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  1. CHARLES WELLINGTON PARKER III I was the guest on the thousand acre estate of Charles Wellington Parker III. The manor house had twenty five rooms and Charles lived there alone, except for the maids and cooks. We had been friends as little kids and then we met again after college. It was as if we had never lost contact. You see my mother worked for his family when I was small and we lived in a tiny cottage on the property. Then we moved away when my dad was transferred. They were still extremely wealthy and I was still middle class poor because of college debts. I accepted an invitation to stay the weekend and after a wonderful meal and stimulating conversation I retired. I checked my email, stripped, and was just about to crawl into bed when there was a knock on the door. “Is there anything you need?” Charles asked when I opened the door a crack. “You can’t ring for anyone because the staff and cook have gone for the night. Everybody who works here lives in town.” “There aren’t any bath towels. I’m wearing the only towel in the bathroom.” I told him. I swung the door open to show him what I meant. “Impossible!” he said as he got an eyeful of my huge physique. He charged past me and I heard him laughing in the bathroom. “Daniel,” he called to me. He stood before what I thought was just a mirror and behind the mirror was a linen closet. Not only were there towels but there were also robes and extra sheets. I grabbed a terrycloth robe and returned to the bedroom. Charles had his shirt and shoes off and was opening his belt. Damn he was buff. His pants fell around his ankles and he was naked. His soft cock was six inches long and his balls hung low and looked full. I couldn’t seem to tie a knot with the robe’s belt. He pushed the robe off my shoulders and pressed his naked body to mine. “Don’t think badly of me,” he whispered. He pulled away and looked like he was going to run. I grabbed him and pulled him against my body. “I’ve known you for eighteen years and I wanted you to do this the first day I met you again after college,” I said as I hugged him tightly. “Stay with me tonight?” I asked as I looked in his eyes. He threw his arms around me. “No,” he said and I was crestfallen. “That bed is too small, so you have to stay with me in my room.” “Charlie you are such an asshole!” I said before I kissed him. Maybe my bed was too small to sleep in but it was perfect for fucking. Two hours later we climbed into his king size bed and snuggled up to get some sleep.
  2. MY COUSIN THE MARINE “When this water warms up I want you in the shower with me,” he said as I finished shaving. “Why? I can wait until you finish,” I said preparing to brush my teeth. I was visiting colleges and staying with my cousin who had recently been honorably discharged from the Marines. I made the mistake of calling him an ex-Marine. He corrected me telling me there were no ex-Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. “Now!” he ordered. I set down the toothbrush and did as he said. He dropped the towel and pushed his hard body against mine. “Why?” he barked my question back at me. “So I can fuck you!” he growled. “You’ve been here three days teasing me with your touching and staring and drooling and lusting for my cock… and that boner of yours tells me you want it right now.” I was like a deer in headlights. He spoke and I obeyed. I knelt. He fucked my throat and then he fucked my ass. As a matter of fact he fucked me seven times that night. Ten years older and he had twice my stamina. Ultimately he picked the college and my course of study… He trained me in the gym and taught me how to eat properly. He fed me the supplements he took. Punishment for not getting an ‘A’ was no sex for a week. In four years I only got a ‘B’ once and that happened in my freshman year. Since graduation our accounting business has provided us with lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams. Even though I am now taller and more muscular, whenever he starts the shower I come running. All he has to say is “Now!” and I am his to command.
  3. Alex in Wonderland AKA Disney World My name is Alex and I was in Disneyworld with my cousin and her family. Don’t ask how I got roped into going. By 9am I had enough of her kids so I went off on my own. The plan was that I was to meet them at 4pm in the Magic Kingdom near the Flying Carpet ride and then we would decide where we be going for supper. I allowed plenty of time to get from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom so I was early. I found a bench in the shade where I could see them approach from any direction. Then about 4:15pm I got a text from my cousin. Jane and Ted (her kids) tired /sick back at hotel. Sorry… On your own for supper. Damn, I thought. I could have stayed at Epcot. I was getting up when I saw the glitter of a trading pin under the bench. Disney sells these little one inch enameled cloisonné pins everywhere and people trade them. The pin depicted the genie from the Aladdin movie. It didn’t have the pin back that would hold it in place so I guessed some kid lost it or tossed it because he didn’t want it. Holding it between my fingers so I didn’t get stuck with the sharp point I rubbed the dirt from the face with my thumb. A gust of wind seemed to whirl around me and I found myself standing in front of the French restaurant in Epcot where I was going to suggest we eat. My cousin’s kids should experience more than hot dogs and hamburgers. I knew my cousin and her husband would love the food. I even made reservations just in case they agreed. I had to sit. The fountain to the right of the entrance was the closest spot. I looked down at the pin in my hand and when I looked up again a handsome bearded man was smiling down on me. “Are you okay?” he said putting my hand in my shoulder. “It was rather abrupt but I know the reservations are for 5pm unless you would like to wait until later,” he said in the sexiest voice I ever heard. My shoulders suddenly expanded until they were as big as bowling balls. My wimpy biceps and triceps began growing until they were bigger than my head. Huge pectorals began stretching my polo shirt. I could feel my back and lats thickening my back. My legs started to grow longer and bulge with muscle until my shorts threatened to split. Then the shorts… changed into tailored cargo shorts. My hand stitched shirt fit me perfectly. I was in shock! I ran my hand along my rock hard stomach and it was like a brick-wall. I stood and almost lost my balance. I was taller. I looked from the man to the pin and back at the man. “The pin doesn’t look anything like me,” he grinned. “I don’t look anything like me!” I laughed. “How…” “I’ll explain everything later,” he said as he turned to the reservation desk. “There were to be three adults and two children but the kids got sick. There will be just the two of us tonight,” he informed the French woman. I realized he was speaking French and I understood every word; I knew about three French words before today. Her accent told me she was from the south of France. We were led upstairs to a table by the window. I was able to order my meal in fluent French and after the waiter poured the wine I turned to my new friend. “Is it time to explain?” “This isn’t the place but I will explain if you insist,” he said in an ancient language. I understood every word of his fantastic tale but nobody else around us did. Of course I didn’t believe him. It didn’t explain the lack of a genie lamp, the legendary smoke, and the promise to grant three wishes. “So how did you get in the pin,” I asked in English. “The last thing I remember was being in China. Wu Lee fell and I tried to save him. The next thing I saw was you holding that pin. I read your thoughts and brought you here. Touching you I knew your desire for a physique…” he was saying as the food arrived. The dessert and the final wine arrived as the lights around the lake dimmed. He paid for the meal and we got up to go watch the fireworks display. I stopped in the restroom and he followed me in. After washing my hands the restroom started to move like and elevator. The door opened and we were on the top of the replica of the Eiffel Tower. Seconds later the spectacular fireworks began. His powerful arms wrapped around me from behind. He kissed my ear and whispered all the things he wanted to do once he got me back to our rooms. I was so excited I almost filled my shorts with cum. That night he exceeded all his promises. In the morning I awoke confused. I showered and began to get dressed. I still could not believe my physique. I couldn’t believe I was a billionaire. I was lost in thought when Gene walked in clad in a robe. He had been to the gym and the pool. When his robe opened the sight was… spectacular. I took his sweaty body into my arms and kissed him. “What about my cousin?” I asked. He looked at my cell phone and gave a nod. It rang. “Thank you so much for this vacation,” my cousin gushed. “We are about to board your private jet to go back to the frozen north.” “Stay another week,” I suggested knowing her husband was eager to get back to work. “We couldn’t!” I could almost see her blush. “We had a great time. You and Gene are wonderful hosts.” She coached her kids. “Thank you.” She and the family said as a chorus. I could hear the engines winding up for takeoff. They would be landing in a nor’easter. There was already a foot of snow on the ground. “I hope they get home safe,” I said as I put the phone on the charger. “I’ll make sure they will,” Gene said as his arms surrounded me. I could feel his hard cock rub against my ass. “Gene, thank you for last night, this morning, this physique… everything,” I said as I turned to face him. I shoved the robe off his shoulders and began running my hand over his massive physique. Before the robe hit the floor we were both naked. I led him to the bed where we spent the day making love. The stocks that Genie picked to buy that day made a modest profit even though the stock market was down a couple points. That night we had supper in Rome and we were back in our Orlando condo before midnight. Why Rome you might ask? We had to be there to prevent a catastrophe at Gene’s favorite restaurant. Had we not been there the oven that exploded would have leveled most of the block. As it was it just blew a hole in the wall to the alley. I spooned in his arms that night thinking about picking up that pin under the bench. I reached for it and polished it with my thumb. I felt his cock rise behind me. “Are you awake?” he whispered. I nodded. “Rubbing that pin let me see your inmost sexual desires,” he chuckled. “Oh Gene!” I gasped. And we were off to another marathon of lovemaking.
  4. DAC

    Dan the Mountain Man

    Thanks for reading and the kind comment. It is always great to get positive feedback.
