgasms finally subsided, one half of the city lay in waste from being dropped while the other part of that wasteland was covered in turtle cum. Donnie lay atop his brother as they rested in the glow after the orgasm. Donatello painted as he finally managed to relax but still remained with his huge cock inside his bro. He kissed the back of Mikey's shell, “Can I invent a good time or can I invent a good time?” “You...” Mikey gurgled and then coughed up a bit of cum before he continued, “You really can do machines. In fact you can do machines for me any time you want, Dude. That was like... totally radical, Donatello. Next time I take you up the ass though.” Donatello chuckled, “Good cause I modified about a dozen more of our old painted lairs to be like this.” “Whoa! Really?!” exclaimed his brother. Donatello smiled, “Why make one when you can have nanites make a bunch for you at the same time.” “Totally tubular, compadre,” said Mikey, “You're my favorite inventor slash scientist for sure, Dude.” “Of course,” said Donatello, “What are bros for? You know I love you, right?” “I love you too, Donatello. I love you so so much,” said Mikey. The orange masked turtle then started to flex, compressing down the cum and adding to his muscles. His body swelled and his gargantuan ass eventually engulfed Donatello completely. His sphincter clenched to keep Donnie in one place as the massive turtle swelled till he was eight hundred feet tall of city stomping kaiju turtle muscle. Mikey looked around the city and stepped out of the hole, crushing small buildings and cars as he walked, “There's still some of the city left standing though. Think we should take care of that? Donnie?” Michelangelo looked down to his ass, “Oh right...” then he reached between his cheeks and pulled out his brother with a pop as his cock came loose. He set Donatello on the ground as he knelt before his brother, “What do you say? Cum till the world turns white?” Donatello smiled up at his giant brother in extacy, “A man after my own heart. Well... A mutant anyway.” They both chuckled and then Mikey rose to his feet. He lifted a giant foot over his brother and lowered it down, pressing him between the crumbled street and his massive green toes. Mikey said, “Before we can get to the stomping I think you might need to clean your cum off my stompers first.” Donatello smiled and happily worshipped his brothers feet. He didn't stop till they were spotless.
  7. Maybe someone uses it and he has to block the ray with his massive martian muscles? ;3
  8. Shropshire Slasher and Crusher might do quite well in a story all their own. I might need to do just that ^.^
  9. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Five: Welcome to the Jungle This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. Inuyasha had enough of it. He had these pent up desires and after his show and movies had all wrapped up they only built up inside him. He lived in a modern Japanese city rather than the Feudal Japan settings he was most often seen in on his comics, shows, and movies. He was looking for a way to get out of life what he wanted but despite hours and hours on the internet he found nothing. He wanted muscle. He wanted to let himself be muscular. He had flexed up in private to huge sizes but never in public... till now. He found a pair of massive draw string shorts online. A person would have to be either incredibly obese or ten feet tall and massively muscular to be able to fit them enough to keep them from sliding off. Perfection. The dog demon stripped naked and slipped them on... or rather he held them up until he flexed bigger and bigger and bigger. Soon he was able to simply wear them like normal shorts without the red pants falling off of him. He looked in a full length mirror across the room and gave a few huge flexes. Inuyasha kissed his bicep and talked to himself, “Alright! Lookin' good. Think it's time I took this look out for a test drive,” his stomach grumbled so hard that it shook the entire mansion he was staying in, “Looks like all that flexing worked up an apetite. Think I know where to go first.” The massive half demon headed out of the house and was extra careful not to destroy his doors despite how huge he was but he had trouble getting out of the front door so he just went to the wall next to it, lifted the whole mansion, stepped to the other side, and then set it back gently. He chuckled to himself as he walked into the yard and then jumped into the air. He left a massive crater in his wake as he flew through the air with incredible speed. He landed right in the middle of the city and in the middle of a street no less. He knocked a car into the air as the ground crumbled under his gargantuan feet. He hopped forward, caught the car and set it down gently. The screaming people inside stopped screaming but still looked on at him in fear, “Hehe sorry guys. Still testing all this muscle out.” The demon grinned and strut his stuff as he walked down the side walk. His heavy footfalls shook the street and people cleared way from in front of him as he made his way to his destination. He pat his taught abs as he spotted his destination. The Big Belly Burger. Inuyasha walked up to the restaurant and opened both doors at the front, having a bit of trouble squeezing in through the door frame with all his massive muscles. He didn't even notice a muscular figure watching the light chaos that Inuyasha inflicted on the sprawling metropolis while leaning on a wall in an alleyway. Inside the Big Belly Burger everyone made way for Inuyasha. It wasn't that they hadn't seen him before or the fact he was a demon but they just weren't used to him being so huge. The ten foot tall demon's massive bulging crotch was right at eye level for the short employee behind the counter. Inuyasha's stomach grumbled as he looked down over his pecs at the man. “Hey there,” Inuyasha began as he looked over the menu, “I think I want to get two large sodas, twenty cheesburgers, and ten large orders of fries to start then I'll see how I feel from there.” “Uh uh... uh... I... I... I... can't,” said the man behind the counter to the massive half demon. “You can't what?” asked Inuyasha. “I... I can't serve you,” said the man, “It's the rules! I swear! No shirt, no shoes, no service!” The man hid behind the counter as Inuyasha scowled. The half demon scratched his head in thought then the idea came to him as he said, “No problem little guy. Shirt and shoes coming up.” The massive muscular Inuyasha then loosened the draw string at his pants and dropped them to the ground. He pulled them up and let his eighteen inch soft cock flop around atop his giant balls. He picked up the shorts and worked them around his back, he slid an arm through either side of the leg holes and wore it like a shirt that left his huge chest totally exposed. His arms really stretched the leg holes with his massive biceps but he made it work as he said, “Shirt.” He then kicked toe first into the stone floor, then the other. He executed a few super fast karate chops and then lifted his feet with solid stone slippers on now. He approached the counter and said, “And now I have shoes. I think that fits the requirements so how about getting me that order, bud?” “I... I... I... ohhhh...” the man behind the counter looked at that massive cock till he came in his pants, got a nosebleed, and passed out. Inuyasha sighed and tapped his stone covered foot on the ground, “Anyone getting me that food?” He watched as the ceiling of the building lifted up above him. The half demon looked over to see it wasn't the ceiling but rather the whole building was lifted off it's foundations by a massive being. He was Leomon, from Digimon, just as tall as Inuyasha was at ten feet tall and had massive bulging muscles. He motioned for Inuyasha to come to him. “Inuyasha, please make yourself decent and come with me. You don't want to do this,” said Leomon. Inuyasha turned to face the massive lion man with the golden mane, “You don't know what the hell I want. Do you have any idea how long I waited to do stuff like this? I'm not waiting any more.” “I know exactly what you are going through and I can promise that if you come with me, there is a better way. I just cannot say what that way is in public. Please Inuyasha. We've known each other for years and you know I wouldn't lie to you,” Leomon pleaded. While hotheaded, Inuyasha wasn't without reason or intelect. He looked around at the scared people then to Leomon as he held up the restaurant. The half demon rubbed his eye with thumb and forefinger, making his muscles bulge out all over. He flexed his feet and they burst free of their stone encasings then took off his red shorts and put them on as he was meant to have worn them, covering his massive package once more. Inuyasha walked up to the massive lion man and then nearly past him he looked to the man, “Fine, but I'm not getting smaller and I'm not changing clothes. Where do we have to go?” Leomon set down the restaurant and walked with his friend down the street, “We just need to go to Toon America, there's a special place in a certain city there that we should visit.” Inuyasha grunted in frustration, “Jeeze, that's gonna be far. Got any portals or anything?” “Just a quick