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  1. Power Toons 3: Power Divided This is a story of extreme muscle growth, hyper endowments, gay sex in anal, oral, and other varieties. There are also instances of watersports, male lactation, transformation, feats of strength, and foot fetishism. If none of that floats your boat then read no further. This story also features the characters of Goofy Goof aka SuperGoof, Louie Duck aka Captain Muscles, and Pluto the Dog aka Mickey's pet and they are copyright Disney, however this story is not used to make profit off of them and is merely an erotic fanfiction intended for entertainment purposes only. This story also features Max Goof, Mortimer Mouse, the Big Bad Wolf, and Louie the Mountain Lion as depicted in several Disney cartoons and shorts. Louie Duck and his boyfriend Max Goof had headed out to the woods a couple weeks after the first appearance of Admiral Buff on the super scene. Their campsite was in a small glen just beside a beautiful lake at the edge of the forest that trailed from the foothills of the mountain just outside of town. They were both dressed just in their swimming trunks, with Louie in green an Max in Red. They were both relaxing lakeside mid-day when they heard a loud thumping coming from within the woods. “What is that noise?” asked Max. Louie shrugged and got to his feet, “I don't know... let's check it out.” Max rose to his big bare feet slowly and said, “Gee I dunno... is that such a good idea?” “Don't worry, babe...” Louie assured him with a bit of a flex, going from his normal toon form to a far more buff version of himself, though not quite full Captain Muscles size, “I can keep us safe if it's anything dangerous.” Max smiled and said, “I keep forgetting that...” then he flexed up to match his lover's size in musculature, “And I keep forgetting you showed me how to power up like you into Super Max.” The muscular toons walked further into the woods, their massive feet crunching sticks and tree roots down flat under the weight of their huge buff bodies. They brushed past trees knocking them crooked as they walked further into the woods. The closer they got to the sounds the more they were able to hear grunting. They came upon a clearing and what they saw gave them pause even at their buff sides. There was a massive gushing sound like a flood somehow contained and then they saw a huge bear. He was made so huge because the bear had been filled up like a baloon till he was at least fifty feet across and twenty five feet high. The bear gurgled and had a goofy grin on his mouth as they walked around to the side. Once on the side they saw a huge throne made of massive stones that looked like they were shaped by massive hands and claws. On either side of the throne they saw huge, buff animals fully nude standing upright with massive feet and throbbing cocks pointed towards the bear while leaking precum. There were two deer, two bears, three rabbits, three squirrels, a fox, a moose, and a couple buff chipmunks all massively muscled and standing on either side of the throne watching none other than Louie the Mountain Lion as he pulled his cock from the overinflated bear's ass. He shook his semi hard cock and walked back to his throne, fully nude, with a crude gold crown atop his head. He was the biggest and buffest of all the animals there, easily as big as Admiral Buff and Uber Goof combined. The mountain lion snapped his clawed fingers and the two deer males gave him a nod they ran to the side of one of the over inflated bears and rolled him off to the side so he could drain off the cum. The king's cock was still fully hard in no time and he pointed to his bear servants the snapped his fingers again. The bears gave him a nod and ran off to a crude stone cage filled with shivering, ordinary sized animal toons. They reached in and pulled out another moose and easily held him in place despite the struggling and innate strength of the huge herbivore. They brought the moose up to their king and he gripped the creature by it's huge antlers. He thrust in and thrust hard, the moose's cock tented out his loin cloth and started to tear free with a massive erection as the mountain lion thrust in up to the hilt so the moose's chin rested on his enormous balls. The mountain lion thrust in and out while Louie and Max just watched with their jaws hanging open and their massive cocks tenting their already overstretched swim trunks. The pounding noises started, shaking the nearby trees as he thrust in and out hard and fast. It didn't take long before Louie the Mountain Lion finished and came hard the moose soon ballooned up just as the bear had before him. The mountain lion roared and released when he was done, firing one last shot that blasted the moose off his cock and away with a small tidal wave of cum. When he finished, his humanoid cock became soft at last then he walked to his throne, sitting with force that quaked the forest floor. He looked at the pair of intruders and smiled. “Hello Super Max. Hello Admiral Buff. So good of you to join my subjects and myself,” Louie the Mountain Lion said with a deep voice and a devious grin, “These are my subjects and I intend to have you join them as my personal servants.” “I don't think so,” said Louie Duck as he flexed up, transforming to Admiral Buff, with Max following suit and transforming into Super Max along side him. Both were ready for action. Elsewhere, down by the beach just oceanside and outside the toon city where Ubergoof had taken on Pluto just a couple weeks earlier, Mickey drove his car down to the beach for a little fun in the sun with his best friend and dog, Pluto. While Mickey before Pluto's turnaround had simply been avoiding the muscular pooch and giving into him at every turn, thereafter sought his friend's help in working out. Despite almost always going shirtless, he'd always been a bit ashamed of his mousey body but after the past few weeks he'd made so many gains that he was proud to show off and this very day on their drive he wore only his swim trunks and flip flops on the drive. He took a deep breath in as his ears flapped in the breeze from the open windows and the wind felt good across his taught, muscular chest and arms. Mickey looked to his dog and best friend as he sat back, not in his full muscular form but still in a humanoid fashion and totally nude, aside from his collar of course. Casually leaning his arm on the window and letting his tongue flap in the breeze as they made their way down the road. They pulled up to the beach parking lot and the mouse hopped out with his dog and made their way beachside with an umbrella and chair for each of them. They were quick to set up in a cartoonish fashion with Mickey kicking back right away while Pluto ran out to play in the ocean a bit. Mickey was all too happy to put on his sunglasses and take in some rays when he felt a heavy rhythmic thum that shook the ground. The first was followed by another and another which ended up jostling the mouse from his chair. That was when he looked to his left and saw the muscle beach area. There were several buff men but all were simply standing in awe of the centerpiece. A massive man that was bigger than Super Pluto at his very largest. He was a black, muscular mouse man with giant feet and a giant bulge between his legs, barely contained by a gigantic green thong. Even then it was over stretched and had tear marks showing as Mortimer's massive cock and balls flexed and throbbed with his every set. He was doing chest curls with all the weights from the gym crushed into massive balls on either side of an i-beam bar. Every time he brought the weight up it would slam to his chest with a thump that shook the ground. He lowered it down to rest atop his massive cock. Mickey couldn't help but get up and come over to watch with the rest of the muscle men at the beach. “Hot cha cha, if it isn't my old pal Mickey,” Mortimer smiled, “Just the little mousey mouse I was hoping to see.” Mickey's eyes bulged out as he looked over his (literally) biggest rival, “Mortimer... y-y-you're huge...” “Oh you haven't seen anything yet, buddy boy...” Moritmer smiled as the massive bulge in his thong grew till it ripped itself free. He held the massive set of weights up till his cock reached full hardness and the twelve foot tall monster of a mouse stood before Mickey with a gargantuan black cock at least five feet long and throbbing with power. He lowered his weight onto the cock and then released it from his hands to support the full load with his awesome member alone. He put his hands on his hips and grinned again, “Huge is just the beginning, Mickey.” Mickey couldn't think of a response and was only able to watch as Mortimer flexed his cock up and down, lifting all that weight like it were nothing with his tremendous meat stick. His eyes stayed locked with Mickey's as he blew the smaller muscle mouse a kiss, observing a massive boner tenting his red swim trunks. Then he gave a bigger flex of his cock and trapped the i-beam against his pecs with his member. He flexed a little harder and his cock wedged between those chest muscles and with a screech of protesting metal the beam was split in two. The massive sets of weight on either side crashed to the ground and knocked everyone on the concrete platform of the muscle beach to their backsides. The ground cratered from the crash and caught Pluto's attention from the waves. The dog growled as he spied Mortimer doing something nefarious. The massive mouse let his boner slide free from his pecs and lead the way towards Mickey as he asked, “So where would you like it first? Mouth or ass? Actually maybe I'll just smack you around a bit with just my cock for a while... tell you what if you can make me cum once before I can enter you then I'll take it easy on you... probably...” “I... I... um... I...” Mickey stuttered as suddenly, up from the ocean behind Mortimer exploded Super Pluto up into the sky. The massive thong clad super dog floated down in front of the even more muscular Mortimer and growled. Mortimer locked eyes with the massive beast of a dog and found a grin spreading once more. In yet another place outside the city, just at the edge of the suburbs, lay the homes of the three little pigs. All three wore overalls in a variety of colors and all three of which were quite muscular little pigs indeed. Before, each of them could have rivaled the Big Bad Wolf on their own and perhaps were even a little better built than him... that is until now. The three homes were in a row. The first was a house of bricks, the second was a complex of cinderblocks and the third was a fortress of rock and steel. The three pigs were all out front simply working on a variety of carpentry crafts when the ground started to tremble. They looked to the woods where the noise had come from. They saw the trees begin to fall, topple and crash as the forestation was cleared by the massive muscular form of the Super Bad Wolf. He dressed the same as always, wearing a pair of green pants, now super tight and reduced to shorts over his immense legs, a pair of red suspenders that stretched extra tight over his gargantuan shoulders and pecs, his signature bent top hat, and a blue super cape clasped with a gold clasp over his chest that read SBB on the front. He pushed aside the final set of trees that separated him from the pigs then walked into the clearing with his massive clawed feet. Each footfall shook the ground as he approached. The Super Bad Wolf looked to the three little pigs and simply said, “Boo.” All three pigs screamed and fled to their respective homes in terror. SBB walked up to the first house, shaking the ground as the twelve foot wall of wolven muscle approached. “Little pig, little pig, let me cum in,” he said as he stood before the door to the brick house. “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!” said the pig from therein. “Then with a flex of my pecs I'll tear your house down,” said Super Bad Wolf. He then walked right up and pressed his massive chest against the house and started to rhythmically flex his massive chest against the house. He bounced his pecs and pounded against the house till it collapsed at his massive feet. His suspenders couldn't take the strain and gave in under the flexing. SBB's pants stayed up simply from the massive muscles and enormous crotch bulge alone. He grinned as he saw the little muscular pig barely escape from the back door in the nick of time. Super Bad Wolf followed the pig as he retreated to the cinderblock house and locked the door behind him. He stood before the doors of the even more massive and well built home as he called out to the residents, “Little pigs, little pigs, let me cum in.” To which they replied, “Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins!” “Then I'll knock with my cock till I tear your house down,” said the Super Bad Wolf with a devious grin. He stood his ground with his hands on his hips, his prodigious bulge swelling in front as he flexed his leg muscles until his pants exploded from his form. His black-furred balls swung in the open breeze and his massive, flesh tone, thick humanoid cock swung side to side as he approached the cinderblock home. The Super Bad Wolf put his hands behind his head and then swung his massive, three foot long, soft appendage like a wrecking ball. Each swing of his tremendous meat rod took out large chunks of the building before him, ripping the whole structure apart. The sight of which started to get the twelve foot tall wolf hard all the while as he cock slapped the fortress of a building apart with his cock and balls alone. As he got fully hard, with a six foot erection, the remainder of the building collapsed down around his cock and rested atop his huge feet. The wolf saw the muscled little pigs flee out the back just in time, yet again, and they fled to the massive stone and metal mansion of the third pig while the wolf stood in just a cape and top hat. He walked up and stepped through the rubble of the cobblestone building as easily as one might walk through a snow drift. He found himself grinning, his massive cock dripping from precum as it throbbed. The wolf called out once more. “Little pigs, little pigs, let me cum in...” To which all three called out in unison, “Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins!” Super Bad Wolf called back, “Then I'll buck and I'll fuck and I'll blow your house down.” The massive beast of a wolf walked up to the house and pressed his massive cock head against the huge, twin, metal front doors. They buckled in even with just a little pressure on the front. He kept walking forward, thrusting his cock half way into the house that was built to be nigh invulnerable to most any assault. He put his hands behind his head again and flexed his cock, lifting the entire house with groans, creaks, and cracks off it's foundations and into the air by the strength of his cock alone. He flexed his cock a few times to move it up and down over and over, giving the three little muscled pigs therein a real good shaking. Super Bad Wolf then gripped the metal walls of the mansion and started to fuck the massive house while holding up as though it were a box made of styrofoam. His tongue lolled out as he dumped gallons upon gallons of virile precum into the pig's mansion home. He kept thrusting and pounding that building, shaking the whole landscape around him as he did for minutes straight. People in the city and suburbs would have thought his house fucking was an earthquake... that is most people. Goofy suspected otherwise. After several minutes, the wolf decided to stop fucking around and then gave the house a real good pounding, his swelling balls punched those doors and before the building came apart in his hands, he came. The whole mansion filled rapidly with the wolven cum. His cock kept erupting till every window in the four story home was filled to white. Cum spurt from every open spot on the home. Every vent, every chimney, every pipe that would have led out from the mansion spurted hundreds of gallons of wolf semen. Then the walls to the house bulged... and then the home simply burst with Super Bad Wolf's final shot of his super potent and voluminous seed. The wolf stood with fragments of the broken home in his hands with all the rest broken before him in a massive lake of wolven cum. The huge wolf walked forwards, shaking the ground as he did. The three little pigs got up slowly in the thick wolf seed and wiped it from their eyes to see a terrifying sight. Super Bad Wolf licked his lips and stroked his still erect cock, “I've been waiting a long time for this my little pigs. Now the real fun can begin.” “Gawrsh. Mind if I join in on that?” came Ubergoof's voice from behind them. Super Bad Wolf turned to see Ubergoof floating down from the sky behind them, his arms crossed and a disappointed look on his face, “Your little sexcapades end here big boy.” The wolf cracked his knuckles and then his neck as he watched the superhero before him, confident in himself as he said, “This is gonna be good.” To be continued thrice... I plan to write a story for each of these scenes and depending on which you want to see the most I'll write that continuation first, likely this coming Saturday too. Let me know in the comments which you would rather see first: Admiral Buff and Super Max vs the Mountain King Super Pluto and Super Mickey vs Mega Mortimer or Ubergoof vs Super Bad Wolf
  2. Power Toons 2: Rise of the Badguys This is a story of extreme muscle growth, hyper endowments, gay sex in anal, oral, and other varieties. There are also instances of watersports, male lactation, transformation, feats of strength, and foot fetishism. If none of that floats your boat then read no further. This story also features the characters of Goofy Goof aka SuperGoof, Louie Duck aka Captain Muscles, and Pluto the Dog aka Mickey's pet and they are copyright Disney, however this story is not used to make profit off of them and is merely an erotic fanfiction intended for entertainment purposes only. This story also features Mortimer Mouse, the Big Bad Wolf, and Louie the Mountain Lion as depicted in several Disney cartoons and shorts. Also also while there are buff toons in this story it is not tied to the B.U.S.T. Club story written previously. It is it's own thing. That being said, if you are still with us after all that then please enjoy! The Big Bad Wolf had just faced another defeat at the hands of his three biggest nemesis, the little pigs. The pigs had taken to the gym of late and so each were now quite a bit stronger than the wolf alone. Additionally, despite his incredible lung capacity, the pig who made his house of straw had instead made his new house of bricks. The pig who had a house of sticks had now made a house of cinder blocks which made it more like a large warehouse turned mansion than a traditional house. The pig with the house of bricks had a new house that was more like a fortress turned mansion made of rock, metal, and was nigh invulnerable. The Big Bad Wolf's gusts of wind did nothing to affect any of their homes and to make matters worse the now muscular pig brothers came out after he was out of breath to beat him up afterwards. Big Bad was no slouch and had been hitting the gym of late, really filling out his trousers (which were sort of makeshift overalls) and stretching his suspenders taught over those massive pecs, but he was no match for all three pigs at once. Big Bad was sent off with his tail between his legs. He made his way to the suburbs and was looking for an easy score, either food or money if he could trick a sucker out of something. That's when he spied Goofy, picking some peanuts from the garden in his back yard. 'Sucker spotted,' thought the Big Bad Wolf. The muscular canine in top hat and overalls sauntered up and leaned on the picket fence to Goofy's backyard. “Hey there Goof. What are you up to?” asked Big Bad. Goofy was extra sure to tuck some of his special peanuts under his hat. He donned his hat and said, “Oh just going to Mick's to do some dog sitting.” The Big Bad Wolf nodded slowly, “Taking some snacks for the road?” Goofy adjusted his hat, “Oh uh yeah. I always take some goobers with me. Never know when you're gonna get hungry.” “Could I trouble you for a few?” asked Big Bad. Goofy was sweating bullets, “Gawsh I would but I just picked them all and I promised Mick I'd share some with him so... speakin of that I gotta get goin. Nice talking with ya Big Bad.” The wolf nodded and watched as Goofy headed off. He waited till the car left before he hopped the fence and went through the garden to pick some goobers of his own. He took a note from Goofy and put about a dozen under his hat. He hopped back over the fence as he talked to himself, “He'll never miss em'. Off to the city to see what I can scrounge up next...” He walked out the street a ways then put a clawed hand to his mouth then whistled super loud and called out, “Taxi!” An Ajax yellow cab pulled up a moment later and took Big Bad to the big city. The wolf was wandering the streets a while when he heard what sounded like a sort of rhythmic sonic boom pounding over and over again. The ground shook more as whatever the sound was got closer. That's when he saw the big gold-furred dog, Pluto, dragging Goofy behind him on his leash as he ran into the city at super speeds. Pluto stopped suddenly and Goofy spun around him and wrapped around the muscular dog like a slap bracelet on the end of a yoyo. The six foot, seven inch tall black dog man popped back to normal, his shirt buttons all undone, leaving his chest exposed as he stood barefoot in the street next to the dog he was sitting. Pluto got down on all fours then sniffed a red fire hydrant nearby. He then nodded, stood back up, took aim, and fired. Goofy and the people on the sidewalks were not ready for what happened next. A torrential flood unleashed from Pluto's humanoid cock. Big bad saw the torrential spray erupt and ran for the nearest alleyway where he hid behind a dumpster. The initial blast was so powerful that it ripped away the fire hydrant and blasted off part of the street around it. He lolloed his tongue as he let out a relieved AHHHHHhhhh and washed away not only the fire hydrant and debris down an alleyway but redirected the flow of the water. Goofy watched as he peed for what must have been a full minute flooding down the hill and washing upon the nearby buildings. People ran away scared down the street, but not the Big Bad Wolf who watched the whole ordeal from an alleyway across the street. Goofy stared on in terror still as the flood died down. After the last couple dabs it was raining water in the street from the broken hydrant. That is until Pluto reached down and squeezed the water line closed in a single meaty hand. Goofy was soaked and stared on as Pluto turned to face him, the massive dog's cock started to swell. Growing from 16 inches soft to a fully hard 42 inches of pipe harder than the hardest steel. Goofy stared at the boner that had begun leaking precum and Pluto pointed to the man then to his steel cock, with a very clear indication. Goofy shook his head, “Um... Maybe we should make walkies back home... kinda public and kinda big... so um... lets make walkies back home, Pluto... come on...” Pluto shrugged and ignored him, instead grabbing a nearby car and lifting it with a single hand. He plunged his huge cock into the trunk all the way down to his balls then started fucking it, thrusting in and out, beating the bumper in with his massive swelling balls till it was pounded inward. Goofy almost watched on in horror and tugged on the leash, trying to stop him, “Pluto! No! Bad Dog! Stop that! Pluto! Pluto? Stop that!” He reached out and got too close to the swaying dog's hips and was bounced back by mighty butt cheeks into the alleyway where the Big Bad Wolf was hiding. Big Bad ducked behind a dumpster and kept watching as Goofy got to his feet. He looked around to make sure no one was looking, but didn't see the hiding wolf watching from the shadows. Goofy took out a couple supergoobers and replaced his hat. He popped one in his mouth and swallowed the peanut whole. His outfit immediately changed and he was suddenly wearing a whole body set of long red underwear, with the letters SG in white on his chest, and a blue cape. He looked down to wiggle his toes seeing he was still barefoot and his hands were still ungloved. “Huh guess if I'm not wearing my shoes and gloves then they just don't come with the outfit,” he looked to Pluto then to the other goober in his hand, “This looks like a two goober job.” He then swallowed the second goober and suddenly his red long underwear filled out with huge muscles, and a bigger package, not as large as Pluto's but they'd have to do. He took off and flew over by the dog of destruction. Big Bad walked out from behind the dumpster then looked at the hat full of supergoobers he nabbed earlier that day. He talked quietly to himself under the sounds of the car crunching, “Goofy Goof is SuperGoof? And these peanuts turn him into that? I gotta see how this plays out.” Big Bad Wolf watched in awe and contemplated those extra muscles he could stack on with the goobers he stashed under his hat... he had to get back to those goobers and grab all he could stash away... so many thoughts went through his head as he watched the perverted display before him while SuperGoof took on the dog in his alter ego's care. Pluto kept humping away at the car, his massive hips denting in the back till his huge cock pierced further in pounding into the back seat of the empty car. SuperGoof grabbed onto his arm and despite his massive strength couldn't pry the dog free or force his movement, he went to the front of the car to try to pull it away and ended up only ripping off the front bumper. He went to the undercarriage and took hold of the car's frame. On gripping it he was able to rip it free from Pluto's hands and tossed it to the side. The dog was left holding scrap metal from the side of the vehicle when the cool air hit his precum slickened cock. And that was all it took. He came. The blasts of cum from his massive canine balls were so powerful they put his previous urine stream to shame. The heroic SuperGoof had just flown, albeit accidentally, directly into the line of fire, while leaping for the dog to bring him elsewhere by force. The blast was so powerful that it hit SuperGoof and knocked him through an office building, he was sent rocketing backwards as a tidal wave of toon dog cum washed through the city streets like the creamy filling from a double stuffed Oreo commercial. After the horny dog kept cumming, he punched his massive throbbing and still hard cock through the side of the nearest apartment building then kept humping away, shaking the whole city block. Toons ran out of the building in droves, slipping in the cum filled streets and making splatted cum angels like it was snow somehow on that hot summer afternoon. Pluto kept cumming as Super Goof rocketed off into the skies. Big Bad had to follow them somehow and that's when he saw his old pal, Mortimer pull up in his little dune buggy while on his way to the beach. “Hot cha cha...” said Mortimer, “What the heck is going on Big Bad?” asked the tall, skinny, mouse man whilst Pluto's cum rained down on them. “No time to explain Mort! We gotta jet after that flying Goof!” said Big Bad as he hopped into the buggy. “What do you think yer doin, pal?” asked Mortimer after the wolf jumped in his car. That's when Pluto picked up another car and started to fuck it into oblivion while pumping hundreds of gallons of precum through the body of it. Mortimer nodded, “Right! After the Goof it is!” He sped off and the pair tried to see what had become of Goofy, which was when he saw Super Goof in the arms of Captain Muscles. The pair flew off together towards the warehouse district. Mortimer sped off as best he could after the pair but stopped just outside the fence to Professor Von Drake's laboratory. They heard discussion coming from inside and Big Bad led Mortimer over quietly as they peeked in and watched the two supers discussing things briefly. They saw a machine labled as: Super Hero Machine. Goofy started to shiver and then in a flash he zapped back to his normal self, wearing his hat, open Hawaiian shirt, and shorts that went half way to his knees and were filled out well by his prodigious bulge. Louie looked him over and said, “Neat trick. So you can just change back and forth?” “Ah hyuck! Naw. I have to eat these,” he pulled off his hat and dumped his remaining super goobers into his hand, “I call them my super goobers. One makes me SuperGoof. Two makes me even stronger and I've never had more than that... not sure what it would do. How about you?” Louie activated the super hero machine and jumped inside. He stepped out as his normal Quack Pack self wearing green shorts, a green tank top and a green cap. He was fit but no where near as big as Captain Muscles. He gave a little flex and said, “My brothers and I use Von Drake's Super Hero Machine to turn into our hero forms and fight crimes... Even then I don't know if I would be stronger as Captain Muscles than you would be as SuperGoof...” “How long does it last?” “Till I get back in and change back. Why? Are the peanuts powers temporary?” “Ah yup... but I wonder...” Goofy trailed off Louie Duck quirked an eyebrow, “You thinking what I'm thinking?” “Take a bunch of super goobers, then get in that hero contraption and make the powers even more powerful?” Louie nodded. They knew they had to act fast and so Goofy handed off half of his goobers to the younger duck. They gave a final mutual nod and then downed them all. Louie transformed back into Captain Muscles but his musculature was even larger, the super suit he wore was stretched super thin over his even more gargantuan buffocity. The bulge in his thong pulled it down as his prominent chest pulled the top of the suit upwards, giving him a very sexy midriff. His leggings were more like shorts that couldn't meet with his booties over the leg muscles any more and his top was more like a short sleeve shirt that couldn't meet up with his gloves due to the even more massive muscles either. Goofy's transformation happened in a flash as well his muscles stretching his super goof suit tight over muscles that matched those of Captain Muscles as well. The suit that normally went to his wrists and ankles now went to his elbows and knees. The slightest flex threatened to burst him from his suit at any moment. In point of fact the flap in back had popped open to let his bulbous muscle ass free in the wind, now only covered by the blue cape around his neck. They looked over one another and walked stiffly over to the super hero machine, trying to keep from ripping out of their clothes naked from the muscle bulges and tremendous cocks that threatened to burst free any moment. Louie activated the machine and the pair stepped inside after barely squeezing through the door. There were flashes of light and smoke exploded from the machine as bolts popped off. When all was said and done, the door was too small and so massive black hands reached out to bend and force the doorway wider. Out from the light and smoke stepped Goofy first. He had silver super shin guards and forearm guards on his him with a silver belt at his waist that held up a massive and overstretched red thong that was barely keeping him decent with the size of his bulge far overshadowing that of Pluto's. At his neck he had a blue cape claspsed by a massive silver buckle on his chest that had the letters UG on it. Then out from the machine walked Louie wearing an outfit almost identical to that of Goofy's except the gauntlets were gole, the thong was green to match his backwards cap, and his cape was golden as well. The massive gold buckle emblem on his chest had the letters AB embossed in it. Goofy flexed with muscles equally as impressive as Pluto's if not more so and he said, “I'm not GuperGoof any more. You can call me UberGoof now.” Louie returned the flex and his muscles swelled just as massive. He looked to his hero and fought to hold back a hard on as he said, “And I'm not Captain Muscles any more. I've been promoted to Admiral Buff now.” “Lets go safe the day AB,” said UG as he took off at faster speeds than he had ever been capable of before. AB followed after both breaking the sound barrier on initial takeoff. It knocked Mortimer and Big Bad back on their rumps as the heroes flew out of the building so quickly. “Hot Cha Cha... so we know the real Super Goof and Captain Muscles secret identities now... or whatever they're calling themselves now...” said Mortimer. “Better than that,” said Big Bad, “Hey, how do you like always losing to Mickey Mouse? Doesn't feel very good does it?” “That's the understatement of the century,” said Mortimer, “So you think we should get in that super gizmo and buff up like they did?” “Even better big guy,” said the Big Bad, “What do you say we get even buffer than those schmos got just now?” “I'd like that but how?” asked Mortimer. “Do you know the way to Goofy's house? Preferably dodging around the city where Pluto is boning the town?” asked Big Bad. Mortimer nodded and the pair ran off to his dune buggy. Then he sped off through the outskirts of the city to the burbs. They made their way to Goofy's house and parked out front. Big Bad Wolf led Mortimer to the back yard and the pair picked every super goober they could grab. They loaded up the back of Mortimer's buggy with goobers and were about to head back to the lab when they heard a thunderous crash from the mountains. From the crash site something got launched into the air. They squinted as they looked against the sun to find it was a mountain lion that had been launched into the sky from the superhero crash site. That was when Louie the Mountain Lion landed in the back of Mortimer's dune buggy most fortuitously. The Big Bad Wolf smiled and looked to their new companion as he asked, “Hey there Louie. Are you tired of being a toon who seems to loose every time you get in the mix with those other toons?” Louie nodded as he relaxed on the bed of peanuts and looked at the pair. Mortimer grinned, “Then come with us Pal and we're gonna set things straight. The trio sped off for Von Drake's Lab with all manner of devious perverse plans brewing in their minds. To Be Continued...