  5. Dan the Mountain Man I hadn’t put much credence to the legends, rumors and stories I had heard about the newest phenomenon to hit the bodybuilding world. They say he came out of the Rocky Mountains but they didn’t say if it was the Canadian Rockies or the American Rockies. They said he was a cross between a mountain man and the abominable snowman. The rumors said he started to work out the day he took his first steps. By the time he was five he was chopping and stacking cords of firewood and that as a teen he had a pet bull that to this day he carries on his shoulders. It sounded to me like the Paul Bunion legend had been attached to the guy. I had been around bodybuilders all my life. As a matter of fact I am a fourth generation bodybuilder. Our family genetics lend to bodybuilding although not everyone in the clan is a bodybuilder. Those not interested in the sport have a natural physique and are quite handsome. We are the boy next door, the handsome rogue quarterback, the hunk of a fireman, the Highway Patrol Man whose shirts bulge with muscle. We tend not to compete in bodybuilding contests. My great grandfather would psyche out other contestants by just showing up. I have to admit I have done it too. I wasn’t even registered to compete and the others were saying I had the big trophy hands down. Also we tend not to show our age. My grandfather, dad, and I have been mistaken for brothers with a large age spread. They usually don’t believe we are three generations. I was on my way to the big and tall shop in the mall not knowing the shop had scheduled a posing exhibition to promote their store. I saw the crowd gathered and skirted the outside edge of the group to get the shirts I ordered. Inside it was a quiet haven. The event seemed to have the opposite effect on their business because the store was devoid of customers. Even the sales people were at the front window looking out. My salesman, Roger, was among them. He was so focused on what was going on out in the mall he didn’t even see me come in. “It is about to start,” he said with distant awe in his voice. I think he was talking to himself more than to anybody else. “I’m here for the shirts I ordered,” I said to start the conversation. “Holy…” he gasped and his mouth hung open. I followed his gaze and saw the guy on the stage posing. He was in the super heavyweight class and he was lean and cut and handsome but he looked like any other amateur bodybuilder with a well developed physique. He had a great body but his posing routine sucked. It was choppy and repetitious. Chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, legs… chest, arms, back, and legs. He didn’t smile enough and he didn’t make eye contact with his audience or interact with them. I stopped watching him because his posing hurt my eyes and I walked to the back of the store to see what was on the sale rack. A roar went up outside and I looked up to see him doing a most-muscular pose. Probably his best pose because he held it and worked it. I turned back to the sale rack. I found a windbreaker that would fit me and a 7x tank top that I wanted to try on. I might be able to use the shirt in the gym if it didn’t fall off my shoulders. I was in the changing room when the store owner ushered somebody in and asked him to model some of their clothing. I heard Roger, my salesman, gushing outside at the entrance to the changing rooms about how big and massive and gigantic and enormous and colossal Dan the Mountain Man was. As I stood before the three way mirror I heard the muttering of the other man in the changing cubicle next to mine complaining that the shirt was too small. Just turning made the 7X shirt slip off my shoulders, so I took off the shirt and tossed it over the top of his cubicle. “Try this,” I said. “Thanks,” he answered. “Hey it fits,” he said as his door swung open. “Thanks mister,” he said as he stepped up to the three way mirror. He was naked except for the shirt I tossed to him. The 7x shirt that came almost to my knees barely covered his bare ass. He wasn’t doing anything, but his entire body seemed to be flexing with suppressed power. In the mirror I could see the cock of my dreams lazily hanging down like a python. The length not only suited him he filled the shirt with the biggest physique I had ever seen. The arms on the man looked like oversize footballs and ball of his biceps swelled enormously as he scratched his neck. His colossal chest spread and lifted as he inhaled a deep breath, making the fibers and cables of the exposed muscle beneath the shirt dance and demand attention. The tanned skin on his back rippled and bunched as he moved his shoulders. His thighs were the size of the average man’s waist. I knew he had to be north of seven feet tall. He turned and faced me and the two thick slabs of pecs filled in the shirt, pushing the points of his nipples against the material. He walked toward me with his hand extended in greeting. “I’m Dan,” he said. “Man you are one built son-of-a… oops sorry I forget I’m in polite society,” he said. “Mason, my name is Mason,” I said as I shook his paw. His handshake was warm, firm, strong, commanding, powerful, masculine, and sexy. I realized that this was the guy I saw posing in the mall. I am tall so most guys look up to look me in the eye but I was staring at his chest and he was fucking huge. “Daniel how…” I said as I looked up and up and up. He was fucking purely masculine. “How tall am I? I’m 7’3” and growing,” he said. “I was going to ask how you find clothes to fit your physique,” I smiled through the lie. “I learned how to make shirts from scratch. My mom taught me. Jeans that fit my legs have to be taken in at the waist—mom taught me how to do that too. Most of my shoes come from mail order. Want to know a secret? At home I mostly go around naked,” he confided. That was why he was so comfortable being half naked with his cock dangling out of the shirt. “I wouldn’t recommend that in public,” I smiled. “Yeah but a posing suit is ok, go figure,” he chuckled. “You’re a bodybuilder, can you explain that?” “The logic is, I want to see every muscle in your body except what is between your legs,” I blurted out without thinking. He lifted off the shirt and my cock reacted before I could speak. He noticed. He looked at the tag sewn into the shirt but I could see his cock chubbing up too. Then he lifted his right arm and tensed the muscle into a bulging mass of powerful sinew. I watched the biceps and triceps swell thicker and thicker until the muscles were literally ready to burst through the skin. His skin was so thin, and so incredibly tight! It stretched exposing the muscle fibers. Then he lifted the other arm and did it again. Thick wings spread beneath his arms and the serratus muscles stood out in high definition. His delts grew higher and higher until they nearly touched his earlobes. His neck was almost as wide as his head. He was tall and wide and handsome and super muscular. I forgot all about the choppy transitions in his routine. He quickly lowered his hands and covered his genitals with the bunched up shirt. “Is there a problem,” the store owner asked. “Clothes are too small,” Dan said. “Need 7x,” we said together. The manager left I assume to get bigger clothing. Dan moved forward and his cock made contact with my skin—his balls banged against my abs. I could feel something happening, that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I was... excited and horny and my balls tingled. I was intimidated by Dan’s alpha posturing. My heart was racing and I felt weirdly hot like when the AC delays coming on and humidity makes the room stuffy. I could smell Dan’s body. His musk was overpowering and… damn he smelled good. “I gotta go,” I said. I turned, walked back to my cubical, and closed the door. When I looked in the wall mirror I saw the streak of pre-cum on my chest. “The son-of-a-bitch marked me,” I muttered to myself. My breathing had quickened, my heart was beating rapidly, and my pits were damp with sweat. I felt a drop of perspiration running down the crevice of my spine and creeping into my ass crack. I felt simultaneously excited, and scared, and curious about my encounter with the 7x giant. I looked down at myself and pulled a long breath into my lungs through my nostrils. I pulled on my shirt and watched the two great plates of my pectoral muscles shove against the material. I felt the nipples drag against the cotton sending deep sexual thrills through my frame. My swollen cock still throbbed. Could I still smell the musk of his pre-cum on my body? I inhaled deeply. Damn, I really could still smell the musk of his pre-cum. “He marked me,” I whispered as I re-lived first contact. My hardened nipples were obvious. I had to calm down before I went back into the store. I opened the cargo shorts I was trying on and let them fall to the floor. I had to sit to get the shorts over my shoes and my favorite fantasy began transforming the cubical into a shower room. Curls of steam billowed all around me as I hung my shirt and shorts on the back of the door. He uttered the words to a song and I recognized the lyrics. It was as if he was singing along with the song playing in ear buds. His huge physique loomed in the fog. There was a slap and I realized it was the soapy wash cloth making contact with rock hard traps. I entered the fog and my left hand made first contact on his hip to tell him I was there. My right hand scrubbed his back with the soapy cloth while my left hand touched his cock. It felt like a foot long sausage that was morphing as it engorged and stiffened. I was standing at Dan’s left hip simultaneously fondling his low hanging balls and scrubbing his lower back. My right hand drifted into the cleft between his butt cheeks and his legs spread to give me access. An electric shock traveled down my dick and into my balls when my cock made contact with his side. Intense heat spread into my belly as my left hand tried to surround his prick. It was throbbing with each heartbeat and I ached to feel his cock stretching my hole and shoving deep inside me. Time slowed and I could see every drop of water bounce off the skin of his massive pecs like tiny bullets. I heard the echo of a groan as the fingers of my right hand breeched his hole. My left hand squeezed the foreskin to form a reservoir filled with pre-cum. His abs expanded and receded as his breath quickened and I traced the cobblestones of perfectly developed muscle with lust. My heart thumped in my chest as my fingers circled the rock hard nipple. My mouth went dry as I touched the other nipple with my tongue. “Where should I start?” I whispered as I let my lower teeth linger and scrape across his distended nub. “I think you made a fine start already,” Dan said biting his lower lip as my fingers continued to stroke his prostate. Dan’s huge muscular arm surrounded my head and pulled my nose into his dark pit. The manly musk of Dan’s body mingled with the smell of the soap, rank sweat, stale cologne, and a hint of leather, sandalwood, coconut, and vanilla. I sniffed in like a wild animal catching hints of a potential mate in heat. My hand applied liquid soap afraid that Dan would stop me if I bent to recover the wash cloth. My hand traveled over every inch of his mighty chest as I worshiped. My hand lathered his delts and traveled over biceps and triceps, along his forearm, and finally I took Dan’s hand into mine and kissed his fingers. It was an act of subtle submission and Dan smiled. I was his and he could do as he pleased with me. He ran his hand along my arm and moved my body to face him. I ran my hands over his massive physique with long strokes before moving to parts still unexplored to continue the worship of the most astounding body I ever touched. There is nothing like the sensation of moving your hands across another man’s physique in such an intimate way. I could feel the muscle fibers move beneath his skin, I could feel the warmth of his flesh, and the power emanating from the man as Dan lifted both arms into a double biceps flex. I soaped both armpits, down his lats, and up to his triceps. Dan watched me touch him with a growing sense of lust. I’m sure that he had been worshiped before but for me this was something special, something unique and for me this was a huge turn-on. I was discovering the intimately one man can find in another while exploring Dan. At the same time I was exploring my own feelings, allowing the worship of a man’s body to explode inside me. I moved my hands down Dan’s body to his slim hips and stepped in closer. I rested my hands there for a moment to savor this deep intimacy. The hot water splashed and rained down on our intertwined bodies and I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and when I opened my eyes again the fantasy evaporated. I sat on the bench nearly in tears. What about the blowjob I was about to perform in the fantasy. Missing was the seed he would repeatedly plant in and on my body. Missing was the ultimate submission to the gigantic bodybuilder pounding his love tool into my ass and filling me with his cum. I tried with all my might to drag my mind back into the fantasy. “Fuck, that feels so good,” I whispered the words I wanted to hear Dan speak. The feeling of sexual power increased. Then Dan lowered my body onto his cock and began using me, holding all the weight of my entire body against the tiles and using my ass as a fuck toy. He thrust up into my ass as he lifted and lowered my body up and down on his pole, letting out a string of filthy words and outlandish threats. Tile was breaking and falling onto the floor and… “Hello?” “I’m not done yet,” I said to answer the knock on my cubical door. Aw, fuck, who is that? I heard Dan moan in my fantasy. “Are you okay in there?” a voice chuckled. “Yeah. Maybe. I… that… yeah,” I called out to the guy on the other side of the door. Gonna fuck you, the phantom voice echoed in my ears and then was gone. “Hey, would you like to get some lunch in the mall?” Dan asked. It was definitely Dan. “Yeah, yes… um I’ll be right out.” “I’ll be at the cash register,” he said as his voice faded. Again I tried to engage the fantasy but nothing happened. I dressed and gathered everything I brought into the room and made my way to the front of the store. Dan looked up and smiled at me. It was as if he knew what was happening in my fantasy but I knew that was ridiculous. “I checked on the shirts you ordered and it looks like they’ll be here by next Friday. Usually they don’t take this long but with the and blah, blah, blah, blah,” he continued as I tuned him out. “Will you call me and leave a message when they come in?” I requested as I picked up my purchases and together Dan and I entered the mall. “You know what?” Dan said as we entered the food court. “I especially liked the part where you were finger fucking my ass as you fondled my balls, but the way you were riding me…” I stopped in my tracks and he continued on towards the oriental food. He smiled and returned to where I was standing. “My shower at home is about the size of those changing rooms back in that store. White tiles, three showerheads, and a rain shower on the ceiling,” he said describing my fantasy shower room. “Would you like to skip lunch and follow me to my place? I have some leftovers in the refrig…” “Yes,” I cut him off. “Yes right now!” “There were also some tender moments like when…” “Shut up. Be quiet. Lead the way,” I said quietly. I was red faced as we walked toward the exit. A hand rested on my shoulder when we got to his car. “I have a few fantasies that I would also love to share with you,” he said as he unlocked the car. If he said that to insure I would follow him home he was wasting his breath because if reality was half as good as that dream had in the mall, I was his for life.
