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  1. Rochester Friends, I hope you are all well and safe during this public health crisis. It’s something everyone is adjusting with and handling as best they can, and my heart goes out to those who are sick, those who have friends or family who are sick, and those who are having to put themselves at risk for the sake of others. I think for many people the closing of gyms made us adapt to how we were pursuing our own fitness goals. Working from home, I have found myself with a lot of extra time on my hands. I am lucky that I have a pretty decent amount of home gym equipment, free weights and otherwise, so I have dusted it off and been able to keep up with things — even if I don’t make progress, I think I will be able to maintain, and that’s a lot right now. How are the rest of you doing? This club is for giving support and affirmation, so I am sending you all my best wishes. Let’s keep up the positives. - David
  2. I just thought I would start a new topic, since the club has been quiet for a while. 2019 marked some positive changes in my life, among them joining a new gym where I feel like I have become comfortable. (Thanks to @Trekka again) For 2020, I want to become comfortable doing some of the exercises I have tended to avoid (squats and deadlifts being the two biggest). I always worry about injuries, but I am just going to try to concentrate on good form and keep the weights light, until I am ready to move up the poundage. Oh, and I also have a goal of gaining 10 pounds. Happy New Year!!
  3. A big thank you to @Trekka for training with me and helping me to work on getting better form. I appreciate your kindness and patience. You also provide a lot of motivation, because you’re huge already and only getting bigger. Thanks again! — EverHopeful
  4. I have used a few different gyms over the years. Currently I am working out at Planet Fitness. There are so many pieces of equipment that they don’t have, but I do like that they’re open 24 hours during the week. I am a very early morning person.
  5. Thanks for the likes!  Great progress yourself dude!

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