  3. Dangeresque

    m/m Power Toons

    Power Toons – Part 1: Power Boost This is a story of extreme muscle growth, hyper endowments, gay sex in anal, oral, and other varieties. There are also instances of watersports, male lactation, transformation, feats of strength, and foot fetishism. If none of that floats your boat then read no further. This story also features the characters of Goofy Goof aka SuperGoof, Louie Duck aka Captain Muscles, and Pluto the Dog aka Mickey's pet and they are copyright Disney, however this story is not used to make profit off of them and is merely an erotic fanfiction intended for entertainment purposes only. Also while there are buff toons in this story it is not tied to the B.U.S.T. Club story written previously. It is it's own thing. That being said, if you are still with us after all that then please enjoy! Some might say that in a world where most animals walked on two legs and were able able to speak like humans, that Pluto was an oddity of a dog. He continued on as a normal dog might and was the favorite pet of a certain famous mouse. He was mostly normal as far as cartoon dogs are concerned, or he was until the events of the short cartoon known as: Doggone Biscuits. In that cartoon he got extremely fat from being over fed dog treats, but then Minnie Mouse helped him lose those pounds through exercise. Due to an extreme event at the end of the short cartoon, Pluto was forced to lift millions of pounds to save Mickey and Minne and because of that his muscles swelled to ripped proportions the likes of which he had never known. Since that day Pluto the dog was immensely muscular and super strong. He even snuck off the the local toon gyms but found that none of the weights there seemed to present him with a challenge... even lifting the gyms themselves barely taxed his immense muculature. Needless to say he won a lot of dog shows and Mickey was very proud of his canine friend. One day, Mickey and Minnie were off to go on a vacation cruise that was blocked out for a full month, and so they needed a dog sitter for Pluto. That's where Goofy came in. It was a hot summer morning when he went to Mickey's house. Goof dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip flops to help beat the heat and his signature Goofy hat. He had kept up his secret identity for a while, never letting on that he was actually Supergoof and before he left his home, he went to the peanut garden out back behind his house, picking some fresh ones and rinsing them off with a hose before tucking about two dozen of them under his signature hat. As he did just that he saw a muscular canine with a top hat and torn up overalls walk by but stopped to lean on the picket fence to his back yard. It was the big bad wolf. “Hey there Goof. What are you up to?” asked Big Bad. Goofy was extra sure to tuck those peanuts under his hat. He donned his hat and said, “Oh just going to Mick's to do some dog sitting.” The Big Bad Wolf nodded slowly, “Taking some snacks for the road?” Goofy adjusted his hat, “Oh uh yeah. I always take some goobers with me. Never know when you're gonna get hungry.” “Could I trouble you for a few?” asked Big Bad. Goofy was sweating bullets, “Gawsh I would but I just picked them all and I promised Mick I'd share some with him so... speakin of that I gotta get goin. Nice talking with ya Big Bad.” The wolf nodded and watched as Goofy headed off. He waited till the car left before he hopped the fence and went through the garden to pick some goobers of his own. He took a note from Goofy and put about a dozen under his hat. He hopped back over the fence as he talked to himself, “He'll never miss em'. Off to the city to see what I can scrounge up next...” Goofy pulled up to the house of the mouse a few minutes later. He met with Mickey by the front door on his friend's way out. Mickey gave him a list of what to feed Pluto, told him to walk the dog three times a day, and that he should never be disturbed when he's exercising or cleaning himself. Goofy thought the last instructions seemed a bit odd but paid it no never mind as Mickey handed over a house key and was on his way in a car that had luggage stacked ten feet high on top of it. The six foot seven inch tall Goofy watched the car swing down the street and away with a toony pitter putter till it was out of sight. Turning to face the house he saw the ranch style house was larger than he would have thought. Every part of the front porch was reinforced. Normally he would have to duck under most doors to keep himself from knocking his hat off but he saw his friend's door was a good ten feet tall and five feet wide. Unusually large for a mouse that stood a little more than half the height of Goofy himself. He twirled the keys and put them in his pockets then opened the door. Goofy noticed as he entered that everything seemed larger and more reinforced in Mickey's house than he remembered. There was a musty smell in the sizable house with ceilings that must have been fifteen feet tall. Mickey's house felt out of sorts from how it used to be. In the kitchen even the fridge and cabinets were oversized. Everything was much larger than it had been. He walked through every room, flip flops clacking against his feet, noticing that the master bedroom was made up nice but the spare bed room looked even bigger than Mickey's room with a massive bed and the strong musky scent of manliness permeating every inch. He felt a swelling below his waistline just from the scent but shook it off and wondered where the darn dog was. Nothing in the backyard or anywhere in the single floored house... then he remembered the basement. He approached the basement door and heard a clinking from down beyond that door. The door was bigger than the front door, ten feet tall and ten feet wide. He opened the door and the clanking was far louder. He saw the doors and the stairwell down to the basement seemed to be sound proofed but once it was open the clanking came through in a rhythm like a slow cranking engine pounding away. It made the floors of the house vibrate. Goofy clapped down the reinforced stairs of the massive staircase and at the bottom he noticed that the stairs went around a corner with lights lining the way down. He turned another corner and kept going down. It must have been ten stories down before the stairs opened up to reveal a massive domed building under the ground, like a warehouse underground that was entirely open and at least eight stories tall. He looked around and saw subway tunnels from an old system that used to be under there and what appeared to be whole trains that were compressed into plates that stacked atop each other one on top of the other with giant poles up the middle. The plates went across nearly to the sides of the subway tunnels and were stacked up nearly to the ceiling. There were cables and poles that held them together and a massive rod that met in the middle at the very bottom as though it were a weight set. Laying on a bench of stone that was cracked and broken by sheer masculinity alone, the golden furred dog lay back, pressing the massive weights up and down over and over in a riged repetition. Not only was he totally naked but his massive junk was the biggest that Goofy had ever seen. The balls were like volleyballs and his massive flaccid cock must have hung down to his knees. Goofy would have expected Pluto to have a dog dick but it was totally humanoid and so long and thick that he didn't process it as a dick at first. Once he had it only added to his sense of awe at the god before him that was once his best friend's dog. Goofy just watched with his jaw dropped litterally to the floor and his eyes bugged out. The 14 inch boner he sported went out the bottom of his shorts and dripped precum on the ground as he watched. He lost all track of time watching Pluto press that weight, his beer can thick cock eventually could take no more and he came down his own leg, spurting to the ground and all over his feet. It was more than he could ever remember cumming but it did snap him out of his trance. Pluto sniffed the air and held the weights up. He then racked the weighs and sat up, covered in a sheen of sweat after hours and hours of pressing impossible weights. He saw Goofy and smiled. Then he stood up and goofy saw why the doors were so big. The massive dog walked over on two legs and his footfalls shook the stone ground beneath his massive feet. The massive dog was ten feet tall and six foot wide and as he walked up to Goofy he blocked out the light. He looked at the smaller man over his pecs and kept up his grin. Then he walked past the man with Goofy's eyes following him all the while, watching that gold-furred ass as the giant dog walked by him. The dog stopped at the staircase and gave a massive flex, showing off a bit of his massiveness swelling and growing from the back before pointing to Goofy then making a come hither finger waggle. He walked up the stairs with his watcher practically floating behind afterwards up to the house level once more. Back in the house, Pluto sat on the floor by the kitchen table and leaned back on the wall with his hands behind his head, casually flexing his huge muscles. Goofy followed in and stared at the dog before Pluto pointed to the list on the counter, indicating that he wanted some food by patting his belly and licking his lips a moment later. Goofy took a good look at the list for the first time and saw he should mix up Pluto some protein shakes and get him his juggs of water from the fridge. Goofy opened the fridge to see two massive barrels of protein shake already mixed up. They were fifty gallon barrels of the stuff and so he took off his white gloves then cracked his knuckles before setting in to move those barrels to the dog in his care. He struggled to get them out and set them on the table in front of the dog, then got out a third barrel labeled as “Pluto's Water”. He set the water jug down and saw that one half of the fridge was filled with steaks, each one labeled for the day's food it was meant to be for. By the time he set the water jug down, Pluto had already sucked down the first barrel of shake. He immediately picked up the water jug and started chugging before alternating between that barrel and the second barrel of protein shake. Goofy closed the fridge doors and watched the dog drink down the barrels with one in each hand, held aloft effortlessly. The tall man felt his boner starting to return as he swallowed hard. When Pluto finished he let out a loud burp that rattled the whole house and shook all the furniture. After he pat his full belly with a satisfied “Ahhhh,” before he stood up and then walked up to the smaller man, scooped him up, carried him to the living room the plopped down on the couch with goofy still in his arms. His weight caused the remove to pop into the air. Pluto caught the remote with one ear and hit the power button with his other as he turned on the tv to some random nature show. Pluto sat Goofy on his lap as he reclined back to watch, massive gold-furred dog arms draped over the man watching him. That huge dog member fighting for room with the huge balls and the colossal leg muscles that were under Goofy. He wasn't watching the show just the dog. He watched the testees and cock shift around as Pluto occasionally adjusted himself. Then he heard the stomach behind him rumble behind abs harder than steel. The muscular dog slid goofy off of him then started walking towards the front door. Goofy watched from the couch as Pluto put on a massive green dog collar with a gold P medallion hanging from the front. It only hooked in on the last loop and even then only just. Goofy just stared at the massive animal and saw Pluto point to a long leash hanging by the door. Goofy stood up and walked over to the leash, taking it in hand as he said, “You wanna go walkies?” Pluto jumped up and down with excitement, shaking the whole house and almost knocking Goofy off his feet while nodding happily. He leaned down and presented his collar. Goofy hooked on to it then the massive dog stood and faced the door as he crossed his legs and started doing a pee dance, rumbling the ground under foot. He lead the dog outside then closed the door behind him. The lock barely latched before Pluto took off. Goofy's flip flop sandals were left behind in a poof of smoke with his signature, “Yahhh hoo hoo hooeeee!” He almost flapped behind Pluto as a cape as the dog ran through the subdivisions at incredible speed, making the ground tremble and quake with every step. Each footfall cratered the ground as he ran, cars and trees bounced up in the air as he ran through all the way to the city, deep down town. He stopped suddenly and Goofy spun around him and wrapped around the muscular dog like a slap bracelet on the end of a yoyo. The six foot, seven inch tall black dog man popped back to normal, his shirt buttons all undone, leaving his chest exposed as he stood barefoot in the street next to the dog he was sitting. Pluto got down on all fours then sniffed a red fire hydrant nearby. He then nodded, stood back up, took aim, and fired. Goofy and the people on the sidewalks were not ready for what happened next. A torrential flood unleashed from Pluto's humanoid cock. The initial blast was so powerful that it ripped away the fire hydrant and blasted off part of the street around it. He lolloed his tongue as he let out a relieved AHHHHHhhhh and washed away not only the fire hydrant and debris down an alleyway but redirected the flow of the water. Goofy watched as he peed for what must have been a full minute flooding down the hill and washing upon the nearby buildings. People ran away scared down the street, but not the Big Bad Wolf who watched the whole ordeal from an alleyway across the street. Goofy stared on in terror still as the flood died down. After the last couple dabs it was raining water in the street from the broken hydrant. That is until Pluto reached down and squeezed the water line closed in a single meaty hand. Goofy was soaked and stared on as Pluto turned to face him, the massive dog's cock started to swell. Growing from 16 inches soft to a fully hard 42 inches of pipe harder than the hardest steel. Goofy stared at the boner that had begun leaking precum and Pluto pointed to the man then to his steel cock, with a very clear indication. Goofy shook his head, “Um... Maybe we should make walkies back home... kinda public and kinda big... so um... lets make walkies back home, Pluto... come on...” Pluto shrugged and ignored him, instead grabbing a nearby car and lifting it with a single hand. He plunged his huge cock into the trunk all the way down to his balls then started fucking it, thrusting in and out, beating the bumper in with his massive swelling balls till it was pounded inward. Goofy almost watched on in horror and tugged on the leash, trying to stop him, “Pluto! No! Bad Dog! Stop that! Pluto! Pluto? Stop that!” He reached out and got too close to the swaying dog's hips and was bounced back by mighty butt cheeks into the alleyway where the Big Bad Wolf was hiding. Big Bad ducked behind a dumpster and kept watching as Goofy got to his feet. He looked around to make sure no one was looking, but didn't see the hiding wolf watching from the shadows. Goofy took out a couple supergoobers and replaced his hat. He popped one in his mouth and swallowed the peanut whole. His outfit immediately changed and he was suddenly wearing a whole body set of long red underwear, with the letters SG in white on his chest, and a blue cape. He looked down to wiggle his toes seeing he was still barefoot and his hands were still ungloved. “Huh guess if I'm not wearing my shoes and gloves then they just don't come with the outfit,” he looked to Pluto then to the other goober in his hand, “This looks like a two goober job.” He then swallowed the second goober and suddenly his red long underwear filled out with huge muscles, and a bigger package, not as large as Pluto's but they'd have to do. He took off and flew over by the dog of destruction. Big Bad walked out from behind the dumpster then looked at the hat full of supergoobers he nabbed earlier that day. He talked quietly to himself under the sounds of the car crunching, “Goofy Goof is SuperGoof? And these peanuts turn him into that? I gotta see how this plays out.” While the wolf contemplated his future as the Super Bad Wolf, SuperGoof took on the dog in his alter ego's care. Pluto kept humping away at the car, his massive hips denting in the back till his huge cock pierced further in pounding into the back seat of the empty car. SuperGoof grabbed onto his arm and despite his massive strength couldn't pry the dog free or force his movement, he went to the front of the car to try to pull it away and ended up only ripping off the front bumper. He went to the undercarriage and took hold of the car's frame. On gripping it he was able to rip it free from Pluto's hands and tossed it to the side. The dog was left holding scrap metal from the side of the vehicle when the cool air hit his precum slickened cock. And that was all it took. He came. The blasts of cum from his massive canine balls were so powerful they put his previous urine stream to shame. The heroic SuperGoof had just flown, albeit accidentally, directly into the line of fire, while leaping for the dog to bring him elsewhere by force. The blast was so powerful that it hit SuperGoof and knocked him through an office building, he was sent rocketing backwards as a tidal wave of toon dog cum washed through the city streets like the creamy filling from a double stuffed Oreo commercial. After the horny dog kept cumming, he punched his massive throbbing and still hard cock through the side of the nearest apartment building then kept humping away, shaking the whole city block. Toons ran out of the building in droves, slipping in the cum filled streets and making splatted cum angels like it was snow somehow on that hot summer afternoon. Meanwhile, SuperGoof was still being rocketed, soaked in the initial concussive blast as he tried to regain his composure and return to some level of an ability to fly. However, he found himself saved, caught in the strong and muscular embrace of another flying hero. It was none other than the buffest hero from the Quack Pack known as Captain Muscles. He was really Louie Duck, Donald's Nephew, who had been transformed by a super hero machine. He was clad from the neck down in skin tight green spandex with a yellow cape flapping on his back and a white circle on his chest that had an image of a flexing arm in the middle. The thong area was a darker green material, much like his gloves and booties, and said thong was filled out to, what some might consider, beyond capacity. The white feathered, green eyed duck had a green backwards baseball cap atop his head and every inch of him was covered in muscle upon muscle upon muscles, hence his superhero name. He had never seen SuperGoof up close before and after catching him the recognition was instantaneous, “Uncle Goofy? You're SuperGoof?” The recognition was mutual, “Louie? You're Captain Muscles?” They both looked the other over with Louie being far more muscular than Goofy. He heard the commotion from the city as he flew over and said, “What's going on down there Unc... er... SuperGoof?” “It's Pluto, Lou... I mean uh... Captain Muscles. He's gotten super buff and is out of control. I'm not sure he means to be doing what he's doing but we can't let him just keep blowing off steam like that. I tried to stop him but even as my extra super strong SuperGoof form I'm not strong enough to get him to calm down,” SuperGoof explained, “Gawsh... He's not a bad dog... but his master's out of town and he got a bit too frisky is all... plus he's super duper strong so... unless you know how to boost my strength more... I can't do anything against Pluto.” Louie thought a moment then started flying super fast to the warehouse district on the edge of the city, “I have an idea SuperGoof! Hold on tight!” They zipped through the sky fast as a flash. Louie didn't know if he was stronger than SuperGoof despite his muscles and thought that he could collaborate with his personal hero. They crashed through the wall of Von Drake Labs only to come across a machine labeled as: Super Hero Machine. Goofy started to shiver and then in a flash he zapped back to his normal self, wearing his hat, open Hawaiian shirt, and shorts that went half way to his knees and were filled out well by his prodigious bulge. Louie looked him over and said, “Neat trick. So you can just change back and forth?” “Ah hyuck! Naw. I have to eat these,” he pulled off his hat and dumped his remaining super goobers into his hand, “I call them my super goobers. One makes me SuperGoof. Two makes me even stronger and I've never had more than that... not sure what it would do. How about you?” Louie activated the super hero machine and jumped inside. He stepped out as his normal Quack Pack self wearing green shorts, a green tank top and a green cap. He was fit but no where near as big as Captain Muscles. He gave a little flex and said, “My brothers and I use Von Drake's Super Hero Machine to turn into our hero forms and fight crimes... Even then I don't know if I would be stronger as Captain Muscles than you would be as SuperGoof...” “How long does it last?” “Till I get back in and change back. Why? Are the peanuts powers temporary?” “Ah yup... but I wonder...” Goofy trailed off Louie Duck quirked an eyebrow, “You thinking what I'm thinking?” “Take a bunch of super goobers, then get in that hero contraption and make the powers even more powerful?” Louie nodded. They knew they had to act fast and so Goofy handed off half of his goobers to the younger duck. They gave a final mutual nod and then downed them all. Louie transformed back into Captain Muscles but his musculature was even larger, the super suit he wore was stretched super thin over his even more gargantuan buffocity. The bulge in his thong pulled it down as his prominent chest pulled the top of the suit upwards, giving him a very sexy midriff. His leggings were more like shorts that couldn't meet with his booties over the leg muscles any more and his top was more like a short sleeve shirt that couldn't meet up with his gloves due to the even more massive muscles either. Goofy's transformation happened in a flash as well his muscles stretching his super goof suit tight over muscles that matched those of Captain Muscles as well. The suit that normally went to his wrists and ankles now went to his elbows and knees. The slightest flex threatened to burst him from his suit at any moment. In point of fact the flap in back had popped open to let his bulbous muscle ass free in the wind, now only covered by the blue cape around his neck. They looked over one another and walked stiffly over to the super hero machine, trying to keep from ripping out of their clothes naked from the muscle bulges and tremendous cocks that threatened to burst free any moment. Louie activated the machine and the pair stepped inside after barely squeezing through the door. There were flashes of light and smoke exploded from the machine as bolts popped off. When all was said and done, the door was too small and so massive black hands reached out to bend and force the doorway wider. Out from the light and smoke stepped Goofy first. He had silver super shin guards and forearm guards on his him with a silver belt at his waist that held up a massive and overstretched red thong that was barely keeping him decent with the size of his bulge far overshadowing that of Pluto's. At his neck he had a blue cape claspsed by a massive silver buckle on his chest that had the letters UG on it. Then out from the machine walked Louie wearing an outfit almost identical to that of Goofy's except the gauntlets were gole, the thong was green to match his backwards cap, and his cape was golden as well. The massive gold buckle emblem on his chest had the letters AB embossed in it. Goofy flexed with muscles equally as impressive as Pluto's if not more so and he said, “I'm not GuperGoof any more. You can call me UberGoof now.” Louie returned the flex and his muscles swelled just as massive. He looked to his hero and fought to hold back a hard on as he said, “And I'm not Captain Muscles any more. I've been promoted to Admiral Buff now.” “Lets go safe the day AB,” said UG as he took off at faster speeds than he had ever been capable of before. AB followed after both breaking the sound barrier on initial takeoff. They went so fast they didn't even notice the Big Bad Wolf had watched their every move from the hole Louie knocked into the building on entry. The black and white streaks of light zipped through the city till they found the massive dog now on his third building. Pluto just finished cumming again, filling the building to the brim with his spunk as it literally exploded from the windows. He withdrew from the building but his massive, now 50 inch, cock was still throbbing and hard. Then got swept off his feet and carried out of town at lightning speed by a duo of massive hunks so fast that he didn't know what had happened at first. Pluto was carried miles out into the woods and the duo let him go, slamming him into the side of a mountain, shaking the trees apart and punching a crater into the mountainside with a 400 foot radius that went 200 feet deep into the solid rock. When the dust, dirt, bristles and brush settled... Pluto was laying on his back unharmed and still fully aroused. He rose to his feet a bit disoriented till he shook his head and looked up to see the massive double barefoot and nearly naked adonises before him. Hearts popped into his eyes and they bulged profusely as he looked at the sexy heroes panting as his tail wagged happily. He took a begging dog posture as he sat on his haunches, looking to the heroes. Louie quirked an eyebrow at the super dog and crossed his arms over his chest as UberGoof floated down towards Pluto saying, “Now Pluto, you've been a bad bad boy today. Running off like that, destroying all that property with your strength and then flooding the streets, destroying cars, flooding buildings and then refusing to come back from walkies when I told you to.” Pluto looked down in shame, just glancing up at UberGoof with his eyes, seeming ashamed of his actions. UG wagged his finger at the dog, “Now are you sorry for what you did?” Pluto nodded shamefully. UberGoof nodded, “And you are gonna help us clean up your mess and then repair all the stuff you broke, right?” Pluto nodded again but now with eyes closed as he looked downward. Goofy nodded again and crossed his arms, “And you promise not to be a bad boy any more, right?” Pluto didn't respond but then Goofy came again, “RIGHT?!” Pluto nodded rapidly before looking down again. Goofy landed before the dog and opened his arms wide, “That's all I needed to hear. Good boy. Come here, pal.” Pluto immediately perked up and leaped into Goofy's arms, licking him rapidly in the face as the hero hugged him. Louie floated over and looked at the pair, “I'm surprised we didn't have to have a bigger battle or anything.” Pluto hugged UberGoof as he talked, “Ahyuck! I told ya he wasn't a bad dog. Just a little horny is all... speaking of... we might need to take care of this before getting this fella back home,” Goofy then pointed to Pluto's still throbbing 50 inch boner that only seemed to swell larger, adding another 4 inches in length just since they began their super hug. Goofy turned to face Louie, just in time to see the young hero moan as he watched the pair. His tremendous cock tore his belt and thong off his body as it exploded forth. His balls swung low down by his knees as the massive humanoid, pink, duck cock hardened. He couldn't help himself as he floated closer to set down on the stone ground before UberGoof. UberGoof in the meantime had set on the ground and stood, setting Pluto down as well. He watched the young ward grow and felt himself give into his desire at long last. His thong swelled with his massive dark cock. He held Pluto close in one arm as Louie walked up to him, his massive white feathered chest smooshing into the impossible UberGoof muscles as Goofy held him close the the waist and they kissed. They embraced passionately and frenched long and hard with each other. That was it for Goofy's thong and belt. They ripped free with a tearing sound then a pop as his massive cock sprang to full hardness. In the end Pluto stood at full mast of 56 inches, while Louie had him beat at an astonishing 64 inches but neither of them added up to Goofy's full 72 inch monstrosity that throbbed so hard it practically made thumping noises in time with his heartbeat. Louie withdrew from the kiss to look Goofy in the eyes before Pluto raised a hand and placed it aside Goofy's face, guiding their mouths together in another long kiss. As they made out, goofy reached down to stroke the cocks of his massive lover, making them both moan. Louie kissed along Goofy's neck and then down his pecs while he made out with the massive gold-furred dog. Louie's kisses traced down his shoulder then onto his black, gargantuan bicep. Goofy raised his arm and flexed it for the young duck. Admiral Buff leaned down and pressed his muzzle into the pit of the massive superhero, sniffing hard and taking in his powerful musk. It wasn't a stench but rather smell that was enticing. Something he couldn't put his fingers on even though his fingers were very much upon it as they traced over UberGoof's muscles. Goofy raised both arms to a double bicep pose and Pluto went to his other arm, licking and sniffing the pit, taking in the masculine scent as his hands also traced over the impossible musculature before him. Goofy flexed his arms and trapped the faces of Pluto and Louie under his arms between his triceps and lats, forcing them to stay in there. Louie managed to pull his face from the pit only to stand before the UberGoof head on, then he flexed his mighty pecs and they swelled bigger and bigger with each pounding flex till he engulfed the head of the dark dog god before him. That was when Goofy litterally stepped up his game. He reached up his massive leg to bring his super strong, long, and powerful foot to Louie's cock. He flexed his tremendous toes on that cock head and was able to engulf the head of the huge humanoid duck cock entirely with the ball of his foot and his massive black toes. Louie moaned as precum spurt through those powerful toes. The duck had to reach down and squeeze the base of his own cock to keep from cumming and in the process his pecs released UberGoof's head. He fell to his knees with his mouth open wide and he sucked with the power of a tornado to draw the other muscle toons towards him. Goofy led cock first and it was engulfed by the warm mouth of his white-feathered ward. Louie sucked UberGoof's cock and swallowed it down as the massive dark dog stepped atop his huge member like a step ladder. Goofy's toes curled over the sides of that massive duck member as he stroked it. He lowered his arms and started doing different flexes, releasing Pluto who was spurting precum like a fire hydrant. Pluto saw Louie raise an arm to a bicep flex and just kept flexing his muscles bigger and bigger, that massive bicep growing up higher and higher like a mountain. The dog pounced that bicep and latched on, wrapping his arms and legs around it as he humped the huge invulnerable muscle that was now larger than his whole body. He sucked on the top and made Louie moan around Goofy's cock. Goofy let out a small Gawsh as he started to massage his own pecs. He watched Pluto rise past him on a mountain of muscle and then he saw one of Pluto's legs dangle down and couldn't resist. He reached up a hand and drew Pluto's foot to his mouth to lick and kiss over the sole. Pluto continued to hump, hug, suck upon and moan atop his duck muscle mountain and moaned louder when Goofy began to suck upon his mighty toes. He flexed toes that could crush a train over the tongue of his master's best friend and the tongue responded with equal strength to move the toes. That was when the rumbling came... The ground shook with the terrible power as Louie was the first to orgasm. Millions of gallons forced their way through his shaft, vibrating and massaging Goofy's feet as he stood atop it. UberGoof actually put one foot by the head and let the millions of gallons wash over the top of his foot and the massive toes, spraying the flow all over himself, Louie and pluto. UberGoof moaned and was the second to fire off. He came with just as much cum. Louie was strong enough to swallow it all down and his stomach and innards were strong enough to hold it but his belly swill swelled bigger and bigger regardless, not as big as it should have been for holding millions of gallons but hefty nevertheless. Pluto was the last to hold off and was able to do so even as the other two finished. Minutes later, after the cum blasts died down and the snow was shaken off the mountaintop in a series of quaking avalanches. The three relaxed. Pluto hopped off still just as hard as the other pair. Louie and Goofy stared at each other then to Pluto who whimpered at them with puppy dog eyes. The pair were unsure what he wanted till he pointed to their still hard cocks and then bent over, spreading his ass and presenting to them as he waggled it in the air a bit showing off. The heroes smiled to each other and had no objections whatsoever to his obvious proposal. Louie lay on his back beside the dog then pulled Pluto atop him. He then wedged that massive humanoid cock between his pecs and elicited a moan from the mighty Pluto. Goofy approached and then pressed his slickened member against the massive golden dog ass cheeks, he got on his knees with his balls and cock atop Louie's. Then the pair of them pulled the dog slowly down their cocks, stretching him wide and making Pluto howl in pleasure as no one had probably ever been stretched as good as those two cocks stretched him on their entry. Pluto humped Admiral Buff's tremendous pecs and the Admiral rewarded him with licks on the underside of his cock as he did so. At the same time AB and UG were humping in unison into the mighty golden dog. The titanic, thick, throbbing super cocks bulged Pluto's belly so good. He was lost in pleasure as they humped and fucked with a power none of them had ever been able to before. They had no idea it could feel that way. They were so lost in pleasure they didn't even notice they were plowing into the side of the mountian. They continued to fuck, faster and faster like pistons plowing through solid rock and earth till they came out the other side... and when they had... came they did. Pluto blasted off first with a load more powerful than his previous loads combined. The huge cocks within him were squeezed to the point that they couldn't take it and unloaded both at once. The millions and millions of gallons of seed were contained in the dog and bloated his belly as Louie's had been... but then it was too much and started erupting out of his ass around the cocks and also out of his mouth with a stream double that of his own. Minutes later when the forest was painted white with their seed, the orgasms finally slowed from triple volcano to waterfall to gentle stream. The superheroes pulled out of the dog sat pet and the three snuggled near naked on the ground. They all went soft and lay together. In a poof all three were back to their normal selves. Pluto was a regular dog, Goofy was back to his shorts and open Hawaiian shirt, and Louie was back to his tank top, shorts, and backwards cap. Pluto licked their faces and looked them over as they rose to their feet. Goofy looked himself over and said, “Gawrsh... that was really somethin', huh?” “Totally, but I feel powerful still like I could...” Louie said as he flexed his lithe muscles and in a flash he transformed into Admiral Buff. He relaxed and returned to normal. He repeated the process a few times over, “Sweet! We can change back and forth whenever we want now!” Goofy flexed and became UberGoof and tested it back and forth, “Ahyuck! That is pretty nifty!” He and Louie remained AB and UG as they looked to Pluto who was his happy normal dog self again. Pluto then flexed and transformed into a super hero with a costume that was just like AB and UG's own. He kept his green dog collar and on to it was attached a green cape. The emblem that hung from it said SP on it with blue forearm and shin guards like those of AB and UG and the green belt on his waist held up a blue thong that barely contained his bits. He looked to the others and hit a few poses. Louie looked to the dog tag turned medallion and said, “Wow, he's SuperPluto now! That's awesome!” They took in the destruction they caused and UberGoof nodded, “Sure is but I think it's time we all went back to the city and cleaned up the mess our new super friend made. No hanky panky in the city this time guys.” Goofy wagged a finger and all three agreed as they flew back to the city to clean up after the dog's mess. Back at Professor Von Drake's lab the super hero machine was going off yet again. The machine turned off and from within came a menacing laughter. A massive clawed hand ripped the top of the machine off and three massive super beings flew up through the roof of the warehouse then headed for the city. To be continued???
