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  1. you are a special man because you were born small, so small that you look like a bug, you are not the only one in this world because people like you are called minuses, and all minuses have the same thing in common, they are as small as a bug but they have the capacity not to die because their body is designed to be crushed, flattened etc even if it hurts them, it reform and cannot be dead or cut from blood. at the age of 18 is when have become alone, the state sent a man to help you in life, he calls him the help to the minus, are role and to help the minus in all the day because the minus does not have a house or a bed made to measure so the help and to help the minus go to his bed but also for all other tasks, normally the help is 24/24 with the minus even in the toilet, help can sleep in the minus bed with him, it all depends on what you planned. to have the right to this assistance he makes fill a request but also you could choose in a catagolgue your assistance. you are called quentin, you had a fetish on the muscular man more particularly on their biceps, you had therefore the conditions to have a help, you go on the web site to make the request with evil but the site was well designed because you just needed to type on the keyboard, the site says "to get help that suits you we need you to answer some questions" first question "should your helper be?" choice1: kind is attentive to you choice2: listening option3: brutal, dominant, who can be mean to you and can hurt you. you were surprised that he offers the choice 3 puts you like the idea of having a man who takes himself for a god and you a little insignificant thing and that he can even hurt you so you press the 3. then the site offers some man you can choose with that description you choose the three too, his name is david, he is very muscular, he cares more about these muscles than anything else, he likes to do a lot of bodybuilding does not know the shower, has armpits full of hair, very domineering, love to grind things in it's mega biceps and other muscles
  2. they are all close together so that you feel their warmth and their muscle, you had the impression of being in an oven with little compressed space even if it does not touch you then the footballer in front of you in uniform this returns and leaves puts turning around he put a good blow on your shoulder pad, which propels you against the footballer behind you, you hit your back of the head to something hard, you think at the beginning that you is known on the shoulder pad, you still turn around with pain in the back of your head to apologize to the footballer for hitting him even if you were not at fault but once returning you were speechless because the footballer was all naked what shocks you the most was these 8 pack (abs) well defined is its huge pectoral which should be very hard because it is on one of these pecs that you bumped you, pecs was so huge that the crack between was tightening up and looked like 2 huge bowling ball, you didn't have time to r act that the footballer puts these arms around your head is made a hug what happens these that your head sinks into the pecs of this footballer then he continues to squeeze a little which increases the pain behind your head then he stops the hug when he has to withdraw his arms he starts to laugh because your head was going to block between these pecs, you were now by these pecs and the footballer decides to make these pecs dance which was horrible for you because it was as if they had slap you with very hard steel walls, then the footballer stops he catches you and knocks you out of these pecs, you come face to face with the quaterback principle and he says to you "is good, I see that you like it, tell me what do you like "show you the bump on your pentalon because your penis was in error. you were all red already due to the slap of the pecs but also because the quaterback saw that you were in error but you want to hide nothing, you say to him "I like the muscles, I like the uniform, I also like gossip about you at the suggestion of what you do to the waterboy " the quaterback gives you a big smile and says "so you all like what we are, then the quaterback strikes a pose (flex the right biceps with all these strength) you were in ecstasy as in an alarm clock because he had huge biceps bigger than a human head and the crack between the forearm and the biceps just disappeared, the quaterback laughs because it bulges you it tells you "touch me this biceps" you approach it is this leans for that you reach his biceps, you try to own your hand but the biceps was huge because you could not even go around the top of the ball so you take you is two hand is try to press to touch but you were just in pain in your hand because the ball was hard as if you touch an enormous smooth stone you say "oh my god" then the quaterback you in the arm and you say "put your hand in the crack I will show you the strength of this biceps "you were scared and excited at the same time but felt that it forced you you put your hand in the crack with the pa ume against what seems to be the biceps then he smiles at you and says "ah, yes, you do not lie, I see that you like" then with a quick gesture he flexes the biceps with all these force, you scream because your hand was grind to pieces I even see your hand between the biceps so tight it was then tighten then some second after the quaterback releases the pressure and admires your hand in crumb while he laughs then he stops laughing and you hear all the footballer make a big "OHH" because he sees your hand this reformed well on you hurt