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  1. DAC


    THE GIFT Today I received a package and inside the box were briefs. The note said I should wear them in the shower and something magical would happen. The note was signed Brad. I don’t know anyone named Brad. As the water ran over my body my cock started to harden. I never felt so sexy. I read the brand name on his briefs and to me it said PET IT. So I did. An earth shattering orgasm had me on my knees. The room started spinning and the next thing I knew I was being pelted with ice cold shower water. Still incoherent, it didn’t make any sense that the shower was filled with steam. The water was cold but I was hot and there was this hissing sound like hot steel being quenched in water. When I passed out I must have blocked the drain because I was laying in several inches of water. I sat up and realized the steam was coming from my body. After standing under the ice cold water for about thirty minutes I finally felt cool. I had been in the shower so long, night had fallen and my fingers were beginning to prune. I dried my body in the dark and pulled on the oversize tank top I wear to bed like a nightshirt. Normally it comes to my knees but it barely covered my ass. I flipped on the lights and tripped over my own feet when I saw my reflection. My phone buzzed with a text message. This is Brad. Have you showered? Text me a picture. I texted back. Who R U. Text me a picture, he replied. Text me or you will continue to grow taller and more muscular. BS Who r U. I shot back. Right about now the heat should start to build up again. Your cock will grow first. If your dick is hard it should be about a foot long by now. Get in the shower now to cool down or the heat will be unbearable. The next growth spurt might kill you but you can save yourself by sending that picture. I knew he must be older because he used no text abbreviations. Standing there I began to feel feverish. I started shaking and there was pain all over my body. I looked in the mirror and my hard cock was twice as long as it was this morning. I could hardly see my cock over my huge pecs. I lifted my phone and took a picture. It took all my strength and mental ability to send the photo. I could see my arm growing thicker and veins begin to pop out. Sweat began to drip down my back. My fingers hit something and the camera began to film the growth so I sent that too. I was on my hands and knees crawling toward the shower when another text alert buzzed. I could hardly focus on the screen. There was only one word all in capital letters. STOP The pain and heat were dissipating. I collapsed on the floor, still conscious but exhausted. The tile absorbed the heat from my skin. Back in the shower I washed in the frigid water and it felt good. I stumbled toward my bed thinking the doorway used to tower a foot or more over my head but now there was only about four inches of clearance. Nobody grows from 5’1” to 6’7” in a few hours. Nobody’s arms go from 12 inches to 24 inches in an afternoon but the mirror reflected a handsome muscular giant. I closed my eyes suspecting I would awaken from the dream smaller again. A beam of sunlight made its way to my pillow through the crack in the room darkening drapes. It had to be afternoon if the sun was on this side of the house. It is always my Saturday treat to sleep in. I stretched and rolled out of bed. Throwing open the drapes I was blinded by the light so when I turned and caught my reflection in the mirror I did a double take. Then I touched my buff super muscular body and my cock grew hard. The text alert on my phone buzzed. Please text me an updated picture. If you want an explanation we can meet. Brad. I sent the photo. Full frontal in the mirror (cock covered). Then I flexed my arm and sent him that picture too. Who R U. I demanded to know. The download icon showed a large file at 30%… 55%… 70% being downloaded to my phone which I tried to abort… 100% flashed and the phone vibrated. There was a tingle like an electric shock that traveled up my arm causing a bright flash in my brain. I gasped. My brain was absorbing data, facts, and experiences of my journey becoming a bodybuilder but I still remembered the old me. I never belonged to a gym in my old life but years of being a gym rat and watching my physique grow were implanted in my brain. College experiences were implanted; instead of stopping at a bachelor’s degree I now had a PhD. Instead of a dead end job I now owned a multi-billion dollar company that was about to be sold. Instead of being a virgin I was a confirmed bachelor who fathered at least a dozen sons beginning when I was sixteen. I was rich enough to pay their mothers 100K a year to raise the boys until they turned twenty one. I met Brad in my freshman year of college and within a week we became lovers. I started my company that year and by the end of summer I had three new sons. I couldn’t resist women or having sex with Brad. Brad said if he wasn’t around I would have thirty new kids instead of three. The doorbell ringing brought me back to the present. I answered using my phone. It was Brad. “I left my phone and keys in the kitchen,” he said. I unlocked the door via phone and walked downstairs to greet him. “Is something wrong Charlie?” he asked as I gawked at his physique. “Just horny Brad, just horny,” I said as I stroked his pecs. “Washing the cars can wait,” Brad said pulling me against his body. “Washing cars dressed like that? Teasing the neighbors again?” I asked. “Let’s spend the afternoon trading fucks,” Brad suggested. He didn’t have to ask twice. Things like this would never happen to the old me. Gradually the old reality faded like a once read novel. You always remember the story line but forget the details. I love this new reality. I love being muscular. I love being rich and I love Brad.
  2. MONTANA STUD RANCH It was just another ranch in Montana that put a one line ad in the paper for a cowboy. They called it a Ranch Hand to make it sound more glorious but nobody was fooled. I didn’t need a job. I was happy where I was so I ignored the ad as apparently just about everybody else in world was doing. It got to be a joke and almost a challenge to be the first to find the ad when the paper came out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the ad was in the Penny Pincher paper. We all assumed that the ranch owner was also a penny pincher when it came to salary. I got curious about where this place was so one night I got on the internet to look for it. As far as I could tell it was near the Canada/US border and the closest post office was in a place called Whitlash. Out in the middle of nowhere there were some mountains and the ranch was in those mountains. Google Earth didn’t have high enough resolution to see any ranch buildings and the names on the map like “Old Banks Place” disappeared when you tried to zoom in. It seemed to me like a place you would go to disappear forever. The next time I was in town I got one of those throwaway cell phones and called the number in the advertisement. A friendly but extremely deep voice answered the phone. I’ve run across one or two men with voices like that and to tell the truth they were virile and sexy as hell. Face to face their voice literally made my insides vibrate with excitement. This guy made that happen on the phone. During the conversation he seemed to be talking me out of considering the job but the longer I talked to him the more I wanted to see his spread. He said the easiest way to get to the ranch was to get myself to Great Falls and they would do the rest. I made arrangements and then told the guys I was going home for my mother’s birthday, which was true, except on the way back I was stopping in Great Falls for a couple days. The trip home was well documented in pictures to prove I was there. I made sure there were gaps of a day where there were no pictures. I got to Great Falls and was met by the pilot that would fly me north–I assumed to the ranch. I’ve faced charging bulls, hung off the edge of a cliff while rock climbing, fallen off horses, and rode bucking broncos but going up in a two seat airplane made me fear for my life for the first time ever. He landed on a road and let me out. He had to take off immediately and he told me I would be picked up by the rancher. When he was gone the only sound was the wind and there was nothing in all directions for miles. I was looking for a car or truck when I heard a helicopter. The pilot could have been a cover guy for a muscle magazine but he wasn’t the man I talked to on the phone. I only thought terror meant the small plane. A helicopter is like a flying fishbowl. I was more than glad when we landed. At last a pickup truck approached, stopped, and then he stepped out. It was the man, the voice on the phone. As expected I saw cowboy boots, the jeans, and a big buckle on the belt around a tiny waist. Then instead of a western shirt he wore a gray t-shirt and that made my jaw drop. Not the shirt but the massive muscles stretching the 6 XL Long shirt. His voice boomed in greeting and my cock nearly exploded. He tossed my bag in the bed of the truck and drove me the last couple of miles to the house. Up close in the truck his arms looked more than a foot wide. In profile his chest and back were at least double the width of his upper arm. His belly was flat and his waist was tiny yet there was plenty of man meat packed behind the zipper in his blue jeans. It was near supper so I was handed a beer and forced, forced I tell you, to talk to the man whose every word almost made me want to cream. He told me about the ranch and the remote pastures they used to graze the cattle. Each valley had a one room cabin to live in while tending the herd. He had pictures and each valley was more breathtaking than the last. I didn’t notice that the ranch hands had begun to gather for supper until the noise level started to rise in the kitchen. Then Erik stood and offered to introduce me to the guys that were able to make it to supper. Standing among them I felt like a tiny skinny freshman in high school surrounded by all the alpha jocks on a varsity all star football team. It didn’t matter if they wore western shirts, t-shirts, or dress shirts nothing could hide the muscle packed onto their bodies. They ranged in age from twenty to forty years old and there wasn’t an ugly face or a small cock among them. Put me in the bunkhouse and somebody start an orgy! Bottom or top I’d take all of them on. It was still dark when I smelled the breakfast cooking in the kitchen. Half of the guys had already eaten and started their day. Others straggled in as a freshly cooked omelet was put on my plate. I found myself alone in the kitchen drinking coffee when Erik came in wrapped in a sheepskin coat. He poured himself coffee and sat in front of me. “I want you to come work on the ranch,” he said. “The others all give you a thumbs up too. Stay another day or two,” he said. “I think I’d like to work here but I have a job in Colorado,” I smiled. He stood and rinsed his cup out then he flipped his head telling me to follow him. My guess was that it was time for a tour but the tour ended in his bedroom. “The wild mushrooms that were in that omelet should be kicking in soon,” he said as he pressed into me. His hands went under my sweatshirt and pinched my nipples. I felt it building since he walked in the door. “You’ll have complete control over when you cum,” he said softly. “It’s like being edged isn’t it? Yeah let it build up and then pull it back.” he whispered after his shirt came off. I groaned as I felt my orgasm rise to the boiling point and then I willed it to subside. It was like temporary blindness when the orgasm built. I was closer and closer to being totally naked each time I pulled back from cumming. “Fuck,” he said as he pulled my face into his humongous pecs. I looked down at his hard uncut cock. It seemed to be a foot long and eight inches in diameter and it looked like his foreskin was already filled with cum. My only thought was that his cock would never fit in my ass. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. I felt like my whole body could burst into flame. He lifted me and took me to his bed. “Ride it cowboy!” he ordered and I lowered my ass onto his fence post of a cock. I don’t know how but there was more of a stretching feeling than pain. He used his tremendous strength to thrust up into me as I rode. “Cum,” he yelled. “Fuuuuuuuccckkkk!” he groaned as his balls filled me with his seed. His orgasm triggered mine and four times my normal load of cum was spewing onto his physique. I was awakened by Jon and Rick, two of the bigger ranch hands crawling into bed with me. I looked at the clock and it was almost noon. They took turns fucking me for the next hour and most of the time I was fucking the cowboy that wasn’t fucking me. I felt like I had unlimited cum and I did. Exhausted by the sex I was breathing hard and gulping air. Rick opened a small container on the nightstand and picked a fresh mushroom which he popped in my mouth. I went to spit it out but he made me swallow it whole. Jon picked another and ordered me to chew. Except for a bit of mushroom dirt they were good. They told me to dress for lunch and smiled as they watched me struggle to pull on my sweatshirt and pants. I couldn’t get my boots on my feet. A cheer went up from all the cowpokes when I entered the kitchen and I was surprised to see that most of them were naked. They surrounded me and stripped me naked too. Somebody rolled a three way mirror into the room and they stood me before it as they opened the wings. Damn, my fat had melted away and my muscles were showing. I wasn’t very big compared to the other ranch hands but I looked like an amateur bodybuilder. My cock shot seven big ropes of cum at my reflection. Big Erik walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his hard cock nestle against my ass crack. “Ready to call your old boss and resign?” he asked softly. “I’ve got a dozen studs just chomping at the bit to get to your ass. That ain’t counting the guys staying at the cabins up in the hills. Whatdya say?” “Not only yes but FUCK YES!” I yelled. Then Erik slipped his cock into my cum filled ass and fucked me right there in the dining room. I made up some bullshit excuse for quitting and told them to give my old clothes and boots to charity because I had no use for cowboy duds in the city. Truth was nothing I owned would fit me anymore. I all the years I worked on ranches as a cowboy I never had sex with other guys on the ranch. Back then a weekend in the big city now and then cleaned my clock. Here in the middle of nowhere hardly a day goes by without at least a blowjob. The mushrooms are just mushrooms. You could eat ten pounds and nothing would happen unless they are specially pre-treated. The mushrooms don’t cause you to grow muscle either. Initially something happens to your metabolism that helps burn fat and then your body chemistry changes and you begin to get more muscular but everybody is different. They tell me that Jack gained a pound a day for the first month and then he abruptly stopped gaining and only added a pound a week before he had another growth spurt. Eventually he added eighty pounds of rock hard muscle and he might fluctuate a few pounds now and then but he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. My bone structure expanded I grew six inches taller but I was only 5’7” when I arrived, My muscle growth has been slow and steady and after a year I’m still growing more muscular which is not the norm. Erik says that his muscle growth pattern was similar to mine and then confided in me that his body had never quit gaining muscle. I just hope that nobody in Colorado figures out that the penny pincher ad’s stopped about the time I quit. I’d hate to have to explain why I answered that stupid ad in the first place. Then I’d have to explain why I have been working as a cowboy on a ranch full of gay muscle studs all this time. I shouldn’t have worried though. Out of habit I picked up a penny pincher paper and there on the second page was the same old ad for a Ranch Hand that had been running forever. Erik told me after a rather athletic and lengthy fuck session that he continues to run the ad because he is always looking for good people and if I didn’t qualify I would have been told the job was filled at the Great Falls airport. Next week I’ll be going up to a high valley called the Eagle’s Nest to work with a guy named Sam the Mountain Man. SAM I plan to keep a detailed diary to continue the saga of this once lonely cowboy. I’ll let you know what happens.