  4. Beast Bunny 3: Tug of War The world of this story is one of superheroes and supervillains. The massively muscled supervillain who went by Beast Bunny had been working closely with his champion Buck Brawn and his ward known as Mooslave for several months. In the time they were together both Buck and the Bunny had grown their strength by leaps and bounds. There wasn't much that could give them a proper workout in their world but the workouts they gave each other during sexual activity. They always remained the same relative height, unless flexing larger, but their muscles gained density and power beyond power. Mooslave however, had gained another two feet in height, since our last tale, standing a full fourteen feet tall of massive moose muscles. They also made him change his villain name from Mooslave to Mooservant as in time he had become more like a valet and butler than any semblance of a slave. Buck had focused so much of his time on love interest in Beast Bunny that it upset one of the others in the feared five of the Legion of Lawlessness. Cock-A-Doodle Doom was not happy. He was so upset that the Legion's attentions were drifting from Buck's command alone that he left the Legion and returned to his home country of Wyandottia. His exit was extremely public and in the middle of a battle with several prominent superheroes on the news. The Legion could not let this stand and in his place there was an empty seat in the chamber of the Feared Five. It was declared that whosoever either brought in the head of Cock-A-Doodle Doom or managed, to cripple his forces, would be granted a seat at the table of the Feared Five. Supervillains from Armoredvark to Zappallama all tried to invade Wyandottia, many of whom were killed while others were injured and sent back with their tails between their legs. At their evening meal, Beast Bunny sat across from Buck Brawn while Mooservant served them several courses of expertly prepared meals. His former secret identity was a professional chef for years and so the meal was quite excellent. It was there that Buck, dressed in a tuxedo thong, with fancy cuffs at his writs and a black bow tie made an offer to his boyfriend, “You know. As strong as you are there is a good chance that you could take on the Cock and win.” The hyper muscular rabbit, dressed very similarly to the deer, shook his head, “Maybe but what would I do as a part of the Feared Five? I like having my boyfriend as the most powerful man in the world. We have it nice as is without both of us needing to be at that table.” Buck quirked an eyebrow, “Really?” “No not really. Tomorrow I'm gonna go to Cock-A-Doodle Doom and take over his country then maybe one of the surrounding countries if I feel up to it later in the day. Then when both of us are on the Feared Five we can fuck the world and there would be no one able to stop us...” Beast Bunny smiled, “All I need is those miles of tritanium cables we stole and I'll have them at my mercy.” The table suddenly started to splinter and then flipped over when Buck's massive cock ripped from his thong and shot forward ten feet in a matter of seconds. His balls expanded till they hit the floor where he sat. He smiled to the rabbit as his massive cock loomed over the head of his bunny love, “That's what I like to hear.” The rabbit then flexed his pecs upward to engulf a good portion of the cock, pulling himself up to hug onto it as he licked and kissed the huge throbbing humanoid deer cock. Mooservant, dressed the same as his masters and his now 36 inch hard on ripped free from the display of super strength that the deer exhibited by simply springing a boner. He looked to the rabbit and said, “Will that be all for dinner this evening, Master Krolik?” Beast Bunny looked to the moose and smiled then to the deer, “Maybe all for dinner, yes but I think we could both do with some desert.” The moose snorted in anticipation then gave a small bow as he approached his masters, “As you wish, sir. How should we proceed then?” Buck walked towards the moose and knocked him over with his giant boner that had a muscular bunny attatched to it by a combination pecs and legs hug. He looked down at the moose as his muscles began to swell to obscene sizes, “Get ready to take the first couple loads Mooservant. Next we're going to fuck this whole complex to the ground and sleep on the rubble. My boy's got a big day tomorrow.” The fuckening began in earnest and true to his word, they did just that. The next day Beast Bunny was on an automated super jet flying on his way to meet up in Wyandottia with his opponent. The rabbit kicked back in his regular super outfit, just the silver cuffs at his ankles and wrists, the black shoulder and neck cover he donned with a matching diamond mask, and then the red, overstretched, bulletproof thong and silver belt to match his cuffs. He was busy texting with buck on his communicator when a red warning light popped up on the display before him. He tapped the display and it showed them approaching the border of Wyandottia... and that missiles had been launched to intercept the aircraft. He barely had time to react, simply saying, “Huh...” The plane was blown up with an impressive explosion as twin missiles exploded in a blaze of glory and a fireball that crashed to the countryside of the poisoned lands of Wyandottia. The fireball crashed to the ground blew out a crater over 700 feet across. The billowing plains were further rent asunder by ten tanks and a giant robot shaped like an anthropomorphic that crossed the lands on the way to where the villainous rabbit crash landed. They all opened fire into the epicenter of the exploded wreck, firing tank shells and giant robot's missiles into the burning mess, cratering the ground out further as they exploded. The barrage lasted several minutes of nonstop firing and when they stopped there was practically no trace of any aircraft left on the land. It was hard to pick much out from the thick and billowing flames but the soldiers attacking relaxed a bit, assuming the victory had already been taken by their side. They were mistaken. From the flames walked a figure unlike any they had seen. Beast Bunny had survived not only the crash but the fires and the other blasts as well. He didn't walk fast but rather at a leisurely pace and appeared completely unharmed. His thong, mask and neck piece had somehow remained in tact while the metal of his cuffs and belt glowed white hot. He didn't seem to be burned in the least or even have the slightest scratch. Smoke and steam billowed off his form and all the heat did seem to make him break a sweat. He looked at the tanks and the giant rooster bot as he grinned and said, “Helluva sauna you guys have. What say I show you what a real beating looks like?” Everyone seemed to stare at him in awe before he placed a hand on the nearest tank and the sheer heat of his body caused the metal to turn red hot and melt from his touch alone. He smiled, “Man I am on fire today.” The destruction that followed was fast and brutal as he picked up one tank by the turret and swung it around to knock away a further two tanks. He then crushed it down with his bare hands till it was little more than basketball size and tossed it through the remaining tanks making a series of explosions that caused the robot pilot, and therefore the robot, to recoil from terror. The super heated super rabbit leaped at the giant robot and exploded through the chest, coming out the other side holding what appeared to be a rather important part of it's engine. He landed holding the melting metal in hand as it dripped and melted over his arm, still rather harmlessly to the powerful rabbit villain. He saw the spools of cable he brought with him and realized that he didn't want to risk melting them at his current temperature... so he set off to find a way to cool off. He tossed the engine behind him and ran off across the landscape at blinding speed till he came upon a lake and jumped in with a cannonball splash that exploded into steam, making a fog that spread over the surrounding landscape. He sank till he hit the bottom of the lake and then kicked off the bottom, rocketing off into the skies and landing several miles away with his super heated cuffs cracked from the extreme heat followed by the sudden cooling. He then ran back to the scene of the crash and looked around for the massive cable spools he brought with him. Five massive spools that were in the aircraft with him had luckily survived the crash, each of them the size of a tank with miles of cable spooled onto them. He brought all the cable spools together and He then hopped high in the sky with a light spin to give him a 360 view of where he was and where the capitol was. He saw the fleets of tanks, mobile fortresses, giant robots, soldiers, and airships headed his way from the direction of the capital. He landed with a cratering crash and then ran towards the fleets of enemies. Missiles exploded around him and gunfire bounced off his nigh invulnerable musculature. Tank shells exploded off his pecs and biceps, a very pleasurable experience but something he hadn't the time to focus on. He literally ran through the soldiers, tanks and even a mobile fortress with nothing offering him any resistance on his way to his target. Tanks, cars, and even that mobile fortress exploded as he ran through them on his way to the capitol city of Wyandottia. The gates of the castle-like city were rooster themed with giant metal gates that were two feet thick. The young muscular rabbit stuck his hands into the metal doors and ripped them from their impossibly huge hinges, tossing them behind him. Castle guards opened fire as the rabbit sped through the building on his search, blowing through thick stone walls like they were made of styrofoam. He made his way through to the center of the maze, blasting through walls rather than taking the time to solve the puzzle. Then he came upon the throne room. The size of a warehouse and ornately designed in a brutalist architecture. Beast Bunny stopped to look at the well-designed interior as the chamber guards emptied their clips on him, sending bullets bouncing around the room. Cock-A-Doodle Doom sat at the back of the room on a golden rooster throne in a royal outfit complete with a black cloak that mostly concealed his suit clad muscular body and the hood pulled down shrouding his metal-beaked face. The rooster sighed as his men finished emptying their clips but lifted a hand to signify them to stop. He tilted his head as he looked to the young rabbit with his fingers pressed to one another in classic villain style, “Fenevad nyuszi, milyen jó megjelenni a bejárati ajtónál.” Beast Bunny quirked his eyebrow, “I'm sorry was that words or just jibberish cause you're so scared of what I'm about to do?” The rooster felt like he was going to be doing a lot of sighing that day. He spoke in English but with a heavy Hungarian accent, “I see... so you don't find a need to improve your mind because you are made of muscles. There is more to being a villain than punching and kicking things, young man.” “With muscles like mine there doesn't need to be much more to the villainy,” the muscular bunny punctuated with a few flexes that made his arms and legs grow to obscene proportions. “Is that so?” asked the rooster. His eyes glowed purple and the rabbit floated into the air, glowing purple himself, “You see, I may command a country that I rule but I took my position by force. With finess no less. I fight with honor. You fight with sheer brutality.” The rabbit struggled but there was nothing to push against. He grunted and then inhaled with powerful lungs, drawing in vast amounts of air... then he blew out. The rooster never left his throne but a shield of shimmering purple light surrounded him as all the decorations were blown from the walls and his men were blown around the room. Cock-A-Doodle Doom simply sat in his seat and watched as the rabbit struggled. The rabbit then growled and started to flex his muscles bigger and bigger. His pecs swelling like a wall with his abs jutting out below them. His thighs, buttocks, calves and the soles of his feet expanded out larger. His shoulders became boulders on top of boulders and his biceps, triceps and forearms all exploded out with tremendous muscles that exploded forth larger and larger till they extended out more than thirty feet from the rabbit. The rooster tore off the roof of the building and tossed it aside with his mind alone. He then elevated the rabbit higher to ensure he wouldn't get any opportunity to touch the ground or anything solid. Beast Bunny flexed bigger in powerful bursts, only becoming more grotesquely muscular with each flex as his bands and even his neck piece burst from his body. He kept his cock under control until he realized that it was the key to his freedom. He let out his beast and it ripped free with balls the size of sedans. The cock extending fifty feet from his body as he flexed it and spurt forth precum that rained down over the countryside behind the castle city. The only thing the bunny wore at that point was his diamond mask. He looked down at the rooster and said, “I don't know that you are powerful enough to hold back one of my orgasms, and as much as I would like to find out... I had a different plan for conquest. Something that might appeal to you. Something with more... finesse. You like finesse right?” “I'm listening,” said Cock-A-Doodle Doom as he looked up at the grotesquely flexed mass of rabbit muscles. “Tell you what... I'll relax my flexes, you set me down, and I'll talk like a gentleman,” said Beast Bunny. The rooster nodded, “Agreed.” The rabbit then returned to his normal 4'3” height and the rooster lowered him back to the ground, mere feet before his throne. He looked to the older supervillain and said, “There. That's better, isn't it?” The rooster looked down to see the rabbit still sporting an erection that was half as long as he was tall as he said, “Gentleman don't usually have conversations with throbbing erections out in the naked air.” “Oh this?” Beast Bunny looked down, “Yeah that's not gonna go down till I cum. Besides I kind of flexed out of everything I was wearing.” “Very well. What was your proposition then?” asked Cock-A-Doodle Doom. Beast Bunny grinned and said, “A tug of war for the whole country.” “I'm not following.” “I brought with me some tritanium cables. Here is what I want to do. We rig them up to every tank and vehicle you have. Even rig them up to something that you pull with your mind powers. That's one end. On the other end, all those cables are hooked up to my throbbing dick. We draw a line in the dirt and if I can make all your armies cross that line by myself then I get the country.” The rooster quirked an eyebrow, “What if we pull you across the line?” Beast Bunny shrugged, “Then I will submit to you. I will surrender and become your loyal servant to have you command me to do whatever you wish. I'll be yours and at your beck and call.” The rooster pondered a moment and relished at the thought of that. The first thing he would have the rabbit do would be to kiss his boots. He could already see hooking up a personal transport to the muscular bunny but then he snapped back to reality and with a grin no less as he said, “Very well. I agree to your terms. If you can defeat all my armies in such a fashion then I do not deserve to rule this country.” The rabbit nodded and walked off stroking his cock a bit as he made his way from the throne room. It took a few hours to hook up all the vehicles. Thousands of tanks, dozens of mobile fortresses, hundreds of giant robots all hooked to the rabbit and all ready to pull. On Beast Bunny's end he had to work a clever way out to intertwine the cables and meld them together with his impossibly strong grip until he made the final wrap around his cock so that it was secure along the top of his shaft and up behind the head of his prodigious member that he had swollen and flexed to a thick length of five feet long, equal to his somewhat flexed up height. The line drawn was twenty feet away from the rabbit, five feet across, a thousand feet long and went ten feet down. The bunny rocked back and forth on the soles of his feet as he stood at the ready. Cock-A-Doodle Doom stood on the other side of the small ravine with his hands behind his back, “How shall we signal the start then?” “You guys can start any time. I'll be plenty ready,” smiled Beast Bunny. The rooster gave a nod and floated off on a disk of purple energy before he looked over all his forces, tied to the member of a teenager, ready to not only pull him to the ravine but to destroy him as well, should they be unable to move him. He didn't expect they should fail. He raised a hand and his forces revved their engines. The rooster brought his hand down and they moved forward at full force. The tritanium cords pulled taught and started to drag the bunny forward an inch or two. In retaliation, Beast Bunny flexed his calves to massive proportions till they swelled and jutted into the ground behind him. They dug in deep and held him firm in the ground. The massive bunny crossed his arms over his immense chest and flexed the soles of his feet as well, making them jab deep into the ground as well. The rabbit was not going anywhere. He watched in amusement as the armies of a nation pulled at his cock with super strong cables that were nigh unbreakable. His cock throbbed and the cables moaned in response. It twitched and pulled back on the cables, yanking the enemy forces but the rabbit had to take a deep breath and calm himself. He focused on the sensations and forced himself not to grow. He controlled the throbbing of his cock with concentration as he put his hands behind his head with his elbows pointing skyward. Beast Bunny let out a few moans as his powerful cock was tugged upon and started to spurt precum into the gulley pit between him and the armed forces of the rooster. The rooster looked upon the rabbit in disbelief as he held back thousands of men in very powerful vehicles by the strength of his cock alone. He marveled at the power and had to have it under his command. He floated over to the furthest edge of his forces, at the base of a mountain range, and raised a stone platform up from the ground with his mind powers. He stood upon it and then gripped the vehicles of his army with his mental powers and started to pull with ten times the force. He reinforced their structures with his mind to keep the vehicles together and then motioned for his airships to hook on to the city ships. They fired harpoons in and then started pulling at full force, yet the vehicles still gained no traction. Beast Bunny focused on flexing one muscle at a time to prevent his cock from outgrowing the cables and ripping free. He flexed his toes making them grow one at a time till they enlarged and dug into the ground. Then he flexed one calf muscle at a time before reducing it to flex the next. Then he went to the buttocks, then flexed each individual ab in turn before flexing his abs in unison with his buttocks for an incredible symphony of muscle growth and reduction that looked like a song made from muscle. He made his pectoral muscles join in the song of buffness that played across his body and brought in his arms, shoulders, neck, and ears the last. All the while his balls swelled and before he knew it they were swelling into the ground, cratering it under their weight and making their way towards the ravine. He didn't want to lose the wager on a technicality by having his massive balls enter the ravine for him and so he then moved to end the little competition. A simple flex was all it took. He flexed his core and his cock at once, making it go from pointing straight forward to standing straight up against his pecs with a sonic boom as it impacted his chest. The armies of the rooster never stood a chance. Every tank, every mobile fortres, every giant robot and airship were all yanked away from their positions and tossed into the air. The rabbit peeked around the pink pillar of his own massive cock flesh to see the tanks, fortresses, robots and airships all flying through the air in his direction. He relaxed the control on his cock and let it swell bigger and bigger. A few pulses later it was twenty feet long and thick as ever. It made the metal wrapped just below the head stretch and screech as it was torn apart and popped free off the end of his cock, leaving the rabbit nude except for his mask once again. The enemy forces all flew overhead and past him, crashing behind him with but a single flex. The sheer power of his cock alone turned him on to no end and so he brought his now fifty foot long cock down to the ground with a crash that knocked Cock-A-Doodle Doom from his footing and collapsed the stone pillar he erected. The display of strength followed by the collapse of the stone pillar did it and then he let loose an orgasm with a force he had never before allowed himself to release. He came like a bomb. To say that his load was massive would be to put the sheer magnitude of his load to shame. A tsunami tidal wave a mile high erupted from him and washed forth over the countryside towards the rooster. The rooster had no time to react as everything went white and then everything went dark. He came with that same force for a full five minutes and when the load subsided he saw that not only had he painted all he saw for miles in white super rabbit seed... but that he came so furiously that he split the mountain in half that the rooster had stood in front of. The country was his now to do with what he pleased. The position among the feared five was now secured. Hours later he found Cock-A-Doodle Doom, surrounded in a purple bubble of his waning powers, miles from where he was. The field collapsed as the rabbit stood before him. The rooster's body was beaten and bruised. His clothing torn. His metal beak bent and cracked from impacts. The rooster reached up at the rabbit that stood over him and pleaded, “Please... No more... I surrender...” Beast Bunny smiled and said, “I'm sure you do. Now you will send a message to the people of this country that I am in charge now.” “I will! I will! Just please spare me!” pleaded the rooster as he lay on the ground, almost unable to move. Beast Bunny scooped up the rooster and held him tight as they went to the capitol city of his brand new country together for the official surrender.