hop to the digital world here and we can hop out a few blocks from the place. Come my friend. Let's go together,” Leomon offered a hand to the half demon. Inuyasha went with him to an internet cafe and much as he had promised it was just a hop, skip, and jump away to the city they needed to get to. They walked to the hidden alley in the bad part of town and up to a massive rusted metal door that Leomon was all to familiar with. The pair of barefoot studs gave pause outside and then Leomon gave a knock. A slot in the door slid open and they were greeted by a pair of eyes. A voice came from the other side of the door, “Hot cha cha, who do we have here. You two are a long ways from home.” “I brought a friend along for some relief,” said Leomon, “So far that's all he knows really.” “Hoo boy, well by the looks of it, I'd love to show him some after my shift is over if you guys stick around a while, Leo. Anyways, come on in,” said the voice from the other side of the door. With that the heavy door slid open and the pair walked inside. Once inside they saw none other than Mortimer Mouse on the other end. He closed the doors behind them and Inuyasha took notice that the gargantuan muscled mouse was wearing nothing other than a very tight pair of blue swim trunks. Mortimer watched him stare at the bulge and waved his eyes up saying, “Why don'cha take a picture it'll last longer.” “What is this place you've taken me?” Inuyasha asked Leomon. “Big Underground Strong Toon Club or B.U.S.T. Club,” said Mortimer, “It's a secret paradise for all toons who want to flex up and let loose with their more muscular sides. Once you're admitted you can come back as much as you want and even bring friends, so long as they can keep a secret. You don't pay admission, you just pay by working shifts here as staff.” “Huh,” said Inuyasha, “And what if I don't feel like coming back after this?” Mortimer shrugged, “I've yet to find anyone that hasn't started working shifts here after their first time.” Leomon took Inuyasha by the hand and led him to the elevator at the end of the hall, “We're not even to the good part yet.” They went to the elevator, took a trip down, met Foghorn and Henry, had the three rules explained, and then made their way back to the art gallery. Inuyasha was impressed by all he saw as Leomon led him further back, deeper into the gallery. “So when you mean let loose...” Inuyasha trailed off. “We mean let loose as much as you want or can,” said Leomon with a big grin, “Go full power. Get as big as you like. Cum and fuck as much as you wish for as long as you want.” Inuyasha's mind raced with possibilities as Leomon led him within a painting. The pair stepped into a massive tropical jungle deep in a rain forest. He saw a smoking volcano through the tree tops and took a deep breath from the wonderful scents of nature. The trees were massive and Inuyasha wasted no time in flexing bigger. His pants stretched as much as they could but soon he stood with his pecs brushing the leaves of the 200 foot high canopy. He breathed a sigh of relief as he stood naked and free in the forest. His massive foot falls crushing rocks and small trees with every step. Leomon came up from behind, flexing out of the wrappings on his hands and feet, with his pants popping from his body as his muscles grew. His massive footfalls shook the ground along side Inuyasha's own as the massive macro pair walked through the forest, toppling trees as though they were nothing. Inuyasha's cock went fully hard at 50 feet long and knocked over a dozen trees as he turned to face Leomon. He was overwhelmed by sensations and the dog and cat kissed on the lips. Leomon's cock erected to 50 feet and lifted his half demon friend from the ground in the process. “Did I tell you or did I tell you?” asked Leomon. “I will never doubt you again,” said Inuyasha as he flexed his bulbous ass cheeks over the length of Leomon's cock as the massive lion hot dogged him, “I know your cock is making itself at home right now... but I really feel the need to fuck something.” Leomon chuckled and backed up before getting on all fours and looking over his truly massive shoulders, “By all means.” Inuyasha didn't need any further prompting and got on his knees, crushing trees, bushes, and boulders under his collosal weight. He thrust into Leomon, lubricated by thousands of gallons of his own precum. They pounded hips as Inuyasha's wrecking balls slammed into Leomon's. The mighty lion man went weak in the knees and elbows as he was taken from behind and his cock slammed straight down into the ground as he collapsed under the massive half demon. Inuyasha was not deterred and continued to fuck the living daylights out of Leomon's rear end. The quake from their love making shook and toppled nearby trees. Soon the rainforest collapsed around them as Inuyasha pounded Leomon into a gargantuan crater from their lovemaking. They both felt their orgasms approaching and Leomon braced his arms then pushed up and started thrusting into the bedrock with his massive cock as the half demon kept up the attention to his backside. They were soon in a rhythm with their thrusts and then it happened. Inuyasha gripped him hard by the sides and with a final thrust he erupted into Leomon. The lion man's stomach began to bulge out and cum erupted from his backside as the torrent blasted forth within him. Cum spurted from Leomon's mouth and then he unleashed his own orgasm into the ground with a force hereto unheard of on this particular jungle set. Leomon came so hard that his ocean of cum blasted into the ground and erupted out of the volcano with the power that had never been measured on the Volcanic Explosivity Index on planet Earth before. The cum blasted out of the volcano and up into the stratosphere, clouding the painted planet before the orgasms finished. Inuyasha pulled out and Leomon rolled over in the half demon's sea of white where the forest had once been. The half demon licked some of his cum from the lion man's face and then embraced in a deep kiss. “Was I right or was I right?” asked Leomon. Inuyasha lay his head on the lion's chest and rubbed his hand over the fur, “You were right. This is nice. Even just laying here like this. I like this, Leo.” “We can lay here as long as you like, Inuyasha,” smiled the big cat. Inuyasha stretched and yawned before nestling in atop the massive lion, “At least a little longer. Then we can get back at it.” They both shared a chuckle, then a cuddle, and then they continued on well into the next day.
  10. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Four: Welcome to the Gym This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. Vinnie, who's full name was Vincent Van Wham, was a native of the planet Mars. A white-furred Martian mouse to be more precise. He was a seven foot tall, buff, confident, sweetheart of a biker bro who had two Biker Mice cartoon series under his belt. While he had most recently been in a 2006 series, when relaxing he preferred to don the looks of his original 1993 series look. He never wore a shirt, instead choosing to wear a pink neckercheif and a x-cross bandolier... usually. He also always wore his biker boots, fingerless gloves and blue jeans. Today was a bit different. Today he had a blind date. Today he wore something he vowed never to wear. He wore... a suit... It was a black suit with a pink tie. He looked himself over but his feet felt a bit cramped in the dress shoes which were no where near as comfortable as his normal boots. He looked around at the scenes as he stood in the art gallery of the B.U.S.T. Club. Foghorn had told him the details and the rules and he was sure he understood, yet he felt overdressed after seeing how Arnold and Foghorn were dressed at the entrances. A massive Jerry the mouse stood behind him, a mere four feet tall but wearing a white collar with a red bow tie, then fancy shirt cuffs at his wrists a red thong bulging to the extreme. The brown mouse waited till he heard Foghorn over the walkie talkie. “The other, I say, the other date is here,” came the rooster's voice, “Take the biker mouse to the date spot.” Vinnie gulped a bit and blushed, “So uh, where to we go?” Jerry shook his head and wagged a finger at the seven foot mouse in a penguin suit. He then reached behind himself and pulled out a blue blindfold then handed it to Vinnie. Vinnie sighed and donned the blindfold, then felt the Tom and Jerry star take him by the hand and lead him off to one of the paintings. The biker mouse was ushered to a seat and Foghorn's voice came over the walkie again, “Alright, I say, alright boy. The date is on the way. You can come on back now.” Vinnie sat quietly and blindfolded. A literal blind date for the moment. He heard heavy foot steps against the marble floor under their feet. Sounded like barefoot foot falls and possibly the click of claws. Vinnie found his hearing was always good with such big ears but his other senses were now heightened without his eyesight. He head the strain of a large seat across from him and then the click of a lighter and the scent of a candle igniting in front of him. He heard the clink of two dishes and the pouring of drinks. That was when the blindfold was taken off. To his right he saw Tom the cat, dressed