  6. A Visit to My Brother-In-Law in NYC I was traveling for business to New York City so my wife asked me to hand deliver a small painting to her brother Mike. She had been shopping in an antique/ junk store when she spotted the frame. Knowing it was hand carved she gladly paid five dollars for the ugly painting. Her original intent was to put our wedding picture in the frame but when she took the picture out of the frame she found a copper plate and realized that it was a signed Marc Chagall (enamel on copper) that someone had used to do a painting on the back. Mike said he could find out if it was stolen and get it authenticated. I understand that sometimes they paint on the back to hide the stolen art. As I was knocking on the door, Mike rounded the corner. He smiled as his eyes met mine. I was always taken aback when I saw my brother-in-law. Even wearing a sweat suit you could see that his body was a mass of muscle. His face was coated with sweat, like a glossy sheen that made his tanned flesh glow with health. He pulled the towel from around his neck and wiped his hands and face. He extended his hand and when we made contact I felt it in my balls. Instantly I was transported back to the week before I married his sister. Mike had come to town ten days before the wedding. He wanted to catch up with friends and acquaintances, do a little fishing at the summer house on the river, and unwind from the hectic life in the big city. Three months ago I was staying in the summer house at the request of my future mother-in-law. She knew Mike was coming and she wanted the guest room for him or so she said. I think she didn’t want her daughter and me under the same roof until after the wedding. I didn’t mind because my wife’s home was a mad house of activity. I was standing on the upper porch facing the river sipping coffee one morning when I heard a splash. I saw the ripples in the river and then a head surface. He got to the floating pier and lifted his body out of the water. My jaw dropped seeing his physique and as he stood on the pier his over abundant muscles stood out even more starkly. He looked like he was oiled or dipped in liquid honey as the water cascaded off his body. Each of his perfectly developed muscular bulges was intensely defined. He was just standing there stretching and breathing slowly making his huge chest swell again and again. He dove into the river again but when he got out of the water this time he faced the house so I could see his awesome six-pack abs and huge legs. His arms hung away from his sides pushed out by the sheer width of his lats and shoulders. Before my eyes was a god. There was no other term for the man. No, not just a man, he was unbelievable. Looking down at his skimpy bikini the god/ man was gifted with everything a man should have with overwhelming abundance. His torso had an insane taper. His shoulders stretched crazy wide. Water droplets on the muscle sparkled in the sun accenting and highlighting the size and density of his muscles. His arms and legs were massive. His face was incredibly handsome. He walked toward the house and the closer he got the bigger he looked. I didn’t know if he was a neighbor or an intruder. I wanted to drop my coffee and make sure the house was locked but I was frozen on the spot. Lost in thought I heard the kitchen door slam. I listened intently. “Hello,” he called out. His deep voice went right through my chest and it felt like my heart stopped beating. “I’m Mike your future brother-in-law,” he said as he came up the stairs. “Hello?” Like me he couldn’t stand the pandemonium at his mother’s house so he moved into the summer house with me. Unfortunately for me I was packed and going out of town for three days. Talking to Mike for just five minutes made me consider canceling the trip. If the taxi hadn’t arrived just then he would have had me in bed in mere moments. With business completed the afternoon of the second day I caught an early flight home. I was disappointed that Mike wasn’t at the summer house when I got there. I knew he was meeting friends all week from phone conversations I had with my future wife. I was sitting on the bed naked and had just finished a conversation with his sister when he spoke up. “Thinking about me?” His voice awakened me from my reverie and I saw him standing in the doorway. I grabbed a pillow to cover my hard cock. “Never lie to them because they always have a way of finding out the truth,” he advised. “I didn’t exactly lie. She asked me if I closed the deal. I said yes. She assumed I was coming back tomorrow as scheduled,” I explained as he pushed off the doorframe and walked toward me. “I thought I was going to be alone tonight when my friends had to go home after dinner,” Mike said as he sat on the bed. I was surrounded by a cloud of pheromones and my cock started throbbing. “Weren’t you scheduled to be out of town tonight? Obviously you didn’t tell my sister you were here. Did you come home early because of me? Do you mind if I…” But instead of finishing the question, he was stripping out of his dress shirt and pulling it up over his head. I was dumbfounded. My mouth hung open but no words came out. Next he was opening his trousers exposing the root of his cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear and I could see the lengthy bulge of his cock chubbing up and pushing against the material. He stood up and kicked the shoes off his feet before he let the trousers fall around his ankles exposing the rest of his amazing body. His uncut cock was long and thick, his balls hung low almost to the tip. “Is this okay? Now you can get rid of that pillow,” he said as he yanked it away. He had a sly grin on his face when he knelt on the bed and straddled my lap. My cock was throbbing and I could barely catch my breath. “Shall we continue where we left off when that taxi rudely interrupted the other day? You were hard then too weren’t you?” He was breathing slowly and deeply, his muscled chest rising and falling, his six-pack expanding and contracting. The cloud of sex intensified. “No…” “Never lie,” he smiled. “I think you want me? To be with me but you feel like you can’t because of my sister. We can do whatever we want to do if it feels good and we don’t hurt anyone.” He moved closer still until our lips were almost touching. “If you’re worried, I won’t tell anyone. No one else has to know except you and me.” I took the initiative and closed the gap between our lips, kissing him lightly. “Oh, man, yeah. That’s good,” he whispered. He closed his eyes and a big glob of pre-cum erupted from the eye of his dick and coated both our shafts. “C’mon, just touch me. That’s all. Just a touch,” he groaned. When I pinched his nipple a thick cloud of his pheromones and waves of pure sex were pouring off his enormous naked body. “Oh fuck,” I gasped. “Yeah fuck me,” he said as he lifted and guided my cock to his ass. It all happened so fast. His pre-cum covered cock hit my lips and the next thing I knew it, his tool was spewing more delicious pre-cum onto my tongue. I must have been so preoccupied that I didn’t see him squirt lube into his butt. When he sat my shaft slid into him in one continuous erotic plunge. He pulled my face into his pecs and flexed the gigantic slabs of beef. He groaned when I locked onto a nipple and gently nipped with my teeth. I licked the sweat and chewed the striated muscle. As he lifted and lowered his body his cock continued to paint my body with his cock. I knew my cum was rising so I began to thrust up into him. Bolts of bliss erupted with each thrust but I couldn’t cum and it was almost too much to bear. I wanted to cum but I also wanted this feeling of total sexual satisfaction to last forever. Mike plunged down one last time. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered one word in my ear. “Cum!” I heard a roar and it was me cumming. I saw fireworks and I may have passed out. I became aware that his cock was in me and fucking my ass hard. I was smothered in muscle and holding on for dear life. Each time he thrust in I was having a mini orgasm. I lost count of all the times we traded fucks that week. I couldn’t get enough of Mike and he couldn’t get enough of my ass. Strange as it may seem that pre-nuptial affair only fueled my lust on my wedding night. By morning were fucked so much we both assumed that my new wife was pregnant but fortunately she wasn’t. ***** I was pulled back to the present the instant Mike made physical contact with a man hug. He had been out jogging and a cloud of rich, musky, masculine stink arose from his body and my lust for him washed over me like a giant wave. “Nick, how the hell have you been?” he said as he again pumped my hand. His eyes sparkled. His smile exposed his perfect bright white teeth. His lips looked soft, moist, and kissable. He pulled up his shirt, grabbed the key clipped to his waistband, and let me into his apartment. I brushed by his body since he was holding the door for me so I could roll in the suitcase with the painting inside. He let out a laugh as I struggled to enter. The door had barely clicked shut when I felt his strong hands grab my shoulders from behind and firmly steer my back to his chest. I felt his hard muscular body press against my back as he leaned down bringing his face to the side of my neck. His hot breath roared past my ear. “I have been dreaming about this for months,” he breathed out. “All I can think about is how much I need this.” Then his tongue flicked out and licked the back of my earlobe. He leaned in and softly nibbled the side of my neck under that ear. His hot breath caused the cancellation of all higher thinking in my brain leaving only the lusty animal behind. My whole body shuddered with desire for him. My cock was instantly rock hard and I could feel his massive erection nestling into the crack of my ass as he continued kissing my neck. He grew more and more aggressive kissing, biting, and sucking my neck. I was writhing in his arms wiggling my ass to allow his cock to slip deeper into the crease between my cheeks. We were both groaning lost in the moment. “Whoa, take it easy stud!” I said, regaining a little of my composure. “Slow down.” “Okay, it’s just that I’m just so fucking horny,” he told me. “It’s hard to take this slow when I’ve been thinking about us ever since you called to say you were coming to visit.” I turned to face him. He rubbed his hand over my bulging crotch, giving out a low moan. Then he leaned in, gently this time, and kissed me on my mouth. Normally I am not into kissing guys, but with Mike it was different. He was so incredibly beautiful! Then he leaned in and his lips brushed mine and it was almost electric! My whole body shifted to an entirely higher plane. In spite of myself I found myself kissing him back. I was hesitant at first, but before I knew it we were making out like teenagers. His tongue thrust repeatedly into my hot mouth and I sucked furiously on it every time it plunged in between my lips. I was just so turned on that it felt so right. We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity. I felt as if I had lost myself in his lusty embrace. He kissed and sucked on my bottom lip, I gently nibbled his lip back. Then he began to work his way down my neck. Passionately he kissed his way around to the side of my neck and up to my ear. All the while, his hands were sensuously rubbing and squeezing body as I was rubbing and grasping his back and ass. “Wait, let’s take a shower together. I need to slow this down a bit, or I’ll cum all over myself before I ever get out of my pants,” I suggested. “Okay, c’mon,” he said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. We moved through his he master bedroom and into the bathroom. Smiling, he turned on the shower and faced me. Mike undressed me and before I knew it I was standing in front of him naked and his hands were worshiping my body. I undressed him as he watched my naked body and he smiled. His body was even more impressive than I remembered. The second most impressive thing about him was the throbbing cock pulsing in his groin. Sticking out and pointed almost straight up from his trimmed pubic mound, his shaft was throbbing. I felt a renewed surge of lust as I took in the view. I pressed against him and he guided me over the lip of the shower stall, backing himself in under the hot water. I smiled at him and began running my hands over his massive chest and shoulders. He raised his arms and flexed all his muscles into a most muscular pose. The biceps swelled. His shoulders mounted higher and higher. His lats opened like wings, thick and meaty. His chest swelled and pushed forward. His six-pack receded and the skin was suctioned against every striated muscle. His thighs exploded with heavy, perfect slabs of meat. I was lost in muscle worship. He relaxed his awesome collection of overwhelming muscle and nodded toward my raging hard-on throbbing. He straightened and moved closer. His musk and power seemed to intensify as he pressed his chest to mine. He was glowing with lust absolutely bare, unashamed, and radiating pure, sweet, hard, sex. He tilted his head back as I bent down to take his nipple and began sucking on it. I dragged my tongue across his smooth chest and licked his other nipple. It was hard in an instant and he gasped. His dick was pressed against my thigh and I could feel him lightly thrusting it back and forth to hump my leg. It took all of my self control not to go to my knees and swallow his cock. He moaned his approval as I took a liquid soap and began to wash his entire body. I caressed every muscular bulge and sexy curve while I washed him. I lathered him up, and he also gently washed my body at the same time. We both paid a little extra attention to each other’s throbbing cocks. I rubbed his prick a little more than was strictly necessary just for cleanliness. His spongy-hard cock just felt so damn good in my hand that I was unwilling to let go. After we were both rinsed, I couldn’t wait any more. I slid down his body and knelt in the drizzle of the overhead rain shower I leaned forward and slowly took his throbbing prick into my hot steamy mouth. It was so worth the wait! His prick is nice-sized, maybe almost too thick for extended oral sex, but it was sure fine right where it was for now. My mouth was opened as wide as possible and I had pushed my face down over his dick allowing him to press the head into the back of my throat, leaving my nose rubbing in his little patch of trimmed pubes. I held him in my throat like that for as long as I could. When I finally pulled back for a breath of air, I sucked hard on his shaft before letting him out from between my lips. “Oh fuck!” he exclaimed. “Suck me. Mmm, yeah, that’s the way. Suck my cock. Do It!” I reached out and gently grasped his shaft with my right hand, allowing me to stoke him while I sucked and slurped his spongy cock head. With my other hand, took hold of his heavy, full balls and began gently pulling on them. I worked him like that for a while, gobbling as much dick and pre-cum as I could with each thrust, pausing to occasionally lick and suck his heavy balls. Mike moaned and grabbed my head in his hands, clearly enjoying my attention to his cock and balls. He pulled my head deeper into his crotch, forcing his meat deeper into my throat. I reached back with both of my hands and gripped his powerful smooth ass cheeks in my palms, squeezing and pulling his body tight against me. “Oh fuck, yeah,” he gasped repeating it over and over. Soon enough, his thighs were resting against my chest as I drove my face back and forth pushing his throbbing cock back into my throat. I gently massaged his ass with my hands and his cock with my mouth, all the while listening to a chorus of his moans and dirty talk. He was face fucking me with passion. His dick throbbed in my mouth and seemed to grow even harder. I tried to encourage him to fuck my face even harder by gently trying to work a finger into his ass hole. He stabbed his cock into my throat a few more times, and I expected a load of cum very soon, but instead he reached down and gently guided me to a standing position. Then he turned me around to face away from him. He put tender but firm downward pressure on my shoulders, urging me to bend over in front of him, leaving my ass up in the air, exposed to him. I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks open, and the warm, wet pressure of his tongue as he licked my asshole. He dove in first swirling his tongue hotly around the rim of my man hole, then plunging in, fucking my ass with his hard tongue. The sensation was almost too much to handle. My knees got a little wobbly and I had to grab the built in seat for support. My cock was already hard, but now it was throbbing. I knew that just the slightest touch while Mike was tongue fucking me would drive me right over the edge. Mike must have sensed that, because he backed off my pucker and began to knead and nibble my ass cheeks, only occasionally dragging a finger or his tongue over my hole. I stood up and smiled down at Mike as I turned off the shower. He also rose and then took my hand. He grabbed a bottle of lotion from the sink and led me back out to the room. He guided me to the bed where he had me to lay down on my back. Kneeling between my spread legs, Mike leaned down and picked up right where he left off. He pushed my legs up into the air, exposing my ass. Then he lay flat and began to really lap and lick my ass again. It was only briefly this time though. Mike uncapped the bottle, and then lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders. He squirted a large dollop of the lube onto my ass and began working it into my anus by fucking me with his fingers. At first I felt only one finger ease into me, then another and then another. It was really amazing to watch the lust wash over his face as his fingers banged my ass. “Fuck me Mike,” I said as I looked into his eyes. “I need your cock in me, now.” He didn’t argue. He squirted some more lube on his throbbing prick quickly, and pushed his whole big dick right up my ass in one savage thrust. “Aw... yeah!” I yelled loudly. “Fuck, that’s good. Fuck me!” He quickly began to pump his dick in and out of me. I could feel his heavy balls as they slammed into my ass and his thighs as they slammed into my body. I felt like a common whore. I grabbed my ankles and pulled them back, to open myself up as much as possible adding to the state of arousal. Then, I reached my hands down and spread my ass open farther for him. My legs also slid down his outer body, getting my ankles off of his shoulders. He pulled his dick all the way out of me before plunging back in. Over and over he did this until I lost count, then he drove all the way in again, balls slapping hard on my ass. He stabbed me over and over with his hard cock, and I lost track of everything but the feelings shooting through my body from my ass. He was pounding me again, varying his pace as he fucked me, obviously trying not to cum too soon, but it was really no use. “Mike. I want you to shoot your hot load all over me.” “Too late,” he gasped as he thrust repeatedly without pulling back even an inch. Then he quickly pulled out and straddled my chest. I leaned my head back and opened my mouth in a gasp of ecstasy allowing Mike to dribble some of his man seed into my greedy mouth. I swallowed. Mike leaned down smiling and began licking and rubbing my cum into my chest. “Yeah... that was awesome,” Mike smiled as he kissed my lips. “Incredible,” I breathed. He moved to his side and we were facing each other separated by only a couple of inches. The scent of his musk was overpowering and intoxicating. The heat and sexual prowess was still pouring from him like a blast furnace. I ran my hand over the body that was packed with muscle and he stroked me. His voice and movements were saturated with pure desire. He flexed his arms and then he pulled my face into his pecs. I inhaled a thick cloud of his powerful and seductive pheromones still pouring off his muscular naked body. When we awoke we quickly cleaned up in the shower and I even sucked his cock again. He examined the painting and called a friend to come over. The man was excited to see the Chagall and he checked a database of stolen works. It wasn’t listed as missing but he said it was worth about $1000 to $1500 dollars at the right auction after the frame was repaired. I had hoped it was worth millions but still it was a very good return on five dollars. After his friend appraised the painting we spent the rest of the evening drinking beer and acting like buddies. Later that night I joined Mike in his bed and after a night of intense lovemaking I realized that he and I were true fuck buddies and kindred spirits.