  5. Wild 8lue Yonder Part 4: Redacted due to creator desire
  6. Wild 8lue Yonder Part 3: The Amazing Zhu Crew Ehlder and Thuvar are creations of Mr. Mouse, all other primary and secondary characters along with the contents of the Universe of 8lue are creations of the ever wonderful Zhu. All other story elements and characters are original creations either by Mr. Mouse or Zhu. All participants in any sexual or erotic activities are over the age of eighteen and are willing participants. Any resemblance to any characters living, dead, living dead, ever living, undead, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy this collaborative work of fiction which has no basis on real events either through experience or heresay. Now without further delay... on with the show! The room inside the Blue Beast headquarters was well lit despite how huge it was. One might call it a room but the training area was more of an arena sized place. It was multi tiered with a platform in the very center where the heroes in training stood... or most of them anyway. The platform was a silver disk that hovered a hundred and eighty feet off the ground in the five hundred foot tall room. In a circle stood twelve individuals: Fehl the gray and white cetacoon, Ehlder the dark blue and white mouse, Mute the caucasian hirsute human with red hair, Dohn the mouse that could have been Ehlder's twin if he hadn't more blue fur in place of the white, Gehn the green dragon with red hair, Hymn the burly purple and gray stoner bear, Kahl the lithe muscled tan furred dog, Fahr the supermodel lion, Rohr the pale green vampire orc, Pehn the statuesque camel, Mihk the massive and burly bison, and Anha the young and lithe purple bear. All of them were bulging with huge muscles and they all wore the exact same thing. On their feet they wore special blue and white booties which resembled the sort of fabric shoes a superhero might wear and went half way up their calves. The fabric shoes were more like socks than shoes but had special grips on the soles for better traction. To keep their modesty they also wore tight shorts that did nothing to hide their crotch bulges and with leg lengths that only went half way to their knees. The bulges were contained and held back by a very stretchy blue and white fabric similar to their super socks. Other than the shorts and socks, the muscular men were very much naked. A thirteenth individual rose from a platform in the floor and stood before the group. He was a beastly man that stood at ten feet tall in his most relaxed of states. One might say he looked as though Beast from the X-Men and Beast from the Beauty and the Beast had a love child then fed him nothing but steroids for thirty years. He had a bit of an underbite and short thick tusks protruded from his lips only to accentuate his beastly demeanor. Despite that, the blue furred hirsute humanoid had a gentle gaze that peered out from behind the reading glasses he wore. He held up a clipboard and smiled as he looked around to those he had gathered. Before any of his collection had the chance to speak, the man who came from the floor spoke first, “Hello everyone. Welcome to the beginning of week four of training. I'm Zhu and I will be your guide to saving the universe. We are working together to fight the threat that comes to us from the universe of Ehlder and Dohn but will be fine tuning your magical abilities and honing them so that you will be able to stop the thing called the Roaxix. It is a massive evil being accidentally created in a lab. It is hunger incarnate and it devours worlds by the dozen then moves on. It is headed for the universe 8lue next and likely will land on this world as it is a frequent jump point between universes. Studies have shown that brute force cannot harm the Roaxix alone but with magic and possibly a dash of compassion and a bit of love, his power can be drained. It is theorized that if enough compassion and love is harnessed and forced into the Roaxix's matrix then not only will it shut down but everything it has devoured will be restored to it's rightful places. Any questions?” Fehl raised his hand and the blue beast pointed to him, “Um... yes. Why do you say the exact same thing at the beginning of each week? We all know who you are and what we are doing here already.” “Because it's fun,” said Zhu, “And I like saying it. Makes the whole mission feel that much more important. Now I wrote a whole speech and it took a while to memorize and I know I've said it before but it feels like a waste to stop now and not finish it... may I?” Everyone looked around to their teammates and with a shrug they all nodded to Zhu. He smiled, “Good... now where was I... Oh! You have all been chosen because you are among the few who have teleported and jumped to alternate universes. This teleportation and jump combo has bestowed you all with heightened powers that lay dormant within you. You are now the only hope against this great threat. Let us start... or rather... resume the training.” Fahr the lion raised his hand and Zhu pointed to him. The lion cleared his throat, “What about Thuvar? I mean he has the same kind of powers and he's been training with us all month... so where is he? Why didn't he get the speech?” Zhu grinned and pointed to the massive door at the far side of the training room. Doors the two hundred foot tall whale man would ordinarily have come through, “Thuvar the Crashing Wave has agreed to do something experimental. You have all mastered the magics I have taught in a short period of time. Thuvar was already a very well practiced magician in each element of magic, much like myself, and so he will be countering your attempts to stop him using your magics. You will now be grouped into four groups, I've selected, with your goal being to overpower Thuvar and stop him from reaching the glowing maguffin using your magical powers alone. I will be observing to relay my notes after today's training and then the inevitable post training orgy...” Zhu pointed and a circle lit up by Thuvar's door then pointed to the opposite end of the massive arena, nearly 2000 feet away. The doors opened and Thuvar stepped out wearing the same outfit as all the others. His gray skin bulged with impossible muscle on the two hundred foot tall sperm whale man. He had long flowing locks that rested on his shoulders, an impressive beard like a water god, and body hair to put even mute to shame. The sperm whale man did a few flexes as he stood in the circle, “Think you guys can stop me?” Fahr the lion got very excited to see his boyfriend and almost hopped up and down as he said, “Who gets to go first? What groups are we in?” “Patience. Patience,” said Zhu as he pointed to three and said, “Anha, Pehn, and Rohr. You are up first.” Glowing orbs surrounded the three and they were teleported to the ground just before the circle that the massive whale stood inside. They looked to the opposite side of the arena and saw a big glowing cube with the word Mcguffin written on the side. It slowly rotated as it floated in the air a mere twenty feet off the ground. Rohr looked to the others and said, “Right I'm going to use my gravity powers, while Anha uses his kinetic power and Pehn uses his spirit magics.” “Really?!” said Pehn sarcastically, “We're going to use our abilities to try and stop the giant like we were supposed to?! What a plan. Oh my gawd you are a brilliant tactician.” “Oh really?” said Rohr, “What kind of plan you have Mr. Joe Camel?” “Uhg... guys... No fighting,” said Anha the purple bear, “We have to work together or we're not gonna win the challenge. Just try to play off each other when one person uses a power then try to compliment them, just like how we trained.” “See?” said the camel, “That's better.” The floating silver platform with Zhu and the rest of the groups floated by as Zhu said, “Alright everyone at the ready. Three... Two... One... Begin!” A horn rang out and the platform floated out of the way. The massive, muscular, white haired whale crossed his arms and said, “Good luck.” He then raised a massive foot, lifted it over the tiny men before him and stepped over them with ease. Thuvar walked at a leisurely pace towards the shining maguffin. Anha said, “Here is a taste of kinetic magic!” The purple bear waved his hands and a gold light shimmered. The whale took a step and his foot stepped so hard that he stomped through the concrete floor into the ground up to his knee. He was forced to kneel as both his feet flexed through his socks, “Whoops.” Rohr was next up, “Gravity magic next... let's see what happens when he suddenly weighs nothing.” A wave of the vampire orc's hands with a shimmering green light and with the whale weighing nothing he flexed too hard when pulling free of the ground and catapulted himself to the ceiling. He hit it hard with an oomph then fell down to the ground a thousand feet away with a crash to shake the whole headquarters. “Spirit power should keep him down,” said Pehn. He waved his hands and a pink light emanated as the Camel worked his magic. The spirit power bonded the floor to the whale and his clothes. The whale was not to be deterred and tore free of the ground, bringing floor up with him and donned his body like a new set of armor. He flexed hard and fast and was freed of the floor and his clothes. He stomped the ground at the three smaller men and it erupted up and over them, burying them . He dusted off his muscles from the remnants and shook his head with a chuckle. Thuvar flexed his massive muscles and the remnants of his scant clothing fluttered to the ground like so many torn parachutes. He walked in his full naked glory the final steps and then picked up the mcguffin and held it overhead in his hand as though it were a large apple. He looked to the groups on the floating platform and smiled, “Who is next?” The defeated group were surrounded in glowing orbs and brought back to the platform as 3 more floated down. Thuvar jogged back to his starting point and the arena was reset. He reached into the door from where he came then pulled on another pair of super socks and one more pair of super trunks, concealing himself once more. Zhu floated the platform down and said, “Alright... Mute, Hymn, and Kahl... you're up next. Three... two... one... begin!” “What we don't get any time to prepare?” asked Hymn. Mute shrugged in response. Kahl pointed to the whale and said, “We gotta do this now! Remember what the last ones tried and try to do it different this time around...” Kahl went first with arms outstretched and torrents of water erupted from his hands to splash over the massive whale of a man. He seemed amused, quirked an eyebrow and started to use it as though it were a shower... until Hymn went in with his powers of ice magic then froze all the water on the surface of the whale. More and more water went on till the whale was encased in a massive block of ice. Mute gave a nod and a thumbs up. “Whew... that was a whole bunch of water...” said Kahl a bit tired from the exertion, “Water magic is not easy.” “Neither are fire or ice magics,” said Hymn as he looked to Mute, “And I'm sure that time magic isn't easy even if you didn't have to do anything...” They stopped talking as a massive quake rumbled the floor beneath them. Then suddenly the whale flexed free of his icy prison, “Good try guys but not good enough...” Thuvar squatted and then leaped forward with incredible power and strength that cratered the arena floor beneath him. The massive sperm whale launched through the air and leaped at the mcguffin. Mute raised his hands and the sperm whale's leap slowed to a stop. The massive red headed man strained and struggled to hold the giant frozen in time. “He's not gonna be able to keep time immobilized that long on a target that large!” shouted Kehl. “Then let's make his goal less appealing,” said Hymn as he pointed at the mcguffin and the object was surrounded by rings of fire. Mute fell to his knees and the whale resumed his descent and hit the ground to create yet another crater. His feet burst through his socks as the strain from his junk made his cock and balls rip free from their prisons as well. That was when the whale saw the fire around the mcguffin as he knelt before it. He reached out but it was too hot. He then took a deep breath and blew on the flames with a mighty blow that extinguished them. Thuvar looked to his uncovered state then up to the platform as he held the mcguffin in hand, “This is one of the reasons why I used to never wear any clothes. My body rips free of pretty much anything without much effort.” He returned the mcguffin and returned to the starting place while the arena reset itself again. The three who failed returned to the platform as three more were dropped down. The whale had just enough time to put on fresh shorts and socks when Zhu zoomed the platform down and said, “Dohn, Ehlder, and Fahr. Ready, set, go!” The buzzer sounded and the platform zoomed away. Dohn placed his fingers aside his temples and then concentrated while Thuvar reeled back against the massive door frame in pain. Dohn looked to the others, “I'm using my mind magic to distract him but he has too many mental barriers... can't keep this up...” “I say, good show chap,” said Ehlder, “I believe I have it from here with my matter manipulation powers.” Ehlder the blue and white mouse held up his hands and the metal door frame bent around the whale trapping him as though it were a straight jacket, the metal of the walls bent around him till it encased his torso. When it was over the mouse seemed a bit winded and tapped Dohn on the shoulder, and the other mouse released his mental hold. They leaned back to back and slunk to the ground while Dohn looked up at the whale, “A most formidible opponent.” “Indeed,” said Ehlder. But then the whale smiled and started to flex, his muscles grew larger and larger, his feet swelled and ripped free of their socks. His legs and rump made short work of the shorts and his cock and balls took care of the rest as not only did his flexing larger make his junk larger but it started to erect as well. Soon his chest, arm and shoulder muscles ripped him free of the metal encasement and he started to walk now at three hundred feet of unstoppable sperm whale muscles. The mice looked exhausted from the magical exertions and Fahr said, “Don't worry guys... I got this...” He flexed his muscles till he was a twelve foot tall behemouth of power with nothing on but his over stretched super socks. He leaped into the air and landed on the massive whale's pecs and said, “Hello my love.” The whale stopped and put his hands on his hips, “Really? You wanna face me alone my dear?” “Am I ever really alone when I got body magic and wonderful pecs like these?” asked the lion as he knelt on the massive whale's chest. He flexed his own pecs and they formed into a square shape like a literal wall of pectoral muscle and then he flexed again and they started to grow till they fully engulfed the whale's head in muscle. The whales massive cock became fully erect and wedged it's way between his own pecs till it pressed against the head against the rump of the lion he loved. Thuvar reached up and pulled the lion down on the impossibly huge cock head and stretched his rump over it till the head popped inside. The lion moaned and his balls swelled to giant proportions, inflating till they dangled over the sides of the whale's pecs and then his cock grew too, shoving it's way into the whale's mouth and down his throat as it's size now matched that of the whale's own cock. The pair sucked and fucked for all they were worth as the whale walked forward. Even with his vision completely obscured he managed to duck down right when the lion came and filled his belly like a waterballoon. The whale came as well and blimped up the lion like a massive ball of cum topped with immense pectorals. He pulled the lion from his cock and gently set him down as he reduced to his default two hundred feet of sperm whale then casually took the mcguffin yet again. He pressed a massive foot down on the lion and helped him deflate with whale cum spurting all over the floor of the arena. The whale replaced the mcguffin and the arena reset ready for his final crew to fend off. Fehl looked to the people who were obviously to be his team, Mihk and Gehn, and said, “What do we do? How is it possible that he has this much power?” “I see what you mean. I read about the guardians in school. They are super powerful beings chosen by the planet to get a whole bunch of magical powers. It ain't gonna be easy,” said Ghen, “Dude what if he is somehow like... using our powers against us?” “No,” said Mihk, “He is countering magic with other magic. However, it seems that he only uses one kind of magic at a time. All the others went one at a time on their elemental attacks. When they used mind and matter at once he was stopped. Same with water and ice... he couldn't counter. They all let up too soon. We gotta use all three at once and just keep goin' till he gives up.” Fehl and Mihk nodded as they were transported down and then looked up to the whale with the cum bloated belly. He finished pulling the shorts up with the top being flipped down by his belly as he grinned and wiped a bit of lion jizz from his mouth. The arena finished resetting and cleaning all on it's own and then Zhu zoomed down and said, “Alright. Final three lets see what they can do. Fehl, Gehn and Mihk. Three... two... one... go!” The whale jumped over the three then turned back and gave them a thumbs up. Fehl waved his hands and suddenly the whale was nude. He was surprised and looked down over his pecs only to see Mihk wave a hand and large chunks of earth bombarded his pecs. Wind whipped around the whale as the bison kept waving his hands. He reached out but then everything went dark. Gehn used his powers of dark and light then kept the whale's vision obscured, essentially blinding him. The whale swiped blindly till a massive cork went up atop his head as Fehl pushed it with his magic into the blowhole of the whale. Thuvar struggled for breath and both Fehl and Mihk kept waving their hands. The very ground swallowed up the whale to his shoulders as Gehn pointed hands to him and started to bombard him with beams of light that seemed to cause him discomfort. He opened his mouth to speak and it was filled with ground from Mihk's magic. The whale could not move by the power of the three no matter how he struggled. “That's enough,” said Zhu, “Congradulations. You have figured it out.” The three released the whale and he was brought back to lay on the ground of the training room. He gasped for air and said, “I... was... about... to give up...” “The lesson I was looking to teach was that you need to combine your abilities. Do not take turns so much as work in unison if you are to defeat the one who seeks to devour us all,” said Zhu, The platform zipped down and everyone aboard hopped off now recovered from their exertions. Fehl smiled and said, “Well now we know that we can work with magics in unison then we can definitely use that against the hungry bastard.” Zhu rubbed his temples and looked to his clipboard, “I fear I have to go. I feel a disturbance and must check on something... The rest of you however... Have fun.” Zhu winked and floated away on a gust of air. The thirteen heroes remained and began with some fun in their own ways. The whale lay exhausted on the ground and said, “You lot may have to start without me... I just need to rest a moment after all that.” The group split off into small groups of two and three and then the groups began to engage in some seriously heavy petting. The first group of our focus was a group of two. Kahl the dog leaped into the arms of the now naked lion man named Fahr. He licked the lion's cheek then said, “I know that you and Thuvar have a little thing with your big things and don't get me wrong... I love him too... but just don't forget who your boyfriend is my love.” Fahr chuckled, “How could I ever forget you? You are my heart...” Kahl blushed at the sweet words, “Perhaps you could show me how much you love me by putting me down and then laying back?” The lion set the dog down and lay on the ground as per instructed. Kahl smiled down at him, standing a mere six foot tall compared to the lion's flexed up eight foot hyper muscled form. The dog's muscles were that of a lithe swimmer's build but he flexed a little larger to strain the super shorts and socks tight on his frame. He pressed a sock covered foot over the nose of the lion and said, “Make me a throne and then enjoy my feet my dear.” The lion smiled and flexed his pecs up like twin blocks of pure muscular meat. Those hairy pecs swelled and then his abs flexed up behind the pecs till they formed the back of the dog's throne. Kahl took his seat and then started to rub his sock covered feet on either side of the lion's square jaw, then along his full pouting lips, then over the rest of his mane-framed face. The lion sniffed hard and his nostrils swelled large as he took in the scent of his boyfriend's feet and Kahl said, “Good boy... but I still need some arm rests.” Kahl reached his hands down and started to work over the lion's nipples. The big man moaned and his cock shot up hard and curved. It was twelve feet long and loomed over the dog's head with big dollops of precum running down it's length. The lion's nipples grew like joysticks in the hands of the dog and then he started to flex his arms, his biceps swelled bigger and bigger. Taller and taller. More and more powerful till they came up squared along the sides of the pecs to make perfect arm rests for the dog of his heart. The dog's massive cock ripped free from his shorts and his large balls swelled till they hung over the edge of those pecs. He didn't lay a finger on it as he stroked the lion's nipples only making them longer and longer. Kahl flexed his toes and they grew longer and longer, ripping free of the socks but leaving the rest of his sizable feet contained. He let out a playful growl as he pulled on those nipples and milked them. The man milk poured slow at first but eventually became like dual fountains and Kahl had fun aiming them around while his toes ran through the lion's mane lovingly. The lion opened his mouth and moaned as he licked the sock covered soles and his massive chest rumbled as he purred to vibrate his love's rump. The dog's hands swelled bigger so they could better handle the massive nipples that they stroked and milked. The huge lion groaned as he saw that dog's humanoid cock growing closer and closer to his face. Kahl used his feet to guide it to the lion's mouth as he said, “Suck and then drink of me my love.” Fahr opened wide and the cock went right in and part way down his throat. The dog flexed his massive toes in excitement around the lion's head as he thrust his hips a bit. Both lion and dog's balls began to swell as their hips gyrated in time with one another. The lion sucked and swallowed over the head of that massive humanoid dog's cock the dog's balls suddenly contracted and he gripped those lion nipples hard as he said, “I'm cumming!” His soles flexed free from those super socks and his massive feet engulfed the lion's head. All the while the massive dog cock swelled as the load traveled down and began to pump into that lion's mouth and right down his throat. The dog aimed those milk fountain nipples at his mouth and drank of his boyfriend as the lion's balls contracted and then fired out of his fifteen foot behemoth monument of a cock. The lion would have roared if he weren't busy swallowing hundreds of gallons of dog cum... but then his orgasm put his boyfriend's to shame. He erupted thousands of gallons and painted over the torso of the still recovering whale. Fahr's seed mixed with the seed of other mighty heroes as he kept cumming and erupted over the body of the naked sperm whale Thuvar. That brings us to another group that started out splitting off from the others much as Kahl and Fahr had done. They grouped together at the same time and had equally orgasmic results. Gehn the green dragon with the fiery red hair pulled the two purple bears aside, Anha and Hymn, and claimed them for his own orgasmic adventures. In time he became one of the group who took charge more and this was no exception. The younger and more lithe Anha looked like a smaller version of Hymn and with more purple than gray fur on him. Both bear's short tails wiggled cutely in excitement as the anticipation built. Hymn wasn't one for patience but he knew what he liked and one thing he liked was a fatty J. He reached back and pulled a baggie out from the waistband of his super shorts and withdrew a comically huge blunt along with a lighter. He didn't wait for any commands or requests but sparked up the J right then and there. He lit it up and took a deep breath then held it as he passed it to Gehn. The dragon didn't need to be told twice and partook of the sticky icky with a massive grin. He sucked down the joint like it were sweet mana of the gods then held the smoke in as he passed it to the smaller bear. Anha sheepishly took the joint and took a few smaller puffs. Anha started to cough as he passed it back to Hymn before he dropped it in a coughing fit. Hymn and Gehn exhaled expertly without a trace of cough then the older purple bear took another massive draw of the joint. He reached up and put a hand on the back of Gehn's head and the two shared a kiss. Hymn exhaled smoke into Gehn's mouth and the green dragon inhaled in the shotgun kiss happily. He then passed the joint to the dragon who sucked down most of the rest with another huge draw of smoke before passing it to Anha who sheepishly puffed at the remnants of the joint once more. With the joint tapped, the smaller, younger bear dropped it to the ground to stamp it out under his super sock. The three hugged each other and began to swap spit in a series of passionate kisses as the weed's effects took hold and they got higher than giraffe balls. The bears looked to one another as they saw the dragon hit hard by the hits he'd taken and already had something planned out. They flexed up bigger and bigger, their muscles outgrowing their scant clothing and ripping out till they only wore the tattered remnants of their former outfits. The hirsute bears only became harrier across their torsos, arm, hands, feet, and legs. They crossed their arms over their chests in unison and stood side by side facing the mere ten foot muscled dragon with their gargantuan hyper muscled fifteen foot bodies. Aside from a slight difference in coloration of their hair and fur... they were practically identical now with squared jaws, increased facial hair and long flowing locks that went down their backs. The dragon looked at the pair with their equally growing ten foot cocks. Cocks that were as long as he was tall. Throbbing and flexing in unison. The dragon grinned hazily with bloodshot eyes and a small dribble of drool as his cock tore free from his shorts at the sight of them. It stood out from his ten foot body at ten feet long with a size and thickness to match that of the bears. The bears walked to either side of the dragon and faced away from him, squatting a bit as they bared their bare bear bubble buts to him. Then they flexed... their glutes grew to tremendous proportions and fully engulfed the dragon man from head to toe. The only part of him sticking out was his cock, which now started spurting more precum than most men could cum in a life time. The bears started to flex and shift about to massage the dragon with their enormous muscular rumps. Then the dragon started to swell, not entirely, just parts of him. He flexed his feet bigger and bigger till they grew out from under the bear rumps and pressed on the ground. As his feet grew larger the bear asses parted and freed him, much to his dismay as he was so warm and comfy. He reached out for Hymn and his hand grew tremendous, enough so that he could engulf the bear entirely in his massive hand. His trippy growth was a turn on for all three of the stoners as they watched him lift his best friend. That's when he held the bear atop his abs and flexed them so that they grew and swelled over him, Soon the bear was completely encased in the hairy and powerful draconic ab muscles. Anha moaned as he stroked his cock and it only grew longer till it wedged between the pecs of the dragon and the massive protruding abs. Gehn smiled and reached out for the younger bear and his other hand swelled massive to match his first. He engulfed his bear friend in hand and held him up. He watched Anha's brow thicken and shift into a more primitive form and his jaw became more of an underbite. The dragon then held the big bear in hand with the bear cock protruding from between his fingers. Gehn reached his other hand up, slickened it with the bear's precum and then started to masturbate him. While he pleasured one of the bears, Hymn was thrusting his cock out from those immense abs. His own feet swelled till they emerged from the abs and as they grew they engulfed the dragon's cock. All three moaned as Gehn masturbated Anha while Hymn gave Gehn a footjob and Gehn massaged Hymn's cock with his powerful engulfing ab muscles. Gehn started thrusting his hips more into the feet of the bear held in his abs, his whole body started grow thicker and longer hair as he did, his precum production only increased exponentially. He then held Anha aloft by his cock alone, releasing the bear with one massive hand only to take that massive hand and pressed it up against the bear's tremendously flexed rump. He wedged the huge hands between those ass cheeks and then pressed further in. Anha moaned as he took that hand all the way up to the dragon's elbow. The dragon then resumed his masturbation and released Hymn from his abs. Hymn's hopped free of the dragon but then landed with his massive feet first on the huge cock. It made the dragon's cock bounce and slam onto the floor with enough force to crack the concrete. It didn't hurt but the level to which he was turned on made his eyes bulge from his head as he watched the bear bounce on his massive member. That was when Hymn faced Gehn the dragon with massive feet on either side of it, gripping it by massive massaging soles, and thrust his cock at the dragon's chest. Gehn sucked hard and the dragon's pecs swelled to engulf the cock as it grew till it went between those pecs, into his mouth, and down his throat. It was too much. They were all overwhelmed simultaniously and came thousands and thousands of gallons between them. Hymn erupted down the dragon's throat. Gehn erupted between the massive swollen bear soles. Anha erupted between the massive dragon hands. Gehn and Anha's loads washed over Thuvar at the same time as Fahr's own as well as washing over with the loads of several other heroes in that training room. While that trio was having their fun, another pair was working out their own orgasmic conclusions separately. Mute, the tremendously muscled caucasian human was quite hairy over his entire body with brilliant red hair. From the top of his bearded and mustached head, to the tops of his massive toes he was quite hirsute and had muscles bigger than should have been possible on any human being. Standing at six foot one inch he complimented the vampiric orc that was his companion Rohr. The pale green and teal man named Rohr was a massive and beastly man in his own right with musculature to rival that of his mute companion. His stature was about a head taller at seven foot two, though Mute had him beat in foot size. Speaking of foot size, Mute's foot long hard on had shredded out of his super shorts but under it he wore a specially made super stretchy red thong. The hirsute man really built up a sweat just looking at his beastly companion and his super socks were also made to be exceptionally stretchy, moreso than that of the other heroes. Which was good because he was flexing to an uber muscled ten foot tall Goliath of a man now only in his thong and very tight socks over very huge feet, at least two feet long and a foot wide each. Rohr's seven feet of muscle walked up to his partner and he began to lick the sweat from the larger man. He reveled in the salty flavor and his member hardened to a rock solid, shorts shredding, fourteen inches of solid steel cock. His member ground against Mute's abs as the vampiric orc swelled in size, the more of the burly man's sweat he drank. Mute raised an arm overhead and the orcish man planted his face in that overly hairy pit. He inhaled the musky odor and then licked and sucked over the sweaty pit hair. He had to duck down as his height spiked from the growth which left him at a good fifteen feet tall of bulging teal muscles. He flexed a bit and stepped away from the human. The only clothes that remained on him were his socks, now soaked in his own sweat as he got on his hands and knees to look over his shoulder at the huge human. Mute's body hair grew and grew, thicker and thicker, bulging his red thong even more as his four foot cock bulge swelled from the sheer ammount of hair compacted in there with it. He thrust his precum spurting thong covered dick into his partner and Rohr roared in response as he was stretched. The cock grew thicker and thicker as the human kept his hands on his hips. The cock got longer... ten feet long... twenty feet long... thirty feet long. He began to flex his thong covered cock and lifted the vampire orc up and down on his massiveness by it's power alone. They both moaned as the massive hairy teal man was bounced up and down by the strength of a human hyper cock alone. The orc's own massive member pointed straight down and was driven into the concrete floor on every downward flex. He moaned as the ground shook with his poundings but on the last one he swole his cock till the head was ten feet across underground and the human was unable to lift him, making him pull free of the orc on accident. While that was good for starters the pair shared a bond that was beyond words and they each knew what to do for the other to maximize their pleasure. Rohr stood up on his feet, his cock ripping the concrete apart as he flexed it effortlessly. At the same time Mute slipped his cock free of the restraining thong just in time for Rohr to leap through the air, landing on his face with his sweaty socks feet first. The ground cratered under the weight but the human was unharmed and instead his whole body flexed as an involuntary pleasure response to the powerful musk of his lover's sweat soaked socks and massive feet that covered his face and pecs completely. Mute lay on his back as Rohr rubbed his toes over the human's face while his heels rested on the pecs of the mighty red-haired man. Mute pulled off his own massive sweat soaked socks and slipped one on to Rohr's cock like a cock sleeve, then the other over top it. This made his partner roar in pleasure again as the stretchy socks infused his man meat with the powerful musk of his lover. He scarecely had time to enjoy it as he felt his orgasm approaching while his cock grew bigger, thicker, and longer to push the stretchiness of the socks to their limits. The socks began to tear and shred around his huge cock and then it happened. Then he came. The vampire orc fired thousands of gallons and flexed his musky sock covered toes over Mute's face while he blasted the socks to bits. Mute felt the orgasm and that was enough to set off a volcanic eruption of his own. They both came for minutes straight onto Thuvar's massive muscled whale body. The sperm whale massaged those awesome cum loads into his hairy skin as the heroes kept erupting onto him. But the loads mentioned so far weren't the only ones. There were still two more groups of individuals who were having their own brands of kinky fun and various eruptions. Mihk was such a large individual that any clothing he wore even at his smallest sizes were always stretched to the max over his gargantuan muscles and various body bulges. The bison man had hyper muscles on top of muscles that put the others to shame even when totally relaxed, not to mention the member of the seven foot two inch tall burly beast. Even soft his cock was twenty inches of soda liter bottle thick man meat. His handsome camel companion Pehn had that bison meat swelling just at the prospect of what they were about to do. Pehn stood seven feet tall, a mere two inches shorter than Mihk, and while his muscles were nothing to shrug at, they were nothing compared to the always hyper muscular bison. His feet were another matter. While Mihk's feet were huge to support his immense frame, Pehn's feet were a good six inches longer in his unaltered state. His own sixteen inches of hardening cock flesh snaked down the leg of his shorts and the head poked out as the fabric got tighter and tighter. Soon the cock had pushed down past his knees and was a full thirty inches hard in his natural state. A light flex freed him of his pants constraints. The massive bison received the gift of a spurt of precum over his pecs from the camel. This made Mihk blush a bit and his own dick started to harden. It didn't take as much to release his dick from the cloth prison as it expanded to full hardness fast and tore free of his cock to stand at forty two inches long in his totally unaltered state. That forty two inch member stood rigid and nigh immovable yet the sultry camel man sauntered up to it and told Mihk, “I want to have you practice some of the poses you learned since coming here and to see your level of control. Stand perfectly still at full attention.” The bison stood at attention at the command with a massive cock jutting out before him, then Pehn gave a nod followed by a second order, “Now give me a front lat spread pose.” The bison complied flexing in the pose that could have engulfed three of the muscular camels within his bulk. The camel was pleased and walked up to Mihk then stood on his gargantuan cock, the camels own cock bopping the huge bison on the nose as his sock covered feet gripped the bison cock with huge and powerful toes. He held tight to the warm throbbing meant as he said, “Now I'm going to bop you on the nose each time I want you to change poses. The poses you are going to go through are as follows: show me a front double bicep pose, followed by a side chest, then a side triceps, and finish off with a most muscular pose with all pose changes given with a creative flourish. First one to orgasm from our play looses.” Mihk bit his lower lip as the camel's feet and toes flexed, massaging his cock with sock covered feet. Those camel soles flexed bigger and bigger along with the toes. The fact they hadn't ripped free of the confines was a miracle. Then the camel bopped him on the nose, the bison caught the change order and switched to a front double bicep pose. While rubbing the massive bison cock, which was now spurting a fountain of precum, the camel reached over and felt the massive biceps which were currently taller than the bison's head. Pehn grinned and said, “Bigger and bigger till I say stop.” The bison re-flexed over and over, growing his biceps bigger and taller, soon they were ten feet tall and then the camel hopped up onto the pectoral shelf of Mihk before hopping up to sit atop one of the bicep peaks with his naked rump. Then Mihk got a devious grin and flexed extra hard. Suddenly the camel shot up another forty feet as the massive biceps expanded to grow till they were fifty feet tall. He gripped the bicep he was on with his feet, his ass clenched around the top, his cock swelled another foot in length from how turned on he was and then he saw the bicep across from him shift as the bison moved his arm. The bicep across from him pressed down on his head and torso, while the one under him narrowed on the end and expanded upwards, thrusting into the rump of the camel and making him moan. Pehn was lost in extacy as a massive flexing bicep literally fucked him as he was pushed down onto it by the opposite arm muscle. He thrust his growing member against the bicep that held him in place and just as he was about to cum, the bison relaxed his flex and the camel was brought down on the bicep, to be in range. The bison looked up and the massive camel cock bopped him on the nose. Mihk smiled, “Time for the side chest pose.” The camel fell to the floor with a thud as the bison did a backflip so that he was about ten feet away from him. He grinned and then did a side chest pose with his massive jutting pecs aimed right at the camel... then he flexed... His pecs swelled and expanded outwards at an alarming rate that surprised the camel and the massive walls of muscle surprised him more when they parted and then egulfed him in a warm and sultry embrace. Pehn found himself surrounded by pecs on all sides and his cock was stuck between them being milked by expertly flexing muscles. He almost gave in but didn't want to lose and so after a few minutes he was able to snap out of it before the orgasm hit. Not to be out done he did a flex of his triceps and forced the pecs apart, much to Mihk's surprise. Pehn flexed his cock and it grew forth at a super fast speed stopping just before the bison's nose. A small thrust of his hips and he booped the bison on the nose with the precum leaking head of his gargantuan humanoid camel cock. Pehn smiled and said, “Side triceps.” Mihk relaxed his flex and released the camel then flexed his triceps to alarmingly huge proportions, so much so that they expanded behind him and started to lift him from the ground. The camel walked up to his friend and flexed his own pecs to engulf the now seven foot long humanoid bison cock. The bison moaned and was on the brink of his own orgasm when he got an idea. He flexed one tricep then the other, rocking himself back and forth till he flexed one extra hard and flipped over in a cartwheel, bopping himself on the nose with the camel cock then said, “Haha... Most muscular.” Free from the pectoral grip of the camel on his cock he landed in the traditional hero pose and then stood before the camel, his muscles getting bigger and bigger, what cloth remained on his form exploded off from the powerful flexes. Then he flexed hard and became a literal wall of muscle that swallowed his own head as he grew outward at an alarming rate, the camel was conquered by his calves but the bison released him to trap him under the swolen soles of his gargantuan feet. He massaged the whole body of his camel companion with those muscles and while the camel flexed bigger and bigger to try and get free it was to no avail, there was no way to flex larger or to overpower the bison now. All that power. All that muscle. It was all too overwhelming and then the camel came blasting hundreds of gallons all over, under, and inbetween the muscles and bulk of Mihk. As Mihk felt the eruption it coaxed his now twenty five foot cock with boulders for balls, to erupt on it's own and a few dozen thousands of gallons erupted from him every second to also dwarf Pehn in that department as well... When all was said and done the two couldn't stop cumming for at least a half hour. While all the rest was happening, the trio of Dohn, Ehlder, and Fehl were off on their own. Orgasmic tensions building as they waited to look around and saw their fellow companions all swelling and having sex in a variety of creative ways. They could feel the love in the air within that chamber and felt it empower them. They didn't even mean to but as they watched they felt their muscles all swelling in unison. They didn't even notice as they were so distracted but soon they had ripped free of any traces of garments upon their newly tremendous forms, each one standing as a ten foot tall hyper muscular male with hard ons that could fuck a building to pieces and keep on going for days. The trio turned towards each other and the rest of the world suddenly didn't seem to matter any more. They found their place in the world and it was with each other. They moved in and started to flex and grind massive muscle against massive muscle in a three way muscle hug where pecs ground against pecs. Fehl's nipples pressed against one of Dohn's and one of Ehlder's, penetrating both of them and exploding milk into the pecs of his companions. All three moaned in unison and Dohn's cock seemed to snake and wrap around the massive cocks of his companions, stroking and masturbating them with a super strong grip that only one with their power could exert. Ehlder traded kisses with both as they took turns making out. His lips and the lips of his companions swelled along with their brows and chins as they grew bigger and more masculine by the second. Their hair grew longer under their pits, around their crotches and atop their heads as each moment that passed only made them more massive and magnificent. They played footsie with each other, flexing their soles to massive proportions and their toes to tremendous lengths as they intertwined and writhed in extatic muscle growth bliss. They swelled their muscles larger and larger, erupting with muscular girth beyond any of their previous experiences, drawing power from the others having intense sexual experiences all around them. Everything built to a head as muscle flexed against muscle, filling every space as they ground and flexed against each other. Their love was beyond words and the powerful bliss lasted for a full hour till all others around them were spent and then turned to watch as the three made a fierce tower of muscle that inspired awe in all the rest in the room. Then it came. Then they came. They were perfectly in sync and came together. They exploded out with millions of gallons of seed blasting forth every second with a tidal wave of cum blasting forth so powerfully that it flushed over all the rest in the chamber and the muscle power behind that orgasm was so powerful that all the others in Zhu's recruits came along with them even though they thought they were spent. The sexual energy was overwhelming and after a full hour of orgasms everyone in the massive warehouse floated in a veritable sea of cum that left them a mere twenty feet from the ceiling, they all relaxed their flexes and floated near the roof of the warehouse like building as the seed flow slowly drained out of the room. “I love you both,” said Fehl to Dohn and Ehlder. “I have never felt such love,” said Dohn in agreement. “Neither have I but I feel a connection to the two of you like none other I've ever known,” said Ehlder. “I want to be with you both forever,” said Fehl. The three shared some happy tears as they swam over through the sea of cum and kissed one another passionately. Finally spent. Truly happy. As those orgasms ended, the massive sperm whale Thuvar was coated in so much of their cum. The orgasmic energy filled the whole chamber and energized him as he rubbed the cum into his skin like a fancy lotion while swimming in a love power he had not yet felt. His cock grew to five hundred feet long, extending up from his body as he swam, making it breach the cum lake like a whale all on it's own. Then he blew a load that flooded the room thirty feet deep with a lake of whale cum all his own. That pressure filled the room the rest of the way and the doors to the room burst open flooding out into a good portion of the other training facilities in the area. Once the cum levels died down he lay on the ground. All were spent and all the little men climbed atop his body to rest on him like he were a boat in the sea of his own pleasure. It was on top of Thuvar that the orgy began again. Elsewhere in the headquarters of the Blue Beast organization... Zhu was in a meditation chamber. He sat cross legged and naked as he focused... then it hit him like an anvil. A feeling of great dread. He got to his feet and ran to a control panel. He entered a few panicked commands and said, “Sound the full alarm. It has arrived. Roaxix is here on this world and he is going to try to devour this universe just like the others...” Two thousand five hundred and eighty nine miles from the Blue Beast HQ on the massive plains of grain in the Gelitoth kingdom, surrounded by the Grohuun mountains, a hole opened in time and space. A man fell through that hole. He was a mouse with black and white fur. One might say he had the markings of Pepe le Pew with his black and white fur over his torso. His arms and legs had socks like a fox only white fur instead of black. His tail was the same stark white fur as the rest of him and he had white headfur including a handlebar mustache. He entered the world completely naked. The ground burned under his feet as he landed. He stood at ten feet of incredible muscles and with a cock that reached his knees while soft. Power crackled around him as he looked around with eyes that glowed the darkest pitch black. He looked around and felt a rumbling under his feet. A shadow cast over him from a massive figure. The mouse turned and saw a massive naked bull man who stood two hundred feet tall. A massive humanoid foot landed to either side of him as the bull looked down over gargantuan pectoral muscles. “I am Rhadigan the Quaking Mountain. Guardian of the plains of my kingdom. I protect them from wrongful magics and those who would cast them... and whom am I speaking to?” came a booming voice from the massive bull man. The mouse smiled and spoke with a voice that was deep and monsterous, “Nothing you said mattered. Your world is to be consumed. You shall be the first.” Without another word the mouse pursed his lips and began to suck in with a powerful gale that knocked the beastly bull off balance. The bull tried to pull away but the mouse drew him in and then he opened wide.