just as Jerry was only he was eight feet tall of throbbing muscle god by comparison to his smaller mouse co-star. Then he looked about to see that he seemed to be in a fancy restaurant where he, Tom, Jerry, and the man across from him were the only patrons. Although the towels that Tom and Jerry kept over the crooks of their arms suggested they must be the servers for the evening. He rubbed his eyes just as his date was doing while their eyes adjusted to the dim lights after the blindfold and he saw that his companion was quite massive, must have stood at least nine feet tall and wore a huge suit that seemed to be stretched over incredible muscles. Blue muscles. He saw that his date for the night just so happened to be Spike from the show Extreme dinosaurs. A massive blue triceratops that also never ordinarily wore a shirt. Normally he only wore some brown wraps on his calves, a pair of tight brown shorts with a yellow belt, a yellow wrist band and that's all. Vinnie looked down to see the triceratops was wearing a fancy suit just as he had, complete with a black bow tie but fancy as he was, he still went barefoot. Spike took a moment to look over the biker mouse and saw his reflection in Vinnie's face plate as he watched the mouse look him over just as he was doing. The dinosaur had a hand behind his back and fidgeted a bit nervously as he said, “Wow. Vinnie. I never would have guessed.” “You and me both, sweetheart,” the biker mouse retorted. He shifted a bit uncomfortably in his suit. He wasn't used to wearing fancy clothes and didn't appear to like it, “You look really nice.” “You too,” Spike smiled back as he scratched the back of his head with a clawed hand. His other hand still behind his back, “I mean I found that dating site for muscle toon blind dates and I didn't really know how to dress for it. There weren't any rules listed or anything.” “Yeah I know right?” said Vinnie, “They should have said something or other about a dress code. I didn't think it would be anything like this.” Vinnie pointed to Tom and Jerry then watched as the pair took the covers off the dishes before the pair. Vinnie and Spike were given a large tray of salsa with chips, extra spicy, and platters of chile dogs. Just by a whiff, the drinks appeared to be rootbeer. The place looked fancy but the restaurant seemed to be made to cater to the toons personal dietary likes. “The food smells pretty good though,” said Spike. He started to dig in with the chips and salsa first then licked his lips, “Bro, you gotta try this salsa... it's Jurassic!” Vinnie chuckled and tried some, “Oh wow. That is spicy. I like it though.” “I like things spicy too,” Spike winked, still keeping a hand behind his back. Vinnie tried one of the chile dogs next, “These things are cooked to perfection! You gotta try a dog next, my man.” Spike tried single handedly but ended up dropping it back on the plate, “Darn. I'll get it here. Just a sec.” Vinnie looked to the triceratops' arm and said, “What you got behind your back there, Spike?” Spike blushed, “Oh it... it's silly really.” “Show me,” said Vinnie before he started to nibble on some more chips and salsa. Spike took a deep breath and then brought his hand around to reveal that he was holding a bouquet of a dozen roses. He set them on the table and saw that Vinnie looked shocked. The triceratops blushed even harder, “I thought it was... ya know... one of those traditional date kinds of things? I dunno. It's stupid right?” “I don't think it's stupid,” said the biker mouse. He grinned ever so wide, “I've never had anyone bring me flowers before, big guy. I didn't expect you to have the heart of a romantic. I love it.” Spike reached across the small table to take Vinnie's hands in his own, “You know I wasn't expecting dinner and all here. I am actually not really hungry. I kind of ate a bunch out of nerves before coming here.” “Me too,” said Vinnie, “I didn't know what to expect but I'm glad it was you.” He then pulled from Spike's grip and walked up to the massive triceratops and sat in his lap. The trike blushed and said, “You know I always thought you were really sexy on that show of yours.” “I thought the same about you on yours. You put the other dinos to shame in my opinion. In fact I always kind of had this fantasy about doing something like this,” said Vinnie as he leaned up against Spike and kissed him on the lips. He was so happy that his kiss was reciprocated back and then he almost melted as Spike hugged the mouse's smaller frame to his. They were lost in each other and as they pulled back they just stared into each others eyes. Vinnie felt something massive shift under him, along Spike's leg as they went in for another kiss. It was expanding fast, then he heard a tearing and pulled away from the kiss just in time to see a massive blue cock rip from those fancy dress pants and flip over the 'fancy' dinner that was set before them. Spike stood up and lifted Vinnie by the strength of his cock alone, “Whoops! Oh god. I'm sorry about that. I didn't mean to do...” He stopped babbling when Vinnie took one of those massive blue hands and pressed it to his pants so that Spike could feel that he was just as erect under that suit, “No worries, sweetheart. I feel the exact same way. What say we blow this popsicle stand?” Spike grinned and turned to Tom and Jerry, still carrying the seven foot three hundred and fifty pound muscle mouse by his cock alone, “We got it from here, bros. Time to show this mouse a good time.” Tom and Jerry gave a very muscular salute, then Tom scooped up Jerry to boost the mouse atop his shoulder before they headed off out the restaurant and then the painting. The biker mouse then flexed his arms and burst the sleeves off to wear a sleeveless tux while sitting atop the cock throne of his date. “That feels so much better,” said the mouse as he flexed his muscles for the triceratops. He popped a few buttons from his dress shirt and his tie fluttered to the ground when his neck expanded. His legs swelled and his whole body left him an even buffer 500 pound eight foot tall mouse. He slid off the cock and stood next to the Triceratops only to give him a few more kisses. “Hey now. Don't leave me behind like that,” grinned the blue triceratops. His throbbed as he flexed himself bigger too. His muscles erupted from his suit jacket as he hit a double bicep pose. The biker mouse watched in awe as the triceratops stood naked and twelve feet tall with only a few tatters of fabric hanging from his form. They were easily torn away. His four foot long cock jutted from him and was impossibly thick. The mouse's cock flexed and ripped free of his pants. “Whoops! Guess I don't know my own strength,” he chuckled and then started to flex larger and larger. His muscles only adding onto one another as the massive mouse ripped out of his suit. His feet burst through his shoes like a scene from the incredible hulk. While his muscles weren't as bulky as Spike's they were still impossibly massive. The pair didn't stop till their heads were scraping the fifteen foot ceiling of the restaurant. Soon they were both naked. The mouse at fifteen feet had a thick six foot cock, and the Triceratops seemed to match him in that department but was far thicker in muscles and in cock thickness. “Mmmm what say we hit the town?” asked Spike. “I thought you'd never ask!” said Vinnie. Spike took off and charged towards the wall headfirst. He burst through it into a city street and trampled a car before he screeched to a halt. Vinnie followed suit but made a slower walk to a different part of the wall. His cock punched through first then his pecs before he pushed his body through rather casually and felt the rubble fall around him. He picked up the trampled car and lifted it overhead single handed. Vinnie lifted his other arm and proceeded to fold the car in half before he tossed it behind him casually. The mouse looked around the city then saw something that really sparked his interest, “Hey how about that for a date spot?” Spike looked over to a warehouse of a building and read aloud from the sign over the doors, “City Gym. Sounds like a plan or we could go... there!” The triceratops pointed to a building across from the gym, it was practically a stadium and said, “Super hero gym” on the front where the doors should have been. Vinnie kissed the trike on the cheek and said, “Good eye on ya,” with a smile then led the triceratops by the hand to the massive gym building. There was no door at the front of the building. It instead had a massive steel slab with a wedge cut out of the front. Spike hmmmmed and then stuck his hand into the wedge on the steel slab and then lifted it, only to see that the massive 30 foot tall, 50 foot wide slab went back 20 feet deep. He wasn't sure how many tons of weight it was but it didn't seem to matter to his impossible muscles. He walked in. Hand over hand as they went along so he could keep the slab up. Once they were through, he dropped it behind them and it landed with a loud clang that rang out for miles. Speaking of miles they looked over the place and saw it was massive, filled with all kinds of super heavy equipment and with a statue in the middle of a massive muscular figure from some comic neither of them had