until your hand returned normal. after that the quaterback says "well, guys enough to play we have to finish dressing" the quaterback looks at you says "you're going to help ben to put on his uniform" he points to a tall naked man near a chair or the uniform was posed, you notice his huge buttock which was 2 huge demolition ball, you approach ben and you tell him "the quaterback told me to help you get dressed" then ben says to you "ok thank you put you "he places you in front of that chair and he was in front of you so you were between the chair and well but well you turned your back which allows you to see up close his huge muscular ass in heat with in the center a crack filled with hair like a huge forest that hides the interior, you turn around and take the pentalon you approach ben and say "lift a leg" you bend down to put the pentalon on him but in this position you had your face against the crack and he smells hot sweat with fart residue, then he lowers his leg and does the same thing on the other leg, you climb the pentalon but you get stuck at the buttocks, it was so huge that it does not fit in the pentalon, you pull with all your strength then a moment you arrive, the pentalon was in place and it was very tight close to crack but the pentalon fesais resort its huge ass of god, you were tired and but there is the top to put you take the shoulder pad and the t-shirt that was already set for you it was a tent then you climb on the chair and you say "well you can back up" well this backwards which allows you to be at the right height you help him to put the top more easily than the bottom then as you were breathless from the action before, you sit on ben's chair. suddenly you see a shadow close to you, looking in front of you you see ben bend over to sit on the chair, he had not seen you but alas too late he was sitting on top of you was understood under these buttocks you scream in pain put like your face was against the skin of ben no one hears you because you feel that you were crushed and grind then ben says "hum my chair and much more comfortable than usual" and he leans a all small from left has right for well put it sit
  3. your name is quentin, you are 21 years old and lived alone because you were a super rich corpulent orphan, you also had the gift of not dying even if you were crushed, you suffer normally without losing blood or losing consciousness, you were in a special school that was not giving, but given your wealth you could go there because in this rich school he had a football team like no other, he was all bully is all muscular but each athlete was muscular with certain part of the body more developed than other, for example the footballer who had to run are much more muscular of the thigh is of the knuckles, the footballer who tackle are much more muscular of the pecs is shoulder, the footballer who throws the ball are much the more muscular the biceps is the forearm, the footballers who serve as defense (which makes this tackle) are much more muscular of the buttocks. and you had a kiff for the muscular man and for the football uniform. the school also welcomes a person who has no money but the only way to get in and be the team's waterboy, unfortunately this simple task (to help footballers get dressed and undress, bring the napkins back to the footballer and finally give them a drink on the pitch, participated in the meeting in uniform) is not easy because the footballers are naughty with the waterboy because he humiliates them with their smell but also he has fun with them hurt see very badly and everyone is afraid of them, so no lawsuit is against them, once they send a waterboy to the emergency because he amused himself with the tackle very hard and dangerous while the footballer was in their uniform with their protection and the waterboy has no protection, he just wears a shirt with the name of the team, other rmeur says that once he tied the waterboy to the bench so that footballers sit on his face to make him feel their swamp ass and their fart, other rumor also says that he has fun using their muscle on the body of the waterboy to show their strength and how they are . As a result, the recor for a waterboy is 3 days after these 3 days the waterboy resigns and therefore leaves school. but you would like it to be true is that he does it to you so you make an appointment with the coach because it is he who hires the waterboy. arrive in front of the coach you say "hello, I would like to be the next waterboy" the coach looks at you then he says "well, but I see that you are already registered with us, you know that being the waterboy is difficult, why I must take you "you can fuck your head is said" you like the uniform is the atlhete, you like the rumor and you want it to happen to you in addition, I can not die so I will not leave as the other waterboys but since I don't need the subsidy I offer it to a poor man and I just take this place, and in addition I come to a huge mansion so I could welcome footballers in their uniforms without him being tighten "the coach laughs is it" ok I see well you will not be disappointed, ok I give you the job come I'll show you where you go work is the team " you get up and go to the locker room when you arrive you already notice all the footballers it was behemoths, some were naked and others in uniform near for a match already naked they are mega but with their uniform they are more broom, you even remake certain with huge steel ass with two demolition ball instead of cheeks, and what surprised you are the nasty smile of the players when he sees you then the coach calls them he puts them all in a circle around you and the coach then the coach says "here is the gas, your new waterboy and he says he likes your rumor and that he can't die" you hear a big OHHH from all the players then a footballer with huge biceps you holds out his hand says "delighted, I'm the main quaterback" you grab his hand puts the quaterback squeezes your hand tight to see you clench your teeth and feel your hand grind it then it relaxes and the coach says "I leave you els gas have fun, the coach leaves and you're retro uve alone in the center with all these footballers around you