  7. Wild 8lue Yonder Part Two: Of Gods and Men and Godly Men... Ehlder and Thuvar are creations of Mr. Mouse, all other primary and secondary characters along with the contents of the Universe of 8lue are creations of the ever wonderful Zhu. All other story elements and characters are original creations either by Mr. Mouse or Zhu. All participants in any sexual or erotic activities are over the age of eighteen and are willing participants. Any resemblance to any characters living, dead, living dead, ever living, undead, deadbeat or otherwise is entirely coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy this collaborative work of fiction which has no basis on real events either through experience or heresay. Now without further delay... on with the show! The Universe designated as 8lue was a place that many people from our Earth would consider strange. The natives to the planet Magnasia were a people born of magic. It was a Universe where magic was prominent and flowed quite freely. It revitalized not only the native inhabitants but all who visited that place. Humans, aliens, furries, and all creatures who went there were strengthened by the magics that flowed through them. Most everyone who lived there used magic in their every day life to enhance it along side technology. Although there were some who were more in tuned to the magic elements than others and they had the power to use those magics with great purpose should the need arise. Everyone took basic magic in schools but only a few ever studied it as a profession. Even those that were adept more often chose different careers but used magic to help enhance their lives in their jobs of choice. One such man was a well to do anthro camel at a sales agency in the city of Luhtaggen. He learned that he was adept at spirit magic and used that to put a little extra oomph into his sales pitches. He was tops in his company for three years running. At least he was until that fateful day... He was in his corner office on the thirty fifth floor, dressed in an Armani suit that he had custom tailored on his last jump trip to Earth from Universe Ma6enta, which people pronounced as magenta. The camel man stood seven feet tall and had big feet, even for his size, not to mention his fantastically built body. The bulge in his slacks would put every Earth man to shame. It was a good thing his suit was a custom as he would have never fit into anything off the rack from Earth. He was putting a golf ball into a cup when he heard a buzz come from the intercom on his desk. He pushed the button to answer, “You've got Pehn, what can I do for you?” The nasally voice of his assistant came over the line, “I have a man here who says he is from some place called Blue Beast. They have him in the lobby and he is requesting to see you immediately.” Pehn swallowed hard and said, “Did they say what they wanted with me?” “They wouldn't give us any information other than they needed you down there right now, Mr. Campbelle,” said his assistant. Pehn thought for a moment then shrugged, “Alright well, tell them I'll be right down.” Pehn walked to a full length mirror on the back of his office door, straightened his suit and tie, then made his way out. He took a private elevator down to the second floor and then walked the stairs to the lobby where he saw a purple furred bear, with brown headfur and long sideburns standing by the security desk in a far cheaper black suit. The bear wore dark sunglasses and appeared to have a lithe swimmers build tucked under his suit. His tail seemed to wiggle a bit as he chatted away with the security guards. Pehn cleared his throat and the bear spun on his heels to greet him. He tucked his sunglasses away and when the camel finally saw his eyes he also saw the purple bear appeared to be quite young. Must have been fresh out of some academy or another. The bear walked up to him and offered a hand to shake, “Are you Pehnrose Balu Campbelle, Sir?” Pehn noted that the bear's voice confirmed his age as he nodded, “Yes that is who I am. What's all the hullabaloo?” The bear smiled with a nod as they shook hands, “Mr. Campbelle? My name is special agent Anha. Your government needs you.” A couple hundred miles north, in the small and mostly suburban town of Gheron, there was a very smart botanist who was using his parent's farm to run his business and various plant growth experiments. He had settled down in one of the more rural areas of Gheron to grow so plants he had gotten from one of the Earths he'd jumped to during his time at college. This particular day he was just in town to get some supplies before he headed back to his private cabin. The bison man was muscled beyond beefy. They bulged far larger than the largest body builder on Earth. The massive bison stood at seven feet two inches of height with feet so large that there were hardly any shoes in his size, at least not that he could afford as a starving botanist. He walked into town wearing only a red flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a set of blue jean overalls. That was usually all he ever wore. There was a scrawny boy at the five and dime, no more than four feet tall with limbs slim and lithe. He took over the shop from his grandfather and the sheep man was now the one running the business. He wore a tee shirt and jean shorts, and was out that day just sweeping the shop stoop and waved to the actor as he approached, “Hey, Mihk. Coming by for the usual grocery run today?” Mihk the buffalo man nodded and rubbed the back of his head. When he brought his arm up it flexed his bicep and accidentally tore the sleeve from his arm, “Oops. Heh. Yeah I am. Guess I should even this out, eh?” He put on a bit of a show and flexed his other arm and the opposite sleeve ripped clean off his body. The skinny sheep's eyes bulged out as he watched the massive man, his heart throbbed for the massive man as he walked into the store. Mihk had to turn sideways to squeeze in the doorway due to his extra wide shoulders. The massive man looked around the shop and saw his grocery order set aside behind the counter already, but he wanted to pick out a few extra things he forgot to add to his list. While he was looking about, the sheep man ran back into the store and said, “Mihk! There's some fella outside in a suit who's lookin' for ya!” The hulking man wiped some sweat from his forehead and said, “Someone in a suit wants to talk with me? Who in tarnation? Is this one of Behvro's pranks?” “Dunno. They knew yer name though. Take a look fer yerself big fella,” said the slim shopkeep as he pointed outside to someone who was hard to see through the window. Mihk squinted but couldn't quite make them out. “Guess I'll have to check it out. Maybe they finally decided to get back to me about my grant funds...” said the bison man. He walked outside and saw a man in a suit. A rather large and muscular man, who paled in comparison to the bison. He was a mouse with blue fur and a mustache, if one didn't know better they might have mistaken him for Ehlder... that is if one were to also know Ehlder in the first place, which Mihk didn't. The mouse removed his dark sunglasses and smiled a wide grin when he said, “Hello there. Are you Mihkensei Bleu Buisson?” The bison crossed his sleeveless arms across his chest and shot the mouse a suspicious look, “That depends on who wants to know.” The mouse bopped his head, “Where are my manners. My name is Dohnavin Blue Cilan-Tron, but you can call me Dohn. Everyone does.” He offered a hand to shake and the bison accepted it, shaking his hand, “And what can I do for you Dohn?” Dohn nodded and said, “Well, I'm with Blue Beast and to be honest Mr. Buisson... Your government could really use your help.” It seemed the Blue Beast had it's fingers spreading throughout the world, the same could be said of the modeling studio that the lion model Fahr had disappeared from just the day before. In it was a canine man with golden fur. He was a bit of a mutt with a swimmers build. He wore a pink tee shirt that day with a red blazer, tight red pants, and a pair of fashionable sneakers. He was so worried about his friend that vanished and when he was contacted by Blue Beast and told to meet at the studio where Fahr the lion had disappeared, he was all too happy to comply. The elevator doors opened and he walked down the hall to the studio where he saw two agents, one was a pale ogre with brown hair and a bit of an underbite, who stood at six foot eight inches tall. The other was a human male with red hair who appeared quite hirsute for a human and stood at least six foot eight inches tall. The five foot tall canine male walked up to the men who were both incredibly muscular and hung, either of them appeared like they had been painted into their suits. “Are you from Blue Beast?” asked the canine man with fresh dried tears still on his face. The human seemed to be running some kind of a scan with a large box attached to a rod by a telephone cord. The box buzzed and clicked but he didn't really speak. The ogre removed his sunglasses and said “We are. My name is Agent Rohr and this is Agent Mute. Are you Kahleander Kaskae, better known as Kahl?” The canine started to cry again, “Do you know what happened to my friend?” “Mr. Lunardi is fine. He was teleported away and we are monitoring his activity even as we speak,” said Rohr. Kahl wiped his face and sniffed as he leaned against a pillar in relief, “Oh thank goodness. I just saw some strangers pop in out of nowhere and then they all vanished.” “We know,” said Agent Rohr, “One other question. Have you ever teleported or jumped to another dimension, Kahl?” The canine sniffled a bit, “Yeah, I been to Calitross in Ye11ow and Earth from 5iolet on vacations. Why?” The ogre smiled as Mute looked to the canine man, “Because, Kahl, your government could use your help.” Things were well under way for the young, lithe, canine man... but what became of the five heroes who were trapped on that small abandoned island? Ehlder, Fahr, Fehl, Gehn and Hymn were just fine on that island. They couldn't travel with the belt until Ehlder had a chance to tinker with it again. The malfunction that brought them there might be too dangerous to risk any further jumps until he could examine it with the proper tools, many of which were left in his pants and smashed to bits on their first day on the island. Nevertheless, there was plenty of tropical fruit for them to eat and over the course of a week, cut off from the rest of the world, both Ehlder and Fehl trained them to use their innate magical talents. After the jumps they found it was far easier to tap into abilities they didn't know they had. Fehl was already a student of magic and had picked up a thing or two over the years, though his formal training had only just begun. However, thanks to the jumps he had become quite proficient quite a bit faster in his matter manipulation skills. Ehlder however, was more prepared for the change and his powers of matter magic were amplified, and he was the primary educator as of this group he was the only with formal magical schooling. In time they discovered Hymn the bear had powers of fire and ice magic; Gehn the dragon had powers over dark and light magics; while Fahr the lion had powers of Body magic which allowed him to manipulate his body and the bodies of others more than any of the other sorcerers on that island. It was a week of getting to know each other. A week of personal exploration in more ways than merely sexual gratification, although there was a lot of it. A week that will eventually get it's own spin off story in the future. However, the story at hand takes place after that week. The magics were practiced with no spell phones to contact the outside world. No way to get help. And so the five men gathered and focused their mystic energies to Fahr the lion to help him amplify his own powers over body magic that he might alter himself and help get them home. The normally six foot five inch tall lion grew till he stood two hundred and fifty feet tall. A Goliath of pure brawn with bulging muscles that were outlandish even at his size. His abs were fantastic, not that he would be able to tell from the sheer girth of his enormous chest. His pectoral shelf extended out from his body a good fifty feet with muscle cleavage that could contain busses and nipples that could crush cars. Speaking of busses, his massive feet were so large that busses wouldn't even make good skates for the giant. His perfect mane flowed in the breeze and his body hair lengthened under his pits, over his pecs, around his crotch, and over his hands and feet. His forehead bulged with a bit of extra size, while his jaw squared out and gave him a bit of an overbite with a swollen and much larger lower lip. His overall facial features made him look more bestial and primitive. Perhaps the most bestial thing of all on his body was his cock. It had grown with him and rested atop his boulder caliber balls at fifty feet long when soft. The exertion of the magic energies had given the other four a boost and to travel in a more leisurely ride they all allowed them swell to muscular, hirsute, hung, behemoths that stood fifteen feet in height with large feet and luscious bulges across their bodies. They sat on Fahr's titanic pecs as he walked out to sea. The water in the island belt, for the most part, got no deeper than a hundred and fifty feet. Occasionally the bottoms of his pecs dipped into the water, but for most of the walk it was only up to the lion's waist. The four men atop his chest traveled in style and lay back to relax on their walk to civilization. Gehn the dragon snuggled up to his bear friend Hymn on one pec, while Ehlder and Fehl snuggled up close on the other. Fehl looked to Ehlder and said, “It's going to be so good to be back at home after all this time. I bet a lot of people were... or I guess are still worried about us.” “I'm sure that with a few calls that things can be made right again. Who knows what they thought but it would have been near impossible for them to have traced us. Magic was the fastest way back,” said Ehlder as the sea winds billowed over those fantastic pecs. “Surely I could have used my ice magic to freeze a path back,” said Hymn, “I bet I could have gotten quite a ways at the very least. Island to island.” “Salt water is harder to freeze than ordinary water, my dear Hymn,” said Ehlder. “While my powers of dark and light magic might not have been able to make a walkway home,” began Gehn, “Both you and Fehl are experienced matter magicians. You could have changed the water to rocks and made a walkway back.” “Alchemic changes are very draining if done in vast quantities. Millions and millions of gallons of water would have had to of been changed for us to make a path back home,” said Ehlder, “It would have been harder than even trying to freeze a path back.” “My body was the best route then,” commented Fahr as his voice bellowed through the air, his feet rumbling the sea floor beneath him as they made their way all those miles back to Fehl's home island, “I need to make so many spell phone calls when we get back. My agents and my friends are gonna be so worried. Hope I still have a job after this.” “I don't know about you guys but I would be so happy to taste some food that wasn't a medly of jungle fruit,” said Fehl. “Mmmmmm...” rumbled Fahr, “Manufactured products...” “What do you guys miss about civilization?” Fehl asked to Hymn and Gehn. They looked to one another and then spoke in unison, “Weed.” Everyone shared a good chuckle before Gehn looked to Ehlder, “What are you going to do first once we get back?” All eyes fell to him as the body rumbled through the powerful sea at a good jogging pace. Ehlder cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his head, “Well, chaps, I suppose first I will get my belt working... and then I have to resume my mission. There's still something bad headed to this world and I need to find the people who can help me stop it.” “You've been very vague about what the bad thing is headed this way,” said Fahr as he stopped walking in a shallow spot of the ocean. The water only came up to his ankles and crashed against his toes and lower legs on the good waves, “I think I'm going to stop the lion ferry till I hear something about what exactly is coming for us all.” Ehlder swallowed hard, “Right... well... On my world there was something that happened. An accident in mixing magic and technology. It made a dark beast we came to know was called: the Roaxix. It has only one purpose. It goes to worlds where magic thrives and then it devours those worlds bit by bit. People and all. It has fed on seven worlds now and it is my belief in tracking this beast that it is on it's way to this world next.” “Well that sucks,” said Fahr, “How can you stop it?” Ehlder nodded, “The few scientists that survived my world's destruction, along with myself, found that while the Roaxix devours worlds of magic, that magic might be the key to not only sating it's hunger but in reversing the damage it had done. Restoring the worlds devoured. A proper mixture of the right elements being cast by the right people could save everyone.” Fehl snuggled into Ehlder's chest, “Who's to say you haven't already found some of the people you need?” Ehlder smiled, “I was thinking rather the same.” Fahr nodded with a grin, “Well I should be moving us along then. Seems like we have a lot more to do.” Before the massive lion could move there was a disturbance in the waters before the group as something massive and dark swam up to them. Something giant approached and stood up in the water. A massive man who looked to be an anthropomorphic sperm whale with a giant head rose from the waves completely naked. He stood before them with muscles and a package that could rival the lion's own in his bulging glory. The ground shook with his thundering foot steps as he approached. “Who dares to cast powerful magics in my island seas? Who dares to crush my sands with quaking footfalls? Who dares trespass in my rea...” The whale stopped short of his last sentence as he stood a mere two hundred feet tall and his face was actually mostly below the two hundred and fifty foot tall lion's chest. He blinked and looked up at the massive man before him, who carried other men on his chest. “Huh? Who are you?” asked the lion to the whale. “Me?” asked the massive sperm whale, “I am Thuvar the Crashing Wave. Guardian of the seas around my islands. I protect them from wrongful magics and those who would cast them... and who am I speaking to?” “Well I'm Fahr,” said the massive lion placing a hand on his chest in a feminine manner. He then pointed to each of the men on his pecs as he leaned down a little to show them off, “And this is Gehn, Hymn, Fehl and Ehlder. We were just going on a leisurely stroll home as we got stuck on a deserted island.” “I suppose there's nothing wrong with that,” said the literal whale of a man as he bit his lower lip and fidgeted a bit while looking over the very sexy group before him, “I would be happy to offer my assistance... in exchange for help in return.” “We'll take any assistance you can give!” said Ehlder, “But what could we possibly do to help you?” There was thud of something wet hitting the bottom of the lion's pecs. Fahr took a couple steps back to see what the source of the sound was. The whale's massive humanoid cock was now fully erect and as long hard as the lion's was soft. He blushed slightly and said, “It is lonely being a guardian... I've not been with anyone in some time as there are none who could accept my size... but you...” The lion rolled his eyes then looked to the men on his chest, “What do you say? Shall we have some fun at sea guys?” The response was a unanimous and resounding yes. On cue, the lion's mast rose to it's full two hundred foot glory in a matter of seconds. It went between the legs of the whale and lifted the massive beast of a man from his feet into the air as he had never been before. The whale's gargantuan humanoid cock was thrust between the pecs of Fahr's feline glory and found it was engulfed completely with the head pushing between that impossible clevage till it came out the other side. Overwhelmed, Thuvar grabbed onto his lover's chest and began to thrust in and out of it as his rear hotdogged the lion's own tremendous log of flesh. The lion purred which vibrated not only the massive god of a whale and the cock flesh trapped in between his monsterous pecs, but also sent pleasurable vibrations through the bodies of those that rode his chest. Thuvar the sperm whale's pecs rested atop Fahr's chest as he thrust into those pecs and both Gehn the dragon and Hymn the bear saw an opportunity before them. The fifteen foot tall musclebound pair headed for a massive whale nipple each, and each with a cock that measured a good ten feet before their bodies. Both their cocks and bodies were incredibly thick and throbbing with huge veins. Gehn thrust his cock into the left whale nipple while Hymn thrust into the one on the right. Thuvar the whale billowed out a huge plume from the blowhole atop his head as the cocks thrust into his nipples, it was only that the lion flexed his chest over that cock which kept him from cumming. The chest squeezed just right to help the whale hold off his load while the smaller and incredibly powerful musclebound furries fucked his chest. The whale's mouth hung agape while he was pleasured. Thrusting into that chest. Fehl and Elder were both enticed by the gargantuan cock that popped in and out before them through the pectoral cleavage of their hirsute and powerful lion friend. The mouse and cetacoon only had to look each other in the eyes for a moment and they knew exactly what the other wanted to do. They walked over the pecs to the massive tube of cockflesh, both sporting ten foot members on their fifteen foot tall, hyper, muscular frames. Ehlder approached the cock first, watching the whale's member's head only swell larger as his nipples were taken advantage of, he aimed his own dick at the humongous whale's blowhole... then he plugged it. The massively muscular mouse, who was tremendous by most mere mortals, paled in comparison to the size of the sperm whale guardian, who's cock he was fucking. Nevertheless the whale seemed to enjoy that insertion and as the mouse took hold of that cock head, he thrust in and out, his cock growing inside the cock of the massive godly man. The whale nearly came again and were it not for the cock of the powerful mouse plugging his cum hole, he would have erupted a second time. His balls only got bigger and bigger as his loads were held off. The whole display made Fehl and Fahr extremely horny. Fahr the lion held off on touching himself for the time being as the slightest touch or grip might set him off. Fehl the cetacoon had no need for such restraints and masturbated on the lion's pecs, leaking more precum than a hundred men of half his size could hope to in a year. Fehl pressed his massive cock to the very tight rear end of his super strong lover mouse and as he pushed against it, his massive cock bent and folded a bit. He grunted and the mouse relaxed then suddenly his cock jumped into Ehlder by a couple feet. The massive and powerful mouse flexed in response, all his muscles jumped up in size by a few feet in circumference as he was entered by the cetacoon. He looked back and grinned to Fehl over his shoulder. Fehl returned the smile and thrust another three feet into his lover. His cock didn't grow in length but he thickened it by several feet around. The extra girthy mouse moaned as he bit his lower lip. He started to fuck in and out of that whale cock while Fehl pushed in and out of his lover's rump. The cetacoon took the mouse by the hips and his slow thrusts might have been considered quite gentle despite their hyper and hypermuscular sizes. The macro lion had seen and felt almost all he could take. As the burly men made love on and to the whale, Thuvar felt a power pass to his body. The massive lion and his powerful friends shared their power with the whale of a man and suddenly the whale felt a change. His head sprouted a glorious mane of hair. Long white flowing locks grew from atop his head and swept back to rest on his powerful shoulders. Then a long beard, like the sea god Poseidon grew on his chin, with a mustache to match. His veined chest sprouted sprigs of thick hair, up his shoulders and across his forearms. A treasure trail of white hair grew down the middle of his abs and a glorious bush of white pubes on his crotch. His massive hands swelled bigger, as did his feet, as both became hirsute. His legs were not to be out done as they sprouted white hair to match that of his powerful arms. The whale's cock swelled bigger till even when he pulled out, as far as he could go, it still stuck out a good twenty feet from the lion's pecs. The cock head swelled to even more monsterous proportions as he got more turned on during the whole affair. He didn't understand the power that flowed into him but it felt so good that he didn't mind. Gehn and Hymp kept fucking those massive pectoral muscles via the nipples but then the nipples swelled, erecting like massive cocks on the whale's chest which only swelled bigger with each heart throb. The dragon and bear held on and kept fucking, their cocks swelling bigger within the nipples to better fill them out and to go all the way into the massive whale's pecs. It felt so good that the whale's massive feet stretched, growing larger. His soles flexed till he stood atop Fahr's own tremendous feet, matching them for size but with soles to put his to shame. The lion flexed his feet, splaying his toes and willing them longer. His feet grew wider and the hair on them got thicker beneath the whale feet. A pleasureable experience for the both of them. The massive lion flexed the soles of his feet and they swelled, elevating the tops of his feet so they were fully above the crashing waves by a good fifty feet. A flex of his toes crushed the sand so hard that it turned to glass and then the ocean cooled glass was crushed under tons of weight. As the muscle power flowed through everyone into the bear of a whale, they all started to grow hairier. Their head and facial hair all grew considerably larger. Fehl held onto Ehlder hard as he felt the hair on his forearms and calves grow. His knuckles got hairier, transforming as a werewolf's might. He could feel his toes do the same. His forehead bulged and made him look more primitive and his jaw thickened to add to his burly nature. His pecs only flexed and bulged bigger on every thrust into Ehlder. Ehlder in the meantime had a bit of a different growth. His hair was already in a pony tail but grew all the way down his back as it freed itself from it's confines. His blue and lightly red flowing hair rippled in the sea breeze and from the breath of the cetacoon and lion alike. His chest and back got far hairier and became lush jungles of manly fur that accentuated his profound musculature. He held onto that massive cock that he fucked, his veiny dick getting so thick that his member's veins could be seen through the cock of the other man. He kept thrusting as his balls grew and slapped the underside of that massive cock head with every thrust. Ehlder's feet grew giant, ten feet long from heel to toe and with toes that curled over and gripped the whale cock he fucked into. Fehl gripped his man's feet with his own so that he could have a better hold to pound even harder into the mouse. His cock bulged that massive mouse stomach yet his invincible abs never seemed to lose definition whatsoever. The mouse gave off a musk that smelled of lavender and was a perfect complimentary scent for Fehl's musk which smelled of eucalyptus to him. They were in heaven as the pair of Fehl and Ehlder didn't fuck. They made love. Gehn and Hymn were fucking the massive giant nipples of the whale and both Ehlder and Fehl's eyes bulged out when they saw their huge, lickable, feet just dangling above them so enticingly. They splayed and flexed their toes in pleasure, and Fehl and Ehlder looked to one another and shared a grin. They were on the same page. They called forth the powers of matter manipulation and drudged up water and sand from the seas to change it to fabric and covered those tootsies with warm fuzzy socks. The bear and dragon were concerned but for a moment but then looked over at the pair riding the cock who shot them finger guns after they noticed. The dragon shook his head and then only intensified his thrusts and milk spurted around his cock, as well as into it, filling his balls bigger and bigger. Gehn felt milk dribble and then flow down his legs till they soaked his socks. He moaned and flexed his feet, growing them bigger and bigger in the wet socks. Hymn was in similar trouble but took a slower approach, his cock thickened inside that massive nipple and practically drank down the milk to his balls, his feet flexed larger in his dry socks but they ripped through without that milky elixer soaking them first. The bear thrusted slower into the whale as his toes and heels poked through the tatterd socks on his feet. He looked to Gehn who now had his hands behind his head, the thick underarm hair wafting in the sea breeze as he gripped the huge nipple with his tremendous feet in wet socks and held on while he fucked. His swaying wrecking balls slamming onto the nipples and got ever closer to the pecs of Fahr. Hymn's balls swelled faster as they took in more of the whale's milk and once both sets of balls rested on his chest, the lion was ready to move onto the next phase of passion for him and his whole group. He saw as the dragon and bear with balls on his pecs began to get hairier with biceps and calves that flexed bigger and bigger on every thrust. The socks were toast. The whale felt so good that he put both hands behind his head and showed off the plumes of white pit hair that had grown under each arm. Flaunting for the lion as he thrust and experienced sensations he never thought could be possible. “Get ready for some real rocking everyone...” Fahr forewarned. His purring intensified and in doing so his Adam's apple swelled far larger than before, also lowering his grunting voice by a few more registers. That was when he took the whale by the hips and lifted him. His cock moved on it's own and pushed into the whale, spreading him wide. The lion wrapped his tail around the whale's cock's base to keep him from cumming as the massive being took a hundred feet of lion dick in a mere few seconds. The whale's balls only grew as yet another orgasmic eruption was averted. The lion only shifted his hips to thrust in and out of the whale, thrusting further inside him with a bigger cock than he had ever had the pleasure of knowing. Two muscular beasts fucked his nipples; Two fucked his cock; and a muscle god of a lion fucked his now hairy ass. His massive pontoons of feet started to lightly stomp on the ground as he got up on his massive, still growing toes and the lowered back down to rest on his heels, with every single thrust. The whale had never known such pleasures... and they only got better once the orgasms started. Gehn and Hymn came into his nipples first. They gripped tight and let loose thousands of gallons into the gargantuan whale pecs, inflating them till they resembled huge, veiny, muscular breasts. The pecs of the whale swelled till they engulfed the portion of his cock that protruded from between the lion god's pecs. In turn this also engulfed Fehl, Ehlder, and even Fahr's head, all of whom's eyes bulged as they saw the pectoral muscles grow at them with tremendous speed and the sound of gushing fluid as they were filled by a mighty pair who couldn't stop cumming if they tried. To be trapped inside the sperm whale's pecs as they inflated like cum balloons with the feel of gushing hot fluid around them was pure bliss for Ehlder and Fahr. The cetacoon was the first of the pair to erupt. He came so hard that it gushed out of Ehlder's mouth and around Fehl's mammoth member. The whale watched as cetacoon cum exploded out from between his massive pecs. That's not to say that the engulfing process wasn't horribly sexy to the lion as well. Fahr pursed his