read. They looked the place over and were filled with all manner of sexy thoughts. Spike gave a few playful flexes and bounced his pecs for the massive biker mouse, “So bro, what would you like to do first?” The biker mouse walked up to the extremely sexy dinosaur and stood just far away that he batted cocks with his fellow muscle toon. They had fun with a bit of sword play, the palpable smacks resounding through the gym, “I think perhaps that machine looks like a good starting place.” Vinnie swayed his cock towards a bench press machine that had massive weights on either side, a reinforced bar, and a machine that seemed to shine a blue light up at the weights from under the bench. Spike walked over to it with him and then Vinnie sat down on the bench and worked up under the bar. He pushed up with ease and said, “Awww man... this is way too light...” Spike spotted a dial on the side of the massive weight and said, “This might help.” His cock knocked over some exercise equipment so the trike flexed it and wedged it between his pecs for safe keeping. He saw the dial was currently set to two tons, “Well here's your problem. That car you lifted would have been heavier than this.” Spike spun the dial and cranked it up to 500 tons, but Vinnie hadn't gripped the bar hard enough and it slammed down to his pecs with a clang as the blue light pulling the wieghts down increased. The mouse picked up the weight with a chuckle and started pressing with it, “This is more like it but how about we really crank it up? Get me a real pump goin?” “Your wish is my command, Vin my man,” said Spike as he spun the dial hard, it went up to a hundred million tons then five hundred million, followed by ten billion, a fifty billion, then stopped it on a hundred billion tons of weight. The mouse grunted and pushed up and down, his muscles swelled as they adjusted to the weight, he was massive before but soon he was thicker than Spike by a long shot. His cock was harder than ever as he pushed the weight and Spike's was as well. The trike walked up to stand over Vinnie as he pressed the weight up and down almost effortlessly. The mouse smiled as his muscles flexed “This feels so great! It's a real rush. How much weight is it?” Spike smiled, “A hundred billion tons and one foot.” “That's more than I've ever let myself do. I wonder how much the Earth weighs,” said the mouse. Spike rubbed his cock, wedged in his pecs, “Last I checked it weighs about six sextillion tons.” “HAH!” said Vinnie as he kept pressing, “Sextillion seems like an appropriate number for this date... wait what did you mean and one foot?” “This,” said spike as he lifted his massive blue foot and brought it down on Vinnie's face, flexing his huge toes right over the mouse's nose. Vinnie moaned and licked that massive foot as the dinosaur rubbed it over his face. The giant blue foot tingled for him as the mouse licked, sniffed, sucked and kissed on the blue sole and toes before him. Vinnie craned his neck to look 'up' and spike shoved two of his massive toes into the mouse's gaping maw. Vinnie licked between those toes and that was when spike saw two white bean bags taking over the mouse's crotch. Except they weren't beanbags, they were his balls and they filled up so fast when they started to rumble. Then it happened. Vinnie's cock erupted with an ocean of cum that blew the 200 foot tall ceiling of the gym clear off. The cum blast rocketed overhead and blew out into the city washing over it with a tidal wave of cum. Spike leaned in and drank from the blasting cock like a cum water fountain. He felt his own balls getting bigger and bigger and then he saw they were starting to cover the mouse's head and torso as he still pressed the weight, cumming like a hundred volcanos. He pulled his foot from the mouse's mouth and backed up, unleashing his own cock from the pectoral prison. He thrust forward and Vinnie swallowed down the monster blue dino cock till those balls were resting on his nose once more. Spike thrust in and out and Vinnie swallowed expertly as he continued to cum. Spike pulled half way out when Vinnie dropped the weights, not from fatigue but from being overwhelmed with pleasure. The massive weights landed on the extreme dinosaur's cock just as Vinnie's first orgasm of the night tapered out. The cock didn't budge an inch with a hundred billion tons of weight and a massive mouse hanging from him. The triceratops stood and lifted both the weight and mouse effortlessly from the bench. He gripped Vinnie by the pecs and unleashed a load that rivaled the mouse's own. He watched Vinnie's belly inflate like a white blob that erupted forth and crushed everything in it's path like some unstoppable blob filled with dino seed. The mouse clenched when he felt it erupt out his nose and backside but then kept swallowing. Vinnie inflated till his belly took over several city blocks and must have been at least 30 stories tall at the highest point. When the dinosaur finished he pulled out and pushed the mouse by his face with a massive dino foot to make him roll. Soon the mouse's head was atop the massive blob that had become his body. He hopped atop the blob of a mouse and landed Just before his face. Spike sat on the mouse and pressed both his feet to Vinnie's face, “I had hoped the gym would have lasted longer but it was just too hot. I'm glad you like feet as much as I do.” “Me too. Means I get to do this now,” The mouse then flexed and digested that incredible triceratops protein. His muscles grew till he was now a 200 foot tall mouse with a massive head and a blue dinosaur sitting atop his pecs. He sat down on a small building and it collapsed under Vinnie's weight. Vinnie set Spike on the ground and then brought both his gargantuan thirty five foot long feet down onto his friend. He mashed massive toes from his left foot over the trike's face, flexing them while his other foot's sole and toes were dedicated to pleasuring the triceratops' cock. Spike moaned and grew without meaning to, he stopped at twenty feet tall with a ten foot cock. He didn't want to get too big or he wouldn't be able to worship as he wanted. Spike inhaled the mouse's musky scent with hints of leather from his well worn boots still lingering. He licked and sucked on those massive toes while the mouse wedged the giant dino cock between his big and second toes of the other foot. They must have been that way for half an hour with the dino feeling his orgasm impending from the foot worship and toe masturbation. That was when he pushed the feet off him without warning and then leaped onto the mouse's hundred foot long throbbing white meat cock. Vinnie had not prepared for the dino to thrust that cock down his own piss slit and let out a moan that blew out all the glass in the city as Spike fucked his cock for all it was worth. The dinosaur erupted down the mouse's cock so hard that the cock grew another fifty feet long and widened significantly. The titanic mouse's balls swelled with dino cum till they filled several city blocks all on their own. The massive dino wiped sweat from his forehead as he looked up at the massive mouse, “That was incredible, Vinnie.” “It was,” groaned the mouse as he grabbed the dino with his massive hands and pressed the massive head of his gargantuan mouse cock to the dinos rear end, “But now it's time for me to show you the meaning of the word cum.” Spike grinned as he was pulled down that cock and his belly stretched over it all the way to the hilt which made his belly look like a condom for the macro mouse. Every throbbing vein was visible throbbing with every outline accentuated with his blue body. Then he came. Vinnie erupted with a force that put the dinosaur to shame. Cum fired out the triceratops mouth in a volume that was equal to his own orgasm all while his belly filled with potent mouse seed and inflated over the city. Neither of them knew how long that orgasm went on for but by the time it ended, the Triceratops body filled their eyeline like a sea of blue. Beyond the sea of blue was a sea of white from the mouse's cum. “Whew... now that's what I call letting loose,” said Vinnie with a grin as he pulled out of the Triceratops. He lay atop the massive bloated dinosaur and looked at that much smaller head as he said, “Was it good for you, sweetheart?” Spike grinned and gave a massive flex starting to absorb those massive loads within him. Soon it left the triceratops as a thousand foot tall goliath that dwarfted the 200 foot tall mouse. Vinnie flexed up bigger to stand at 600 feet in height then stood atop the sitting dino's cock as he wrapped his arms around the dino's neck and leaned in to share a kiss. “I would say that this was the best date I've ever been on. I think we're gonna be here for a while,” said Spike. “Well once we cum this painting white, then we could always just move on to another,” Vinnie winked. “I want to learn everything there is to know about you, my sexy biker mouse. I wanna be with you. I've never gotten my engine going this hard before. Tell me everything,” said Spike. “Oh Spike,” Vinnie blushed and kissed again, “I think I'd like to get to know you too. This seems like the beginning of a beautiful rela...” But the mouse was interrupted as a large blueish gray furred ball expanded behind him till it pushed him into the dinosaur's chest. He looked at the fuzzy ball and then saw Jerry hop up atop Tom's massive bloated, cum filled, body. The mouse waved meekly and gave a bit of a shrug. Not long afterwards they painted the whole world white