  3. THE PEACOCK FEATHER FAN This morning I was alone. Jack had enough and flew back to Houston last night. It had been a long time coming but when I saw the ring I gave him sitting by the alarm I knew he was never coming back. Things haven’t been the same since he got that job in Texas. My job, my house, my life was in New Orleans. He came back the weekend before Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) and planned to be back at work in Houston on Wednesday. He didn’t even make it through Sunday night. Monday I met friends at the big parade and they asked about Jack. I was honest and a good friend told me it for the best. We were pelted with beads but I just stood there in shock. It was like I was in the middle of a vortex with life going on all around me. I got really drunk at the after parade party. So this was Mardi Gras Day and it was a cold 37 degree morning. Maybe it will be warmer for The Annual Drag Queen Costume Contest that started at noon on Bourbon Street. Despite my hangover I promised my friend I would be there to see him in costume. I knew he had to see me there so I grabbed my flamboyant peacock feather fan. All I had to do was hold it up at arm’s length over my head and open it when he walked out on the balcony. I showered, shaved, and cleaned myself out because I wasn’t sure if anybody took advantage of my drunken state–yes I was that drunk. So drunk I found myself naked in my own bed this morning and didn’t know how I got home. By the time it was time to go to the contest I was hydrated enough that the headache was only a dull reminder. Forget street costumes–most people were covered by a coat. The street queens in their elaborate costumes were prancing on the corner of Royal and Orleans as usual so I stopped to take some pictures. Jack dressed up like that last year and gave the costume away when he moved to Houston. I held up my fan opening and closing it several times when I saw Ted. He pointed at me and flashed. “Boyfriend?” I guy behind my left ear asked. “Just a friend,” I said as I turned to leave. I was a bit taken aback by the guy. Ski jacket over a hooded sweatshirt, bearded, and hunky. His jacket bulged at the shoulders and chest. “Leaving so soon?” he asked. “Obligations met,” I explained but didn’t move. “Are you cold?” “I was until you turned around,” he chuckled. “Oh brother what a bad pick-up line,” I laughed and started pushing my way through the crowd. Suddenly a big blue jacket stepped in front of me running interference. The throng was parting like the Red Sea and I followed him. “Hey thanks,” I said as we exited on Orleans Street. “Hungry for lunch?” he asked as we reached St. Peter Street. He pulled my arm toward the Gumbo Shop restaurant. “Hey Gaston, I don’t even know your name,” I said as we were seated. “Gaston?” “Gaston the character from Beauty and the Beast. He was always being all alpha just like you,” I explained. He sat back and laughed. “Yeah but Belle didn’t go with him. You came with me!” “I’m hungry and this place is great. We were lucky to get a table.” “Mark Hastings who just moved from the Florida Keys,” he said extending his hand. We had a pleasant lunch and I invited him to join me at the parades on Canal Street. We watched Zulu and he caught a prized coconut. By the time Rex rolled by I was done but Mark was all warmed up and ready to watch the endless truck parade. I tapped him on his shoulder and handed him the bag of beads he caught. “Going home,” I told him. His face fell. “Wanna come?” I asked. He beamed. Once in the house Mark shed the layers of outer clothes revealing twenty-four inch arms and a fifty-five inch chest. Then he peeled off his tee shirt and my feet were glued to the floor as he moved closer. He stopped inches from my face. I nearly creamed my pants just looking at him! “Hi sexy,” he said softly. “Fucking Gaston!” I gasped. “Mark,” he corrected me as he moved to kiss me. His kiss unfroze me and my hands felt his massive muscles. I considered myself to be a pretty fit until he stripped off his shirt. I had great abs, arms, and a slim waist. When I walked into the house I felt like I was in charge, I was confident and relaxed. That all changed when the behemoth walked up to me and stripped. Standing just a few inches away was an absolute mountain of pure, raw muscle! He was huge and I found myself mesmerized by this handsome man. I couldn’t take my hands off his gargantuan biceps. My cock had hardened in my briefs and then he stripped me down. My dick was bulging obscenely out of my briefs. I opened his belt and he stepped out of his jeans. His big hard cock hit my abs. “Fuck me?” Mark whispered. “I hope you’re versatile because I wanna fuck you too.” A week later Jack called. I realized that I hadn’t thought about Jack’s hunky body since I bumped into Mark on the street. “No, you better stay in Houston,” I said. “It is over and I changed the locks,” I smiled. “Yes Jack you have been replaced.” I knew my friend Ted told Jack all about Mark. Just then Mark walked in naked and all pumped from working out. He ran his hand over my chest and kissed me. The phone found the cradle and Mark carried me to bed.