  7. THE LAST FOOTBALL DREAM TEAM REUNION We all agreed to meet in Hawaii this time. We were in Honolulu for an unusual reunion because after college we had scattered to cities all over the world. I wasn’t going to attend this year but at the last minute I changed my mind. That is why my hotel was near the airport while all of the others were clustered downtown. This was the ten year reunion of the dream team. This particular dream team won the AAAA high school state football championship. I know I don’t look like a football player but I was a third string player that accidentally made the winning touchdown. I wasn’t a jock; I was more of a mascot than a jock. I was one step above the water boy. So why was I on the team? My dad was the strength and conditioning coach who was like a god to the jocks on the team. You see my dad was/ is a bodybuilder that owned the gym the team used for strength training for free. Not really free because the price of ‘free’ was keeping me on the team. I had been around the gym as long as I can recall and started seriously weightlifting when I was twelve. I have always been skinny as a rail and that didn’t change when I started lifting. I had strength but never gained the kind of muscle mass the other guys had. I loved aerobics. I was a jogger however and had outstanding speed and agility for my size. The coach made me a wide receiver. I could outrun just about anyone but my ability to catch the football was extremely poor. My average success rate was about 10% but if I caught the ball it was a touchdown. Long story short we were losing by 3 points with seconds on the clock when I caught the football and made a touchdown. At the reunion I could see that the jocks were beginning to go to seed. There were a few that stayed trimmer than the others but they were also fighting the battle of the bulge. Me? I still had a 28 inch waist and a 30 inch chest. The Saturday bash was a cocktail party, a banquet, a couple speeches, and dancing afterwards. Ballroom dancing is a hobby of mine so I was always out on the floor with the ladies even though I didn’t bring a date. I’ll never win a dancing contest but I know all the steps. I took a taxi back to the hotel in the early morning hours because a few of the jocks tried to drink me under that table after the party broke up. They passed out but I didn’t. I paid the taxi and walked into the hotel with my shoes in my hand knowing this would be the last reunion for me. It was time to face the reality that we really were more lucky than talented. Besides it was getting expensive to be with guys that I talked to only once a year. I stumbled out of the elevator and turned the wrong way to get to my room. That hall was shorter than I remembered and it ended in a T with two doors to the left and two doors to the right plus one that clear glass holding an ice machine. The ice machine near my room was noisy as hell but the machine near my room was out in the open. This machine was in a room to dampen the sound. I was about to turn around when a door behind me opened and the door hit the safety latch. Turning I saw a jock stud bodybuilder. I had been around bodybuilders all my life but I never saw anyone as big, buff, and muscular as that guy. His waist was as small as mine but his chest was 55 to 60 inches and his arms and legs were in proportion and enormous. “Are you lost?” he asked. I probably looked bewildered. I scanned the body wrapped in a bath towel and didn’t answer. “I asked if you were lost,” he demanded like my alpha father. This guy was five to ten years younger than me. I knew how to answer but my tongue wouldn’t work. I focused hard. “No sir. I turned the wrong way when I got off the elevator,” I explained in as few words as possible. “Then you are lost!” he frowned. “Turned around,” I corrected him with a smile. “Have you been drinking?” he asked sniffing the air. “Yes sir but I took a taxi here,” I said so I wasn’t admonished for drinking and driving. My father made assumptions like that and it pissed me off. “Get me a bucket of ice,” he said as he shoved the upscale ice bucket in my gut. “Get it yourself,” I said letting it fall to the floor. My jaw slackened as I looked up at his back. He turned and gave me that look that said do it now or suffer the consequences. His eyes narrowed and then he nodded. His eyes fell on the ice bucket before he turned back to his room. He disappeared into the room and I picked up the aluminum ice bucket and got the ice. His room wasn’t a room it was more of a suite with a full bar, a small kitchen you could cook in, an eating area, a living room with a view of the city, and I assumed there was a bedroom or two somewhere. “Lock the door,” he said as he poured two drinks. I hope you aren’t a Scotch drinker. “My father is,” I said as I set the bucket on the bar. He added two cubes to each glass. “Try this. Prost!” he said as he touched his glass to mine. He sipped and waited for me to taste the liquor. I once tasted thirty year old Crown Royal that didn’t taste as good as this drink tasted. “So as not to waste this, I guess I better finish this drink but then I’ll have to get going. I have a 6am flight and I still have to pack,” I said. I took a mouthful of the drink so I could get to my room and away from the alpha bodybuilder. “Really?” he said like my father did when I said something stupid. “You seem to be more focused on my pecs and arms than on my eyes when you are talking to me,” he said as he moved from behind the bar. I grabbed the bar top for support when I saw that he was naked. He stopped directly in front of me and flexed his arm. His arm was just a foot away and it looked like it was as big as my head. His shaved arm pit was like a cave between his lats and pec. A sweet musk hit me like a cloud surrounding my head. “Kiss it, lick it,” he whispered as he stepped closer. He was so tall my nose was almost in his pit. “Mm ong ugnn,” I muttered. His erect nipple touched my cheek as my tongue tasted the sweet pit perfume. His man musk melted my resolve. I turned my head and licked his nipple tasting sweat and a different musk. I nipped his nipple with my teeth and he moaned. He rested his arms on my shoulders and stepped in until my face was between his pecs. “I could smell your need out in the hall but this close to you with you in my arms it is… overwhelming,” he said softly. I began involuntarily chewing and licking and rubbing my face against his hard flesh. “You smell amazing.” He closed his eyes and took another deep breath. “Do I smell different now than when I was out in the hall?” “Yes. You smell like sex,” he hissed. I could smell him too. His scent was strong and musky and he reeked of sex. It washed over me like a wave and I inhaled him into my lungs. My dick swelled and throbbed. “Fuck dude, you mean it’s like I’m leaking sex or something.” “You smell it?” “Yes,” I admitted. But he was the one that smelled like sex. “Smells good, doesn’t it?” he whispered. “Fuck yeah,” I said as I swallowed dryly. The room was saturated with—him. His scent. His heat. His sex. Heat and sex was pouring off his naked body in waves that bathed me in his desire. This is the point where things got fuzzy and dream-like. It was like I lost control and would do anything he told me to do. We had that drink and then I was naked but I don’t remember undressing. Then we were standing next to a bed making out like long lost lovers while thrusting our cocks against each other. I didn’t remember getting into bed but we were having wild sex on the bed. I was licking cum off his pecs as he fucked me missionary style. I was pulling on his ass so he would fuck me deeper and harder. Each thrust of his cock was like a mini orgasm! I couldn’t get enough of his cock in me. Hours of fucking seemed like minutes and it became a blur in my mind yet there were a few times during the night when I was fully aware of what was happening. Like the time I was spread eagle on my back in the bed. The air was thick with sweat and cum and musk; the scent filled me with lust and made my cock so hard I thought the skin would burst. The veins throbbed and I could feel my cock pulse with every heartbeat. Pre-cum was sliding down my shaft and dripping onto my abs. I couldn’t move my arms or legs yet there were no ropes binding me to the bedposts. The room was dark except for the sliver of light coming from the bathroom. The shower was running and I could hear the water splashing like a waterfall hitting solid rock. The water went off after a long time and the bathroom door opened expelling a cloud of light and steam. He was muttering curses that the mirror was foggy and that his hair wouldn’t fall into place. “I can smell you,” he said inhaling deeply. “Mmmmmmm,” he groaned. “I can feel you squirming.” There was a small chuckle. “Your ass is begging for my cock,” he said flatly. It was true. My ass was clenching and my hips were rotating in place as my body begged to be fucked. “No more… please?” I begged. My voice was trembling. “Did I hear ‘More Please’?” he snickered as he twisted my words. “Or was that ‘No, Give me more please’ because I love being fucked by a super muscular alpha stud,” he said as he stepped in front of the large mirror over the dresser. He began to flex and that made my cock painfully harder. “What’s that smell?” he sniffed under his arms. “Not me,” he turned to face me. “You are beginning to smell like a real man.” He walked to the foot of the bed and knelt between my legs. He licked between my thighs until he licked my balls and sucked them into his mouth. He groaned with lust when he tasted my pre-cum coating my cock. Then he lapped up the pool of pre-cum on my abs and ran his tongue between my pecs before seeking out my nipples. I was in the presence of a guy who was the equivalent of a Greek god. This was a man that oozed sex from every pore of his muscular body and he was seducing me even though I begged him not to fuck me again. In truth my body was ready and begging to be fucked again. No matter what I did I knew he was going to fuck me. My mind was saying no but my body was saying yes, yes, yes fuck my ass hard and deep. And this deliciously fuckable hunk of male perfection was teasing my ass with his cock knowing I was going to beg him to mount me. “Shove it in,” I begged. “Please fuck my ass!” A thrill exploded in my body as he suddenly thrust his stiff twelve inch cock into me. There was no hesitation as he entered me with one long uninhibited thrust. His hairless pelvic mound and balls slammed against my ass. He then started to fuck me very gently. My whole fuck tunnel began clenching his cock and he loved it. He fucked with short strokes at first but then he pounded my ass with ever increasing power and strength until he was fucking my hole relentlessly. Finally after about twenty minutes he withdrew his cock entirely and with blinding speed he thrust his full length back inside me and began his explosive orgasm. I felt each pulse as he deposited another load of his seed in my body. He lowered his massively muscular body to mine and it was hard to breathe. I think that is what caused me to pass out. I awoke on the floor and I crawled to the bathroom to pee. I splashed water in my face and as I bent over his hard cock was thrust into my ass. His hands pulled my shoulders back and his huge arms wrapped around me. “Time to be fucked again,” he taunted. “Man, you stink!” he said as he stepped into the shower with me still impaled on his cock. The water was frigid but gradually warmed up. He had me kneel and he allowed the water to melt the dried cum before he put his cock back in me. No soap was used so the stink remained as he fucked me doggie style. After his cum filled my ass he shoved a butt plug in my ass and made me lay on the shower floor as he washed. He stepped out of the shower and he allowed me to wash my body for less than three minutes. I was rinsing when he reached in and turned off the water. He handed me his wet towel to dry my body. Within seconds I was back in bed sucking his cock until he flooded my mouth with cum. The butt plug was pulled so he could fuck me again. I awoke alone in bed in my hotel room. I blindly searched for my cell phone to see the time. It was Tuesday night around 8:30 pm. I lost Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday. If felt like I had the flu. My head hurt and my body ached. I called the front desk and the clerk asked if I was extending my stay another day. In conversation he said that I called at checkout time on Sunday and extended my stay until mid week. I stumbled out of bed, filled the Jacuzzi tub, and soaked for at least an hour in the dark bathroom. Slowly I began to piece together what happened. I was brutally raped… repeatedly. Then I remembered begging to be fucked. So was it rape? Was I drugged? Actually I felt like I had a drug hangover. Maybe it was a touch of alcohol poisoning. An hour later my mind was clearing and I remembered the muscle stud in the suite. I stood and thought I should shower so I could wash my hair. I thought about shaving before I showered. I flipped on the lights and was temporarily blinded. Then as my eyes adjusted I saw a super stud in the mirror. He was so handsome I couldn’t attract anyone that perfect. I realized it was my reflection because he moved when I moved. He flexed when I flexed. I was so overwhelmed I sat on the floor. It was as if I dreamed I was growing. Recalling the dream I noticed it first in my chest and arms. My shoulders were inflating. I could feel my delts becoming even more distinct as the three heads developed. My lats were swelling pushing my thicker more muscular upper arms out away from my body. My biceps and triceps kept swelling. I felt like my body was stretching and physically growing taller. When it was happening the room was like a furnace. He placed one hand on his erection and continued to stroke his cock against my hole. I felt hotter everywhere when he tweaked my nipples; in turn my shaft was throbbing and growing super hard. His massive prick was throbbing and pulsing as he rubbed it along my ass crack. His cock was a massive tower of flesh easily a foot long. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before and as he finished he was licking the stink of a real man (his words not mine) from my body. Overnight I had been transformed into a muscle monster 6’8” tall weighing close to 300 pounds. I inhaled deeply. The smell of hot heavy sex still lingered but there was something new. It reminded me of my father after he worked out with his friends in the gym. I now recognized the smell of man sex on his body. It may have only been mutual masturbation or blow jobs but he had cum on him. If he was still alive I would have no qualms, misgivings, or inhibitions about asking him about his secret sexual life. I stood and started the shower. I found it erotic running my hands over my body. My cock grew to a ten inch slab of meat and it was ready to fuck some unsuspecting stud I picked up in the bar downstairs. Then I thought about my father’s gym. It was the perfect hunting grounds for studs. The business was being managed and now I was ready to step in and take over. I had run the gym but it wasn’t my chosen profession. I purposefully went into the medical field because it was the farthest thing away from my father’s gym that I could think of. After the shower I explored the suite. On the bed in the second bedroom were piles of clothes that would fit me. There were jeans, shirts, underwear, some workout clothes, and shoes. That trousseau would at least get me home. I dressed and walked to a nearby restaurant. The people there were treating me like my father was treated. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I now had and alpha personality stronger than my father’s. As I ate my steak I deftly ignored the guy vying for my attention. He was all but using a bull horn to call out to me. I set down my knife and fork, made eye contact, and gave him a small almost imperceptible nod. He stood almost knocking the water off the table. His friends laughed and jeered him until I gave them a look. I turned on the charm and he was eating out of my hand within seconds. With my hand on his shoulder his friends were slack jawed that I was taking him up to my suite. Yes this would be my last AAAA high school state football championship reunion but it was by far the best I ever attended. Someday I intend to pass along the gift that Brad endowed me with. As of yet I haven’t found the right guy but I have the feeling there will be several right guys that will bump into me just like I bumped into Brad. Will you be one of them?