  11. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Three: Welcome to the Beach This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. It had been a few years since Mortimer Mouse had filmed the short: Mickey's Rival Returns. Originally it was on Mickey Mouse Works but later re-aired on House of Mouse... apparently that was when Goofy took note of the cartoon and that particular toon star. Mortimer was surprised to get a call from Goofy and even more surprised that Goofy asked him out on a date. What didn't surprise him in the least is that he said yes. The only conditions was that he wear the same outfit he wore in that short cartoon and that he be ready for anything. He was invited to a set for a cartoon he wasn't actually in but was made for the House of Mouse show. He stood by wearing short blue shorts, a green open shirt, and a pair of blue flip flops. He smiled and then it seemed they were going to film the first scene of the cartoon first. The short was: How To Be A Spy, and the first scene of that short featured Goofy naked, ironing his underwear. It was all the mouse could do to keep from drooling as he watched Goofy wearing nothing but a flowery white apron. After they wrapped on filming, the director called cut and the crew cleared out. That's when Mortimer went into the trailer they had filmed in. He walked up to the naked Goof a bit coyly and blushing at the man dressed in only an apron. “Gawrsh!” exclaimed Goofy, “I'm sure glad ya came Morimer. What didja think of the cartoon?” Mortimer smiled with a bit more confidence and tried not to melt as he looked at the mostly naked man before him “Hot cha cha. You were on fire Goof. Gotta admit I'm liking that apron only look.” Goofy let out one of his signature chuckles. He looked over the mouse that stood next to him and took in that hot body. Same black body, massive feet just like his, white gloves, and similar build as his own six foot seven inch tall self. True he was on the taller toon spectrum but Goofy loved that Mortimer was so similar. He smiled to the mouse and said, “Dawwww thanks Morty. I guess I should get changed and then we can head out.” “Where did you plan on...” Mortimer began but was interrupted as the dog man flexed his muscles and erupted out from his apron with gargantuan masculinity. The only thing that preserved his dignity was the ironing board that mostly hid his junk. Even so there was a bit hanging below the ironing board till Goofy turned away to a chest behind him. He opened it and reduced back to his normal lanky size with just a hint more musculature to his frame. He tossed clothes behind him at the blushing mouse and then when mortimer looked again he saw Goofy standing in a very similar outfit to his own. He wore a pair of orange swimming trunks and an open pink shirt. Mortimer looked down as Goofy wiggled his large toes and saw the dog man wearing a pair of orange flip flops much like his own. Mortimer gulped and said, “Wow Goof, didn't know you were into that muscle toon stuff too. Also looks like you forgot to wear your toon belt...” “Oh I'm into more than that, and I took that thing off the second we finished filming today,” said Goofy. He walked up to the sexy mouse man and placed a white-gloved hand against his chest, “I know you are into me too. I watched you lookin' me over. Staring at my feet between takes. I also talked to Mick and I know yer inta the muscle toon stuff too. He told me all about the set that day.” “Alright, so what if I am? What's it to ya?” asked Mortimer. “Well gawrsh, Morty. It's cause of where we're goin on our date. It's a place my son Maxie and his B.F. Turned me on to. Come on, there's a cab waitin' on us outside. Oh and leave your toon belt here,” said Goofy as he led the mouse toon onward. The mouse complied and left his toon belt in the trailer, letting his sizable cock fill out his swimming shorts. They got into the cab and played a bit of footsie on the way during their mundane conversation about the cartoon industry and the shorts they were filming. Soon enough they got out to a building in the middle of the bad part of town. Mortimer looked around, “Geeze louise... you sure about this place, Goof? I thought with our getups that we'd be going to the beach or somethin'.” Goofy smiled with a chuckle then said, “Who says we're not goin' to the beach? I told ya to be ready for a surprise.” Morimer quirked his head confused as goofy knocked on the giant, metal, unmarked door. A slot in the door slid open and a pair of red eyes peered out from within. A highpitched voice spoke out, “Whaa? Raaht reedy rut roo?” Goofy chuckled, “Yeah I know. I can't help maself. I just love that feelin' and all. Plus this time I brought a date.” Goofy motioned to Mortimer who waved shyly at the door. The voice came back, “Pshaw... Ree raddy din.” The slot closed and the door swung open. The pair of toons stepped inside and saw it was Bunnicula within. The massive toon was at least nine feet tall with his ears and had muscles out the wazoo. Mortimer noticed there were crushed cans of spinach all around him as the massive vampiric bunny closed the door and gave the pair a flex to show off. His massive blue thong hid nothing as his junk bobbed and swayed with his every tiny motion. “Bunnicula?” asked Mortimer, “Hubba hubba how did... I mean you're so... I don't...” “Uh huh, yeah,” said Bunnicula as he gave a flex that caused his muscles to engulf his head almost completely, “Rit raddala ereho ahhh.” Mortimer was lost in the musculature before him till he heard Goofy call out to him, “Hey Morty! You comin or are you gonna hang out at the door all day?” Mortimer saw Goofy was already standing in the elevator at the end of the hall and then gave a small wave to Bunnicula as the rabbit started to expand in the hallway. He ran down and had to flex his toes to keep the flip flops from flying off. Once he got in he took one last look at Bunnicula, just as his growing cock busted out of his thong and slapped him in the pecs. The massive rabbit move his mouth down to suck on the head just as the doors closed. The button B9 was already pressed. “Hot cha cha... what is this place?” asked Mortimer, trying his best to conceal his fourteen inch boner as it wrapped around his right hip under his shorts. Goofy chuckled, “That's the surprise. I can tell you now we're here though. It's called the B.U.S.T. Club and it is a place for muscle toons to flex out and let loose in every which way.” “Oh my,” said Mortimer, “E... every way?” The mouse started to get excited and was about to flex when Goofy stopped him, “Wait! Not yet. Three rules: We gotta keep this place a secret. We can only have sexy times with people who want it. Then also we can only let our full power out when we're in the art gallery.” Mortimer relaxed in a huff and gave a nod, “Aww alright then. Got me so excited though.” The mouse was practically dancing in place, his boner subsided till he saw what happened when the doors to B9 opened. Behind the desk he saw a massive, muscular, white rooster that stood twelve feet tall, fucking a gargantuan chicken hawk with muscles bigger than the biggest bodybuilder, who stood 9 foot tall himself. The pair were grunting as the rooster sucked on the chicken hawk's massive cock between his pecs. He pounded with a force that shook the desk and the massive marble pillars that went up to the fifty foot ceiling. The rooster swallowed hard as he drank an impossible amount of cum that the chicken hawk fed him, and then he unloaded till he filled up that chicken hawk so much that he crushed the desk in front of them. The cock pulled his cock out of his lover and then gave a whew. Foghorn Leghorn adjusted his bow tie and then walked over to the pair of toons, his feet making the ground tremble as he walked over. “Goofy! So good to, I say, so good to see you back!” said the Rooster. He looked back to the gurgling chicken hawk, “Don't worry about Henry. He asked me to do that. Gonna have to get a new desk out here though. You two need help finding a vacant painting?” The rooster flexed and his muscle gut trembled. Goofy saw his date's jaw literally on the ground with a stiffy that stuck out more than a foot in front of him. He shook his head to Foghorn and said, “Naw. I'm meetin up with Maxie and his B.F. for a double date!” “We are?” asked Mortimer. He was transfixed on Foghorn's massive cock as it spurted precum over his feet. He looked over to Goofy. “Sure are,” Goofy winked. Foghorn thought a moment, “I think I had Napoleon show them down,” he then pulled a walkie talkie out from behind himself, out of who knows what place, then said, “Hey, I say, Hey Napoleon. Come to the lobby and show one of our VIP members down to the art gallery. Please and thank you, son.” Goofy blushed, “Gawrsh, I'm a VIP here?” Foghorn smiled, “Well, I say, well sure ya big Goof. Ya been here every day since you found out about tha darn place. We sure do love all those creative ways ya been whiting out the paintings