  4. chapter 2: the solution you were swimming because you didn't know what to say to him, but what did it take you to say that, what will he think of you, you must find another solution, but you find nothing so you say "forget it is a mistake" jeremy looks at you with an angry look and tells you "now that you said you can't back down anymore" he crosses his arms which makes him more badass because these muscles come out, you were drooling then some second then you take your mind back and you had no choice "Okay, I'll say it, you want to crush a skull or something that is as realistic" he answers "yes" you tell him "well I a proposal is it even allows you to do something else like 2 videos, you crush a real person living with all their bodies and not only their head to show what happens when you do not control yourself or do it on purpose then you can make a second video or you do like your video with the trunk but instead of the trunk of the tablet a human body, if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking to you about transforming into a small ball or a small disc like the once you have taken a large chest and you hold it several times until to the size of a small weight "he crosses his arms and says" I would like to make these two videos, but I don't want to kill someone, even if he is condemned to die " you start to blush, but you throw yourself "I'm not talking about killing someone, I'm talking about doing it on me because as you know I can't die even if I'm going to suffer" jeremy smiles a huge smile, he sees that you're going to tell your secret about him, but he's going to help you, because he says "you're sure you want to do it, you're going to be very hurt especially for the second video" you keep blushing and you throw yourself "i am fan of muscular men and I have always loved you and I would like you to dominate me, that you crush me I even dream of it, that you crush my head in the crack between the biceps and the forearm with a sag that you make me bearhug to your ultimate strength, find myself wedged between your huge thighs and also be crushed under your buttocks " jeremy is delighted that you finally admit, because he tells you "you took a long time" you look him in the eye, because you did not understand "took a long time" and jeremy tells you "i know since that you are a child that you like my muscles, but I wanted it to be you who take the first step, in your opinion why you live with me and why you are the only one who can see me all the time, but now that you say it i'm not going to be nice to you anymore i'll be the worst dominant you know, we're going to have fun "you panic a little even if you accept the situation then jeremy move your office chair so that you are in front of him you all see his body standing in front of you then jeremy says "before starting the video i will realize one of you is fantasy" then you see jeremy this turned over you could see his muscular back with these two huge cheeks of the size demolition ball and some second after he thinks like he is sitting on your chair, you are afraid but you do not move because you wanted it too, these buttocks hit your body and the chair you had got your leg starting to scream and even the chair starts to cry then you see his back receding on you and Boom he was sitting on the chair normally with you one can crush against his back and his ass, so tightly that you could not move an inch, jeremy can to feel you under him and to feel your what bone this broken that it is on his back or under his ass then jeremy descides to move a little as if better to be seated you cry of pain in friction then it my more force when a strange noise arrives "PLOUM" the same noise as if an aspi rator with sucking something, he gets up and no longer sees your chair on the ground, he looks in the mirror at his back and sees the chair sticking to his back but what is funnier these than the seat and between these buttocks what ve said that his ass has sucked the seat and you e that makes the two cheeks therefore exceeds the top of your body was sticking against his back and the bottom of your body was stuck between these cheeks, you tell yourself if he squeezes them butt yourself and the seat will be as flat as a drawing with the shape of her ass
  5. laboriens

    m/m dating site