  8. Halloween You won’t believe this but this is what happened on my way home that fateful Halloween night. A year has gone by and my life has done a 180 so I thought you might like to know how it happened. It was unusual to have heavy thick dense fog like that before December. The French Quarter was filled with costumed locals going to or coming home from Halloween parties. I pulled the windbreaker tighter around me as the chill ran up my spine. Jackson Square was already locked and empty but I thought I saw something moving… watching… waiting. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I moved away from the fence. As I passed the 1850 House Museum the street was deserted yet the feeling that I wasn’t alone persisted. I quickened my pace as I approached Charters Street. I nearly jumped out of my shoes when I saw him. He was leaning in a doorway hidden by the shadows, the fog, and a long black cape. I paused and looked at him. I prepared to run. As he turned his head into the light his eyes brightened and his whiter than white teeth blossomed like a beacon. His ultra-handsome face lit up when my eyes met his. Those eyes, those beautiful eyes, sparkled like blue crystals. He slowly pushed open the ornate wrought iron gate and stepped out of the shadowy doorway. He looked at me with such intensity that the hair on the back of my neck bristled, my shoulders shivered, and my spine tingled all the way to my tailbone as my ass-ring clenched. He smiled slyly before he threw the cape back behind his wide shoulders. I gasped. The night, the shadows, or the fog couldn’t hide the size of his physique. His pecs were so massive that even in that dim light they cast a shadow over the tight wall of ridged abdominal's. My feet were frozen in place. I just wanted to feast my eyes on his incredible body. My lips parted and my jaw dropped—a groan gushed out making me feel foolish. His smile broadened. He lifted his arm and my eyes were riveted on the gigantic bicep and colossal delt. His finger beckoned me and my knees almost gave out. He rolled his shoulders forward and flexed his massive pecs, arms, and abs in a most muscular pose. The fingers of both hands gestured like waves pulling me toward his humongous physique. I wanted to touch and feel his striated pecs—I wanted to rub my face on them—I wanted to lick, chew, and suck on his erect nipples. He straitened and flexed both arms. My body lurched toward his. I fell to one knee on the cobblestone street. “I was afraid you wouldn’t come,” he said as he offered a hand to help me up. Suddenly the distance between us was no longer twenty feet, it was twenty inches. “Me?” I asked as I felt the strength of his calloused fingers. “Of course, I’ve been waiting,” he said with a low velvety rumble. This close, the vibration of his voice was like a big bass drum. I stood and he was so tall his pecs were eye level. “You’re shivering,” he observed. “Trembling before greatness,” I muttered beneath my breath. “What was that?” he asked as his finger raised my chin and I was forced to gaze into his ice blue eyes. His smile bloomed as our eyes met. “Terribly damp for October,” I said, “Sends a chill up my spine.” My voice shook. “And I thought that I made you tremble,” he chuckled. “If you are cold…” with a flourish his right hand brought the cape around my back and he pulled my face into his chest. I moaned. I could say nothing; I could only breathe in his manly musk. Heat rose in my cheeks and warmth radiated from his huge body as he wrapped both arms around me. All I could think was that my dream of being smothered in his muscles had come true. He lifted me by my ass and it felt like I was floating. When my feet touched the ground we were locked inside the wrought iron gates. Cool damp air swirled around me as he opened the heavy wooden door and invited me upstairs. “Yes,” I whispered as he took me into his arms again. The kiss lingered and when I opened my eyes we were standing before his apartment door. “Come in?” he asked softly as thunder rolled in the distance. “Thanks,” I said as I turned away from him and entered the large 2,000 sq ft. apartment. The ample fire in the fireplace took the damp out the room. The apartment was tastefully decorated with a mix of period antiques and modern accessories. I found myself inside the Lower Pontalba Apartment Building. This building built in 1850 had the oldest continuously rented apartments in the United States. I turned to face him when the lock snapped closed. I reached for the clasp on the cape and he smiled. “You want to undress me?” I pulled my hands away. His hands darted out and caught my wrists. “Undress me!” he ordered. There was danger in his eyes. My heartbeat quickened. The cape fell from his shoulders into a pool around his feet. My hands traveled across his traps, over his delts, and down across his biceps before they rested on his huge pecs. “Undress me,” he said more gently. He wore no belt. The waist was loose but his thighs stretched the material. I opened the buttons slowly and found there was nothing underneath except skin. My fingers hit the root of his cock as the last one came undone. I knelt and by the hardest I peeled the jeans down off his hips and ass. I paused as his cock flopped free. I sat back on my heels and looked up into his eyes. I tugged the material off his massive thighs using my fingers like a shoehorn. He lifted one leg and then the other and as he put the second foot down his balls were on my forehead. I looked up at the hard ten inch rod with the cockhead encased in foreskin. My hand shook as I reached for the glistening shaft. He lifted me by my arm pits and I dangled helplessly as his lips met mine. My body slithered against his physique as he slowly let me down. He began to strip off my jacket and shirt. I pulled at my belt and he moved my hands aside. He knelt and stripped me naked. He fondled my cock and balls as if they were made of delicate glass. Pre-cum leaked into his palm. His breathing hastened as he licked my fluids. He bent and took my raw boner into his mouth. I groaned as I bent forward and I clasped onto his thick traps. He brought me before the fire and handed me a glass of blood red wine. The fruity muskiness was offset by the syrupy sweetness. It was a wine that shocked your palate just as his huge muscles shocked the senses. I probably drank it too fast because it instantly went to my head. He tossed his glass into the hearth and I followed suit. His arm came around my back and he carried me to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and he had me straddle his legs so we were cock to cock. “Worship me and fuck me,” he whispered. My hands roamed across his massive chest. I flicked his nipples and nipped at his neck as he stroked our cocks together. My hands worshipped and his pre-cum flowed. He laid back and lifted me between his legs before he pulled his knees to his chest. He guided my cock to his pucker and he squirted lube in his crack. "Fuck me, now," he said as I prepared to shove several inches into his tunnel. Then he relaxed and my shaft pushed passed those tight muscles. He moaned loudly and I stopped. I knew that he needed time to adjust to the assault, no matter how much he wanted it. Once I felt his body relax, I pressed forward and slid my cock into the man. His back tensed, his head fell back and he groaned with ecstasy. "Oh fuck yeah man, give me that hard cock." I started to push in and out of his hole. He would always lift up to me as I slid forward, burying my cock deeper into his being. We developed a rhythm and I was pounding his ass for all I was worth. He wanted to feel every inch of my cock and I complied. I was in heaven as his ass ground into my pelvis wanting more of my cock inside him. I knew I could not contain my orgasm for very long at this pace. He closed his eyes and sighed as he felt the full length of me inside him. He stared into my eyes and begged for more. I saw the intensity of his pleasure. He closed his eyes and pushed back into me with each thrust. I looked into that handsome face and knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer. The heat of that moist tunnel had my cock super sensitive. The interior muscles of his ass milked my cock, begging for the reward. I told him I was going to cum. He looked into my eyes, and in pure lust demanded that I cum inside him. He wanted to feel my cock twitch as my cum shot deep into his bowels. He was jerking his cock as I fucked him, and from what I could tell he was close as well. I continued to stare into his eyes, and then with a long, deep, plunging stroke, I screamed as my cum spurted into him. He held me deep inside him and he started to twitch because his cock was spurting at the same time. "Oh fuck, I am cumming, man" he exclaimed. I kept fucking my dick into his ass as my cum continued to flow. I leaned down and kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss with equal intensity. My cock seemed to get harder as I thrust one last time. He wrapped his arms and legs around me and kissed all over my face. As my cock softened and pulled free he turned to his side and slid me against his hard body until we were face to face. I whispered thanks in his ear. His hand palmed the back of my head and his hug tightened. His fangs ripped into my neck puncturing my jugular and then he drank freely. “Do not worry little one. You will not die, but you will grow muscular and hard. Your body will be mine to ravage and I promise you exquisite pleasure. You will be a worthy mate,” he whispered just before everything went black. The Day After Halloween I heard the church bells of St. Louis Cathedral across Jackson Square and remembered that this was November 1st All Saints Day. Today was the day that many families in New Orleans faithfully visit cemeteries to clean around the graves or just bring flowers. It was a time to clean up the cemeteries before winter. It was a time of change and transition between summer and winter. I opened my eyes and I was alone in a strange bed. The sheets and blankets snarled my feet and torso. My hand slapped my neck feeling for wounds. All I felt was stubble. There was no pain and there certainly was no wound. I turned to my back and kicked my way free of the tangle. I stretched and yawned. I lay there trying to remember every detail of the tryst. The whole night had Swiss cheese holes in it. My ass was tender but not raw. I knew I had been fucked—I could smell that! My belly growled—I was famished. I was thirsty. Muscles were sore from being man-handled (by a real muscleman I might add) and my morning boner felt like it needed to spew a healthy load of cum. Just a few strokes had me moaning with delight. My balls were charged and ready to detonate when I heard a door slam. I sat up in the bed. My host stood in the doorway with handfuls of grocery bags staring into the darkened room. “Jump in the shower and I’ll start breakfast,” he ordered. “On second thought…” He set the bags down and came toward me. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. “What time is it? I have to get to work,” I lied. “The division you worked for at the bank was outsourced three weeks ago and everyone was discharged. You have been moving your things to a storage unit for two weeks,” he said with certainty. “I have to get to work getting everything out of my apartment by tomorrow… no by today,” I admitted after averting my eyes. I felt a trickle of sweat roll off my brow. I could smell myself. “I stink. I better shower,” I said to change the subject. “We need to talk,” he said as he made me look at him. “Shower and come to the kitchen.” His bathroom was bigger than the bedroom in my apartment. I scrubbed my body paying special attention to my ass. I felt safe enough once I found the knotted condoms by the side of the bed. I didn’t remember using condoms—that was another Swiss cheese hole. I jumped out of the shower and looked at my neck in the mirror. Two huge love bites sat high on my neck and another was on my shoulder. I stepped back under the hot water to rinse off and then I shaved. I dried and pulled his robe off the back of the door. I inhaled his essence as I wrapped it around me. I combed my hair with my fingers and made my way to the kitchen. He was washing out pots and pans when I entered. I pressed against his back and hugged him. Inhaling the musk on his person was much better than the faint scent on the robe. “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your robe,” I said against his back. “Breakfast is ready,” he chuckled as he turned off the water. He faced me and grabbed the lapels of the robe. “We have to have a serious talk. The food is in the warming drawer and the table is set.” He handed me the pitcher of protein shakes and he retrieved the food. “You seem to know everything about me but I know nothing about you,” I said as I sat down. “That’s about right,” he answered as he flapped out his cloth napkin. He said he wanted to have a serious talk but all we talked about was sports, weather, and current events. I helped clear the table. As he loaded the dishwasher I went to find my clothes. I found my shirt, jeans, and one sock. I pulled the shirt on but it caught on my head because the collar was still buttoned. As I struggled with the top button the shirt was lifted and removed. "Can I help?" he asked a quiet, sexy voice. I jerked my shirt out of his hands and attacked the buttons. When I looked up again his shirt hung open revealing the cleft between his massive pecs and a hint of the wall of tight abs. I glanced up into his smiling face while an overwhelming desire to push open his shirt washed