  4. The Old Abandoned Farmhouse I overheard Brad and Tony arranging a meeting at the old abandoned farmhouse out at the end of Pratt Road. Normally I would have ignored anything those two were involved in but that old farmhouse belonged to my family. Dad built a new house when my mom inherited the land because he hated old drafty houses. So all my life I lived in a sealed temperature controlled glass box he called modern architecture. Mom wouldn’t let him tear down the old farmhouse because six generations of Pratt’s were born in that house, including her. When my grandparents died three years ago she put all their furniture in storage and had the house boarded up. She wanted to renovate and use the house for family gatherings. Her grandparents had a table that had ten leaves and extended to about 20 feet long and even though it extended into the living room, all the adults in the family could sit at the same table. So I parked my truck by the creek and walked to the farmhouse. I hid behind the interior doors that were stacked against the wall. I could see the room and out to the porch from between the doors. Somebody had taken the plywood off the double doors that led to the porch. Mom will not be pleased when I tell her someone has been in the old farmhouse. I sat there on the sofa cushions I bought with my stash of water and munchies waiting to see what the two studs from the gym were up to. I was about to give up when Tony walked onto the porch and called out for Brad. He said something about it being too fucking hot to be out here. He muttered about it being even hotter in the house and what a jerk Brad was for choosing this place. I thought he was just opening his shirt but then he stripped naked, leaned against the siding, and crossed his arms. Occasionally he would walk to the edge of the porch and look for Brad. Damn he had a great body! He bent over his clothes and pulled out his phone. His ass crack and pucker were shaved and were shiny wet looking. I almost knocked over one of the doors straining to see. He was talking to Brad using language that would make a sailor blush and he didn’t sound happy. He put the phone down and began bitching about Brad planning ahead by getting gas in his truck before it was time to meet. He grabbed the phone again and started flipping through pictures. His cock was getting hard and he was stroking the long thick shaft. Fuck he was a grower! I bet it was ten inches long. I began to think Brad was bringing a woman out here for them to fuck. What would Tony’s girlfriend Denise think about that? I could watch that too. I wouldn’t mind seeing their muscles flex as they hump her… especially Brad! Brad was one built fucker. He wasn’t even half as muscular when he joined the Army… of was he in the Marines. He returned six years later looking like Mr. Olympia. He was 5’7 when he graduated high school two years before me. Today he’s 10 inches taller. I hardly recognized him mostly because his face was more handsome and more angular than I remember. He didn’t talk about his military service except that he had traveled all over the world on missions where he and the team carried out operations for the government. We were supposed to assume he was in some elite Special Forces unit taking out bad guys. Brad is obviously very muscular but I never saw him naked because he doesn’t change or shower at the gym being he lives so close. Even fully dressed in sweats you can see his huge muscles. I was lost in thought and when I looked up again Brad was naked on the porch and kissing Tony like someone starved for sex. Tony was kissing back but Brad was overwhelming him. Tony seemed to be in a trance and yet totally obedient to Brad’s suggestions. Brad turned Tony facing the wall and then he slapped Tony’s ass. I figured Brad’s cock was shrunken because he had to take steroids to build a body like that but Brad’s cock was just as long as and bigger around than Tony’s cock. Tony moaned as Brad inserted his condom covered cock in one slow thrust. “Fuckin’ perfectly stretched and lubed,” Brad groaned. “Fucking so perfect, just shoving it in made me want to cum,” Brad said as he rolled and thrust his hips to fuck Tony’s willing ass. “Fuck me Brad,” Tony yelled. “Fuck me hard! Cum in me!” For the next twenty minutes Brad did exactly that as I watched with my mouth agape. I wanted to take pictures but I was afraid the flash would alert them to my being there. Then the phone vibrated and Brad looked toward the doors where I was hiding. I quickly put the phone between the cushions and powered it off. He didn’t look my way again so I thought I was safe but started fucking Tony hard. I could see Tony’s cock shooting cum against the wall. Brad pulled out of his ass, ripped off the rubber, inserted his cock again, and started cumming inside Tony. Now Tony was on his hands and knees on the porch floorboards. Brad got behind him and shoved his cock in hard. Brad was speaking in Tony’s ear and all of a sudden Tony was acting like a zombie. Tony took some water bottles Brad brought and shoved the opening in his gaping hole to fill his ass with water. He squatted right there with his ass off the edge of the porch and flushed his ass clean out. My jaw dropped. Tony got dressed, and then started cursing Brad out for being a no show. It was as if Tony couldn’t see Brad even though he was two feet away. And Tony didn’t seem to know that Brad just fucked the hell out of him. He tried to call Brad and calmly got in his truck when Brad didn’t answer. I heard Tony drive away. I stayed quiet because I wasn’t sure Brad left. “You can come out now,” Brad commanded. I didn’t move. I tried not to breathe. “Do I have to move those doors and drag you out of there?” “No,” I said a bit too forcefully. “No, you ain’t coming out… or no, don’t bother moving the doors?” he asked. “I’m coming out,” I answered. I gathered my stuff and backed out of my hiding place. I dialed the phone. “Hey dad,” I said. “Yes sir I’ll be there for supper. I didn’t forget. Yeah, I had the phone on vibrate and didn’t hear it. Later, 6pm sharp… I might come early,” I said before breaking the connection. “I’m invited for supper with my parents,” I told the naked man. “You are trespassing,” I postured. “You are predictable,” he chuckled. “Did you enjoy what you saw? I guess you did,” he said stroking my hard cock through my pants. I shoved his hand away. “Tony was a ploy to get you here. He will only remember I didn’t show up.” “Why did you…” “Why did I do it this way? Would you have come here and let me fuck you like that?” “No!” I said with a little hesitation. “I would have called the cops and said you were trespassing.” “Yet you didn’t call the cops when you saw me trespassing.” “No, I was coming to my parent’s house for supper and got here a couple hours early.” “Five hours early?” “To see what you and Tony were up to. Tony is no innocent choir boy,” I said opening a water. “I want to fuck you like that, without protection,” he took my water bottle and sipped some of my water. “No! Didn’t you take the condom off and cum in him like he asked?” “No.” He looked me in the eye and smiled. “I made him into an innocent choir boy. He’ll soon get religion and marry… Denise. She’ll have his babies and he’ll get a good paying job at the car plant.” “Bull-loney,” I laughed. “I know Tony and he is a heathen.” “After I fuck you you’ll look like me… this muscular not my face. You’ll look like you but better looking. You might get taller and your dick is gonna grow too. Everybody is different. You’ve got a big bone structure… your physique may get up in the three hundred pound range without a big belly. You’ll have a perfect V shape and abs like mine.” “Who says I’ll let you fuck me? No thanks. I may look and sound like some country boy farmer but that isn’t likely to happen,” I said. “I’m a college educated Engineer and graduated cum laude. I am not stupid and I’m not gay.” “Then… why is your cock so hard and why are you naked and why are you stroking your cock as your hand worships my awesome muscles?” “Huh!” I jumped back. “Are you using hypnosis or something?” “Nope, has your cock ever been that hard? I’ll bet right now your ass aching to be fucked? That’s it, touch me. Can you see what you will become? Both women and men will throw themselves at you. I can see you like fucking the ladies but you go to the gym to get off on studs like me. You’ll have to beg me to fuck you and transform your body. That’s it kiss my muscles. Run your hands over my physique in worship. Oh yeah suck my nipples! Lick my abs. Taste my cock and balls.” “Brad please fuck me, transform my body,” I whispered. Two hours later we washed buck naked by the well next to the kitchen using the hand pump to fill buckets with water. I poured a five gallon bucket of water over my head. “I don’t feel any different,” I said flexing my arm. He laughed. “Brad…” “Yes?” he smiled. I think he knew what was coming. “Do we… Is it just once and its over? Do we ever fuck around again?” I asked. Brad closed the distance between us and took me in his arms. He rubbed his body against mine and he kissed me. If I had to rate the kiss it would be up there with the greatest kisses I ever got. By the time the kiss broke I was ready to be fucked again. “I’m gonna fuck you every night of your life and at some point you will come to a plateau and stop growing. Then it is permanent. In the mean time we may find others but anytime you feel the need to be with me, my door is always open.” “Is your door gonna be open about nine or ten o’clock tonight?” I asked. “You bet!” he slapped my ass and kissed the back of my neck. While at supper I brought up the subject of renovating the old farmhouse. My mom looked glum until I suggested that I pay for the renovations and live in the house. Family gatherings would be welcome as long as I could close off my private space upstairs. I did some rough sketches making the first floor including the master bedroom my grandparents added all for entertaining and the upstairs would be my private area. Dad rolled his eyes saying it was a waste of money but mom was enthusiastic. On the way to Brad’s that night I passed a bad accident. The vehicle was the same color as Tony’s truck but it was so mangled I couldn’t tell if it was his. The person in that vehicle had to be dead. I stopped and talked to the rescue crew and they said Tony was thrown from the truck before it rolled. The headline in the paper the next day showed the truck and said the driver was not seriously hurt. The only injury Tony had was described as minor bruises. I know for a fact Tony had a bruised gluteus maximus and hemorrhoids. I saw those injuries were inflicted by Brad. The next Sunday Tony was in church with Denise. Apparently the accident cause a religious experience. Now (Tony) the once irreligious person goes every Sunday! I heard that the wedding is scheduled around Thanksgiving. I grew slowly and naturally although it is a bit odd that I added six inches to my height. People aren’t supposed to get taller at twenty five. At present I weigh 307 pounds and have about a thirty inch waist with around 10% body fat. I love my new physique but I love my new cock even more. Now it’s a shower and a grower. It took over a year to do all the renovations. The foundation was fixed so the house was now level again. The walls, roof, and floors have foam insulation, there is all new plumbing and electrical, new triple pane windows, new HVAC system, all new walls, and the heart pine floors were sanded and sealed. The porches were fixed and the house has a new roof and several coats of white paint. Every door and all the woodwork was stripped and refinished. The kitchen has modern appliances but it still has the feel of Grannies old kitchen. As a matter of fact the whole downstairs has that old fashion feel that my grandparents would have loved. There were originally four bedrooms upstairs but now there are three. The first is my master bedroom and bath/spa, a guest room with bathroom, and lastly my office with bathroom. Where is the gym, you might ask. I converted the small barn to the gym. It is a bare bones weight room with locker room and showers. There is no sound system or TV’s on banks of treadmills, there is no aerobic room, and there is no juice bar. There is a wrestling room that can double as an orgy room; there is a posing room with mirrored walls and a few storage rooms that just happen to have beds in them in case you need to nap or want to have a private massage with someone. The Pratt family approves of the renovations to the old homestead, and even my dad is impressed. He still loves his glass box but that will never change. Brad calls it the frat house because of all the bodybuilders that hang out here. Lately Brad has been hinting that he wouldn’t mind living in the guest bedroom to be closer to the gym. I doubt very much that he would ever sleep in that room. He never does when he stays overnight which is four or five times a week after a heavy workout. I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if I had called the cops on Tony and Brad or even if I had ignored their plans to meet at the old farmhouse.