tremendous swelling lips and drank of the seed that spurted out between the hairy pecs that swallowed his head. He noted that the seed had notes of the tropical fruit they had all been eating over the past week. It turned him on so much that his tail let loose of the whale cock at the same moment that Ehlder came a practical sea of cum down the whale cock. The whale's balls got so big that they swelled to either side of the lion and himself. Inflating till they touched the ground and covered Fahr's gargantuan feet, alongside the whale's own swollen flexing feet, eliciting the lion to curl his toes and crush the sand and rock beneath his feet. The whale was able to see over the lion's tremendous shoulders and he saw a sight that put the fear of the gods within him. The lion's balls had swollen all on their own from the power of the orgasms around him. It enhanced his body magic powers and sent them into overdrive. His balls swelled and grew till they blocked out the sun. Then they rumbled and quaked the ground as the lion was about to let loose. Fahr the lion felt it about to happened and forewarned everyone saying, “Get ready guys... I'm about to show you what a real orgasm looks like.” The lion's deep and silky voice reverberated through his chest and the sight of those balls finally overwhelmed Thuvar the sperm whale. His cock erupted without warning as he was rocked by the most powerful orgasm he ever had. He had never known such bliss as his cock erupted with millions of gallons of seed which blew the mouse and cetacoon from his moby dick. The mouse and his cetacoon over were blown into the air on a plume of quite delicious whale cum and bounced on waves and waves of it till they landed on the clevage of Fahr's own massive balls. They were trapped between the rumbling mountainous testicles and then there was a sudden calm. The winds blew hard as everyone had just enough time to get their bearings and become aware of the cumpocalypse that was about to begin. Then it happened in earnest. The lion came. The world went black and white. White from the seed that filled the whale and erupted out of both of his ends and black from the way those millions of gallons of cum blocked out the sun as it blasted to the sky to rain down for miles around the copulating couple. The whale flexed his pecs and a mix of man milk and cum blasted the pair of fucking furs from his nipples, cascading them end over end to also land on Fahr's rapidly diminishing balls. Everyone did their best to hang onto the plentiful, lucious, fur of those massive balls to keep from flying away and being washed out to the ocean by the literal cum tsunami that the giants managed to produce. Fahr's nipples grew longer and harder then erupted with twin cum geysers that would have surely washed away the whale from him were he not impaled on the lion's titanic cock. Time became an abstract concept as the mutual orgasms seemed to go on for so long that the sea around them turned white. After the whale and lion had finished erupting, the lion shrank down to a far smaller and more manageable fifteen feet tall. His huge cock slipped from the beast of a whale man and he fell into the literal sea of cum along with his fellow travelers by the whale's feet as waves of cum crashed over them. The five men who were marooned on an island together just floated on their backs in the sea of their pleasure and extacy. All were at a loss for words as the whale fell down on his butt. His cock splashed waves of semen on them as it crashed down before them. Fahr managed to hold onto the frock coat, where the technologically advanced belt had been wrapped. It was previously engulfed in his pecs until he reduced in size quite suddenly. The whale lay back and once they had recovered, the massive furs swam over to him and climbed atop his torso to float atop him like a boat made of muscles. Thuvar the guardian of the island seas looked down at the littles on his chest and said, “I never knew anything could feel like that. You guys are amazing.” “We do our best,” smiled Fahr as his tail wagged ever so happily. He practically had hearts in his eyes as he ran his hands through that lush beard the whale now sported, “You're not so bad yourself, big boy.” “I feel like this meeting was quite fortuitous,” said Ehlder, “That and it is always fun to make new friends.” “You would... call a beast like me... a friend?” asked the Whale. “I'd call you a lover,” said Fahr as the lion model flashed him a winning smile and a wink that made Thuvar blush a bit, “All that sexual activity was quite draining though. Don't know that I could focus my magics to grow that size again today after such an incredible sexual display.” “Why were you so big before and now so small?” asked the whale. “I used my powers of body magic to grow so we could get home. All our spell phones were tragically left behind as we got accidentally transported so we couldn't call for help,” said the lion, his tail still wagging happily as he looked over the massive whale, “I'm Fahr by the way.” “I remember,” said the whale, “Don't think I could ever forget any of you. You said you were all going somewhere?” “We were heading to the island of Aukarii, up the Busca river a ways to Sehdra lake and then my home town of Canavar. It's the closest of our homes to where we got transported to. When we get there we can make some calls to let people know we're alright,” said Fehl. Thuvar nodded and said, “Well I don't know about those other places, as I mostly remain at sea due to my sheer size, but I do know where Aukarii is. I can get you guys there in a matter of a couple of hours.” “You would do that for us, Thuvar?” asked the lion, rather infatuated by the beastly guardian. “In a heartbeat,” said the whale. The group was set and sat atop the whale's head as he swam out of the sea of semen to the open waters. He swam with incredible speed. Far faster than the giant's jog could have ever hoped to get them where they were going. They made their way to the port by the Busca river's edge. He let them off on a dock where they luckily had five thongs remaining after that incredible week so that they wouldn't walk naked back to civilization. Ehlder also donned his frock coat and belt once on dry land, only slightly more clothed than his companions. Fahr was saddened to find the whale had no spell phone, as they didn't come in his size, so there were no numbers to swap. He made the whale promise to wait for him at that port till he could return, promising to come back as fast as he could. With that they managed to hitch a boat ride up the river to take them back to Canavar. After such a long journey they managed to make it back to Fehl's apartment. It was a small one bedroom but in their default sizes the five men were quite comfortable therein. Gehn and Hymn were exhausted by the journey and Fehl offered them his bed where they almost immediately fell asleep once in each other's arms. Vet was happy to hear from Fehl, who called him on the land line. They chatted a while and caught up with the call ending on a promise that Vet would run Fehl's spell phone by in the morning. Afterwards Fahr had so many people to call that he took over the couch and just kept talking. His friends and family were happy to hear from him, especially Kahl. While the lion lay back on the couch, talking to Kahl of his adventures and newest beau, Ehlder followed Fehl to the bedroom where he got them both some proper pants. He got Ehlder a button up shirt and wore a vest himself. While donning a long black scarf, the cetacoon led the mouse back to the living room where they sat next to one another on the floor. He smiled to the mouse, “I know those two in there are exhausted but I feel kind of wired myself after everything in this past week.” “I know what you mean, my friend,” said Ehlder, “What might you propose we do with all this extra energy?” “A date,” said Fehl. Ehlder was taken a back a bit, “Beg pardon?” “You and me,” said Fehl as his tail twitched happily, “What do you say to us going on a proper date?” “I... I would... I'd really like that, Fehl,” the mouse smiled a bit flustered, “I haven't been on many dates in my day so I fear I'd be a bit rusty with it all...” Fehl chuckled a bit and kissed the mouse on the nose, “That's alright. Just follow my lead.” Ehlder nodded, “So then what do we do first?” Fehl grabbed a coin pouch, tucked it into his belt, then grabbed the mouse's hand, and led him to the door, “Fahr, we're going out for a while. Probably won't be back till late. Don't wait up.” Fahr covered the phone receiver and smiled, “Have fun you two. I'll be occupied here for a while.” The lion went on with his call, dishing with his friend, then the pair went outside. They walked down the street barefoot and feeling a bit stylish as they passed by peopl. Ehlder followed along while Fehl led them to a small outdoor bistro. They were seated right away and placed a small order, more of a snack than a meal. They nibbled away at their muffins that night while sipping fancy teas and just talking. They talked for hours but the time vanished from under them. They only left the bistro because they closed it out by accident. Fehl paid their bill, and would not have even realized it was after midnight if the bistro hadn't closed on them. They ran through the streets like a couple of playful children. Fehl showed that the buildings of Canavar all had a special style of construction so that the fit people of that city could easily climb the sides with special ladders made right into the construction. They ran across the rooftops and leaped from building to building while chuckling at the fun of it all. Fehl suddenly stopped atop one building then said, “I want to try something tonight.” “What's that my dear Fehl?” asked the mouse. “Well I don't want to use any magic or shape changes. Just you and me tonight as we are. I want to be with you as you are and visa versa. At least for tonight,” said Fehl. The mouse grinned and his mustache curled, “I think that sounds like a grand idea, my good friend.” “Great,” Fehl smiled, “One last place to go on this date then! Follow me.” He slid down the roof on a slide like structure to the street and Ehlder followed along. They ran past the edge of the city to a massive hill at the foot of a mountain that framed the city by the lake. They went to the very top of the hill in the field, where it very clear and the light pollution of the city dimmed. The stars above shined so bright. Fehl flopped back onto the hill and spread his arms and legs. Elder took off his frock coat and tech-heavy belt then sat next to the dashing cetacoon. Despite the stars above, the mouse only stared at the cetacoon, “Beautiful view tonight.” Fehl smiled and pulled the mouse to lay down then rolled atop the man. They lay chest to chest and he stared into Ehlder's eyes, “I fully agree.” They pressed lips slowly, a bit gingerly at first, before their kiss began in earnest. They lay there with Fehl atop Elder for a while, just making out with only the moon and stars to light their way. Fehl sat up atop Ehlder and undid the mouse's button up shirt to reveal his bulging, muscular, furry chest. He panted a bit and rubbed his hands over that chest, paying special attention to Ehlder's nipples which drug a soft coo from the man beneath him. The cetacoon then ripped the mouse shirt the rest of the way, popping the bottom buttons off, only for them to bounce off his bare chest. The mouse got up a bit so that he could assist his friend in getting that shirt off, then helped Fehl out of his scarf and vest. Fehl just lay back down on Ehlder, bare chest to bare chest, sharing another kiss together. The cetacoon pulled from the kiss, his face just hovering above the mouse's own as they shared each other's breaths, panting with passion as their chests rose and fell together. Then Fehl got an idea. He stood and donned his scarf again, confusing the mouse as he faced away from him. Ehlder sat up and watched as Fehl turned to face him, doing a sensual dance with his long scarf. The sexy dance turned into a striptease as he undid his fabric belt and let it fall to the ground. Ehlder got the idea and quickly removed his own pants to lay naked before his lover. The mouse's fifteen inch soft member, already that long without a magical aid, began to stir. He knew that the cetacoon's cock matched his own in size and he watched in earnest as the striptease proceeded till the scarf was the only part of Fehl's clothing that remained yet it didn't hang low enough to completely conceal that massive fifteen inch soft member. The scarf came off and Fehl thrust his hips, making his long soft member slap between his legs and it rose and fell like a hypnotic watch that had Ehlder under it's spell. The mouse didn't even realize he got fully hard till his hard cock flexed and slapped him in the face. A shot of precum spurted over to Fehl and graced his form across his chest and crotch. The scarf dropped to the ground and both were fully nude by the light of the moon. The cetacoon knelt in front of the mouse and sat back so his rump rested on his feet. The mouse then took charge and rose to his feet. He walked over to Fehl and pressed his massive thirty two inches of cock flesh to the face of his friend. Fehl sucked over the massive head and drank of the mouse's precum. Then the mouse started rubbing his foot over Fehl's cock. Fehl moaned around that cock head as his thick, veiny cock throbbed and grew underfoot to it's full thirty two inch length as well. He repositioned and took about half of the mouse cock down his throat as he bobbed back and forth for his lover. Ehlder flexed his toes over Fehl's cock in pleasure. Fehl fell back and lifted his legs, his tail wagging happily back and forth and Ehlder didn't need a verbal invitation to know what to do. He knelt and got in position then pressed forward. Slowly he entered his lover, leaning down to lick up the length of Fehl's cock as he went in up to his balls. The massive cock stretched Fehl quite a ways. They grunted as Elder brought his mouth over the cetacoon's cock and the slow, sensual, back and forth girations of their hips. They were in sync from moment one and every movement was pure heaven for both of them. They arrived together. Fehl came in Ehlder's mouth while Elder came up Fehl's rear and shared an orgasmic bliss beyond any hyper muscled sexpoits they had previously engaged in. Just as themselves. Being with each other. That was a better sensation than any magic had brought them. They pulled away from each other only to lay naked, side by side under the moonlight, gently kissing before Fehl let out a very happy sigh, “You are incredible.” “I was thinking the same about you,” said Ehlder, “I've never felt this way about anyone before.” “Me either,” said Fehl. His heart was in his throat, and not because he just took a giant cock up his rear either. He bit his lip nervously before he let what he had to say out, “I love you, Ehl.” Ehlder wiped a happy tear from his eye and then kissed the cetacoon happily, “I love you too Fehl.” They just lay and silently snuggled for a while on that hill, enjoying the naked embrace a while before Fehl said, “Would you be my boyfriend?” “Are we not already?” asked the mouse with a grin. They shared another chuckle and then just relaxed. The exploits of the day finally caught up to one another and they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. The next day they awoke, got dressed, and headed back to Fehl's place where Vet was already waiting with Fehl's spell phone in hand. Gehn, Hymn and Fahr were all well rested and ready to head out. They were going to accompany the lion to meet back up with his whale friend... after breakfast that is. They went back to the same bistro where Fehl and Ehl had their date and had a nice meal together. All noticed the pair holding hands more than normal now and sharing loving glances here and there. They chartered a boat back down the river to the sea town they came back to the island from. They walked down the main dock, where Thuvar was waiting for them, his chest up out of the water by the front of the docks. His huge face smiled as the lion walked up first. “Hey big boy,” Fahr smiled up to the whale, “Happy to see me?” There was a sudden crashing thud to the under side of the dock. A few of the boards behind the five were cracked up a bit. Fahr looked under the dock to confirm his submissions that the source of the thud was the massive whale's massive erection hitting that dock at the mere sight of the muscular model in an overstretched thong. The whale rubbed the back of his head, “Does that answer your question?” The lion gave a playful growl and did a kitty claw motion to the massive lover. The whale scooped him up and hugged the lion gently to his gargantuan chest, “I missed you, Fahr. I know it was only a night but I worried you weren't going to come back. I'm so happy you did.” The dock cracked and splintered apart as the whale's cock broke through and lifted the four men up with ease as holding the lion to him was pure extacy to him. The lion kissed that massive chest and said, “I would never do that. You are incredible and I really want to get to know you, Thuvar.” The whale was caught off guard by the lion's words and his cock spurted several hundred gallons of precum in response. An angry dock manager walked right up to the gushing cock and screamed, “Oi! Who the hell do you think you are?! Who's gonna fix this mess, ya dick?” “Oops...” said the whale as he looked at his accidental destruction, “Sorry about that. I would be happy to help fix it though...” Right then a man dressed in a black suit walked down the docks to the dock manager. He was a blue mouse that was the spitting image of Ehlder. He handed a card to the dock manager and said, “Blue Beast will pay for this. No worries. We'll have it sorted by the afternoon.” “Alright then,” said the dock manager as he scurried off, only just then realizing he faced down a dick that could have swallowed him whole. The mouse in the suit looked to the whale, lion, and the four men on the whale's cock as he said, “Gentlemen! You lot are quite the interesting crew.” Fehl looked to the mouse on the dock then back to Ehlder and said, “Relative of yours?” Ehlder looked him over and said, “That's my cousin Dohn. Well... Second cousin thrice removed. His family left our world a while back but we stayed in touch up to a few years back.” “Huh,” said Fehl as he felt his member stir when he realized there were two of them, “The resemblance is uncanny...” “I'm here with a purpose for you, gentlemen. A proposal if you will,” said Dohn. “What would you possibly want with us, Dohn?” asked Ehlder with crossed arms, a tad annoyed. “I'm with Blue Beast,” said Dohn, “And your government could really use your help.” To be continued in Part 3: The Amazing Zhu Crew
  8. Beast Bunny 2: The Sparring Match The world of this story is one of superheroes and supervillains. The massively muscled supervillain who went by Beast Bunny had been operating in various missions for the Legion of Lawlessness and had become their top earner in a short period of just a couple months. He had even taken on a ward all his own in that time. The Feared Five kept him on the short list of villains to remain at the top of the organization. Such power was something they took very serious and in particular, Buck Brawn, the leader of the LL was keeping an eye on the young bunny. The Beast Bunny brought in another billion from a top tier bank and was rewarded with a private meeting where Buck asked the young rabbit what he would like as a reward. In response the rabbit smiled and said that he wanted to have a one on one sparring session with the deer or his dreams. He wanted to spar with his personal hero Buck Brawn in a large city, in the middle of the day, and that he be allowed to fuck whatever superheroes came their way in any way he liked. Buck smiled as he looked over the young rabbit but agreed stipulating that if the rabbit did well enough he would even grant him the sexual experience of a lifetime. Needless to say, Beast Bunny could not have been happier. The date was set and so was the location. The city square at noon would be quite crowded and would get a lot of attention for the pair as they exchanged blows. The bunny was so excited that the night before he filled his ward a dozen times before he could get to sleep. The day of the spar came and Buck Brawn arrived fifteen minutes early. He dropped out of the sky from a passing LL jet and hit the ground with a thundering crater. The villain was so feared that on his landing the air raid sirens sounded for a city wide evacuation. He knew that the area around would be in chaos but that people would run mostly out of the blast radiuses. He saw no need to kill too many during a simple friendly sparring match and gave them time to leave. Buck Brawn was no ordinary deer either, aside from the fact that he stood twelve feet tall, he was a very rare breed who was thought to be long extinct in fact. The technical term for his species would have been Megaloceros Giganteus, who would have been a race of giant deer with the largest known antlers of any creature in the world which were ten feet across. His fur was a light grayish brown mostly but with a darker striped fur that went from his neck and down along his body like thick tiger stripes. His underbelly was a lighter gray fur that ran up his neck to his undermuzzle. He had musculature that could be said to be among that of the largest to any anthropomorphic being on the planet in proportion to his size. Atop his head he had a thick mane of fiery red hair that he kept in a ponytail that went halfway down his back. That same brilliant red fur also came across in tufts on his shins, forearms, and on his massively muscled chest, framing it most brilliantly. His costume was a simple one that started with a green diamond mask around his eyes that contrasted his fiery red head hair and complimented his deep blue eyes. Down further he had a green cape at his shoulder that was covered in a shimmering red filigree design that seemed somewhat Gaelic in origin. Across his pecs he had a massive black belt with a gold buckle which ran through the middle of the tuft of red hair he had meticulously groomed there and it was what his cape latched onto in front to keep from slipping from his body. At his wrists and ankles he wore thick golden cuffs that had the same red filigree designs as his cape. Much the same filigree ornamented his golden belt that held aloft a huge green thong that just barely kept him decent, keeping his gargantuan package from exposure to the elements and from prying eyes. Some heroes and villains wore dance belts to hide such bulges and keep themselves decent but there was no hiding a package such as his. Buck walked around barefoot, his heavy footfalls rumbled the ground of the two ton monster of a man. He looked around with super sight and saw the people fleeing. So far no heroes to speak of but it was only a matter of time before they got their shit together to try and ruin his fun. To date he had never known defeat from a lone superhero and had the distiguished record of needing no fewer than ten to be driven off any target he set his eyes on. That was when his next target arrived. The Rabbit he was to fight showed up right at the tick of twelve, cradled in the arms of a dark brown furred, ten foot tall, moose who was naked except for A black thong, black bracers on his shins and forearms, and a black diamond mask. The moose landed with a crash before the taller Buck and knelt, setting Beast Bunny on the ground gently. He had a sheepish demeanor as he remained silent and watched the rabbit for some sign of approval. “Very good my minion,” said Beast Bunny as he patted the moose on the head. The massive moose was proud of the pat and stood back up in all his muscular glory with a grin that shined bright. The moose gave his boss a small bow, “Thank you master. It is an honor to serve you master.” Buck crossed his arms over his chest and looked to the pair, “I was told you had taken a ward. I hadn't known that the ward you took on was the superhero Massive Moose... though he's looking a bit more massive than usual.” Beast Bunny chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah, he was Massive Moose, but now he is my minion: Mooslave. He got a lot bigger since we first got to our sessions. I've been keeping him on a high protein diet and apparently fucking me is the biggest and most strenuous workout he ever knew. So... there you have it. Two foot taller than when we met too,” “Mooslave? Hah. That's a good name. I might have gone with Mooscular Menace though I guess that Mooslave must help encapsulate the nature of your relationship. I take it you can trust him now then?” asked Buck. “Absolutely. Watch this,” Beast Bunny assured before turning to his minion, “Mooslave?” The moose knelt and put his fist to his chest at the ready, “Yes, my master?” He pointed to a nearby bus, “Go pickup that bus and then fold it in half and hold it up till I tell you otherwise.” “Yes, master!” Then without questioning Mooslave went to the bus, picked it up single-handed, and turned to face the pair of other villains. He folded the bus in half without much trouble then held it aloft with one hand while balling his other hand into a fist and pressing it back to his chest, “I have done as you requested, master.” “Very good, Mooslave. Now stay there just like that till I say otherwise,” smiled the young rabbit villain. He looked back to Buck, “See? He does what I say and only what I say.” Buck Brawn gave a nod and a simple golf clap in response, “You are highly impressive, my boy. Moreso every time I meet you it seems. Now, shall we begin the sparring match you requested?” Buck took no fighting stance, but instead merely crossed his arms over his chest, ready for the rabbit as a grin crossed his face. Beast Bunny was a bit confused. He had defeated dozens of heroes in his few months as a villain but none of them had ever simply looked so relaxed at the beginning of a fight. The rabbit took a fighting stance and said, “Should I start or did you want to?” “Be my guest,” said Buck Brawn, “It was your desire to initiate the conflict. Gather yourself and begin when you are ready.” The four foot three inch tall white-furred rabbit hopped in place light a fighter, shaking his arms to get ready. The silver cuffs on his wrists and ankles rotated a bit as he did. Then he started to flex. He flexed up bigger and bigger, his muscles growing and swelling till he stood at seven feet and seven inches in height with proportions equal to those of Buck's muscles but smaller as his overall frame was as well. The red thong he wore this time, along with his silver belt, had been made to stretch for some of his growth spurts, moreso than the last. The neckpiece he had on swelled to accomidate his muscles and he reached up to adjust his black diamond mask a bit too. Beast Bunny ran towards the Megaloceros Giganteus before him, dodging this way and that as he closed the distance then launched with a mighty leap that propelled him forward so fast that he broke the sound barrier with a sonic boom that blew out the windows on every building and car within a thousand feet of the sparring supervillains. The concussive blast of wind blew the hair of Buck out of it's ponytail and nearly blew the folded bus from Mooslave's grip. Buck Brawn never uncrossed his arms, but instead squatted down to face the rabbit head on, literally. The rabbit was aiming a truly mighty blow at his chest, with a pounce so fierce that the cars next to him and near by flipped over from the force he exerted from the leap and sent concrete shrapnel behind him faster than bullets, but the deer caught Beast Bunny with a swift turn of his head and effectively redirected him with his gargantuan antlers. He sent the rabbit from a collision course to his chest to flip him end over end through the building just to his left instead. Beast Bunny flew backwards and upside down with a blinding force that sent him through the building. Beast Bunny watched the deer man shrink as he exploded holes through buildings he was directed towards. He went through five buildings in all before he hit the street and was stopped by a semi truck. The rabbit was unharmed and the only stun he had was in trying to understand just how he hadn't hit his target. He always hit his targets before and so he was bewildered. The bunny teen rolled off his perfect back indentation in the side of that semi's cab and stood to his feet three streets over from where the fight started out. He looked through the hole where he came from but didn't see Buck Brawn anywhere, then he realized everything had gotten darker. He looked up just in time for his face to kiss the foot of his hero, right as he was kicked so hard it cratered the ground down fifty feet and collapsed the surrounding buildings on either side of the street into the pit on top of him. After the kick, Buck Brawn propelled himself backwards into a flip and landed exactly at the edge of the crater he created, crushing the pavement under his bare feet on the landing. He looked at the destruction and carnage he caused and wondered if he had gone too hard on the rookie. The dust settled and he looked up and down the pile of debris caused by four buildings collapsing into the crater. Then came a rumbling. The rubble of four buildings started to lift and then exploded upwards. Buck stood strong with his arms crossed as debris exploded off of his impossibly strong form. Then came the rampaging seven foot tall bunny. His fist connected with the shoulder of the deer this time but it rolled off the massive Buck like water off a duck's back. The deer side stepped, keeping his arms crossed and watched as the rabbit seemed to soar past him in slow motion. A swift downward motion and he head butted the Beast Bunny in the dead center of his back. Before he could hit the ground, the deer brought up a knee and kneed him in the gut so fast that the impact broke the sound barrier and the palpable explosion of air knocked away the rest of the debris that dared to head in the direction of the deer. The winds made by his antlers moving so fast made swirling twisters that billowed up to the sky and drew in clouds overhead to darken the skies. The pair moved so fast that to any normal observer they would have seen a series of flashes, a couple explosions and then Buck Brawn still standing with his arms crossed. Beast Bunny flew back to the street he originated the fight on and while still not hurt, he had never been knocked around so much. The rabbit got back to his feet and looked around at all the destruction. His slave still stood there with the bus folded overhead and waved to his master as the rabbit got to his feet again. The bunny saw a quick brown flash heading his way with a series of explosions through the buildings from which he was flung several times over and held up his hands in the shape of a T as he yelled, “Time out!” The massive deer stopped with his massive form a mere foot from the rabbit, his arms still crossed over his chest as he raised an eyebrow, debris exploded forth from behind him and billowing winds blew forth from his antlers when he stopped that would have toppled normal men and blew over cars in the street when he stopped. He looked down at the shorter rabbit and said, “Yes?” The rabbit threw up his hands and said, “How are you doing that?” “Doing what?” asked Buck Brawn. “Throwing me around and dropping buildings on me and redirecting my attacks!” said Beast Bunny. Buck let out a chuckle, “You started off throwing everything you had wildly. You broadcast all your attacks because you don't normally need to be subtle due to how much force you use and the fact that no one can usually stop them even if they see it coming. I redirected your attacks by shifting your balance and throwing off your equilibrium. I would suggest that you fight smarter not harder.” “I was just hoping to really test out my full strength. See who of us was really stronger. Maybe find out how strong I really am,” said the rabbit. The deer smiled, “Of course though