too. You filled this place with more blank canvases than a dic blic clearance sale.” Goofy blushed, “Awww shucks, Foghorn. Well I think we're gonna keep up that streak today. I got a good feelin' about it.” “Reckon I ought to tell the new boy about the rules o' the place,” said Foghorn as he slowly stroked his cock. “Uh, Goof gave me the details in the elevator,” said Morimer, “The three rules for this place and such... such... a cock... hot... cha... cha...” Mortimer trailed off and Foghorn chuckled as he slapped his huge muscle gut, “Well, I say, well as soon as Napoleon gets here then I reckon you boys can mosy on down to the art gallery.” Napoleon Bonafrog was a character from the 1980s version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was one of the Punk Frogs who were mutant frogs from down South. This particular frog normally wore a yellow and red open tee shirt (which really showed off his chest), a pair of purple shorts, athletic wrist bands, and a silver necklace with a locket; however, this day he wore a purple thong stretched over way too big a package, his signature necklace and nothing else. He stood no less than ten feet in height and must have been a ton of green muscle that he didn't seem shy about in the least. “You called boss?” said the giant frog to the rooster, “Oh hey there Goofy? Gonna clear some more paintings for us today?” “That's the plan,” Goofy smiled, “I think Maxie is waiting for me in the gallery.” “Right this way,” said Napoleon as he led them onward even buffer than his TMNT episode: Napoleon Bonafrog - Colosus of the Swamps. Goofy and Mortimer followed and gave a way to Foghorn and Henry as they went in back to the art gallery. Goofy smiled as he took Mortimer by the hand then removed his date's gloves. He followed suit and took off his own, tossing them aside. “Don't want anything to happen to my lucky gloves and I guess gloves in our size must be a little more pricey than normal toon gloves. Just gonna leave em out here for now,” said Goofy. “This is the one!” said Napoleon as he pointed to a massive painting of a beach. The gold picture frame had a red light on top, “They're waiting in here for you so have a fun time down there guys!” Goofy wasted no more time and led Mortimer into the painting with him. Soon they went from a cool hallway to a warm beach where the ocean beat the shores and the sand felt perfect between their huge toes. He called out for his son and heard a reply down the beach a ways, “Over here dad!” “Come on Morty! I'll race ya!” Goofy said then ran off down the beach. Mortimer hardly had time to react but then smiled and ran to catch up. As they built up speed they lost their flip flops to the wet sand by the waves and only laughed as they splashed along. Mortimer chuckled and then pushed Goofy into the water. Goofy stood up with a grin as the waves crashed against him, “Ahyuck! Hey! What's the big idea?” “Just livening things up, Goofy old pal,” Mortimer smiled and crossed his arms from the beach. “You wanna see livening up, huh? Well how about this for a start?” asked Goofy as he started to flex. His muscles grew and stretched his open shirt taught to his form as he raised his arms in a double biceps pose. His legs were nothing to shrug at and neither were his package as they stretched his swim trunks to the max. He walked from the water and the formerly six foot seven dog man now stood a good ten feet tall wall of muscle and sinew. Mortimer noticed his already massive feet were now even larger than before as his toes flexed in the wet sand. Mortimer nodded, “Hot cha cha Goofy, but what good is that if I can't kiss you?” Goofy blushed, “If you can what now?” Mortimer smiled and took his turn to flex, growing bigger and bigger till his size matched Goofy. Standing side by side and looking up from below one might mistake them for brothers as they matched so perfectly, excepting the tail and some details around the heads, not that you would have been able to see their heads over those massive pecs. Speaking of pecks, Mortimer laid one on Goofy long and hard. More than a peck really. More of a French kiss that was long and passionate as years of repressed feelings came out all at once. The muscle toons groped and fondled each other as the kiss only intensified. Mortimer's leg went up and wrapped around Goofy's to keep him close. Their massive packages ground and writhed together fighting for space. Mortimer's cock went out the top of his shorts and climbed between their impossible bodies. Goofy's cock went the other direction and headed down with a loud ripping of fabric. Mortimer felt his feet leave the ground as a massive black shaft raised him up. Their kiss was broken as Mortimer's cock surged in size and forced the faces of the soon-to-be lovers apart. It was as though their whole bodies were getting erections all at once from how turned on they were and as their cocks throbbed harder, so did their muscles. The musculature built on top of itself as their size swelled bigger as well. The now twenty foot muscle toons had erections that were easily fifteen feet long a piece. Their shirts flutterd away and the remnants of their pants fell to their even more massive feet. Mortimer was tired of not seeing Goofy's face and so he slid off that massive cock and grinned stepping back. He stood thirty feet away yet they were able to swing their cocks and smack the ends together. They shared a giggle as they played on the beach, that is until Goofy charged and knocked the massive mouse over with his meat spear. Mortimer hit the ground with a resounding thoom from his tons of muscle weight. He was about to get up when goofy lifted a massive foot and said, “Ahyuck. Where do you think you're going?” Mortimer didn't have time to reply as Goofy began to rub his massive foot up and down the length of the throbbing, harder than diamond, mouse cock. Mortimer bit his lower lip and then thrust up against that foot. The waves of the ocean washed over them as the huge dog man pushed the massive mouse cock down under foot. Mortimer looked up to Goofy, “I don't want to go anywhere that isn't right here right now. I've thought you were hot for years and if I'm honest I've wanted to be under your feet from the first time I saw you barefoot in that Midnight Movie Madness episode of Goof Troop.” “Gawrsh,” Goofy blushed as he flexes a bit, just hearing those words made him harder than ever. He then pushed his foot down half way up Mortimer's colossal cock and stepped upon it to wedge it between the mouse man's pecs. He put all his weight on it but saw only extacy on the mouse's face. Mortimer's mouse hung open as he began to enter heaven. Goofy blushed and said, “I always thought people found them gangly even though I always loved having such big feet. If you wanted my big ol feet so bad you should have just asked. I'd have done this long ago...” With that he pushed a few toes into the mouse's open mouth and Mortimer latched down to suck upon them. The pleasure was so intense as he sucked the massive toes of the muscle toon atop him that his cock throbbed to double in size. Goofy was so turned on that he couldn't keep his hands off his own massive member. It was as though it was not to be out done and it only got bigger and bigger. Mortimer's cock throbbed so hard in time with an involuntary pleasure flex that it launched Goofy into the air. He let out his well known “Yah hoo hoo hoeey!” and landed with a crash that shook the beach under Mortimer a hundred feet away. Mortimer sat up and his cock slammed the ground so hard that it resonated as a mini Earthquake. He watched the waters receed and come back as a small tidal wave that washed over the couple. Mortimer shot up and ran to his lover and said, “Goof! Goof! Are you okay?” Goofy lay there on the sand as another wave washed over him, he chuckled, “Of course, but that gave me an idea of how we should get off the first time together. Trust me it'll be a blast. Literally.” Mortimer was a wash with emotions and lost in thought as he looked at the massive Goofy rise to his feet. “I feel like I'm at home with you ya big Goof. Just tell me what to do.” “Ahyuck! Sure! First lets flex a little bigger together,” Goofy said as he started to flex even larger, soon he was thirty feet tall, then thirty five, then forty. Mortimer had to flex extra hard to keep up. Goofy stopped at 50 feet tall with his 30 foot cock. Mortimer didn't stop till he was the same, noticing that their feet were now as long as they were once tall in their default toon states. Goofy put a massive foot atop Mortimer's and flexed his toes while the waves washed over them. The cool water felt good on the barefoot giants. Mortimer just took in the views with his naked lover, “So big boy, what did you have in mind?” The massive Goof stroked his huge cock, “Alright so we slam our massive cocks into the ground as hard as we can. Then when the waves come to wash over us we blast them away with our floods worth of cum loads.” Goofy grinned as Mortimer smiled, “I've got a better idea. What if I held you up with my dick and then you stomped it onto the ground with all your might. Then we cum back the tsunami with our massive loads together.” Goofy thought he couldn't get any harder but he