  5. DAC


    The Elevator He got on the elevator on the second floor. “Where are you going? What floor?” I asked nervously as my fingers were poised above the buttons. “I’m going with you to wherever you live,” he said as he put his hands together and flexed. I backed into a corner and he invaded my space. He leaned closer to my ear as I inhaled his manly musk mixed with his cologne. “We’re gonna fuck,” he whispered in my ear. I was about to faint but was saved by the elevator doors opening. Fresh air flooded the compartment and I quickly fled into the hall. I fumbled with the room key as he pressed his massive body against my back. “Need help,” he offered as his body undulated against mine. His hard dick rested in my ass crack just as the green light came on and the lock opened. I pushed into the room hoping to slam the door in his face but it was as if he was attached to my back and the door slammed shut behind him. My briefcase fell to the floor as he slipped my suit jacket off from behind me. In an instant his arms were around me exploring my chest and opening the buttons of my dress shirt. “What if I don’t want this?” I said as I halfheartedly tried to pull away. “Oh but you do,” he growled as his hand grabbed my hard cock. “I don’t want to be raped!” “By the time we’re both naked you’ll be begging me to fuck you.” “I won’t!” He just laughed as he opened my trousers. For some reason I automatically kicked off my shoes. My pants were falling as my undershirt was lifted over my head. Somehow my boxers joined my trousers around my ankles. He stepped closer and when I stepped away to avoided him I stepped out of my pants. “I’m not begging,” I sneered. “You aren’t naked,” he pointed out as he knelt behind me. He held my hips and then one hand slipped off my socks. “Now I'm naked and I’m still not begging,” I pointed out. “I said when we were both naked!” He grabbed both ass cheeks and spread them open. He gasped at what he saw and then dove in making contact with his nose and tongue. I couldn’t help but let out a big moan. “Ohh… fuck! Oh... fuck!” It felt as if Pandora’s Box had just been opened and released a wave of evil pleasure. I found myself kneeling on the bed on all fours with my hands clawing at the bedspread. Every time he flicked the opening of my hole with his tongue I involuntarily arched my back and let a moan of pure pleasure. He started exploring my hole. He first licked it all over but then he slowly started to tongue fuck me. I was helpless. We changed positions when I was flipped onto my back. My legs were raised and spread to give him full access. His backpack and shirt were off as well as his shorts. He kept attacking my rosebud but now he had my cock in play too. The sensation quadrupled. He grabbed me by my legs and pulled my ass ever higher in the air. I was literally on my shoulders with him attacking my ass. I rubbed his cock still trapped in bikini underwear but he ignored the stimulation because he was only interested in eating my ass. I took it a step further and exposed his cock his hand pushed the briefs down and he worked them off his legs. He knelt over me and he easily lifted me and shifted me towards the pillows before his face was again on my ass. Then he asked me to sit on his face. Thinking I would have the advantage I squatted on his face and every time his tongue touched my asshole I lifted my butt away. He grabbed me by my hips and buried his face in my ass crack. I found my ass gyrating on his face because he was pushing his tongue into my hole and swirling it around. Then he began to alternate between licking and sucking my balls and tonguing my ass. He grabbed a bottle of baby oil. I felt the oil trickle down my ass and right over my hole. I thought I knew what might be coming and I was both fearful and wanted it at the same time. He slipped his finger into my ass and wiggled it. I let out a loud groan. He had penetrated my ass and then he added a second finger and began to finger fuck me. I rode his fingers hard, and then begged for his cock. I actually begged him to fuck me. The next thing I knew I was on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. He wasted no time in parking his hard cock against my tight hole. It hurt when he breached my virgin hole but the further he went in the more I loosened up. I was so damn tight. It was as if I could feel every vein in his cock. I wanted him in me deeper, harder, and faster. I didn’t have time to think about the fact that I was being fucked by a big huge muscular man. I was damn near exploding, but he beat me to it. He thrust in harder, deeper, and faster but just as I was about to cum he shot his load in my ass. His prophecy had come true. My hands were on his ass helping him shove his cock up my ass as far as it would go while I was begging him to fuck me. He didn’t say it but ‘I told you so’ was written all over his face. He spooned me from behind. I could feel his erection in my crevice, teasing my satisfied hole and painting it with aftershocks of cum. “Fuck me,” he said as he nibbled my ear. Clumsily I proceeded to dive in and I tried to repeat the treatment he had given me. I probed his tight little ass with my tongue and worked on sucking his balls. My fingers dripping with lube dove into his slippery ass and his hole clamped tightly around them. Now I had an idea what he felt when he fucked me. I couldn’t wait to get my cock in him. I poured oil on and stroked my cock to get it good and hard then slid into him. I had no idea my cock could feel this good. His ass was super tight as he flexed his ass muscles around my cock my pleasure soared. I had never felt anything like that before. I thrust into him with everything I had. I drove in as deep as I could go and withdrew until just my cock head was just inside him. Finely I couldn’t take it anymore, I thrust hard into him and my cock pumped my cum deep in his ass. I never imagined I would be doing this, but had I known how good it felt, there was no way I would have rebuffed his advances. Roger spent the next two weeks at the hotel with me. Each day I was out beating the pavement visiting customers and my sales soared. I blame it on the self confidence Roger instilled in me or maybe it was the cum I had sloshing around in my ass from his early morning fuck. Nonetheless I doubled my quota. It didn’t end there. The company was so impressed with my sales they created a new territory for me. Roger insisted I stay with him until I found a place of my own. Each time I found an acceptable domicile he talked me out of signing a lease. Many a night when I get home dragging he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me. I melt into his hard body. “We’re gonna fuck,” he whispers in my ear and all is right with the world.
  6. So he's a black Italian! He actually looks like the teacher I was thinking about when I wrote the story.
  7. WOW! Thanks. I hadn't considered continuing the story but I will see what happens. Diesel
  8. Above is a picture of Mo the tow truck driver Update: Mardi Gras 2020. This is our third Mardi Gras as residents of New Orleans. The first parades began on January 6th and the last of the parades this year will begin at 8am on Tuesday February 25th 2020 MARDI GRAS DAY. Our guests will be arriving about an hour before the first parade on FAT TUESDAY and the beer will start flowing. There will be food and food and more food. There will be laughter and frivolity until midnight when Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. We will wear ashes on our forehead as a reminder of individual mortality and observe a day of fasting and abstinence which will be followed by planning for next year’s Mardi Gras party. We have been a committed couple for more than twenty years. We ran a successful business and traveled the world. On a trip to New Orleans we fell in love with the city. We sold our business and were set for life. We planned to grow old together in the lap of luxury so we bought a home in the Garden District, a posh neighborhood in New Orleans. We got much more than we bargained for and here is what happened. Edward and Robert on vacation somewhere in Ireland in 2015 Robert and Edward at Mardi Gras 2019 As you can see from the pictures there has been a drastic change. This is our story. Retiring In New Orleans: prologue After you hear this tale you too may wonder if ancient gods still roam the earth. In New Orleans many Carnival Krewes are named for the gods, Bacchus, Momus, Morpheus, Proteus, and Argus to name a few. I think we were visited by one of those gods right after we bought the house in New Orleans. His name was Mo but we think he has an alias. We think of him as Mo, AKA, Morpheus. Morpheus is a mythological god that has the ability to mimic any human form and to appear in dreams. His true semblance is that of a powerfully built winged god. In classical depictions of Morpheus, he carried a box full of dreams with two lids, one half black and the other half white, to signify good and bad dreams. In myth, Morpheus is invoked as the god of sleep and dreams. One thing for sure he fulfilled all of my dreams… Robert’s too. Retiring In New Orleans So this was the home that we bought. The main house is 8,516 square-feet with 6 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms plus 2 half bathrooms. Everywhere there are huge floor to ceiling windows that flood the house with light. Gorgeous details adorn its interior, and along with 13-foot high ceilings, there are elegant chandeliers with ceiling medallions, original dark polished hardwood floors, carved marble mantel pieces, deep crown moldings, a double parlor, an office, a library, a grand curved staircase that speaks of old world New Orleans charm, and a kitchen worthy of a fine chef. The rear of the house also has a huge screened porch looking out onto a terrace patio, pool, and outdoor kitchen. The backyard also features a brick patio with fountain next to the four car garage. Then there is the garçonnière complete with a great room, a small kitchen, two bedrooms, and two full bathrooms. Some call it a pool house, a mother-in-law cottage, maid’s quarters, or grounds keeper’s residence but in New Orleans it is a garçonnière or bachelor pad. They were built so unmarried gentlemen of age back in the 1800’s could move out of the main house because sometimes when there were blended families the young ladies could not reside in the main house with their stepbrothers and be considered pure… if you know what I mean. The house was too formal for our taste so we were having it renovated from deep dark Victorian furnishings, carpets, and draperies to tastefully elegant furniture but by no means ultra modern. The swags, tassels, and tiebacks as well as the grandma Victorian red velvet sofas were a bit much for our taste. On out third trip to New Orleans to check the progress and pick out furniture we drove up to the house to find no cars parked on the street. There were some step ladders chained to the oak tree which we found strange. Entering the house we were hit with the smell of fresh paint and polyurethane fumes. The paint colors and the new drapes were perfect and we were about to go back to meet the designer when a tow truck pulled up and stopped in front of our car. The guy that jumped out was a stud that had the two of us panting. There was no doubt the guy lived in the gym and that he was gay. He was as polite as he was handsome and muscular. He pointed out the sign about parade parking we didn’t see. Mo (or is it Moe) answered all our questions about the parades and we invited him to watch a parade from our porch. Robert moved the car to the garage and I got a business card from Mo the tow truck driver. I didn’t think we would need road service but it never hurts to have the phone number of a good looking muscular man. We called Ann at Interiors Plus to set up a meeting and she told us the pool house was completely finished and furnished. Yea! We didn’t have to get a hotel room. She knew there would be no hotel rooms to be found this close to Mardi Gras so she pushed to have it finished and furnished before we arrived. After that first night parade we were hooked. The sale of our business the year before allowed us to make our own schedule and we opted to stay in New Orleans for the whole of Mardi Gras season. We would video conference the meetings and consultations with the new owners of our business like we did while we were traveling so it wasn’t a problem. Then the weekend before Fat Tuesday the mega parades brought an incredible amount of people to the streets. We were actually fearful at first and then Mo the tow truck driver showed up at the fence with a bunch of friends to watch the parade. Recognizing him by his wide shoulders we went to the fence to talk to him. That was the closest we had ever been to the parade. Mo and his friends thought we were not in the Mardi Gras spirit and offered to teach us how to catch beads and grovel for doubloons (Aluminum disks imprinted with the name of the Krewe and the theme of the parade.) Mo, who is 6’6”, lifted me onto his shoulders to get beads directly from the