fighting this way we have been might not be the best way to demonstrate such feats of strength as we could just throw buildings at each other all day. Perhaps we could make things more interesting in our little sparring match?” “What sort of changes did you have in mind? How would you make it more interesting?” he asked his hero, addressing him more casually after they had traded blows. Buck smiled, “I was watching the footage of your first fight for us and it had me intrigued. I think we should continue the fight but not use any traditional strikes. No punches, kicks, knees, elbows or headbutts.” “Or antlers,” the bunny was quick to add. “I'll do my best but I can't always help when they catch the wind,” said Buck. Beast Bunny nodded, “I think that sounds good.” “Good.” said Buck, “Then I'll let you start again whenever you're ready.” The bunny looked over to the moose and said, “You can set the bus down now and follow the fight if you like.” The moose set the bus down and shook his arm a bit then gave a small bow to Beast Bunny, “Thank you master.” The bunny watched his moose lean against the crushed bus and then he smiled and turned back to the buck and started to flex in some big poses. His muscles swelled and bounced bigger than should have been physically possible and that's when he thrust out his chest, literally. He flexed his pecs to tremendous size and they bashed into the chest of his mentor. Buck flexed his chest back and met the muscles of his young pupil, matching him in size and strength, both of them stepping forward but just digging their feet into the ground deeper. Buck started alternating his pec flexes to really pound the rabbit's chest with a beating, the claps of which quaked the ground beneath them. The shorter rabbit took advantage of his height difference and flexed his biceps, pounding into the abs of his tutor, unstoppable forces hitting immovable objects with a strength unknown to any mortal. The claps of muscle against muscle rang throughout the city as loud as any explosion. The deer flexed his abs and they swelled forth from his body like eight brick walls bursting with power enough to knock Beast Bunny back. The rabbit back flipped and landed on his feet but then let the buck come to him. The Buck's pectoral muscles only got bigger and bigger till they swallowed the rabbit whole and while he was engulfed in the muscles of his personal hero, his cock ripped free of his thong without meaning to and uncontrollably so. It was a dream come true to the young villain as he felt the pecs use a power that could crush mountains to massage and caress over his body. His cock jutting out the bottom was surrounded and caressed by the deer abs pounding away over the ordinarily immovable rod. The rabbit had just about given in when the top of the pecs opened and revealed the handsome and chiseled face of his hero. Buck smiled to the rabbit and smiled wide, “Give up already, my boy?” Beast Bunny responded by flexing his triceps and lats so hard that they forced the massive deer's pecs apart. The deer was astounded and then was even more so when the rabbit reached out to grip him by the sides of the face and drew him into a deep and passionate kiss. The pec flex of the mighty deer relaxed just enough that the rabbit was able to relax his own flex and slip free. With a flex of his massive calves he launched himself from between the pecs and landed balls first right on the face of his hero. The last part wasn't intentional but he did the best he could to get free. The deer relaxed to more normal proportions, revealing to the rabbit as he looked down that his cock had also torn free of it's confinements and jutted forth no less than eight feet from his tremendous body and with a set of nuts to match. The deer flexed his mighty cock, slamming the back of the rabbit knocking him into those massive antlers. The rabbit flexed his rump and back muscles around the massive deer's pole, and when it moved back down the rabbit went with it. Beast Bunny pressed his massive feet to the chest of the deer after being pulled downward and flexed his legs along with the soles of his feet, making them swell tremendously and pushed the giant deer cock to slam into the street. It didn't hurt... well not the deer's phallus at any rate. The street exploded forth towards their moose observer. Mooslave just flexed in turn and let the rubble bounce off him as his own massive member started to erect, blowing out his black thong and letting his now twenty six inch long erection throb in the air as his master instructed him never to hide it any more. Not from him at any rate. He watched his master trade blows with the deer until they ended up almost literally sword fighting with their massive cocks. Knocking them against one another with force that quaked the ground and everything that sat upon it in mini earthquakes that sent trembles through the city. That is until they locked hands. The rabbit engulfed the deer's head in his pecs, while the deer did the same to the rabbit's cock with his chest. The rabbit couldn't allow his hero's cock to go unattended and used his massive feet to massage and caress it. It became apparent that they were evenly matched in strength and power despite their difference in size and that fact only seemed to turn them on even more. The rabbit's dick swelled thicker and another foot longer while the deer's gained in girth and another two feet in length while gripped between massive rabbit toes. They huffed and pumped as they ground and thrust against one another in a display of passion for all the world to see, were they to dare come close enough to do so. They relaxed their flexings at the same time and the rabbit sat atop the massive deer dick as it flexed up to bring him face to face with his personal hero, his own rabbit cock aimed off to the side as he looked eye to eye, panting deeply as they locked eyes and held each other close. “I've never felt such strength,” said Beast Bunny, “I didn't know there could be anyone as strong as me until just now.” “I felt the same,” said Buck Brawn, “I've walked this earth a very long time and until now there were none who could match me in strength like you.” They merged in a long passionate kiss. Their muscles flexed and entwined, writhing, growing and reducing all over their bodies in perfect control and synchronicity with each other as they thrust and ground with strength that could turn coal into diamonds and then some. They both moaned as they spurted thousands upon thousands of gallons of precum into the streets. Buck fell back and they rolled around tearing up everything around them in their passion. The massive rabbit could only stop long enough to say, “You're so mysterious. So dark and dangerous. No one even knows your age or where you came from. I want to know you... know all about you... know your body... know who you are and what makes you tick...” “In time my boy,” said the deer, “I think that we're going to be spending quite a bit of time together. A lot of intimate time to get to know one another.” They had only just finished speaking when half a dozen superheroes arrived in heroic fashion. Leading the way was Doctor Loshad, the horse surgeon dressed in a lab coat and holding a giant scalpel. Behind him was a muscular frog named Hop Huntress, dressed in a red and yellow spandex suit that hugged her huge muscles. Behind them stood the Cat Cruiser and Bat Bruiser who were buff furries dressed like they were straight out of a 50s Musical. Then last but not least came Ripped Raptor, a twelve foot tall veolciraptor dressed like a luchador wrestler. Ripped Raptor pointed at the writhing villains watching as Buck Brawn stood, holding a smaller rabbit aloft by his huge cock alone, “Have you no shame? You come to the middle of the city for these senseless sexcapades, Buck? Do you have any idea how much property damage you've done? Seriously! What is wrong with both of you? This is on the news on so many channels right now...” “Ooo an audience makes it hotter,” said Beast Bunny to his deer. “Indeed it does,” said Buck Brawn to the rabbit stradling his cock. The heroes continued to shout banter at the villains but neither of them paid attention as Buck spoke to the rabbit again, “Why don't you be a good boy and make us cum so hard it takes care of our hero problem?” “I thought you'd never ask,” smiled Beast Bunny. He turned and faced the same way as Buck, still stradeling that massive deer cock with a leg and testicle draped on either side. He brought up his massive rabbit feet to rub either side of the pair of cocks that were pressed top to bottom. He looked up to seen an expression of pure pleasure on the face of his mentor and applied more pressure, stroking harder and faster as the duo started spurting more and more precum in the direction of the heroes. “Not gonna last much longer, Buck,” said Beast Bunny. “Me either Bunny,” smiled the massive deer. The heroic raptor continued to shout and then Hop Huntress tapped him on the shoulder to stop him, “I don't think they're listening. They seem to just be jerking off at us while you shout at them.” The raptor ground his fists in fury, “Then let's show them what heroes are made of! Charge those two and let's bring them to justice!” Then they felt a rumbling in the streets. The chips of pavement and debris on the ground shook as they saw Mooslave run behind his master and the massive deer that he was pleasuring. Then they came in unison. Thousands upon thousands of gallons erupted from the massive villainous cocks. A literal tidal wave a hundred feet high cascaded down the street towards the heroes at incredible speeds. The heroes watched with mouths agape as a wall of white liquid cast a shadow over them and before they knew it they were washed away in the blast of deer and rabbit cum that billowed forth at them. The pair kept shooting and shooting more than either of them ever had before from cocks that were bigger than they had ever allowed themselves to grow before. It just kept cumming for what might have been full minutes until the city in the direction away from them was blanketed in the white coating of their mutual love making. When it ended they were both panting and the rabbit turned to face the deer, kissing him on the lips as gallons of the load aftermath continued to pour from their powerful cocks. “That was the best orgasm I ever had,” smiled the rabbit as he swooned and kept kissing the deer passionately. “I have to say that I have never felt anything quite like it in all my years,” said the tremendous deer man, “We should do that again but filling your minion.” The Mooslave clasped his hands happily as his master said, “Come Mooslave. We have much to do.” The moose ran over and Buck Brawn scooped him under one arm while holding his rabbit in the other then he hopped off over the horizon so they could fill the moose to their hearts content.
  9. Dangeresque

    m/m Beast Bunny

    Bulletproof Extraordinary Amazingly Strong Tyrannical Bunny The world of this story is one of superheroes and supervillains. People with extraordinary powers either from birth or from artificial means. This is the story of Timmy Krolik. He was a white-furred rabbit man. Most would have considered him more boy than man by his age as he had only just celebrated his 18th birthday. He was short in stature, standing a mere 4 foot 3 inches tall, not counting his perky ears, but that wasn't unusual for his kind. What was unusual was how strong he was and had always been. As long as Timmy could remember everything was light to him. He never had trouble lifting anything and even as an infant he had massive bulging muscles. He never participated in any sports and often wore extra baggy clothes to cover up not only his incredible muscles but also his huge feet and the massive bulge that protruded from his crotch. The second he graduated high school he moved out of his parents in the suburbs and headed for one of the massive coastal cities. He knew that there he could find a way to sign on with a crew and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a supervillain. Many children, when they saw superheroes on television saving the day would have fantasized about joining up with them, but not Timmy. He was six years old when he saw Buck Brawn come on the television screen, tearing up a city with his super strength and fighting off half a dozen superheroes all by himself. That was when he knew he wanted to do anything to be a supervillain like the Venison of Villainy, Buck Brawn. He saw that simple costume, just a pair of thick cuffs on his wrists and ankles, a black diamond mask, a green thong held up by a belt (that did nothing to hide his massive package), and cape at his shoulders held up by a simple clasp attached to leather straps that went across his impossibly huge chest. He saw that man on the screen kick a city bus in half barefoot and Timmy knew his destiny was to be just like him. Twelve years and a whole lot of searching later, he found the secret recruiters for the Legion of Lawlessness. He impressed them with a display of his strength as he lifted a car overhead then folded it in half like it were made of cardboard. He was signed on as the new promising recruit named: Beast Bunny. He was so close to meeting his hero among villains in Buck Brawn that he could taste it. He wanted so bad to meet with the other members of the Legion of Lawlessness, but before he would ever be allowed, he would have to pass an initiation mission. They provided him a uniform made to his requested specifications. It was almost a copy of Buck Brawn's costume except with a red diamond mask and red thong instead. Another change he made was to keep from being restricted with the straps across his chest so instead of the straps and cape he had a red and gold neck-piece made that formed a diamond across his chest, shoulders and back. He looked himself over to notice the BB symbol on his belt buckle and could hardly contain his excitement when they handed him his LL communicator. He hooked it onto his belt with his only instruction being to go to the alleyway across from the Megacity Bank on 4th street and Pine. The young rabbit villain was on his way and practically skipped all the way to the mission point. When he arrived he crossed his arms and leaned against the building of the alleyway, dressed in his super clothes, feeling super cool, glancing casually as he could at the bank as he waited for his communicator to buzz. Then Buzz it did. He pulled up the small disk and pressed the blinking blue button. A distorted voice came from the other end, “Beast Bunny, are you in position?” He almost giggled with glee but then cleared his throat and gave a nod. Then he remembered they couldn't see him and said, “Yes. I'm in position.” “Excellent,” came the deep and distorted voice, “You pull off this mission then you are in. The mission is to rob the bank in broad daylight and steal at least five million dollars from the vault. Bring the money back to base twelve where you got your suit. Make sure no one follows you. If you mess this up there will be superheroes dispatched and you will not be returning to base. They will more than likely incarcerate you. This is your only warning and the message now is concluded. Destroy the communicator then get in there.” “Copy that. I'll be back with the money soon,” said Beast Bunny. The rabbit crushed the communicator in his bare hand and it sparked as it was rendered into a million tiny pieces. He took a deep breath then stepped into the light. He saw the traffic was rather busy crossing the street and so the super strong rabbit leaped into the air and landed on the other side, cracking the pavement under his big bare bunny feet. He looked up and down the building then opened the doors and walked inside where he took in everything to see the best way to the vault. It was a massive bank with teller windows lining both sides. There was a vault past a glass security door in the back. The ceiling must have been thirty feet high and light came in through windows only on the front of the building itself. There were six guards with guns posted around. Two by the doors, two by the vault, and two standing at attention by the tellers. There were about half a dozen patrons spread throughout. A horse man with brown fur who stood maybe seven feet tall, dressed in a very professional suit, walked up to the bunny as he entered, “Greetings, sir. Is there something that I can help you with?” “I'm here to make a withdrawal,” said Beast Bunny. The horse man smiled and put his hands on his knees as he ducked down to talk to the shorter man, “That's adorable. I think you might be a little under dressed to do such any thing there little guy. I don't see any pockets for one. You supposed to be a superhero?” “Superhero? No...” Beast Bunny shook his head, “Supervillain? Yes.” The horse chuckled, “Of course you a...” The horse would have continued to talk down to the shorter man except that Beast Bunny flexed his chest so hard that his pecs clapped. The palpable concussion of air was so fierce that were he wearing a cape it would have flapped behind him. The horse was knocked back by the power of his chest flex alone, and the pecs hadn't even hit him. The clap set the patrons and other bank employees on edge. As the horse hit the ground the guards all went for their guns. The two by the doors and the two inside the main lobby took aim at the bunny while the two by the vault stood at the ready with their guns drawn, safe behind bulletproof glass windows and doors. The four in the lobby yelled at the bunny to get down on the ground or they were going to shoot. All the while the patrons ducked for cover by the teller windows. Beast Bunny turned to face the two at the door and stomped his big bare bunny foot on the ground, shaking the whole foundation of the bank. The lamps rattled on the ceiling and the floor cracked and cratered before him. It knocked everyone on every floor of the building on their asses. He hopped forward at the guards by the door, grabbed the guns in their hands, then squished the guns in his hands like they were made of dough. Guards recoiled in pain as he accidentally crushed the bones in their hands at the same time. The other two guards in the lobby fired their guns. They unloaded but the bullets just ricocheted off the hyper muscular back of the buff bunny before them. Beast Bunny turned to face them and the bullets bounced off his chest, abs, and even a few off his massive cock bulge. He felt a surge of pleasure wash over him as they bounced off his super cloth covered cock but after a moment of concentration he was able to make sure he focused enough that he wouldn't swell up. The guards totally emptied their clips before he hopped to one and threw him into the pair by the door, knocking them down and out for the count. He rushed the last lobby guard and lifted him off his feet single handed. The short fat cat man kicked his feet against the body of Beast Bunny but it was like kicking a brick wall. “Who... who are you?” asked the guard. The supervillain looked around the bank then smiled for the security cameras as he said, “My name is Beast Bunny. I'm a new supervillain in town and I'll be taking a whole lot of money out of this bank in just a minute.” He tossed the guard over his shoulder with great ease and sent him crashing into the teller counter. The supervillain bunny looked over his shoulder and said, “If you all want to remain alive. Leave now. Otherwise don't hold me accountable for what happens.” Everyone in the bank ran for the doors while the guards behind the bulletproof glass held their positions with their knees quaking. Beast Bunny walked towards the bulletproof glass and saw that everyone seemed to make it out. Then he walked through the bulletproof glass like it was made of tissue paper. He dusted the glass off his shoulders as the guards opened fire on him. Bullets bounced off the Beast of a Bunny as he just chuckled. One of the ricocheted shots hit a guard in the gut and he fell over in pain. The other kept firing till the villain yanked the gun from his hand. He pressed the metal weapon between his pecs then flexed them bigger and bigger, careful not to crush the gun as he engulfed it in his chest muscles. Then he clenched and the gun was flattened with a pop. He relaxed his chest to it's normal enormous girth and the flattened gun fell to the floor with a clank. A light nudge tossed the guard across the room and he was knocked out just that quick. The massive rabbit looked over the fifteen foot tall vault door then grinned as he gripped it in one hand. It started to bend in an unexpected way from his grip, so he gripped with the other hand and tore the door open, breaking the nigh unbreakable locks. He looked in the vault and saw bags and bags of cash. He looked to the remaining conscious guard and asked, “Do you know what five million dollars looks like?” The guard gripped his belly in pain and sputtered, “I... I don't know... I just guard it. I don't count it.” “Dang it!” Beast Bunny kicked the vault, making the whole building quake again with the impact and denting the two foot thick metal, “I don't know what that much looks like either... I guess I'll just have to take the whole thing and hope it's got enough in it.” “Do what?” asked the last conscious guard. The bunny smiled and closed the vault door again. He pinched it closed better than any lock could hope to hold up. He looked to the guard and said, “Take the whole thing with me.” Beast Bunny squatted down and dug his fingers into the concrete wall. He found it chipped off so easily in his hands but he had to press in further till he reached the metal wall of the vault therein. He dug his fingers in good then rose to his feet, lifting the whole thing just as easily as he might have lifted a pencil. The whole building quaked. The ground cratered and cracked at his feet. The vault ripped up and through the ceiling. The walls collapsed around the metal structure as the bunny rabbit stepped back. His already massive muscles swelled and popped bigger as he exerted his nigh unknowable strength. The guard could only stare in awe as he saw the bunny swell with strength as the vault lifted up. “Watch your head,” he warned the guard as the massive metal structure floated over him by the bunny's grip. Beast Bunny slung the twenty foot tall, thirty foot wide, twenty foot long vault over his shoulder like it was a pillow then turned, knocking through several teller windows and the rest of the glass windows and doors. Every footstep made the ground tremble as he carried a hundred thousand pounds of bank vault with the greatest of ease. “Thanks for the cash,” said Beast Bunny as he held onto the metal vault with a single hand, keeping it propped up on his shoulder as he waved to the guard and walked to the front of the bank once more. He walked right out the front of the building, exploding the concrete, glass, and stone pillars into the streets. Cars screeched to a hault by the debris and further back by the quaking of the ground under every earth shattering footfall of the impossibly buff bunny. The feat of strength had not escaped his notice and it took a lot of focus to keep from popping a boner that could have ripped right out of his brand new super tight super thong. He walked into the street and it crumbled beneath his toes. He looked down and enjoyed the feeling of it, scrunching his toes in the pavement as a normal person might do with sand at the beach. Beast Bunny looked up and saw just the vault overhead. He realized that it was not going to be very discreet. No way to sneak back to the hideout without notice if he left a foot trail of craters all the way there. He couldn't just let anyone follow him. The massively muscled bunny set the vault down on the street and just from setting it down, the thing sank down a foot through the concrete pavement. Beast Bunny looked around the city streets and saw a minivan parked a ways down the street. He leaped through the air and landed with a crash, cratering the ground, several car alarms went off as people continued to scatter and run away from the supervillain. He watched them run as he lifted the van overhead single-handed. He couldn't help but smirk as he was living his dream at last. He heard the fabric of his bulletproof thong begin to stretch, straining a little as he started to chub up. He had hoped to make it through at least one mission without blowing out his thong so he picked up the pace and ran up the street, thumping and romping through. He stepped on some cars, crushing them underfoot while he kicked others out of the way. Most of the people had cleared out but he didn't have time to pay attention to the normals. Instead he had to take on the task at hand. He got back to the vault then set the minivan down. He stepped up on the hood and with a single swift motion he peeled the roof off so that it only hung on by the back like a tin can that had just been opened. Beast Bunny hopped off the minivan and then picked up the vault. He tore open the side of the massive storage bin and proceeded to start dumping bags of cash and some safety deposit boxes out of the vault into the van till the van filled to the brim. When it was full he casually tossed the one hundred thousand pound vault aside and through a few buildings, collapsing them behind him. He then hopped on the folded roof of the van and crunched it back down. A few quick pinches and the roof was hooked back on again. He looked it over and decided it was ready to transport. That was when the other arrived. Beast Bunny was caught off guard by the blow as he wasn't expecting anyone that could so much as move him. He wasn't hurt by the blow but more startled than anything. He soared through the air and was stopped when he hit the engine block of a recently abandoned semi truck that was stopped by the bank rubble. He looked up and saw a figure in tights and a cape. A masked superhero that went by the name of Massive Moose. The aptly named Massive Moose was just that. An eight foot tall wall of brown furred muscle with antlers atop his head. The hero had a black and red spandex suit brandished with an MM logo on his chest, stretched by his massive chest. The suit clung to his muscular form and hid none of the bulges on his body. The indents of his toes could be seen on his red boots from the massive feet of the moose man and as BB's eyes traveled upwards they got a look at his super package. Not quite as super as his own but massive nevertheless. Beast Bunny smiled and got out of the wreckage. He dusted himself off a bit as the moose man crossed his arms, red cape just flapping in the wind. “I think you've caused quite enough destruction young man,” said the huge superhero. The supervillain smiled and felt his bulge swell a bit as he got excited to fight his first superhero, “The name is Beast Bunny and I need to take that money with me. Not you or any other superhero is going to stop me.” “I'm not going to argue with you. Surrender now and there will be no need to take a beating Bunny Boy,” said Massive Moose. “I said the name is Beast Bunny and if you fight me I guarantee you're gonna remember it,” said the bunny as he started rubbing his crotch a bit, the excitement building, “See all of this is very exciting to me... I've always wanted to fuck someone but I was always worried I'd just kill them, if not from my size... then from other stuff that happens. I think you might be one of the few people who could survive my loads... and I just gotta try that out.” The moose watched as the bunny's bulge grew, the sound of straining fabric reached his ears as he watched the obscene display, “Have you no shame?” Beast Bunny flexed and showed off his massive swelling muscles, muscles that only seemed to get bigger the more excited he was, he did a few playful poses before he rested in a wide legged stance with his fists on his hips to look extra imposing, “What's there to be ashamed of? I love my body and for the first time I really feel like I can show it off and not worry about what people think. Besides... Who could stop me?” “I'll show you who!” shouted Massive Moose as he ran at the villain before him. He drew back a fist on the run over and then punched forward with a force to shatter mountains, right at the young bunny's chest. The mountainous muscles of the bunny flexed with such precision and grace that he not only stopped the moose without moving from his spot, but he had flexed his pecs to tremendous size in the blink of an eye, catching the moose's hand between them half way up his forearm. The moose had anticipated his target to have been knocked away as he was before but was surprised when the bunny rabbit didn't move a millimeter from his devastating blow. When the two bodies impacted there was a powerful crash that shattered the windows of surrounding buildings and with a gust of wind that knocked the few spectators, who dared to approach the fray with cameras, at least feet away and onto their asses. “What the...” Massive Moose said in astonishment. He then tried to pull his hand from the chest of the very muscular bunny teen but no matter how hard he struggled, Beast Bunny just smiled at him unmoving. The moose looked to the bunny, who's hands were still on his hips as though he were waiting for something. He then brought up his other arm, reeled back and started to punch the massive pectorals of the rabbit who held his other hand hostage. He pounded time and again with a force that could topple buildings. The moose hit the bunny with such a force that it was making the ground quake and yet no matter how hard he hit he could not move. The moose then turned to kicking. He kicked at the rabbit's legs and feet but no matter where he hit or how hard, Beast Bunny seemed entirely unphased. Needless to say... the moose had started to worry. He used his free hand to try and pry apart the pectoral cleavage of the impossibly strong bunny, which truly amused the supervillain, especially when he flexed his chest even bigger to trap the moose's other hand alongside the first. “You're so good at foreplay,” the super teen bunny chuckled, “Tell you what. I think it would be too easy to fight you in hand to hand combat so here's the deal. If you can take me out then we don't have to do anything else. I'll surrender willingly... but if I take you out then we get to fuck... oh and to make things easier for you.. I won't use my hands the entire fight and to take me out all you have to do is either make my knee touch the ground or make me use my hands to fight. That's all you'd have to do and then you would win and I'd surrender no fuss no muss. Deal?” The Massive Moose listened as he tried to pull his hands free the entire time the bunny talked. He stopped when he heard the conditions to win and gave it a moment of serious thought. All he had to do was make one knee touch the ground or get the Beast Bunny to use his hands in the fight and he'd surrender. His mind raced before he looked mask to mask and eye to eye, flashing a confident super grin, “Deal.” The moose then reeled back as much as he could and delivered a kick with the power of a dozen freight trains to the bunny's groin. He had never hit anything so hard in his life. He thought he might have heard a crunch come from his foot as pain reeled through him and shot up his leg. However, Beast Bunny felt no pain at all. No, instead he felt more pleasure radiate through his groin than he had ever known. Somehow when that kick impacted his left testicle and then bounced off only to hit the shaft of his already expanding member... it made his tongue loll out and then his pecs released their flex. Freeing the hero was not entirely involuntary. It was a reaction that was almost meant to keep him alive so that his arms wouldn't be ripped from their sockets or worse when the rabbit got a boner so huge and fast that it tore through his bulletproof thong like a bullet. Beast Bunny's cock went from it's semi-hard foot long that was harder than steel, to a three and a half foot long shaft that might well have been harder than adamantium. It rocketed forth so fast and hard, while he thrust his hips forward at his opponent, that