over me. I slowly opened it like a stage curtain to expose his hard nipples and narrow waist. He brought me against his body. Below his belt his abundant cock began to fill his faded jeans. His bright blue eyes looked into mine with a hypnotic intensity that held me motionless and filled me with desire. He lifted me like a feather so our lips could meet but that unwavering eye contact never broke. “You weren’t leaving, were you?” he said softly. “No,” I said as I ripped my eyes away so he couldn’t see the lie. His nose nuzzled at my ear as he kissed and tongued the unblemished side of my neck. His tongue traced the line of my jaw as his breathing quickened. “You shouldn’t go,” he breathed in my ear. “No,” I gasped. I shoved the shirt past his delts and he had to lower me before he could shed it. Naked, his torso begged to be touched. The shirt dropped from his fingertips. “Then stay,” he said before my fingers clamped onto his nipples. I rubbed my face on his pecs and buried my nose in the deep crevasse. A rumbling groan reverberated inside his ribcage. His arms locked around me and his pecs seemed to double in size and density. I pulled back and locked my lips on his left nipple. He struggled to lower his jeans and the second his pants were off he was behind me. He tugged the tangle of sheets and blankets to the floor and then he pulled me onto the clean crisp white fitted sheet. He straddled my shoulders and sat on my chest. His cock rose to frightening proportions and his balls rested on my chin. I lifted my head to lick his hard shaft while my fingers found his nipples. His back arched as he howled at the high ceiling. A free flow of pre-cum slid down the shaft and met my tongue. I eagerly cleaned until he turned a hundred eighty degrees and engulfed my erection. I sputtered and choked as he inserted and slowly retracted his monster cock from my mouth. I swallowed a puddle of his juices mixed with my saliva and I didn’t blink an eye. I grabbed ass for leverage and engulfed his crown. My tongue lashed at the sensitive cock head. When I looked to see why he stopped sucking me he was smiling back at me. He licked his lips seductively before he pulled free and then in a flash he was between my legs. I felt his cock rubbing against mine as he bent to tenderly kiss my lips. He proceeded to bury his face in my neck. His entire body trembled. He pulled back long enough to let his eyes captivate me again. His lips found mine in order to devour me with a French kiss that was so hot I thought I would melt. Moaning, I met his tongue with mine, each of us greedily probing and exploring the other. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I was dizzy with the speed of his assault, but my body knew just what to do. I ground my rigid cock against him as my fingers kneaded his stiffening nipples. The kisses lingered before one of my hands surrounded his cock while the other fondled his massive physique. With heaving breath he pulled back and began kissing my chest and abs. He attacked my shaft. He swallowed my rod to the hilt in one smooth motion. His throat muscled started massaging the head of my cock as his tongue worked the shaft. He knew what he was doing—he wanted to drive me crazy with lust and it was working. I held his head ensnaring his thick black locks between my fingers as he began to move his head up and down. His hands moved to my ass and lifted. Knowing what he wanted I began to thrust. Pleasure shot from my cock to my brain. I began thrusting wildly. Sensing my approaching orgasm, he increased the tempo. Our moans echoed off the high ceilings in harmonic reverberation as I approached the edge. I felt it blossoming in my balls and then radiating out through my whole being. My legs spasmed and my spine tingled as he pushed me toward the precipice. My body jerked in irregular thrusts as I became aware of his fingers stroking and teasing my prostate into mind-altering overload. I held back the flow letting the orgasmic delight crescendo until my back arched like a drawn bow preparing to release the arrow. The delights grew and grew until suddenly I was there. I shot and spouted like a fountain as he continued to suck. He didn’t hesitate as he began swallowing my entire load. Abruptly he released my cock and with a groan he lifted my body and impaled me on his leaking shaft. His cock entered my stretched ass like a red hot slipped into a bun. I cried out in pain which instantly subsided when our eye met. I watched in awe as he shuddered. His muscles tensed and with fluid ease his hands lifted and lowered my body as he knelt on the bed. With fierce determination he fucked me. Again his eyes locked onto mine hypnotizing and mesmerizing me. I grabbed his forearms for balance and felt the enormous power and control as he lifted and lowered. I wanted nothing but for him to feel the pleasure. He paused and pulled me against his colossal body. His arms wrapped around my back holding me so hard I found breathing difficult. His teeth nibbled my ear and his hot breath begged me. It sounded like he was asking for permission and forgiveness neither of which he needed from me. “How can I deny you,” I groaned as his grip relaxed. The next thing I knew my back was on the mattress and he began thrusting again. “Fuck me,” I muttered. His thrusts were authoritative and animalistic. He twisted his hips and rotated his cock deep inside my ass to stimulate my prostate and drive me wild with desire. He nipped at my chin and my lips as he pounded me toward a second orgasm. This was easily the best fuck I ever had—perhaps the best fuck in my entire life. There was something about the feel of his physique, his strong chest, his powerful legs, his incredible back, and his awesome arms—I couldn’t get enough. I yelled out in orgasmic delight as my cum began to shoot. He thrust deep and hard as he snarled, groaned, and growled. He spewed his seed deep inside me as he collapsed in exhaustion. He nipped and lapped at my neck as his cock tried to drive even deeper into my bowels. As his full weight came to crush down on me I gasped in short breaths. As blackness began to surround me I recoiled at his painful love bite. His cock almost pulled free as the sucking sounds intensified and then after he slammed back into me the room went dark. The heat of his body was like a blast furnace against my back. His huge pecs heaved as he slept behind me. His thick forearm was against my chest and his massive bicep rested on my arm. The Cathedral bells rang long and loud to announce to the world that it was noon and then it was quiet again. Sometime later a steamboat on the river blew it whistle to call all aboard for the lunch cruise. What was I going to do? Why did I sleep with him again? How many times have I been fuck since he found me in the street? I’ve never been fuck so thoroughly both by the bank and by David. David Thibodaux (if that was his real name) was the best fuck I ever had. My hand flew to my throat when I remembered his bite to my neck. I slid from under his arm and quietly made my way to the bathroom picking up my clothes along the way. I touched the bruises on each side of my neck and shook my head. I looked like a teenage whore. The new love bites were tender and there was one on my chest too. I swore as I pulled on my jeans and shirt. I put up my collar but that just accentuated the marks. I reached out and grabbed my windbreaker. If I put up the hood the bites were hidden but I looked like a dork. I put up the high collar and held it. That hid most of the hickeys. I slipped on my shoes and made for the door. I was ten steps from the outside door when David came hurtling down the stairs wrapped only in a blanket. I rushed for the door but somehow he beat me there and held it closed. “We need to talk,” he said gently. “I need to go,” I said insistently. “It’s almost too late for talking,” he said as if to himself. “I went too far and I got carried away,” he said apologetically. “But…” his hand reached for my shoulder. “Take this key. It opens this door and my door. You may need…” “No thanks,” I said brushing his hand aside. The shiny gold key hit the brick wall and clattered to the floor. I reached for the doorknob. I pushed past him, struggled through the crowd by the front door. The street was alive with tourists watching a street performer. David didn’t dare follow me the way he was dressed. I made my way to the dark little hovel I called an apartment—three hundred and fifty square feet of living space. I sat on the floor and tears welled up in my eyes. I packed the stacked books until the box was full, taped it closed, and set it aside. The people at the bank thought well of me because I lived in the Quarter. I could have had a huge apartment in the suburbs for the rent I paid in the French Quarter. I lived here for the prestige. Now it didn’t matter. I stripped naked and stood in the shower until my fingers pruned. I was thankful for the tank-less water heater that was installed to save space. I sat on my bed like an orphan. Why did I let people use me? What was David trying to tell me? I curled up under the covers but I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I slept. I got up and ate the last of the leftovers. I packed the last of the books. Once the books were gone the only thing I owned in the apartment was my clothes, the stuff in the bathroom, and the bed. I pulled on sweats and I walked to Café Du Monde but I took a long way around so I would steer clear of Jackson Square. The waiter brought me the usual when he saw me. The night was cold and the heaters were going. I reached in my pocket for the bills and set my keys on the table. I slowly sipped my coffee and watched people. A shiver ran up my back when I picked up the keys to head home. There on my key ring was the shiny gold key. It had been almost twenty four hours since David enticed me into his home. Anger rose in me as I marched across the street toward his door. If I had to I would throw the damn key in his face! My chest rose and fell as my anger built until it became as self perpetuating as audio feedback. I began to sweat. It was time to confront David for taking advantage of me. I inserted the key and turned it hard. There was a twist in the key when I removed it. I sprinted up the stairs and my legs burned as if I had been on a Stairmaster for three hours. The sweat shirt clung to my skin uncomfortably. It rode up exposing my belly to the cold air. I pounded on his door and called his name before I remembered that I had a key. “David!” I demanded as I entered. The door slammed behind me. I heard the shower running. I pounded on the bathroom door and it swung open. David stepped out of the shower and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but admire the muscular perfection. He stood there so damn confident and so damn perfect. Even relaxed his body looked flexed. I willed my cock to stay soft. “I am so glad to see that you’ve come home,” he said as he reached for the thick bath sheet. He dried his face and looked me up and down. “We should talk,” he smiled. “Why did you put that key… this key on my key ring?” I demanded as I shook the keys. I struggled to remove the key. David didn’t answer. He wiped the mirror and grabbed me by the front of the sweatshirt. He spread his arms and ripped the front of the shirt open from top to bottom. I raised my fist to punch him out and he grabbed my arm to swivel me toward the mirror. From behind he pulled the torn sweat shirt down to my elbows. I started to struggle against his touch and then I froze. David stood next to me and flexed. His huge muscles looked even bigger than before. I was only about a third of his size but my muscles were four times bigger than they were when I left his apartment. Of course I wasn’t as big as David but I knew that I’d never fit into any of my clothes again. My cock began to stiffen and tent the sweatpants. “Like I said before you left this afternoon… We need to sit down and talk. We need to have a serious talk about your future and the way your body is gonna start growing,” David smiled. His hand traversed my sculpted pecs and he hugged me into his naked body. When I turned to face him I was no longer eye level with his pecs—when I looked him in the eyes I only had to look up a couple inches. “Did I mention that you were gonna get taller too?” He laughed and pulled the sweatshirt off my arms. I followed his eyes south. The sweats tented nine or ten inches out from my crotch. “Did I mention the kind of stamina you are gonna have?” he chuckled as he grabbed my shaft. I pushed the sweats off my hips and butt as he freed my cock which stood strait up against my abs. “Do I have any say in this?” I smiled. “No!” he said abruptly. “Well, in that case I want to be as muscular as you are… hey, what do you mean no?” I scowled. “You will get as big as you were meant to be. None of us have any control over it,” he explained. “There are more like you?” I was flabbergasted. “Like us,” he corrected as walked into the bedroom. I turned off the bathroom lights and stood at the door watching him walk away. His shoulders were a mile wide and the taper to his waist was insane. His tiny waist seemed to compliment his perfect ass. The way his legs rolled I could just imagine his cock and balls swaying in the breeze. He paused and turned to give me an inviting smile. The way his torso twisted displayed his thick arm and massive pecs. It gave new meaning to the term ‘shelf of pecs’. Damn he was so good looking! He turned down the bed. “And now the real fun begins,” David said as he turned off the lamp. He jumped into bed and I gladly followed.