float. Upon completion of the raid he lifted me by my hips and set me down on my feet. His knowing smile told me he felt my boner pressing on the back of his bull neck and skull. He held the bag open for my bounty as the mob surrounded us. The people were at least ten deep and busy begging for beads so nobody noticed him cop a feel of my huge erection. His arm went over my shoulders and he spoke in my ear. “That was fucking awesome,” he said as he pulled me against his rock hard physique. I almost filled my briefs with cum. “Want to ride me again?” he asked. I was not beyond the double meaning. I saw Robert riding on the shoulders of Mo’s friend Jason collecting arms full of beads. Jason was almost as muscular as Mo, if that is possible. I may have been jealous but it looked like Robert was seducing young Jason. Without warning I was again lifted onto Mo’s broad shoulders to garner trinkets at a stopped Mardi Gras Parade float. This time, after I handed the beads to Robert, I was lifted down by two other guys (I forgot their names) that were with Mo and Jason. The front of my body slowly slid down Mo’s back and when my feet touched the curb, the two guys pressed against my back. I was not only surrounded by muscle, my hard cock was rubbing against Mo’s ass since Mo was standing on the street and I was standing on the curb. He turned to face me and we were cock to cock. I felt pre-cum wet my briefs. Mo’s smile dismissed his cohorts. “You did that on purpose!” I laughed. “Happy Mardi Gras,” Mo yelled. We were eye to eye and I knew he wanted to fuck me. I backed away because I was a committed man; committed to Robert for the last twenty years. After the parade Robert invited the group onto the property to use the bathroom. Imagine ten muscular men crowded into the living room of the garçonnière. They all knew what it was and explained that ladies of the night would come up the alley to service the young gentlemen. And that was how the conversation turned to sex. A small group left via the alley and then others drifted away until it was only Mo, Jason, Robert, and me talking, laughing, and drinking beer. Robert followed me into the kitchen and indicated that he wanted to spend the night with Jason. “Then taking Mo to bed would be okay for me?” I said to jolt him out of it. “Yes,” he said and walked out of the kitchen. Seconds later Mo walked in to inform me that the others went for a swim. “Naked or in briefs,” I joked. “Naked. We could get naked too but I don’t care to swim,” he said as he pulled his shirt sleeve back and flexed his arm. “What did you have in mind?” I said looking at the massive muscles. “What we both wanted when you asked for my business card,” he said as he moved closer. The next thing I knew I was naked in bed with Mo’s huge muscular body hovering over mine. He was huge and solid and built like a rock. He slowly pulled me into a kiss. Our kisses grew passionate as I pushed my tongue into his hot mouth. My arms embraced his thickly muscled back, as he lowered his body onto mine. A moan escaped his lips as he pulled our crotches together. I felt his huge cock press against mine and all I could think was that I needed him now. I slipped my hands down to his naked ass and let my fingers explore his tight crack until I found his hole and we kissed with renewed passion. We were breathing hard as our cocks began grinding into each other. He rotated his body into the 69 position, and I inhaled his musk. The weight of this hot man on top of me and the strong smells of his sweaty cock drove me crazy! I buried my face in his crotch and licked his big balls as he took me into his hot mouth. I felt his tongue roll around my shaft, hungrily sucking up my pre-cum. I licked from the tip of his shaft to the base, and then all around his balls again. The taste of this man was incredible! He turned and pushed my knees to my ears so my ass was spread wide, and I felt his hot manhood lightly probe my hole, and then slowly slide in deeper and deeper. I nearly had an orgasm as I felt his cock fill my ass. His cock was so huge but I knew my hole could take it. I felt him slide out until his cock head almost pulled free of my ass, and then he rammed back in again, and again, and again. His balls slapped hard against my ass, and his cock pressed deeply into me. Suddenly I felt his dick explode deep in my ass. He was out of control nearly lifting me up off the bed with each thrust. Then he fell onto me with his cock still buried to the hilt. His muscled body crushed me and he slid his arms around me. He rose to a kneeling position with me in his arms. He stood and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Each step he took across the room felt like another thrust and as he reached the bathroom door he had another orgasm. His whole body trembled and it felt like jolts of electricity were flowing into every muscle in my body. Uncontrollable flu-like shivers pulsed through my body as he stepped into the shower room. I felt hot enough to burst into flames as he pushed my back into a corner and began to fuck me again. My body felt like it was going to explode. I passed out. How many orgasms he had between then and when I woke up on the shower floor being humped is another mystery. It could have been one or one hundred for all I knew. The water was raining down on us as I worshipped his massive physique. I felt his cock expand and dump more cum into my body and I faded from reality once more. During the night I know I was fucked a few times but it could have been a dream. The whole thing could have been a dream. For all I knew Robert and I could have had a wild night even though we hadn’t done anything like that for almost ten years. When you get older it just stops working as well. I slept into the mid morning hours which I never do, not even on the weekends. I am usually wide awake by seven in the morning. Old habits die hard. Robert was beside me in bed sleeping as he normally did with his head buried in the covers. I turned and pressed my morning wood into his back. Morning wood was another thing that over the years had started to fade. I ran my hand down to his crotch and discovered his wood was just as healthy as mine. He rolled to his back and we kissed. He looked guilty and I told him my theory about our wild night of sex being caused by fantasies about our muscular guests. We both recalled the midnight swim in the buff but then to the best of our knowledge our guests went home after asking if they could come back for the rest of the parades that week. “But I watched Mo fuck you,” he protested. “That never happened as far as I recall. If that was the case I would be limping for a week,” I reasoned. They did come back for every parade including the endless truck parades on Mardi Gras Day. Robert and I drank more liquor than we had in years and we fell into bed in a stupor after our guests left. Yes there were dreams of the countless bodybuilders that Mo and Jason brought to the parades, Mo, Jason, Bill, Tom, Jim… and so many others all fucking me. At the endless parade parties we stuffed our bodies with the food and drink the bodybuilders brought. We provided the location and they provided everything else. Forty days later as the season of Lent ended Robert became concerned about his losing weight. His doctor told him he was healthier than he had ever been and that he should discontinue two of his medications. By summer we were living full time in New Orleans because our consulting obligations had been fulfilled. We began working out at the gym and our pudgy bodies began to transform. It was as if we were going through an age regression. As the next Mardi Gras approached we decided to have a costume party and show off our improved bodies by having Centurion costumes custom made. (See the picture above) I tried to call Morpheus Towing (Mo Godeaux proprietor) but the number was disconnected and/or no longer in service. Fortunately several of the party goers Mo and Jason introduced to us had been added to our circle of new friends and they organized a list of people to invite. Mo and Jason didn’t show up for our parties that next Mardi Gras and I began to wonder if they really were mythological gods that found us and fulfilled our dreams. Then as the last parade passed the New Orleans Sanitation Dept began to work its magic. After the parades end, an army of men and women dressed in safety-orange reflective vests and clutching plastic rakes takes to the streets, neutral grounds and sidewalks to pick up the vestiges of the party. Within three hours, nearly all of the refuse is cleared away. Except for the beads hanging from tree branches, power lines and traffic poles, the garbage disappears. Anywhere between 50 to 100 tons of trash which includes abandoned chairs, couches, food scraps, paper, plastic bags, foam cups, cigarette butts, beer cans, bottles and all the odds and ends synonymous with the city’s Carnival celebration is no longer on the streets. By daybreak any and all evidence of trash was gone but Mo and Jason were at our front door. Once inside Mo and Jason opened our cotton bath robes and ran their hands over our new and improved physiques. After hugs and dozens of questions about their whereabouts during Mardi Gras they wanted to know if we were ready to progress to the next level. I looked at Robert and he looked at me because another dream we had openly talked about and discussed in length was about to come true; foursomes with Mo and Jason.
  9. Mr. Gamboli I was at the gym in the town where I grew up and went to high school. While working out I heard a name I knew and that made me smile. Mr. Mike Gamboli was my math teacher for three straight years while in high school and he was the one that turned me and about ten other guys on to bodybuilding. Mr. Gamboli was pure Italian with olive skin and dark curly hair. Years ago he worked part time at this very gym and he started a program to encourage guys my age to stay fit for a lifetime. The program was designed for us to learn proper lifting technique, proper nutrition, and to learn our limits as well as safety. I think that all of us stayed with the program and continued to lift in college. I knew I would never join the pro bodybuilding ranks because I was built like a swimmer or basketball player. That didn’t mean I wasn’t buff and muscular, I just didn’t have the muscle size it takes to win contests. A few years ago Mr. Gamboli moved away and it is rumored that he doubled his salary in California… the Mecca of bodybuilding. Now he was returning to New Orleans for a bodybuilding contest and I had a ticket for the main show on Saturday. The business I had in my hometown was resolved so I headed to New Orleans mid week and when in New Orleans you eat, drink, and then drink some more until it is time to eat again. And when you need a coffee break how can you have French Market coffee without a plate of beignets (doughnuts) covered with powdered sugar. Then you go to supper and afterwards you have to go to Pat Obrien’s for a Hurricane (rum punch drink). You fall into bed and do the same thing again the next day. I was stumbling into the hotel around midnight planning to crash. I was waiting for an elevator when I heard my last name being called. I didn’t see anybody familiar and was about to step on the elevator when a hand clamped onto my shoulder. “Stevens?” “Mr. Gamboli?” “Looking good Stevens,” he replied as he looked me up and down. “Are you staying here in the hotel?” “Third floor,” I smiled. He held up his room key envelope. The number on the front was 321. “I’m in room 325.” I grinned. “I heard you are competing in the bodybuilding contest.” “Yep. Hey why don’t you come to my room and we’ll catch up over a beer… water for me,” he chuckled. “And call me Mike.” “As long as you call me Lenny and not Stevens,” I said. “Agreed,” he said as the elevator door opened. As we rode up together we traded information about our lives since high school all the way to the room. Do I have to remind you that a beer is just as acceptable at midnight as it is for breakfast if you are in New Orleans to party? I planned to sleep until noon anyway. Mike was teaching college now and I told him I was a CPA working in Memphis. I didn’t bother to tell him I just resigned from the firm to start my own business. Once in the door Mike immediately excused himself and ran into the bathroom. I drank some bottled water he handed me and sat on the sofa. “Hey Stev… Hey Lenny I need to jump in the shower. Be right out.” “Take your time,” I muttered. Five minutes later he came out drying his hair. “Holy fuck Mr. Gamboli!” I gulped. “What you never saw a naked man?” he laughed. “The name is Mike!” “Your body is ripped! Fuck yeah! Damn you are huge!” “Contest ready,” he corrected with a big grin. “How do you conceal the sausage?” I asked looking at his cock and balls. He had at least eight inches of soft man meat hanging between his legs. He stopped right in front of my knees making no attempt to cover up. “Um-mm M-Mike,” I stuttered. He tossed the towel and straddled my knees until we were practically cock to cock. “Young Lenny Stevens all grown up. What are you about 6’3” or so? I know you want to run your hand all over my body. Have you come out of the closet yet?” he asked. My mouth was dry and I drained the water. “I knew you were gay back when you were a sophomore,” Mike added. “M-Mike,” was all I could vocalize. A grunt of urgent lust escaped my lips when I looked down at his hardening Italian cock. I felt hot all over. My skin tingled and I wanted to rip off my clothes. “The first sign that the formula is working is sweat. It has a sweet odor,” he said as he lifted my shirt. I let him take it off. He opened the empty water bottle and started gathering sweat off my chest, arms, and face… anywhere he could reach. “W-what are you talking about,” I slurred. “The first dose has been dormant since the graduation party. Remember the glass of punch the guys at the gym club raised to those of you that graduated? That was my gift to all of you for participating. All of you have huge potential Stevens. Wait until you see yourself. Wait until you see what is in store for your physique.” My mind couldn’t comprehend what he meant. It was like a riddle. I was filled with lust for his muscles. I leaned into Mike’s chest and found one of his hard nipples with my tongue. I licked and chewed pausing only to attack the other nipple. My hands meanwhile were feeling and worshiping every inch of Mike’s hard physique. I heard the man begin to groan with pleasure. Occasionally he would start grunting when I got overly aggressive. “Yeah, man that’s right, that’s how to do it. Suck!” I saw that his cock had stretched to obscene proportions. I lowered my mouth to his twelve inch shaft and hungrily licked the pre-cum that was flowing like water. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I had succeeded in removing my shirt but Mike was sitting on my legs which felt like they could burst into flame at any second. I opened the zipper to relieve the pressure on my cock. It was so hard it hurt. I was beginning to lose consciousness when I felt his cock shoot in my mouth. I dreamed that I was being carried somewhere in Mike’s huge arms. I imagined being thrown into bed and being smothered by hard sweaty muscles. The next afternoon the maid found me still sleeping in the darkened room. Seeing me in bed she backed out of the room and slammed the door. That didn’t do anything for my throbbing headache. I felt like I was still drunk because I couldn’t balance. I knew I had a beer or two with Mr. Ga… Mike but beer doesn’t get me this drunk. I crawled to the bathroom to take a long piss. I began to wash my hands but couldn’t find soap so I flipped on the light and froze. The man in the mirror was a hulking 6’3” figure whose shoulders could nearly span the bathroom doorway. His physique bore little resemblance to the body that rented this room 30 hours earlier. He had a thick corded neck and muscle-knotted shoulders, massive square pecs and awesome flaring lats that were pushing his 24” arms away from his body. There were rock hard abs as flat as a board, serratus fingers on his ribs, and outstanding obliques that formed an Adonis belt around a tiny waist. There were huge 38” thighs and a cock that would make any porn star jealous. The heavy low hanging ball sack contained golf ball sized gonads and the soft uncut dick was at least six inches long. He was perfectly hairless from the neck down and a shock of dirty blond hair covered his head and hung to his shoulders. “What the fuck have you done with Leonard Stevens,” I asked my reflection. My voice was an octave lower and sounded so sexy it sent a chill though me. “Fuck, I like what I see,” I said as I began flexing. My cock rose to a length of ten inches and I stepped into the shower to stroke one out. That orgasm brought me to my knees in the tub. I licked the cum off the tile and then started the water to wash my stink away. Drying the new body I realized that none of my clothes would fit me. Digging through the suitcase I pulled out a 4X tank top and basketball shorts I use as workout clothes. I had shower sandals for my feet. I had to find a sports store to buy some sweats and clothes. Anything would look better that what I had on. Maybe I could find a big and tall store too. I called Mike’s room and pounded on the door but there was no answer. On the way downstairs to the parking garage I asked the maid to clean my room. I had to re-learn how to get in the car because my shoulders were so wide. People in the lobby were gawking at my pecs but I have to say the cleft between my pecs was awesome. I moved the seat back because my chest was too close to the steering wheel. I couldn’t see my back but it too felt very thick as I leaned into the seat. It was strange that my body didn’t fit. Returning to the hotel I was mistaken for a contestant. They seemed very disappointed they wouldn’t see me posing on stage almost naked. Mike never answered his phone or his door and I was beginning to think I imagined him being there in the hotel until I saw him on stage Saturday night. He did very well but wasn’t in the top ten in his weight class. I began to believe there was some politics going on when I saw a couple of the guys in the top ten. Mike had a better body than they did. After the winners were announced and knowing Mike was backstage I got a chair out of my room and sat in front of his door. I needed an explanation. “You’ve been avoiding me,” Mike said smiling broadly as he approached. I thought about getting violent and trouncing him. “No, I’ve been looking for you,” I said. Then I saw Mike scanning my body and he began hyperventilating. He went down on one knee and held onto the arm of the chair. He looked faint. I knew he needed food and probably water too. “Len,” he said as he lifted his head. “You are more beautiful than I remembered. You were so young and untouchable… Help me into the room.” Mike took a long hot shower and I helped him wash off the body makeup. Room service came with steak dinners a few minutes after were got out of the shower. As we ate Mike explained that the formula was a two step process. He also told me that the water bottle contained a double dose of his muscle growth formula. He planned to use that bottle of the formula to help win the contest because it would have temporally made him super buff as if he were super dehydrated. “You let me drink the whole thing,” I grinned. “You had almost drained the bottle and there was no use stopping you,” he said. “What happened after I passed out?” I asked. “Fortunately for you, nothing. Fucking you would have negated any muscle growth. It may have even killed you. Three days is what you needed to make the muscle growth permanent and that is why I disappeared on Thursday and Friday. I avoided you all day today. “And what happens after the three days is up?” I inquired. Mike stood and dropped the robe he was wearing. He sat across my knees facing me and began undressing me. “We fuck, and fuck, and fuck!” Mike growled. “The muscles are now permanent as is your cock. I’ve waited almost ten years to fuck you,” he said kissing me. “I can stay in New Orleans the whole summer,” he said as he led my naked body to bed. “And I can locate my new business anywhere in the country,” I added. He didn’t respond because he was too intent on kissing and lovemaking. It was days before I was able to fill Mike in on my plans to start a new business. As we flew to California Mike began talking about the other nine guys that were in the gym club. He said that he would offer each one of them the formula and that we might have to use our physiques as an example of what was possible. My cock hardened at the thought of my high school buddies Tom and Ed having a physique like mine. The possibilities seemed endless. Of course there were some negatives to taking the second dose of formula like having to explain the overnight explosion of muscles and a libido through the roof. Then there was being able to cum all night long. Also the aging process slowed down. That was why Mike moved to California. He explained that he only aged about one year for every ten. He thought it had something to do with the immune system since he never got sick; not even a cold. I sat back pondering the possibility of being a hundred years old and looking like I was thirty, muscular, and in the prime of my life. “Want to join the mile high club?” Mike whispered as they turned off most of the lights. I must have looked puzzled. “We could trade blowjobs,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “Why Mr. Gamboli!” I said as if shocked. “I’d love to…”
  10. New Years-The Countdown to Midnight The first person to enter your home after midnight foretells the kind of luck you’ll have in the coming year. A tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts is said to bring the best luck. - A quote from my mother. The countdown to midnight was about to begin. Paul slowly opened the plastic canister that contained the wine we ordered. The sampler arrived via special delivery on New Year’s Eve morning and we had been chilling it all day as instructed. We had ordered four wine samplers for the midnight toast instead of getting a bottle of Champagne. As he twisted open the lid there was a hiss and a mist surrounded him before it began to fill the room. I would have run for help but my feet were bolted to the floor by what I witnessed. First his body shivered; it was as if a chill ran up his spine. His arms doubled their muscularity and then tripled in size before they came into sharp focus and a huge vein rose on his biceps. Then his shirt bulged as massive pecs appeared. Threads were popping all over the place but that wasn’t what amazed me the most. Paul started growing taller and taller. He grew from 5′7” to 6′6” as his body morphed into perfectly proportioned muscularity. Then the cloud overtook me and I inhaled the musk-like mist. It was man odor mixed with leather and coconut oil and fresh cut lumber. It was new mowed grass, pine woods, and salt air with an undertone of perspiration from a hard gym workout and the pheromones of sexual excitement. My spine shivered and my cock grew hard in my briefs. Internally I heard bones creaking and cracking and my physique begin to expand with incredible speed. I was growing taller as my pecs exploded on my chest. Like Paul, my arms were in the twenty four inch range yet my belly was tiny and remained as flat as a cliff. My back and lats were getting massive. I shoved down my shorts and they caught on my thirty six inch thighs but at least my cock and balls were free. Judging by what I felt on my thigh, I think my cock doubled in length; in fact both my fists couldn’t cover the length of my shaft. Paul stumbled toward me and began ripping off my clothes. I followed his lead and ripped his clothes away also. Crashing together we kissed and hugged. We had been gym rats for several years but always retained swimmer physiques no matter what routines we used or what supplements we took. It was as if all our years of hard work had been applied to our bodies in just a few moments. “Happy New Year!” we both said in unison as the New Years Eve fireworks began to explode in the sky. Paul stood behind me with his arms wrapped around me. His hands roamed over my chest and abs and occasionally he stroked my cock causing pre-cum to erupt. Then as the fireworks finally approached his cock breeched my ass and he began to thrust. The fireworks going on outside in the harbor couldn’t hold a candle to what was going on inside our condominium on the 26th floor. It was as if a fireworks display ten times as intense as what we were watching was going on inside me. As Paul’s cum filled me, a river of my seed was splattering against the window. It was my turn to explore his body. I led Paul to the bed where we kissed. I turned down the bed and Paul slid in pulling me on top of his massive physique. Chest to chest we kissed as his hands explored and caressed. As my hard shaft touched his hole, spurts of pre-cum lubricated the pucker. Thrusting I entered his hot ass and pre-cum was firing anytime there was the slightest resistance. Paul moaned as my balls touched him. His fingers pulled me closer for a kiss filled with so much passion I thought I would burst. “Fuck me,” Paul whispered and I did. How long was inconsequential but as our mutual orgasms exploded I saw fireworks that put the New Years display to shame. They may have been in my head but then Paul touched my cheek. His eyes searched mine. “Fireworks,” he said. “I saw fireworks as we made love,” he groaned and pulled me hard against him. “I did too my love,” I whispered in his ear. They say that the love and joy you feel as the New Years begins is a precursor of the year to come. The best love is the kind of love that awakens the soul. That pure love makes us reach for more and in turn ignites a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That is what I hope we have forever. Come to think of it the first person to enter my ass after midnight was Paul. I hope that foretells the kind of luck we’ll have in the coming year. After all he is a tall, dark, handsome male bearing gifts.