    Chapter 2: reply message you do not believe your eyes, already 5 answer, it is impossible for you but you will have a hard time choosing already to know who will be the first to have the appointment, all will depend on what you exists in the message, of the plan, and of course of the person. each message was different the first: "hello we are a team of muscular teenagers, between 18 and 25 years old, the smallest is 2m15 and the largest is 4m00, the lightest is 120kg and the heaviest is 1 ton, looking for a shrimp with whom to play individually but also with several so you risk being in sandwish, your profile love it ". the second: "hello if you like muscular and very hairy men who smell like wild animals, I am your men". he had attached a photo of him, you were impressed because you knew ue this not an image because it was your street in the background but what impresses you is that this person is an anthro so everyone's body is with huge hairs. the third: "if you like you like tall people I am your man because I am giant to say you the shrimp are the size of insect, so if you want to see a giant and also that I do not crush you worry, I could do it without using all my strength. " the fourth: "hello I am a muscular man but my 15 year old son my exceed so if you want to play with a father and his son are good on no kiss and sex" he attaches the photo of his son then the last: "hello if you are looking for a superhero who has the power to increase these muscles but also to increase that strength I am your man" the choice will be difficult because already it heats you all, so you want an appointment with it's 5 type but to find out who will be the first and maybe even the same you can see it again many times you will have to decide by dialoguing with them
  6. laboriens

    m/m dating site

    Chapter 2: registration you had heard that all exist in terms of muscular man my certain was discreet and hidden like the giant or the superhero, you tell yourself that maybe he is looking at this site. you create your profile as soon as you click on create my account a warning message appears "Please note this site is all public if you are looking for sexual relations please choose profile +18 years old if you are looking for everyone and sex you could leave your profile all public but all els image showing your sex will be available only at +18 years "it does not bother you because you knew that a lot of children or adolescents could be strong and muscular after you do nothing sexual with them, you are strinct too above, you continue the registration, you write your first name you put a photo of yourself (dress) you check shrimp because your not muscular, you do not check profile + 18 years and you arrive at the announcement, you write "looking for man muscular of all types, all sizes and all strength and all ages, beware those who are mine 18 years of age he will have no sexual relationship, I am looking more precisely for a man who likes to be dominant that we admire and that touch it's muscle, i'm also looking for that this man uses his force on me but also uses these muscles to crush me, yes I did say crushed because I have the gift of not dying don if you had a super-force or very large does not hesitate you risked nothing to crush me, in case you are giant or a superhero you are also welcome, nobody with uniform a little more, you had to be dominant without giving orders but to force and be without embarrassment, example you I want to touch your biceps, you flexed your biceps and then you grab my hand by force and put it on your biceps to force me to touch, I also have a fetish that I am forced to smell bad smell (armpits, pecs , fart, etc), before appointment plan a little e dial because even if you force me all and leave me no choice I like to fix things before the appointment and know what will happen " and you finalize by entering your phone number to receive the messages, you receive the confirmation email from the site, then you do not have had time to think that you already had 5 messages.
  7. laboriens

    m/m dating site

    I know I have a lot of history that has just started but I’m starting yet another one, like those that follow me, but history all have different themes, but they are all on the same subject, the muscles, the adoration, brutality, human crushing, fetishes, so like my other stories it has hard content. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ chapter 1: presentation my name is quentin, i am 30 years corpulent, 1m75 for 95kg I'm passive gay with lots of fetishes, but I'm so shy that I didn't realize any, I like muscles and would see them again, I also dream of being crushed by force but also in muscles, I even imagine the superhero superman sometimes squeezing me with that super-strength, but alas I look at muscular men discreetly so I don't see many, serte I could see them in the weight room, but I'm so shy that I do not enter this building because just the sight of their stature makes me draw up the penis (small penis), but another fetish sound on the smells like the sweat of the armpits after a training session or that which did not have have been washed for a long time, the smell of fart, the smell of sweat on other parts of the body, you also like brutal men who are without embarrassment even more those of the profession of police or military because their uniform makes them comemd are monsters and men who give orders, you also dream of a man with the longest and the biggest penis who demolished your ass, but hey you never did it so you don't know how it is. you even did research to learn about the issue, you read case because of their nutrition, their fart was big bomb and feels very bad for this that these men do not fart in public, they are also often furry certainly it looks prettier but it is mainly because of sweating because muscle men sweat a lot more than a normal man is it smells much stronger if they have hairs (armpits, pecs, etc) sweat and the smell will be even more horrible. one thing that you know about yourself is that you have a gift because you cannot die without having blood, but you can even suffer with the same feelings as a normal person and your body reform afterwards for a moment so if you crash flat you will scream during the procedure of being crushed is to have the same feeling as a normal man except that at the moment when the normal man passed out or died you are still happy and can still speak so even you