  9. THE APHRODISIAC I was sleeping on the beach sweating up a storm when I felt a hand on my chest. My eyes flew open to see a huge bodybuilder applying oily sunscreen to my nude body. “This oil contains an aphrodisiac. In about five minutes you will be so horny you will be begging me to fuck you, so gather your things and follow me,” he ordered. The aphrodisiac part was probably bullshit but I gladly followed him to his truck. John took me home, threw me into bed, and fucked me royally using that same oil as a lubricant. That afternoon and evening he fucked me four more times before we got into the shower to clean up. He had a cleaning-out nozzle in the shower and we both took advantage of it before we began to wash. “There isn’t really anything like aphrodisiac oil, is there?” I chuckled. “There is… but it is only activated when you try to wash it off with soap,” he explained as I scrubbed my butt crack. I had a good laugh but before all the soap was rinsed off my body I was on my hands and knees begging him to fuck me again and again. “You are going to do very well at the orgy that started a half hour ago in the suite across the hall. By the way there are some side effects to that oil. First your libido soars and cum production increases. Everyone is different but ten major orgasms each night are not unusual. Used as a lube your ass will never be sore and you will be able to accommodate even larger cocks than mine. And lastly you will slowly start gaining muscle mass. Eventually you’ll have a physique like mine if you stay with me,” he said as he hung a medallion identical to his around my neck. “John, what is this?” I asked fingering the medallion. “This will tell everyone you belong to me,” he smiled. The orgy was a 60th birthday party for a guy that could have passed for 45 at the most. The guy reeked of wealth and surrounded himself with muscle studs and bodybuilders. There was food and wine, a birthday cake and gifts, straights and gays in attendance. After gifts (mostly gag gifts) were opened the party started to break up but the core of muscle studs remained. At some point shirts started to come off and John and I were invited to join a couple for a tryst. The orgy started in that bedroom but quickly spread throughout the whole suite. The birthday boy and I traded fucks and two of his bodybuilder bodyguards spit roasted me. I bottomed, I topped, I sucked cock, I worshipped muscles, I was double fucked, and was showered with cum. There was some light BDSM but John and I didn’t participate. Before we walked back across the hall John fucked me one more time. I couldn’t get enough of his cock! We found the host/ birthday boy before we left. At the front door I shook his hand and congratulated him but John threw his arms around the man and kissed him. “Happy Birthday Dad,” he said as he released the man. They both smiled when they saw my shocked reaction. As we showered I couldn’t help but wonder aloud if eternal youth was another side effect of the aphrodisiac oil. “You mean dad!” he laughed. “Nope, cosmetic surgery,” he rolled his eyes. “The man is so vain!” I ran my hands over John’s pecs and thanked him for a wonderful day. “And the night has just begun!” he said rubbing his hard cock against mine.
  10. Of COWBOYS AND COCKRINGS The closest thing I had to a home cooked meal was Cracker Barrel. There were three in the area and I frequented them all so it didn’t look like I was in there eating seven days a week. Oh I didn’t eat breakfast there only supper. I could cook eggs and toast bread and fry bacon. I usually made a sandwich for lunch. The ability to make supper was beyond my capabilities. For some reason it was a very busy night and I got seated in the very back section where they have the tables for big groups. Most of the big tables were empty back there because there were no big groups that night. There were two four top tables by the windows and four two top tables against the divider between the sections. Big tables that could fit ten or more took up the rest of the room. I got the last of the two top tables and I was facing the windows. When I didn’t even look at any of the other guests I realized that I was depressed because of the approaching winter holidays. I was ready to quit my job and go home. Being hen pecked by my mother and aunts was better than being alone. Their cooking would… “There you are!” a voice said for the benefit of nearby tables. That was when the chair opposite me was pulled out and a good-looking cowboy sat down at my table. The waitress came by to take his order. He started with coffee and then he ordered a chef salad. She nearly had an orgasm taking his order. “Who are you?” I asked after she left. “Just looking for a table so I can eat! There are ten tables ahead of me. A guy could starve,” he said seriously. It made me smile. “Take off your hat and coat and stay a while,” I grinned. “A good cowboy only takes his hat off to sleep and sometimes not even then,” he laughed. “I saw in a movie that said cowboys only take off their hat when they have sex,” I said so only he could hear. “Yep!” he said as his coffee arrived. “One check and hand it to me darling’,” he said when his salad came seconds later. “Hey you don’t…” he held up his hand. He never did take off his sheepskin coat or his hat. We finished eating at the same time and he picked up the check. Outside he stretched and the coat came open to reveal that he wasn’t wearing a shirt under his coat. Well he was but it was more like a vest that wouldn’t close. It looked like it was cut from a flannel shirt. “You need a ride anywhere?” I asked. “Well I won’t have a job until spring so I’ll hitch a ride to my hometown. I got a job offer to be a short order cook. You could drop me on the interstate.” “What if you don’t get a ride?” I asked. “It’ll be a really cold night until I get to the rest area. Ever sleep in a rest area bathroom?” “Ok get in,” I said. I decided to take him home with me. At least he would have someplace warm to sleep. “Hey what… where are you going?” “I have a job for you.” I smiled. At the house he dropped his backpack and the coat came open. I took the opportunity to run my hands inside his shirt and he groaned as I flicked his nipples. I pushed the coat off his shoulders. He caught it and tossed it on the sofa. “Deeee-amn!” I said seeing his physique. This wasn’t muscle covered with a layer of fat, he had hard thick muscles—he was buff. “Yer playin with fire and you’re gonna get fucked,” he warned suddenly acquiring an accent. I pushed off the shirt and he shook his head yet there was a huge smile on his face. “I gotta warn ya, I’ve been without sex fer two weeks,” he grinned. “I gotta warn you that I don’t allow hats to be worn in my bed,” I said. He took the cowboy hat off and tossed on the couch. I pulled open his big buckle and his jeans fell down around his knees exposing his big uncut cock. It wasn’t really long but it sure was thick. “I’m a grower and a shooter,” he said as his cock began to rise. He sat for me to pull off his cowboy boots and his jeans. The ‘ting’ of a silver cock ring hitting the floor after falling out of his pocket, made me smile. Slowly he stripped me naked. He obviously liked what he saw because he didn’t need that silver cock ring to keep him hard most of the night. Damn he really knew how to use that thing! The cowboy was mine until spring. He was a damn good cook too!
  11. Sven posing in my hotel room A Small Town Café It was the middle of January and I had been driving for hours on my way from Memphis to Chicago when I noticed I was low on gas. I stopped in a small town in southern Illinois to get gas and realized that I was starving. While driving the five miles between the highway and the town I noticed a small store front restaurant that served down home meals. My stomach rumbled as I remembered the last time I had eaten a genuine home cooked meal. I think it was Thanksgiving. I’m not a big fan of greasy spoon food but I loved roasted chicken or even fried chicken if it is done right. I parked and walked down the street to what looked like a country store. The town was so quaint it was like going back in time. I looked in the window of the café and there were only about eight kitchen tables. After being seated I was looking over the menu when my waiter walked up asking me what I wanted to eat. As I looked up I almost fell off my chair. He was a country farm boy stud. Not only was he tall, he was muscular and very hot! His hair was blond and he looked angelic. He appeared to be from Scandinavia and had a beautiful golden glowing tan from working on the farm. He didn’t have a foreign accent but he did have a deep sexy voice that made me tremble inside. His waist was trim and flat and he was buff everywhere. His beefy pecs and nipples stretched his tight plaid shirt revealing his massive and powerful chest. His biceps were so big they filled the long sleeves to capacity. I stared in amazement. His name tag said “Sven.” He must have noticed me starring at him because he laughed and told me that I had to order and finish a meal first before I could have dessert. I assumed he meant that he would offer himself for dessert. In a daze I ordered the roasted chicken meal and asked him to make sure it had the organ meats hoping he would get the hint. When he brought my dinner I noticed that he had opened the top three buttons of his shirt and he wasn’t wearing a tee-shirt. The open buttons didn’t reveal much until he leaned over to set my plate down. I got to see the cleft between his pecs and part of his rock hard chest muscles. I nearly gasped out loud at the sight of all that hot man flesh. From where I was sitting they looked like mounds of granite. He backed up a step and looked around before he squeezed his cock. “The organs,” he said showing off his bulge. He set a small bowl of livers and gizzards beside my plate. “Would you like some white gravy on them?” he said as he touched his cock again. That made me harder than ever and my cock was already straining in my jeans. He noticed and gave me a knowing look. By the time I cleaned the plate it was dark outside and most of the other tables were finished eating. I was in love with the cook. Even my granny didn’t cook food that good. I paid for my food and went looking for Sven. He was by the serving window and I asked where the restrooms were located. He offered to show me. We walked down the hall and as soon as we turned the corner he casually grabbed my arm and led me into a private dining room that was empty. He turned the key and locked the door behind us. He left the lights off so no one would notice anyone was in the room. Only the light of the full moon streamed in through the thin wispy window curtains. He walked up to me and grabbed my bulge so hard it nearly made me blow my wad. He unbuttoned his shirt all the way and pulled the shirttails out of his pants exposing more and more of his beefy pecs and abs. “Are you sure you want some of this?” he asked. My cock was throbbing. I kicked off my shoes and pull off my jeans. He lifted off my tee shirt. “Oh fuck,” was all I could say. I walked over and shoved the shirt off his shoulders and down his massive arms. He truly was amazing. His muscles were huge and heavy. I grabbed one of his arms and squeezed his bicep as he flexed it and I couldn’t even fit both of my hands around his upper arm. “That’s some awesome muscle dude,” I quietly said. “Come feel it,” he replied. I slipped my hands over his pecs and ran my thumbs between the mounds of muscle as he flexed them nearly crushing the bones with the flex. I’m sure he could have trapped my hands there if he had wanted to. Soon my mouth had engulfed his right nipple, sucking and slurping so thoroughly I couldn’t let go. “Oh yeah stud, harder,” he gasped as his hand palmed the back of my head like a basketball. Soon he was moaning and groaning. “Yeah that’s just how I like it,” I was still awe struck that I was actually alone with this blond muscle god. I sucked all the harder, then moving my tongue down his abs I unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. His huge cock sprung out and slapped me in the face. It was at least 8” long and uncut. It was huge and beefy like everything else on his body. I opened my mouth and took him in and he shoved my head all the way down his on his shaft. I had never swallowed that much cock before and I choked. He stroked my head demanding that I suck harder. All I wanted to do was to serve him and make him happy. His cock expanded in my mouth and I slurped my tongue around his cock head. “Oh fuck I want you so bad Sven,” I moaned. “Are you sure you can take it?” I immediately moaned loudly and told him I would do anything he wanted me to do. Suddenly he pulled my head off his cock and he shoved me down on the floor and began eating my hole. His tongue slurping inside my ass was almost too much; my cock throbbed and was ready to shoot. Suddenly his hand covered my mouth and he jammed his big lubed up cock all the way up my ass to his balls with no forewarning. It was sudden and brutal but that’s the way I liked it. Soon pain turned to pleasure as Sven’s cock was repeatedly thrust into my ass. I became light headed because I had never experienced a cock like his. He paused and turned me to my back. “I want to see your face when I cum,” he told me as he began to fuck me even harder. Sven and I both started moaning uncontrollably. Sven’s heavy breathing and moaning was even more intense as he neared orgasm. His moaning became louder and his fucking became harder. “OH FUUUUCCCKKKK!” Sven growled as he finally blew his load deep into my ass. His body was trembling and shaking uncontrollably. Finally as his cum began to seep out of my ass he lowered his massive body down on top of mine. He was so tall his pecs were smothering my face. He lifted onto his elbows and rubbed his sweaty pecs in my face. I tried to lick and chew his hot flesh and he ordered me to suck on his nipples. Needless to say, Sven had to finish his shift. I told him where I was staying and that night he knocked on my motel door. He posed naked for me and after a couple more hours of wild sex I asked him to come live with me in Chicago but in the morning he was gone. Sadly, I continued my journey alone. I didn’t feel any different at first but gradually I began to crave more and more gym time. Yeah sure I was taking supplements and eating more food but my body was reacting to the workouts as if I was on steroids. (No, I wasn’t on steroids.) I would say it was all coincidence but in addition to adding about a hundred pounds of muscle I also grew six inches taller. About a year later I went back to that storefront restaurant but Sven no longer worked there. My waiter was an athletic guy named Mark who just graduated college. I ordered a dinner and while looking at his cock I asked him to make sure it had extra white gravy hoping he would get the hint. He was by the kitchen when I walked up pretending I needed to take a piss and asked where the restrooms were located. He offered to show me. We walked down the hall and as soon as we turned the corner I smiled as he led me into that same private dining room. He locked the door and left the lights off so no one would notice, only the moonlight streamed in through the windows. It was déjà vu all over again. He unbuttoned my shirt all the way and pulled the shirttails out of my pants exposing more and more of my huge physique. “Are you sure you want some of this?” I asked with a smile. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought I would cum. He lifted off his tee shirt, kicked off shoes, and pull down his pants before he began to worship my physique. He stood before me nude and his body language was begging me to fuck him. Soon his mouth had engulfed my left nipple, sucking and slurping so thoroughly I began to tremble. “Take me,” he whispered. “Are you sure you can take it?” I asked. He moaned and told me he would do anything I asked. Suddenly he pulled off my cock and assumed the dogie position on the floor. My tongue began slurping inside that tight ass as I searched my pants pocket for lube. I jammed my big lubed up cock all the way up his ass. I fucked him long and hard. “I want to see your face when I cum,” I told him as I began to fuck him even harder. I paused and turned him to his back. “OH FUCK!” I growled as I finally blew my load deep into his ass. His body was shaking uncontrollably. Finally as my cum began to seep out of his ass I lowered my massive body down on top of him. He struggled to breathe as he chewed on my pec flesh. I lifted up onto my elbows and rubbed my sweaty pecs in his face. I let him lick and chew my hot flesh but I wanted him to suck on my nipples. He whimpered as he suckled like a baby. I dressed and splashed cold water on my face in the bathroom. I tossed some bills on the table to cover my meal and headed out to my Jeep. “Sir, your change!” he yelled as he ran towards me waving some money. We talked for a minute and he asked me to meet him after he finished his shift. I shoved the money back at him but I kept the business card that had his contact information on the back. The café owner came out and the waiter ran back inside. “Every time one of you shows up I lose a damn good waiter,” he said as his forearm leaned against the door. “Hire more,” I advised. “Have you heard from Sven?” I asked. “He moved to California in the mountains somewhere… I think,” the owner said. “He hasn’t been back. Nice physique,” he added as he touched my arm. His fingers trailed across my chest. “Is Mark gonna be as big as you are?” he asked. I shrugged. If Mark had touched me like that I would have thrown an instant boner but the owner touching me repulsed me. My cock felt like it shriveled. “Don’t know but I guess it could happen if he joins a gym and works out for twenty years,” I said as I started the engine. I drove off and left the owner standing there on the street. I stopped at a motel, got a room, and texted Mark my location. I knew we hadn’t finished what we started.
