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  1. I just thought I would start a new topic, since the club has been quiet for a while. 2019 marked some positive changes in my life, among them joining a new gym where I feel like I have become comfortable. (Thanks to @Trekka again) For 2020, I want to become comfortable doing some of the exercises I have tended to avoid (squats and deadlifts being the two biggest). I always worry about injuries, but I am just going to try to concentrate on good form and keep the weights light, until I am ready to move up the poundage. Oh, and I also have a goal of gaining 10 pounds. Happy New Year!!
  2. A big thank you to @Trekka for training with me and helping me to work on getting better form. I appreciate your kindness and patience. You also provide a lot of motivation, because you’re huge already and only getting bigger. Thanks again! — EverHopeful
  3. I have used a few different gyms over the years. Currently I am working out at Planet Fitness. There are so many pieces of equipment that they don’t have, but I do like that they’re open 24 hours during the week. I am a very early morning person.
  4. Thanks for the likes!  Great progress yourself dude!

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