flat and conscious, for the smell you will learn that it is the same thing a bad smell that can faint or kill will just make you scream and hurt. you had already looked for several gay dating site to try to find muscular man and to achieve some fetiche my alas you do not find because it was rare or it is man did not want to do what you like, then one day you receive in your mail is some kind of advertisement for a special gay dating site like name "Musclor" you were intrigued because the ad showed just a muscular man and a skinny man you skeptically click on the link because you were afraid it was a scam, a fake site, once you get to the page you see a familiar logo that goes up free but also certify that reassures you then you go to who we are for know that she is the concept of this site, it is written "You are a muscular man looking for a shrimp or you are a shrimp who is looking for a muscular man, this site is there for you, create your profile and get back to you announcement, this site but in relation it is nobody to carry out an appointment in the real life but attention the shrimp can see that the profile of the muscular man, it is also possible to make plan has several but that several muscular man with a shrimp, it is sticketement prohibited to ask for money, it has that 1 means of contact which is the cat but do not worry you all the world remains on line h24 is when have you contact by chat and that you are not connected you received the message by sms which you s allows you to respond directly by sms (free sms) which allows you to be always reachable but also to be able to continue these conversations without being afraid of missing anyone. " you were blown away by this message and you already knew what you will write in the announcement of your profile
  8. in this video the giant muscle man is like in this video https://youtu.be/dvoKeApVK78 be careful in this story he has adoration, giant vs macro, giant vs giant robot, but also macro crushing and fetish this giant and the king everyone loves him and everyone and ready for all even to be crushed or killed by this giant, the giant does it all for these fans, he loves showing these muscles doing poses, fights but if a fan has a particular request, he accepts whatever the request, for these fans he also has a team of scientists who create giant robots, even if the scientists are also fans of the giant requests that the robot be without pitier for a fair match because he wants to make in the center of the fight against realistic robots which are not already controlled so that it is a fan to admire his carure but also so that these fans see his strength and his destructive power of robot because at the end he tries to crush the robot, during this match he looks at it is fan but is not careful so it happens that it hurts but also that it walks on people or even crush the helicopter anyway for these fan c is an honor to be cast down or die by this giant ant. it has an immense castle with a throne where the fans can queue to meet it and make their request it never washes and it is always in that tight red suit.
  9. before doing chapter 2, I want to correct chapter 1 because I forgot an element the detail of the villa _________________________________________________________________________________________ chapter 1 bis: the villa as specified jeremy built a villa to live but also to work that it aprtage with you, in this villa, it has the rooms after default (wc, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc) you have your own room with all els equipment (tv, landline, private computer) all of this is paid for by jeremy and jeremy to respect your privacy, but it has other additional rooms such as a room which is used for video editing (your work desk, with the best utlra software dear), this piece seen that it is for you jeremy you let the choice of decoration, it also has a huge piece or this find objects for the video (object generally buy in flea market because to be destroyed) but also the repair material and the rest of the material, in this room he also has a dressing room for jeremy this room is twice the size of a store, he has a room which is the office of jeremy even if he does not use it no, he has a huge weight room rme which are like a public bodybuilding room or what finds all the machine which exists to do this bodybuilding, of course it is machine is not normal because it was built to support the weight and the force of jeremy, it has an outdoor pool but also a room with a huge indoor pool and heating, it also has a sauna room and jacouzi, all these rooms you can use them; jeremy is rich and want you to live in happiness, he even takes care of you, he also has a cook who never sees because it is you who makes the connection between jeremy and the kitchen. the cook takes care of all (shopping, preparing food) you eat normally but jeremy eats for 100 people is mainly protein but his dish that he loves are dishes that give a lot of flatulence while helping the muscles why because fart makes the buttocks as muscular because when have fart generally have tightened the buttocks then release the pressure, he has other employers (housekeeper, gardener, pool employee, technician / repairer for the house) but who are forbidden to see him, because he must go through you, you are like the secretary , the only employer who does not want his guard and coach, because why have a guard with that build no one dares to steal it and if by any chance steals it, stealing it does not start again because it punishes them and it does not need to 'a coach he works as he wants is way a coach do not know how to take with a beast.