  12. Henry’s yearbook picture Henry’s Accident I got a call from Henry and I was shocked to hear he was in the hospital. He laughed and told me he was kept for observation after he spilled something in the lab. He said he was fine and just needed a ride home. Sometimes I didn’t see him for weeks at a time so I didn’t know he wasn’t home. He told me to take my time because the doctor hadn’t signed the discharge papers. He also asked me to bring him some clothes and shoes. He suggested the football jersey he uses as a nightshirt when he sleeps at my apartment, some basketball shorts he can pull tight around his waist and some flip flops all of which were at my house. Henry is such a geek. Like most geeks he is still pencil thin. He has a brilliant mind but he’s sometimes clumsy and somewhat absentminded. My theory is that he has several projects churning in his head all at the same time. Just one of those streams of thought would have my mind working full time and totally shutting out everything else around me until I had the answer. Henry’s brain doesn’t work that way. He gives his brain a task after he has gathered all the information and then he tells his brain to process. Then he takes a second problem and does the same thing. I personally believe that he has a hundred projects going on at the same time. His brain is working so hard it doesn’t have time to have coordinated motor skills or people skills for that matter. He works alone and makes millions. I’m the contractor who built his research lab and his home on his property; he owns one thousand acres of rolling hills and forest. Henry sold me a couple acres at the corner of his property for a dollar so I could build my construction business. I built his lab at cost. Henry was my tutor and I was his protector. He got me through high school and college. I was probably his only friend. Since he was a geek and gay he got bullied. All I had to do was confront the guy bothering Henry and it stopped. I could always tell when he was being bullied. He wasn’t calm and he couldn’t think straight. It only took a day to find out who it was. I had a network. Henry and I would walk up to the guy or girl and in the end they would apologize to Henry and before my eyes he would become Henry again. Eventually word got out and it didn’t happen very often. I gathered the clothes and went to pick him up. I found his room and knocked as I entered. The lights were low and the room darkening drapes were closed. “Brad. I’m glad you are here! Just finished showering, hand me the shorts please,” he said as he opened the bathroom door a crack. It was a barn door design so handicapped as well as regular patients could use the bathroom. I was impressed with the newly remodeled rooms. This was quality workmanship. I looked for flaws and could only find one crooked tile in the corner under the sink. Most people wouldn’t notice. I would have fixed it because that kind of stuff bothered me. “Hey Brad, I have a surprise for you,” Henry called out from the bathroom. He slid the door back and the bathroom was dark. “Playing games Henry?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Did the doc sign you out?” I asked. “When I turn on the light I’m gonna take your picture so you can see your reaction,” he said from the dark. He meant he would start the video on his phone. “C’mon Henry, quit playing around. I need to stop on the way home and get some supper.” “Ready?” The light went on and he was standing with his camera phone at the ready. I nearly fell on my ass when I saw his massive physique. Then I realized it was April 1st and this was a prank he had set up with some stud male nurse or physical therapist. Henry was the only one that knew I had a muscle fetish. “Very funny… April fool’s!" I laughed. “No Brad it’s really me!” he said walking out of the bathroom. It was Henry’s voice but the body was all wrong. “Gotta be rubber body suit,” I laughed. “April fool’s!” I repeated. “Touch it,” he whispered as he flexed his gigantic arm. I was smiling and laughing until my hand made contact with the warm flesh of his new physique. The muscles were like rock. The smile left my face and my knees buckled. I sat on the floor looking up at Henry the muscle god. “How…” I began babbling nonsense words as he knelt and took my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips. “I never had the courage to do that even after you told me you were a bisexual with a muscle fetish,” Henry said softly. “Will you give up that tiny apartment and come live with me in the mansion you built?” “Hank, what did you do with Henry?” I asked. Sometimes I called him Hank to tease him. He took my hand and put it over his heart. My jaw dropped as my hand rested on his incredible pecs. “I’m still in here Brad,” he grinned. As hard as he tried he could never duplicate the stuff that made him muscular. It was an accident after all. The Army would have paid him billions of dollars to turn ordinary guys into super soldiers. Henry… I mean Hank works out only once a week with me in the gym to maintain his outstanding physique, but of course that didn’t include his physical exertions every night as we fuck in our bed.
  13. THERE ARE COCKS AND THEN THERE ARE COCKS Don’t get me wrong, I love cocks, but there are cocks and then there are COCKS! I don’t have a rating system it is just what I find sexy. For instance, a big buff bodybuilder can have just about any size or shape cock and it turns me on except maybe if it is two inches long and as big around as my thumb. Even then I would give him a blowjob so I could run my hands over his body. Next there is the long spear; long but not much girth. Fun to play with, no pain on entry. Then there is the normal length cut cock, the uncut cock, the longer cock, straight as an arrow cock, bigger diameter cock, and so on and so on. However to me the upward curving cock is the ultimate. I don’t know why but it is. My very first lover had a curved cock. He was so skinny he bought his pants in the boys section of the store but he had a great cock. After college I met Doug. Doug was so straight acting I didn’t know he was gay for almost a year. Seeing him in a gay bar shocked me but I still didn’t believe he was gay. Sure he was tall and ruggedly handsome but Doug wasn’t gay. Doug was a jock; the ultimate sports fan, rugged outdoors man, athlete, hunter, beer drinking stud, and woman tease. I knew because I watched him in action. Doug and I played racket ball at the gym so I observed him everywhere except in the locker room shower because he always showered at home. “I was surprised to see you at Jim Dandy’s last night,” he said as we stretched before the game. “Not as surprised as I was to see you there,” I replied. “I haven’t been to a bar for years. Not my idea of fun. I usually get hit on by every guy except the guys that I’m attracted to, you know what I mean?” “Uh, no. That’s why guys go there. So why were you there?” “I was the designated driver and my friends wanted to go for a nightcap,” he explained. So maybe he just has gay friends…? “We had a big fight when we got home and when I got home from work today Eric had moved out. Frankly it was a bit of a relief. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall. Things haven’t been good for months.” Doug began to talk and before I knew it our allotted time on the court was over. Some guys walked in and asked if we were finished and as soon as they came in Doug left. I assumed he went home but I found him in the locker room. I had to ask one more question. “The guy he accused you of fucking on the side… were you?” I said. “I mean were you going out with him?” “I was with him every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.” he admitted. “So you wouldn’t shower here and you would meet this guy after we played racket ball?” “NO, dumb ass. He accused me of having an affair with you. He said I couldn’t take my eyes off of you last night. That part is true. I realized the true Eric was using me. I could see it when he was drunk because his real personality was coming out. I saw you and I saw a real man. I saw someone I would rather spend my time with.” “Damn!” I said as I plopped down on the bench next to him. “I assumed you were strait and I didn’t have a chance. I settled for the time I could spend beating your ass at racket ball.” I said. He bumped me with his shoulder like any red blooded jock would. “In your dreams, I let you win sometimes.” Our banter continued and then he suddenly pulled on a sweat suit. I realized he was hiding his boner. “Doug… would you rather be alone tonight?” “Are you asking to have supper with me and maybe do a sleepover?” he teased. “That would be nice. We could start with a nice long very hot shower.” Seeing Doug naked for the first time was like the perfect storm. Handsome, muscular, not overly hairy, slightly trimmed pubes, and a perfect upward curving long, thick, cock. After a sensual shower he held me in bed as we talked. It was a slow seductive session that turned into a hot night of lovemaking. Even after ten years, friends both gay and straight sometimes think we are just roommates. If they only knew.
  14. DAC


    WISHING ROCK I hardly recognized Mo Brown or Morris the Nerd as he was known around school. I didn’t believe it was him until I saw his glasses tucked into the bathing suit. At graduation last week Morris had a fifty inch waist. “Jim! Psssttt Jim follow me,” he said slipping into the crack in the rock. “Morris is that you?” my voice echoed. He called again for me to follow. Morris was the guy who helped me graduate last in our class. Without his tutoring I wouldn’t have graduated at all. Give me a barbell or a football and I was king, the champ, the best. To me you could never be too muscular but to Morris you could never be too smart. “Morris,” I called as I squeezed into the crack. The crack opened into a tiny room. Morris was sitting in a beam of sunlight coming from a hole in the ceiling. “I wish that your IQ and your physique would double,” Morris said. He stood and began to shove me out of the cave and the rock was scraping my pecs. By the time I had one foot outside I was stuck. It felt like the muscle in my right pec was being ripped away from my bones. Morris shoulder blocked my delt with all his might and I popped out of the crack. He was out a second later and when I looked back the crack looked like it was only four inches wide. I assumed that was why I got stuck. “What did you just do Morris,” I demanded. “You get one wish but you can also give something away. I was too much of a brainiac anyway,” he said. “I gladly gave you part of my IQ” “Why?” I demanded. “You had a future… MIT or Cal Tech, college, doctor… you want to be a doctor, right?” “A PhD not a physician,” he chuckled. For the first time I understood what he meant. His higher education was something he looked forward to but to me my higher education was going to be HVAC training… until that moment. I knew I needed to finish college to get ahead. I needed to be an engineer like my uncle. “That is just wrong Mo!” “Jim you gave me something I never had… acceptance and respect. You didn’t allow guys to make fun of me. I wanted to give you something you wanted as well as something you needed,” he said. “Hold on, hold on! Where did you get the killer body?” I asked. Just a few minutes ago Morris was as skinny as a rail. Before my eyes his body was packing on muscle. He went from skinny to athletic in the blink of an eye. Then he went from athletic to a muscle stud but his physique kept growing beyond muscle stud and into a full blown professional bodybuilder. “A friend. I told a friend I wished I wasn’t fat. He brought me here and gave me my wish,” Mo explained. “Holy shit! Look at those pecs! Look at your arms!” I yelled. “Deeeamn! Look at those wheels!” “What are wheels?” he asked all puzzled. “Look at yourself!” This is a picture of Mo after his wish was granted “Holy crap!” Mo yelled back and he crashed into my body. “I love ya man.” That was something the guys on the team always said. When I wrapped my arms around him my tank top ripped up the back. We both looked like bodybuilders. Huge pro bodybuilders. Apparently when you make a wish and give something away it also applies to the wish granter. So Mo’s IQ also doubled and we both grew huge muscles. Standing there holding each other our hard cocks rubbed against each other and Mo had an instant orgasm. He tried to pull away but I thrust against him until I shot my wad. As college roommates for the next four years we had muscle sex morning noon and night. We dated girls too but damn he was good in bed. Truly what goes around comes around.
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