was wrong, “You really like my feet don't you?” “I feel at home under your feet, Goofy,” smiled Mortimer. “Then I'm happy to oblige,” said Goofy as he hopped atop Mortimer's cock. He stood at his full height, showing his rump to the massive Mortimer, balancing one foot in front of the other and rubbing those giant feet over his huge cock. He flexed the toes of his right foot over the head of Mortimer's massive cock and the mouse flexed in return, bouncing the dog man in the process. Mortimer moaned as Goofy chuckled and flexed his ass cheeks on display for the massive mouse under foot, “Time to get this quake going.” Goofy bounced up and down on the huge cock like it was a diving board and then sprung high up into the air at the same time Mortimer gave a mighty flex of his incredible dick. The massive fifty foot tall Goofy was flung so very high and then came down with his incredible weight on that powervul mouse cock, driving it into the ground with an incredible force that cratered the ground fifty feet down. Goofy's cock sprung down and slammed the ground in unison. Mortimer felt such in incredible pleasure at it that he had to squeeze the base of his cock to keep from instantly cumming on the spot. The mouse hopped out of the crater to the normal beach while holding Goofy by the cock single handed. Goofy stradled that massive mouse cock so they both thrust their thirty foot members out to sea as the ocean retreated to the point where it looked like dry land for miles. They saw the wave on approach, it must have been a mile high tsunami wave headed for them as Goofy leaned back and kissed Mortimer passionately on the lips. They both let go of their cocks and embraced in that kiss but broke it as the shadow of the wave loomed and blocked out the sun. Their balls rumbled and quaked the ground as Goofy flexed his toes atop Mortimer's feet and that was when it happened. They unleashed the fury of their passion and unleashed their colossal loads in unison. The mighty muscle toon pair fired the twin ebony cannons out to sea with a tidal wave equal to the tsunami that was sure to crash over them and wash away the beach. The tsunami that they instead washed back out to sea as they came with a twin foom of might that washed back with billions of gallons of toon seed. The muscle pair must have cum for ten minutes straight before their loads tapered. Afterwards, they started to soften and they relaxed their muscles in unison, shrinking to a more reasonable twelve feet tall each. They hugged to each other so their impossible muscles fought for space as they felt over each other's bodies face to face as they kissed passionately. They broke the kiss and looked out to see a sea of semen before them that had yet to filter back out with the rest of the water. Mortimer pulled back from the kiss and said, “Hot cha cha, Goofster. That was so incredible that I don't have words to describe what I feel... Though I feel like there was something we forgot to do.” They heard a shout from down the beach, “Nice one, Dad!” “Oh right. Max. The double date. Should we cover up any?” asked Mortimer as he flexed his mighty biceps. Goofy let out an extatic chuckle, “Naw. We're very open and free with our bodies in my house. Besides that was just the first of many.” They walked down the beach to see Max Goof laying face down on the beach, fully naked and at least twenty feet of heart throbbing muscle toon. He watched the lovebirds on approach and smiled, “Hey dad. Hey Mortimer. Mmmmmph ooohhh... that was so hot earlier... can't wait to see what you cum up with next, Dad.” Mortimer would have replied but he was too busy watching a twenty foot tall Louie Duck, with his backwards green ballcap from Quack Pack being his only article of clothing. The gargantuan white-feathered duck was busy butt fucking Max on the beach. He looked up at the pair and said, “Hey Mr. G, hi Mortimer. Sup dudes? Aside from your cocks that is.” The muscular duck pounded away but stuck out his tongue cheekily. Max thrust his hips into the ground, shaking the earth beneath him with his tons of muscles. The muscle bound son of Goofy grinned, “I'll show them something that's up.” Max thrust extra hard and his enormous cock emerged from the sands like a sandworm from dune, it must have been at least sixty feet long and after it rose up it landed on the feet of Mortimer and Goofy. Goofy murred at his son, “Ohhh seems like it's time to start round two. Whadda ya say Morty? Ready to go?” Mortimer watches as Goofy climbed atop Max's massive cock and flexed his huge toes then offered a hand to help up the giant mouse. Max moaned as his balls swelled so big they were like twin buildings behind Louie as they grew and grew ready to fire. Among the quaking, Louie cried out and fired his load, Max began to inflate like a waterbaloon that swelled with the powerful duck's seed. Mortimer felt Max's cock swell and tremble under his feet and held onto Goofy to keep his balance. It was only a matter of moments before an eruption came forth to rival both of theirs together. Mortimer smiled, “I'm ready for anything you have Goofy baby.” They embraced in another kiss that sent their cocks throbbing and then the Earth shifting orgasm exploded forth with a sea of white the likes of which Mortimer never knew was possible before...
  12. Welcome to the B.U.S.T. Club Episode Two: Welcome to the City This series contains copyright characters from a number of different series by a number of different companies and they are all copyright their respective owners. All characters featured are over 18 and are conscenting adults in the events that progress. These stories are not for profit and are only for fun... that being said... on with the fun parts. Pitu gave the pair of Sylvester the cat and Pepe le Pew a little bit to regain their composure after what they had just seen. They were both silent and so he restated his question in his thick French accent, "Which painting would you like me to show you how to get into, mes amis?" Sylvester blinked a few times, before he replied back with his signature lisp, "Just give us a moment." Pepe looked around and marveled at the possibilities before he saw one that intrigued him with the night infinite possibilities. He pointed at a painting with a green light, "Zat one! Zat eez ze one we should go to." Sylvester and Pitu looked at the portrait of a massive city from above. He scooped up Pepe and Sylvester in his massive arms and held them close to his gargantuan pecs as he said, "Right zen. Ere we go!" Without any warning he simply leaped into the painting and the trio found themselves falling and falling fast towards the ground. Pepe and Sylvester gripped to the massive pecs hard as the ground was coming up fast. Pitu just chuckled. Then they hit with a massive boom that shook the city scape like an earthquake. Cars flew off the street around them, a crater sixty feet in radius and twenty feet deep formed on impact and the buildings on either side of the street from them collapsed to the ground. Pitu held his friends till the dust clouds cleared. "Well zat was fun, no?" asked Pitu. Pepe wrang his hands together, "I'm very excited, but what about the people?" "Zese sets are abandonned as zey are not needed for any more cartoons," Pitu explained, "We can do whatever we like to zem. Do you know how many paintings and back drops zey make for our cartoons? Zere are so many." "Well then let's flex on up!" Sylvester said excitedly. He flexed his muscles in his smaller form. He flexed again and got a bit bigger. He hit another pose and swelled larger and larger still. He kept flexing and growing till he reached Pitu's height, his clothes were as thought they had been painted on, one more mighty flex and his shirt and pants shredded off, leaving him naked, buff, and ten feet tall with a two foot long soft cock that hung over his twin beach ball sized testes. He stomped the ground and made a crack explode forth from his massive foot that shattered the street and went to a nearby building, collapsing it down on itself, "What do you think?" Pitu let his cock do the talking for him as it ripped out of his thong in a moment, and hung in the air from his body at a 90 degree angle and eight feet long. Precum ran down the buff skunk's cock as he watched the flexing cat. Pepe chuckled and said, "Zat is pretty good, but let's see what zis skunk can work up pour vous." With that he adjusted his jeans and then straightened his leather jacket. The romantic french skunk had years of experience to play off of and decided to take a bit more time in his foreplay. He started by pulling a boom box out from nowhere then rested it on his shoulder. He hit the play button and a jazzy tune started to play. Pepe le Pew started to dance a sensual dance and led the pair of toons out of the landing crater. They walked into a nearby building with a fancy lobby and he set the boom box down. He got a bit more sensual in his dance then started to flex. Little by little the skunk began to grow. his muscles got bigger and bigger till he stood seven feet tall and his massive muscles filled the leather jacket and blue jeans till they were stretched totally taught. Sylvester and Pitu watched with mouths agape, drooling on their hard, eight