  10. thank you very much, in addition it is hard because i don't speak english. little suspense: in the next episode there may be human crushing
  11. Before starting the story, I should point out that this story is about fetishes that I like, so gay, muscular, crushing and some smell fetish. This story can get violent. Thank you for your constructive comments. _________________________________________________________________________________________ chapter 1: history you are called quentin a can corpulent (https://tinyurl.com/y5yr645l), aged 22 years you were gay is seen your body you had a weakness for the muscular man with fetishes adore. you had a best friend who was the same age as you jeremy 22 years old, you were best friends since childhood because at the age of 3 you were a neighbor, but now your friendship is strengthened except that jeremy and your boss too but he always talking to you as a friend, jeremy has changed since the age of 13 because he started doing sports and bodybuilding now at the age of 22 he looks like a beast of muscle, to say next to you is a child and he is an adult he has biceps in the shape of a 30 inch demolition ball (sorry this measurement is not used in my country) on arms larger than a bodybuilder leg (https: // tinyurl .com / yh86dpbt), huge pectorals so big that a hand can be completely pushed into the joint is disappearing, eight pack (abs) super well defined, buttocks that sound like his pecs but bigger than a head human, super-developed thighs running along tree-size legs, a hand that the whole turn of a head, and feet immense, all his body and filled with dry and ultra hard muscle, he even has a Herculean force which can destroy all, clothes made to measure because it does not exist with its morphology, he wears a tight-fitting tank top that allows you to see it's muscle, a very tight leggings that pushes these thighs and his muscular ass to better see them, he likes leggings because it is a garment that is not annoying and which does not prevent it from making movements. jeremy had bought a huge field larger than 2 football fields or he had built a manor house and made-to-measure, he works at his place and you also lived at his place, but you don't pay rent on the contrary jeremy you stay and eat for free even if he give you a salary because the job of jeremy was to make very special videos and he hired you to help him as a technician, you are responsible for filming but also for helping him in these videos like an assistant and you take care of all the editing, jeremy had your penchant for muscular men and he had you were in love with him but he waits for you to take the first step, in all the videos have you see too because you pass in front of the camera to bring him an object or to recover what leaves (clothing) because jeremy takes advantage of his body to earn money he makes 3 types of paid video 1 type: he would pose and show these muscles or he would get oiled. 2nd type: he was often shirtless and looks like in the first video except that in this one if he destroys objects of all kinds, his could go from small to military tank, he could even transform a huge safe into a very small circle about the size of a candy. the 3rd type was more special because certainly the video was paying but in the video the fans participated against payment, the fans paid to be in this video where they are slave subject, they can touch him els muscle but also be forced to kiss it's muscle, he can also force them to do what he wants but in these videos he doesn't overwrite them even if sometimes he dreams. all these fans were jealous of you. moreover when you were young you and jeremy had discovered your power not to die, you could even be crushed and your body this reform after, you had discovered it the day when you were 14 years old you were crushed by a car at at the beginning everyone panicked because you were in crumb but what was strange you had no blood and 1 minute after starts to move and jeremy see that your body resumes this normal form. one day jeremy came to see you with a special request because as you are the technician, you are also responsible for finding objects for type 2 videos even if it is jeremy who pays, "Quentin, I saw several comments that are starting to take on too much importance, everyone asks what happens if I shake a man or that head, can you see if they can buy human skulls or something that looks like is trying to have at least 6 because I would like to make a video or I crush these skulls to show that each skull becomes dust, I will crush one in bearhug, one between my thighs, one between my buttocks, one in my hand, one where I sit on it and therefore under one cheek and finally the last under my armpits "you answer him" okay i will try to find that "then jeremy sense will, you start to try to put slowly because you can't stop thinking that he is using you instead of a fake or something else. you keep looking and find a real human skull was impossible even an animal you can not find then it remains the skull made, it looks like skulls but they are not made like a skull. then you call jeremy when he arrives you explain the situation to him and jeremy says "so if I understand correctly, if I want to crush skulls I have to take false skulls and that it is not natural." and without paying attention you say aloud "I have another solution" jeremy had heard it and said "what is this solution?"