  11. Christmas Eve and the Night After I stumbled in from the Christmas party barely alive… actually the hangover was so bad I wished I was dead. I had been deposited in front of my building by my so called friends; those same friends that fed me those extra strong drinks at the office party. Those same friends who were supposed to get me home took me to an after party at their friend’s house. It was a great party but unbeknownst to me they were spiking my cokes. They knew I wanted to be home by midnight to put out milk and cookies for Santa–well actually he prefers eggnog and chocolate cake. I know because he told me so himself seven years ago when I met him. Yeah, yeah I know, fourteen year old kids aren’t supposed to believe in Santa but I did. He wasn’t what I expected. He doesn’t look anything like the roly-poly pictures depicting him. In fact he is young, handsome, and muscular. Think about hauling millions of toys into houses. So I have this standing appointment to meet Santa at midnight every year on Christmas Eve. Last year Santa promised something special for this Christmas. He pointed out that I would be twenty one and that I would learn the true meaning of giving and receiving. What actually happened was that by midnight I was passed out on the floor of a bathroom and didn’t wake up until the sun was high in the sky on Christmas morning. Entering my apartment I saw that there was nothing under the tree. I felt even worse that I stood Santa up. Maybe he was pissed since he didn’t leave anything for me. I went into the kitchen for water to hydrate and when I opened the refrigerator the container of eggnog was half empty and the cake was cut. “So you were here!” I said to the open refrigerator. “It was a wild night,” I heard from behind me. I whipped around and stopped in my tracks. I didn’t know the guy sitting on the stairs drinking eggnog. “Who are you? How did you get in here? What are you doing here?” ”Elf Adam. I came with Santa. Waiting for you,” he answered. “I missed him,” I sighed as I plopped in a chair. I wanted to cry but sobbing would make my head hurt worse. Adam stood and tossed a pill down my throat before he placed an oxygen mask on my face. He told me to breathe deeply. I knew the only thing that would cure me was time and sleep. “This isn’t oxygen. This is a real cure,” Adam chuckled. “Fezeaejh anta mmmsoey” I spoke into the mask. He pulled off the face mask. “Tell Santa I’m sorry when you see him,” I said to Adam. “Tell him yourself.” “Should I write him a letter?” “No, when he finished the toy run he came back here instead of going home. He knew what your friends were doing so they are on the naughty list.” “So I missed him twice?” I said as I slumped back in the chair. “Not really. He is sleeping upstairs waiting for you,” Adam said calmly. “What!” I jumped up and realized that my head didn’t hurt. I ran up the stairs and burst into my room. He held up the covers and I crawled into bed with him. By the time the blankets touched my body I was naked. That had to be Santa magic. “Sorry…” I began. He put his finger to my lips. “You could have taken a cab home,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “Time for your 21st birthday Christmas present.” Then up in the bedroom there arose such a clatter! Adam ran up the stairs to see what was the matter. He stood at the door with a smile on his face and walked to the bed at a very slow pace. Santa was huffing and puffing and ready to cum when Adam approached and asked Santa to save him some. Elf Adam quickly joined us in bed who knew that Elf could give such great head. His eyes–how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose, lips, and tongue worked over my cherry! His droll little mouth was drawn up for a kiss, and the red of his lips begged to give me great bliss. He had a broad muscular chest and a flat little belly, that flexed when he thrust, to deliver cock jelly. Santa thrust and he thrust over and over again and started cursing and swearing with bad words like darn, and spit, and oh gosh cazan. He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled my ass full, then turned with a jerk. And wiping the sweat from his face and his nose, giving a nod to Adam, up from the bed he arose. Once on his feet he was so lively and quick, I confirmed in a moment that St. Nick had a huge dick. Adam will train you until I return In a month maybe two to test what you’ve learned. More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name: “Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!” Merry Christmas everybody!
  12. The Day After Christmas I’m not exactly young. I’m 36 with blond hair and blue eyes, 6 feet tall and a muscular defined body. I don’t have a bodybuilder physique but I wish I did. Anyway I was in my home waiting for a stud I met to come over. We met at the wedding of a mutual friend. He knew the bride and I knew the groom. He was coming in to the wedding reception as I was leaving to attend a family Christmas gathering. We were introduced and we toasted the happy couple. I lingered and we agreed to get together for a drink. Naturally we exchanged phone numbers. Brad was a true hunk of a man, around 40 but looking ten years younger, more than 6’6” tall and about 280 pounds of rock hard muscles with a chestnut hair and intense green eyes. The day after Christmas I opened the door and the massive man looked me up and down. Without a word he took my hand and placed it on his massive bulge never breaking eye contact. He continued staring at me until I looked down in submission. With one hand on my chest he moved me back and entered my home. I locked the door and he replaced my hand on his cock. I cautiously explored his crotch with both my hands as his cock continued getting bigger and harder. His fingers opened the buttons of his dress shirt revealing his huge buff body. In a trance I undressed myself following his lead. I couldn’t believe how his huge dick was stretching the silky white underwear until it was like a second skin around his shaft. He dropped his shirt and pants very quickly and then slowly lowered his underwear to his knees. My jaw dropped; I never saw such a massive cock. It was very long, uncut, and very thick. He held my shoulders as he invaded my personal space telling me he was completely turned on by my physique, handsome face, and blue eyes. In a trance I led him directly to my bedroom bypassing the food and liquor I had set out to entertain and seduce him. He turned down the bed and smiled. We wrestled in the dark, kissing, exploring, and jousting for dominance. Eventually he immobilized me on the bed face down. I never had a chance. He pinned me and lowered his whole body on top of mine. He was so heavy I could barely breathe. With one hand he put a glob of K-Y in my ass crack even though I was already well lubricated inside. I had cleaned out and lubed up inside anticipating being fucked but not minutes after he arrived. There was no foreplay with Brad unless you count the wrestling. I was trying to slow him down but it was like standing on the tracks trying to stop a freight train with one hand that was traveling at full speed. He began teasing my ass with his fingers, and then he placed the head of his pole in my crack and begun pressing it against my butt hole. I already understood that resistance was futile and tried to relax my hole as much as I could. I began begging him to enter slowly so I could adapt to that monster cock, but once the head was in he shoved what felt like the rest of his cock in without pausing. He groaned in my ear. I was paralyzed by the pain but he told me to relax and to breathe. He told me to trust him because he knew how to use his weapon. I don’t know if he penetrated me fully on that initial entry. My guess was no because he pulled his cock out slowly leaving just the head inside and then plunged in deeper. He pulled back, added lube, and then pushed back in again slowly and carefully. His lips whispered in my ear as his chest weighed down my back. With each thrust he was nailing me to the bed. All I wanted to do was breathe better but in trying to move I arched my back more so that my butt was more easily fucked. The end result of my move was that I made it easier for his huge cock to go deeper in me. He was truly hung like a horse and he was taking great pleasure shoving his cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. He was kissing and biting my neck and I could tell that it was a big turn on for him feeling me writhe under him. Inch by inch he penetrated me deeper and deeper with each thrust. We were both sweating heavily from the lovemaking and I was intoxicated by his musky odor. This was nothing but pure sexual lust. I thought that he was fully inside me when he suddenly lifted his chest and pressed with both hands on my back. I lifted my butt even more and he pressed his cock in even deeper until finally his ball sack was slapping my butt. He lowered his chest to my back again and wrapped his huge arms around me. I was in heaven. I was moaning with pleasure while he was sucking my ears and licking my neck. He slammed his cock into my ass repeatedly until I thought he was going to cum. Then he pulled out and he flipped me onto my back. Half his cock was back in me before his big hands closed around my ankles. He spread my legs wide telling me that he wanted to control me completely as his cock was again going in balls deep. He brought my legs together and then, with the back of my thighs imprisoned between us, he pressed his huge body against mine passing my legs over his broad shoulders. By pressing my knees close to my shoulders my hole was in the best possible position to be fully penetrated. He was pinning my body to the bed with his broad shoulders and huge hard chest and at the same time he was thrusting his dick inside me by just moving his hips. Faster and faster he thrust in and out massaging my prostate with each stoke until I was about to cum. But I didn’t. Then I realized I was being edged. He knew full well what he was doing and how to make my pleasure unbearable. With each urge to climax he would change tactics. I was so lost in lust I didn’t know he was doing it. I was clawing his back begging him to fuck me deeper and then he paused and smiled. I began pulling on his butt to get his pole thrusting back inside me. “Want more?” He knew the answer. He knelt up between my legs with his hands again imprisoning my ankles and his dick still in my ass. He grinned and began massaging my prostate from inside with little flexes of his shaft. Then he began thrusting rapidly in and out but never fully out. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as my orgasm built. He continued until I could take no more and the cum damn burst without anyone even touching my cock. I never had an orgasm that intense. My over stimulated prostate was pumping loads of cum over my head and onto my body while my ass muscles were constricting around his dick. My ass was milking his huge cock driving him completely wild and I sensed his shaft becoming even harder and thicker. I could almost feel the flood of his cum traveling up his shaft then pumping into my body. His back arched and he roared. His climax seemed to last forever. I really thought his supply of cum was endless. Then he began to relax. He looked down at me and his sweaty body crushed me as we embraced. His cock, which was still inside me, pulsed with an aftershock. I awoke an hour later spooned with my back against his chest and his gigantic arm around me. I felt his hard cock pressing into my ass crack. I moaned and kissed his massive bicep. “That was just a small sample of what my cock can do,” he whispered. “I could fuck your perfect ass all night long. Are you ready for some serious fucking?” he said with a chuckle. “Will I live?” I teased. “From now on you’ll live like you never lived before,” he said forcefully. “This ass is mine from this moment on.” “Yes Sir,” I said as I wiggled my ass against his cock. His arm tightened around me and his body trembled. Over the years Brad has been a man of his word and I’ve never regretted letting him into my life. This is a special time of year for us since we first met at that wedding the Saturday before Christmas. No matter what the season just knowing he is on his way home still makes me super horny, but when holiday decorations appear and Christmas carols fill the air when he takes me in his arms it is magical. Yes we participate in gatherings with friends and family but sometimes our eyes meet in a crowded room and waves of lust will wash over me. I feel as though somebody was about to be tossed on the table and worked over, then Brad would smile and I knew it was time to say good night to the host. It was time to go home and celebrate.
  13. DAC


    The wristband “The wristband?” he smiled when I asked its meaning. “A local Veteran in need of a special wheel chair. They ask ten bucks but I gave them $100. They gave me ten to pass out. Would you like one?” “I’d buy it,” I offered just to keep him talking. He muttered something about paying big time. “Thanks for helping. Would you mind coming to my place to get the wrist band?” “I have the time. Point the way,” I grinned. Twelve hours later when I rolled on top of him telling him I had to go home and get some sleep, he fondled my cock and balls where he had placed the wristband that he had heated and shrunk down turning it into a very lose fitting cock ring. I didn’t need a ring to keep me hard but he thought it looked sexy. Two hours later after more wonderful sex I left his place with a band of support around my wrist and another around my cock. He made an additional large donation in my name when I promised to come back the next weekend.