foot long erections. The skunk turned and shook his bulbous bubble but at them through the tight jeans. That's when he flexed his calves and they exploded out of his blue jeans, turning them into jean shorts. The skunk then turned to face them, the massive bulge in his pants forcing his zipper to nearly bust open as the skunk's thick, soft. cock snaked down to his knees. He stretched his arms out to his sides and then brought up his right bicep to a flex causing his arm to burst from the sleeve, leaving only a leather cuff. He flexed his left bicep and the leather popped loudly and sent leather fragments everywhere. The leather jacket was then reduced to a mere leather vest with cuffs at his wrists. The massive skunk bounced his pecs, that protruded far from his jacket, in time to the beats of his song. He encircled the massive toons with him and traced his hands over their gargantuan musculatures with a smile. that's when he brought his arms down and let out a sensual moan as he flexed all his muscles at once, then in a moment he grew from a mere seven feet of muscle skunk to twelve feet so that the other toons faces only came up to his pecs. The skimpy clothing that was on him was exploded off by impossibly strong muscles in but a moment. The fragments of denim and leather bounced off the faces and muscles of his fellow muscle toons. His massive cock dwarfed that of Sylvester and Pepe as it stood erect as long as they were tall. Ten feet of sensual throbbing skunk cock that spurted precum like a firehose. "Zat... zat... zat was..." Pitu was at a loss for words. "That was incredible..." Sylvester trailed off, "I want you both inside me... NOW!" Pepe and Pitu looked to one another and grinned. Pepe leaned into his cousin, "You take ze front and I will take ze back?" "Zen we can meet in ze middle and zen some, cousin," smiled Pitu. Sylvester purred loudly as Pitu walked up from behind and put his hands in the sexy cat's armpits. Then he lifted up his soon to be lover. Pepe had to push his cock down as it wanted to point straight up and he was afraid it would go through the 15 foot high ceiling with how turned on he was. He moved in position with Pitu to guide Sylvester's rump right to that massive thick throbbing skunk shaft. Once in position Pepe asked, "Are you ready my pretty kitty?" Sylvester grinned, "I've never been so ready for anything in my whole life." Pepe then started to thrust forward to that cat that faced him, while Pitu pushed him down onto that massive cock, impaling him and bulging the cat's belly with a clear outline of the cock showing as he stretched oh so nicely. Pepe pulled Sylvester all the way down to the hilt of his throbbing skunk meat. The black and white cat's balls rested on the black and white skunk's invincible abs. Pepe grabbed that eight foot long cat cock and wedged the slick slab between his gargantuan pecs, they wrapped around the super thick rod in it's entirety. He then grabbed Sylvester by the ankles and willed his cock to lower the cat. Sylvester's mouth was already agape as Pitu got in position. Pitu pressed his cock against Sylvester's lips and the tremendous and super strong cat sucked so hard that it pulled the hypermasculine skunk forward till his balls rested on his sizable red nose. The cat's sucking went so hard and fast that he drug Pitu across the floor leaving twin indentations where his feet dragged and destroyed the tiles and stone beneath just from his sheer weight. With Pepe holding his ankles and Pitu grabbing his pecs, the skunk cocks ground against each other within the belly of the beastly cat and made him moan. Sylvester reached up to fondle and squeeze the skunk balls that rested on his nose and he inhaled deeply. Pepe and Pitu began to thrust in and out of the massive Sylvester, only encouraging him to flex harder and grow even larger as they did. The sheer force of their pounding shook the twenty story building's foundations and the weight of their massive muscled bodies caused the floor beneath their growing feet to crack. The three grew with one another as Sylvester got the pounding of his life. The cat's massive cock fucked between Pepe's white furred skunk pecs till it hit the ceiling with his thrusts and broke through like it were made of tissue paper, causing rubble to rain down on the group. Pepe and Pitu soon realized they had evened out at the same height when their heads hit the ceiling in unison. They ducked down but their growth continued against the fifteen foot tall ceiling and soon they stood together and let their heads blow through to the next floor. The grinding of their massive bodies in time with Sylvester's cock thrusts into the next floor caused the floor above them to simply collapse around them, giving them an even greater space to continue the grand fucking. It must have been a span of twenty minutes they went on till both skunks and the cat would have stood twenty five feet tall. Their feet having cratered the ground around them from the sheer weight of all that pounding, writhing, incredibly strong musculature. That crater wasn't enough to keep the twenty foot long humanoid cock of Sylvester from pounding into the next floor though but among all that writhing and thrusting the cat let out a moan. It was sudden and it was powerful. His cock suddenly expanded another five feet in length to really impale that ceiling and it doubled in thickness. His balls tensed with such ferocity that they shook Pepe in his thrusting. Then he came. The hyper masculine cock sandwiched between Pepe's pecs erupted. It fired forth with a force that filled floor after floor with his cum and just kept shooting till it blasted the building away from atop them and shot into the sky. He fired with such a force and volume that the cum rained down for miles around. Pepe and Pitu were so turned on by the sight that they scarcely had time to react before shooting off themselves. The two massive skunk cocks, that frotted inside Sylvester erupted at the same time and with a volume equal to Sylvester's own. His muscles were so strong that he was able to keep it all in him and he flexed hard to keep from expanding too large, but despite that, he expanded from the thousands and thousands of gallons erupting in him regardless. They came so hard that Pitu forgot to hold on and the power of his cock erupting blasted him away from his lovers. He was flung back after a good thousand gallon spurt of cum over Pepe and Sylvester but it didn't stop there. He turned and aimed his cock to fire a tidal wave of cum that blasted through every building he took aim at. Meanwhile Pepe's grip slipped with all the cum and precum that had blasted over his hands from the massive cat and he fired him like a bullet several blocks away. Pitu kept aiming at buidings and blasting them down while Pepe did the same, though not intentionally, he was more concerned with Sylvester. He leaped into the air, still blasting cum and only blasted himself back away from the cat of his desire. He landed with an impact that took out the city block around him as his orgasm finally came to an end. When Pepe and Pitu tapered off they found each other and then ran, plowing through buildings and cars after Sylvester. They found a massive bloated cat as big as a McDonalds, laying atop his own belly and leaking more cum than a whole city of men could cum in a month. He saw the others approach and smiled, “That was some of the most fun I've ever had.” Pepe breathed a sigh of releif when he noticed all of their cocks were still rock hard. That's when they saw it come in from above. It headed towards the city like a rocket and landed on a building, collapsing it down to a pile of rubble in a single blow. The trio stared through the dust of the collapsed building that was just across the street from them but found the toon hard to make out. An incredible amount of dust was kicked into the air by the impact and that's when they heard the mousey voice, “Oh no... I'm allergic to dust... ah... ahhhhh.... Ahhhhh.... AHHHHHHH... CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The tornado that billowed forth from sneezer the mouse put even the most powerful winds of Earth to shame. He erupted with such force that it not only cleared the dust cloud but half the remaining buildings of the city in the process. They saw the 9 foot tall mouse sanding with a heroic pose after as he looked to them and said, “Bless me...” He let out a high pitched chuckle and then walked over to the others, crushing rocks under his heavy feet as he did. Sylvester clenched up and flexed his muscles hard, using the protein and only becoming bigger. He now sat on the ground a hundred foot tall cat with and eighty foot long erection which dripped a small river of precum down it's length. The cat let out a burp and said, “Scuse me.” “What do you say mes amis?” asked Pitu in his French accent as he flexed a bit larger, “What would you like to do now?” Pepe and Sneezer, not to be outdone, started flexing up larger as well, “What say we fuck till we crack ze Earth's crust?” Everyone shared a devious grin and let the real fun begin.
  13. sneezer will be back in the second part to do something at the very end ^.~
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