  12. chapter 1: the arrival of the new you had heard that at school a new student will arrive is like you had secretly full of fetish on the man especially the muscular men you hurry to go in class, you had chosen your place strategically because you were the last at the bottom all the most distant even if the table in front of you was empty, you like to be in this place because it will allow you to look at all the muscular student without being seen. the professor enters the room alone, you do not understand where and the new pupil, then the professor speaks "as you knew we are going to welcome a new pupil, I want your help and kind wish with him" then you see the door open but you don't see the student because the door was blocked by a kind of wall then all the students do an oHHH because the wall was actually the student's torso, the new one near the professor and everyone looks in a leathery way except you who were in ecstasy with the bud open the saliva that drools and stars in the eyes, the new look at all the students is like he is immense is muscular he is recognizing a person who looks at him out of curiosity and a person who can be a submissive who adores muscles and therefore he notices you but makes style not to calculate yourself then the professor says "I present David to you, he is part of the" giant "family then the professor invites vid a will sit in the last place that remains which was right in front of you, you cross your eyes and in addition it will be right in front of you, it approaches that place, it looks at you and winks at you eye then he moves his desk because each desk is at a distance from the other except for him it is too small so he sticks his desk to the front chair and it chairs to your desk then he turns over to put it in the chair notice 2 demolition ball which are these buttocks pusi when he finished sitting down, you notice that the chair is sinking between these buttocks is that the wood scream but what shocks you and the size of the buttocks because in front of your face was still a part of his ass which means that if he put it asis on a chair occupy the person that is found entirely between these buttocks, he was so close to you that you could feel the warmth of his behind and you were even masked from everyone because you're in his shadow you look right he had a wall left a wall you were blocking and if you wanted to pass you could not because these buttocks block the passageways, david this makes you feel so comfortable that these buttocks are on your desk as if it were a bench and the concern and that you had your right hand crushed under his right cheek which allowed you to see that these cheeks were very muscular and very hard like steel but you did not know that david had done it express then david this reposition what frees your hand which had become a powder by the time it healed, you had scream put like david's body exceed all it cut the sound from behind him so no sound from behind goes in front and vice versa even if david could hear the noise.
  13. it will be soon in the evening (French time), because I have just returned and I have no sleep so I will take a little nap thank you
  14. in this story you would find a little bit of everything like sex, adoration, crushing, fetishes etc ... before starting the chapter I will make a preliminary chapter which will be the presentation with the explanation to better understand ----- the world: is a magical place where only men live, they are born magically so sometimes they can have powers, in this world no one can die but people can even suffer and be crushed except that for a moment their body is reform (with pain). the incarnation: in this story you play a corpulent 20-year-old schoolboy named Quentin of normal size New student: he is going to have a new student a little special, his name is David, but he is not like a normal person already he is very tall and very muscular like hulk but without the color, he also has a super-strength and his skin is very hard like steel the people around him are smaller than half his body, he has the power to become giant in an unlimited way, but he has small problems, he does not control it all the time strength and when it exists it no longer controls its size so by the time it doesn't relieve it will grow. We think that David has this normal size but this is wrong because this normal size is giant to say when he is of normal size the others are the size of his little finger, he is in human size (hulk size) than at l school or outside, but at home he lives with 5 people who are like him giant, since he is muscular, he likes to admire his muscles and as he is a giant he likes to dominate but if we make him a asks most of the time he accepts. the 5 members: are members of his family, he has father Hervé much taller and more muscular than all the family, the father is authoritarian and does not like being disrespected, he has the older brother well who is a little bigger and more muscular than david except that he is always in need of sex and loves to use small humans in his pleasure of sex, he has the little brother who is smaller but much more muscular, the little brother julien considers him humans as toys to torture in any way possible a real little bully, he has his twin brother but the difference is that his brother does not like him the shower is he is often doing bodybuilding he also sometimes likes to pinch small humans in these muscles during a weight training session to hear howling and feel their little cracked bone and to finish the first brother julien tyrant he practices wrestling and even at home he trains with a member of the family or he has fun fighting giant vs macro, julien doesn't like to lose
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