  14. Dominating Sven Sven was a handsome Swede with bright blond hair and a muscular body made me weak in the knees. Wherever he went heads turned. First they saw how tall Sven was and then they marveled at how handsome he was. The next reaction was either intense excitement or total revulsion, there was no in between. Those that were excited threw themselves at his feet. Those that felt revulsion couldn’t fathom why anyone would want that much muscle. The latter of the groups were the same people that loved Michelangelo’s muscular men—go figure. I guess they saw the drawings as great art! I fall into the first category. I saw his thickly muscled arms and his massively built chest and I was ready to offer to worship his body. I wouldn’t have expected him to notice me in the sea of people but as he worked the stage he stopped and looked directly at me. A look of shock crossed his face and then he recovered. Hands were reaching up and tucking dollar bills into his posing suit after they touched him or ran a hand over his body. While still making eye contact he flexed his biceps and rolled his hips as he pivoted toward the men behind him. My hands hung at my sides and the five dollar bill I had in my fingers seemed so inadequate for the privilege of touching that 6’8” 370 pounds of raw muscular perfection. He did a quarter turn so I saw him in profile. My jaw dropped. His lovely assistants were stuffing bills into cloth bags almost as fast as it gathered in the skimpy posing suit. The bouncers were doing their best to keep the crowd orderly and a big burley guy in black suggested to the guys in front that they move to give other guys a chance. I moved closer to the stage. Sven did another quarter turn and did a most muscular at me. He straightened, walked right up to me, and knelt on the stage before me. I looked up and up and up before I saw him smiling down at me. He took my left hand by the wrist and he ran my hand down his body. He grabbed the hand holding the money and stuffed that hand deep inside his pouch right next to his cock. My knuckles dragged against his shaft when I released the bill. He snapped his fingers and a gold colored doubloon was handed to him. He kissed the coin and slipped the coin deep into my briefs until it nested against the base of my erection. Several people around me gasped as they pawed his body. Sven turned and strutted toward the next nest of worshippers. Nobody noticed when my knees buckled and I slumped to the floor. I knelt there sitting on my heels as the crowd surged all around me toward the huge bodybuilder on stage. My hands were numb and my mind was blown. I felt my body being lifted by one of the bouncers in black. He dragged me to the back of the room and sat me in a chair before he shoved a bottle of water at me. He saw something he didn’t like up by the stage and I saw him tap a patron on the shoulder. He spoke in the guy’s ear intimidating him into good behavior. I stood and walked toward the exit where it was cooler. From there I could see Sven strutting and performing his seductive moves on the stage. His two twinks were snatching bills from the floor as well as from his person. Some patrons handed him handkerchiefs with money attached so he could hand back some muscle sweat. I dug in my pants and pulled out the souvenir aluminum coin not knowing what it meant. I pulled the string-like cord out and hung the coin around my neck. I had come to my first muscle worship show and now I could go home and return to being the alpha male in my circle. I had not only met a fellow alpha I had my muscle worship fantasy fulfilled (and exceeded) by the biggest and the best muscle giant in the world. The instant I walked out into the cool night air a bouncer guided me to the back of the building. I thought I had done something wrong and began to go all alpha on him until I found myself standing before Sven who was now dressed in sweats. He smiled at me and shook my hand. “You are fucking beautiful,” Sven said with awe in his voice. “Would you do me the honor sir?” he asked with respect for me, the superior alpha. I pulled him closer and ran my thumb over his lips and he fully submitted to me before he led me to his limousine. “You posted a picture of yourself on ALPHA.com the other night in front of some treadmills and I’ve been having these fantasies…” “Really,” I said flatly as the doors closed. “You… dominated me and fucked me… repeatedly,” he said like a submissive beta. I sat there and smiled as we drove toward his place. I grabbed his chin and there was shock and awe in his eyes. “So you are prepared to submit to me?” “Yes sir,” he whimpered. I pressed my lips to his giving him one of the most passionate kisses he had ever experienced and he melted into the seat. “You better not cum,” I growled. He groaned and crossed his legs to prevent his orgasm. He sat there stunned, almost like a deer in headlights. “Sven, from the moment I saw you I knew I had to have you,” I whispered seductively into his ear. “Have me,” he repeated robotically. “We can’t… not here.” “No not here. When I take you you’ll be naked. I’ll be the one removing every stitch of clothing. I’ll be the one washing your body in the shower.” He moaned and was about to say something but I shut him up with another mind numbing kiss, the kind that makes your knees go weak and your resolve disappear. The power I felt in his arms was incredible, but the sheer force of my personality was enough to make even a muscleman forget how easily he could overpower me with sheer physical force. “You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen, and I want you to know you are a fantasy come true,” he said softly when we pulled apart. I couldn’t believe this was happening. The muscle stud was a total bottom boy. I knew exactly what to say and when to say it. I have dealt with bottom boys for years but this was no ordinary beta boy. I knew he was more than a receptacle for my seed. I knew he could fulfill my secret desire to worship his colossal muscles. The limo stopped and the driver was coming around to open the door. “Sven, have you ever been taken hard, I mean really hard and totally ravished by someone like me?” All he could do was whisper, “N-no, never.” The door opened and he deferred and let me exit first. I knew he had to adjust his super hard cock. As we walked toward his apartment he held a jacket in front of his bulge. “Turn around, Sven,” I said softly as we entered his place. “Face away from me and lean against the wall with your hands,” I ordered. He offered no resistance as I lifted his sweatshirt over his head. I left it at his wrists like a pair of handcuffs. “W-what are you going to do to me,” he stammered, while trying to look back over his shoulder. “You’ll find out in a minute. Look straight ahead,” I demanded with a light slap to the side of his head. I could hear him breathing hard in anticipation. I couldn’t let him know how intimidated I was by the massive physique I was about to worship. I knew he had recently competed in a bodybuilding contest and he was still shredded. I ran my hands around him and tweaked his nipples. “Oh sir,” he groaned at what was happening as well as the prospect of what was about to happen. “Are you ready, Sven,” I asked quietly as I pressed my body against his back. “R-ready for what,” he gasped. “You still haven’t told me what you want with me?” “Sven, Sven, Sven, you disappoint me, didn’t you know what I meant when I said I was going to take you?” “I’m not sure,” he said weakly. “Please tell me sir.” I remembered how he almost orgasmed when I described what I was going to do to him when we were alone. “Let me get this straight, you’re not sure what my motives are, is that right?” “T-that’s correct sir. Please sir, be more specific.” I knew he wanted me to go into great detail about how I was going to use his body but I didn’t have time for that. “Is this more specific,” I whispered as I rubbed my hard cock against his ass crack and my hands found his hard dick. “Don’t you dare cum!” I growled. His body was trembling uncontrollably and there was a huge spot of pre-cum on his pants. “I promised to strip you naked,” I said and with a quick jerk I pulled his sweat pants and jock down around his ankles leaving his hand and feet cuffed, almost totally naked, and vulnerable. I ran my fingers between his muscular buns and felt the nub of a butt plug. “Well, well, well, it seems you knew what I wanted all along. Is that lube leaking out around the plug?” I began fucking his ass with the butt plug. “Oh, fuuuccckkk,” he moaned. “Please sir k-keep doing that, it feels so good.” “This,” I said incredulously as I tossed the plug aside. “That’s nothing, feel this,” and with a hard shove, I rammed my entire cock deep inside of his well lubed hole. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah,” he groaned. “F-f-fuck me harder, ohhhhhhh that feels so good, I’ve never…” “You’ve never what,” I asked softly. “I’ve never had a dick like yours before,” he said while panting hard. “I’ve never felt so full before, so full of cock, and so hard and thick. Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please sir, I think I’m gonna cum, sir. F-fuck me harder.” “You’ll cum when I tell you to cum,” I snarled. I began ramming my erection in and out like piston, hard and fast without missing a beat. Of course my orgasm was going to be one for the ages but I knew he was losing control when his ass started to clamp down on my shaft. “Cum,” I barked in his ear. I grabbed his cock and stroked him once before cupping my hand to catch his jizz. “Siiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr!” he yelled as his ass clamped down on my cock now buried deep in his ass. That was all it took for me to start blasting his guts with my cum. As my cock started to soften and pull out he fell on his knees. I pulled his head up by his hair and planted another passionate kiss on his lips. I pulled the shirt from his arms and ordered him to get in bed. I stepped on his sweatpants and he pulled his feet free. He practically dove into bed. I knelt between his legs and began running my hands over his massive physique. My cock responded and I fucked him missionary style, doggie style, and in every position I knew. We slept briefly and then we showered together. I teased him mercilessly before I allowed him to start washing my body. He complimented my physique even though he was twice as muscular as I am. His cock was hard and throbbing as he washed my cock and balls. “I was wondering if I had the chance to have this monster cock everyday if I could take it,” he said as I touched his body with my shaft. “After my third, or was it my fourth orgasm… as my last orgasm plowed through me, I knew the answer. You just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there,” he promised. Cum was still running out of his ass as I plunged my hard cock in one final time before midnight; right there in the shower. I had my way with him again during night and in the morning I fucked the hungry bottom boy again before I dressed to leave. He knelt before me still naked and handed me a business card. “Please come back,” he begged. “We’ll see,” I said as I looked down at him. Then I simply walked out and stepped into the waiting taxi.
  15. CHARLES WELLINGTON PARKER III I was the guest on the thousand acre estate of Charles Wellington Parker III. The manor house had twenty five rooms and Charles lived there alone, except for the maids and cooks. We had been friends as little kids and then we met again after college. It was as if we had never lost contact. You see my mother worked for his family when I was small and we lived in a tiny cottage on the property. Then we moved away when my dad was transferred. They were still extremely wealthy and I was still middle class poor because of college debts. I accepted an invitation to stay the weekend and after a wonderful meal and stimulating conversation I retired. I checked my email, stripped, and was just about to crawl into bed when there was a knock on the door. “Is there anything you need?” Charles asked when I opened the door a crack. “You can’t ring for anyone because the staff and cook have gone for the night. Everybody who works here lives in town.” “There aren’t any bath towels. I’m wearing the only towel in the bathroom.” I told him. I swung the door open to show him what I meant. “Impossible!” he said as he got an eyeful of my huge physique. He charged past me and I heard him laughing in the bathroom. “Daniel,” he called to me. He stood before what I thought was just a mirror and behind the mirror was a linen closet. Not only were there towels but there were also robes and extra sheets. I grabbed a terrycloth robe and returned to the bedroom. Charles had his shirt and shoes off and was opening his belt. Damn he was buff. His pants fell around his ankles and he was naked. His soft cock was six inches long and his balls hung low and looked full. I couldn’t seem to tie a knot with the robe’s belt. He pushed the robe off my shoulders and pressed his naked body to mine. “Don’t think badly of me,” he whispered. He pulled away and looked like he was going to run. I grabbed him and pulled him against my body. “I’ve known you for eighteen years and I wanted you to do this the first day I met you again after college,” I said as I hugged him tightly. “Stay with me tonight?” I asked as I looked in his eyes. He threw his arms around me. “No,” he said and I was crestfallen. “That bed is too small, so you have to stay with me in my room.” “Charlie you are such an asshole!” I said before I kissed him. Maybe my bed was too small to sleep in but it was perfect for fucking. Two hours later we climbed into his king size bed and snuggled up to get some sleep.
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