it made a sonic boom when it impacted the Massive Moose right in his gut. That impact shot the moose through the building behind him, pounding him through offices, scattering bricks, crashing through desks and walls before he exploded out the other side and landed on the street below, cratering the ground under his massive, muscular, moose body. He got to his feet just in time to hear thudding and crashing coming from where he was flung. He had just enough time to get his guard up when he saw bottomless Beast Bunny burst through the back of the building with a resounding boom. The muscular bunny villain walked up to the Massive Moose while flexing his muscles in excitement. His body swelled bigger and bigger till he went from a mere 4 foot 3 inches tall to stand a full six foot six inches instead. The belt at his waist couldn't take the strain and popped off his body when his hips expanded, the metal cuffs were better equipped and more malleable to the flexing though as his body swelled to gargantuan proportions of muscle beyond muscle. The Massive moose saw the imposing figure swell and felt a stirring in his own groin when he did. A nagging thought popped in the back of his head that maybe he wanted this... until he noticed the four foot long, throbbing bunny cock, leaking precum like a fountain spurting into the street. He knew not to strike the rabbit's chest as it was like a trap and so he powered forward ready to kick the rabbit but was knocked back when Beast Bunny flexed his biceps. They jutted forward from his body like twin battering rams that pounded the hero in the chest and face, knocking him across the street into a car, crushing it under him. Beast Bunny walked up and kept flexing his biceps, pounding the moose through the car and into the street, cratering it as he beat him. The Massive Moose kicked the ground under him and rocketed out from under the supervillain, knocking himself to the sidewalk behind him. He got up to his knees just in time to get clocked in the jaw by a cock harder than any steel could ever hope to be. The bunny put his hands behind his head and just swayed his hips, flexing his cock, slapping and beating the moose across his face and body with the power of his massive tool alone. The moose had no time to get his bearings as the rabbit really knocked him for a loop. He almost hadn't noticed the beatings had stopped when he looked up to see the rabbit's rump before his face. The rabbit flexed his ass cheeks and engulfed the moose's head entirely. Beast Bunny enjoyed the feeling as Massive Moose punched and pounded his rump with strength greater than almost anyone on the planet. Beast Bunny looked over his massive shoulder to see the antlers sticking up from the top of his rump cheeks and chuckled. He gave his bulbous butt a wiggle and shook the moose in the process. He released the flex and then saw the moose drop to the ground face up. Beast Bunny pressed his massive foot to the moose's face then started rubbing across his cheek and lips. He stood on the man's face with one foot then brought his other foot down to the growing erection in the moose's super suit. The moose moaned as the powerful bunny rubbed his face with one foot and then expertly flexed his toes over the cock and balls with the other. The rabbit pressed the toes of the face foot to the mouth of the moose and said, “Suck my toes and I'll let you live. I might even let you cum.” The Massive Moose did as he was told and licked the toes of the bunny before sucking upon them one by one. Beast Bunny reciprocated by letting out a small moan that rattled the windows of nearby buildings. The power turned him on and he just spurt further gallons upon gallons of precum all over the street and all those who were in line of sight for about a hundred feet in front of him. Beast Bunny stroked the underside of his massive cock with both hands as he looked to the moose and withdrew the foot from his face, resting it on his throat instead, pressing down just enough to give a little incentive as he said, “Now. Tell me I won.” The moose nodded, “You won.” The bunny smiled and hopped off the moose landing on the sidewalk next to him as he smiled then said, “Now we get to the fun stuff.” Beast Bunny grabbed Massive Moose by the front of his costume and lifted him up. He rested the hero across his shoulders as he casually walked towards the building they crashed through to get to where they were. The bunny took a slightly different route back, walking up to the building next to the one they crashed through and walked into it cock first. The walls moved apart for him easy as pie as he simply walked through the building with a hero on his back, leaving a wake of calm destruction in their path. He burst through to the street in front of the bank. There were cop cars and swat teams on the street now, keeping people clear of the area and keeping guns pointed at the villain. The massively muscled bunny looked at the swat teams and all the cameras now focused on his mighty form and said, “Take a good look. My name is Beast Bunny and I'm the latest supervillain in town and I'm here to show you what will happen to anyone who goes against me. Anyone who follows me will also get the same so once I go then you stay... or else... This guy I'm holding is Massive Moose and he is among the strongest heroes on the planet... and now he's my bitch.” The rabbit then proceeded to rip the tight uniform off the moose superhero and didn't stop till he had a naked man in hand. The Massive Moose had only just regained his composure as the last of the fabric was torn from his body. He started to struggle and protest but Beast Bunny was too strong. He held the massive hero's rump to the end of his cock and shot a few spurts of precum up the rump of the man while Massive Moose's own sixteen inch cock bobbed before the rabbit's face. The bunny pulled the moose down slowly still face to face with the huge man until the head of his cock popped in, stretching the moose more than he ever had before. The moose cried out in pain but held together. As a reward the muscled rabbit flexed his pecs over the huge moose cock and started to massage it, milking it unlike anything the moose could have ever experienced otherwise. The Massive Moose felt pain and pleasure from the stretching as his belly bulged with massive bunny cock filling him up and straining his superhuman durability to the max. On the other end however, only waves of pleasure emanated from his huge cock. He had never felt such pleasure in all his life and came just as the bunny finished pulling him down that massive four foot cock, so that his massive swelling balls rested on the moose's rump, he came and came hard. He unloaded a couple hundred gallons of moose spunk that the rabbit allowed to erupt from his pecs. Beast Bunny redirected the spraying with a controlled flex to have the load coat his abs and the moose with his own load. Once the load had run it's course, the bunny grinned so wide and then started to pump the moose up and down his massive cock. He had never been inside another before. The tight, moist, warmth wrapped around his huge member nearly sent him over the edge but he flexed, exerting muscle control to keep from firing off too soon. The muscular bunny wanted to have this experience last as long as he could. It was his first and he loved it. The moose's cock throbbed, still hard as ever between those milking pecs as the rabbit started off slow, moving up and down, in and out, over and over in a rhythmic pattern that made both of them moan. The crowd stared in awe from a safe distance, everyone recording with cameras the biggest bestial act of exhibitionism seen since Buck Brawn took on Captain Crash. Neither Beast Bunny nor Massive Moose knew how long he had fucked his partner for but the moose came a further six times before the bunny felt it happen. Something in him popped. He felt it coming and there was no stopping it. Beast Bunny had passed the point of no return and started thrusting faster and harder into the moose. His cock swelled thicker and grew longer by a further foot within the moose, making both of them cry out as the pounding thrusts rumbled the ground and caused a mini earthquake with his pounding. Then he came. It was the most intense orgasm of his life and for the first time he didn't have to go to the middle of nowhere to unleash his load. For the first time he didn't have to hold back as the eruption gushed forth like a dozen volcano exploding at once. Thousands upon thousands of gallons gushed forth every second of Beast Bunny's orgasm which exploded out the rump of the Massive Moose almost as fast as it made his belly swell to gargantuan proportions. Even swollen to tremendous size, the belly of the moose somehow still maintained his awesome abs definition. The brown-furred moose lost track of how many orgasms he had while the white-furred rabbit let loose within him. He felt something welling up in his throat and then cum started spurting from his mouth just as rapidly as it was coming from his ass. The rabbit came for minutes straight before his orgasm waned and when he did he saw the aftermath. The Massive Moose was now living up to his name even moreso than usual. He was practically a naked cum balloon that filled the seventy feet of street between the bank and the building across the street from it. The belly made by the beast was at least forty feet tall and his body stretched just as long. The moose finally stopped spitting up the load as the rabbit pulled out his foot and a half long softening cock. Beast Bunny patted the belly of his lover hopped over to the top of that massive cum balloon before sliding down to rest, leaning against the giant man to look him face to face, “That wasn't so bad now was it?” The moose felt himself still orgasming as he slowly drained hundreds of gallons of rabbit cum by the second, slowly flooding the other side of the street as it poured out. He looked to the rabbit still half in a daze, “Beast Bunny?” “Yeah big guy?” asked the bunny villain. “Call me,” smiled the Massive Moose just before he passed out, gurgling a bit more cum. Beast Bunny grinned and then hopped back atop the massive belly, he turned as he spoke to say his piece to the crowd, “This was one of the mightiest heroes on the planet. I'm going to take the money now. No one follows me or I will do the same to each and every one of you and most of you won't have the durability to survive it.” He then slid down the back side of the moose belly and got to the minivan full of cash. Beast Bunny hefted it overhead single-handed with no resistance. He walked casually a ways, his massive flaccid foot long cock flapping in the breeze as he let his muscles relax down to a smaller size again. After reclaiming his original proportions he hopped into the air and soared for miles before landing. No one followed him. He turned in the money van and the Legion of Lawlessness could not have been more thrilled with the results of his mission. Not only had he defeated a very powerful superhero on his first mission but he brought back much more money than he was assigned. The van had been filled with not five million dollars but as it turns out it was a little over five billion instead. All cold hard cash. That kind of victory caught the attention of the leaders of the Legion known as the Feared Five. They invited him for a meeting and he was thrilled beyond even having his first time. He was taken to the main headquarters, an underground volcano layer somewhere in the Pacific. Upon arrival by automated jet he was greeted by a scantily clad, very muscular, amazon of a sheep woman with her wool just over her eyes. She had a giant pair of scissors on her back and smiled in greeting the new villain. “Welcome Beast Bunny. I'm Shrill Shearer. It's so good to have you at Legion HQ. Come with me and I'll take you to the meeting chamber,” she said. Beast Bunny was practically overwhelmed as he adjusted his brand new super thong, which had ridden up during the long flight. He followed along past waterfalls and lava pits through the bowels of a building built into an active volcano. They came to a massive chamber with obsidian doors 60 feet tall and the LL logo of the Legion of Lawlessness embossed over the door handles. She motioned to the doors and said, “Please head inside and take your seat. The Feared Five are already waiting for you therein.” “T... thank you,” the bunny said nervously, swallowing hard as he watched the sexy sheep woman walk away. He opened the doors and stepped inside. The door automatically closed behind him and he smiled as he saw his personal heroes sitting around a large table with the seat nearest the door made ready for him. Around the table first he saw Quick Quack, a duck with super speed powers who had blue feathers and a black latex costume with silver lightning bolts across it. Next he saw a very busty cow woman who had white fur on one half, black on the other and was dressed as an evil milk maid. She went by the villain name Half-And-Half and had the ability to duplicate black and white copies of herself. Across from her sat Cock-A-Doodle Doom who was a green and red feathered rooster with a titanium beak, monocle, and a fancy business suit. His powerful crow could demolish a city block. Beside Cock-A-Doodle Doom was a lion dressed as an Arthurian knight complete with a crown and a dozen swords strapped to a special sheath on his back. He was known as the Sovereign Slasher and had metal manipulation powers. Then lastly was his favorite. The leader of the organization. The villain that inspired him to choose this path. His favorite of them all, seated at the head of the table, was none other than Buck Brawn. Super strong, super intelligent, super fast, and super hung he was wearing the same outfit that Beast Bunny saw him in when he saw a supervillain fight for the first time. The chest straps, green cape with matching thong, the silver cuffs on his wrists and ankles and the belt to match all accented by the biggest, most buff deer he had ever seen. Beast Bunny took his seat at the table, directly across from his idol and couldn't shake the grin from his face. Buck spoke to the boy and said, “You did excellent work out there, Beast Bunny. We're going to want to bring you in on some bigger missions with the Legion now that we know your potential. How does that sound to you, my boy?” Beast Bunny thought a moment before he cracked a smile, “That would be a dream come true.”
  10. Muscle Mice from Mars by Mr. Mouse The following story is a work of fiction written with no intention of deriving profit from it except for adding to the spank bank. All characters are copyright their respective characters in the Biker Mice from Mars universe and this story was written as an erotic parody. It should also be said that this is not a part of the BUST Club series and just takes place in the Biker Mice from Mars universe separate from anything that might go down in the BUST Club's Multi-Toon Universe. It was late at night and all the Biker Mice had been sleeping over at the Last Chance Garage in their stay-over cots. At least they were... As Vinnie stirred from his bed he wandered over to the fridge for a late night snack and then found himself unconscious on the floor with no explanation. The next thing the white-furred biker mouse knew he was strapped to a metal table. There were massive metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles that held him to the lab table with his arms straight out spread eagle. His tail had been bound down to keep him from doing anything untoward with it. He looked down over his bulging pecs to see he was still clothed in what he had worn to the fridge: Just a pair of blue pajama bottoms and a pair of pink bunny slippers. “Alright. Who's bright idea was it to try and kidnap the baddest motorcycle mamma jamma in the universe?” asked Vinnie as he struggled against his restraints. The huge muscles flexed over the seven foot tall biker mouse's frame but the three inch thick cuffs didn't budge an inch. The table shifted so that the mouse was rotated to a stand-up position with his arms still straight out to his sides. He had a feeling he should have worn his lucky neckercheif to bed that night but it was too late to worry about that now. He had bigger problems... much bigger. Strapped to a table just like his, but bigger, was a ten foot tall, blue scaled, muscular, dragon-like monster named Gorgonzola. He recognized the big blue naked monstrosity but noticed that his massive genitalia were no longer hidden but rather that his very human like and massive cock and balls were out on display at the given moment. “You know, Limburger, I agreed to give you this genetic sample willingly for moolah. I don't see hows all this is necessary,” said the blue-scaled monster of a man. Laurence Limburger then stepped out from the shadows as Carbuncle, his personal mad scientist followed with a massive milking machine tube over his shoulder. The Plutarkian smiled, “Necessity? Perhaps not. However, after our last few encounters I find that such precautions do provide a better peace of mind, as it were.” Carbuncle walked up with the massive tube on a hose and cleared his throat, “Ahem... for the er um... extraction... I will need your phallus to be erect.” “Sure thing bub,” said Gorgonzola. On command his massive foot long soft cock started to grow till it was a three foot long iron rod of destruction that pointed straight out from his groin. His massive balls swelled in anticipation while his giant dick leaked copious amounts of precum. The mad scientist placed the tube over the first half of the blue-scaled beast's cock and it immediately started to suck. Gorgonzola curled his toes and flexed his muscles. The restraints strained but held, “Oh yeah. This is the best cool million I ever did make.” Vinnie watched in awe at the massive cock that put his foot long hot dog to shame. Speaking of it had started to get harder in his very revealing pajama bottoms. The white-furred biker mouse blushed but then shook his head, “Hey! What's the big deal here? You kidnap me in the middle of the night for some freaky deaky sex show, fish face?” It didn't take long for Gorgonzola to erupt, flooding the tubes with a deluge of white juice fresh from the tap. While he was busy cumming, Limburger answered the mouse, “On the contrary my mouthy mouse nemesis. You see your being here is just coincidental to our plans. Some of our goons were breaking into the last chance garage to steal when the caught you off guard. They knocked you out and got out without notice apparently. It will be morning before the other mice notice and by then it will be too late for you will be a deceased member of the control group.” “Control group?” asked Vinnie, “Using mice in a medical trial, eh? How original.” “Not medical per say,” said Limburger, “You see as my associate here provides us with his copious volumes of seed, Carbuncle is extracting the essence that allows him to vastly increase his size and strength exponentially.” Carbuncle was busy working away at a computer console, “Speaking of which my most odious of leaders. I have isolated that component and am extracting it now.” A vial of glowing blue liquid started to fill next to the computer console as the monster finally finished cumming what must have been a thousand gallons of seed which had filled the containment tank to the bursting point. “Whew. Glad I held back a bit or your little container might have got destroyed by my load there. Good to know I still got it.” “And now that you have the money has been wired to your off planet accounts.” said Limburger. “So you're gonna give me his super strength increasing mojo? I mean... that sounds like a bad idea,” said Vinnie, “Not that I want you to stop but still...” Linburger chuckled, “Oh my dear biker mouse, no. I will be giving it to Greasepit who will then proceed to demonstrate his increased strength by ripping you in half with his bare hands.” “I gotta say I like that plan a lot less,” said Vinnie as he felt his boner subside completely. “Duh I gots ta say I kinda like the idea mousie,” said Greasepit as he walked out of the shadows to join Carbuncle and Limburger, “What do ya want me ta do now, boss?” “If you would be so kind dear Greasepit, take that vial injector and inject yourself with the serum please,” said Limburger, “Then after you get your new strength, tear that dear biker mouse apart.” “Duh you got it boss,” said Greasepit as he made his way over to the large injector vial filled with glowing blue liquid. He grabbed it but it slipped a little in his greasy hands. “I know I'm not part of this project any more but I gotta say that something seems off with your plan, big cheese,” said Gorgonzola, “Trusting that grease-handed goon with anything seems like a big step backwards in any plan.” “You're right you aren't a part of this project any more,” said Limburger as he pressed a button on their transport chamber and zapped the blue monster away, “And Greasepit may be many things but his loyalty is absolute.” “Duh you got dat right boss,” said Greasepit. He gave a salute to the Plutarkian but in doing so he slipped in some of Gorgonzola's excess precum and slid across the floor like he was on an ice slick. He tripped, stumbled and tossed the injector vial through the air. It landed in the worst place possible... Right into Vinnie's flexing bicep. The cylinder automatically injected it's contents in the blink of an eye then dropped to the floor and broke. Vinnie didn't know what to make of it. Had the crack pot scientist's vial really given him some kind of super strength? Only one way to find out. Tune in next time for all the sexy mouse parts! Just kidding. You can clearly see there is more story to scroll through. There was a tingling sensation throughout the mouse's body and soon he glowed with a bright blue light but then returned to normal. He flexed his muscles and felt different now. He felt powerful before with his increased martian strength but this was far and away much better. Real power. His muscles flexed, bulged and swelled bigger on his frame till he went from a professional body builder's build to something beyond when his muscle groups all doubled in size. He grunted as he looked down and could no longer see his feet over his top shelf pecs. He didn't know it but his five inch soft member went to a nine inch soft member that was thick as a beer can when totally unerect. His height remained the same glorious seven feet as before but his hands and feet swelled to keep up with his power packed body. Were he wearing his gloves the meaty hands would have torn free and his massive feet made short work of the bunny slippers as they ripped out. His legs packed muscle upon muscle that threatened to rip out of his now super tight pajama bottoms. “Whoa! Talk about a pick me up! That's more like a pick me up up and away,” smiled Vinnie, “Now it's time to show just what these bad boy mamma jamma muscles can really do!” He gave a flex and his restraints ripped from the table on both his wrists and ankles. That flex shredded his pajama bottoms and left him in a pajama cloth thong that bulged so obscenely with his massive package it could hardly be said to have kept him decent. Vinnie hopped down and noticed that the cuffs stayed on. Limburger chuckled, “Those cuffs are Monstrellian Steel, made to fit whoever they are upon no matter what size or shape they take so good luck getting out of those.” The powerful mouse looked at the cuffs then at his reflection in the shiny metal table he tore free from. He gave a few flexes and poses then kissed his bicep, “Who needs to get out of them? I think they go well with these,” Vinnie gave a mammoth flex and then said, “Now I know I had a bodacious bod before but this is ridiculous. Mouse babe extraordinaire is gonna tail whip this place to nothing... but first how about I add a little size the way that big blue meanie used to?” Vinnie put his thumb in his mouth and started to blow. He didn't gain much in the way of height but as he did his muscles gained size and mass, the stone floor cracked under the weight of his massive feet as the several tons of biker mouse exploded in muscular girth. He caught his reflection and looked to Carbuncle who was scanning him with some kind of device, “Yo! Science man. What gives with the gains?” “It a-a-a-a-appears that the serum vastly increases both mass, strength, and muscular density with every blow to the equivalent of what Gorgonzola did but with the subject remaining a more manageable height,” said Carbuncle. He put his fingers to work at the controls and started to convert the remaining monster semen into the muscle serum. The much more muscular mouse pivoted on his feet innocent like as he watched the scientist work. Two more vials filled and only just as the monster semen was deplenished, “Whatcha think you're doin there, sweetheart?” “We're making more serum and you are going to die!” said Limburger as he pulled a machine gun out from behind him. He unloaded on the massive mouse and at first Vinnie put up his arms, only to find he was bullet proof. The mouse chuckled and thrust his chest forward then started to walk towards the Plutarkian. Limburger panicked as the footfalls shook the ground and cracked the floor under the biker mouse's muscle weight. Vinnie blew into his thumb more and his muscles swelled even larger still. The remnants of his pajama thong fluttered to the ground as his now foot and a half long soft cock with massive balls ripped free. Limburger saw this as a point of vulnerability and fired his tommy gun at that massive package but the bullets bounced off it all the same. However, it did start to arouse the tremendous mouse. His height reached eight feet tall as the plutarkian stopped firing then said, “Uhmmmm heh. Look my good Mr. Van Wham perhaps I was a bit brazen in trying to fire a gun at you like that but can't we simply talk this out?” Vinnie kept walking up as the Plutarkian backed up, “There is a time for talk and a time for action... and speaking of action...” he looked down at the three foot long colossal pillar of mouse flesh that jut forth from his crotch as a monument of mouse cock, “I might need to get some action to get this baby to go back to sleep.” “Duh I'll give ya a little action biker mousey!” Greasepit shouted as he ran up to Vinnie. Vinnie stopped and held up a hand as the massive and greasy muscle man charged him. He flicked the man with his pointer finger to the chest and knocked him through several walls at incredible speed in the process, “Whoops! Heheh guess I don't know my own strength.” “Carbunkle! Do something!” Limburger shouted as he ran for the elevators. His scientist rushed to the elevator as well and the pair got stuck in the door side by side. The massive mouse looked over the pair then to the machine that could make more muscle juice. He saw the two vials then walked over, shattering stone under his powerful bare feet. He took the two vials that remained and held them gently in one hand while with his other hand he brought down a fist on the machine. That downward punch sent the machine through the floor, and several floors down, causing it to explode. The building shook but held together. “I don't think I'll ever get tired of that,” Vinnie said with a playful bouncing of his gargantuan pecs. The mouse watched as Carbuncle and Limburger made their escape in the elevator up and he shrugged, “Looks like it's time to blow this popsicle stand,” He walked up to a wall and then through it like it were made of tissue paper. He did this several times over until he found the wall that lead to outside. He looked down and was apparently on the 50th story of the 100 story tall building that was Limburger Tower. He grinned and hopped out casually, cratering the floor even with that small gesture. Vinnie relished the feeling of the air blowing over his massive naked body, clothed only by the metal cuffs that Limburger was so kind as to provide. He hit the ground with a crash that cratered out from his eight foot hyper muscled frame it flipped over several vacant and nearby cars and left him standing in a literal crater in the street fifty feet across and twenty feet deep. He set down the vials of muscle formula and carefully covered them with rubble for protection, “Be right back my little beauties.” The tremendous, naked, bulging, fully erect mouse climbed from the crater of his own making and then walked up to Limburger Tower while stroking his throbbing three foot pillar of mouse cock., “Time to rock Limburger's world in a way he never thought possible.” Vinnie blew into his thumb and kept blowing, swelling bigger and bigger, his muscle grown larger and stronger, more density added with each blow. His cock engorged till it was five feet long with beach balls for testes that swung behind impossibly muscled legs on his now nine foot muscled mouse frame, “Oh ho ho yeah! Let's do this!” The mouse went up to the side wall of the tower and thrust his invincible column of mouse cock into the side. He gave a powerful flex then lifted the entire building off it's foundation by his cock strength alone. “Oh baby where have you been all my life?” The biker mouse dug his beefy fingers into the wall of that building and held it up with ease as he started thrusting in and out of the building, quaking the few left inside and even the ground around him. His feet sank down up to the knees but the Plutarkians had replaced the building so often that they made the foundation he stood upon quite impervious to most damage, hence why he didn't sink into the ground instead of lifting off the building. The mouse neither knew about that nor cared as his precum exploded out with the strength of a dozen broken fire hydrants as he pained the lobby and started to fill the first floor up. Feeling the fluids splash and the building's stone mash against powerful dick drove Vinnie wild. It wasn't long before his balls began to swell and the ground trembled with the force he was about to unleash. Vinnie moaned, “Three...” then thrust again and groaned, “Two,” then pounded his hips to the building again, “One” and it was just one final thrust when his cock swelled and he felt the seed jet down it saying, “Blast off!” His massive cock exploded with millions of times the potency it should have been able to were he a normal martian mouse which would have only been a few dozen times more than the normal human but now he unleashed a torrent of white hot cum from his titanic cock that exploded up through the floors of that hundred story building as he filled it. His eruption filled all one hundred floors of that building with cum spurting from every window and exit door before the mouse let go and his second shot rocketed the building off like a literal rocket into orbit. He held his cock and kept spurting a rain of cum that drizzled down over Chi Town for a good twenty minutes. Better than the normal acid rain most would say. His muscles deflated to how he looked shortly after his initial injection which still left him far stronger than ever before by several dozen times. However, he was still naked except for the metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles. He walked up to the cars he'd accidentally flipped on his descent from the tower then flipped them back casually. The hood popped off of the last one and he took it in hand then looked to his nakedness and his foot long flaccid cock. He blushed a bit then stepped on the middle of the hood then pulled it up around him, ripping out the middle and then folded it down over his legs and his swinging junk to make a makeshift metal kilt for his own decency. The mouse went back to where he stashed the muscle serums and recovered them then started the walk back home as the sun started to rise on Chicago, “Man my bros are gonna love getting huge like me. But we're gonna need Charlie to help modify the bikes for a little added weight... among other endowments. I wonder how I'll find pants now... or boots... oh well...” Vinnie chuckled to himself as he playfully flexed his new found super muscles the whole walk home.
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